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February 2012

Aromatherapys aphrodisiacs super vitamin e the aging remedy healthy treats for your furry valentine The 411 on global environmental issues and much more!

Support system
Balancing blood sugar, naturally

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o is g reat te It fe e l lik e m a g a i n!

I a m so g sh e we nt la d Wise Wo to We ll n e sm a n s!
Natural Options - Healthy Lives
Wise Woman Wellness is an innovative wellness and hormone center in De Pere, WI, combining the best of conventional and integrative/complementary medicine to help women live healthier, more abundant, joy-filled lives. Randi Mann is a board certified Womens Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner, one of 16 in Wisconsin to achieve this distinction.

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New patients welcome. No referral needed.
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP Womens Health and Hormone Expert

Telephone appointments available after establishing care in person

sOUtHeast WIsCOnsIn February 2012


Support system: Balancing blood sugar, naturally

FeatUre stOry

On tHe COVer:
Dr. Arun K. ChAtterji, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of Santal Solutions
Photography by Taylor Greenwood

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Kirtan: the music of yoga

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What are empty calories? Is there an LSV in your future? There should be! Unsweet treats for your furry valentine How do I know that Im setting the right goals for 2012? New approach for peanut allergy in children holds promise Healthy relationships: Promote family time at the table Shui with me! Top 10 ways to avoid litter box problems Kirtan: The music of yoga Cop out: Our retreat from reality and responsibility Secrets to a long and happy marriage Love potions: Aromatherapys aphrodisiacs Super vitamin E: The new aging remedy

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Aromatherapys aphrodisiacs


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Super vitamin e


Natures Pathways | February 2012

Natures Pathways | February 2012

we are
Our MissiOn
Natures Pathways is a monthly community-based magazine and online resource that provides relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. By connecting the businesses that provide goods and services related to these topics to the consumers who desire to patronize such establishments, Natures Pathways serves as a trusted resource. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our editorial content and committed to being the best communitybased natural health publication throughout our regions. WhAt mAKeS uS unique? Natures Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: We are community based the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. the majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers. Why Do We SuBSCriBe to thiS BuSineSS moDeL? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. this unique concept allows you to learn more about how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in your community that can serve as trusted resources.

A team with a passion for healthy living!

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Natures Pathways | February 2012

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from the editor
jackie Peters

One thing is for certain, though: it is inescapable. This month we say goodbye to a dear friend, who has been with us since the inception of our Northeast Wisconsin edition in 2006. Jen Walla, our beloved editor, is making a change in her life and embracing a new opportunity. We will miss her warm smile, quick wit and unique personality. Not only does she leave big shoes to fill, but an empty spot in our hearts as well. Best wishes, Jen! Those of you who have made resolutions for this New Year can relate to change as well. One month in, and it has taken some real commitment to get to this point. If you are not doing so well with your resolution, I encourage you to keep trying. I tend to relate making resolutions to riding a bike. If you fail, you keep getting back on. Failure doesnt mean you have to stop trying. It means trying again with some good knowledge under your belt. This months contributors have some excellent knowledge to share. In an area where we need to see global change, George T. Stone informs us about the United States role in the greatest environmental challenge in history and the deterioration of our great conservation ethic. If stress reduction is your resolution for 2012, Dennis Hawk shares the benefits of Kirtan, and how meditation with music can be enjoyed in small groups or with hundreds of people! And thats just a start. Read on for more enlightening articles. I am excited to have this opportunity to take the baton from Jen. It is a wonderful feeling to be a team member at Natures Pathways and to be able to help facilitate the education of those interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In my role as assistant editor, prior to Jens departure, I had the chance to get to know many of you, our loyal readers and advertisers, and I look forward to connecting with all of you each month. Sometimes on our journey to

Change. Some of us fear it. Others embrace it.

better health we need some encouragement, and I hope to be a source of that for you. In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please e-mail Jackie at or Thanks for reading!
Natures Pathways | February 2012

What are empty calories? 

By Tony Bednarowski

3. Beer, wine and all other alcoholic beverages. A can of

ou may have read the term empty calories, but what exactly are they? Why are they so bad for you? And, how can you avoid them? Empty calories describe foods that are high in calories, but low in nutritional value (also known as junk food!). These foods lack the health-promoting micronutrients vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need for optimal health.

beer contains about 150 calories from sugar and not much of anything else. In addition, calories from alcohol tend to be stored as fat in the abdomen area.

4. refined grains such as crackers, cookies, white rice and white bread. Refined grains

do provide someB vitamins, but thats it.

examples of foods containing the most empty calories:

1. French fries, fried chicken, chips and all other deepfried foods. A

large order of fries from a fast food chain can contain up to 570 calories with a whopping 30g oftotal fat and 8g oftrans fat!They leave you with tons of calories from fat and very few micronutrients.

2. Candy, pop and other sweetened packaged foods. A can

of pop contains about 130 calories, as well as additives and colorings. Again, there are a lot of calories from sugar, but no micronutrients.

Avoid deep-fried foods. Instead of deep-frying, use other methods of cooking. For instance, have a baked potato with skin instead of fries or a piece of baked skinless chicken breast instead of fried chicken. Avoid sweetened and canned drinks. Try whole grains instead of refined grains.Whole grainsare packed with beneficial fiber and antioxidants. For instance, have a slice of whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Have a bowl of whole grain breakfast cereal or unsweetened oatmeal instead of corn flakes. Snack on fruits and vegetables! Try this instead of reaching for a box of crackers in the midafternoon. Better yet, dip them inlow-fat, no-sugar-added yogurtto get additionalcalcium and protein.
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Natures Pathways Magazine, Your Path To Healthy Living. He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, Be Well, Live Well. He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit

Natures Pathways | February 2012

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Natures Pathways | February 2012

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Dear friends and supporters,

Farming teaches you a lot about perseverance, especially in these hard times. You plant for a harvest that you hope will come, but that is not guaranteed. As I reflect back on our work together this year to build a new food system, I see our progress and am filled with hope that the fruits of our labor are within reach. At Growing Power, we composted more than forty million pounds of food waste in 2011 more than ever before and transformed it into healthy soil. We maintained thirteen farm stands in the city, providing fresh food to urban communities with few healthy options. We hired more staff at living wage salaries. We trained 1,500 beginning farmers through our weekend workshops. We acquired more than a hundred acres of new land to grow more food. We graduated forty-three people from our Commercial Urban Agriculture program. Thirty-six of those graduates were people of color, women or both. In Milwaukee, we have strengthened our organizations infrastructure, allowing us to grow and distribute fresh food for all in our community. We are approaching the day when I will be able to say that everyone in Milwaukee has access to the same affordable, fresh food. However, we are still in the infancy of what I call the good food revolution. Even so, as I have traveled around the country, I cannot help but feel encouraged. I see communities across this country that are opening farmers markets in former food deserts. I meet people who are growing food in their backyards for the first time. I meet children who are teaching each other and adults about growing food and eating healthy. Its inspiring to say the least! At Growing Power, we are working together to create models for a local, sustainable food system that can be replicated across the United States and the world. We need to continue to work together to make this happen.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

I believe its possible, especially when I see: More young people who want to be farmers, and who want to lend their talents to the mission of building a better food system More schools that are willing to participate in Farm-to-School programs, and to expose kids to local, fresh produce More corporations that want to open farmers markets for their employees, or recycle their kitchen scraps for compost or donate money to help build our grassroots movement More people of color who want to enter agriculture, and who no longer associate the practice with the painful legacy of slavery and sharecropping More people in the medical field who see fresh, local food as an integral part of the healing process and of good health In 2012, we want to take this good food revolution to another level. We will support those who are working for needed improvements on the 2012 farm bill. We will make sure that the bill offers support to small farmers, who are the backbone of a more sustainable food system. We will continue to test and refine our fish and vegetable growing systems, to make them economically viable for those wishing to start microenterprises in urban communities. We will offer more jobs to young people of color who have been shut out of the traditional workforce. We will lead the way in showing other American communities how to create a food system that is good for all of its people. Please give what you can. Sincerely, Will Allen P.S. Ive included our 2011 highlights for your enjoyment.

Growing Power hiGhliGhTs | 2011

Over 20,000 visitors, 4,000 volunteers, 1500 beginning farmers trained, over 1000 youths trained, 12 new corporate partnerships, 8 weekendlong workshops, graduated 42 Commercial Urban Agriculture farmers, 40 million pounds of waste composted, 40,000 MPS students received fresh produce snack, 36 tons of carbon footprint offset, 4000 yards of new soil produced, enough food grown to feed 12,000 people, acquired new wholesale accounts: Sysco Eastern Wisconsin, Rainbow Sprouts, Fresh Picks Jenarros trained 27 interns, built over 32 hoop houses, produced more than $500,000 worth of crops on 100 acres of newly acquired growing spaces, 100,000 fish including tilapia, perch, blue gill and koi, 31 baby goats, 402 chickens and MilliOnS of red wriggler worms 13 fArM sTAnDs in MilWAukee: M&I Bank (headquarters downtown), Aurora Healthcare (Bluemound), Aurora Sinai Hospital (Docs parking lot), Rockwell Automation, Kohls Corporate, Discovery World, Fox Point Market, West Town Market, Martin Luther King Center (Thanksgiving day), Growing Power Farmers Market, Harley Davidson, MillerCoors Market Green JOb TrAininG GrOWinG CAPACiTY fOr The Green eCOnOMY In 2011, Growing Power launched an initia-

An aerial view of Growing Power in Milwaukee.

train local farmers, individuals and community leaders to establish successful agricultural projects and businesses.
lOCAl GArDens Catholic Charities (est. 2009), Maple Tree School & Community Garden (est. 2007), Silver Spring Neighborhood Center (est. 2007), Mayors Victory Garden (est. 2009), Brady Corp garden (est. 2010), Discovery World garden (est. 2010), Kohls gardens (est. 2009), Thoreau School garden (est. 2011) and the Luther Manor garden (est. 2011). fArM fresh TO MPs For the 2011-2012 school year, in partnership with the Milwaukee Public School system, Growing Power has procured locally grown food for an additional 29 MPS elementary schools (total of 75 schools served since the 2008-2009 school year). By the end of this school year a total of 40,000 MPS elementary-aged children will have received a locally grown, fresh food snack from Growing Power. Teacher trainings, curriculum-based programs, and the development of partnerships with 10+ MPS schools to implement school-based food projects and programming were also achieved. COMMuniTY AnD reGiOnAl fOOD sYsTeMs PrOJeCT

tive to train and hire up to 150 unemployed individuals living in the city of Milwaukee. This pool of trainees gained skills in urban sustainable agriculture, including hoop house construction, year-round agricultural production, basic job skills acquisition and long-term work experience with a community-based organization. Partners include: MAWIB, City of Milwaukee, MATC, CDGA, Ceres Foundation, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, Westlawn Partnership, Goodwill Industries of SE Wis., City of Milwaukee African-American Male Unemployment Task Force, St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church and many more local organizations, businesses and individuals.
inCreAse in urbAn AnD reGiOnAl fOOD PrODuCTiOn

