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Question 1

1 points Save Revelations of the Iran-Contra affair indicated that Reagan had violated his pledge to never: raise taxes work with Communists lie to the American people negotiate with terrorists needlessly send troops into battle

Question 2 To President Eisenhower, the most important reason to construct the interstate highway system was to: encourage suburban growth allow Americans to see the country more easily shore up the railroad industry strengthen national defense provide jobs to road builders

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Question 3

1 points Save By 19601961, a number of students had become inspired to become social reform activists by: the fear of getting drafted and sent to Vietnam the example of the civil rights movement the boredom and restrictions of campus life musicians and protest singers with political agendas the need to rebel against their conservative parents

Question 4 In 1948, President Truman desegregated: public schools defense industries Washington, D.C. public transportation the military Question 5 All of the following are true of Cesar Chavez EXCEPT that he: used boycotts to pressure grape growers was founder and leader of the United Farm Workers as a young man, worked as a migrant laborer in farm fields was committed to nonviolent tactics failed to secure collective bargaining rights for farmworkers Question 6 In the Brown decision, the Supreme Court: was closely divided ordered an immediate end to Jim Crow segregation rejected the legal arguments of the NAACP struck down separate but equal in public education recognized the high quality of black schools in the South Question 7 The Twenty-second Amendment:

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forbade undeclared wars kept Truman from seeking reelection in 1952 was opposed by Republicans limited campaign contributions prohibited presidents from serving more than two terms Question 8 During the 1950s, the income gap between whites and blacks: lessened stayed about the same widened could not be accurately measured inspired widespread commentary and outrage Question 9 1 points Save The marine lieutenant colonel at the center of Iran-Contra affair, Oliver North, was using profits from the sale of arms to Iran to: finance the Nicaraguan Contras enrich himself and some corrupt friends buy new weapons for the Marine Corps contribute to Republicans pay for the release of American hostages Question 10 A sad legacy of Watergate was: lasting damage to the image of the presidency ongoing limits on press freedom a renewal of divisive partisan politics Congresss inability to pass needed legislation the weakening of the CIAs domestic operations Question 11 The Bay of Pigs invasion: was Kennedys original idea was thoroughly bungled by the CIA 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save

proved Kennedys competence in foreign policy weakened the Castro regime inspired the United States and the Soviet Union to improve relations Question 12 Kennedys inauguration is best remembered for: the flatness of his delivery the record cold in Washington that day the large and friendly crowd the list of promises in his speech his elegant and inspiring rhetoric Question 13 The GI Bill did all of the following EXCEPT: provide educational benefits for veterans provide housing loans for veterans help prevent a postwar depression pay veterans large bonuses to remain in the military provide medical treatment for veterans Question 14 Match each description with the item below.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower A. B. C. John Kenneth Galbraith D. Allen Ginsburg John Keats E. F. G. H. I. J.

Jack Kerouac

William Levitt

Arthur Miller

wrote Invisible Man wrote The Affluent Society wrote On the Road was the U.S. president in the 1950s wrote The Crack in the Picture Window wrote Howl was an abstract expressionist artist was a suburban home builder wrote The Power of Positive Thinking wrote Death of a Salesman

Norman Vincent

Peale Jackson Pollock Ralph Ellison

Question 15

1 points Save As he campaigned for president in 1980, Reagan promised to restore prosperity by: bailing out ailing banks and industries putting millions to work on government construction projects balancing the federal budget returning the country to the gold standard cutting taxes

Question 16 Match each description with the item below.

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Eugene Bull Connor A. was a segregationist Alabama governor B. won Californias Democratic Barry Goldwater primary in 1968 C. was the first black student at the Michael Harrington University of Mississippi D. was the Birmingham police Lyndon Johnson commissioner E. won Arizona in 1964 presidential race Robert F. Kennedy F. wrote The Other America G. was elected vice president in Malcolm Little 1960 H. was secretary of state James Meredith I. was an American army commander in Vietnam Dean Rusk J. became major spokesman for Black Muslim movement George Wallace William Westmoreland 1 points Save

