King Boreas Toastmasters Club History
By Tom Deyo 2011

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13The history of King Boreas Toastmasters Club is a long and distinguished one. The Club was 14founded in 1941; the Original Charter date is November 1, 1941. This compilation of the 15available information was compiled by Tom Deyo for the 70th anniversary of the Chartering of 16the club. The project started as a review of the records to compile a mailing list to send 17invitations out to all the old and current members. 18 19It rapidly grew in scope as it was realized that the records available were unorganized and 20incomplete. Many of the early records were lost in a fire at a member’s home. Efforts have been 21made to fill these gaps with ongoing research and corrections being made by “Those that know”. 22The information found after the publishing of this compilation will be updated on the Club’s 23website. 24 25As the original project progressed and it was realized that some sort of organization needed to be 26established it was decided by Tom that a new history of the club would be beneficial, and was 27due, since the last historical compilation of the club was done by Owen Nelson in 1991. Owen’s 28compilation was an update of previous history summaries, including the one he did in 1986. Tom 29decided to do a chronological history in the style of the District History that was done by 30Thomas D. Strewsbury, May 9, 1970. 31 32This project was by no means a solo project and many volunteer hours were contributed by club 33members and others. Special thanks go out to Melissa Deyo for her many hours entering names, 34typing and putting up with the multitude of Toastmasters records “Gracing her dining room table 35for extended periods of time”. Her patience is much appreciated by all in the club. 36 37I also wish to Thank Owen Nelson for being my Mentor on this project. His guidance and 38support made this Herculean task a joy. His support scanning the photos and proof reading has 39been immeasurable. 40 41We hope you enjoy reading this history and learn a little about the club and its members. The 42club maintains an open invitation to visitors, so please come and see us. 43 44Tom Deyo 45March 12, 2011



46 47Forward................................................................................................................................2 48Table of Contents.................................................................................................................3 49The 1940’s Overview...........................................................................................................5 501941-1942 Our Founding.....................................................................................................7 511942-1943..........................................................................................................................11 521943-1944..........................................................................................................................12 531944-1945..........................................................................................................................13 541945-1946..........................................................................................................................17 551946-1947..........................................................................................................................22 561947-1948..........................................................................................................................24 571948-1949..........................................................................................................................31 581949-1950..........................................................................................................................34 591950-1951..........................................................................................................................36 601951-1952..........................................................................................................................38 611952-1953..........................................................................................................................40 621953-1954..........................................................................................................................42 631954-1955..........................................................................................................................43 641955-1956..........................................................................................................................46 651956-1957..........................................................................................................................50 661957-1958..........................................................................................................................54 671958-1959..........................................................................................................................56 681959-1960..........................................................................................................................58 691960-1961..........................................................................................................................63 701961-1962..........................................................................................................................67 711962-1963..........................................................................................................................70 721963-1964..........................................................................................................................74 731964-1965..........................................................................................................................76 741966-1967..........................................................................................................................78 751967-1968..........................................................................................................................83 761968-1969..........................................................................................................................86 771969-1970..........................................................................................................................88 781970-1971..........................................................................................................................97 791971-1972........................................................................................................................101 801972-1973........................................................................................................................105 811973-1974........................................................................................................................117 821974-1975........................................................................................................................125 831975-1976........................................................................................................................130 841976-1977........................................................................................................................134 851977-1978........................................................................................................................136 861978-1979........................................................................................................................139 871979-1980........................................................................................................................144 881980-1981........................................................................................................................152 891981-1982........................................................................................................................160 901982-1983........................................................................................................................168 3 3

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Charter Information......................................................................... 120Appendix B…Club Ribbons and Awards.............................................................................. 121Appendix C…International and District Officers from King Boreas.................................... 122Appendix D…Basic Training Completions thru 3/1/1970.................................................... 123Appendix E…Education Awards 1980 to April 2011........................................................... 124Appendix F…Who’s Who in Toastmasters from King Boreas............................................. 125Appendix G…1954 Constitution........................................................................................... 126Appendix H…1954 Bylaws................................................................................................... 127Appendix I…2011 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137 138The 1940’s were the beginning of King Boreas Toastmasters. Barely a month before the attack 139on Pearl harbor and the start of World War 2, King Boreas was Chartered, on November 4th, 1401941, a Charter was granted to the club. What caliber of men would get together to “Found” a 141group to try and develop speaking and leadership skills? They were men of action, dedication, 142civic pride and a can do attitude Doctors, lawyers, civic leaders, and men of faith. 143 144For instance the archives show that in 1946-1947 Toastmaster year, one Keith Halva was: 145 • Elected Secretary of the 101 Macmen Organization 146 • On October 3, 1946 elected Chairman of the Council of Religious Education, 147 Macalester Presbyterian Church of St. Paul 148 • Appointed Captain in charge of the Presbyterian Churches in campaign for the St. 149 Paul Council of Churches 150 • Appointed a Co-Captain in the capital fund campaign for the erection of two new 151 YMCA buildings in St. Paul, and the remodeling of a third building 152 • Addressed banquet for the Macalester Church School Staff 153 • Gave address of welcome on behalf of the elders of Macalester Church to the 154 Easter class of new members 155 • Coached Macalester College Junior Toastmasters Club on parliamentary law 156 • Assisted in the installation of officers – Westminster Fellowship Of Presbytery 157 (young people of 26 churches) 158 • Coached new officers of W. F. of Presbytery in parliamentary law 159 • On September 10, 1946, Mr. A. K. Halva, of King Boreas Toastmaster club, acted 160 as toastmaster for the annual retreat of the Macalester Church Council of 161 Religious Education, and church school staff. Guest speakers were Dr. Wm. Bell, 162 Representing the national boards of the Presbyterian Churches U.S. A., and Mrs. 163 August Beck of the Minnesota Council of Churches. 164 165Ed Dochterman was elected President of the Shrine Patrol and gave a speech entitled “The Great 166Humanitarians” that was submitted to Toastmasters International, prompting the Following 167Message from Ralph Smedley, Toastmasters Founder, to then President Fred Lengfeld: 168 169 8/13/1946 170 Dear Fred: 171 The copy of speech by Ed Dochterman is received. Thank you for sending it. It is a good 172 one, and the committee on speech-of-the-month will enjoy it. We have so many good 173 ones on hand that it may take some time to get to working it in, but we’ll do our best. 174 You men do make good speeches. 175 The convention was great. Wish you could have been there, but we will see you in St. 176 Paul next summer, anyhow. Don’t have a frost for us then, please. 177 Sincerely Yours 178 Ralph Smedley 179 6 6

The 1940’s an Overview

180The 1940’s were a time of great civic involvement for King Boreas. The club sponsored the 181Dinner of the Kings, for the Winter Carnival Royalty; gave several hundred speeches to civic, 182social charitable, and defense efforts; the club gained recognition locally, district and in the 183International Toastmasters Organization. This recognition was gained by sponsoring new clubs, 184the high caliber of speeches given, the commitment and dedication to Toastmasters, the 185community and Toastmasters International. A District Director, Tracy Jeffers, was one of the 186early members of King Boreas; he also served as International Director. These foundations lead 187to many other great members, the most well known probably being motivational speaker and 188author Harvey Mackay.



189 190 191District Governance 192District Governor: George W. Benson 193Term: 1941-1942 194Club: Minneapolis #75 195 196King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 197Area 2 Governor: Garret B Edwards 198 199Club Officers 200First half 201President Warren Bacon 202Vice President Lloyd Anderson 203Secretary A. Victor Barquist 204Treasurer George Maier 205Deputy Governor Ed Dochterman 206Sergeant at Arms Arthur Kemp 207


Second Half Al Sundberg

208From District History: 209 210 One of the most Notable clubs in District Six was chartered on November 4, 1941. This club is 211King Boreas #208 of St. Paul. Their record of consecutive weekly meetings is surpassed by no 212club in Toastmasters. The name was chosen in recognition of the festivities which St. Paul has 213each year with its Winter Carnival. The club adopted a special club insignia, which was drawn 214by nationally-known artist John Socha, a member of the club. Two Honorary members were 215taken in at the charter party - - John F Scott, Rex Boreas VII and Prime Minister Patrick J. 216Towle. Over 130 persons attended the charter party, including 15 members from the Princeton 217club. Sibley and JTC clubs cancelled their meetings to attend. Two of the charter members of the 218club have shared in the heritage of District Six. The contributions of Tracy Jeffers and Herman 219C. Goebel will follow. 220 At the Charter Party of King Boreas #208. Left to Right Patrick J. Towle, Prime Minister; Dr. Warren W. Bacon, First King Boreas President; A. Victor Barquist, First King Boreas Secretary; John F. Scott, Rex Boreas VII of the Winter Carnival; Garrett B. Wright, . Area 2 Governor; Dr. R. W, Holmes, charter Member. 221 222 8 8

223 224Club History from Club Sources: 225 226The idea of organizing a second Toastmasters club in St. Paul was conceived by Lloyd S. 227“Andy” Anderson, a well known St. Paul jeweler, in the summer of 1941. To “Get the show on 228the road” (one of his favorite expressions) he naturally enlisted the aid of two equally well 229known railroad men Victor Barquist and Edward Dochterman, as well as Dr. Warren Bacon, 230Arthur Kemp, and Arthur Rehnberg. These six then became the “Founders” of King Boreas 231Toastmasters Club and quickly recruited twenty-five other men of diverse occupations and 232opinions to complete the original roster of charter members:

271The first meeting of the Club was held on August 26, 1941, at the old Alverdes Restaurant on St. 272Peter Street. Charter number 208 was granted to the Club by the fledgling Toastmasters 273International of Santa Ana, California; on October 22, 1941 (the date shown in Appendix A of 274November 1st is due to Toastmasters dating all charters at that time on the first of month, 9 9

275following actual date). The Charter bears the signatures of Ernest C. Davis and Ralph C. 276Smedley, then Secretary, Founder of Toastmasters. 277 278The name “King Boreas” was adopted by the Club in honor of the St. Paul Winter Carnival 279monarch with the reigning Boreas Rex VII, John F. Scott, on November 4, 1941. King Boreas 280Toastmasters Club has participated in numerous Winter Carnival activities over the years. 281 282 283The St. Paul newspaper announced the Club with the following release in October of 1941: 284 285 Another Toastmaster Club Formed in City 286 A new Sr. Paul Toastmasters club applied Tuesday for a charter in Toastmasters 287 International after a meeting in Alverdes Restaurant. 288 The 30 members decided to name the organization the King Boreas Toastmasters club. 289 Plans are being made for a charter presentation Oct. 29. 290 291 Dr. W. W. Bacon is President and A. V. Barquist is secretary of the new organization.