Installation of 10 hoop houses at MMSD Southshore, installation of 4 hoop houses at Milwaukee Fire Department Station Engine #5, acquisition of local land for total installation of 32 hoop houses, Forest Home Cemetery Greenhouse production (est. 2009), 34 acres in production at Sysco in Jackson, Wis. and 20 acres in production at rural Merton farm site. On average, Growing Power and its Rainbow Farmers Cooperative is distributing over 2000 pounds of microgreens weekly to accounts such as Sysco, farm stands, farmers markets, restaurants, stores, schools and businesses.
GrOWinG POWer AnD WAlMArT Growing Power received

over $1 million dollars in funding support from Walmart to assist with the development of 20 Regional Outreach Training Centers across the U.S. Growing Power will extend its training, technical assistance and capacity building expertise to 20 communities to increase food security, implement community food projects and
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Growing Power began its collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Extension and multiple university and community partners in this five-year, USDA-funded research, education and outreach project studying community and regional food systems in seven cities: Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Boston, Madison and Cedar Rapids. In particular, Growing Power is providing direction to the projects community outreach approaches.
GrOWinG POWers nATiOnAl neTWOrk Of reGiOnAl


OuTreACh TrAininG CenTers (rOTCs) saw significant

advancements in 2011. By years end, four new ROTC partnerships had been established in Columbus, Ohio; Raleigh, N.C.; Indianapolis, Ind.; and Atlanta, Ga.; bringing the ROTC total to 16. Additionally, nine outreach trips were made in 2011 to ROTCs in Mississippi, Arkansas, Minnesota, New Orleans, Cleveland, Raleigh, Columbus, Detroit and Brooklyn.

kinG Drive COMMOns AnD MiTChell sTreeT MArkeT lOfT DevelOPMenTs Growing Power moves forward with

two special development projects on Milwaukees north and south sides. The King Drive Commons will include space for retail, deli and a farm stand situated below leased office and residential apartments. The Mitchell Street Market lofts will create a space for a year-round farmers market situated below 34 living units on Milwaukees busy Mitchell St. and Muskego Ave. intersection.
Workshop participants gather under a newly-constructed hoop house frame for concurrent aquaponics (left) and vermicomposting (right) workshops.

MilWAukee MeTrOPOliTAn seWerAGe DisTriCT PArTnershiP Growing Power is leasing three locations from

MMSD to support centralized large scale compost operation (40 million pounds of food waste composted annually!) and increase year-round food production. Power trained 43 graduates in 2011, 84% were people of color, women or both.

COMMerCiAl urbAn AGriCulTure TrAininG Growing

in partnership with these agencies: USDA Risk Management Agency, USDA Community Food Projects Training and Technical Assistance, USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program, USDA Outreach and Assistance to Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers program.

fArMer TrAininG, technical support, market development

DOnATE OnlinE WiTh A CREDiT CARD Visit our Web site wwwgrowingpowerorg SEnD A PERSOnAl ChECk Please send your checks to the Growing Power Milwaukee facility: 5500 West Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, Wi 53218 DOnATE TO US MOnThly WiTh PAyROll DEDUCTiOn ThROUGh Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee wwwcommunitysharesmkeorg

resTAurAnTs AnD reTAil sAles Hinterland, Green Kitchen, Anaba Tea Room, Roots, Meritage, Honey Pie Caf, Caf Perrin, Beans and Barley, Outpost Co-op, Sendiks Downer, Sendiks Bayside, Sendiks Oakland, Riverwest Co-op, Sanford, Medical College of Wisconsin, Amaranth Caf, Intercontinental Hotel, Good Harvest, Slow Pokes, Bon Appetit, Neu-Life, Bradburys, MKE Localiscious, JCC, Johnson Foundation, Panozzos, El Reys reneWAble enerGY sOlAr ArrAY GPs 10kW solar

photovoltaic array has been up and running since March 31, 2010, and of the 24.8 MWh (24,838,174 watts) of total electricity created since its installation, it produced 13 MWh (13,059,444 watts) in 2011. This 13 MWh created by GPs solar array is estimated to offset 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

neW POlYCArbOnATe rOOf in greenhouse one allowing over 40% more light. Savings: $796/year Carbon Offset: 4.85 tons sOlAr hOT WATer heating system supplements the heating for two aquaponic systems totaling 20,000 tilapia and 25,000 gallons of water producing 3,505 therms. Carbon Offset: 21.14 tons estimated savings $3500.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Will Allen, son of a sharecropper, former professional basketball player, ex-corporate sales leader and now, farmer, has become recognized as among the preeminent thinkers of our time on agriculture and food policy. The founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc., a farm and community food center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Allen is widely considered the leading authority in the expanding field of urban agriculture. At Growing Power and in community food projects across the nation and around the world, Allen promotes the belief that all people, regardless of their economic circumstances, should have access to fresh, safe, affordable and nutritious foods at all times. Using methods he has developed over a lifetime, Allen trains community members to become community farmers, assuring them a secure source of good food without regard to political or economic forces. In 2010, Mr. Allen joined First Lady Michelle Obama as she launched the White Houses Lets Move campaign to address issues affecting American youth and the risk of obesity and Mr. Allen was also recognized as one of TIME magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World and a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient in 2008. Leana Nakielski, Growing Power Development Manager, co-authored this article.

is there an lsv in your future? There should be! 

By Bob Mair
ow speed electric vehicles are a viable alternative to gaso- for new drivers, and the 40 mile range means they cant get too line-powered vehicles for a variety of reasons. Lower far from home. These attributes make LSVs perfect for elderly purchase price and lower operating costs are two of the drivers as well. Many senior drivers are comfortable and capable biggest. There are also a number of other reasons why an LSV of driving at city speeds, but higher speed driving may intimidate would be a great fit in your garage. them, and make other family members nervous. Elderly drivers Low speed vehicles are designed for a specific type of use. They appreciate the freedom they have in keeping their car, and an LSV are speed controlled to a maximum of 28 miles per hour and they allows them to keep their freedom, while easing the concerns of travel about 40 miles on a charge. These specs mean that an LSV friends and family. probably cannot be a primary vehicle for you or your family; Short trips are extremely hard on a gasoline engine. Those one however, you cant find a better option for or two mile trips add up to a lot of in these uncertain economic wear and tear on a conventional a second or third vehicle. The speed control and limited range are times, a low speed electric power train, but that type of use is two major factors in keeping the purchase exactly what a low speed electric vehicle will help keep your vehicle is designed for. Short trips price of an LSV very reasonable. Two passenger LSVs like the Star Smile are vehicle expenses under con- in town are where your gasolineavailable for under $10,000 for a wellpowered vehicle gets its worst fuel equipped model. Four and six passenger trol and help keep young and economy, too. Owning an LSV just family models are also available. The lower old drivers safer on the road. for trips around town will save you purchase price helps keep your insurance a lot of money in fuel costs, and in costs down, too. Since insurance rates are based in part on the price maintenance expenses on your full speed gasoline vehicle. of the vehicle, a lower purchase price means lower insurance rates. In these uncertain economic times, a low speed electric vehicle Lower operating costs are one of the biggest benefits of owning will help keep your vehicle expenses under control and help keep an LSV. Based on current electrical rates, the cost to fully charge young and old drivers safer on the road. The added bonus of being a typical LSV is $0.88. With a range of 40 miles on a charge, the more environmentally friendly is just a bonus for LSV owners. Go cost per mile to drive a low speed electric vehicle is only 2.2 cents green and save green, too. Test drive a low speed electric vehicle per mile. At current gas prices of $3.39 per gallon, a gasoline- soon. Theres one thats perfect for you and your family. powered vehicle would need to achieve a whopping 154 miles/ To learn more about the low speed vehicles featured in this gallon to equal the per mile cost to drive an LSV. If gas reaches article, visit and click on the Columbia ParCar $4.00/gallon, that goes up to 182 miles/gallon. Even as gasoline- or Star EV links. For more information about purchasing your powered vehicles improve in terms of fuel economy, achieving the own LSV, e-mail Bob Mair, Major Account/Fleet Manager at low operating cost of an LSV will continue to be unrealistic. You dont even have to look for a gas station, since LSVs can be plugged Bob Mair has been employed with MEE Material Handling since 2006. He moved into into a standard household outlet. This makes charging easy and the sale of LSVs in 2008, and has sold LSVs to residential and commercial customers convenient, whether youre at home or on the road. throughout Wisconsin. He has participated in advanced product training programs Low speed electric vehicles are a great alternative for younger with Columbia ParCar and Star EV. Bob participates in many events throughout or older drivers in your family, too. The controlled speed is ideal Wisconsin to teach the public the benefits of LSVs and electric-powered vehicles.
Natures Pathways | February 2012


unsweet treats for your furry valentine 

By Dr Jodie

o, youve resolved to feed your pet healthy meals; but just as snacks can undo your diet, poor treat choices can mess up your dog or cats nutritional program. A few simple suggestions can keep your furry friend happy and on the right lifestyle track! Pets love praise. Sometimes a treat is not needed. A hug or kind word of encouragement is greatly appreciated! Pets also love exercise. Taking your dog for a good run, throwing the ball, or squeaky toys and glitter balls for kitties, is interaction that is a treat for pets suffering from cabin fever or battling a weight issue. Healthy human food can make perfect treats. Your little carnivore may love a piece of cooked chicken or liver or a nibble of canned salmon, tuna or sardines. Many dogs will enjoy a baby carrot, green bean, slice of pepper, piece of banana, chunk of apple or floret of broccoli. Starchy foods are not a good choice for you or your pet, so avoid pasta, chips, crackers, cookies and breads! Also, avoid cooked fats and greasy cheeses, as these could cause a pancreatic episode in your pet. Remember, chocolate, grapes, raisins and onions have been found to be toxic to pets. Be aware that commercial treats are packaged, shaped and colored to appeal to you, not your pet. So try to purchase treats for the health and taste benefit to your pet, not for the curb appeal! Packaging and shaping can drive up price and artificial colors can be toxic. Read ingredient labels. Dont be mislead by deceptive wording or delicious pictures on the front of the bag. The ingredient panel on the back or side of the package tells the most, although food manufacturer terminology can disguise the truth about quality in some cases. Any treat that is a hard biscuit or cookie will contain a significant amount of starch. The sources of this are not only providing empty calories with no nutritional value, but also may be detrimental as allergens or inflammatory or dampening from the


