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Mr. Patil said the concept of launching this Mobile Police Stations was providing assistance at the doorsteps of public by the police
Chandigarh 22 feb Kulbir Kalsi / With the objective to provide police assistance at the door steps of common citizens, specially those belongings to the economically weaker sections residing in colonies and rural Territory, areas, the Mr. Punjab Shivraj Governor V. Patil and has Administrator, flagged off two Union mobile


police stations in the Union Territory, Chandigarh. Mr. Patil said the concept of launching this Mobile

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pantry and toilet for convenience of the staff, he added. Mr. Srivastava disclosed that the jurisdiction of these mobilepolicestations made a on will be basis station said i.e. in the by will that Monday summer. monthly said that and whole the reach each to of office in Mobile Friday 9 will of Chandigarh of SSP, and UT. area at the It deployment is least will in as Police will will be that in a for 10 for has issued Stations incharge Stations senior

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Superintendent of Police, Chandigarh. Prominent amongst others who were present on the occasion included Adviser to Administrator, Mr. K.K. Sharma, Principal Secretary to

Governor, Mr. Anil



Singh, Finance



Mr. Mr.

Naunihal V.K.

Singh, and

Home SP,

Secretary, Security,




UT, Mr. R.S. Ghumman. Later on Sh. K. K. Sharma, Adviser to Administrator with the team of senior police officers of UT Chandigarh including Inspector General of Police Sh. P. K. Srivastava, DIG Sh. Alok Kumar, SSP Sh. Naunihal Singh, SP Sh. R. S. Ghumman and also with local counselors went to Colony No 5 and Dadumajra and educated the people regarding Mobile Police Stations at length so they can make best use of theseMobilePoliceStations. The proposed duty roaster from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM of Mobile Police Station will be: Mobile Police Station -I Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 23.02.2012 Ram Darbar, Ph-1 24.02.2012 Nehru (Sector 53) 25.02.2012 Saturday 26.02.2012 Sunday 27.02.2012 Village Palsora 28.02.2012 Ram Darbar, PhaseII 29.02.2012 Village Burail, AB Colony Date Area

Mobile Police Station -II Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 23.02.2012 Sector 25, Part-1 24.02.2012 Village Kaimbala 25.02.2012 Saturday 26.02.2012 Sunday 27.02.2012 BDC, PH-1, Sec-26 28.02.2012 Vikasnagar, Jagran Mauli Date Area


29.02.2012 Colony No. 4, Part-A

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maspar launches a sophisticated range of printed Bed linen Modern Magic.

Chandigarh 22 feb Kulbir Kalsi / maspar home fashion, a contemprory home furnishing brand has launched its new sophisticated range of printed bed linen MODERN MAGIC-Sound Wave Print to give a magical touch and to enhance the ambience of your bedroom gracefully.Maspar has taken home furnishing to another level of innovation and style altogether with these bed sheets that are so designer in their look and feel that they make your room striking and extremely wonderful. The MODERN MAGIC-sound wave print bed sheets are put over the bed to cover it and give comfort to you while sleeping.The segment comprises of bed covers or duvet covers with pillow cases, bed sheets. The range is available in hues like Blue, Brown and Red. The price range of the segment starts from Rs. Rs.1395 to Rs.2495 and is made of 100% cotton.The range of printed bedsheet is available at all exclusive stores of Maspar in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ludhiana and Pune.About MasparMaspar was set up in the year 2002, and has been supplying to prominent furnishing houses like Marks & Spencer, The Bay, Home Outfitters, Galleries Lafayette, Deluxe Department Stores and Next, bringing international quality standards to the Indian market.Each product goes through controlled dyeing for color fastness and is processed for quality. Manufacturing of chenille yarn, dyeing of yarn, fabric and made-ups, printing, quilting, cording, special purpose sewing machines - the latest technology that exists today, has been brought under one roof allowing it to offer a guarantee on its products.Experiments in terms of design, color combinations, blending of fabrics and other materials make Maspar products unique in many aspects. One can find a harmonious co-existence of modern, contemporary and ethnic in its collection. Maspar has always been offering something that has to be seen in unbelievable range for desk accessories, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom to its valuable customers.

