Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from To 10.2.0.


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Babu B
Oracle 10G Certified Professional & Oracle Database 10g: Real Application Clusters Administrator Certified Expert

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Babu India

Upgrade Oracle from To
1. Patch Set Overview Patch set release Before installing this patch set you must be need version. 2. Requirements Oracle DB : Oracle (later) Operating System: Windows
Oracle Troubleshooting (15) Welcome to my blog. If you are using the above example please try on test environments.If you have any doubts/clarification any time contact me @ View my complete profile


3. Pre - Installation Tasks 1. Identify prior installation Before installing this patch you must install oracle (or later version) 2. Download Patch set Download 6810189 patch set installation archive to a directory that is not the Oracle home directory or under the Oracle home directory. 3. Shutdown oracle database. C:\>set oracle_sid= GOLDLINK C:\>sqlplus /nolog SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Tue Nov 13 10:49:26 2007 Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. SQL> connect sys@GOLDLINK as sysdba Enter password:

RAC Troubleshooting (8) ASM (7) Upgrade (6) Replication (5) New Feature's (4) Streams... (4) Utility's (4) Data Guard (3) RAC (3) Rman (3) Backup's (2) Create DataBase (2) Flashback Technology (2) Replication Performance (2) Rman Restore-Recover (2) Table (2) 11g Features (1) Advanced Replication (1) Auditing (1) Buffer Hit Ratio (1) Change DataBase Name (1) DBMS_SCHEDULER (1) Dataguard Troubleshotting (1) Duplicate DataBase Creation (1) EMCA (1) Heterogeneous database (1) How to Export and Import Statistics (1) Installation (1) Interesting (1)


. Check Tablespace Sizes and Set Parameter Values Review the following sections before upgrading a database. The Distributed Transaction Coordinator service was stopped successfully...1 To 10.. ▼ 2008 (21) December (1) November (2) September (3) August (1) July (1) June (2) May (3) March (2) February (6) ► 2007 (36) C:\>net stop OracleOraDB10g_Home1iSQL*Plus. 4. Upgrade the Database After you install the patch set..4 Page 2 of 10 Connected.2. You should be stop this service C:\>net stop msdtc The Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is stopping.blogspot. Stop all services C:\>set oracle_sid=GoldLink C:\>net stop OracleDBConsoleGOLDLINK The OracleDBConsoleGOLDLINK service is stopping.. Start all services http://babudba. 5. Note: while patch installation time If you face Distributed Transaction Coordinator still running.. The OracleDBConsoleGOLDLINK service was stopped successfully. Database dismounted.. The OracleOraDb10g_home1iSQL*Plus service was stopped successfully. 4. The OracleServiceGOLDLINK service was stopped successfully.. Backup your database.. C:\>net stop OracleOraDB10g_Home1TNSListener The OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener service is stopping.2.. Oracle recommends that you create a backup of the Oracle 10g installation before you install the patch OTN OraFAQ Oracle Base Visit Followers Join this site with Google Friend Connect Members (31) More » Already a member?Sign in 1.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10. The OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener service was stopped successfully. ORACLE instance shut down.0. SQL> SHUTDOWN Database Performane Tuning (1) RAC Installation (1) RAC Trace Issue (1) RMAN DUPLICATE DATABASE (1) Stanby Database (1) Sun Solaris Commands (1) Troubleshooting in Replication (1) UTL_MAIL (1) Unix/Linux (1) expdp / impdp (1) partition (1) Blog Archive ► 2011 (2) ► 2010 (14) ► 2009 (26) C:\>net stop OracleServiceGOLDLINK The OracleServiceGOLDLINK service is stopping.html 2/2/2012 .. you must perform the following steps on every database associated with the upgraded Oracle home: Links http://tahiti...

4.0 .log SQL> @ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\rdbms\admin\catupgrd.log file for errors and inspect the list of components that is displayed at the end of catupgrd.Production Posted by Babu at Wednesday.2. Compile Invalid Objects Run the utlrp.0 .2. Connect sys user C:\> sqlplus /NOLOG SQL> CONNECT SYS/SYS_password AS SYSDBA 3.4 Page 3 of 10 2.0 .0 .0 Production TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version 10.Production NLSRTL Version 10.sql SQL> select * from v$version. BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------Oracle Database 10g Release 10.4.0. Restart the database: <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--> SQL> SHUTDOWN SQL> STARTUP 5. This step is optional but recommended.0. Enter the following SQL*Plus commands: Oracle Community Visit Oracle Community SQL> STARTUP UPGRADE Subscribe via email SQL> SPOOL patch.0. If necessary. CORE 10.2. SQL> @ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\rdbms\admin\ script.2. rerun the catupgrd.html 2/2/2012 . To 10. 4. September 10.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.sql script to recompile all invalid PL/SQL packages now instead of when the packages are accessed for the first time.sql script after correcting any problems. 2008 Labels: Upgrade Evora Plus Coupon Subscribe Subscribe in a reader FeedCount Amazon Contextual Product Ads http://babudba.sql SQL> SPOOL OFF Review the patch.Production PL/SQL Release 10. Subscribe Delivered by FeedBurner Enter your email address: online users This list provides the version and status of each SERVER component in the database.

