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Marketing Module Resources and Readings

Module Resources: Study Guide and Workbook The Study Guide and Workbook units have been especially written to accompany the four module topic areas, and are not intended to be standalone texts in their own right. Rather, they provide a framework within which to develop your understanding of the subject of marketing. Therefore, it is important from the outset to explain how this will be achieved. Primarily, through a variety of tailored teaching resources, the four unit module aims to develop a toolkit of marketing understanding for you, the student, and a toolkit that you will be able to apply in all situations:

for profit / not-for-profit with individual consumers or organisational purchasers for physical goods or for services in domestic markets as well as in international situations with external and internal customers in face-to-face contacts with customers or those involving information technology

Blackboard and Discussion Board Many of the teaching resources that are designed to accompany this module are provided online via the students userspace on MBSs e-learning facility (Blackboard), which can be accessed via the MBS intranet system. This userspace contains a variety of learning materials, including:

student notices and announcements useful weblinks selected readings reading lists

In addition to the above, there is an online discussion board on which you can share your thoughts and ideas about the module, provoke or enter debate, or simply ask questions. This discussion space is exclusively open to students of this module and the module tutors, who will regularly access it to moderate discussions and to pose or answer student questions. Module tutors will also post notices and announcements about online discussion activities on the module userspace.

Workshops The Marketing module is supported by a workshop which strengthens your learning from the early parts of this module. It also includes a group-based assignment (Assignment Two), culminating in a group presentation and executive summary. Prior to attending the workshop, it is imperative that you have completed Chapters 1 and 2 of the Study Guide and Workbook and, depending on the date of your workshop, at least be near completion of Chapter 3. You will also be required to read the preworkshop material before attending the workshop - full details will be posted on Blackboard nearer the time. Module Readings: The textbook that accompanies this module is: Kotler, Philip and Keller, Kevin Lane (2009) Marketing Management, 13th (International) Edition, Pearson/Prentice-Hall. The Study Guide and Workbook units indicate the chapters from the textbook that correspond with the various topics covered by this Marketing module. It is imperative that you read these textbook chapters thoroughly and supplement them with the further reading, as directed by your tutors. However, it should be stressed that there is a multitude of textbooks to choose from in the marketing subject area, and we would encourage you to look at others to get a more varied perspective on the subject. This is especially the case as the module progresses and starts to move through a variety of marketings sub-disciplinary areas, such as services marketing, business-to-business (B2B) marketing and marketing research. Such areas generally have their own body of specialist texts, which the individual Study Guide and Workbook chapters will guide you towards. To help you further, a reference list for each topic is provided at the end of the corresponding Study Guide and Workbook unit. Overall, this list is quite large, but you should not be overwhelmed by this. Remember, a reading list is not a list of things you have to do; it is more like a box of chocolates. Choose the readings you like or find useful, and leave the ones you dont for someone else!