Charter Party. (Left to right) (Unfortunately the original charter certificate has been lost)
Robert Holman Richard Moore Garrett Wright Area 2 Governor *Dr. W. W. Bacon 1st KB president George Benson District Governor, One-time TMI Pres. *Ed Dochterman *Arthur Kemp

293 294Of the charter members, Tracy Jeffers was originally listed as an associate member, the active 295membership being limited to thirty. Undaunted by this handicap, he soon advanced to active 296membership and progressed rapidly thereafter. The memory of our first associate member is 297preserved in our Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year Award, Officially named the Tracy Jeffers 298Award.




299 300 District Governance 301 302District Governance 303District Governor: Thomas W. Hennessy 304Term: 1942-1943 305Club: Minnesota #166 306 307King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 308Area 2 Governor: Alfred Sundberg (King Boreas) 309 310Club Officers 311First half Second Half 312President Tracy Jeffers Waldo Leubben 313Vice President 314Secretary 315Treasurer 316Deputy Governor 317Sergeant at Arms 318 319From District History: 320There is no District report for the 1942-1943 Toastmaster year. 321 322Club History from Club Sources: 323 The year 1942 brought King Boreas its first member to serve as an area officer, when Alfred 324 Sundberg served as Area 2 Lieutenant Governor, serving under Thomas Hennessy the District 325 Six Governor. 326 327 An article in the St. Paul Dispatch on March 3, 1942 States: 328 329 Alfred Sundberg Heads Toastmasters 330 Officers of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club of St. Paul an associate of Toastmasters 331 International were elected at a meeting in the YWCA Tuesday night. 332 The New officers are Alfred Sundberg, President; Tracy Jeffers, Vice President; Everett 333 Peterson, Secretary, and George Maier, Treasurer. 334 335 After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Dr. Smedley offered the services of 336 clubs to support the war effort. King Boreas stepped up and in 1942, and the following war 337 years gave many speeches in support of the Defense Bond, Civil Defense and Red Cross efforts.




338 339District Governance 340District Governor: Thomas W. Hennessy 341Term: 1943-1944 342Club: Minnesota #166 343 344King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 345Area 2 Governor: Earl H. Nelson 346 347Club Officers 348First half Second Half 349President Robert Lilly Dr. Holmen 350Vice President 351Secretary 352Treasurer 353Deputy Governor 354Sergeant at Arms 355 356 From District History: 357 The District Six History announces the launch of the District Six Shooter (now the District Six 358 Digest) showing Tracy Jeffers as winning the area 2 Speech Contest. 359 360Club History from Club Sources: 361The only surviving record from 1943 is a program schedule for February meetings. It shows 362speeches on topics like G. J. Gebeau’s “He only is exempt from failures, who makes no effort” 363and Dr. Martineau’s “Reconstruction after the Civil War”. 364 365On March 8, 1944 the St. Paul Pioneer Press had an announcement 366 : 367 Tracy Jeffers Wins Boreas Speech Contest 368 Tracy Jeffers 1293 Grand Ave. is the winner of a speech elimination contest 369 conducted by the King Boreas Toastmaster Club and will represent the club in an 370 area speech contest in the YWCA auditorium at 8 p. m. March 25. Robert A. Lilly 371 is the new president of the club. Other Officers are Edward Dochterman, vice 372 president; John R. Hoffman, Secretary; George J Gibeau, Treasurer; Lloyd Cadle, 373 Sergeant at Arms; and Dr. Robert W. Holmen, Deputy Governor.




374 375 376 District Governance 377District Governor: Watt W. Welker 378Term: 1944-1945 379Club: Minneapolis #75 380 381District Educational Director: Edgar J. Otto (King Boreas) 382Resident Correspondent: Lloyd S. Anderson (King Boreas) 383 384King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 385 Area 2 Governor: Norman Knutson 386 387Club Officers 388First half Second Half 389President Ed Dochterman Ed Dochterman 390Vice President Lloyd Anderson 391Secretary Kenneth Johnson 392Treasurer 393Deputy Governor Robert Lilly 394Sergeant at Arms David Umbehocker 395 396 From District History: 397 King Boreas or members not mentioned in District History. 398 399Club History from Club Sources: 400The year was a busy one for King Boreas. The 1944-45 Toastmaster Club of the Year Entry 401Form shows many achievements. Some of these are: 402 132 speeches given for Patriotic Programs and Community service groups 403 66 inches of newspaper announcements and publicity 404 2 new clubs sponsored (Paramount & Capital City) 405 7 club members in military service 406 407Some excerpts from the Club of the Year entry Form of interest follow. 408 409 We hold an annual speech contest, and the finalists are selected by choosing a weekly 410 winner over a period of six to eight weeks. These members then compete for the club 411 championship, and the winner represents the club in the area contest. In the Finals, all 412 contestants speak on the same subject selected by our members. No speaker hears those 413 preceding him that evening; the remarkable fact is that to date no two speakers have 414 treated the subjects in the same manner. 415 416 In reference to Club publicity; In view of the current shortage of newsprint, the 66 inches 417 of space devoted to numerous articles pertaining to King Boreas activities alone is a good 418 indication of the standing and prestige of Toastmasters Clubs in this area. 13 13


419 420 Articles in “The Toastmaster”; 421 September 1944 page 23 2 ½ inches 422 November 1944 page 24 ¾ page 423 424 The St. Paul Toastmasters’ Speakers Bureau was set up three years ago, and for the past 425 two years, while under the direction of a member of our club, it has attained an enviable 426 record. It now is an integral part of the Speakers Bureau of St. Paul and Ramsey County, 427 Minnesota. When speakers are needed Toastmasters, as a rule, get the first call. The 428 response and willingness to accept assignments for all occasions has been the subject of 429 many commendatory letters. 430 431 In order to promote new clubs… we appeared before the Exchange Club; The St. Paul 432 Association of Off icemen; The American Legion Luncheon Club, and The Men’s Bible 433 Class of Central Park Methodist Church. These demonstrations resulted in the 434 organization of the Paramount and Capital City clubs. We anticipate forming one or more 435 clubs among members of the Legion. 436 437 King Boreas sponsored a recognition dinner for the winners of the 4-H club speech and 438 radio contest. 439 440 Just recently several of our members have been elected officers in various service clubs, 441 fraternal and church organizations because they have proven they know how to conduct a 442 meeting and express themselves in a manner befitting on holding such office. 443 444 In recognition of the position King Boreas holds in District Six, three of its members held 445 District offices in the last year; namely Educational Director, Edgar Otto, Resident 446 Correspondent, Lloyd Anderson, and Budget Committee Chairman, name not available. 447 448The news announcements in the surviving records: 449 450 November 13, 1944 451 Boreas Toastmasters to have Dinner Tuesday 452 A dinner to celebrate the third anniversary of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club will be 453 given at 7 P. M. Tuesday in the University Club. This club, one of the units of an 454 international organization, has a record of 168 consecutive meetings. E. N. Dochterman 455 president, will give an address of welcome and Tracy Jeffers will be master of 456 ceremonies. 457 458 (The above mentioned anniversary dinner prompted a “Proclamation and Summons” 459 from His Imperial Majesty Boreas VII commanding family and friend to attend or risk 460 fear of Imperial displeasure. 461 462 The dinner menu was Spring Vegetable soup, Beef Tenderloin, Au Gratin potatoes, Peas, 463 Salad, and apple pie.) 14 14

464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506

January 9, 1945 Office men To Meet The St. Paul Association of Office men will meet at noon today in the Athletic Club. Members of the King Boreas Toastmasters will present a program of the do’s and don’ts of speech making. February 14, 1945 Toastmasters to Speak The King Boreas Toastmaster club will be presented in speeches by the North St. Paul Legion post at the American Legion luncheon at noon Thursday in the Legion Memorial building. 54 West Seventh St. February 19, 1945 Officers of the St. Paul Watchmakers guild will be installed at a 6:30 p. m. dinner meeting Tuesday in Davidson’s cafeteria, Sixth and Minnesota. The 18945 officers who will be installed are: B. V. Eckhol, president; J. Gustad, vice president; C. W. Gaskell, secretary; R. E. Nelson, treasurer; and H.W. Anderson, K. Nelson and M. Wold directors. Lloyd S. Anderson, who is resident correspondent of Toastmasters International and vice president of the Toastmaster’s King Boreas Club, will be the installing officer. After the installations a timely subject of watch repairing will be discussed March 2, 1945 Waldo E. Luebben has been selected to represent the King Boreas Toastmaster Club in the area oratory contest. The dates of the event will be announced later. Luebben, 2000 Arcade St. won over six other members in a talk on the subject “Freedom of Speech”. A. Keith Halva, 1293 Grand Ave, was named alternate. March 7 1945 Lloyd S. Anderson to Head King Boreas Club Lloyd S. Anderson was elected president of the King Boreas Toastmaster club at the annual election of the organization Tuesday night. March 22, 1945 Club Units Enter Speech Contest A speech contest and dinner will be held for all members of the Toastmaster’s clubs and their wives at 6:30 P. M. April 14, in Davidson’s cafeteria, second floor of the Oppenheim Bldg., Sixth and Minnesota. Five of the clubs have entered speakers. They are Ernest Picard fort the Capital City club; Waldo Luebben for the Boreas; Leonard Hamrin, First St. Paul; Richard E. Smith, The Victory club; and Fred Keller, the Paramount. Duluth, Eau Claire and Princeton will also enter contestants. Norman Knutson, Lieutenant governor of the Sixth district for Toastmaster’s clubs, which comprises Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba,



507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514

April 20, 1945 Speech Contest to be Held Tonight Area two of Toastmasters International will hold its annual speech contest 6:30 p. m. today in Davidson’s Café, Sixth and Minnesota. Richard E. Smith will represent the Victory club of St. Paul, Waldo Luebben the King Boreas club and Leonard Harming, the First St. Paul organization. In addition W. A. Sanford will represent the Greysolon club of Duluth and Erling J. Blom the Eau Claire, Wis., club. Norman V. Knutson, Lieutenant governor of the area, will preside.



