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10  theSun | THURSDAY NOVEMBER 20 2008

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Indian navy destroys pirate

Al Qaeda leader racially abuses Obama
DUBAI: Al Qaeda number two Ayman Zawahiri condemned US
president-elect Barack Obama as a “house negro” and warned him
against sending more troops to Afghanistan, in an Internet audio
message released yesterday.
Zawahiri insulted Obama and other black Americans who have
held high office in the US administration with the term used by the

vessel, more ships taken

late black militant leader Malcolm X.
“It is true about you and people like you ... what Malcolm X said
about the house negroes,” he said, naming former secretary of state
Colin Powell and the current secretary, Condoleezza Rice.
The tape features an old speech by Malcolm X in which he used
the two terms, referring to house slaves who were considered more
MOGADISHU: An Indian warship destroyed the naval warship if it approached.” ship and on land. Once they have agreed on docile and on better terms with their masters than the field slaves.
a pirate “mother vessel” in the Gulf of Aden, An exchange of fire ensued, causing explo- the ransom, it will be taken in cash to the “You represent the opposite to honourable Black Americans like
the navy said yesterday, as bandits de- sions. The navy ship then used heavy guns. oil tanker,” said Farah Abd Jameh, who did ... Malcolm X,” Zawahiri said in the message. – AFP
manded a ransom for a Saudi super-tanker “From what we see in photographs the pi- not indicate the amount to be paid.
seized in the most daring sea raid yet. rate vessel is completely destroyed,” a senior Seized in the Indian Ocean some 800km
The frigate INS Tabar, one of dozens of officer said on condition he not be named. off the African coast, the Sirius Star is now
First trachea transplant without drugs
warships from several countries protecting Pirates use mother ships, generally anchored at the Somali pirate lair of Harard- LONDON: A Colombian woman has received the world’s first
shipping lanes in the area, attacked the Somali hijacked trawlers or deep-sea dhows, to tow here, according to local officials. tailor-made trachea transplant, grown by seeding a donor
pirate ship late Tuesday after coming under speedboats from which they launch their at- Pirates have hijacked three ships since organ with her own stem cells to prevent her body rejecting
fire, navy spokesman Nirad Sinha said. tacks with grapnel hooks tied to rope ladders capturing the Sirius Star. it, an international research team reported yesterday.
The incident came as shipping groups before neutralising the crews at gunpoint. Andrew Mwangura, from the East Afri- The success of the operation, performed in June using tis-
reported a new surge in hijackings off The piracy crisis has grown since the can Seafarers Association, said a Thai fish- sue generated from the Claudia Castillo’s own bone marrow,
Somalia and the International Maritime weekend capture of the super-tanker Sirius ing boat, a Hongkong-registered freighter, raises the prospect that transplanting other organs may be
Bureau said pirates based in the lawless Star. The huge vessel was carrying a full The Delight, and a Greek bulk carrier were possible without drugs to dampen the immune system.
African nation were now “out of control”. load of two million barrels of oil worth seized on Tuesday in the Gulf of Aden. “The probability this lady will have a rejection is almost 0%”
“The INS Tabar closed in on the mother around US$100 million (RM350 million). The pirates yesterday released another Dr Paolo Macchiarini, thoracic surgery head at the Hospital
vessel and asked her to stop for investiga- Satellite television channel Al Jazeera Hongkong-flagged ship, MV Great Creation, Clinic, Barcelona who performed the transplant, said.
tion,” the New Delhi navy spokesman said. broadcast an audio tape it said was of one and its 25 crew seized two months ago, Castillo, 30, sought help after a case of tuberculosis de-
“But on repeated calls, the vessel’s threat- of the pirates making a ransom demand. Mwangura said, adding it was unclear stroyed part of her trachea – the windpipe connected to the
ening response was that she would blow up “Negotiators are located on board the whether a ransom was paid. – AFP lungs – and left her with breathing difficulties. – Reuters

Briton kills self in chainsaw decapitation

New Zealand’s Asian community gets first cabinet minister LONDON: A British man committed suicide by cutting off his own
WELLINGTON: Sworn into power yesterday The 53-year-old Wong is used to blazing origin voted into parliament, a result high- head with a chainsaw, an inquest into his death found yesterday.
as part of New Zealand’s new government, a trail and in 1996 was elected to parliament lighting the rapid growth of New Zealand’s David Phyall, 50, took his own life because he was “irrationally
Pansy Wong is the country’s first Asian-born as New Zealand’s first Asian legislator. Asian population. opposed” to leaving his home, which had been repossessed, deputy
cabinet minister, reflecting the growing “I’ve proved that we can hack the pace The number of ethnic Asians in the coroner Simon Burge said at Winchester coroner’s court.
clout of its fastest growing ethnic group. in parliament, so that more Asians feel they country of 4.3 million people has risen “In the 15 years I have been sitting as a deputy coroner, this is
Born in Shanghai and raised in Hong- can do it,” she said in an interview. by more than 50% since the start of the the most bizarre case I can recall,” Burge said.
kong, Wong was appointed minister for “But more importantly, it means more decade. Phyall tied the chainsaw to the leg of a snooker table with a
ethnic affairs and women’s affairs following pressure being put on other political parties That number is expected to almost string, covered the “on” button with tape, and plugged it into a timer
the Nov 8 general election victory by Prime to promote Asian members of parliament double in the next 20 years, from about normally used to turn lights on and off. He then lay down under the
Minister John Key’s centre-right National in their ranks as well.” 400,000 in 2006 to 790,000 by 2026, ac- table face up and placed the tool against his neck. The chainsaw
Party. The election saw six legislators of Asian cording to government estimates. – AFP sliced three-quarters through his neck. – AFP