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TAU Consecration of a Tcrrlple for Ole hI~lstcric*sof / l ~ c

irr Ihc: Grarlcs of Aile/Vslrip, tit11t.r P i c s u ~ / w s t s t h e e1istct11.t CY d / o u ~ ~Y'cm/dc ~ w t I ; i ~ r g r Clrc R i t e s of t l ~ e ~ d l w s l i)r it h e ll'otftls (4 I'ut rr~crliojb l ~ ~ and A c f i o t i , t h e P U I ~ LofI the T h i r d 0,llc.r i/rt.lrri/t.ll, I or such a T e r r r p I ~ trcltst be opcoed L I I , , ~ c o ~ r s c i r l ~ l ~ ~ , l within t w t l t ~ c O I 1 . T h i s Lliw u t i s ~ s from the syr~tbolistnof flrc Tree of I.afe, ~ h /wrts rltrd c worlds whcrcof c i ~ ~ ~ r r o l subsist ilr s c p o rutiorr U I I C 1) utrr atloll~rr. I t i s for t h i s r m s u j j tIlil1 t h e l * ~ c s t i i u / s f o the I 1 S I I u ~s i t i 1 1 r)i r r s t alx-i~ysbtgin with the l'.dA'S ,!IA~iG.9'.-l b'l;C'l1'/<7*.l , !icing a d t ~ i t u t i o t froui l h c l ' o r f ~ i (4lhc Fuli)t)r V1.11:r. t f




tarw ilorrsc of the H o l y S p i r i t

The. Co~rsecrationof a


Te)rlplc of the T h i r d Order rtloy conic to pass in either of the two ways whit-/I warrarrt the Corrsecratinn of Tetrrjlcs for the ,llysfrrirs of !he i ta Srcod Orders, a s sFecified by the Rubrics alfacjred lo the R i f u u l provided fur thrtt ptrrpose irt the IVorld of Action. T h e arrangerrrertt of the //oltse follows the ,,,'* r i t t e ~ t prccedevts. O n (Ire d n y d11'1 af the Iluitr appuirltcd, tlre Brctllreu o j ail Grrzries in the It'orfd of Cretrtiorb, Iraoi~tg usscrrlbfctf u ? d cfothcd, tcrkc their s c d s i u the body of tlre T e m p l e urtricr charge of the U s h e r of the R i t e , WILO sllotdd be prcfcrubly up; A d e p t u s E x e t n ~ t r r s . The T e m p l e i s liglrted o d y by two candles ort tlis Pillars which s h r d otr either side of the S n t t c t ~ m r y - I ' o o r . T h e Ituperator of the Fclloruslrip, or h i s Substitrrte !awfu(ly ap/mi?rfcd, stelrks u s I f i ~ l r Priest of tire Cerermtly frorn tvitllirr the M o s t I l o f y S a m f u a r y . T h e lligli Priest.-I testify tllat t lie Fellowsliip of the Rosy Cross ir, perfect in the body o f Adeptdlip. May the Divine Spirit therein bear witness from DAATH on the threshold of the JIoly Supernals, froin Ilenccforth and for ever. The witiiess is also in the w o r l d , in the Holy Houses of tlle Fellowship. The Lord give increase thereof, and tlic glory of the Lord visit 11s. hlay the Great White Light of the Divine Spirit come

down. The L i g h t of the Rose itlicmi?tates flre Sarrctuary sutld e n l y a n d shines throrrgh the walls thereof. T h e U ~ h t . r o j the R i t e rises i n h i s pluce and tfrrrrs t r p ihc: lights of t h e Tern@ sayitlg :The U s h e r of the Rite.-0 send out Thy light and Thy buth. Let them lead us : let them bring us u n t o Thy Eloly Hill and the Everlasting Tabernacle of Thy service.

Tha Nigh Priest.--Salvetc, Fratrcs e t Surores, Iiosttrt: c? Aume Crucis. T h e peiicc of GOL) be with yorl in t h e Light of the Supcrnals a11c1tlw c o n s o l a t i o ~ ~ C!il.i=t of Xj-stical, the Spirit \ \ ' h is i v i t l l i i l .

T l b Usher o j r h c R i t e ,
o/ on8 knock-.

r i s i u g i r r h i s p h c e , givcs a Ucltlcry --ctrrri t u r t r s ll'estwccrd.

