IN OPPOSITION TO HOUSE BILL 213 1. As we have previously told the Civil Justice Sub-Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee in connection with SB 1890 this (these) Bill(s), although currently different in some respects are anticipated to be enacted after incorporating the worst of both Bills, based upon the original draft of HB 213 and after constant amendments in the format last published is/are a Wolf/Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. It is the third attempt in three years by the Florida Bankers Association with the co-operation of too many Members of this House that they have tried to hijack the Florida Congress for their criminal purposes. 2. HB 213 is of huge importance to the people of Florida and is clearly unconstitutional. If the separation of powers provisions of both the US and Florida Constitutions were being adhered to in this State the people who elected you all to the offices of power you now occupy, there might have been some chance that the victims of the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world to obtain relief in our Courts of Law from the corporate corruption that has infiltrated all three branches of our state government. 3. Our Members and others who are fully apprised as to the facts, [as opposed to the total fiction being constantly blasted by politicians and corporately corrupted media] are appalled by the proposals in this Bill. The author of this letter attended the meeting of this Committee on February 8, 2012, when we understand that because of the number of protestors that were in the Capitol that day caused HB 213 not to be on the Agenda – but a new and just as egregious Bill appeared at short notice which seeks to grant unprecedented immunity to living (or dead) Members of Congress, and their Staff, past and present. Despite commendable resistance from the Democratic Representatives at this Committee and the obvious support of what they said when spontaneous applause broke out from the crowded committee hearing room, this ugly Bill was favorably received based upon a solid Republican vote – just as the Republicans have treated the egregious HB 213 and SB 1890. 4. The obvious intent of avoiding a large body of people who would
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have spoken against this horrific piece of proposed unconstitutional law became even more obvious when, again at short notice SB 1890, a Bill that had been lying on the table was hurriedly resuscitated at the Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting and presented by a Senator, who admitted that he was put in the position without sufficient time to review the Bill, as a result had no knowledge of the Bill’s contents and was relying entirely upon the Members of the Legislature [who are also Members of the Florida Bar and as such, officers of the Court and of the Judicial Branch of Government]. Indeed the said Senator deferred to Representatives Passidomo and Stuebe to expand his presentation and to respond to questions from the Senator Members of the Committee. 5. Watching the Meeting live from Lee County and unable to get to Tallahassee that day it was apparent that the same lies and misrepresentations were presented by Passidomo, Steube and the Representative of the Florida Bankers Association as had been previously recited in the Meetings of the House Civil Justice sub Committee. In addition to the falsification of facts upon which this unconstitutional draft is based it is now plain to see that all the Republicans are determined to see these outrageous violations of our constitutional laws become enacted. 6. We were particularly interested in the reaction of the Chair of that Senate Committee to a suggestion by a Florida Resident that the people presenting the Bill were a disgrace. As previously pointed out to all the Members of our Florida Congress if they want to avoid what may at first sight seem to be disrespectful and to be justified in declaring the deliverer of those words to be out of order, all they need to do is to earn the respect that should attach to their public office. The present behavior does not earn any respect and only raises the level of determination by those citizens who care about the future of their State, their country and the rest of the world to do whatever it takes to rid this land of corrupted politicians and corporatism, both of which violate the Constitutions of both the United States and the great State of Florida. It should be more a question of treating your voters the way that you expect them to treat you. Right now all the indications are that you cannot be trusted to act in the interest of the people. 7. We were curious to explore in more depth how HB 213 reached the Agendas of both House and Senate Committees, especially as there can be no dispute that it is the product of the Florida Bankers Association. 8. Equally obvious is the fact that only Corporate Lobbyists are taken seriously in Tallahassee and that they must be allowed considerably more
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time than the two minutes allocated to those people who oppose Bills, however long the Committee Members feel is necessary to speak and no opportunities appear to be available to our citizens and residents to question the Representatives or Senators who have clearly made up their minds on party lines before any debates occur – at least on matters where Corporate Interests are being imposed upon the people who voted you all into office. 9. Rules set by Congress allow for only 2 days public notice of a Committee Hearing which drops to only 1 day after the 45th day of each Session. That this is grossly inadequate for serious members of the voting public to investigate the wording of any draft bill, prepare presentational material and travel to the Capitol in order to make their points or to have their questions answered. This is particularly relevant to the bulk of our population that for historical distribution of population reasons places our Capital at a long distance from those of us who live in the South of the State. It is clearly time for such restrictive practices to be amended to afford sufficient time. Alternatively, there is nothing to stop draft Bills being circulated weeks before they are placed on any Committee Agenda to enable meaningful input from our Citizens and consumer groups. 