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8 theSun | THURSDAY NOVEMBER 20 2008

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FRIM technology
transfer forum MCA against proposed
Research Institute Malaysia
(FRIM) is organising a “Tech-
nology Transfer Forum” on
merger of courts
by S. Tamarai Chelvi “However, the Federal Consti-
Has Ka Chuan
submitted quit letter?
Tuesday and Wednesday at tution is still the supreme law of
its auditorium in Kepong. the country and as such, the civil
FRIM said in a statement PETALING JAYA: MCA is against courts fall under the Common Law
more than 15 projects and re- the suggestion to merge the jurisdiction. Hence, the suggestion
searches that have potential Common Law and Syariah Courts, to merge the courts would un-
to be commercialised would saying it will undermine the dermine that position of the civil
be presented for entrepre- religious rights of non-Muslims courts as the administration will
HOUSING and Local Government
neurs, industrialists, inves- as enshrined in Article 11 of the inevitably use syariah principles to
tors, researchers, foresters,
importers, exporters, planters
Federal Constitution.
“We strongly object to any at-
interpret civil laws,” said Leong.
He said problems arose
Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan
has submitted a letter to quit his post Press Digest
to Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, leaving by Kong See Hoh
and individuals involved in the tempt by anyone to take away the because civil court judges were Indian it to the party chief to determine his
processing, trading and use of religious freedom of non-Muslims. currently abdicating their powers, navy fate in the cabinet.
forest products. Nobody should be allowed to dis- refusing to rule accordingly. destroys Sin Chew Daily, quoting a source, not acted on the letter or handed it
There will also be a spe- rupt the peace and harmony of “As such, complications arise said following his defeat in the re-
pirate to Abdullah.
cial session on “Sustainable this country,” MCA’s legal bureau when cases are ‘put on hold’ cent party elections, Ka Chuan had Sources said that having com-
Supply of Tongkat Ali” on the chairman Datuk Leong Tang Chong indefinitely. vessel met Tee Keat to hand over his quit pleted his party line-up, Tee Keat
second day of the forum which said in a statement yesterday. “Thus, the proposed merger is pg 10 letter, giving the latter a free hand is waiting for the appropriate time
will be opened by Natural He said the proposed merger not the solution as this will create to do the needful. to make recommendations to the
Resources and Environment will compel and subject non- even more complications and Earlier, in an interview with Sin prime minister regarding MCA
Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Muslims to syariah jurisdiction, misinterpretations, resulting in Chew, Ka Chuan said he would leave cabinet ministers to reflect the new
Embas. stressing that MCA recognises more religious misunderstandings his party and government posts to party line-up.
For details, call FRIM at 03- and has always taken the position among the races and religions,” Tee Keat to decide. Ka Chuan, 54, who is Tanjung
62779143 or 03-62797591. that Islam is the official religion. he said. It is learnt that he had taken the Malim MP, was appointed a minister
initiative to submit the quit letter to after the March 8 elections when
the party chief, and he was not under his brother, then party president
any pressure from any quarter. Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting opted out of
The letter was addressed to the cabinet to take the rap for the
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah party’s electoral setback.
Ahmad Badawi in accordance with He lost his secretary-general and
the procedure but Ka Chuan handed Perak liaison chief posts after losing
it to Tee Keat as it is the party presi- to former vice-president Datuk Seri
dent’s prerogative to make recom- Dr Chua Soi Lek in the contest for
mendations on cabinet posts. This is the party’s No 2 post last month.
also to facilitate changes to be made He now heads the Party History
by the party chief where and when and Documentation Bureau, an ap-
he deems fit. pointment made by Tee Keat on
It is understood that Tee Keat has Nov 11.

City Chinese schools register

lower enrolment
MENTION Chinese primary schools Min, SJK(C) Chin Woo, SJK(C) Nan
in the Klang Valley and a picture of Kai and SJK(C) Jalan Imbi.
too many pupils fighting for too few Kuala Lumpur South Chinese
places comes to mind. But this is no Primary Schools Development
longer true in Kuala Lumpur. Working Committee’s statistics
Oriental Daily News yesterday showed the number of pupils en-
reported that the slide in pupil rolled with Chong Fah Phit Chee for
population in the city is worrying Year One next year is not enough to
as it means some schools will fill two classes, whereas although
eventually become under-enrolled Chin Woo and Kung Min will have
and face closure. 120 new pupils joining each of
The report said that in stark them, the number is a far cry from
contrast to schools outside the city what it was years ago.
which are bursting at the seams, “The figures early this year
at least five in the Bukit Bintang showed Nan Kai and Jalan Imbi are
area are fighting for survival due to also facing a shortage of pupils but
dwindling number of pupils. we are hoping that more would
The five schools are SJK(C) enrol by the end of the year,” said
Chong Fah Phit Chee, SJK(C) Kung a spokesman.

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