T h Usher of
T h High

thc Kite.-Vigilate,

Vratres e t S o r o w .

Priest.-1 Io~~ouriiMe and Adept ljrct Iircn, the counsel is f . i i t l ~ f t l l ii11cf true tllat tire 1iccl)cl.s of a %;lad~ n d i t i o l l and of olit\\.~1.11 i g ~ ~ s S y l i ~ l U~ ~ ! ~ , S and L an experier~cet l ~ a tis v i t l i ~ I, 1 1 1 r~~air~trrin ! ~ ; i i ~ ( l and un the Mysteries, t o \vliicli end i t Ills been given 11sa t ti time to consccrntc a 1Iorlsc of 3Iii113 5 a S a i l ~ : t l ~ of ~ . ~ \s il Divine S c ~ i c t .and a T t . r ~ ~ l ) l e the 1 Ioly S1)irit. 1 of p n y that herein, as in otllcr llvly I'bces R I I ~I I o ~ I ~ c ~ ai the Rmv Cross, wc ~ l l a y11c;lr t l ~ evoicc o f our S ~ ~ I I I b l i c Fotinder and Lovirlg 1;a t l ~ c r speaking i l l t lie syil\\w!s of the \\'ordB M a y tlw work of tlic l\'orld uf Crc;klion be performed in tlle grace of its sacraments, tllc \VOIIC of t!w Christ-Life in tlre 5 I y ~ t e i y01 tlw ~ C C O I I1iirtl1, ~ [ L blessed death of the 111) ..(ic \v!iosc cycs arc c l t ~ A !C in Christ, the union w i t l i Cilrist the Spirit, a n d tllc (;lory of I k s u m t i o n in COD.


The Iligh I'YI'~s~.-TII~ \\lord, 0 Lord, is immarie~rt

in all creation ; Tlly ~ i l ~ l c t i tfinds expression ; Tlly love y manifests tilerein. ' Slay they be declared also in rile, working in hunlility of Ileal-t-as a Servant of Sacred Rites of I I ~ I S hIyst ical Ortf er. hIay hlysteries-the Thy blessing, a s a R'ater of Life, descend here upon us. May T h y presence be realised in our hearts and within this Hidden Temple, apart from tllc world, wllicl~ we are about to dedicate to Tliy service. May tlw fruits of Tliy Iiigher Law be ad~rlinistcrcd t o the dwellers herein, t o those also who sllall knock a t the Door without and unto whom that door shall open. May tlwy attain union with Thee and tlre peace which we implore at the Centre. Amen.

TIu High Priest

their seals.


IVest and the Brethren restctrla


creature of sweet Incense which I now consecrate in Tliy Name-%-tint it may be a sign of aspiration and ascent of the mind to Thee, and that we may call tllc ~ I ; L C C lioly wlierein its smoke ascends.

Tire / I i g h Priest.-It is written : If any man be sick among J W I ~ ,let him call i r l the priests of tlle Church, a n d Ict tllenl pray ovcr lliln, anointing l ~ i ~ n wit11 Oil i n tlie Xame of the Lord. And tile prayer of faith sliall save the sick rnan ; and the Lord slrall raise liirn u p ; and if he bc in sins tllcy sliall be forgiven lri~n. Purify tllis creature of Oil, O Lord : sanctify it, lioly Messias : bless it, Eternal GOD. I n T l ~ y Name, O Lord, 1 consecrate this cruature of Oil, tlrat it may I~eal the sickness of tlie Iiorlsc. arid reform its ways in Tllee. So shall it signify to us t l ~ epeace of Thy \\lord, wl~ich stills the t r o u b l d U'atcrs of the Soul, the restless sea of our desires, a i d tllcrc follows a great calm.