10. At the Meeting of the Economic Affairs Committee on February 8, 2012, Representative Passidomo referred to two extensive workshops set by the Civil Justice Sub Committee that had caused many amendments to her and Representative Steube’s Bill and that the amended draft was the work product of that Committee in addition to her own and Steube’s original Bill. 11. Information reached the author of this letter on the afternoon of February 9, 2012 via a newspaper reporter who informed him that Representative Passidomo had told him that she could not speak to him because she was going into a Workshop of the sub committee to effect further amendments to the Bill. There is no record of any such Meeting taking place, but immediately after that date the latest unconstitutional amendment to allow for interference with existing contracts by protecting any new ‘homeowner’ who bought a fraudulently foreclosed property to keep the property and not return it to its rightful owner if the Circuit Court’s unlawful Summary Judgment was reversed by the Court of Appeal. 12. We are seeking information under the Sunshine Laws as to whether or not this Meeting occurred and of course the Committee Members will know the answer to that, but on the assumption that it did the public were deprived of notice or the ability to attend that meeting. 13. Further analysis has been carried out by this Foundation into the
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information submitted to the Civil Justice Sub Committee when it went into Workshop Session on September 20, 2011 and again on January 25, 2012 and our worst fears confirmed regarding the complete inaccuracy of the information upon which this Bill was drafted. 14. We were horrified to see that many of the statistical documents were printed from slides produced by LPS, Lender Processing Services the owners of DocX which, together with its President has just been indicted by the AG of Missouri after investigations by the Grand Jury on 136 Counts of Fraud and Forgery. 15. The author of this letter when acting in his professional capacity of Bank Mortgage Fraud Investigator has personally viewed thousands of fraudulent and/or forged documents at the behest of LPS and its subsidiary. It is one of the largest forces for forging documents in vast and unbelievable quantities. The Members of this House and Senate cannot deny knowledge of these facts as they have been notified of them from many different sources including this Foundation. 16. As has also been previously notified to you, the basis upon which this Bill has been drafted surrounds three apparent beliefs: a) That the entities foreclosing what they refer to as ‘loans in default’ are the legal owners of the alleged debt, b) That all documents filed in the Courts are genuine. c) That accelerating the completion of foreclosures will aid the recovery of our economy. All of those beliefs are so far out of touch with reality and evidence that has surfaced all over this State and this Nation that our Congressional members of either House cannot convincingly portray that those beliefs are sincere. Therefore, they must be political and influenced, if not totally controlled by corporatism. When corporatism controls government the condition is known as Fascism. It is high time that the people of Florida come to understand the facts as opposed to the total fictions that have been assaulting their memory bank from which all decisions emanate. It is the intention of this Foundation to expose every hint of corporate corruption that we uncover in our watchfulness of the behavior of our elected Representatives and Senators. 17. The Robo-signing scandal is blamed for what is termed ‘the shadow inventory pipeline’ another of those terms that seems to imply that the Banks have suffered as a result of robo-signing. Whoever invented that term
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whatever their intentions were at the time has allowed it to be used to coverup that fact that what those documents are is criminal forgeries and production of fraudulent documents to create the illusion of Standing to foreclose by the Banksters who neither own, nor have any other right to foreclose on any of those homes that they have fraudulently obtained. This is not robo-signing. It is deliberate and sentient and repetitive frauds upon our Courts and an abuse of the due process rights of our residents and citizens. 18. All Members of both House and Senate have received a copy of the analysis carried out by this Foundation of 131 foreclosures filed in Lee County on the randomly picked 1st day of February, 2010. That analysis demonstrated that 96% of all those filings lacked a cause of action and were in violation of our Constitutions, the Florida Statutes and the various Rules of the Courts who ignored that threshold fact and funded by the Legislative Branch they speeded up the process – another euphemism for deprivation of due process rights guaranteed under the 5th Amendment. 19. Instead of inviting us to another in-depth workshop to produce every one of those documents for inspection – both House and Senate Committees have chosen to totally ignore our evidence along with all the other testimony delivered in the various 2 minute slots allotted for informed public comment. 