Natures Pathways | February 2012

Consider natural, freeze-dried meats, organs and veggies as treats.

oriental medical perspective. Therefore, avoid treats that list wheat, corn starch, sugar and various flours, especially if your pet has inflammatory skin or gastrointestinal disorders or is overweight. Treat lines are commonly lesser quality than diet lines and you will often see by-products and unhealthy preservatives listed. Unfortunately many treat ingredients still contain artificial preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. These are potential carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). The word meat equates to any mammal. It is preferable that the specific meat be cited, such as lamb or beef. GMO (genetically modified origin) foods and gluten can wreak havoc in canine and feline bodies just as they can in humans. Two more reasons to avoid wheat and soy products. Soy is GMO unless it is labeled that it is not. Manufacturers are not required to label foods as GMO. Remember, organic wheat still contains gluten. Gluten is a protein that can stimulate intestinal inflammation and possibly autoimmune disorders. Quinoa is gluten free and is being utilized to produce some delicious, crunchy dog treats. Ask yourself, if given a choice, what might be a cats favorite treat? A mouse perhaps! And for a dog, perhaps a rabbit or bison bone. Do these natural delicacies contain added sugar or salt? Of course not! So, why do manufacturers add sugar and salt? It is tasty and addicting! Some treats are so salty that a pets water consumption

may increase to the point that he or she has urinary accidents in the house. If salt is on the label, it should not be near the beginning. Ingredients are always listed in order of weight. And, yes, dogs and cats do develop diabetes, which is often cured or better managed when sugary snacks are eliminated. A turkey jerky or venison stick should not have added flour. Why would this be added? It is a filler. This helps to lower the cost, but also decreases the health benefit. And, if you dont read the ingredient list, you wont even know that it is in the product. Consider natural, freeze-dried meats, organs and veggies as treats. The lyophilization process has revolutionized the healthy, convenient pet treat world! Many raw diet manufacturers remove the water from their products and then market small pieces in cute packages as treats. Dogs and cats love these. (They even eat them in veterinary examination rooms, where nervous pets never accept treats from doctors!) You can purchase freeze-dried organs, sweet potatoes, fish and safe, crunchy chicken necks. The variety is endless! So, would you feed a treat to your pet that contains the following ingredients? Ground wheat, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, ground yellow corn, water, sugar, glycerin, meat, hydrogenated starch, hydrolysate, soybean meal, bacon fat preserved with BHA, salt, sorbic acid (a preservative), artificial smoke flavor, calcium propionate (a preservative), glyceryl monostearate, phosphoric acid, choline chloride, added color (red 40, blue 1, yellow 5, yellow 6). Thousands of dogs eat this treat every day. It is one of the top sellers in the country. Incidentally, the front of the bag says bacon flavor. Wheres the bacon?
Dr. Jodie is owner and small animal veterinary practitioner at the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Muskego. She is a 1987 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Her expertise is in natural nutrition, including the recommending of raw diets and in the prescription of western and Chinese herbals. Dr. Jodie has traveled to China and became certified in veterinary acupuncture by the Chi Institute in 2008. Learn more about holistic pet health care by visiting or calling 414.422.1300. More info:;;


Natures Pathways | February 2012


expert answers to your health and wellness questions

Breakfast options, lack of sunlight and hill running 
By karmen nenahlo

Question: I usually skip breakfast, but I keep reading how good it is for me. What are the best options for breakfast foods? Answer: Eating breakfast in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your day. It helps boost your metabolism and keeps you focused longer at work. Some say eating something is always better than nothing, and while this is generally true, there are some foods that are much more beneficial to include in the days first meal. Eggs are always a great way to get protein and healthy fats into your system, and also keep you feeling full longer. Whole grains are another crucial component to remember for your breakfast. Whole wheat toast with a sugar-free fruit spread is a healthy option that contains antioxidants and fiber. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated when possible they supply nutritious carbohydrates that keep the body energized and feeling awake. Im assuming everyone is waiting for their beloved cup of coffee to make this list. Well, fear not, coffee is also a lowcalorie option, assuming youre not ordering a large, caramel swirl, sugar-filled latte. Adding some fat-free milk to black coffee is an excellent way to get your daily calcium requirements, and it also contains numerous vitamins and minerals. Whether you eat your breakfast on-the-go, or make time for a formal sit-down meal, be sure to include healthy options, while still keeping your breakfast convenient for you.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Question: I work inside all day and dont see much sun. Should I be supplementing with vitamin D? Answer: It depends. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed in conjunction with calcium, promoting healthy bone growth. Vitamin D can be ingested through food or supplement, but it can also be produced by the body when in direct sunlight. The daily recommended amount of vitamin D is 10 g. This is including any vitamin D absorbed from UV rays. Fortunately, that only requires a short amount of sunlight (about 15 minutes) to get the daily recommendation, depending on where you live and how intense the sun rays are. During the colder months, vitamin D can be ingested from foods such as: fish, milk, mushrooms and fortified cereals. If all of those approaches dont seem to work, supplementing vitamin D is a feasible option that should be discussed with your doctor in advance. Question: All of my runs tend to be on flat ground. What are the benefits of running hills? Answer: Hill running is one of the best workouts to consider when training for races. It helps build muscle, improve speed and can take your endurance to a whole new level. Picking the right hill to run can sometimes be a chore its important to find one that isnt

hill running is one of the best workouts to consider when training for races. it helps build muscle, improve speed, and can take your endurance to a whole new level.
too steep or too flat. You should find a hill that is about a quarter mile long and steep enough to provide a challenge, but flat enough that you arent putting too much strain on your ankles and shins, causing injury. Always begin a hill workout with a short 5-10 minute warm up. Loosen the muscles so that they are primed for a strenuous run. On your first hill workout, aim for 4 repetitions run up the hill, jog down, repeat. Gradually increase repetitions when you begin to feel stronger and ready. The results of hill running are both physiologically and biomechanically rewarding. An avid hill runner will likely have an increased oxygen capacity, stronger and more defined leg muscles, and improved stride length and frequency (increased length from running uphill, increased frequency from running downhill). Another benefit from frequent hill running is the ability to relax when running, keeping the upper body from tensing up. Running hills for every workout is not recommended and can increase injury risk, but

adding a hill workout every 7-10 days is a sure way to reach noticeable and satisfying results.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the worlds largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

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how do i know that im setting the right goals for 2012? 
By kathy larson

m certain many of you have set some personal goals for the New Year. Whether or not youve decided to set goals for 2012, or made a New Years resolution, you might want to consider asking yourself some questions that will help you assess if this is the right time to make a change in an area or two of your life. Here are a few that you can start with to trigger your thought process and to jog your mind for answers that youve been avoiding. Currently, do you feel that theres a void within you or in your day-to-day lifestyle? Do you feel as though something is missing or that youve avoided doing something out of fear, or maybe apprehension, because you dont know where to start or simply because you might fail? Do you feel that your daily lifestyle could improve, or are you simply content with where things are currently? Too often we look for big answers to stressors in our lives, when really if we choose to surround ourselves with healthy alternatives or relationships, we would then allow for growth and fulfillment in areas of our lives that we never saw as a possibility for us. To start, you must note that the most important relationship is with you. Do you truly like yourself? If not, then maybe you should make a list of reasons why or simply what youd like to see change. Allow yourself to dream a little; the worst that can happen is that you fall short of the dream, but closer to your true purpose. What are some choices that you have in changing how you feel about yourself and your life? Remember, it all starts with you on the inside and transcends outward good and bad thoughts. The old saying Where the mind goes the man follows, by Joyce Meters, holds true if you reflect on your daily thoughts and actions. Change begins within, so if you want to change your life or circumstances, which ultimately affect all aspects of
Natures Pathways | February 2012

your life, you need to change your thinking. As a coach, I hear daily how clients just dont feel they have the know-how, drive or motivation to do the work thats necessary to overcome the challenges they have had with themselves, thus the viscous cycles of life we repeat. So why not start with answering the question what truly motivates you? Then think about whether or not you feel you are falling into the complacency trap? Motivation is truly the bridge from where you currently are in your life to where you want to, and can be, tomorrow. It is the fuel that makes change even a possibility. Its your internal self that compels you to achieve your very own personal goals and lifelong dreams. To be motivated, one has to have great self-worth and feel loved. One must be surrounded by relationships that are supportive and not need for others to believe in their dreams for it to be a goal of theirs. If it feels right, do it! To be healthy and energetic and have peace with your decision is the difference. My rule with all of my clients has always been keep it simple and listen to your conscious, your emotions are there for a reason. Just make sure you dont ever make a decision strictly on emotion. Success can come in any size. Remember, what you find to be a success or personal growth doesnt need approval from others. Some expectations we learn from an early age are: men holding themselves to the standard that success only comes in financial gains, or women feeling that they have to be married, have children by a certain age and hold down a full-time job. It simply means that you set out to reach a personal goal that is your true inner selfs desire, and that your life is all the better for taking a chance at doing something you arent sure you should do because you havent given yourself permission to do it.