Thermfter the I I i g k I')iest consecrutcs the L l i m l , of the Sa~rctrrury,which hus beat kim!led b y the Usher o j the Rile.
send out T h y light and Tlly t r u t h : may tlley bring u s unto Tlly lIoly IIill and t o Tlly Tabernacle. l)iscovcr unto us T h y light in the EJouse wlrich we have b~rilt for Tlly scrvice. Vowllsafe, 0 Lord, to bless tllis Fire and 1-igl~t,tllat it nlay sanctify the place of our 3lysteries. 1:or the Glory uf Tlly Xame, 0 Lord : in t l ~ e a t w of our lloly l<cligiun : N by tlie Invisible Mountain of \Visdom, on wl~icll we creature of ascend to Thee : I consecrate-+--this

T h e High Priest.-0

The High Priest.-3lay t l ~ e part o f earth of this Tcmple be purified by the Eartli of Zion. ( l l c tirrns a d scuttcrs Ashes orr the Altar irr the sarue rrtan~rer.) hIay tliis Altar of Sacrifice bc the Foundation Stone of our election. (He passes rcdlrout the Samtrtarv ajtd scatters A shes in the S u / r t h e m qrrarfrr of the 7'o)rpfc.) May the body of tllis Temple be purified by the work of the will in COD. ( A t tlrc 1Vest.) 31ay it be as the body of GOD in its manifestatio~l. ( A t thc Norlh.) )lay desire of the Iiouse ol the Lord purify the Lucly thereof. ( M e rcltctrrs to tlre D o o r of I f o l y S u ~ r c t u a r ya d tlrerc faces ]Vest, ~r/diftittg the V c s s d of Ashes.) May t l ~ ebody of tliis Tc~nple and of all who serve lierei~lbe integrated in the nlystical body of tlle IZwy Cross.

The Nigh Priest.-31ay t11e mind o f the Fatl~erAlmighty purify tllis Ilitldcn Temple and make a lIoly Sanctuary 11erein. (Ife tirrus tad o f i r s 1ncetlse ov'r the illtor.) May this Altar of Sacrificc be purified by tl~e Divine JIind. ( I l e /msszs c+ithoirt the Snmtrrery o ~ r d o f f ~ r s ~ c s t ~ irr the Sozrtht*r,l ylrurtcr of the T e ~ t ~ p l c May I sc .)

the mind of t l ~ i sT C I I I I l, w ~ ~ , L ~ ~ J ~i u I111,: YI ,~ I I . ~ I O ~ C ! n I( I of GOD. ( 4 I I ) I\l,ly i t c ~ ~ r h l y r l ~ t l l ~ g l i t tlrc of GOD. ( I t . r 1 1 ) I\I,iy t l ~ cIUVC c,f ~ I I C !:,I I Iicr Alrniglrty abitlt. 11crcirl. ( } I t : r , i ~ i ~ , u s the I ) , w (4 t11c S a n c : m r y a d t l ~ t * r df i ~ c d s II ' t * h t l l ~ p i l j / r ~t gk 1'1111) ;idi,.) 31av the purified ~l~ilrtfs all wllo scrvc i l l t l ~ i sI IitlJcn of Temple be one ~ n i in tlw l;cllu\vsl~il)uf tile l i c , ~ ) ? (..ross. d



And purify tIiis Altar, 0 I.ord, to Thy IJuly l'tlrpose. ( i l e pnsscs ulitlrot4f the Srtr~ctrltrrynml rlo~s likewise itr lire Soirtl~rr~r qrutrtzr o the 'I'et,l/de.) Stmd clown Thy savi~ig f fire : make clean oiir wills lierein. ( 4 e s t ) 110 TIlou clothe u s with Tlly liglrt as with a garrncnt, and be tltis Temple Tlly light entbodied. ( A t thc Arurth.) Purify i t as a I ~ c ~ loft Iiglrt arid as a lamp slii~lirlgin tllc r darkness. (Nc rettrrm to the l h o r of the Sa,~cttrnrj)rrrtd there /rites Itrest, uj5lifti)tg the 1xt11F.) May t l ~ cwill of tllis Tentple, which is t11e will of Thy serving brotlrcrs, be one with Thy Holy Purpose in the Light of t l ~ e liosy Cross.
7'he Usher of the Rile rcctives the La~rll,of f l ~ c Stltrr.trrrtr>l and +laces the V L ' S Sof ~ P Su1f i l l the HLIIIJS thr: l l i g h of Priest, who proceeds to tlrc Eastl*rtt side of the Scitlctrcury a d there frccrs Ertst, scattering tire Srtlf crosswise.