515 516 District Governance 517District Governor: Tracy M. Jeffers 518Term: 1945-1946 519Club: King Boreas #208 520 521District Educational Director: Edgar J. Otto (King Boreas) 522Resident Correspondent: Lloyd S. Anderson (King Boreas) 523 524King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 525 Area 2 Governor: Alfred J. Adam 526 527 Club Awards: Testimonial of Distinction “Club of the Year Contest” 528 Outstanding Activity, Interest and Progress 529 (Signed by Ralph Smedley) 530 531Club Officers 532First half Second Half 533President Lloyd Anderson Frederick Lengfeld 534Vice President Frederick Lengfeld Herman Goebel 535Secretary Joseph Peters Edgar Brant 536Treasurer F. Stuart Johnson Herbert Glewwe 537Deputy Governor Ed Dochterman Lloyd Anderson 538Sergeant at Arms Leonard Sofie Larry Empson 539 540From District History: 541Tracy Jeffers was probably the most active District Governor. He set ambitious goals for District 542Six when he took office on July 1, 1945. Among these goals was 20 clubs. This goal was 543accomplished in a sense. Fourteen charters can directly be traced to him, and seven of the twelve 544clubs chartered the next year were organized when he was in office. One club ceased its 545operations during the year, but there were 45 clubs in District Six on July 1, 1946. On that date, 546two ne districts were created.


548The King Boreas Club #208 of St. Paul sponsored an all-American Legion Club, which was 549chartered on April 22, 1946. Known originally as the Post 8 Club #374, it has been known 550recently as Legion Rostrum. This first attempt was so successful that two other groups were well 551on their way to receiving their charters at the end of the year. 553The Speakers Bureau in St. Paul was recognized as the official agency for several drives. District 554Governor Jeffers was a member of the Mayor’s Famine Emergency Relief Committee, as a 555representative of Toastmasters. 556 557King Boreas #208 became more closely affiliated with the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The Winter 558Carnival Association designated one evening during the festival exclusively to King Boreas club 559for the annual party that was giving for the Royal Retinue. It was a hope, and a realization for 17 17

560time, that it would become an integral part of the Winter Carnival activities. Numerous 561suggestions made to the Board of Directors by Governor Jeffers have come to be known as 562routing guidelines for clubs and districts to follow in a variety of areas of concern. First of all, it 563was noted that the information contained in the International Directory of Clubs was not correct 564in several instances, Club officers were stressed on the importance of prompt reporting of officer 565changes, (at the time, the directory included the names of the club officers.) 566 567It was suggested that clubs be required to furnish a record of the time of their meetings along 568with their credentials for consideration of the committee who selected the Club of the Year. 569Governor Jeffers found at the time that clubs who were most successful limited their meetings to 570two hours. 571 572Questions of impartiality of judges in speech contests were raised. A recommendation was made 573that the rules be revised to prohibit judges from evaluating the speaker from their club in area 574contests, and that judges not judge the contestants from their area at the district contest. In a 575modified form, this rule is a matter of general procedure today in many speech contests. 576 577Induction of officers and officer training were suggested, so that the officers of a club are better 578able to function effectively. Installation of officers was used successfully during the year in 579District Six. 580 581Finally, a suggestion was made regarding proxies for the International Convention. The proxies 582had been mailed sometime during the summer, before the convention, to all clubs. This made it 583difficult, as many a District Governor will agree, to collect them from those clubs not sending a 584representative to the convention. It was suggested by Governor Jeffers that they be mailed in 585May, to give sufficient time to collect them before the summer adjournments. 586 587 The administration of Tracy Jeffers had given District Six its greatest growth, His record of 14 588new clubs still stands (as of 1970 District history). There were 43 clubs on June 30, 1946. With 589the formation of the new districts, Ralph Lowe would have 26 clubs in the newly defined District 590Six on July 1, 1946. 591 592Club History from Club Sources: 593(From Club of the year application) 594 595KING BOREAS TOASTMASTER CLUB, ST. PAUL, MINN., 1945-46 596 597MEMBERSHIP AND ATTENDANCE: 598Since the founding of King Boreas Toastmaster Club on August 26, 1941, we have held our 599regular weekly meeting, winter and summer, never missing a regular meeting date. We have 600held meetings on any special days that happened to come on our regular meeting night. As an 601indication of the interest of our members, V-J Day found twenty-one of them in Attendance; 602there were nine present at the meeting which fell on Christmas Day, 1945, They being forced to 603travel through 14 inches of snow and one of the worst storms of the year; and fifteen were 604present New Year’s night, January 1, 1946. Last summer our attendance reached a low on one 18 18

605occasion of fourteen. Our 250th consecutive meeting will be held on June 11, 1946. This is a 606record which we are positive no other club in the United States can equal. 607Three of the six men who comprised the first meeting August 26, 1941, at which time the group 608was organized, are still very active; of the thirty-one charter members, nine are still active in the 609club. 610 611During the past year, six members have left our club---three because of promotions received 612which necessitated their leaving the city; two left to assist in the formation of a new club and 613became charter members of that club (the Midway Club) which King Boreas sponsored; one 614transferred for convenience sake to another club in St. Paul and has been greatly instrumental in 615increasing the membership of that club. 616 617Our tenth president is now in office, and of the nine past presidents, only two have severed 618connections with King Boreas---our first president is now a practicing physician on the West 619Coast and our second president is a local attorney and was forced to withdraw due to press of 620work. 621 622SOCIAL EVENTS: 623On the occasion of our 200th consecutive meeting on June 26, 1945, a special meeting was held 624in the form of Past Presidents’ Night as which the ladies and other guests were present. Past 625presidents took a prominent part in the program that evening. 626 627On February 26, 1946, King Boreas Rex IX reigned over a gala evening of fun at the 628Commodore Hotel. Our guests were the King and Queen of the St. Paul Winter Carnival and 629their attendants. This was our first annual Winter Carnival Party and was a combination of 630Founder’s Night, Ladies’ Night, and Charter Night. The success of our party was attested to by 631the fact that our guests were scheduled to make another appearance that evening, at the 632auditorium, which they cut short so as to return to the Commodore Hotel, and they brought more 633of the Royal Party with them. Our special guests that evening were the Snow Queens sent in to 634participate in the Carnival by the different cities in Minnesota in which there are Toastmasters 635clubs. We are assured by the Carnival Committee that this is the best affair given any Royal 636Party in the history of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and the publicity from it did much for the 637Toastmasters Movement. 638 639Our first annual President’s night was held recently when all the members were the dinner guests 640of President Herman Goebel. 641 642EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS: 643 644We hold an annual speech contest, and the finalists are selected by choosing a weekly winner 645over a period of six to eight weeks. These members then compete for the club championship, and 646the winner represents the club in the area contest. In the finals, all contestants speak on the same 647subject “which is selected by the chairman of the program committee. No speaker hears those 648preceding him that evening, and no two of them have ever treated the subject in the same 649manner. 19 19

650 651Our representative placed in third place in the area speech contest against very tough 652competition; a minister with fourteen years in the pulpit placed first and went on toe second 653place in the District contest. 654 655All new members are given the chance to go through the “Fundamentals of Basic Training”. 656 657INDUCEMENTS FOR IMPROEMNT AND CLUB EXTENSION: 658 659To stimulate the bringing of guests, the club furnished an attractive four-page invitation for the 660use of the members; this has been used extensively with very good results. No guest is permitted 661to pay for his dinner, the cost being borne by the club or the host member. 662 663Every member is publically commended for good or outstanding work and just as quickly 664censored for failure to carry out any assignment. 665 666PUBLICITY: 667 668In addition to 58 ½ inches of local newspaper space, King Boreas had the following articles in 669the TOASTMASTER: 670 November 1945 Page 28 2 articles 671 February, 1946 Page 3 article and picture 672 March 1946 Page 4 Article on American Legion 673 Club we sponsored

675COMMUNITY SERVICE & PATRIOTIC PROGRAMS: 676 677One of our members is chairman of the Speakers Bureau of the City of St. Paul. This Bureau 678provide speakers for all civic appeals such as Red Cross, Bond Drives, March of Dimes, Fire 679Prevention, Famine Relief, Recruiting, etc. Members of our club have made many speeches for 680these causes during the past year, totaling 73 in number. 681 682NEW CLUB PROMOTION: 683 684The Post Eight Toastmasters club, which King Boreas sponsored during the pat year, is the first 685all-American Legion club in the United States. Publicity given this new club in the American 686Legion state publications furnished impetus for the formation of two other all-American Legion 687clubs in Minneapolis. The power behind the organization of one of these two clubs was a 688member of King Boreas who, as previously mentioned, transferred to the Midway club. 689 690For the first several weeks during the organization period of each club we have sponsored, one or 691more of our members were in attendance in the capacity of general evaluator, critic, or advisor. 692To each new club sponsored, we presented at their Charter Banquet, as a gift from our club, a 693permanent guest register appropriately inscribed. In addition thereto, we have always assumed 694the expense of framing their charter. 695 20 20

696RECOGNITION OF MEMBERS OF KING BOREAS 697 698Toastmaster training assisted three of our members in obtaining promotions to very responsible 699positions. Almost without exception each member has related some instance where he has 700benefited greatly from Toastmasters. 701 702Several of our members hold offices in various service clubs, fraternal and church organizations 703because they know how to conduct meetings and express themselves. As examples, our present 704president is Grand Chancellor for the State of Minnesota, Knights of Pythias; another member is 705Secretary, Junior Association of Commerce, St. Paul; another is Vice President, Ramsey County 706Civic Federation; another, President of the Shrine Patrol; another is President, St. Paul Postal 707Supervisors’ Association and was run for the vice presidency of the National Association of 708Postal Supervisors; another is Chairman, Boy Scouts, District II; and there are many, many more 709that could ne enumerated. 710 711The highest office of the entire District Six was held by one of our members during the past year 712as District Governor and has been nominated for the position of Director for Toastmasters 713International, for the coming year. 714

715 716 717 Left to Right: Unknown, Fred Lengfeld, 718 Shirley Peterson (Queen of the Snows) 719 John Scott (King Boreas Rex 720

