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1. Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least twenty minutes. 2.

Step 2 Sit down in a chair, keeping your spine straight . Place your hands, palms up, in your lap. Touch your middle fingers and your thumbs together on each hand, which keeps a continuous circuit of energy flowing throughout your body. 3. Step 3 Close your eyes. Start breathing slowly. Concentrate on each breath. Inhale deeply, filling your lungs completely. Exhale slowly, completely emptying your lungs. Breathe like this for at least five minutes. 4. Step 4 With eyes still closed, bring your attention to the middle of your forehead. Imagine that you are looking at an indigo-colored (vibrant blue-red) beach ball in this area. 5. Step 5 As you draw a breath in, inhale through the third eye, seeing and feeling the ball contract. As you breathe out, exhale through the third eye, seeing and feeling the ball expand. 6. Step 6 Continue breathing like this for approximately the next fifteen minutes. Keep your attention on the third eye, which is contracting and expanding in time with your breaths. As you breathe, you may feel warmth in your forehead, which proves that your visualization is working. 7. Step 7 When the fifteen minutes are over, slowly open your eyes. Your third eye meditation is complete. 8. Step 8 Practice this third eye meditation every day. 9. Step 9

With continued practice, you will find that you will just start knowing things that you have no logical way of knowing. You are becoming more psychic.