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Indian Institute of planning and management Ahmedabad Thesis on E-marketing and Branding the Corelation Alumni Reference Number

ID No: SS/09-11/AHD/MKTG/2 Submitted by: Pratik K.S Negi PGP/SS/09-11/ISBE

Submission Date

Guided By: Prof. Gaurav Vats IIPM Ahmedabad

Thesis Topic

E-marketing and Branding the Correlation

Alumni Reference Number ID No: SS/09-11/AHD/MKTG/2

Student Name: Thesis Guide: Pratik K.S Negi Gaurav Vats Prof.

Signature of Student Signature of Thesis Guide

(Pratik K.S Negi) (Prof. Gaurav Vats)


This is to certify that Pratik K.S Negi of the Batch: PGP/SS/0911/ISBE/HR has successfully completed the thesis on the topic Emarketing and Branding the Correlation During his endeavour he was found to be sincere and diligent. We wish him all the best for future.

Prof. Gaurav Vats

(Thesis Guide)


IIPM Ahmedabad, 19, Inquilab Society, Gul bai Tekra Ah medabad 380015 17 July 2010 To The Dean IIPM Ahmedabad. Dear Sir, Consent to act as Thesis Guide I, Prof. Gaurav Vats, working as an external faculty in the International Institute of Planning and Management , express my consent to act as a guide to Mr. Pratik K.S Negi (Batch: PGP/SS/0911/ISBE/HR).He has expressed his interest in writing a thesis on

E-marketing and Branding the Correlation and has requested me to guide him for the same. This is to inform that I shall support him as a guide for his thesis on the above mentioned topic and share my knowledge and help in all ways possible. With warm regards

Yours faithfully, Prof. Gaurav Vats Ahmedabad


This thesis has been carried out at The International Institute of Planning and Management, Ahmadabad as a part of requirements to be fulfilled for the Post Graduation Degree in Business and Administration.

Hence I decided to utilize this opportunity to make a model and understand the internet & online impact and role it plays on brands image & identity and every other aspect a company/Organisation has to face to uplift or present or rejuvenate its products in market and how internet or other network help it to evaluate and portray its Product/Service in the competitive market.

The main reason for choosing this topic E-marketing and Branding the Correlation is that competition in the market has gone intense and for a particular commodity many companies fight to supersede in the market and become market leader in the long run. Due to the technological advancement and usage of internet it has become obvious that internet has penetrated deep in the customer and has become a vital tool for marketers to build an image and promote their product/service to the customer.

The preparation of this report is based on facts and findings noted during the primary survey in the form of questionnaires, as well as the information collected from various secondary sources such as the internet, and written and published documents in journals, magazines etc. I hope that this report would be useful to for each and every company or organisation to use internet or E-media for building their market presence or pulling the customer towards their product/service they cater in the market.

I ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The success of this project may be generously attributed to all those who helped me in my endeavour. First and foremost I would like to thank IIPM for providing me an opportunity to write a Thesis on E-marketing and Branding the Correlation

I whole-heartedly express my gratitude to Prof. Gaurav Vats who relentlessly steered my efforts in the right direction throughout the project. His motivation, vision and suggestions brought out the best in me to make my project a memorable learning experience on the door-step of my professional career. I would like to sincerely thank all the respondents who have given their contribution while doing the secondary research. Also important inputs drawn from the various different sources used to help me compile the minute details in the literature.


SYNOPSIS Introduction to the topic

E-Marketing by its very nature is one aspect of an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value in As to ways such customers that an and for the managing organization has customer and its its own relationships stakeholders. benefit aspect,


approaches and tools that contribute to the achievement of marketing goals and objectives which include branding of the product or service. Thus branding is all about communicating the deliverables of the product and service that differentiate it from the competition, so branding is not about getting the target market to choose us over the competition, but it is about getting our prospects to see us as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. For the same we will try and understand the correlation of EMarketing how it helps develops and sustain the brand, plus what are the pros and cons of E-Marketing when used as a tool for Branding a product or service Need for research Today in most of the organizations E-Marketing is considered as the tool to develop and sustain in the completion. it is also considered as the best tactics to advertise and brand the company and its catered products or services. Thus there is no specific method to understand the validity that it really helps in branding of a product or service. The objectives that a good brand will achieve include: Delivers the message clearly Confirms your credibility Connects your target prospects emotionally Motivates the buyer and Concretes User Loyalty

There is tool or measure that gives a complete idea that E-Marketing has been the best method to promote the brand. Because the companies doesnt opt only for the E-marketing tactics rather go for various other marketing practice So this research aims to bring forth the importance of the EMarketing the positives and digs out the reality how dependable and credible is the branding done through this marketing medium.
Commercial Viability of the Research

This research can be extremely useful to the following for understanding the correlation of E-Marketing and Branding: Brand Managers/ Marketing Heads Internal /External Consumers Marketing and Advertising Consultants Students learning Marketing Data collection The sources of data collection would be from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources would include conducting interviews of marketing heads and other employees. If needed focus group sessions & personal interviews would be conducted to arrive at the desired results Secondary data collection would be from journals, books; articles published on the internet or any previously published material relevant to this topic. Conclusion E-Marketing is considered as one of the best tools to promote and build a brand at a relative lower cost and effectiveness. Brands are promoted on internet and other media before getting launched,

even some times lot of speculations are created when brands are rejuvenated or introduced .however the basis aspect of E-marketing when we talk about Branding is all about developing the Brand identity and image in front of the customer to make the brand Top of mind recall when selection of a brand is being done by the customer. III

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY E-Marketing is essentially part of marketing. E-Marketing has in the past been considered as the poor relation compared to traditional marketing techniques or valid only for purely internet based businesses. However, the success that E-Marketing now enjoys has clearly shown that any company which does not have an EMarketing side to their business development is missing out on the huge opportunities on offer through this medium. Branding is an technique by which the companies try to position their product in the market, they use different technique to position the product/Service to the customer so that the brand they have introduced becomes top of the mind recall when the customer/ Consumer is in demand of that product or service. Branding is not only done to position the product but to cut the competition and make the companys product/Service to be in the mental physic of the consumer as that also adds to the companys brand upliftment, Apart creating users only to become brand ambassadors. We will try and understand the usage of E- Marketing in Brand development by understanding the cases and analysing the different

aspect of E- marketing that companies can adapt to become a successful brand in the market. Aside we will also try and understand which all aspect a company should not use E-marketing terms which might deteriorate its brand from the market.


PRELIMINARIES Certificate of completion Letter of Consent Preface I Acknowledgements II Synopsis III Executive Summary IV

Chapter 1: 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 : E-Marketing 6 Chapter 3 : Ways and Means Of E-Marketing. 12 Chapter 4 : Importance of Branding Chapter 5: Dependence of a Brand on marketing Chapter 6 : Branding the E-way 47 16

Chapter 7 :
Chapter 8 :

Blue Print an overview of correlation Thesis details and specification


Chapter 9:


Research Outcomes Framework of interdpendance 52

Chapter 10 :

Chapter 11 : Recommandations & Conclusion 59 Annexure 1 (Questionnaire) 65 Bibliography 68 Rponse sheets 69