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Camera y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Test memory card capacity 16GB or 32GB, can it fit in the camera for a period of time?

What is the battery life for a Digital-Video Camera? Is it worth soldering on an external battery pack for extended life with a resistor? Are rechargeable batteries worth using for different missions? Are lithium s more extendable that a battery pack For a battery that uses 2xAA batteries, can an external 4xAA battery pack be used so it extends the life by a factor of 2? Can the camera work at temperatures of more than -60oC? If the camera has a video length of 10mins, can it be altered so that it can be recorded for more than 4 hours with the right size memory card 32GB? Even if the camera can take full length movies, can it fit on the battery life? Test the battery life before a camera is bought. Enquire at Jessops? If a camera can fit on a long length SD movie, does it match up to the quality of HD when it is to be recorded in space? Do the speed Full HD cameras on eBay match up to the specification? Can an external USB Power Pack Be Powered up to the Video Camera to Provide Extra recording time? Can a PICAXE chip be used so that the external power source is to be used until it gets to a specific height or at pre-programmed heights? Can the camera withstand the G-Forces upon re-entry? Contact an electrical engineer to wire up a battery to extend the life. TURN THE FLASH OFF IF PICTURES ARE TO BE TAKEN.

YouTubeUK: JetSpeedProjectsUK YouTubeUSA: Keepin121

Material Research y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Tape types to be used Duck Tape, PVC Tape, Masking Tape, Sellotape, Parcel Tape, Insulation Tape What type of insulation retains the most heat, expanding foam insulation or loft insulation? Do 3mm & 5mm MDF keep the weight specific? A wooden mallet used to put the pieces in place. Styrofoam coolers to be placed around the camera? Mini bags Hand Warmers- Place within the product to provide heat to the components throughout the whole mission. KAYMONT-USA, supplier of weather balloons to the US. Getting them shipped to the UK, what are the costs? When the Perspex cylinder is placed between the plywood and MDF, it needs to be 0.05 mm less thick so that it can be placed in easily enough. Also, it may expand at more than 38km. To support the Perspex, an Aluminium brace could be placed around it to keep it in place for future missions. Because of rotation due to the earth orbit, a tail could be placed on the rear of the box to provide stability when it is recording the earth on a mission. Attach Water Buoys to the box (4) so that if it lands in the water, they can keep it afloat until it can be retrieved. To keep the air pressure stable, could a sports cap lid be placed on the product so that air can be sucked in and out while retaining liquid? To protect the MDF, it should be primed & painted to protect it from the elements. Place Nails/Screws into the plywood to provide extra strength to the super glued joints. Test the product in a freezer before hand Make sure that the glass doesn t freeze over with the temperature differential. Painted Black to Give It That Stealth Look so that it absorbs as much heat as possible. Microwaveable Bags to Retain Heat over an extended period of time. G-Force shock badges to show the forces encountered.

GPS Tracker y y y y y y Child & Alzheimer s Tracker Location viewed through Laptop when a text message is sent IOM flag tethered to pole in front of camera. Can the mobile phone signals get through the loft insulation? Smallest mobile phone for tracking Can the mobile phone operate at temperatures in the upper atmosphere?

Suppliers y y y y y y y y y y y y y y USA Supplier Bundle Box sends parcels from USA to UK. Testing ground Australian Outback, English Countryside, Flat Holland, Mojave Desert & Atacama Desert Ask Sheffield Hallam if they have a laser cutter which can be used for public use On top of the box, place a notice harmless package, contact number, experiment name, reward money, check out videos. Contacting the CAA on where the experiment can be carried out Counter sinks holes for the screw lid Pilkington glass so that it doesn t freeze over. Research HowStuffWorks on how to keep a house well insulated. Aluminium foil/card on inside of product to reflect heat released by pouches. Acting like a thermos flask, it can retain heat for long periods of time. Mini vacuum &s stainless steel sheet. International SIM card (Contract) so that it can be tracked if it goes into Europe. Find the volume of Plywood & calculate the mass of the product. Make the bottom of the box curved so that upon re-entry, it focuses on one direction, heat proof tiles so that it doesn t burn up on re-entry. Research NASA shuttle. Have the parachute programmed so that it is releases at around 30,000 feet, will the box go supersonic?

Box Research

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Vernier Callipers to measure screw width. Holes cut with laser cutter so that screws and nails can be preplaced with accuracy. UV identification on box if found by another amateur astronomer. Set off altimeter with time ground launch so that the height can be tracked with time to find the average accent speed and to be viewed on YouTube. Place an altimeter in front of glass so that it can be viewed throughout launch. Kevlar & Nomex undercoat for re-entry. Kevlar mixed with polymer to form external coating. Made from 4mm&6mm Plywood & MDF. Carbon Fibre tubes for extra strength. Covered in ModRoc for extra box strength. Mini LED inside for illumination for camera Foam metal for absorbing shock impact. Bolts used to secure lid through the whole box. Screws can be blunted easily. GPS-Latitude-Longitude logged so that the route can be plotted on a map. Weather maps so that the route can be predicted, weather maps of Europe.

Securing the Box y y y y y y y y y Sealing down the camera with aluminium straps using a screwdriver so that it doesn t fall about on re-entry. When the phone is rang, it automatically answers to whoever finds the product. Coat the box in Duct Tape with lid screwed on. Cut the tape and then re-seal with nuts& bolts. 50 reward if found. Sandbags to hold the weather balloon down while final preparations are made. Aluminium bracing around the box. Make more than 1 mission, doesn t expand when the temperature changes. External & Internal temperature gauge attached to box. Make external notice laminated due to precipitation and seal down with spray glue & stuck down with tape used to remove vinyl graphics.

Technology y y y y y y y y Western Digital 1TB Passport Hard Drive Amzer Mini USB Cable iGadgitz Black Hard Drive Pouch Integral 426086 SDHC Memory Card Reader Binoculars For Viewing Balloon Hot Summers Day To Capture Thermals Made From Styrofoam To Save Weight