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RENATUS National Leaders Bulletin

Creating Real Estate Investing Communities Across The Country

WEEK ENDING: 2/12/2012

Volume 2, Issue 7

Weekly Investor Introduction Meeting Attendance

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Founder Bob Snyder

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My favorite class was Tax Strategies because it saved me more in taxes than the cost of the entire Renatus education. Christine Vohasek, Chicago, IL In one class, Tax & Legal Strategies, I learned to restructure my existing businesses and saved $8000 a year in self employment tax. Dave Jaquish, Phoenix, AZ I loved Tax & Legal Strategies with Mark Kohler. I learned that as a business owner, I have tons of write offs, and Mark is Hilarious with his jokes. Shareen Lal, Chino, CA I have an MBA in finance and was an Accountant for 25 years. I learned more from the Tax & Legal strategies classes at Renatus than the $40k MBA program that graduated me. Scott Stukel, Chicago, IL

Featured Instructor: Ryan Bloxham

Ryan Bloxham has been investing in real estate for nearly ten years. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, hes always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes the extreme importance of education. After attending Brigham Young University, he worked in several different areas before discovering his passion in real estate investing. Ryan had the good fortune of working with amazing mentors who taught him the ins and outs of both real estate investing and business. As Ryan says, "I have had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the greatest minds in the various areas of real estate that I currently work in. If I can help others achieve their goals by acting as a mentor to them, I know of no greater accomplishment than helping others find success." Ryan and his wife began working as a team consulting real estate investors over nine years ago. He specializes in foreclosure auctions, fix and flips, and wholesaling. His expansive experience contains working with and holding properties in multiple states across the country. Utilizing his years of investing experience, Ryan brings to his new role both a real-world view on real estate investing and much excitement about sharing his knowledge with the Renatus Community. He says, Coming from the school of hard knocks, I bring my learning experiences to the table, sharing first-hand knowledge to help students potentially avoid the same mistakes I have madeThe opportunity my wife and I have had to change our lives and the lives of our children through real estate investing, and now having the ability to share that opportunity with others, is very fulfilling to us. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Renatus own "Head Coach Melissa", and their four boys. He also loves to travel, camp, and fly-fish.

Featured Class: Seller Financed Notes

LEARNING OUTCOMES - Learn what a seller-financed note is and its advantages and disadvantages.
Identify the 7 step process of investing in seller-financed notes. Understand how to locate existing sellerfinanced notes. Calculate and verify note terms and pricing options. Evaluate a seller-financed note to determine pricing options and safety. Understand how to properly structure and negotiate a seller-financed note. Examine the documents used in transacting the purchase of a seller-financed note.

MAJOR TOPICS - Learn the necessary elements to generate significant passive income yields when purchasing real estate secured seller-financed notes. Review techniques to locate, compile information on, negotiate the purchase of, and structure a note purchase. Review the forms used in seller-financed note transactions and learn the due diligence involved in compiling and verifying the necessary information. Calculate an offer based on desired yield and analyze deal risk factors.

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Our favorite class at the college was Seller Financed Notes it helped me turn a marginal deal into a fantastic deal JC & Linda Williams Tucson, AZ I LOVE all of the classes! Blown away by what I am learning! Gertrude Borchardt, Real Estate Broker, NJ

Featured Investor: Ryan Anderson

Before becoming an investor Ryan held a position as a finance manager at a car dealership for five years. In April of 2007 Ryan made two decisions that would change the course of his life. One, he took his first class at the Real Estate Education college, and Second, as a new investor, Ryan purchased his first investment property in South Bend, Indiana. From that time April 2007 through February 2009, he had built a 26 home rental portfolio in South Bend, Indiana. Since Ryan had such a successful experience with the rental market in South Bend, when a 49 property portfolio came across his desk in February 2009, he knew he had to seize the opportunity. This 49 property portfolio was in foreclosure when Ryan was first presented with the package. In July of 2009 Ryan and another community member had successfully negotiated the purchase of the portfolio. Since the beginning of Ryans investment career he has been managing all of his own properties. Currently Ryan controls over 50 rentals. Ryan has now begun to provide his own private financing to retail buyers essentially taking the place of what would traditionally be the banks role.

There are few things more freeing than knowing you have security. One of the instructors at the college said we should gauge our wealth on how many people pay you. Instead of the other way around.

This is a screen shot of electronic deposits of monthly rents hitting Ryans bank account.

Community Page: Real Estate Investing Is A Team Sport Workshop Attendance

James Leis J. Massey Rob Lett Student Deal Tour Michael & Susan Jimenez Raising Private Funds: J. Massey Hugh Zaretsky S/F Notes, Jeff Armstrong Founder Bob Snyder Annual National Conference Richard Stock Cash Flow & Super Saturday Rowe / Tierney IMA Super Saturday James Leis Super Saturday

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Sacramento, CA January 14 Atlanta, GA Jan 14 San Diego, CA Jan 14 New York, NY Jan 21 Layton, UT Jan 27-28 Salt Lake City, UT Feb 1 & 4 Downers Grove, IL February 11 Sacramento, CA February 11

Rob Lett Real Estate Goal Setting Rowe / Tierney IRA Group Class Project Rowe / Tierney Workshop/Resource Event Rowe / Tierney Self Directed Retirement: J. Allfrey Dr. Gary Lawrence Real Estate Intensive James Leis Self Directed Retirement: DeYoung Rob Lett Super Saturday Hugh Zaretsky Chris Albin: Finding Hidden Deals

Atlanta, GA February 15 Downers Grove, IL February 15 Downers Grove, IL February 17 Downers Grove, IL February 18 Scottsdale, AZ February 18 Sacramento, CA February 25 Atlanta, GA February 25 New York, NY February, 25

My favorite class was Investment Property Management because it showed me a step by step plan for turning a rental portfolio into a truly passive income stream, by delegating responsibilities, while still protecting myself from the threat of someone mismanaging my wealth. Johnny Dessaur is a genius. Christion Sadler, Salt Lake City, UT If I had pick a favorite class it would be Multi Family class day 1 & 2 with Johnny D. It showed me how to systematically create $50,000 a month in cash flow. Michael Huggins, Salt Lake City, UT My favorite class was creative acquisitions, because you can become a master at real estate by stepping outside the box. Amanda Miller, Maui, HI The Wholesaling class is great. You learn to literally create profits out of thin air. No Money, No Credit, No Hammers. Had the confidence to get started right after I completed the class. Scott Rowe, Chicago, IL

Its amazing how you can change your way of thinking immediately after the classes. I have learned how to have different conversations and create private funding partners to do deals without tapping my own resources. Scott Huminsky, Chicago, IL

My favorite class was Tax & Legal Strategies because I drop knowledge on people twice my age and they cant believe that I am only 18 Maciek Michalak, Chicago, IL My favorite class was Tax & Legal Strategies at my first college session. It saved me thousands of dollars in my catering business before we even started investing in real estate. Mary Catherine Walsh, Chicago, IL