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Jumpstarting Your Career with London Teaching Jobs

London is not just a great tourist destination; it has also become a dream work destination for educators. The UK Educational System is known for its generous provision and ideal policies for teachers; definitely a more ideal system compared to other countries. Teachers from all over the world seek to find placement in both public and private UK schools with the help of teaching agencies. One cannot help but compare the demand for teachers in the UK with the problematic lack of professional teaching opportunities in other countries. And its not just the lack of teaching jobs thats the problem; its also the low salary that most teachers have thats not even enough to cover their expenses much more. Its unfortunate how many education graduates are forced to work in fields that do not completely make use of their expertise or leave their homes to take advantage of the teaching opportunities elsewhere where they will be well-compensated for their hardwork.

In London, theres always a demand for teachers not just for the traditional educational system but also for the informal and non-formal schooling systems. London teaching jobs always need to be filled to better cater to the educational needs of particular demographics. Though theres always demand for regular school teachers, the growing interest of most people for quick learning programs also needs to be properly catered to. Short courses for care-giving, medical transcription and other growing industries in the UK require teachers. Language specialists, especially, are greatly sought after because of the large number of immigrants who need help in learning English as a secondary language. Schools and other educational facilities often affiliate themselves with reputable teaching agencies that can help them find teachers who can fill their post. Not only that, they are also known to direct nurses and other professionals who wish to do their practice in the school system. The agencies are always hard at work in placing the perfect people for the positions that need to be filled and also in finding specific London teaching jobs for clients who are on the lookout for a teaching career within the city. Jumpstarting your career in London can surely be made easier by signing up with a teaching agency. Its pertinent to conduct a thorough background check first before entrusting your professional career to the hands of a particular group. Look for an agency thats accredited with the Department of Educations Quality Mark. This mark is assurance that the London teaching jobs that will be assigned to you are quality ones that will satisfy you professionally and monetarily.

Trusting Accredited UK Teaching Agencies for Quality Job Placements

A lot of teachers nowadays often dread the period of seeking employment. For most of them, its going from one job opportunity to another and being asked to wait for a span of time until they get told if they got the job or not. Getting help from a teaching agency often seems shady and an expense which most of these job-seekers feel they do not need. This misconception was probably prompted by news of anomalous agencies that dupe their clients just for the money. However, this is not the case among UK teaching agencies which are mostly accredited with the Department of Educations Quality Mark. This accreditation is not easily earned, and agencies that have this accreditation naturally have to abide by the high standards of the department. Any teaching agency that fails to do so does not get accredited or loses their accreditation, thus instantly relegating them as a second-rate agency not expected to give quality service. Since this is a business, no agency would risk losing its accreditation because the stakes are just too high. The Department of Educations Quality Mark is an important consideration of teachers seeking placement in schools and schools looking for teachers whenever they need the services of a teaching agency. Consistently accredited agencies provide their clients the confidence of only getting quality placements. These agencies always make sure to perform an in-depth evaluation of the credentials of the teachers they recommend to schools. Apparently, this is an effective way of upholding the particular educational

standards of client institutions as well as reinforcing the good reputation of the agencies. UK teaching agencies are committed to providing their clients with the best quality service. Vouching for the credibility of one client to the other is a critical job that they do where quality is always of utmost important. True, they get paid for their placement services but making sure that the people they recommend to a school and the other way around will produce an ideal as well as beneficial working relationship is an underlying factor of the real goal; its not just placing people in a system where they might fit, its about quality placement where everybody wins. Checking out the classified ads still works, of course, but how about getting really serious with your job hunt by getting the help of UK teaching agencies? The rate of success is higher and the process will definitely be less stressful on you.

Teaching Jobs UK Offers

In a recent report published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UK is shown as having the third highest university tuition fees in the world. The US and Korea reportedly come in at first and second, respectively. What does it all mean? It indicates a remarkable opportunity for those seeking to enter the teaching profession. Teaching jobs UK, mainly, grant enormous possibilities for career satisfaction and adequate security. You can either start with a university degree focusing on education or shift mid-career towards a job in instruction, provided of course you have the proper credentials. The revealing OECD report also included the average class sizes at the primary and lower secondary levels. In comparison to the 22.8% class size in the US, UKs lower secondary class size in 2009 was at 19.6%. The study found that upper secondary graduation rates were better in the UK at 92%, whereas the US had a rate of 76% and the European Union had 85%. Teaching in the UK, you get a more manageable class size and have a better chance of producing students who move on to university level. Understandably then, the educational standards are exceptionally higher in the UK. Teaching credentials are scrutinised to provide the degree of instruction capable of delivering the best possible education for the countrys future workforce.

