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Group Assignment World War II Presentation

Each group will consist of three members who will collaboratively create a presentation that will focus on leaders of World War II. Each presentation (prezi or powerpoint) must contain historically accurate data.
The presentation is divided into two main sections. Below are the topics to be covered:

SECTION I -The Political Leaders of World War II (Ch. 35 and 36 in Bentley)

a The Allies i Roosevelt ii Churchill iii Stalin The Axis i Mussolini ii Hitler iii Tojo and Hirohito Each must explain: i political ideology ii country iii how each came to power and, iv how each ruled (type of government) The presentation must have group members names and cover graphic. The cover graphic must be representative of World War II. The group will be responsible for historical accuracy of their information.

d e

15 pts for each leader/10 pts for cover graphic

SECTION I DUE 3/9 email to SECTION II - Major Battles and Theaters of Operation of World War II (Ch. 36 in Bentley)
i The European Theater ii The Pacific Theater

The group will be responsible for creating a timeline/map containing 5 important annotated dates/battles for each theater.
10 pts for each date