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Blog Review Monday 20th February 2012 Name:___Katie Charman__________________________________ Group/ Production Company:__________________________________ Film Title:_____________________________________

Research and Planning /20 Evidence of Research and Planning There is excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience y FOUR analyses for opening title sequences including Se7en Evidence of research into the codes and conventions of the horror genre and sub-genres y y y Evidence of research into Todorov s Narrative Theory Application of preliminary to horror film Slideshare/ Divshare essay on ONE whole film exploring macro and micro analysis There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props y y y Filming schedule Location scout photographs Casting photographs with explanation of casting (use/defy/develop conventions) There is excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding y y y y y y y Upload of Preliminary Evaluation of Preliminary Planning of Story Structure Storyboard Animatic Screenplay Shotlist Y ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ? ? More needed y Y ? Y

Time management is excellent y y Filming schedule Independent management of research and planning ?

There is excellent use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation y Varied use of media forms e.g. embedded clips, ppts, word docs, podcasts, vodcasts, images (photos, screen grabs). There should not be lengthy passages of text posted. N

Details of incomplete research and planning- must be completed by Friday 24th February for assessment. y Horror documentary- do a detailed explanation and write-up of horror genre- refer back to handouts y Must also explain the horror documentary task y Amend the title of Todorov s Narrative Theory - this is an application of Todorov s Narrative Theory to Jennifer s Body. y Spelling of Preliminary- also elaborate on explanation. y Evaluate the final edit of the preliminary y Seven analysis- consider the pacing of the cuts. How are these synchronized with the music? Evaluate the use of music in more depth. Be more specific about how the genre of the film is constructed. How do we know it is a psychological thriller? How are the shots an external manifestation of the killer s mind? y Dead Silence analysis- use appropriate terminology e.g. what kind of shot is the eye shot- an extreme close-up. What is the effect of using such shots- you need to consider what comes before and after for this to make sense. y Sweeney Todd analysis- needs to use more specific terminology again. What kind of shots are used? Be more precsise when analysing the typography. What kind of font is used? Describe it and analyse it. Avoid phrases like, stands out . This is vague. Editing needs to be more precisely exploredpace? Cuts? Transitions? y Nightmare on Elm Street analysis- this is very good! Well done. Ensure that you have used correct terminology again. And use comments above to apply here as well. y Evidence of planning is missing. See ??? above. y Too reliant of the use of ppts at the moment. Use other forms to present information Upload rough edit Post audience feedback Upload final edit