You need to install same ORACLE_HOME before that need to down all oracle related services..1 To 10. Babu. 2008 9:15 AM Babu B said.4 Page 4 of 10 37 comments: Anonymous said.) now changed environment variables for this oracle sid to point to new directory (oracle home of 10. 2008 12:55 PM Anonymous said. 2..0.. Thanks! November 5.. 2008 6:33 AM Babu B said. October 6. Thanks. http://babudba. Do i have to install oracle 10204 in another home? December 25... Thanks.4.0.0. NO NO. it fails with the following error: SQL> startup upgrade. Went through so many links before all are confusing. I want to upgrade 10. 2008 10:27 PM Anonymous said....2. :-) Babu November 5. Very helpful. Hi...blogspot.. Very nice instructions.2. Could you tel me which operating system your going to install (Win or Linux/Unix ??) Babu December 28.0.. 2008 1:06 PM Anonymous said.0.2.) Now while doing startup upgrade.. Thank a lot.. Thanks. 2008 1:06 PM Anonymous said.. 2008 7:09 PM Aditya said.2..0.. November 21.html 2/2/2012 . for which i installed binaries of 10.2. Thanks a lot. October database to 10... Very helpful.4). 3.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.2.4 in seperate directory. Hi Babu.

You you want separate directory installation?? Post your current database version using select * from v$version. show parameter compatible Let me know your patch number Thanks August 20.2.0. Awaiting for your kind reply Thanks.2. >> I want to upgrade 10.4.html 2/2/2012 .2 Any ideas.0...... what can be the issue? January 18.. 2009 10:52 AM Babu B said. Thank you for these simple instructions Babu. Kindly provide me the instruction to upgrade from win Oracle 10.2 compatible=10. 2009 10:56 AM Anonymous said. 2009 10:51 AM Babu B said. All worked fine. 2009 3:59 AM Babu B said. Thanks John :) August 20. I found the upgrade steps are missing in the document(steps 6 .0..0. for which i installed binaries of 10. >>Kindly provide me the instruction to upgrade from win Oracle 10.0.2 to 10.0..2.7) NO all the steps are available.2..2. From where your Straggling upgrade steps?? Thanks Babu August 20.0.2. Hi Babu. http://babudba..2 to 10.2 database to 10..2..2.2.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.0.ora file is set to in seperate directory.0.1 To 10.blogspot.4 Page 5 of 10 ORA-00401: the value for parameter compatible is not supported by this release Value of compatible parameter in init.2. 2009 2:24 AM john said. August 19. 2009 7:51 AM kumaran said. Kumaran August 20.0.2.

you need to upgrade both database. 2009 6:52 AM Anonymous said..html 2/2/2012 . Thanks a lot. Babu September 26. August 23.. this post was helpful. This post was helpful.. Thanks http://babudba.0.. Thanks for your feedback..4 Page 6 of 10 hi babu. Thanks.blogspot. So I logged in as sys and executed the following commands: GRANT EXECUTE ON SYS.DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION TO . Thanks. exporting table DEF$_LOB 0 rows exported . . line 126 ORA-06512: at line 1 . 2009 10:46 AM Babu B but after upgrading I found that I could not take exports and found the answer http://oracle-in-examples. I have found that we need to grant some sys procedures to this user for getting rid of these errors.. line 50 ORA-06512: at "SYS. ...DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION". JC September 21. And it really helped me to fix it. Hi thanks for this. 2009 12:33 PM Júlio César Corrêa said. 2009 10:44 PM Babu B said..html here is a part of that post .2 in unix. Sergey.. GRANT EXECUTE ON SYS.0.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.2.DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION".1 To 10. Thanks August 30. if already i have two db's running on 10. If two database running same home. how to proceed 2009 10:45 AM Júlio César Corrêa said.DBMS_DEFER_IMPORT_INTERNAL TO . exporting table DEF$_ERROR EXP-00008: ORACLE error 6510 encountered ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception ORA-06512: at "SYS. JC September 21..