Left to Right: Fred Lengfeld, Shirley Peterson, John Scott

721 21 21


Left to right Standing: John Scott,



723 724District Governance 725 726District Governor: Ralph S. Lowe 727Term: 1046-1947 728Club: Victory #221 729 730International Director: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 731 732King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 733Area 2 Governor: Frederick Lengfeld (King Boreas) 734 735 Club awards: Testimonial of Distinction “Club of the Year Contest” 736 Outstanding Activity, Interest and Progress 737 (Signed by Ralph Smedley) 738 739Club Officers 740First half Second Half 741President Kenneth Johnson A. Victor Barquist 742Vice President A. Victor Barquist Lawrence Bennett 743Secretary Gustav Larson Gustav Larson 744Treasurer A. Keith Halva George Maier 745Deputy Governor Herman Goebel 746Sergeant at Arms George Maier 747 748From District History: 749 750St. Paul ran a close second in new clubs… a curious name was chosen by the second new club in 751St. Paul. It has already been noted that King Boreas chose their name from the Winter Carnival. 752The New club took the name “Vulcan”, which ties to the legend of the dethroning of Rex Boreas 753annually by Vulcanus Rex, The Rex Boreas of the preceding Festival. The club received charter 754number 481 in May, 1947. The third new club was Zephyrus #490, receiving its charter June 7, 7551947… of the 12 charter presentations, ten of these new clubs were chartered by Governor 756Lowe, the two others were presented by Watt Walker and Tracy Jeffers (King Borean), one each. 757 758International Vice President George Benson was appointed General Convention Chairman, 759Directors Welker and Jeffers were Co-Chairman of the local activities. 760 761From Club Sources: 762 763September 1946 Toastmaster Magazine had an article; 764 Tracy M. Jeffers, of St. Paul, has the distinction of having served as Governor of District 765 Six during the years when this District of tremendous distances came to the conclusion 766 that it was time to sub-divide, with the result that there are now three Districts where 767 there was but one before. Tracy has had wide experience in Toastmasters affairs, and he 23 23


768 comes on the Board of Directors at a time when his experience and wise counsel will 769 count for much. He will have his work cut out for him in connection with next year’s 770 convention in the Twin Cities. 771 772 October 1946 Toastmasters magazine had an article: 773 Saint Paul Post 8 American Legion Toastmasters Club helps to establish Toastmasters in 774 a new field, that of serving ex-service men of both world wars. The charter presentation 775 was made at a meeting at the University Club, attended by more than 100 members and 776 friends. In the picture, District Governor Tracy Jeffers presents the Charter, which is 777 received by Forrest R. Jackson, Commissioner of Post 8, and Albert Eckblom, President 778 of the new club. At the right is E. N. Dochterman, Past President of King Boreas 779 Toastmasters, who sponsored the new chapter. 780 781 The St. Paul Dispatch on October 4th 1946 had an article: 782 Toastmasters Clubs to note 22nd year 783 Programs commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the Toastmasters movement will be 784 presented at meetings of the eight Toastmasters clubs in St. Paul and South St. Paul this 785 month. 786 The organizations are the King Boreas, Paramount, American Legion Post No. 8, First St. 787 Paul, Victory, Capital City and Midway Toastmasters clubs of St. Paul and Kaposia club 788 of South St Paul. (All these were sponsored by King Boreas except First St. Paul). Each 789 will hold the anniversary meeting as close to October 22, date of the founding of the 790 movement. Dates have not been set. 791 First Toastmasters club was organized in Santa Ana, California by Ralph C. Smedley. 792 Since then it has spread to 35 states, England, Scotland, Canada and the Hawaiian 793 Islands. Membership totals about 11,000. 794 795 796In April of 1947 Ed Dochterman was elected President of the Osman Temple of the Shriners 797 798 The First Issue of a King Boreas Newsletter was published in October of 1946 with Lawrence 799 Bennett as the editor. It was named “The North Wind”. The Headings were “The President 800 Speaks”. News of the month included that King Boreas finished 4th in the International “Club of 801 the Year Contest, the announcement of Tracy Jeffers being elected to the Directors of 802 Toastmasters International, the announcement of Herman Goebel to being elected as Chancellor 803 of the Mi9nnesota Knights of Pythias, (Pythians are pledged to the promotion of understanding 804 among men of good will as the surest means of attaining Universal Peace)., 805 The Editorial of the month by Waldo Luebben was “To the Toastmaster, the number one 806 principle of Toastmasters International, ‘To promote the growth and establishment of 807 Toastmasters Clubs throughout the world’, does not mean just to increase the number of 808 Toastmasters Clubs for the purpose alone of giving greater strength to the organization. It 809 means the forgetting of self-interest by the individual and, instead, the making of an honest 810 effort, even to the extent of self sacrifice, to aid other men in helping themselves to become 811 more articulate and more useful citizens. 812 24 24

813The November 1946 North Wind Editorial deserves special attention as Tracy Jeffers posted 814“Toastmasters became of age on October 22, 1945. Those of us who are members know what the 815organization stands for and what it can do for those who accept the privilege and distinction of 816membership. Upon reaching maturity, we willingly accept the responsibilities of that age in 817taking our rightful place in the community and making our desires known in the conduct of its 818affairs. It is our responsibility to make the name Toastmasters a mark of distinction and 819recognized ability in public speaking and to establish the place of Toastmasters clubs in the life 820and work of our communities. 821 822In the December 1946 North Wind the Club recapped the clubs it has sponsored including: 823Macalester and University of Minnesota Junior Toastmasters Clubs and a senior club as yet 824unnamed. There was also an announcement that the club would meet on Thursday instead of 825Tuesday for Christmas and New years at Dr. Holmen’s house. 826 827The January 1947 North Winds welcomed the friendly rivalry of a new club that King Boreas 828sponsored, that had the gall to name itself “King Vulcan Club”, they say it was in honor of the 829Winter Carnival Fire King, But we have our doubts. 830 831NEWS FLASH February 1947 832 The Royal Guards of Boreas Rex X had a big night at the Commodore Hotel on February 8th 833 1947, when they repulsed a raid by Vulcan, the villainous Fire King and leader of the forces of 834 Spring, and “executed” six long-winded Toastmasters. The occasion for these two happy events 835 was the “Dinner of the Kings” sponsored by King Boreas Toastmasters Club…Guests included 836 Boreas Rex X (Bob Albrecht), Queen of the Snows (Helen Duffy), and others. 837 838 North Wind Editorial of the Month of April 1947 has a great thought “The trouble with this 839 country is that too many people who have a mind to write a book so. 840 841 In February of 1947 Mrs. J. J. Peter’s wife of King Borean Peters, Wrote a song entitled Hail 842 Hail to Boreas: 843 The Ruler of our carnival, 844 Boreas by name, 845 Will help you to have a happy time; 846 Good health and fun you will gain. 847 Chorus 848 Hail, Hail to Boreas, 849 Our glorious carnival King, 850 Hail, Hail to Boreas, 851 Raise your voices loud and sing, 852 Hail, Hail to Boreas, 853 With subjects all loyal and true 854 He reigns supreme o’er the winter-land, 855 His majesty in garments grand, 856 Hail, Hail to Boreas, 857 Of St. Paul’s Carnival land. 25 25

858 859In the toastmasters archives is a Highlights announcement proclaiming that King Boreas 860sponsored 4 clubs during the year 1947, King Vulcan, Zephyrus, 861Macalester Junior, University of Minnesota Junior, and Started organization on a Club in 862Philadelphia, that later chartered. It also mentions the 300th Consecutive weekly meeting on May 86327th 1947. 864 865From Annual report to Toastmasters International 866 King Boreas has been exceptionally active in the promotion of new clubs. To prove our point 867we submit the Following: 868 1941: Assisted in organizing Victory Club #302 869 1944-1945: Sponsored paramount Speakers #321 (Which sponsored Knights of Columbus # 870 447) 8711945-1946: Sponsored St. Paul Post 8 American Legion Club #374 872 Sponsored Midway Club #383 (Which Sponsored Wendell 435) 873 1946-1947: Sponsored Vulcan Club 481 874 Zephyrus #490 875 First International Club (first club in Philadelphia) 876 Macalester Junior 877 University of Minnesota Junior, Both Junior clubs are Organized, sponsored and 878 supervised by King Boreas



879 880 881 District Governance 882District Governor: George Conrad 883Term: 1947-1948 884Club: Executives #309 885 886International Director: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 887 888King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 889Area 2 Governor: Roy A Johnson 890 891 Club awards: Testimonial of Distinction “Club of the Year Contest” 892 Outstanding Activity, Interest and Progress 893 (Signed by Ralph Smedley) 894 895Club Officers 896First half Second Half 897President Lawrence Bennett Myron Leighton 898Vice President Gustav Larson 899Secretary F. Stuart Johnson 900Treasurer David Umberhocker 901Deputy Governor A. Victor Barquist 902Sergeant at Arms Arnold E. Anderson 903 904From District History: 905The international convention was held in The Twin Cities in august 1947 906 907International Night on august 13, 1947 was held in St. Paul. Mayor Frank J. Madden was present 908and gave the delegates an official welcome to the city. The program was a dinner, pop concert, 909and ice review, International Director Tracy Jeffers (King Borean) presided at the program. 910 911Edgar J. Otto (King Borean), who had served as the district’s appointed educational director in 9121944-1945, participated in a program on Thursday, August 14 devoted to the individual 913member’s speech problems, and how to resolve them. The convention concluded that evening, 914with the Presidents Dinner Dance and the installation of the new officers. Dr. Smedley was the 915installation officer. 916 917Minneapolis welcomed three new clubs. These clubs were: Cosmopolitan #515; Aquatennial 918City #534; and North Star #591. The Shrine Toastmaster Club #590 of St. Paul received their 919Charter on April 30, 1948, at a unique meeting. King Boreas was their sponsor, and the charter 920was presented by Ed Dochterman, a past president of King Boreas. His efforts in organizing the 921club gave him title to an honorary membership. Nearly 160 persons attended the Charter party, 922including many representatives from King Boreas. A Guest Book was given the new club by 923King Boreas, and a gesture of friendship was exhibited 27 27



925 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 28


From Club Records: St Paul Dispatch 7/14/1947 Toastmaster Club Invites Ex-Kings to Dine Former Kings of the St. Paul Winter Carnival are being invited to the annual “Dinner of the Kings” of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club Feb. 8 in the Commodore Hotel. Te event dates from the 1941 carnival when john F. Scott, King Boreas VIII, gave the club its name. Each year at carnival time, the organization has been re-designated by the new Boreas Rex as his own Toastmasters Club. Club President Kenneth Johnson has named Robert A. Lilly, Ned Kilgore and Dr. R. W. Holmen as the committee in charge of a luncheon in the St. Paul Athletic Club Jan. 17 at which the former Kings will receive official scrolls bidding them to the festivities. 28