First Balloon Sinuplasty in the region conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali

Mohali, February 22, Kulbir Kalsi / In a major development in the region, which would help ease the suffering of persons getting troubled by repeated sinus infections, the newer method of sinusitis management using Balloon Sinuplasty was conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali on Mr. Vijay Verma, a patient from Ambala. The procedure was conducted by Dr. Anish Gupta, Consultant, ENT, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.Giving details of sinusitis, Dr. Anish Gupta said, This is an inflammation or infection of the sinuses occurring secondary to the blockage of the passage responsible for the drainage of the secretions of the sinuses that surround the nose and eyes. It can cause swelling and facial pain, severe headaches and sometimes a purulent nasal discharge and nasal congestion. Till now, doctors have been enlarging the sinus openings by cutting out inflamed tissue and bone. While this sinus surgery is effective, it is painful and can cause extended periods of swelling plus scar tissue that may re-block the sinus.Talking about the new procedure, Dr. Gupta explained, Balloon Sinuplasty is procedure which takes just a few minutes and there is no incision or cutting involved in it. A balloon devise is pushed into the affected area in the sinus thru its natural ostium or opening and then inflated. The aim is to stretch the sinus opening back to its original size or a little bigger, letting air into the sinus to help antibiotics finally flush out the infection and end the sinusitis cycle. However, this is a delicate, intricate and highly precision-oriented procedure which only expert doctors with trained support staff and sophisticated equipment can successfully do.According to Mr. Vijay Verma, For the last few months I had been suffering tremendously as my sinus were blocked and I found it difficult to breathe. This was seriously affecting my personal life and my career. When Dr. Gupta talked to me about Balloon Sinuplasty, I immediately opted for it. After thoroughly conducting tests on me, Dr Gupta conducted the procedure and it was over in just 2-3 minutes. In fact, I was back at work in just 3 days. I now have a much better quality of life and my entire family is happy with the turn of events.According to Col H.S. Chehal, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital Mohali, In keeping with our mission of providing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care, we are always investing in the latest technologies and advancements to help alleviate the suffering of the people. We are very happy that the first Balloon Sinuplasty in the region has been conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Raja Ka Sapna Street Play on TB Awareness

Chandigarh 22 feb Kulbir Kalsi / Today Yuvsatta in association with State TB Control Society, UT, Chandigarh organized a Street Play on TB awareness in Colony No. 4, Chandigarh.The people, including several children, squatted on the ground in front of the Shiv Mandir while many stood at a distance and watched the members of Mask Theatre, stage a street play on tuberculosis awareness and health education. The play Raja Ka Sapna appealed to the people not to waste their hard-earned money on alcohol and tobacco. It also warned of tuberculosis, other chest diseases & HIV/AIDS.Giving information about the initiative Monica Bhalla & Vipin Dass from State TB Control Society, Chandigarh shared that to create awareness about this government-run, free treatment for tuberculosis available to every Indian at the centre located nearest to his residence or workplace, RNTCP carries out various awareness campaigns like street plays, puppet shows etc from time to time.

Heartline Concert tomorrow

Harbhajan Mann to perform at Heartline Concert at Panjab University

Chandigarh: 22 feb Kulbir Kalsi / To raise funds for the ongoing project of Rotary Club of Chandigarhs free heart surgeries for children, its youth wing, Rotaractors, would be organising a fund-raiser at Panjab University tomorrow.Addressing the media here today, Mr. Charanjit Singh, Past President of the Club informed that Rotaract Club of Chandigarh had been organising the Heartline Concert every year since 2005 to contribute to this ongoing project of Rotary.He informed that till date 400 free heart surgeries have been done for the poor children in its partner hospitals PGIMER and Fortis Hospital Mohali, since the programme started in 1999-2000, including several children from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Nepal, and most recently, from Malawi.We started this project with the mission that no child should die for want of money, and hence Rotarians, philanthropists and society had been contributing to fund this project and keep it alive. The Rotaract clubs had been contributing their bit by raising funds through various fundraisers.Rotaract President Pragya informed that Harbhajan Mann would be performing at Panjab Universitys ground tomorrow, and the club intends to raise funds to support the surgery of at leat 5 children through sales of tickets which are nominally priced at Rs.100, 200, and 300 only.She implored that people should buy the tickets and join in this cause to save little lives.