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Press release For immediate release 22th of February 2012

Hundreds of Fake Issues of a Utopian 'Israel Today' Were Handed Out All Over the Country
A group called 'Artists for Israel's Tomorrow' planted hundreds of fake issues of 'Israel Today' in train stations across the country. The fake version consisted of utopian headlines such as the opening of Shuadha Street to Palestinians and the announcement that thousands of public homes will be built. In train stations around Israel hundreds of readers of 'Yisrael HaYom' ('Israel Today' Israel's free daily newspaper) would have been amazed to read the surprising news in their morning paper. The group 'Artists for Israel's Tomorrow' swapped the two first and last pages of hundreds of issues of one of the most popular newspapers in Israel. Instead of the regular gloomy headlines they created happy news. Therefore, the fake optimistic cover page heralds the end of the separation of Shuhada Street in Hebron and the news that there will be a change of policy at the Ministry of Development and Housing who will begin building hundreds of thousands of new public housing apartments, with the money coming from the budget of the Ministry of Defence and from a rise in taxes from the stock exchange. >>> among others the intention of the football club 'Beitar Jerusalem' to recruit the player Ahmed Kasum, and the decision of the Minsters Legislative Committee to pass a bill determining a maximum wage for senior executives. On the second page of the paper readers found detailed information on the opening of Shuhada Street with quotes supposedly from PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak and reactions from the Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, Salam Pier and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. In the article relating to the plans to develop public housing Ministers Ariel Etias and Yuval Steinitz lay out the governments' new policy , that due to this summer's protests their main concern now is ensuring a roof over the heads of every citizen. On the second to last page of the issue fake adverts highlight the military nature of Israel and on the last page they have published celebrity gossip on famous Israelis. Inbetween the fake newspaper also appeared a paper "Israel Today - The Real Israel of Today". The group 'Artists for Israel's Tomorrow' wishes all the residents of Israel for the day that will come when these headlines will be the real news in the papers. Translation of the fake paper: Title Barak: No entry signs at the entrance of Hebron are reminiscent of darker times in history. Subtitle - Exclusive: The Minister of Defence ordered a halt of the separation in Hebron Obama: ''We didn't fight against racial separation in the U.S. Only for Israel to bring it back''