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Malin Johnsson FAS101 Professor Lazarides November 28 2011 ACNE by Jonny Johansson Acne is a Swedish company founded 1996,

by the chef designer Jonny Johansson, in Stockholm. Acne opened their first store in Stockholm 2003 and has after that extended their stores to cities around the world. Such as, Copenhagen, Berlin, Oslo, New York, London and Paris. Jonny Johansson was born in Ume, North Sweden, 1970. Jonny loved music as a child. He was a bandleader and played the guitar in his band called, The Violet. Jonny and three colleagues got an idea in 1996 to start a company that creates attractive products by mixing advertising, art, music and fashion. The name Acne was born and means: Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. Jonny is a self-taught designer who gets his inspiration from everywhere. He could be described as creative, open-minded and humble.1 Jonnys designs are clean and classic. He says in an interview with a Swedish magazine, called Interview Magazine, that when he creates cloths; he focusing on creating something that is going to be a persons favorite piece, something classic and timeless that you can wear to anything. 2 Jonny Johansson is known for his jeans and the fashion apparel he creates. He started out with making 100 pairs of unisex denim jeans in 1996, and gave them out to his closest friends, family and clients. The Jeans with red stitching got featured in Elle

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Magazine and after that his brand exploded and got well known in Sweden. When Jonny teamed up with Lanvin to make couture pieces in blue denim, the name Acne and Jonny Johansson got well known around the world.3 To be able to advertise himself and his designs, Jonny started an own magazine called Acne Paper in 2005. Acne Paper has got attention from different medias. For example, the fashion journalist Cathy Horyn wrote in The New York Times (Nov. 12 2011): Acne Paper, under the editorship of Thomas Persson, is fast becoming one of the best little fashion magazines the envy of mainstream glossies. Acne Paper has become quite popular and made Jonny Johanssons designs and his jeans empire even more famous and well known. Jonnys designs could be described as cool urban wear with a simple look, and with Nordic draws. He often use soft and earth near colors such as black, dark blue, white, brown, beige and grey. Jonnys designs and his mind change all the time and sometimes he mix up his quiet colors with a loud color. Every design he makes is very modern and simple made; the cloths are never too much. He creates everything from basic cotton t-shirts to luxurious accessories and shoes. All his cloths can be worn separately, which makes his designs affordable for everybody. You do not have to buy the whole outfit, and you can mix one piece of his collection with other brands. By creating simple, functional clothes; Jonny aims to create a modern framework for

individuality4. He wants his customers to style themselves. He creates fashion that feels like you are wearing someones wardrobe to make it personal and cool. Because his cloths are very simple and easy to mix, their customer profile gets very wide. Their main target is men and women between 20-30 years old, living in cities. Johansson use a lot of denim in his collections, and his jeans are the most popular product he has. You can find his jeans in many different colors and sizes, which makes it easy for different people with different shapes and sizes to find something that fits. Jonny Johanssons simple and classic fashion attracts people who do not know a lot about fashion, to buy it. Because those people know that you can never go wrong if you buy a piece of his collection, it is safe and not to wild. Also people who know a lot about fashion buy his cloths, because his cloths have high quality and are very stylish. Jonnys collections changes very dramatically every season and do not really follow the other brands and the trends that they are showing. He does not care about trends, and he rather creates his own trends.5 Jonny finds his inspiration from everywhere. For example, in an interview with a Swedish Newspaper, he told that he saw an old man in his 80s in Paris with a lot of ethnic rings on his fingers, and decided to do a whole collection with ethnic rings. He designs whatever that comes up in his mind and from his heart. His biggest inspiration and role model is Andy Warhol and The Factory in New York. In an interview with a

Swedish Newspaper he said that Andy Warhol is his role model and that art and industry is one of Acnes business ideas.6 Now, Jonnys brand has stores and projects across nine countries and is recognized internationally as a creative collective. He has 21 stores around the world, and the stores recreate the atmosphere of a working creative space. They are also clean and modern. Jonny likes to put a piano in the middle of his stores to symbolize his passion for music. Jonny Johansson and Acnes major trend is their jeans and it is also the main fabrication he uses. Jonny was one of the first designers to forecast the missing space in the market for denim, and that makes him special and innovating in the fashion business. His cloths are done by minimal experimental for fabrics and shapes. Except from the collaboration with Lanvin, Jonny have also collaborated with the artist and the sculptor, Daniel Silver. Daniels passion for art and sculpturing and Jonnys passion for the simple and the effortless fashion resulted in a different winter collection this year. The winter collection has African prints with different kinds of fabric and colors that Jonny does not usually use. Daniel picked out the prints and the fabric and Jonny designed like he usually does, simple and modern. This made Acnes cloth really different for a season, and it also brought a lot of interest because Acne dramatically changes so much. Jonny is not afraid for trying something new and to think outside the box, but usually his designs are universally. Everybody can relate to his modern and simple designs.

Acnes cloths has high quality and their prices match their qualities. Their cloths can cost 50-1000dollar depending on what you are looking for. They have simple t-shirts for 50dollar, jeans for at least 200dollar, and also more advanced dresses and apparel for 1000dollar. The great thing with his designs is that no wardrobe is complete without a piece of his cloths, which means that you always can find something in their collections that is affordable, and you only have to buy one piece. Dolly Jones wrote in Vouge that: Acne isnt high fashion in the sense that we could have imagined Diana, Princess of Wales, whose home we were in after all, wearing it but its culpability is no less desirable after today7, and I agree. Acne is not high fashion because it is too simple. Their cloths are moderate and ready to wear. Jonnys collections are mostly focusing on the mens side. Because that is what he knew best about in the beginning of his career, when he did not have an education. But after some time he started to design for womens as well. You can see in the womens wear that he brought a lot of the mens in to the womens design and womens details in to mens. He likes to mix genders. I think that Jonny gets a lot of inspiration from mens and also from his music and buildings. I think he gets his monotonically in his designs from buildings, and the colors and playfulness in his designs from the music. What I like about Jonny and his design is that he doesnt care about anybody else or special trends. He sets his own trends. What also is impressing is that Jonny came from nowhere and started an imperium with cloths, furniture and a magazine. He also designs

guitars and bikes.8 He is everywhere, and is not afraid to try new things. I think he is an inspiration for everyone who wants to be a designer, and do not have any education what so ever. He proved that anybody can do it, and he is one of my favorite designers just because of that. He does not pretend to be something he is not. Jonny is just a normal Swedish guy from a small city in Sweden who followed his dreams and his passions.