939 Attendance at the “Dinner of the Kings” is by invitation only. Many members of Toastmasters 940 clubs in the area participate. 941 August Northwind 942 Don’t keep your lights under a bushel 943 A prominent Toastmaster was asked to represent his employer before a group of prominent 944 citizens after the boss had learned that he was a Toastmaster. Better keep your Toastmaster 945 connections hidden unless you want recognition and advancement. 946 947 One of our past Presidents commented that what he liked about the King Boreas Club was the 948 Changing tempo and the moods created at each meeting. No two meetings are alike and there 949 is always the spirit of anticipation of something new and exciting to come. I think we have all 950 felt this and it is this change of pace that makes the old King the thought detonator that he is. 951 952 You may read all the books on speech that there were ever printed on this subject but there is 953 only one way to become a speaker and that is to practice and to continue to practice. Practice 954 at home, in the bathroom while shaving. Instead singing in the bathtub, speak in the bathtub. 955 If you making a verbal report, practice speaking. Your auditor will not know that you are 956 practicing on him. Read aloud every day as though you were making a radio speech. There is 957 only one way to become a speaker and that is to speak. 958 959September of 1947 Kenneth Johnson gave a talk on “Gravure’s Growing Pains that was part of a 960program put on by the St. Paul Dispatch. This prompted a Letter from H. Shugard of 961appreciation and a follow up letter from Ray Schneider of Brown and Bigelow that states “Mr. 962Johnsons talk was outstanding. I heard a great deal of favorable comments about the talk… You 963and I have often discussed the need for closer cooperation between your great organization and 964ours. You people have gone overboard in this instance and I want to assure you that we will try7 965to reciprocate whenever the opportunity presents itself. John F. Lewis, Advertising Director St. 966Paul Dispatch. 967 968The November POINT OF EMPHSIS 969The “point of Emphasis” for the month of November is Mannerisms, and how to improve them. 970Mannerisms can be bad, good, or indifferent. Good mannerisms should be cultivated. Bad ones 971eliminated. The unimportant ones may be disregarded unless they tend to become offensive. 972This month’s emphasis is on the elimination of everything awkward, clumsy, ungainly, 973ungraceful, or unskillful from the style of the speakers, and of cultivating grace, ease, and skill in 974visible presentation of a speech. 975Critics will please observe speaker’s position, gestures, facial expressions, bodily movements, 976noting objectionable items. They will observe voice as to pitch and quality and other 977characteristics of the speaker, and should be alert to note grunts and other aspirated pauses. 978 979The King Boreas Roster for January 1948 shows some interesting RULES: 980 1. All speeches shall be from “Basic Training”. Basic Training was a series of twelve speeches. 981 1, Breaking the Ice; 982 2. Be in Earnest 983 3. Building a Speech 29 29

984 4. Hands Up 985 5. Vocal Variety 986 6. Speech Construction 987 7. The Big Broadcast 988 8. Word Pictures 989 9. Working with Words 990 10. Special types of Speeches 991 11. Organizing the Speech 992 12. The masterpiece 993 994 OBJECTIVES OF TOASTMASTERS 995 1. To improve its members in the oral expression of thought 996 2. To increase their ability to appear before audiences and creditably express themselves 997 and to encourage the development of such ability in others. 998 3. To secure fair and constructive criticism. 999 4. To promote sociability and good fellowship among its members. 1000 5. To gain experience in public speaking and instructions in the art of Toastmastership. 1001 6. To develop the habit of “Critical Listening.” 1002 1003Excerpt by-Laws 1004Article 9. Any member absenting himself from two consecutive meetings without excuse 1005acceptable to the Club shall be notified that his membership is in jeopardy. Absence from the 1006third consecutive meeting shall automatically cancel his membership. If a member shall attend 1007any other Toastmasters Club in good standing, within one week before or after any absence from 1008his own club, such attendance from his own club shall be deemed as cancelling such absence 1009only when certified by the secretary of the Club visited. 1010 1011On March 17th The Midway Toastmasters hosted two King Borean debate heavyweights with the 1012following announcement: 1013 Shure and begorrah, who said there ain’t no snakes in Ireland? Well, so what? Want to 1014 make something of it? 1015 We sure do. And what’s more we’re going to stage a real, old-fashioned verbal shindig, 1016 with rhetoric thrown to the winds and common sense made conspicuous by its absence, so 1017 far as the gladiators are concerned, at the Midway Club Luncheon, Wednesday March 17th. 1018 1019 The debate question “Be it resolved. What shall we do about the story of St. Patrick and the 1020 snakes?” 1021 1022 In this corner we have, C. A. James Abbot, who will defend the affirmative. In the opposite 1023 corner we have Fred O. Langfeld, who will defend the negative. This is going to be a real, 1024 donnybrook debate---and make no mistake. Both, gladiators are training on 7-UP--1025 however, high you can get on that stuff! Each will be wearing the green colors of King 1026 Boreas Toastmaster’s Club.



1027 “Judge” Myron F. Leighton, fellow club member, will serve as moderator, adjudicator or 1028 what have-have-you! So you see, things are shaping up nicely for Wednesday’s free-for1029 all. 1030 Our good neighbors---Weyerhaeuser Sale Company---Twin City Yards are sponsoring this 1031 program. D. H. Bartlett, Wes Brown, Dave Moberg and others are in charge of details. 1032 1033 Bring your Shillelagh 1034 Henry J. McLund 1035 Midway Toastmasters Club Secretary 1036 1037 P. S. St. Pat Dinner-Dance at6:30 Wednesday, March 17th, will follow. 1038 1039On April 20, 1948, King Boreas hosted the Charter Party for the new Shriner’s Toastmasters 1040Club at the Commodore Hotel. The Charter was presented by Ed Dochterman and the gavel by 1041Tracy Jeffers. Ed Dochterman was also elected an Honorary Member of the club for his efforts in 1042sponsoring and forming the club. 1043 1044The club Minutes from May 25, 1948, show Paul Christianson leading off the speaking program 1045with a discourse on “Seasoning”. Stuart Johnson followed him with a speech entitled “Should 1046they be allowed to suffer?”, and Jim Abbott spoke about the “Thunder of Television”. 1047 1048On May 16, 1948 Ed Dochterman received the following letter from Ted Blanding, Executive 1049Secretary of Toastmasters International: 1050 Dear Doc: 1051 Thank you for the information relative to the club in Philadelphia, and we hope the two 1052 men mentioned in your letter will be able to activate this club within the near future. This is 1053 the first club of Toastmasters to be established in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, and 1054 with the number of communities in and around Philadelphia, I am sure little difficulty will 1055 be experienced in activating a new center of expansion for this organization. We will 1056 continue to do all we can to help these two men (Names of the two men not found) bring a 1057 club into existence there. 1058 As you know, recognition will be given to the club mentioned in your letter as far as 1059 sponsorship is concerned, since these men are former members of that club and are doing it 1060 for the parent club in St. Paul. It will not be necessary for you to have copies of the letters, 1061 but merely indicate on your Club-of-the-Year report that this information can be verified 1062 through the Home Office. This is an exceptional case, for usually through correspondence 1063 credit is not granted on sponsorship; however, since these two men are former members of 1064 the King Boreas Toastmasters Club, we will grant the necessary credit. 1065 All members of the official family are looking forward to the big convention to be held in 1066 the Twin Cities this coming summer, and we are starting an intensive campaign through the 1067 magazine and through other sources to publicize the Convention to insure as large an 1068 attendance as possible. I am sure this will be our greatest Convention, and I know that the 1069 hospitality I have already seen in the Twin Cities will do much to make this not only our 1070 most productive Convention but the most hospitable. Thank you for all the services you 1071 have rendered this office in the past year. 31 31

1072 1073The “Club of the Year” entry form shows that we attained a total of 896 points and sponsored 1074four clubs. 1075 1076The Program for June 1948 shows Subjects for all “Basic Training” speeches will be chosen by 1077speakers. Subjects for speakers who have completed “Basic Training” will be chosen as follows: 1078 353rd meeting Toastmaster will assign subject of each speech five minutes before speech is 1079 to be delivered. 1080 354th meeting Toastmaster will assign subject at least four days before June 8. 1081 355th and 356th meeting speakers choose own subject. 1082 357th meeting All speeches will have a theme of “The 4th of July”. 1083 1084 Table Topics masters will please devote as much time as possible to Parliamentary 1085 procedure. 1086



1087 1088District Governance 1089 1090District Governor: Jule M. Waber 1091Term: 1046-1947 1092Club: Capital City #321 1093 1094Committee Chairmen: 1095 Community Service: C. A. Jim Abbott (King Boreas) 1096 Educational: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 1097 1098King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 1099 Area 2 Governor: Chester Perkins 1100 1101Club Officers 1102First half Second Half 1103President: M. A, Leighton Herman Glewwe 1104Vice President H. E, Glewwe F. Stuart Johnston 1105Secretary F. S. Johnston Keith Halva 1106Treasurer W. W. Scott Paul C. Christianson 1107Deputy Governor L. H. Bennett Lawrence Bennett 1108Sergeant at Arms R. E. Patrick Ralph Leider 1109 1110From District History: 1111Under the suggestion of Tracy Jeffers, District Educational Chair, for the first time in District 1112Six, the Area Officer Training Sessions gained significance. Each area held a training session 1113during the year, and Governor Waber’s report for the year indicated a recommendation that one 1114be held twice a year. 1115 1116Governor Waber attended over 100 meetings outside of his club during the year to tend to the 1117business of the District. He visited every club at least once. 1118 1119A Speakers Bureau was operating with great success in St. Paul. Mostly orientated toward the 1120Winter Carnival, (wonder what Club did that); it also provided speakers for numerous charitable 1121causes and civic concerns. Nearly 100 outside speeches were given by its participants during the 1122year. 1123 1124By far the most active Committees were the Educational Committee headed by Tracy Jeffers, 1125and the Community Services Committee, headed by James Abbott, (Both King Boreans. The 1126Community Services Committee was the nucleus for the St. Paul Speaker’s Bureau. 1127 1128George Benson had announced a goal of “700 by 70” for Toastmasters International upon his 1129acceptance of the Presidency in 1947. The goal meant that Toastmasters everywhere should 1130strive for the establishment of 700 clubs by the 70th birthday of Dr. Smedley on February 22, 11311948. Though the goal was not reached until the following year, District Six was recognized and 33 33