20. During the Meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee a number of informed people spoke in opposition of this monstrous Bill, many of whom spoke of their personal experiences in their own foreclosure cases, or as observers in Court proceedings or in one significant presentation by an attorney who echoed all of the words spoken by others against this Bill and the contents of our analysis. Indeed, this attorney made frequent references to forgeries by foreclosure mill attorneys, the filing of documents purporting to have been executed and notarized having been produced by machines and further stated that she had in her possession depositions that proved that the foreclosures are fraudulent. 21. It is difficult to imagine how our legislators can justify ignoring all this testimony and factual information regarding the sources of their justification for introducing this unconstitutional Bill. That is, if our elected representatives really do believe the fictions put before them by the Corporate lobbyists with the Florida Bankers Association in the vanguard. 22. We also bring to your attention what we have previously voiced regarding the pretence put about by Banksters and echoed by Federal and State governments that somehow the speeding up of the foreclosure process
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will jump start the economy. 23. As previously stated the writer of this document has degree standard professional qualifications in the subject of economics. First of all we need to understand that ‘economics’ was an alleged science fabricated by Keynes to use as a tool to mystify the uneducated masses and has little if any value in our present circumstances. To be of any value economic tendencies will only occur in free market conditions. When contrived situations work themselves out as planned by the controllers of the currencies it is an easy way to explain that these are the effect of market forces. That way the Banksters can keep the people believing that booms and busts naturally occur and to justify what they pretend is intervention in order to keep us all in the dark. 24. Since the Federal Reserve wormed its way into taking away the sovereign right of the American People for its Federal Government in 1913 and to print its own money – money which was backed by Gold and Silver we have deteriorated into exactly the same sequence of events that destroyed the Roman Empire and many other advanced civilizations throughout history, the very thing that the Founding Fathers introduced the Constitution of the United States to prevent. 25. Following the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971 this nation has followed the same path as our long forgotten Roman citizens. 26. That path has led us to the cold hard fact that this Nation and the rest of the world are on the brink of financial collapse and will repeat the cycle that erupted in 1929. 27. All the currency in circulation in America is fiat money – paper printed by the Federal Reserve at 20¢ per $100 bill and rented to the US Government through the purchase of Treasury Bonds. As fast as the currency re-circulates back into the hands of the printer it is converted into real assets and the biggest scoop of all time is well under way as they are stealing the real properties of millions of Americans for their own gain and the financial ruin of the citizens of this Country, this State and the world at large. 28. Before you dismiss these words – if you bother to read them – as the ravings of yet another conspiracy theorist, please read the facts and if your name is Senator Latvala, please take our advice and at least think before you speak if you are going to continue to make statements such as the one you made upon introducing SB 1890 last week; “I think its one of the most important pieces of legislation we the potential to pass this year” to be
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followed by your comments and towards the close of the sham ‘debate’ of its Members further said, “He does not understand the Bill and looks forward to being educated by Senator Simmons over the next week, before it is back before Senator Richter’s Committee next week.” 29. If your name is Senator Richter, who is our local Senator, your massive conflict of interest should debar you from any contribution to any of the discussion or to put any input into the design and or voting into law this unconstitutional Bill. Needless to say Senator Richter, the author of this letter will not be voting for you or your party while you all continue to behave in this unforgivable manner. This communication will be with you before the meeting of the Committee on February 22, 2012 but as we are anticipating that it will receive the same treatment as our previous reports we are more concerned with putting it into as many internet sites as we can place it so that the maximum number of our residents, citizens and voters can see just what is happening with their elected representatives. 30. Yet it is Senator Richter, the President of a Bank who has the audacity to Chair this important meeting when SB 1890 moves to the next stage, a man who is one of the public’s enemies – a Bankster chairing a Bankster’s cause. 31. Finally, we leave you all with one more question that you will surely find to be “out of order” even disrespectful – How do you all sleep at night, when you, the corrupted Circuit Court Judges, the Sheriffs who give the color of law to fraudulently obtained foreclosures by forcibly evicting people from their homes, putting families at risk, innocent children who do not understand what is happening on the streets, living in their cars and generally becoming a burden on society, just so the white-collar criminals who apparently control your every action? No wonder Ron Gillis described the sponsors of these Bills as ‘disgusting.’ Presented by the Hanging Together for Justice Foundation, its Members, the people of Florida who need our support and those who believe in the Constitution and its restoration to set America back on its path as a land in which we can all experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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