State-maintained schools in England and Wales require teacher training and examinations for qualified teaching status, aside from obtaining a bachelors degree. The teacher training depends on the age group you intend to teach. The training and qualifying exams for certification are handled by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). If you havent taken the necessary exams for English, science or mathematics, your initial teacher training (ITT) provider should give you a pre-entry test. All of this is a prerequisite to being awarded a qualified teaching status so you can apply for London teaching jobs. According to the TDA, the minimum annual salary for a newly qualified teacher is set at 21,588. In inner London, the salary starts off at 27,000. You can look up teaching opportunities online, through local and national press, or enquire with local education authorities. However, UK teaching agencies would have a much more comprehensive listing of available posts in the best locations. Teaching agencies or recruitment firms also offer a range of services other than provide job opportunities. Professional and established agencies will have free training courses and consultants to help you direct or develop your career in education. So, if youre considering a shift in profession or have a passion for teaching, acquire the proper credentials and consider an accredited agency to help you find that rewarding teaching post.

What You Can Expect When Teaching in the UK

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward Great teachers are few and far between. You can perhaps count the number of exceptional ones in one hand; teachers that inspire you enough to re-enact that glorious Dead Poets Society scene where all the chaps stand on their desks proclaiming their devotion and respect to a rather serious version of Robin Williams. While teaching is a huge responsibility, it can also be equally rewarding. Teaching in the UK affords this opportunity with a range of resources from the government and private sectors. Starting Your Career If you arent quite sure about taking on a career in education, you can spend time in a classroom. The School Experience Programme (SPE) is a bit like a cross breed of class auditing and on-the-job training. The SPE allows you to immerse in school life as an observer in several classes and as a teaching assistant, with opportunities to plan and deliver a part of or the entire lesson to an actual class. The Programme will also give you a chance to study the dayto-day management of a school, allowing you to be familiar with current school policies.

During your participation in the SPE, you can consult with teachers who have had years of experience. This, along with the classroom experience you acquire during the placement, will guide you better in deciding whether London teaching jobs suit you. The SPE can take anywhere from one to 10 days. If you arent prepared to dive right into teaching a class just yet, the Teaching Advocate Programme provides advice and insights into a career in education. Teaching advocates are serving teachers who can help you make an informed decision by telling you what its like to teach on a day-to-day basis. You can find out about classroom behaviour, curriculum, and workload management. The Rewards and Benefits The teaching jobs UK offers are as rewarding as any corporate post. If youve received your newly qualified teacher (NQT) status, you can expect a starting salary of 21,588 a year in England and Wales, 27,000 if you work in inner London, 25,117 for outer London, and 22,626 for London fringe. The pay scales are amended by the government every September, according to the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), which will soon be closed to make way for the Department of Educations new executive body, the Teaching Agency. UK teaching agencies can help you find the best available teaching posts. Teaching agencies will also offer a range of services other than provide job opportunities. Accredited and established agencies will have free training courses and consultants to help you direct or develop your career in education. Life as a teacher is an enormous responsibility. You will not only instruct, explain, and demonstrate, but you will want to inspire. After all, you will have in your classroom a captive audience of future artists, titans of industries, and citizens who will shape the future of England.

Teaching Agencies: London and Its Search for Effective Educators

"Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another." American educator Marva Collins may have uttered these words, but they speak of a philosophy that is taken to heart by any teacher living in any corner of the world. What teachers possess is an extraordinary gifta love for knowledge that must be shared with other people. Indeed, it takes a certain fire, a special passion for helping someone else exceed their present abilities and capacities that essentially makes a good teacher. Such individuals are valuable, which is why the best teachers are continually being sought and recruited by teaching agencies. London aims to bring the most effective educators to the city's schools and nurseries in order to foster a love for education among its children. Why would you consider a career in education? For most established teachers, the reasons are mainly of a compassionate and helpful nature; there is always a desire to communicate with young children and help them gain new experiences, new insights. It is more than simply feeding new information to a child and expecting the child to repeat it exactly as it is; teachers can recognize the potential of the human mind to learn information, interpret it in as many ways as possible, and decide for themselves how the knowledge can be


applied into actions in their own lives. In essence, efficient teaching allows children to arm themselves with the knowledge they will need to survive in a multi-faceted world. Look back on your early school daysyou are sure to remember one or two particular teachers who left an indelible mark on your childhood. It may be the teacher who taught you how to use a microscope and introduced you to a world of minute organisms that led to your career in studying diseases. It may be the one who encouraged you to write for the school paper, the same person you remember fondly each time you head out for news writing assignment. Or perhaps you remember most the home economics teacher who stayed behind for your second batch of muffins and taught you how to bake pastries with the delight of your family and friends in mind--a practice that you have kept each time you dust your hands with flour at your bakery, no matter if you're making a plate of cookies or a wedding cake for 100 people. Teachers are the people who encourage us to learn as much as we can, until we find our own passions and eventually spend a lifetime being better at our chosen crafts. There would be no greater reward for educators all over the world than seeing their little charges absorb the knowledge they have passed on and find an area they in turn can excel in. Do you have a passion for communicating and working with young children? Do you have the flexibility to interact with individuals of varying learning levels? Do you live to motivate another person to maximize their potentials and nurture a hunger for knowledge that they can feed throughout their lives? If you agree to all these, then you may have found for yourself a worthy vocation. Approach any number of teaching agencies-- London will be glad to adopt you into its education system and nurture a new generation of inquisitive little learners.