Bottom line, motivation is the single most important key to improving anything in your life, but you have to choose to want to change something about yourself or in your life, for a chance at a successful outcome or personal growth. Its human nature that we all seek personal or professional growth and improvement, no matter what the pace or level. We all want to feel valued, to have a sense of self-worth and to better ourselves and our lives. The difference is, do you believe youre capable of it? Are you willing to try something different than what youve learned to this point? Maybe youve had many failures or youve been dealt an abundance of personal challenges that has lead your life to repeat itself over and over and over again. Or maybe you seem to repeat similar mistakes, but under different circumstances, or in a different relationship. Why not try something completely unfamiliar, something youve never done before thats a healthier choice for you? Remember, being a people pleaser usually results in being dishonest with yourself or others so as not to disappoint. Honoring expectations of others in your life that you dont agree with is a form of people pleasing and honestly is selfish and self-serving; its to make yourself feel good inside. If you dont feel right about something then you need not do it. Do what makes you feel good and come alive on the inside. Set goals and expectations for yourself that motivate you to

set goals and expectations for yourself that motivate you to want to do and achieve more!

want to do and achieve more! Dont settle or be content with mediocrity or because its all you know or all youve learned from others that you may love and respect a great deal. Dare to take on a new challenge, take a risk and live on the edge a bit! Its the only way you truly will see the difference and how it makes you feel from your soul outward. Live with conviction. Be true to yourself first and live with integrity, doing whats right when others wont dare to out of fear. Its a choice: settle for what youve always done or dare to step out of your comfort zone today. Remember, if youre truly happy on the inside, it doesnt matter whats going on around you! I wish you all the best for 2012 and many prosperous, fulfilled years to come!

Kathy Larson, CPT, CWC, and with Wellness Online ( has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. Shes worked in all realms of wellness and fitness, including education, personal training, fitness equipment sales and a variety of business ownerships that have been awarded national recognition. Kathys passion is to educate individuals, business owners and corporate employees on how to incorporate healthier living into their daily lives so that they begin to live consciously. Individualized coaching and assessments is one of Kathys specialties, which focuses on helping you define what you need to do to achieve your personal and/or corporate goals. For more information, e-mail her at or call 262.443.4271.

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Kathy Larson, CWC, CPT Health Coach & Consultant 262.443.4271
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new approach for peanut allergy in children holds promise 

new treatment may be a safe and effective form of immunotherapy for children with peanut allergy, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital. Currently, there are no treatments available for people with peanut allergy. The doubleblind, placebo-controlled study, funded in part by NCCAM and published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, investigated the safety, clinical effectiveness and immunologic changes with sublingual immunotherapy a treatment that involves administering very small amounts of the allergen extract under a persons tongue. Researchers randomly assigned 18 children (ages 1 to 11 years) with known peanut allergy to receive either peanut sublingual immunotherapy or placebo. Participants in the peanut group received increased doses of peanut extract every 2 weeks for 6 months. Following each dose increase, participants continued the same daily dose at home. Once a maximum dose of 2,000 micrograms of peanut protein was reached, participants continued to take this daily maintenance dose at home for approximately 6 more months. After a total of 12 months of sublingual immunotherapy, participants underwent a food challenge, which involved taking increasing doses of peanut protein in the form of peanut flour
Natures Pathways | February 2012

The researchers found that the participants who had received peanut sublingual immunotherapy could safely consume 20 times more peanut protein than those who had received the placebo.

mixed with food. The foodchallenge placebo consisted of oat flour mixed with food given in the same increments. Allergy skin prick tests were performed, and participants blood samples were taken at different points throughout the study. The researchers found that the participants who had received peanut sublingual immunotherapy could safely consume 20 times more peanut protein than those who had received the placebo (1710 mg vs. 85 mg). This level of desensitization is clinically significant because it represents protection from accidental ingestion of peanut, which is often less than 100 mg (or one peanut). In addition, allergy skin prick tests showed a decreased allergic response to peanut in the treatment group. The blood tests showed immunologic changes in the treatment group, suggesting a significant change in allergic response. The researchers concluded that these findings are promising, but more study is needed to determine whether sublingual immunotherapy can increase long-term tolerance to peanuts in children with peanut allergy.

Reference: Kim EH, Bird JA, Kulis M, et al. Sublingual immunotherapy for peanut allergy: clinical and immunologic evidence of desensitization. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2011. Source: NCCAM, National Institutes of Health


healthy relationships: Promote family time at the table 

odays families are busier and more budget conscious than ever and it seems like opportunities to come together are scarce. Kids may be engrossed in extracurricular activities and Mom and Dad may be putting in extra hours at work to make ends meet. But making the time for family can improve family relationships and foster success for kids and adults alike. Perhaps nowhere does the opportunity to enjoy family time occur more than around the dinner table. Only one in five families sit down to dinner together, with many instead grabbing meals on the go or choosing fast food. Neither option is especially healthy or cost-conscious. But there are ways even the busiest families can enjoy a healthy meal together without breaking the bank. Embrace technology. Its hard for many people, parents and children alike, to go an hour without being on the Internet. Families looking to spend more quality time together at the dinner table can now make the most of their time and their budget thanks to, a userfriendly online resource that provides a variety of easy and budgeted weekly meal plans, complete with delicious dinner recipes and a corresponding grocery list so you just print and go shopping!
Natures Pathways | February 2012

eating dinner together is just as essential to building a strong family as healthy food is to building a strong body.

e efficient when shopping for grocerB ies. Trips to the grocery store can quickly turn into expensive odysseys for unprepared shoppers. Since time is of the essence for most families, be sure to bring a grocery list along on your next trip to the grocery store. A wellplanned list can drastically reduce time and money spent at the store, which only leaves more time for the family and money in your pocket. mphasize the importance of dinner E together. Eating dinner together is just as essential to building a strong family as healthy food is to building a strong body. Dinnertime provides the perfect opportunity for families to converse, connect with and relate to each other on a daily basis. Instead of crowding your full plate, we think that families should simplify, says Jane DeLaney, founder and President of Making time for a shared meal around the dinner table means more time together ... more enjoying, more embracing, more capturing moments, more memories, more eternal perspective and more reflection. It means more of all the things that truly matter.
Source: Metro Creative Connection

By jennifer Walla

About A yeAr Ago, Bob Rowe, 62, was having some issues with his foot. It hurt to walk on it, but neither he nor his wife could see any outward sign of a sore or injury. After several days of first trying to ignore the pain, then staying off of it altogether, Rowes wife noticed that some of the things her husband was saying didnt make sense. I started feeling odd, and I wasnt thinking clearly, recalls Rowe, a Greenville resident. He called Nurse Direct for some advice. The R.N. on the other end of the line asked him if he was having trouble breathing. She said, It sounds like youre hyperventilating, and she told me I needed to see a doctor immediately, he says. Rowe went to the emergency room. After he was admitted, he was subjected to a barrage of medical tests. A glucose test revealed his blood sugar levels were well above the ideal range for an adult. And that pesky sore foot? It quickly became ulcerated and the doctors had a difficult time getting it under control. He spent Christmas in a hospital bed. Rowe, who had been fit most of his life, and the owner of two 1st Choice Nutrition stores, was told hed need to take insulin and watch his diet. Needless to say, it was not the news he wanted to hear. I did not want to be on insulin, he says. I wanted to try something more natural to stabilize my blood sugar levels because I had seen my customers have good results and I wanted to try it. After consulting his doctor, Rowe began taking a supplement called Assurance Blood Health Support, * a natural dietary supplement for maintaining blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range.* Dr. Arun K. Chatterji, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of Santal Solutions, Neenah, is its inventor. Assurance Blood Health Support helps to stabilize and balance blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels on a cellular level in as little as 30 days by stimulating the natural secretion of insulin in the pancreas. Its main ingredient, Gymnema sylvestre, is a plant that

In clinical research studies, more than 90 percent of subjects taking the product experienced important results in stabilizing and balancing their blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Dr Arun k Chatterji, PhD, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Santal Solutions

grows naturally on the Indian sub-continent, and has been used for thousands of years in folk, Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine systems, he explains. Chatterji says the companys multi-patented technology, called Virgin Isolate OSA, extracts only the potent parts of the Gymnema sylvestre leaf, which makes Assurance up to 400 percent more effective than other Gymnema sylvestre products. Poor diet and a lack of exercise can contribute to elevated blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can lead to serious health issues, including diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million children and adults in America live with diabetes. Another 79 million are at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Recent numbers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with the disease, which kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Recent estimates project that as many as 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes in 2050, according to the ADAs Web site. Gymnema sylvestre is one of the best known things to control blood sugars, says Dennis Torkko, president and treasurer at Santal Solutions. Ours is a very powerful, pure form with a superior extract formulation, and its 100 percent natural and easy to take. The science behind Assurance Blood Health Support has been published in Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry

and Phytotherapy Research. In clinical research studies, more than 90 percent of subjects taking the product experienced important results in stabilizing and balancing their blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, Chatterji says. Throughout all clinical trials, none of the subjects using Assurance BHS reported any side effects. My doctor was really impressed, Rowe says after taking the product. I was able to get rid of my injectable medications and another oral medication I was taking, too. Torkko is pleased to see the product gaining more acceptance each day, both among consumers and retailers. In addition to it being sold at large establishments, including Walgreens nationwide, more local natural health and nutrition stores are opting to offer it to their customers. Its gratifying because the owners of these stores and others in the natural health industry are the ones who really get to know their customers over time, and they truly value those personal relationships. They dont recommend products unless they know theyre effective and thats what were seeing with Assurance, Torkko says.

Visit santal Assurance Blood Health Support is a natural dietary supplement for maintaining blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range.*


com to find a local retailer.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


shui with me!

