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theSun | FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21 2008 21

media & marketing

by Angela Sargunan

ABOUT 350 senior executives

from various media agencies and
clients of theSun were given a
presentation of the key findings of
The Nielsen Company’s Malaysia
theSun – Fabulous, friendly and free
thought-provoking, in-depth stations and 7-Eleven outlets, but After the presentation, Friends project director Caroline Raj.
Prime 2008 study at the Sime analysis of news and issues which readers who are unable to get Advertising chairman Shahar Nor “In this light, we can inform
Darby Convention Centre, KL on reflect the concerns of discerning a copy can also easily access its said: “It was very frank, honest and our clients that theSun is the right
Tuesday. Malaysians. website to obtain the easy to understand. The research medium to target urbanites,” she
Malaysia Prime 2008 had been The paper is targeted to a niche e-paper version,” he said. was well configured and tells the said, adding that people often have
commissioned by theSun to study market – the affluent readers in Nielsen Media Research current and overall picture of the impression that everything that
media consumption habits of the Klang Valley, where theSun is executive director Andrea Douglas theSun.” is free is not so good, but theSun
higher income, affluent individuals the first read of the day and has then took the rostrum to tell “The presentation was also proves otherwise.
(personal income of over RM2,500) “top of the mind recall”, especially the guests about the research very authentic which had its own After the event, guests were
in the Klang Valley. by the authorities, quipped acting objectives and methodology and feel and style. Unlike many survey presented goodie bags with a copy
It indicated quantitative editor-in-chief Chong Cheng Hai in sampling frames used in the study. presentations, which are often dull of the research findings in a 2Gb
justification of theSun’s editorial his opening speech. The study had a sample size and boring, theSun had its own thumbdrive.
strength and columnist-pull with Using three “F-words”, of 888 respondents from top to staff to present its findings in a light Guests also had the opportunity
a very strong image among its – fabulous, free and friendly – to middle level managers in business, and easy manner,” he added. to mingle during lunch while
mostly affluent readers, of whom describe theSun, Chong said it government and education as well “The survey showed that theSun perusing samples of theSun’s
81% spend up to 30 highlights important news and as professionals living in the KL/PJ has high value from its concise creative capabilities, award
minutes a day with strong diverse opinions ranging areas, who answered a 30-minute news which speaks for itself, winning reports, authoritative
the paper on from political, public interest to online questionnaire, in February. and high circulation in the Klang editorials and influential
weekdays. human rights. theSun marketing and Valley,” said Fox Communication columnists.
More And in line with theSun’s advertising manager Patrick Chin
than 70% of tagline – “Telling it as it is” spoke on the highlights of the
respondents – readers can rest assured they study’s findings. A key finding of
had indicated can obtain credible and truthful the study was that theSun had been
they read content in a compact, easy-to- enjoying a pass-on readership rate
theSun because read manner catered to busy of 2.9 readers per copy (RPC). Rival
it is credible, executives, he said. English dailies The Star and New
provides “theSun not only offers Straits Times have a RPC of 3.1 and
convenience by our daily 3.0 respectively.
distribution at strategic theSun distribution channels
locations like offices, LRT manager Joehari Abdul Jabbar,
who briefed the audience on the
paper’s distribution channels,
also revealed that the company is
planning to increase its print run to
300,000 copies in the near future,
from the current 275,000 .
theSun currently circulates
223,000 copies in the Klang Valley,
Douglas explaining the with 80,000 distributed in the Media agency representatives
research methodology used Golden Triangle, where most of the and theSun advertisers ardently
in the sample survey urban readers are centred. listen to the survey findings.