1132honored with the presentation of Charter #700. The Club was St. Croix Valley Toastmasters 1133#700 of Stillwater. Their Charter Party was one of the most publicized in history. Among the 1134events of the party was a transcription on tape of a speech by Dr. Smedley, which he prepared 1135especially for the occasion. The Gavel was presented by Lester Davis, Governor of Area 5 and a 1136member of King Boreas Toastmasters Club starting in 1955, and Governor Waber presented the 1137Charter. March 19, 1949 was the date for the event, and the entire 27 minute gavel and charter 1138presentation was broadcast the next day over radio station WSHB. Tape recordings of the event 1139were sent to the Home Office for their historical file. The club had a full compliment of 30 1140members. The club set itself to work immediately on sponsoring another club, and Stillwater 1141Toastmasters #725 received a charter on May 17, 1949. 1142 1143The St. Paul Elks #209 was another club started due to the efforts made by a demonstration team 1144active in Area 5. Members of this team included Lester Davis and Emil Nelson (both members of 1145King Boreas) 1146

1147 1148 1149From Club Records: 1150A note from October 1, 1948 shows that king Boreas had 11 club committees: Program, 1151Membership and Attendance, Social and Reception, Inter-club and outside Activities, Club of the 1152Year, Publicity, Parliamentarian, New Club, Kings Dinner, Community Service, and 1153Educational, as well as a special Ed Dochterman Memorial Committee. 1154 1155A roster dated November 17, 1948, shows 35 names including 2 of the original founders (Lloyd 1156Anderson and Victor Barquist), and 8 Charter Members (Lloyd Anderson, Victor Barquist, 1157Herman Goebel, Tracy Jeffers, Myron Leighton, Waldo Luebben, and George Maier). 1158 1159The 379th meeting was a special impromptu meeting. “Each evaluator will provide his speaker 1160with a subject, just before dinner is to be served). If the speaker defaults, the defaulting speaker 34 34

1161will pay for his critic’s dinner and the donor of the topic will give the speech on the same topic, 1162in the original speaker’s place and be evaluated by the default critic. 1163 1164On February 8, 1949, Herman Goebel and Jim Abbott were guest speakers at the Kaposia Club 1165and River View Club’s joint meeting. King Boreas had 2 visitors speaking from the Vulcan club 1166on the same day. 1167 1168On February 19, 1949, King Boreas again sponsored the “Dinner of the Kings”. The meeting was 1169opened by King Boreas Toastmasters President Herbert Glewwe and the invocation was 1170delivered by F. Stuart Johnston. The Toastmaster for the festivities was F. O. Lengfeld. Past 1171Royalty attending included: Boreas Rex III, Frank Madden; Boreas Rex IV, Dr. Earnest Powell; 1172Boreas Rex V, Gen. Carl Gray; Boreas Rex VI, Joseph Shiely; Boreas Rex VII, John Scott; 1173Boreas Rex VIII, Lambert Gill; Boreas Rex IX, Thomas Gibbons; Boreas Rex X, Robert 1174Albrecht; Boreas Rex XI, Edward C. Hampe; and current Boreas Rex XII, Cal Maley. 1175 1176“Dinner of the Kings” invocation; 1177Kings have been guillotined for less than what may happen here tonight, and perhaps all of them 1178should be. But the knife is dull and the executioner is home with the flu. Therefore the Kings 1179must have their way, and we---poor subjects---must suffer in silent pain. (King Boreas 1180Toastmaster’s Club Salute at Dinner of the Kings) 1181 1182February 21, 1949 King Boreas Toastmasters received a letter from her Royal Highness, Princess 1183Phyllis Brier of the Royal House of PIONEER TEL-VISION.to thank the Club for her 1184entertainment and support during the reign of King Boreas Rex II. 1185 1186Of note there is a letter from the letter is to thank him for the wonderful time he and his wife had 1187at the “Dinner of the Kings”. 1188 1189March 10th brought a letter from Arthur Devine (role unknown) also thanking the club, and 1190pleading that the “Dinner of the Kings” continues as long as the Carnival exists. 1191 1192 The 397th meeting was held at the American Legion Hall to facilitate the Area Speech Contest, 1193on April 5, 1949. 1194



1195 1196District Governance 1197 1198District Governor: Ikel C. Benson 1199Term: 1949-1950 1200Club: Engineers #185 1201 1202International Officers: 1203Treasurer: Tracy Jeffers King Boreas 1204 1205Committee Chairmen: 1206Club Extension: Lester Davis Future King Borean 1207 1208King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 1209 Area 2 Governor: Herman Goebel King Boreas 1210 1211Club Officers 1212First half Second Half 1213President Stuart Johnson James Abbott 1214Vice President G. A. Maier 1215Secretary E. D. Scheele 1216Treasurer E. J. Brant 1217Deputy Governor M. F. Leighton 1218Sergeant at Arms H. O. Carpenter 1219 1220From District History: 1221A Club Extension Chairman was appointed for the first time. This committee definitely has its 1222roots in the 1949-1950 administration, because it ha been a committee of the District ever since. 1223Lester Davis of the Knights of Columbus #447, and future King Borean, was the first Chairman 1224of the committee. The purposes of the committee were two-fold. First responsibility was to help 1225the clubs to keep their membership up. The second responsibility was to organize new clubs. The 1226committee was very active, as eight new clubs were chartered, but no existing club with 1227membership problems was left to solve them without this committee’s help. 1228 1229The District Executive Committee met Six times during the year. The location was Esslinger’s 1230Café, selected during George Conrad’s administration, was the scene of these meetings. Some 1231comments made by Tracy Jeffers at the meeting on May 8, 1950 are curiously interesting: 1232 1233 1950 may be the last Toastmasters International Convention, since there is some question 1234 whether effective use is being made of the official family. Attendance at the International 1235 Convention is necessarily affected by time and distance, and several regional meetings are 1236 being considered in lieu of the single International Convention. 1237 This brings the convention program to the Toastmaster, rather than the Toastmaster to the 1238 convention. Some of the official family will be in attendance at each region meeting. This 1239 national meeting will be rotated annually among the regions. 36 36


1240 1241 1242 1243 1244 1245 1246 1247 1248 1249 1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1255 1256 1257 1258 1259 1260 1261 1262 1263 1264 1265 1266 1267 1268 1269 1270 1271 1272 1273 1274 1275 1276 1277 1278 1279 1280 1281 1282 1283 37

Obviously, this plan did not receive too much support, as we are still having International Conventions. The Board of Directors later felt that this plan would be unworkable. A committee consisting of Jule Waber, Harry Mattison, Watt Welker, George Conrad and Tracy Jeffers had spent the summer in studying the rules for speech contests. A report produced at the Fall Conference cleared up some of the rules. The report was adopted, and became part of the rules. Its contents included: (1) Use applicable zone and International rules; (2) anyone who is a paid-up in good standing may compete, with these exceptions: (a) any member who was a contestant in the Area contests the year before; (b) International officers and Directors, District officers, and previous winners of International contests; (30 Speakers who use their club speech in the Area contest, or the Area speech in the District contest will be disqualified; (4) action should not be taken on having all contestants speak on the same subject; (5) Area contests should be considered for nights rather than weekends, and limiting them to stag status. Another section which was proposed attempted to distinguish between a “Toastmaster-type” speech and an oratorical speech. This section was disapproved, and efforts to distinguish the two were unsuccessful. The Fall Conference was held at Wesley Temple Church in Minneapolis. A training session for club officers was held, and a demonstration on evaluation was given. One was a flowery, weak, over-generalized, pointless evaluation, given by Chet Perkins. Waldo Luebben, a Charter member of King Boreas #208, then gave a proper evaluation, to demonstrate the theory that a weak evaluation cheats the speaker, the evaluator and the rest of the club. Chiropractors #302 and Brown & Bigelow #855 (sponsored by King Boreas) received charters in St. Paul. As a footnote, Tracy Jeffers was elected International Treasurer at the 1949 convention. From Club Records: On October 4th, 1949 the Club held a Ladies Night. The wives of the members were the speakers. Mrs. Johnson gave a talk on “A model Husband” that was evaluated by Mr. Glewwe. Mrs. Scheele spoke on “Nothing in the Middle”, evaluated by Myron Leighton. Mrs. Barquist talked about “The Spotted Suit”, evaluated by Mr. Lilley, and Mrs. Halva spoke on “A Man’s World”, evaluated by Mr. Scheele. The roster showed that King Boreas had a full membership of 30 members as of June 1, 1950. The back of the roster showed the Objects of Toastmasters: 1. To improve its members in the oral expression of thought. 2. To increase their ability to appear before audiences and creditably express themselves and to encourage the development of such ability in others. 3. To secure fair and constructive criticism. 4. To promote the sociability and good fellowship among its members. 37

1284 1285 1286

5. To gain experience in public speaking and instructions in chairmanship and parliamentary procedure. 6. To develop the habit of “Critical Listening.”