112/e 10819/preup.0. Yes after step http://download.. March 5.1 To 10. 2009 4:09 PM Anonymous said.2. 2010 2:47 AM Anonymous said.. Do you have any info on how to upgrade from 10. ..4 Page 7 of 10 Best regards November execute setup.. 2010 1:10 AM Babu said.html 2/2/2012 . Com um procedimento assim. Really helpful ........htm#i1007753 Babu April 10.2.blogspot. 2010 2:36 AM kamlesh said..? I get an error "The CEP file rdbmsup. Check Tablespace Sizes and Set Parameter Values 8... 5.. 4. >>Wondering where are step 6 and 7 ? Do we supposed to install the setup. 2009 11:47 AM Sunil said.. Wondering where are step 6 and 7 ? Do we supposed to install the B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.2. Hello. Thanks December 31.1 to 11g.4 to 11g. 2009 11:21 AM Babu said.0. Then try to upgrade 10. Thanks so much ! December 31.exe before step 8 ? Thanks for chatching..exe before step 8 let me if you need any help.. Upgrade your 10g database to 10. April 10. 2010 11:32 AM Khaja said. January 27.. Hello Khaja.0... Muito bom..2... Upgrade the Database .exe before step 8 ? Please advice. Backup your database...0.. Obrigado."? Any idea what is causing this. fica muito facil.. Babu... http://babudba.4.sql does not provide the version directive.

please replay me ASAP. Keep up the good work Mangal July 26. Hello to May 12.1 To 10. 2010 7:39 AM Babu said..0) on vista machine 32 Bit but i m not able to open SQL successfully..0. Thanks for this .4 what are the issues we get commonly .0... then only i would like to upgrade... Actually it gives an TNS entry error while configuration the database. Thanks for your input.. So.html 2/2/2012 .2.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.All oracle bugs June 10. Thanks Babu babu. Hello Indian.2.0. 2010 11:14 PM Anonymous said.4 Page 8 of 10 Dear Babu. 2010 11:11 AM Indian said. 10. Pls post TNSPIGN <> 5 Are you trying to connect database locally or remotely? Babu May 13..4. please guide me for this problem or provide me any setting on Vista so i can install properly. 2010 11:42 PM Babu said.0. Babu.. http://babudba.2. By following your instructions. Excellent post. Kamlesh Parmar kamalerp53@gmail. It gives different error like : ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified. As of now i did not faced any issues..blogspot.0.4 . I was able to successfully upgrade database from 10. I would like your TSNPING output. Thanks and regards. Please write mail to me in case of any query. Thanks Mangal July 26..0.2. I want to know after upgrading to I have installed Oracle 10g (10. 2010 8:14 AM universalcritics said. 2010 10:14 PM Babu said.. June 10.knb@gmail.

2011 11:09 AM Babu said. run-time error '-21474672599800040050': [Microsoft][ODBC Driver for Oracle][Oracle]ORA-00600: internal error code. This is the error message flashing on my screen.. November 22..[].. But. run-time error '-21474672599800040050': [Microsoft][ODBC Driver for Oracle][Oracle]ORA-00600: internal error code. Hi Babu.2. [67282756]. Please help. 2011 11:42 PM Satish Gupta said. It could be a great help to me.[67282756].0) I am getting Error in my front End application developed in VB 6.[47]..2.1.html 2/2/2012 . 2011 3:08 PM Post a Comment Newer Post Home Older Post http://babudba.0. arguments:[20084]. while executing a query in Oracle 9i (Version Release 9.[] while executing a query in Oracle 9i (Version Release 9. 2011 10:51 AM Satish Gupta said..0) I am getting Error in my front End application developed in VB 6. Please help.0.0. Hi Babu.. Your instructions are very helpful. regards.[].. Hi Babu.. November 22.0..[]. 2011 11:43 PM Babu said..1. I am facing a problem in my application. July 14.Babu B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.[47]..2.0. This is the error message flashing on my screen. I am facing a problem in my application.0. 2011 5:44 AM Anonymous said..[]. [67282756].[47]. regards.4 Page 9 of 10 that download not working 6810189 can u give other link July 7.Where are he steps 6. Do you have metalink access if Yes pls search July 13.blogspot.[].7 please tell me them in detail.1 To 10.2.[67282756]... arguments:[20084]. Can I have log pls November 27.[47].... B: Upgrade Oracle from 10.0.html 2/2/2012 .4 Page 10 of 10 Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Babu B Headline Animator ↑ Grab this Headline Animator http://babudba.2.1 To 10.2.

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