Question 17

When confronted with strikes in the coal and railroad industries in 1946,

President Trumans response was to: declare martial law temporarily seize those industries say government had no role in labor-management disputes break the strikes with unemployed veterans freeze transportation and energy prices Question 18 Between 1945 and 1960 in the United States: poverty practically disappeared the standard of living was about that of western Europe people were pessimistic, fearing the return of the Depression the gross national product almost doubled there was growing concern about diminishing supplies of natural resources Question 19 President Johnsons first priority on the domestic front was to: balance the federal budget give more power to the states get Kennedys legislative program through Congress redistribute wealth and income reduce the bloated power of the executive branch of government Question 20 The baby boom: has been overrated in importance as a social phenomenon produced a generation devoted to sacrifice started in the early days of World War II continued the twentieth centurys steady increase in birthrate started in 1946 Question 21 One major inspiration for Reagans economic approach was: the New Deal 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save

Eisenhowers modern Republicanism the Republican tax-reduction program of the 1920s Henry Clays American System Theodore Roosevelts New Nationalism Question 22 Between 1945 and 1960, home ownership: declined, due to the construction of cheap apartments significantly increased was hampered due to shortages of credit became almost universal was not as popular as government-provided public housing Question 23 Match each description with the item below.

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Phyllis Schlafly William J. Bennett George Bush Jerry Falwell Michael Dukakis Walter Mondale Oliver North Sandra Day OConnor Ronald Reagan Geraldine Ferraro

A. championed womens roles as wives and mothers B. was the Republican vicepresidential candidate in 1980 C. led the Moral Majority D. was the former governor of California E. was appointed drug czar F. was the main actor in IranContra affair G. was a Supreme Court justice H. was the Democratic presidential candidate in 1988 I. was a vice-presidential candidate in 1984 J. said, [My opponent] will raise taxes, and so will I. He wont tell you. I just did 1 points Save

Question 24 Johnsons Medicare program provided medical benefits to: the unemployed all Americans those over age sixty-five single mothers and their children

the handicapped Question 25 A high percentage of the homeless people of the 1980s were: Reagan supporters formerly wealthy mentally ill easy to lift out of homelessness receiving large welfare payments Question 26 1 points Save Jimmy Carters victory in the 1976 election was aided by all of the following EXCEPT: his electoral strength in the South his non-Washington background in the aftermath of Watergate a huge voter turnout his promise to be an honest president Fords less-than-impressive presidential record Question 27 58,000 Americans died Saigon fell to the Communists and became Ho Chi Minh City many young Americans questioned the value of military service Americans were more determined than ever to spread democracy deep divisions over foreign policy continued Question 28 Many of those who contracted AIDS in the early and mid-1980s: caught it through casual personal contact could be cured with prompt treatment were in monogamous relationships soon died were put in government detention centers Question 29 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save All of the following were consequences of the Vietnam War EXCEPT: 1 points Save

Early in his presidency, Kennedy accomplished all of the following EXCEPT: support for space exploration the creation of the Peace Corps the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 the passage of a large tax cut increases in Social Security benefits and the minimum wage Question 30 The Gulf War was triggered by Saddam Husseins invasion of: Saudi Arabia Iran Egypt Israel Kuwait Question 31 In its controversial Miranda v. Arizona decision, the Warren Court: required that an accused person be informed of certain basic rights made abortion legal banned prayer in public schools protected job rights for homosexuals gave police more power to search without a warrant Question 32 The Civil Rights Act of 1964: outlawed segregation in public facilities strengthened the Democratic party in the South was reluctantly supported by Johnson passed Congress with minimal opposition ended racism in the United States Question 33 Match each description with the item below.

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Thomas E. Dewey

A. wrote influential article on cold

Alger Hiss Hubert Humphrey George F. Kennan George C. Marshall Douglas MacArthur Joseph R. McCarthy Matthew Ridgway J. Strom Thurmond Henry A. Wallace

war policy in Foreign Affairs B. fired as secretary of commerce in 1946 C. was the Dixiecrat presidential candidate in 1948 D. was convicted in 1950 of perjury in an espionage case E. was the Republican presidential candidate in 1948 F. gave civil rights speech at 1948 Democratic convention G. said, Old soldiers never die, they just fade away H. was a senator from Wisconsin I. was the secretary of state in 1947 J. led UN forces in Korea after April 1951 1 points Save