Feng shui tips for relationship success 
By lynn Bub

ne of my very favorite feng shui stories involves the apartment that I lived in when I was single. I had discovered feng shui years before and had implemented it with success. The relationship piece, though, was still elusive. So, ever the skeptic, I decided to test out some of the tried and true feng shui themes on my relationship area in the apartment. I obtained permission to paint the back hallway of the apartment, which happened to fall in

the back right corner of my home from the front door: the relationship area. Now, this area of the home is associated with the element of earth and the colors red, white and pink. Ideally, any images in this area are compatible with love: objects paired in twos, pictures of happy couples, soft angles and no sharp corners. Fire is ok, too. Who doesnt want to heat things up a bit, right? Well, I spruced and painted (red color wash over earthy yellow, incidentally) and

called it good. Life went on and I assumed my cure hadnt worked. It took a long time before I realized that perhaps it had I just didnt realize it. Lo and behold, I had started to feel differently about a male friend that had been around for years. I never thought of him as anything other than a friend. Now, he was starting to look kind of cute! To make a long story short, we were engaged within a year and married a year after that. We have been married for seven years now and I always make sure to keep the relationship area of whatever home we are in spruced and painted. So how can you make some improvements in your relationship through feng shui? The first stop, as always, is your mindset. Being open to change is difficult, especially if you are in a pattern of negative or non-existent intimate relationships. However, if you want a different outcome, this change is necessary. And, as usual, I have a list to help you get started! In addition to checking the relationship area of the home (back right area from the front door as you enter), you definitely want to take a look at your bedroom. It should look like a place where a relationship could happen. Now, Im not suggesting you put the cart before the horse here, but if your eventual goal is a healthy, happy, appropriate

MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm TH 9:30am - 6:30pm SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm

Natures Pathways | February 2012

relationship, then there needs to be room in your romantic places for another person. The bed should not be shoved up against a wall, for example. The bed is symbolic of your relationship and space for it. So, if there is only room for one person OR only enough room for one person to get in and out of the bed, well, then. thats what youll get! Make room for two! This means you should have two similarly matched nightstands, as well. If you cant accomplish that, then no nightstands would be better than one. Check the kitchen! Yes, I said kitchen. Now, Ive spoken about the kitchen being related to prosperity, but its a hub of the home and can be connected to your romantic activities. Who doesnt want to enjoy a beautiful candle-lit dinner with an attractive companion? At the very least, make sure you have something to contribute to such a scenario. If that means purchasing spaghetti and a jar of sauce, go for it! Make sure you dont only have mismatched, chipped

dinnerware, too. Buy some tea lights and use them! This could be a really FUN endeavor. Imagine hosting your intended for a simple dinner and some wine, champagne, dessert, or whatever would trip your trigger. If you have it, they will come! Do a gut check with your commitment level in your home. Now, Im all for being a bit eclectic and mixing and matching dcor. However, if you have incomplete themes or are trying to mix country dcor with Asian Buddhist, you might want to make sure there are specific areas committed to an overall idea. This may seem like an unrelated detail, but what is going on in your home is going on in your life. Our environments and experiences mirror one another. Anything you can do to change those mirror images to your liking will be a worthwhile endeavor. Clean the junk drawer. Even the best housekeeper usually has a stash of clutter somewhere. Much like the inner

clutter that can get in the way of our relationships, the junk drawer eventually causes some sort of problem (lost calculator, anyone?). So, clean it! We all need a junk drawer, but we can still work to make it a little more organized. Strangely enough, this often leads to our being able to see other clutter that we may have forgotten. Cleaning up these areas is akin to dealing with residual issues or insecurities that prevent us from more actively pursuing the right relationship or cultivating health in our existing relationships. I challenge you to try just one thing on this list this February! Even if you are in a committed relationship, you might just notice an improvement (or bring back a quality that you thought was gone). I would love to hear about your success! Happy Valentines Day!
Lynn Bub is with Sunshine Feng Shui. If youd like a more personal assessment of your space, consider a professional feng shui consultation. Visit www. or e-mail sunshinefengshui@ for more information.

Assurance helps stabilize and balance blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in as few as 30 days!*
Assurance BHS is available at these ne natural foods retailers:


1838:120118-1628 Use Assurance Blood Health Support as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range. * * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Natures Pathways | February 2012

Top 10 ways to avoid litter box problems 

By Wisconsin humane Society

Have your cat spayed or neutered by six months of age. Sexually mature, intact cats frequently use urine and feces to mark their territory. Neutering will correct the elimination problems in 90% of these cats.

Others will not use a box that has already been used by another cat. Different areas for the litter boxes can prevent locationavoidance problems.

The rule of thumb for the number of litter boxes is: one per cat in the household, plus one. Extra litter boxes are necessary because some cats like to defecate in one and urinate in another.

Clean the litter boxes DAILY. The single most common reason for a cats refusal to use a litter box is because the box is dirty. Non-clumping litter should be scooped daily and the litter box emptied and washed every other day. Clumping

litter should also be scooped daily and the litter box washed when soiled. The cheaper clumping litters that break-up easily should be dumped out as frequently as the non-clumping litters. (Bacteria left in the litter box will smell to the cat even if you cant smell it.) Choose a litter that appeals to the cat. Most cats prefer the texture of the sand-like scooping litters. Be sure to select a brand that clumps into a firm ball, making scooping easier and cleaner. As a health precaution for kittens that might be prone to ingest the litter, use a non-clumping litter until the kitten is four months old. NEVER use scented litter. Perfumed, chemical scents repel cats. When you wash the litter box, use hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use harsh chemicals that will leave a lingering odor.

Nancy Freier Designs 5 Essential Feng Shui Consultant Transforming your living space...and your life! 6
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Formerly Nancy Rajala, publisher of 'The Inner Voice' magazine (c.1990s)
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Do not use litter box liners they can be irritating to some cats. Covered or hooded litter boxes can be offensive to cats as they do not satisfy the cats need for escape potential when eliminating. They also trap the odor inside, creating an outhouse effect. The litter box should be uncovered and at least 22 x 16 for an adult cat. Place litter boxes in quiet, private places that are easily accessible to the cat and

Your health is the best investment youll ever make!
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where it will not be disturbed by children or ambushed by other pets. Noisy areas near washing machines, furnaces or under stairs, may frighten the cat away from the box. A house with several stories should have a litter box on each floor. NEVER place litter boxes near food and water dishes.

8 9

While kittens have an innate predisposition to use an easily raked substrate as their litter, they may also choose other, more convenient, locations. You should limit their territory until they learn that the litter box is the only acceptable place to eliminate. Praise and rewards will speed up the learning process. Like small children, they should not be expected to travel very far to find their toilet areas. When introducing a new cat into the home, confine the cat to one room with its litter box, bed, food and water, until the cat has used the litter box several times and shows an interest in exploring the rest of the house. Once you have decided on the placement for the litter boxes in your house dont move them! Help your cat feel comfortable in his home territory. Play games with him, give him a massage, and talk to him frequently. Give him positive and affectionate attention. A confident, secure, contented and relaxed cat does not need to relieve anxiety and stress by such extreme measures as urine or fecal marking.

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If you would like to work with a Wisconsin Humane Society behaviorist one-on-one regarding this behavior topic, please call 414.431.6173 to schedule a consultation.
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Hydrangea arborescens 
By Cheryl hosmer

ydrangea is one of my favorite medicinal herbs. I have many testimonials of dissolved calcifications by way of its soapy action. This herb seems to have an affinity for the urinary system but I have also seen benefits for the gallbladder and prostate. Hydrangea is an aquatic plant of the swamps and marshes. The name is derived from a Greek compound meaning water-vessel. Four of the known species are natives of America; one, is the common garden hydrangea. The root of the species hydrangea arborescens is generally used for herbal preparations whereas the leaves are toxic. Hydrangea is a rich source of minerals, including the electrolytes, chromium, manganese, silicon and sulfur. Hydrangea contains some bitter compounds, so it is a good blood purifier. The herb also contains the flavonoids: quercetin and rutin. Hydrangea also provides saponins, a volatile oil, and a glycoside called hydrangein. Energetically it is a pungent and cooling herb. Herbalists today use hydrangea to support the genitourinary system mainly due to its antiseptic, lithotrophic and diuretic properties. It can be useful for prostate health and calcium deposits, and can take down inflammation associated with gout, arthritis and rheumatism. The herb is believed to promote expulsion of urinary stones, help break down and dissolve them, and aid in preventing stone formation. In 2009, researchers discovered one of the roots active components, halofuginone, fights autoimmune disorders while still allowing the immune system to function normally. There are a number of autoimmune disorders hydrangea may have the ability to control including scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Hydrangea root is used in a variety of forms including powder, tincture and tea. The higher doses are recommended when working with a specific health issue and the lower doses are recommended for maintenance to keep the body in balance.

recommended doses:

1 g to 4 g dried hydrangea root three times per day 1 ml to 6 ml hydrangea tincture three times per day 1 tsp to 4 tsp dried hydrangea root steeped in a cup of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes, three times per day

Caution is advised when using hydrangea with some medications. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use hydrangea root medicinally. Overdose of hydrangea can cause vertigo or stuffiness in the chest.
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certified natural health professional and certified biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Natures Way to Health & Happiness. She offers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supplements, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more information, please visit her Web site,, or call her at 920.757.6440. References: Planetary Herbology Michael Tierra; A Modern Herbal Grieve; Herb Allure Hart; and

kirtan: The music of yoga 

By Dennis hawk

escribing Kirtan to a novice is like explaining sex to a preschooler. You can use all of the right words and lose your audience immediately. By no means am I comparing the readers of this article to preschoolers. (Journalism 101, Never talk down to your audience!) What I AM saying is that some things in life are just better experienced than described. If you are a mountain climber and have had the success to have made it to the top of Mt. Everest, my guess is that there are no adjectives that could ever match the actual experience. Kirtan can give you the same feeling. If you dont like heights, you probably would not be the first person in line to get to the mountain top. The same could be said about Kirtan. Some people will be passionately drawn to Kirtan, while others will not be able to relate. Well then, what is Kirtan? Kirtan which is pronounced kirtun, with a very short un ending, literally means to repeat. The call and response phrases are repeated over and over again. A few people may think this sounds monotonous, but speaking from experience, Kirtan is exciting. Todays Kirtan is an upbeat version of ancient chants and has been brought to life by artists such as Krishna Das (former member of the 1970s band, The Blue Oyster Cult), Donna DeLory (backup singer to Madonna), Tina Turner, Sting and the late George Harrison, to name a few. Since Kirtan is a call/response style of music, it is like going to a rock concert where everyone is a member of the band. Kirtan is meditation in musical form. The benefits of meditation have been well documented. In May 2001, the magazine Psychology Today featured an article written by Cary Barbor in which she began to uncover the science that is attached to meditation. She entitled her article, The Science of Meditation. It was at that time when the scientific community began to acknowledge the benefits of meditation. Two years later in August 2003, Time
Natures Pathways | February 2012

magazine expanded on the intrinsic worth of meditation in their cover article entitled, Just Say Om, where the benefits of meditation were revealed for everyone to witness. Some of the benefits expressed in the articles included: Increased metabolism and better digestion Emotional stability Decreased anxiety and depression Lower stress levels, which then reduces Blood pressure Incidents of heart disease and stroke Occurrences of breast and ovarian cancer Enhances the immune system Higher levels of focus and concentration This is an impressive and well-substantiated list. Then the question is why isnt everyone meditating? Not all people enjoy spending time alone, much less concentrating on their breath. Our minds have a tendency to wander. Kirtan offers an alternative mode of meditation, where people gather and have fun. Those who have experienced Kirtan can attest to the calming and centered feeling for the brain and the body. Kirtan can be experienced in small intimate settings or with hundreds of people. (An excellent example of the larger group would be Raganis Kirtan which is held the first Friday of each month in Brookfield, Wis. where up to four hundred people gather.) Kirtan is a simple and beautiful form of meditation. Come chant, experience and reap the benefits of Kirtan. This just might be a form of meditation that will work for you.
Dennis Hawk, CYT, RYT, is a yoga and Kirtan musician. Dennis vision is to provide the very best in live and recorded music for yoga and meditation. To book Dennis, e-mail Gigi deYoung at Listen to or buy his music at, or


