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Costello Brit Lit II

Tweflth Night REVIEW SHEET  To prepare for the test over Twelfth Night on Friday, February 24th, studying early is crucial! This guide will help you determine what information and material you need to study in order to be prepared for the test!  Step #1: y Work through study questions again, being sure to reread passages of the play that apply to the scenes alluded to in the questions. y When going through the questions again, be sure to highlight, underline, or in some way annotate the passages in your copy of the book that include the answers to the questions y On the day you take the test, youll be required to turn in your copy of the play. A portion of the tests grade will be earned by your thoroughness in annotating the study question answers in your copy of the play.  Step #2:  Review quizzes.  Step #3:  Review notes taken in class, at home, and from class discussion  Step #4:  Wear some yellow stockings. Itll totally impress the one you love.  Step #5:  Rinse and Repeat Test Format: y Matching (10x1 pt) y Match line of dialogue with speaker or person being spoken to y Multiple Choice (25x2 pts) y Literature-based questions y Short Answer (10x2 pts) y Complete sentences required (avoid general answers that could be misinterpreted!) y Essay Question (1x20 pts) y Essay (1x20 pts) y Will provide a few fresh epigrams; youll choose one to analyze y Book annotations (10 pts)

If you would like some extra help, please feel free to set up a time we can meet, or email me with questions you may have!