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Redocumentation Services for SAP

Customizing of SAP SAP Solution Manager documentation

You will learn how to

analyze SAP utilization and customizing understand customizing of SAP document types and document usage use SAP Solution Manager for blueprinting and solution documentation

Utilization of transactions and reports

Process capability maps for SAP

leverage industry best practices for business process modeling manage compliance for the segregation of duties (SoD)

Escape from everyday challenges of managing ERP

ERP solutions mostly have a very individual genesis. In addition, up-to-date solution documentation rarely is available. This makes it painful to find answers to the following exemplary challenges: SAP support costs increase stronger than anticipated in your IT budget. Business process support by ERP is not clear to process executors. Upcoming functional upgrade projects or the consolidation of the SAP landscape should benefit from more standardization. SAP requires solution documentations when contacting SAP Enterprise Support. Understand the ERP utilization by your organization to streamline and define best practices processes. Auditors have criticized a lack of compliance in your financial processes. Efforts for regression testing have to be lowered and process quality increased. End users training has to be focused on real needs for more efficient ERP usage.

How to get more out of your ERP solution?

Understand, improve and control your ERP landscape

TransWare offers a package of professional service to SAP customers; it is based on an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution called Profiling for SAP. This deployment-free, non-invasive solution selectively extracts the deployed SAP customizing, modifications and process utilizations and loads these data into a repository. Best practice analytic reports are used by our professionals to create various deliverables for solution documentation. The deliverables are analyzed by SAP experts to identify issues and weak points. The redocumentation services can be provided within 2 business weeks including an on-site or virtual workshop to present deliverables, documentation and findings. Deliverables can be loaded into business process modeling (BPM) tools and SAP Solution Manager. In addition the customer has secure access to a web-based portal to conduct own analyses. For a continuous operation like system heath care checks Profiling for SAP is available as SaaS or via an on-premise license.

Reduce time and efforts with the TransWare redocumentation services and receive objective facts and detailed insights.

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Improve business process support for SAP ERP

TransWare redocumentation services deliver a comprehensive business and IT view into SAP landscapes. In a workshop a rich set of deliverables including reports, charts, Excel sheets and diagrams is presented to summarize the findings, issues and weak points. SAP transactions and reports Key indicators are delivered with respect to the usage and customizing of SAP transactions and reports within the SAP landscape (so-called Z-transactions). This analysis can be conducted on a per-user, user group and organizational structure basis, such as company codes, plants or sales offices. All customized transactions and reports which are not used are delivered as well. Document type processing Also the processed documents types, categories and sub-types such as different purchase order types with their relationship to the organizational units are presented. This includes the frequency at which a specific document type is used per organizational unit. The information about document type usage is very helpful for comparing the configuration and processing in different organization units within the same SAP system. This kind of information will also help in determining the diversity of the implemented SAP processes. Business process support by ERP The recorded transactions and reports are mapped to SAP reference business processes to build an inventory of the employed SAP standard processes. Customized transactions and reports in process models and SAP Solution Manager are stored in pools as they can later on be mapped to standard SAP reference processes. Documentation of more technical data The redocumentation services also reveal data on technical level such as jobs, transports, customer modifications, user-exits, interfaces like Smart or Adobe forms, IDocs, BAPI, RFC, as well as technical roles and profiles. By knowing e.g. which original SAP codes have been changed without the SAP Modification Assistant, a lot of pain can avoided in your next upgrade.

SAP capability process map process showing a good utilization

Varying utilization of SAP processes by the organization

Segregation-of-duties compliance
All details of the SAP access control hierarchy such as composite and single roles, profiles down to authorization objects are analyzed in the service. This information can be used to trim the SAP authorization management. Based on the retrieved data and a best practices compliance matrix, an initial segregation-of-duties (SoD) analysis is performed. This delivers potential and actual financial risks for SAP processes and an overview of the SoD compliance status.

Business process management

Moreover, the redocumentation services supply process models as process capability maps provided in Excel , HTML, BPMN, EPC and leading BPM tool formats. Using a BPM tool allows a visual navigation and exploration of the SAP production environment, gap analysis between delivered SAP best practices and utilization or impact analysis of processes, applications and the organization. Technical enterprise structure and business organizational units (HR infotypes) can be used for charts and documentations. SAP technical roles can be visualized to show the customizing of SAP access control. The deliverables are a superior starting point for your next SAP blueprint or upgrade project.

Analytic reports for segregation-of-duties compliance

Integration with SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is the leading tool for the technical SAP solution documentation. The generated process models including SAP transactions and reports can be uploaded into SAP Solution Managers process repository. These data can be used as a starting point for SAP blueprint projects, the Solution Documentation Assistant or Business Activity Monitoring. Page 2

SAP technical roles shows customizing of SAP access control

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