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RENATUS National Leaders Bulletin

Creating Real Estate Investing Communities Across The Country

WEEK ENDING:1/15/2012
Volume 2, Issue 3

Weekly Investor Introduction Meeting Attendance

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"Its the ONLY time EVERY leader in the company will be available to shake hands, connect with, get their phone numbers & build the relationships with mentors you deserve to have

"To really KNOW what an event like this

can do for you, you have to be there. No explanation, video, article... Nothing can prepare you for what you will experience

Featured Instructor: Jim Alfrey

Jim Allfrey is the President of American Pension 401(k) Services, Inc., which provides administrative services for fully self-directed 401(k) retirement plans to business owners and their employees. The Total(k) allows plan participants to invest in anything allowed by law, from "traditional" mutual funds to "non-traditional" options like real estate, trust deeds, mortgages, options, private companies, stocks, bonds, etc. Jim owns a successful real estate investment business and is a licensed Realtor. He has conducted a series of real estate transactions ranging from new development to rehabbing. His real estate investing experience coupled with his analytical skill and understanding of the power of retirement plans has created a perfect foundation for an elite Renatus instructor. He motivates others to successfully operate their own companies using the strategies optimal for building long-term wealth and achieving financial freedom. Jim's motivation to help others achieve their success stems from his "pay-it-forward" philosophy, and a belief that our attitude and determination are more likely to determine our success than any other factor.

Featured Class: Introduction to IRAs

LEARNING OUTCOMES - This class is designed to show you how you can make your retirement plan
work for you! Students will learn how to self-direct a retirement plan. Students will discuss the different strategies that can be employed through self-directed investing. Students will take part in a discussion covering the various legal concerns involved with retirement plan investing. Students will also discuss the various retirement plan products and the different strategies that are available.

MAJOR TOPICS - Acquire a basic understanding of Retirement Plans (RPs). Discover how to invest in real
estate using your Self-Directed RP (SDRP). Learn how to build more wealth by combining SDRPs to invest in real estate.

Featured in the Essentials Program. Enroll NOW And Begin Taking Classes 7 Days Later and include a tuition partner for FREE!

Featured Investor: Steve Nomura

Steve Nomura brought his family to the United States from Japan in 2000 and found a job managing a Japanese restaurant but always knew that real estate investing was the way to reach his financial goals. In 2006 Steve found his path to that goal after being introduced to this Real Estate Investing College and enrolled immediately. Steves biggest challenge wasn't DOING real estate, it was taking on-line classes in English. Night after night he would come home from work, sit in front of his computer with a translation book and slowly dissect his education word for word. Finally after a year of repeating classes he put his first property under contract. It was a short sale that didnt close. 7 attempts later, Steve profited $2000 without using his own money or credit. Because of his persistence, Steve was eventually able to quit his job. In 2011 Steve completed 17 of his own transactions and partnered on 6 additional deals with other Renatus students. Following his mentors advice, this ex-restaurant manager has focused on 4 levels of profit. Wholesaling; Fix & Flip; Buy & Hold; and Money Lending. Steve is very active in his church, having attended seminary school, and qualifying as a minister. I want to do more for youth. Steve has been involved in a non-for-profit organization doing volunteer work to help high school students on the south side of Chicago.

I could not even

speak English when I came to this country, so I had to work harder than the people who can speak English. It is ironic that most people in this country are not willing to work as hard to become successful, but they can if they choose

This is one of my 4 rentals. 6838 S. Dorchester Ave, Chicago 3 units Short Sale to Buy & Hold Original mortgage: $297,000 Purchase price: $45,000 Monthly cash flow: $2200 Vernon Hills, IL. short sale to wholesale Purchase : $65,000 Sold: $85,000 Net Profit: $15,000 3701 W. 80th Pl, Chicago Short Sale to Fix & Flip Original mortgage: $207,000 Purchase: $60,000 Cost to fix: $11,000 Closing cost back to buyer: $3,000 Net Profit: $54,000 8334 S. Ada, Chicago short sale to wholesale Purchase : $22,250 Sold in 2 days: $35,000 Net Profit: $9000

Community Page: Real Estate Investing Is A Team Sport

Ever feel like you are alone in the world? Become part of the largest, nationwide, real estate investing community in America and you will never feel alone again! The Renatus Community Network is the support you need to create a successful real estate portfolio. Just by being a member of the Renatus Community, YOU will have exclusive access to real estate investor services, professional contacts, real estate investing opportunities, and best of all the camaraderie of like-minded real estate investors.