Cop out: Our retreat from reality and responsibility 

By George T Stone
vidence confirming the reality of human-caused (anthropogenic) global warming and its many impacts has surpassed the standard of reasonable doubt. As human activities relentlessly force our planets climate system toward and perhaps beyond irreversible tipping points, the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is ever more compelling. Because the problem is immediate and planetary, it is an international imperative of the highest priority. In 1988, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to assess the risk of climate change caused by human activity. In 1990, the IPCC issued its First Assessment Report, which served as the basis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with Earths climate system. The Conference of the Parties (COP), an association of all countries that are Parties to the Convention, is the highest decisionmaking authority of the UNFCCC. COP generally meets every year. The most recent meeting (COP 17) was held last December in Durban, South Africa. Best known is the 1997 meeting (COP 3) held in Kyoto, Japan, where the Kyoto Protocol set binding targets to achieve stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. The Protocol was adopted on December 11, 1997, and entered into force on February 16, 2005. To date, 191 states have signed and ratified the protocol. The only signatory not to have ratified the protocol is the United States. (Canada announced its intention to withdraw from the Kyoto treaty December 12, 2011.) Progress at COP 17 in Durban was minimal. The meeting of 194 countries produced the Durban Platform a so-called roadmap to an agreement applicable to all parties. Negotiations for the new agreement are to begin early in 2012 and conclude not later than 2015. Commitments will take effect from 2020. Also adopted was a
Natures Pathways | February 2012

second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol from 2013, thus preserving the rules and legal framework for managing emissions. With these meagre agreements, the international community has embraced inaction; it continues to stall in a leadership vacuum. The failure of the United States to lead on this most important of global environmental issues represents an unprecedented denial of knowledge-based reality and an abrogation of responsible world leadership. Given the history of our great nation, it is also an extreme irony. In 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation granting the Yosemite Valley to the State of California so that it could be preserved for public recreation and use. This act formally began the great American tradition of environmental conservation and affirmed for the world the wisdom of the ancient Native American concept of stewardship and responsibility to future generations. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed legislation creating the first National Park, Yellowstone. In the early twentieth century, President Theodore Roosevelt increased the acreage of preserved lands five-fold and became one of the greatest conservation icons in history. This great bipartisan American environmental tradition was carried forward through the l960s and 70s during the presidencies of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon with the enactment of landmark legislation such as The Wilderness Act (1964), The National Environmental Policy Act (1969), The Clean Air Act (1970), The Clean Water Act (1972) and The Endangered Species Act (1973). But, alas, the great conservation ethic that so gloriously distinguishes our American heritage and legacy seems to have been corrupted and co-opted. And now, when the world needs our leadership more than ever to address the greatest environmental challenge in history, we pretend that it doesnt exist or is relatively unimportant.
George Stone earned a Ph.D. in geology at the University of Colorado (Boulder). He teaches geology, earth science, weather, climate and energy at Milwaukee Area Technical College and is Chair of the Green Energy Summit (

secrets to a long and happy marriage 

ome might say a long celebrity marriage is one that endures the duration of the newly betrotheds trip down the aisle. Weve seen Britney Spears dissolve a marriage after 55 hours and Kim Kardashian call it quits after 72 days. It seems even money cant buy matrimonial happiness. But some couples have been together for 50, 60 years and say theyre still as much in love as they were the day they spoke their I dos. What do they know that others do not? According to clinical psychologist and relationship guru Dr. Phil McGraw, We all need to be flexible and to compromise in marriage, but youve got to be true to your core traits and characteristics, what I call your authentic self. Some couples enter a relationship projecting a persona they believe the other person wants one that really isnt what theyre all about. This could be a woman trying to fill the role of her husbands nurturing mom or a guy playing the protector to his wife. In reality, marriage is more of a partnership, and truth and trust are often at the basis of good marriages. There are many other secrets that marriage experts will offer to couples seeking the magic formula. Whether youre pondering marriage or have already tied the knot, consider the following advice to make a marriage endure for the long haul. Theres no such thing as the perfect marriage. Some couples create an image of what they think marriage is supposed to be, and that image that often goes poof once reality sets in. Even soul mates are bound to frustrate or irritate one another from time to time. Couples should express their frustrations. Bottling up frustrations can eat at a person and eventually destroy a marriage. Talking about the things that are bothering you with your partner opens up a discussion and can help you work through things.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Divorce should not be seen as a viable option. Couples who want to bail on the marriage at every turn could be directing their energy toward divorce as the only solution instead of discovering ways to remove the cause of strife. Divorce can sometimes be the easy way out when you think about the work that goes into keeping a marriage working. Experts say that there are a few issues, like adultery, abuse and drug/alcohol addiction, that may be reasonable catalysts for divorce if personal safety and sanity is being compromised. Make time for romance. Its easily said but not so easily done. Too often married couples forget what it was like to date when all of their attention was spent on each other instead of the house, kids, work, etc. Today there seems to be even more distractions, from e-mails to texts to pressure and obligations at the office. Happy couples find the time to spend quality time with their spouses even if thats only 10 minutes of alone time a day. Put we first. Many people operate on a me mentality. When youre part of a couple, give more to your spouse than you take. If he or she is doing the same, youre working collectively for the benefit of the marriage instead of yourselves. Respect each other. Often couples having troubles realize they treat strangers better than they treat each other. Would you use the insults or unflattering terms that you sometimes throw at your spouse with a complete stranger? Probably not. Good marriages are based on a foundation of respect and love. Its easy to lose feelings of love if the respect is gone. Couples can realize that there are some thorns that come with the roses of marriage, and staying happy together does take work for it to all be worth it.
Source: Metro Creative Connection


ur Spicy T key Sandwic hes

Ingredients: 20 oz. peppered turkey tenderloin 1 packet French onion soup mix 1 c. pickle juice 2 T. diced jalapenos Directions: le 1. Combine tenderloin, soup mix, pick , jalapenos and water in slow cooker. juice 2. Cook on high for at least 7 hours. 3. Remove tenderloin. 4. Shred with forks in bowl. 4 c. water c. Athenos nonfat Greek yogurt 1 T. yellow mustard Salt and pepper ers 5. Scoop out all onions and pepp id with yogurt, and combine c. liqu mustard, salt and pepper. as a 6. Enjoy as a sandwich, over pasta or to topper. baked pota

Nutrition Facts (per serving): Prep Time: 5-10 minutes Cook Time: 7 hours Serves 8
Calories 162 Total Fat 4g Total Carbohydrates 2.5g Protein 23g

Recipe provided by Shana Conradt, author of Getting Fit With Food. Order your copy of Getting Fit With Food at


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Our goal at Rozman Wealth Management is to be your most trusted advisor through our professional knowledge, our integrity and our personalized service. When we manage your money, we help you define your financial goals and plan your investments around those goals. Our Investment strategies are designed to help you make the most of market advances and limit your risk during market declines. We are a fee based wealth management firm located in Brookfield, Wisconsin with over 90 years of combined experience in the financial industry. The Rozman Wealth Management team is comprised of Wealth Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Risk Analysts and support personnel. Our team is here to help clients confront the financial hurdles that accompany the success they have attained. Call us today for a complimentary review of your investment portfolio and to determine if our services are right for your financial situation. Contact us at or at 262-798-7979.
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Advance and Protect Strategies

Mouth-Watering Authentic Sicilian Dining

We use the freshest ingredients in our dishes. Customize a dish to your liking. Wonderful vegetarian dishes.

3468 N. Oakland, Milwaukee 414-963-9623

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love potions:
Aromatherapys aphrodisiacs 
By Mary Wishmann

s a quiet, introverted teenager, I once tried to cast a love spell on a boy I liked. I remember using rosebuds, a needle, red thread and a photo of the boy. I had properly gathered all the ingredients. With every stitch, I repeated my mantra of Love. I ended up with a cute hand-stitched pillow of potpourri. It was floral, spicy and mysteriously fragrant. Even though it wasnt a real potion or charm, I had created something with the intention of deepening someones feelings toward me. Around that time, I added a new word to my vocabulary. Aphrodisiac! Aphrodisiacs, named for Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, are substances that are believed to increase sensual and intimate feelings toward another. Some essential oils are considered aphrodisiacs because they can help dissipate physical, psychological or emotional ailments that may interfere with romance. A short list of these oils appears here, along with several ways to use them, but your list of aphrodisiacs is not limited to essential oils or even the sense of smell alone. Olfaction is only one of the five senses we enjoy. women, it may bring on a feeling of desire and romance. This fragrance can help bear grief, jealousy, resentment, anger and depression. Instead of real rose fragrance in a bottle, use rose petals for all the effect at a fraction of the price.

JAsMine has a seductive floral scent, warm and inviting. It calms the nerves and warms the emotions. This fragrance balances hormones for both men and women. PATChOuli has qualities that help to ease feelings of anxiety, depression and stress-related conditions. It has a balancing effect on the libido. Use patchouli carefully. Many people either love it or hate it. You dont want the object of your affection to be driven away by your love potion. When in doubt, leave it out. sAnDAlWOOD can create an ambiance favorable for romance. It

rOse has been used for thousands of years to represent love. For

relieves anxiety, nervous tension and depression for both men and women. It also produces compounds similar to androsterone, the male hormone that reinforces masculine characteristics. stress-related high blood pressure. This fragrance can help dissolve inhibitions. It is customary to strew these petals across the marriage bed.