1287 1288 1289District Governance 1290 1291District Governor: Adelbert R. Smith 1292Term: 1950-1951 1293Club: Royal Arcanum 1294 1295International Treasurer: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 1296 1297 1298Committee Chairs: 1299Club Extension: Herman Goebel (King Boreas) 1300 1301 1302King Boreas Assigned to Area 2 1303 Area 2 Governor: Alfred J. Adam 1304 1305Club Officers 1306First half Second Half 1307President George Maier Wallace Scott 1308Vice President 1309Secretary 1310Treasurer 1311Deputy Governor 1312Sergeant at Arms 1313 1314From District History: 1315As one can easily see from the enumeration of the Area organization, there were abundances of 1316clubs in all areas. Strong feelings in favor of having more areas were made known early in Del 1317Smith’s administration. In response, a special committee was appointed to study the possibilities 1318of creating more areas. Emil Nelson, Lieutenant Governor, was the chairman of the committee, 1319and other members were Tracy Jeffers, Harry Mattison, and Ikel C. Benson. A study was made 1320during the entire year 1950-1951. A discussion of having Divisions was made, but deemed 1321unfeasible. Many more years passed before divisions became a part of District Six. Final 1322recommendations of the committee were incorporated during the 1951-1952 administration. 1323 1324Club Extension Chairman Herman Goebel was a busy man, as charters were presented to six new 1325clubs. Two additional clubs were ready for charter, and one of these, Columbian #943 of 1326Mankato, was unable to have their charter party due to the spring floods of the Blue Earth and 1327Minnesota rivers. Antlers #725, Christopher #958, and American institute of Banking #323 1328became new clubs in Minneapolis. St. Paul Fire and Marine #357 of St. Paul were brought in as a 1329new club through the efforts of King Boreas #208. 39 39


1330From Club Records: 1331An attendance sheet from 10/3/1950 shows each member of King Boreas and the number of 1332meetings attended: 1333 C. A. Abbot 18 F. Lengfeld 14 1334 Andrews Allen 10 R. Lilly 10 1335 A. E. Anderson 15 G. Maier 20 1336 L. Anderson 7 g. Maier 20 1337 A. Barquist 13 G. Motsinger 13 1338 L. Bennett 15 E. Otto 11 1339 R. Condon 7 W. Platt 6 1340 M Evans 20 R. Scheele 19 1341 E. Fletchall 12 J. Quinn 17 1342 L. French 12 W. Scott 22 1343 H. Glewwe 13 D. Umbehocker 18 1344 H. Goebel 17 E. Day 3 1345 A. Halva 12 R. Wylie 15 1346 T. Jeffers 21 G. Poppenburger 16 (Joined May 16) 1347 H. Laidlaw 7 E. Brant 3 1348 M. Leighton 13 A. Alpert 5 1349 1350The Minutes of St. Paul Fire and Marine Toastmasters from December 1, 1950 to March 27, 13511951 are in the King Boreas records and show a close association of the two clubs. These 1352minutes diagram the organization and initial launch of a new Toastmasters club. 1353 1354On February 1, 1951, King Boreas again held the Dinner of the King, at the St. Paul Hotel. The 1355tribute to royalty stated: 1356 Well stuffed Kings are good for the people. Well stuffed people are good for the Kings. 1357 When two well stuffed humans get together there is created a zenith of fellowship and 1358 friendship. Long live our people! Long live our King! 1359 1360 Boreas Rex XV (Henry Michel lead the “Parade of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Royal 1361Wrecks (AKA Past Kings) and their Perky Past Prime Ministers (AKA Churchill Club) 1362 1363The Budget sheet for the Dinners of the Kings shows that there was an average of 208 people 1364present at each of the Dinners from 1948 to 1951. Of those approximately 42 were 1365complimentary tickets for the King, his wife, the Prime Minister, the Guards, Ladies in waiting, 1366the Winds and misc. personnel. 1367 1368 King Boreas Celebrated their 500th Meeting on March 27, 1951. 1369



1370 1371 1372District Governance 1373 1374District Governor: Emil H. Nelson 1375Term: 1951-1952 1376Club: Victory #221 1377 1378International Treasurer: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 1379 1380King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1381 Area 8 Governor: James Abbott (King Boreas) 1382 1383Club Officers 1384First half Second Half 1385President E. D. Steele Keith Halva 1386Vice President 1387Secretary 1388Treasurer 1389Deputy Governor 1390Sergeant at Arms 1391 1392From District History: 1393The last division of District Six took place during Emil Nelson’s administration. Wisconsin 1394became District 35 on July 1, 1952, taking three areas and 14 clubs from District Six. Clifford 1395Teuchert of Beaver Dam became the First District Governor, with Chester Hagen of Milwaukee 1396the first Lieutenant Governor of the new district. Some years later Tracy Jeffers remarked about 1397this division; “Ti wasn’t so bad that Emil let Wisconsin go, but he let them have $300.00 along 1398with it!” The new Governor of District Six would then have the boundaries of the district as they 1399currently are recognized.




1400 1401From club Records: 1402King Boreas celebrated its 10th birthday party on October 23rd, with 29 members. 1403

1404 1405Scheele, Barquist, L. Anderson) 1406

Luebben, Scheele, Jeffers, Barquist

1407 1408 Jeffers, Barquist, Leighton, Leubben, 1409Meiers, Goebel, Lilly, L. Anderson 1410

Dinner of the Kings 1952



1411 1412 1413District Governance 1414 1415District Governor: Lee Tallman 1416Term: 1952-1953 1417Club: Mankato #175 1418 1419 1420King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1421Area 8 Governor: Rienie Boldt 1422 1423Club Officers 1424First half Second Half 1425President Ed Brent L. V. French 1426Vice President 1427Secretary 1428Treasurer 1429Deputy Governor 1430Sergeant at Arms 1431 1432From District History: 1433The writings of Dr. Smedley in the January, 1953 issue of the Toastmaster issued a curious 1434warning to all clubs: 1435 1436 “Do not force Basic Training upon unwilling members. This outline of speech situations 1437 has been provided to help those who desire help. It is not intended as a requirement. It 1438 should never be made a task or a burden. The man who realizes his need for help will 1439 welcome and use it. The one who does not want it should be at liberty to get along 1440 without it. Toastmasters are supposed to be men of mature minds, capable of choosing for 1441 themselves. 1442 This democratic right of choice is one of the strong points of the Toastmasters Club. Each 1443 man is expected to gain from his membership as much good as he needs and is willing to 1444 take.” 1445 1446From Club Records: 1447A roster from October 1952 shows a membership of 33 members: 1448 James Abbott Everett Day Tracy Jeffers Evan Scheele 1449 Allen Andrews Robert Ehlers Myron Leighton Ropbert Stoll 1450 Arnold Anderson Melville Evans Frederick Lengfeld Ellwood Thorud 1451 Lloyd Anderson James Forchtner Robert Lilley Albert Van Slyke 1452 Victor Barquist Leslie French Waldo Luebben Ritland 1453 Lawrence Bennett Herbert Glewwe George Maier David Clemans 1454 E. J. Brant Herman Goebel George Metzinger Bill Meier 1455 Robert Bray Keith Halva Edgar Otto Hal Engelstad 43 43


1456 Jerry Brendt 1457 1458A letter dated January 22, 1952, 1459Dear Mr. Seeger: 1460It is again the pleasure of King Boreas Toastmasters Club, through the cooperation of Saint 1461Paulites, Inc., to sponsor the Dinner of the Kings. 1462This year, the Eight Annual Dinner of the Kings will be held in the Casino Room, Hotel St. Paul, 1463Saturday evening, February 2nd at 7:00 P.M. As you know, one feature of the dinner is the 1464initiation of the immediate past King into the Ancient Order of Royal Wrecks. 1465Following the dinner and initiation ceremony, the Royal Party, headed by King Boreas XVI, will 1466join us to lead the Grand March inaugurating the dancing, which will continue for the balance of 1467the evening. 1468We cordially invite you and your friends to join us on February 2nd. Tickets for dinner and dance 1469are $5.00 each and for the dance only (beginning at approximately 9:30 P. M.) Tickets are $1.25 1470each. They may be obtained through Saint Paulites, Inc., Anderson Jewelry, 116 E. 7th Street, 1471Endicott Arcade Ticket Office, or at the above address. 1472Yours Very truly, 1473 1474KING BOREAS TOASTMASTERS CLUB 1475 1476The Current Boreas Rex XVI was A. Lee Runyon. 1477 1478The Program from the Dinner of the Kings Honors the “Royal Rascals of Rexdom”: 1479 1480Boreas Rex III Frank Madden Boreas Rex IX Thomas Gibbons 1481Boreas Rex IV Dr. Ernest Powell Boreas Rex X Robert Albrecht 1482Boreas Rex V General Carl Gray Boreas Rex XI Edw. Hampe 1483Boreas Rex VI Joseph Shiely Boreas Rex XII Cal Maley 1484Boreas Rex VII John Scott Boreas Rex XIV Norman H. Nelson 1485Boreas Rex VIII Lambert Gill Boreas Rex XV Henry J. Michel 1486



1487 1488District Governance 1489 1490District Governor: Herman Goebel 1491Term: 1953-1954 1492Club: King Boreas #208 1493 1494King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1495 Area 8 Governor: Rienie Boldt 1496 1497Club Officers 1498First half Second Half 1499President E. L. Thorud A. E. Anderson 1500Vice President 1501Secretary 1502Treasurer 1503Deputy Governor 1504Sergeant at Arms 1505 1506From District History: 1507The administration of Herman Goebel kicked off a period of growth which nearly doubled the 1508size of District Six in seven years. Seven new clubs were chartered, and inspiration was given 1509many a District Governor who followed this St. Paul leader. The record of new clubs sparked the 1510drive to give District Six 100 clubs in 1960. 1511 1512Another major achievement was the development of a unique set of By-Laws for District Six. 1513Jule Waber was chairman of the first By-Laws Committee, and his pioneering work is 1514responsible of the standard of excellence characteristic of today’s By-Laws. One of these 1515changes was the elimination of the role of Deputy Governor in the clubs. This role was replaced 1516by Educational Vice president. 1517 1518The Speech Contest rules of this period of time presented an interesting departure from current 1519procedures. Speakers were required to use a different speech at each level of competition, and to 1520insure this, the contestants drew a slip containing three titles for a speech. The slips were drawn 1521at 9:00AM on the day of the contest. The number of judges was to be at least nine at levels of 1522competition beyond the club. At district semi-final and District contest, judges, timekeepers, and 1523counters could not be member of the same club as the contestants. 1524 1525From Club Records: 1526Club Records hold a copy of the 1954 “Club Constitution and Standard Bylaws for Clubs of 1527Toastmasters International, These are reproduced as Appendix F. 1528 1529There are no records from King Boreas in the records for 1953-1954 Toastmaster year, but it is 1530interesting that we have the Minutes from St. Paul Fire and Marine for the last three years. These 45 45


1531Minutes show that there were several members of King Boreas that were also members of St. 1532Paul Fire and Marine. These include Warren Wildasin and Kenneth Frederickson.