The High Priest.--1 Iiave brought a new cruse and h;~vc put salt thercin, as a sylnbol of perpetuity and incorruption. I consecrate tltis Tctnplc a ~ i d Iloly Sanctuary in the N a m e of tlw Tllrce Supernals. 3Ii1y tlre presence of j EIIOVAI I i1ud lil.OlIl!d abide Ilerci~l,for GOD and Ilis SH13lilNAll are One. ( H e t w ~ so the t Alltir i j ~ d scuttcrs Sulf flrt*rsotr.) I consecrate tliis A! tar of Sacri f~ce-+--on tlie t lrrt.slrold of the 1I oly Supcril;tls, in the X a ~ n e of I>:Ih'Tl i , wliich is the rcalisation of Divine lino\vledge. ?clay tlie Spirit and t h e I3ridc say, Come-to all tliose wlio offer u p their lifc I~crcon. (Hzpasses without the Scl);~tlutrya d si~uttcrs i ~ i tijl the S Solttlrcrn qttarter of the Tct,r/de.) 1 consecrate this Tcnlple with Salt-*-invoking the I7atller in CllOlihlAll. ( A t tlr IVest.) I consecrate tliis Tcmple with Salt--+-invoking the Divine Spouse in TlI'HERET11 and the

Tlu l f i g h Pricst rciurrrs

a d faces Ead.

to the Door of the Surrt.turtry

The High Priest.-0 Thoti Who hast been our dwrllingplace in all generations, for Whose love we have set aside the kingdom of tliis world, with the spirit and adornment thereof, we have consecrated and set apart to Thy service this place, which henceforth is holy. Place upon it the seal of Thy sanctity, and grant it all heavenly increase. May tliat which is begun for Thy glory be raised to perfection in Thee. hlay T l ~ yPresence abide herein, to sanctify our acts and preserve our souls inviolable. M a y this House of the l i d y Spirit, dedicated as a Hidden Church in the Light of the Rosy Cross, be to us I W W and to many hereafter a gate and threshold of tho Union.
Hc turns TVcstwurd a d says : -

The High Priest.--Fratres et Sorores, the Lord g m r d our conling in and going out, from hencefurth and for ever. I testify that tllis Telnple is dedicated a d consecrated to the Glory of GOD in the Highest.

The Usher of the Rite gives a Battery of otic kttockI-a?ld says :-

The Usher of thc Rife.--lfonourable Fratres et Sornres below the rank of Adcptus Exemptus, come forth and follow me.
l l c leads them Jroljr the Te~ftplcand retwns, i f qualified to do so. The rlde/di E x e m p t i arc seatd. ?'ha Throrle of the Third Ct.lebratrt is re~~tovrd, d the a Cross of Olligatiotr is replaced by tkc Ctcbiatl Altar of the 7 4 Grade. T h c sy),tbols of cor~secrutrdpersonality are laid thcrtvrr 11nd also tlrc Rose-Crtrc-;fix. Otr the Altar withi)l tht: S'cnctrrary are placed a Chulice



tuary, where he nrakes the aflrtnation cottccrtrirlg the Faitlr/ul Priest, a s i r r hf Y S T E R I U M TIPIIERETH. T h e answer hzreto i s given by the U d e r 01 the Rite leading tlre Cclebratrt-k-Chief to kneel before the Cross of Obligation. T h e text i s followed fhroirghotrt, exccpf that the Czlehrant-Elect descends jrortr the Cross i~r sight of the Brethren arld i s at once irrvested with the robes and i~isigtriaby tlre High Priest, who leads h i m outside tfre Satrc tuary, kindles h i s catrdle orr the Altar and pluccs i t in his hands. T h e High Priest takes his seat. T h e Celebrant-in-Chief circurrratnbulatcs the Tetrrple with the proper versicles. After their irrvcstitrcre the Seeofid arrd Third Cclebrattts circrrtrtatlibtrlate the Tevtple recititrg the versicles ailot/cd to each, a s in hf Y S T E R I U M T I P H E R E T H . TItc Cross o f Obligaliorl i s removed a ~ t d the Altar replaced i l l the Sancttmry. T h e firral procIutt~ution of fhe Celebrantin-Chief i s orrdfed, attd the Closing i s fakcta i t r ikc Grade of Adeptus Minor. Here ends the Solcrnn Ccrcrlrony of Cottsccrafing a Tetnplc of the Rosy Cross fur the Mysteries o/ the Third Order.