YlAnG YlAnG is calming, euphoric and soothing. It can reduce

ClArY sAGe is helpful in overcoming anxiety and stress with its euphoric and sedative properties. It also contains compounds similar to estrogen, making it valuable for monthly mood swings, and it may help with headaches, including migraines.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

vAnillA has received recognition for

its inviting warmth. Medical experiments show that vanilla fragrance reduces stress and anxiety. Though it may trigger strong scent-memories in people, it has been used to calm both humans and animals, which means there are compounds in vanilla that can actually reduce stress. One of the easiest ways to deliver an aphrodisiac is to wear it as perfume. Many of the oils listed above are primary ingredients in most perfume and fragrance products. Many are worn as a single scent, but can be blended to suit your personal needs. The better you know the object of your affection, the easier it is to know their likes and dislikes. As with all fragrances, less is more. Strong aromas can sometimes cause headaches. No one wants their loved one to say, Not tonight. Ive got a headache. Scent a room with fresh cut flowers. They appeal to our senses of smell, sight and touch. Diffusers and room sprays are also easy and effective to freshen the air. Candles and incense also appeal to more than just the sense of smell. Keep incense smoke to a minimum, though. Your smoke detector will ruin the mood. Rose petals are fragrant, beautiful and velvety soft. Sprinkle a few on the tablecloth, down the hall and across the bed. Linen spray is also refreshing on sheets and pillows, and it is clean, quick and easy. A scented bath or hot tub is a wonderful way to put you in the mood for love. Add a few drops of essential oil or a handful of scented bath salts. Massage between partners can ease stress, relax sore muscles and lead to intimacy. Add a few drops of essential oil to two tablespoons of almond oil in a small bowl. Apply to the skin. Learn massage techniques for a wonderful sensation. Use music, food, aromatics, visuals and touch. Appeal to all the senses. Sensory stimulation can help melt away stress. Aphrodisiacs will not make a stubborn, unromantic or impassionate partner more loving or sensual, but they can enhance the overall mood of your loved one. Use them compassionately, and with intention. These techniques are not magic, but they can be powerful, when used wisely.

Providing HEALTHY and AFFORDABLE produce for all Wisconsin Residents!

Market Baskets

Deliveries and pick-up available on a weekly basis! $16 Market Baskets are available daily at Growing Power.

Our Market Baskets:

The Regular Basket feeds a family of 4 for a week, and includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Only $ The Senior Basket is half the size of a Regular Basket,
and provides the same types of fruits and vegetables. Only $

16 9

The Sustainable Basket contains all organic and/or sustainably grown produce, and supports the Rainbow Farmers Co-op and other sustainable or organic growers. Only $ The Fruit Basket is all fruit! Only $



Support small farmers, save money, and eat well!

Produce from Rainbow Farmers Cooperative To learn more about Milwaukees oldest farm, call 414-527-1546 or come for a tour everyday at 1pm!
5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee
To Order: Please place orders by 12pm on Wednesday. Pick-up is on Friday or Saturday at 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., or Friday at 2719 N. Dr Martin Luther King Dr. (Pick up location MUST be specified at time of order.) Contact 414-527-1930 or For Delivery: Friday delivery available to the Milwaukee metropolitan area for orders of at least ten $16 baskets. Please call about orders outside of Milwaukee. Delivery to schools on Thursdays when there is no school on Fridays. Payment: Cash, check, or credit card for orders exceeding $25. Pay upon delivery or pick-up. We accept Quest card and WIC.

Mary Wishmann is the owner of Big Bubble Soap, offering a natural olive oil glycerine soap. She is committed to providing natural, gentle, great-smelling personal care and grooming products for all members of your family, including the 4-legged ones. For more information, visit or call 414.762.6946.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

super vitamin e: The new aging remedy 

By The Agency
he newest breakthrough in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle treatments has been right under the noses of scientists for 20 years. Vitamin E may very well be the answer to an age-old question in beauty care, and its no surprise that nature knew it all along. For decades, the skin care industry has been extracting the water soluble tocopherol compounds of vitamin E. Most often, the alpha-tocopherol compound has been used in moisturizers, creams, lotions, oils and capsules because of its ability to fight free radicals. However, new research has shown that vitamin E works best as a powerful antioxidant when its tocotrienol compounds are included in formulation. Sound confusing? Its not really. The process is actually more basic than the average high school science project. Of course, the skins worst enemies are UV rays, toxins and pollutants, all of which cause free radicals to launch aggressive pursuits on healthy skin cells. Free radicals are cells that are missing an electron, so theyre on the prowl to steal one from a healthy cell. Unfortunately, while a stolen electron stabilizes the free radical cell, it damages the healthy cell in the process. According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of New York Times bestseller The Wrinkle Cure, skin cells accumulate the most

damage in their outer layers, which are comprised of fat. Scientists once believed that aging was caused mostly by damage to the internal part of the cell, comprised of water. This key difference is important because the popular vitamin E alpha-tocopherol compound is water soluble. While it easily penetrates the interior of skin cells, its not so easily absorbed to remedy damage in the fatty outer layers of skin cells. Thats where the fat-soluble

Completely revolutionize your body, diet, health and your life... in 21 days or less!
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Natural Olive Oil

Glycerine Soaps
Aromatherapy and Other Wonderful Fragrances

Contains 20% Grade A Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Enjoy natural, gentle personal care and grooming products for all members of your family. NO Animal Fats, NO Petro-Chemicals, NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate, NO Parabens NO Preservatives MENTION THIS AD FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER. Visit My Website * * 414.762.6946


Natures Pathways | February 2012

new research has shown that vitamin e works best as a powerful antioxidant when its tocotrienol compounds are included in formulation.
tocotrienol compounds of vitamin E have been discovered as a major player in the anti-aging war. According to WH Leong, Vice President of Tocomin manufacturer Carotech, studies on the use of the tocotrienol compounds found in vitamin E are rather new in the skin care industry, but in less than eight years, they have proven to be extremely promising. In his research, Dr. Perricone noted that tocotrienols are 40 to 50 times more potent than the old tocopherol compounds. For skin care, this means the best anti-aging products are yet to come, harnessing the power of the new super vitamin E. In Wisconsin, super vitamin E is a brand-new member of the Oliv 426 skin and beauty care family of products. Owner Caitlin Brotz has transformed her Night Time Face Serum with a mixture of super vitamin Es tocotrienols and grapeseed oil. The combination is a powerful antioxidant that helps repair sun damage and fight free radicals while smoothing fine lines and preventing wrinkles, says Brotz. Grapeseed oil also tightens and tones skin, so its a great match with super vitamin E in the Night Time Face Serum. Since the tocotrienols are 40 to 50 times stronger than the tocopherol vitamin E compound found in other creams and serums, skin responds quickly, and in a couple of weeks the results are quite obvious. At Oliv 426, a roll-on jar of Night Time Face Serum sells for only $12, and customers are invited to add super vitamin E to any customized Oliv product for 50 cents a squirt, giving an antioxidant edge to lotions, soaps, balms and body sprays. As the benefits of tocotrienols become more widely known, well begin to see the new vitamin E become a more prevalent ingredient among a variety of personal care products including shampoos, conditioners, sun screens and cosmetics. And, of course, since super vitamin E is a natural ingredient, it will be a staple among the all-natural products available at Oliv, says Brotz. The new super vitamin E we use is supplied by Carotech, the first company to extract tocotrienols and the only company with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for tocotrienol production. Were very excited to bring such a highquality ingredient to the area. We believe it will soon be all the rage in the anti-aging industry.
The Agency is a marketing and promotions firm specializing in small business growth. It currently serves a variety of eco-conscious clients with a goal of broadening consumer understanding about the impact of purchase choices. For more information, contact The Agency at or call (920) 207-0316. Caitlin Brotz is president and owner of Oliv 426, located at 511 N. 8th St. in downtown Sheboygan or online at For more information about Oliv products or to book an Oliv party for a hands-on, learning experience about the benefits of all-natural personal care, contact Caitlin at 920.783.0809. At Oliv 426, customers may stop in to blend their own customized beauty and skin care products, or they may choose pre-made products blended from all-natural ingredients available on the shelf or online.
Natures Pathways | February 2012

Music for Yoga & Meditation

by Dennis Hawk

This music was designed to quiet the mind, body and spirit, with flutes crafted to address the specific tonal quality of each chakra. All flutes were made of natural products, wood, gourds and bamboo. This music is ideal for yoga, massage, Reiki or meditation.

These are quiet meditative albums designed for use in relaxing the mind, body and spirit.
For more info about Dennis Hawk go to Listen and purchase Dennis Hawks music online at: Amazon and cdbaby: For booking info e-mail: Gigi deYoung,

Turtle Isle

Turtle II

1st & 3rd Thursday of each month (typically)

natural Running Form Clinics

Join us for a natural running form and performance clinic learn about topics such as: The science behind running in minimalist shoes with less material underfoot Form and strengthening drills and exercises Gait analysis with shoes and without - the amazing difference how to go from an inefficient heel strike to a much more efficient midfoot landing impact Moderating Behavior - What you need to know about shock Cadence - proven principles Speed - how implementing these skills will make you faster There is a $10 registration fee, which may be applied to a purchase of $75 or more Register now - limited space available Call 4149885370 to reserve your spot or go to the Revolution Facebook page to register Revolution natural Running and Walking Center, 11702 W north Ave, Wauwatosa, wwwrevolutionnaturalrunningcom Dates vary, see description

take back into their communities and pass on to others These workshops are for both rural and urban projects We encourage you to bring several members of your group or operation to these workshops if you are interested in multiple topics; this is especially helpful if you are a member of a training or outreach organization These workshops put organizations, projects and food producers in touch with each other to help to build collaborations and long-term, sustainable partnerships Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! leave your dress shoes at home and wear your farmer duds 2012 Workshop Schedule: Please inquire about Fridays special programs! Saturday and Sundays: Feb 18-19, March 17-18, April 2122 with special training Friday, May 19-20 with special training Friday and June 9-10 Workshop Topics: Aquaculture/Aquaponics Bee keeping Community Project Design living Biological Growing Systems Composting Vermiculture hoop house Construction year-Round Production and Marketing Workshop Mycoscaping Renewable Energy Solar Power E-mail to find out when other specialty workshops will be offered on Fridays (April and May)

Other workshops may include: dismantling racism and multicultural alliance building, record keeping/accounting/human resources and legal risk management, youth programs, soap making and cheese making Registration: Please register online at www growingpowerorg/workshopshtm Payment: The fee is payable when you register online or upon arrival Meals: Meals are a very important aspect of the two days Sustainable, small family farmers and our wholesale distribution partners produce the food Vegetarian dishes served, vegan or special dietary needs can be accommodated Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements when registering Workshops are held at Growing Powers Community Food Center, 5500 West Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, 4145271546 For more information e-mail: katie@growingpower org or staff@growingpowerorg March 7-9, 2012

9th Annual Green Energy Summit & Exposition

Growing your Community Food System from the Ground Up 2012 Workshop Series presented by Growing Power

This intensive, hands-on, training workshop offers diverse groups the opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate and sustain community food projects Project participants leave the workshop with improved skills that they can
nutrition fitness personal growth wellness relaxation

Dont miss this acclaimed business/academic conference! With outstanding local, regional, national and international speakers, the Green Energy Summit and Exposition attracts more than 3,000 attendees eager to explore timely topics in energy, water and sustainability We invite you to join the 2012 Summit, held at the Frontier Airlines Center, as a volunteer, sponsor, exhibitor, presenter or attendee For more information visit wwwgreenenergysummitus

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Diagnosing and treating allergic contact dermatitis

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How to buSt boredom wellness relaxation personal growth during holiday travel and much more!

