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RENATUS National Leaders Bulletin

Creating Real Estate Investing Communities Across The Country

WEEK ENDING:1/22/2012
Volume 2, Issue 4

Weekly Investor Introduction Meeting Attendance

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Featured Instructor: Chris Albin

Chris Albin brings a wealth of instructional and analytical real estate investing skills to the Renatus Community. He has taught more than 50 3-day trainings focused primarily on probate real estate investing strategies and instructed advanced training classes focused on rehabbing and commercial real estate investing, as well as Web-based classes on commercial real estate investing. He is the Owner/Broker of the Danville, IL areas only Flat-Fee Exclusive Buyers Brokerage, where hes worked with area investors analyzing and purchasing real estate investments and area buyers in purchasing a home (usually first-time home buyers). With an established real estate portfolio of his own, Chris is the Owner of over 100 investment properties and manages many more, mostly single-family rental homes, and has realestate-related companies that employ numerous full-time management and maintenance staff. Chris background as a high school English teacher and wrestling coach, as well as his leadership experience in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, has given him a strong foundation in education. He holds a BA with Teacher Certification from Eastern IL University, a GRI Certification from Graduate Realtor Institute, and is a Certified IL Assessing Officer with the IL Department of Revenue. He states, My two passions outside my church and family are teaching and real estate investing. I have purchased over 200 properties on a teachers salary, and I have used multiple, creative strategies in doing so. Mr. Albin always looks forward to teaching the Renatus Community his strategies for success.

Featured Class: Finding The Deal Of The Decade (Every Week)

LEARNING OUTCOMES - Students will learn how to locate real estate deals before they are marketed.
Students will understand the value of finding deals through probate and eviction. Students will learn the various strategies of creative search techniques.

MAJOR TOPICS - Understand the power of probate and evictions court. Students will walk through current
cases and will discuss the various details of both. Students will discuss the needs of people managing court cases and how to best help them.

Featured Class: Finding Hungry Buyers

LEARNING OUTCOMES - Students will learn how to define and reach their target audience. Students will
understand the importance of branding and market placement. Students will learn the various marketing strategies and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.

MAJOR TOPICS - Identify the target audience. Understand the needs of the market and learn how to approach and address the target in the most effective manner. Review and discuss the strategies and the success rates in the various markets. Students will work through real world examples and discuss the marketing potential with each.

Featured in the Essentials Program. Enroll NOW And Begin Taking Classes 7 Days Later and include a tuition partner for FREE!

Featured Investor: Stephanie Andre-Ouellette

Stephanie was a an event planner and promotions director for an advertising company when she decided to embark on her real estate investing career. She found herself at an introduction meeting for this college referred by a friend. She began taking classes and soon after teamed up with 2 other students from the college, she met at a workshop, to form AVID Solutions. To date Stephanie and her partners have helped over 250 distressed home owners out of foreclosure. Stephanie and AVID Solutions have used the short sales techniques learned from the college to create over $20 million in discounts on mortgages. AVID solutions has been so successful, Stephanie and her partners have been featured in two publications. I had absolutely no experience with real estate before I attended the college. Today I have an expertise that will Stephanie loves what real estate investing has done for take care of me her life. Getting her husband Gary involved in the rehabfor the rest of my bing side of the business allowed them to create freelife doms most families only dream about.

Community Page: Real Workshop Attendance

Rowe / Tierney Vision & Planning: Justin Kain Dr. Gary Lawrence S/F Notes, Jeff Armstrong Rowe / Tierney Rowe / Tierney Tax & Legal: Mark Kohler James Leis J. Massey Rob Lett Student Deal Tour Michael & Susan Jimenez Raising Private Funds: J. Massey Hugh Zaretsky S/F Notes, Jeff Armstrong

Estate Investing Is A Team Sport

Workshop Schedule
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Downers Grove, IL January 7 Scottsdale, AZ January 7 Downers Grove, IL Downers Grove, IL January 14 Sacramento, CA January 14 Atlanta, GA Jan 14 San Diego, CA Jan 14 New York, NY Jan 21

Founder Bob Snyder Annual National Conference Rowe / Tierney IMA Super Saturday James Leis Super Saturday Rob Lett Real Estate Goal Setting Rowe / Tierney Workshop/Resource Event Rowe / Tierney Self Directed Retirement: J. Allfrey James Leis Self Directed Retirement: DeYoung Rob Lett Super Saturday

Layton, UT Jan 27-28 Downers Grove, IL February 11 Sacramento, CA February 11 Atlanta, GA February 15 Downers Grove, IL February 17 Downers Grove, IL February 18 Sacramento, CA February 25 Atlanta, GA February 25

Building Business Credit: Tierney January 13