Question 34 By the end of the Eisenhower years, public school integration: was largely complete was still massively opposed in the Deep South had become one of his great achievements as president was smoothly proceeding had become an obvious mistake in policy Question 35

1 points Save The fact that We Shall Overcome became the civil rights anthem showed the powerful influence in the movement of: popular music songwriters Christians, regardless of their race liberal white northerners black evangelical churches

Question 36

1 points Save John F. Kennedy was careful to conceal from the public during the 1960 campaign his: Roman Catholicism

wife family wealth war record personal health Question 37 The protest tactic initiated by black students in Greensboro, North Carolina, was: the sit-in the occupation of campus administration buildings the March on Washington street theater the freedom ride Question 38 Life magazines ideal woman of the mid-1950s was: educated and single career oriented able to juggle home and career an equal partner with her husband a white suburban housewife Question 39 1 points Save The most important factor behind the sexual revolution of the 1960s was the: Supreme Courts legalization of abortion development of birth-control pills free love philosophy of the hippie movement increasing number of women in college permissive messages and images in Hollywood films Question 40 The hippie movement ultimately: disappeared once the draft was ended won over much of Middle America to its perspective 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save

was limited to San Francisco succumbed to commercialism got involved in civil rights activism and the war on poverty Question 41 1 points Save The collapse of stock prices that occurred on Black Monday (October 19, 1987): caused a depression continued for years to follow affected only the United States caused Reagan to further reduce taxes in percentage terms, was the worst in American history Question 42 Before becoming president, Eisenhower was most shaped by his experience in: business the military higher education politics the law Question 43 Match each description with the item below.

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Rosa Parks

A. was a Supreme Court chief justice John Foster Dulles B. advocated massive resistance Dwight D. to integration Eisenhower C. was a Democratic presidential Orval Faubus candidate in 1956 D. said, I dont believe you can Thurgood Marshall change the hearts of men with Francis Gary Powers laws or decisions E. challenged bus segregation in Adlai Stevenson Montgomery, Alabama Harry Byrd F. was the army counsel in the televised McCarthy hearings Earl Warren G. was a U-2 spy-plane pilot Joseph Welch H. was the NAACP lawyer I. was an Arkansas governor

J. was secretary of state in 1950s Question 44 In regard to Vietnam policy, Nixon: insisted that he would pursue peace with honor was indifferent to an eventual Communist takeover was determined to end the American involvement quickly still believed that the war could be won refused to sit and negotiate with the enemy Question 45 The 1954 Geneva Accords: recognized French control of Indochina were fully backed by the United States put all of Vietnam under Ho Chi Minhs control unified Vietnam divided Vietnam until elections two years later Question 46 The Voting Rights Act of 1965: was passed by Congress over Johnsons opposition ended black protest movements dramatically expanded black votes in the South made the South more strongly Democratic was successfully resisted in the Deep South Question 47 1 points Save One major impetus behind the rise of a Native American rights movement was the: effective work of the Bureau of Indian Affairs interest of many Americans in Indian history realization of Indians that their votes could swing elections in several states fact that Indians were still not recognized as citizens terrible levels of poverty that persisted in the Indian population Question 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save 1 points Save

48 Match each description with the item below.

Mario Savio William Calley Rachel Carson Csar Chvez John Dean Tom Hayden Gerald Ford Betty Friedan Henry Kissinger George Wallace

A. was shot and left paralyzed in 1972 B. was secretary of state in 1975 C. founded NOW D. founded SDS and authored the Port Huron Statement E. was convicted for My Lai Massacre F. gave testimony before Senate committee that linked Nixon directly to Watergate cover-up G. wrote Silent Spring H. was a philosophy major who led UC Berkeleys free-speech movement I. lost the presidential election of 1976 J. led United Farm Workers 1 points Save

Question 49 The Cuban missile crisis: led to a U.S.-backed invasion of Cuba showed Kennedys tendency to back down in a tense confrontation ended the cold war

brought the United States and the Soviet Union close to nuclear war saw the United States destroy some missile sites with surgical air strikes Question 50 Betty Friedans The Feminine Mystique: celebrated the cult of female domesticity explained the unhappiness of so many middle-class women told women how to better please their husbands painted an ideal portrait of suburban living argued that women should be paid high wages for housework 1 points Save

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