Dermaliving tology December 2011 Associates of Wisconsin leads the way

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How to maintain healthy skin in winter Natural, homemade stocking stuffers Renew, recycle and re-use your shoes ement Planning for retir y in a tough econom and much more!

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Natures Pathways | February 2012

Wisconsin humane Society
4500 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 414-AniMAlS (4142646257) wwwwihumaneorg

Our community partners in the natural health and green living revolution
hEAlTh & WEllnESS
natural healthy Concepts Theresa Groskopp, Cn 310 n Westhill Blvd, Appleton wwwnaturalhealthyconceptscom 920.968.2350 866.505.7501 natural healthy Concepts offers nutrition Counseling by Theresa Groskopp, Certified nutritionist, and a variety of natural health products We also offer ionic Detox Footbaths, Ear Candling, along with a large variety of vitamins and nutrition supplements, and homeopathic remedies Our natural skin and hair care, cosmetics and personal hygiene products are free of parabens and SlS

unique less is more property Recent cellular research at kings College london has shown Assurance Blood health Support to be up to 400% more active than leading Gymnema sylvestre-based products

Serving Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties, WhS has a comprehensive adoption program to match homeless animals with families WhS provides lifesaving medical care for nearly 20,000 animals annually, including 5,000 wild animals WhS offers a lowincome spay/neuter clinic, humane education for children and adults, and manners classes for dogs and puppies

im Organic

Donn Powers Jeweler
2110 10th Ave, South Milwaukee 4147622106 wwwdonnpowersjewelercom

We believe small choices make a big difference So im Organic offers family- and environmentally-friendly products for the whole family that are safe for everyone, as well as the earth We make going organic fun and easy with upbeat sustainable t-shirts for adults and kids, infant onesies, tote bags, lunch bags, mugs and more Visit www imorganiccom today!

MEE Material handling, llC
4 locations in Wisconsin Toll Free: 18002425452 wwwmeeliftcom


Wellness Online
kathy larson, CWC, CPT health Coach & Consultant Oconomowoc 262.443.4271 wwwWellnessOnlinecom

Making dreams come true for over 30 years providing a wide range of choices for the discriminating shopper seeking excellent value in fine jewelry We custom design jewelry plus carry loose diamonds, colored stones, pearls, add-apearl necklaces, watches, chains, 24k gold roses and lacquered roses Jewelry repairs are done on site and we also repair watches, Donn is a master watchmaker Donn also travels to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capitol of the world, each year to hand pick our diamonds

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, SC
locations in Grafton, kenosha, Port Washington wwwdermwisconsincom

MEE Material handling is your source for lifting, shifting or maneuvering anything MEE is a major supplier of electric vehicles for commercial and residential purposes, including Columbia ParCar and Star EV brands MEE recently participated in the inaugural Rock the Green Music Festival, a Milwaukee festival that set a new benchmark for near-zero waste for a festival For information about electric vehicles e-mail bmair@meeliftcom

Rozman Wealth Management
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Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, SC is an independent dermatology practice priding itself on the use of the latest technology and treatment protocols for optimal surgical and treatment outcomes for diseases of the skin, hair, and nails We also offer state of the art Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer Trust your skin care to the leader in dermatology Call today to schedule an appointment

Whether you are an employer or individual looking to learn more about how wellness coaching works, Wellness Online offers different modalities that will work for you, face-to-face, telephonic and/or internet Our coaches are hired by individuals, as well as employers and health insurers We can reduce your companys overall health costs and improve employee absenteeism and productivity, as well as help individuals improve their overall health & fitness levels and reduce health risk factors hindering your daily life Offering wellness coaching through seminars, individualized & group education, corporate programs and more!

Oliv 426
511 n 8th St, Sheboygan 920.783.0809

Assurance Blood health SupportTM
18004148624 wwwsantalsolutionscom Dr Arun Chatterji has created a dietary supplement to be used as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal range The product, Assurance Blood health Support requires only one third the normal dosage compared to other brands on the market, due to its

investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial network, llC (WFAFn), member SiPC Rozman Wealth Management is a separate entity from WFAFn

At Rozman Wealth Management we are here to help you define your financial goals, monitor your progress and minimize your risk Our investment plans are custom tailored to each client relationship, artfully blending client goals and expectations, as well as seeking to manage risk When you are looking for a long-term relationship with a team of financial professionals who care about your familys financial goals, give us a call at 2627987979 or visit us at: wwwrozmanwealthcom

Beauty from earth to body Oliv 426 features the freshest ingredients from around the world Olivs all natural beauty line offers personalized customization to achieve desired results Featuring anti-aging serums, lotions, massage oils, body mists, salt and sugar scrubs, lip balms, eye shadows, an all natural baby care line and much more Olivs products offer world class personal care Visit Oliv and get creative designing your own personalized products or shop online at wwwolivu426com


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community RESOURCE guide

Big Bubble Soap
Mary Wishmann 4147626946 wwwbigbubblesoapcom

Green Energy Summit & Exposition
March 7-9, 2012 Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee wwwgreenenergysummitus

Dennis hawk Music
wwwdennishawkcom listen and purchase at Amazoncom and cdbaby: http://cdbabycom/dennishawk For booking, e-mail Gigi deyoung: dennishawkmanagement@gmailcom

Enjoy natural, gentle personal care and grooming products for all members of your family, including the 4-legged kind Offering a variety of aromatherapy olive oil glycerine bar soaps that will keep you coming back again and again for smooth soft skin 20% Grade A Extra Virgin Olive Oil nO Animal Fats, Petro-Chemicals, Sodium laurel Sulfate, Parabens or Preservatives indulgent, yet Sensible: Bar Soaps, liquid Soaps, Sea Salts, lotion Sticks, incense, Pet shampoos, Catnip Spritz, kids Soaps and more

Victorias Pet nutrition Center and Boutique
14 n Main St, Fond du lac 9209231991 wwwallnaturalpethealthcom

The Green Energy Summit & Exposition is a highly acclaimed conference that exposes all stakeholders in the region to exciting possibilities for sustainable economic revitalization and growth Our principle goal is to educate the investment, business and workforce communities to historic changes and unprecedented opportunities in clean energy, sustainable practices, and food- and water-related enterprise Our 2012 theme is: The new Economic Wave Clean, Green, and Blue!

Dennis hawk (Animikii Gekek or Thunder hawk) is a native American songwriter, guitarist, singer and flute player as well as a certified yoga teacher and practicing yogi who composes and performs music to accompany yoga and meditation A mixed blood native American (Cherokee and Mesquaki), Dennis is also a teacher of native American spirituality, a sweat lodge leader and a pipe carrier

Growing Power, inc
5500 W Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee 4145271546 wwwgrowingpowerorg

We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats, herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and diabetes We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks, breed-specific pillows, videos and Dog- and Cat-opoly

Carinis la Conca DOro
3468 n Oakland Ave, Milwaukee 4149639623 wwwatouchofsicilycom

Growing Power transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the development of Community Food Systems These systems provide highquality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all residents in the community Growing Power develops Community Food Centers, as a key component of Community Food Systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach, and technical assistance Our goal is simple: to grow food, to grow minds, and to grow community

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Enjoy wonderfully authentic food at Milwaukees only Sicilian restaurant Many vegetarian dishes to choose from Customize your dish to your liking We invite you to bring in your own gluten-free pasta to mix with your entree We are also known for our Rack of lamb and vegetarian dishes as well as our fresh seafood, pastas, steaks, veal and chicken Top off your meal with one of our house made desserts

Animal Doctor, inc
S73 W16790 Janesville Road, Muskego 4144221300 wwwAnimalDoctorMuskegocom


located inside the Boot Connection 4275 W layton Ave, Greenfield 4143257208 wwwbootconnectioncom

We repair all walks of life footwear Specializing in Allen Edmonds shoes, Western Boots, Birkenstock, Redwing shoes and boots just to name a few We have been successfully repairing and resoling boots and shoes for 31 years Dont throw your old shoes away - Repair them like nEW today 41 Natures Pathways | February 2012

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Animal Doctor holistic Veterinary Complex is staffed by pet lovers who are highly skilled in delivering unique health care to patients whose guardians appreciate the importance of addressing the mind, body and spirit in the quest for quality and longevity of life Our mission promotes the prevention and treatment of disease through integrated conventional and natural means for pets and their people, influencing a pets entire being in a complete and positive manner Experienced doctors utilize natural nutrition, titre testing, western and Chinese herbals, essential oils, acupuncture or veterinary spinal manipulative therapy(chiro) to address individual patient needs Please see ad on page 14

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February 2012 | Natures Pathways 41

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With outstanding local, regional, national and international speakers, the Green Energy Summit and Exposition attracts over 3000 attendees eager to explore timely topics in energy, water and sustainability. We invite you to join the 2012 Summit as a volunteer, sponsor, exhibitor, presenter or attendee.

Twos Company

Star EV offers street legal, electric powered people movers that will transport 2 to 8 people in clean, quiet, electric comfort. Off-street vehicles are available that can seat 14 passengers, or more with available pull-behind trolleys.
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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says

Im possible.
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