1533 1534District Governance 1535District Governor: Alex Smekta 1536Term: 1954-1955 1537Club: Rochester #271 1538 1539Committee Chairs: 1540Advisory/Elections: Herman Goebel (King Boreas) 1541By-Laws: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 1542 1543King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1544 Area 8 Governor: Elwood Thorud (King Boreas) 1545 1546Club Officers 1547First half Second Half 1548President Edgar Otto R. W. Stoll 1549Vice President Marvin Ritland 1550Secretary 1551Treasurer 1552Deputy Governor 1553Sergeant at Arms 1554 1555From District History: 1556King Boreas #208 established a new record for consecutive weekly meetings upon observance of 1557their 700th meeting on January 25, 1955. 1558 1559From Club Records: 1560The Roster list from 1955 shows there were thirty-three active members. 1561 Allen Andrews Tracy Jeffers Harland Olson 1562 Lloyd Anderson Robert Keegan Edgar Otto 1563 Jerry Burtle James Kelleher Marvin Ritland 1564 Lawrence Bennett Kenneth Kennedy Fred Sheire 1565 David Clemans Myron Leighton Robert Stoll 1566 Robert Davis Fred Lengfeld Ellwood Thorud 1567 Harold Dorgan Robert Lilley James Ward 1568 Harold Engelstad Waldo Luebben George Gibeau 1569 Herbert Glewwe George Maier Edgar Brant 1570 Herman Goebel William Meier Harold Thompson 1571 Keith Halva Howard Salisbury Harvey MacKay 1572 1573 Harvey MacKay was a member for only a short time but has gone on to be an internationally 1574 known Motivational Speaker and strong proponent of Toastmasters. He has also graced the 1575 Club with occasional visits, of which we are very thankful. 47 47


1576 1577 1578 A past officer roster from January 1955 700th meeting shows: 1579 Allen Andrews President 1580 Anderson Lloyd Charter Member & Past President 1581 Arendt Jermaine Educational Chair 1582 Adam Alfred Past Area Governor 1583 Bennett Lawrence Past President 1584 Benson Ikel Past District Governor 1585 Brant Edgar Past President 1586 Conrad George Past District Governor 1587 Cook Douglas Charter Member 1588 Clemans David Vice President 1589 Davis Lester Past area Governor & Past District Treasurer 1590 Dunlap Robert Charter Member 1591 Freeberg L. Charter Member 1592 Galvin Herbert Charter Member 1593 Glewwe Herbert Past President 1594 Goebel Herman Charter member, Past President & Past 1595 District Governor 1596 Grahn Archie Charter Member 1597 Holmen Robert Charter Member, Past President 1598 Jeffers Tracy Charter Member, Past President, Past 1599 District Governor, Past International 1600 Director & Past International Treasurer 1601 Johnson Howard Charter Member 1602 Johnson Kenneth Past President 1603 Kemp Art Charter Member 1604 Kennedy Kenneth Secretary 1605 Leighton Myron Charter Member, Past President 1606 Lengfeld Fred Past President 1607 Lilley Robert Charter Member, Past President 1608 Luebben Waldo Charter Member, Past President 48 48

1609 Maier George 1610 Matthison Harvey 1611 1612 Meier William 1613 Miller Ted 1614 Moore Richard 1615 Moriarty Harold 1616 Rest of list missing 1617

Charter Member, Past President Past International President & Past District Governor Sgt.-at-Arms Charter Member Charter Member Charter Member



1618 1619District Governance 1620 1621District Governor: Helge Olson 1622Term: 1955-1956 1623Club: Engineers #185 1624 1625Committee Chairs: 1626Audit: David Clemans (King Boreas) 1627 1628King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1629 Area 8 Governor: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 1630 1631Club Officers 1632First half Second Half 1633President Andrew Allen David Clemans 1634Ed Vice President Jermaine Arendt 1635Secretary Ken Kennedy 1636Treasurer 1637Deputy Governor 1638Sergeant at Arms William Meier 1639 1640From District History: 1641Three Junior Toastmasters clubs were operating at the University of Minnesota, A forerunner of 1642the Gavel Clubs; these clubs performed many of the operations of a regular club, but for some 1643reason or another could not qualify as a regular club. Two of the clubs were sponsored by King 1644Boreas #208 of St. Paul, and one was sponsored by Wenell #435 of Minneapolis. 1645 1646From Club Records: 1647The roster from May 1st. thru the end of September shows 29 active members, including 2 new 1648members, Roy Cade and Hugo Blomgren, as well as 4 inactive members. 1649 1650Of interest to King Boreas Toastmasters and potentially other Company Clubs, was a letter dated 1651May 11, 1956, to the St. Paul Fire and Marine Employees Management Group. 1652 1653 A review of the past five years reveals many accomplishments of which we are justifiably 1654 proud. All of our members during this period gained immeasurable benefits from many 1655 standpoints. 1656 On our Fifth Anniversary we resolved to organize a Toastmasters Club and this is swiftly 1657 being accomplished. This action makes Toastmastering available to all employees of the 1658 company. 1659 The F. & M. Toastmasters Club is now recognized as the most progressive, beneficial 1660 and educational employee club within the company. The Company officers concur in 1661 this. We are proud of this fact and proud of our organization. 50 50


1662 Our Toastmaster Club has a great potential for further and greater accomplishments, 1663 however, we cannot develop these aims without financial assistance. Our only income is 1664 from membership assessments which now amount to $12.00 per year per member of 1665 which $6.00 goes to Toastmasters International. An additional $1.00 per meeting is 1666 charged for each member for meals. The $3.00 initiation fee is an additional charge for 1667 new members. The total of these costs, more than any other factor, discourages many 1668 employees who recognize the benefits of our organization. 1669 In order to carry forward and expand the Club’s program for the benefit of more 1670 employees we will have to depend on some financial assistance from the Employees 1671 Club. We firmly believe that we can obtain many more members, accomplish much more 1672 and develop a more mature club if the cost to the employees could be decreased. Such a 1673 situation would further enhance and inspire the organization and the development of our 1674 Toastmistress group as well. 1675 We would appreciate the Employees Club giving consideration to assisting us financially 1676 by absorbing the assessments made against both the Toastmasters and Toastmasters 1677 Clubs by the parent organizations. Tor Toastmasters this amounts to the $3.00 initiation 1678 fee plus 50₵ per member per month. For Toastmistresses the cost is a $35.00 charter fee, 1679 annual flat assessment of $14.00 and an annual charge of $3.00 per member. 1680 As the situation now exists we cannot purchases needed educational material and other 1681 necessary supplies nor can we afford to invite as many prospective members to attend our 1682 meetings as we would like. We cannot afford to send delegates to conventions or speech 1683 contests. We cannot attract many members because of the cost and finally the constant 1684 threat of total bankruptcy is demoralizing to all members. If Toastmasters are to flourish 1685 and Toastmistresses complete their organization we will need your helping hand. 1686 1687It is sad to note that the Employee Club must not have granted aid to St. Paul Fire and Marine as 1688they shut down October 1st, 1956. King Boreas had sponsored this Club and it was a growing 1689viable and impressive group in its own right. The up side to their closing, at least as far as King 1690Boreas Was concerned is that the Club gained some very strong members that transferred their 1691membership to King Boreas. Among these were: 1692 1693 John Renken Cliff Heinz 1694 Warren Wildasin Ken Frederickson 1695 Donald Richter Arthur Kerschinske.



1696 1697District Governance 1698 1699District Governor: Ed Brown 1700Term: 1956-1957 1701Club: Zephyrus #490 1702 1703Committee Chairs: 1704Club Extension: Nick Kummer Co-Chairs 1705 Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 1706 1707King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1708 Area 8 Governor: David Clemans (King Boreas) 1709 1710Club Officers 1711First half Second Half 1712President Harlan Olson William Meier 1713Vice President 1714Secretary 1715Treasurer 1716Deputy Governor 1717Sergeant at Arms 1718 1719From District History: 1720December 18, 1956 was a memorable day for two clubs of District Six; King Boreas #208 1721observed its 800th consecutive weekly meeting. The Minneapolitan Toastmasters Club #459 held 1722an old-timers night in connection with their Christmas party. One of the Old-Timers of this 1723Minneapolis club, Wayne Field, was a speaker. He is an excellent example of a man who has 1724utilized his Toastmasters training. At the time of this party, he was serving as president of the 1725Minnesota Junior Chamber of Commerce, and was Commodore-elect of the Minneapolis 1726Aquatennial. 1727 1728From Club Records: 1729The St. Paul Fire and Marine Club voted on 11th to relinquish its Charter #357 and dissolve the 1730Club effective October 1st; 1956.This action ended a close association between the two Clubs. As 1731noted in the Previous Toastmasters year six members transferred to King Boreas. 1732 1733As part of the Club records is a Speech Evaluation Handbook, revised 1956, written by Dr. 1734Ralph Smedley, our Founder. It has many good evaluation points. A synopsis of a few follow: 1735 1736 Outline for Critical Commentary 1737 Criticize only on the points on which you feel competent to advise. Make your 1738 comments positive, constructive, specific and friendly in spirit. 52 52


1739 1740 1741 1742 1743 1744 1745 1746 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752 1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1758 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769 1770 1771 1772 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777 1778 1779

1. 2. 3. 4.

How long did the speaker talk? Was it too long, or Short for the topic? Did the speaker stick to his topic, or wander from it? How would you classify the speech as to type: a. Was it amusing? b. Was it Argumentative? c. Was it appealing? d. Was it inspirational? 5. As to material: a. Was it Authoritative? b. Was it Logically Arranged/ c. Could a listener follow the outline easily? d. Did it lead to a climax? e. Were stories or illustrations appropriate and helpful? 6. Were words well chosen and well used? a. Did you notice errors in pronunciation? b. Did you notice errors in choice of words or rammer? 7. Was the speech well started? a. Was your interest aroused? 8. Was the Close effective? a. Was it an Appeal? b. Ws it a summary? c. Was it a call to action? d. Was it a definite statement of a specific purpose? 9. Was the delivery effective? a. Did it fit the speech? b. Was it graceful? c. Was it Forceful? d. Was it satisfying? e. What were the best features of the delivery? i. What in the Gestures added or detracted from the delivery? ii. What in the facial expressions add or detracted from the delivery? iii. What in the stance of the speaker added or detracted from the delivery? 10. Indicate the good points or the speech 11. Indicate the weaknesses of the speech 12. Suggest how to overcome weaknesses.



1780 1781District Governance 1782 1783District Governor: Norval Anderson 1784Term: 1957-1958 1785Club: Paul Bunyan #922 1786 1787Committee Chairs: 1788Editor (District Six Digest) Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 1789 1790King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1791 Area 8 Governor: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 1792 1793Club Officers 1794First half Second Half 1795President James Ward Don Blomberg 1796Vice President 1797Secretary 1798Treasurer 1799Deputy Governor 1800Sergeant at Arms 1801 1802From District History: 1803Big Six continued its tremendous growth during Norval Anderson’s term of office. Twelve new 1804clubs were welcomed into District Six 1957-1958. This record is the greatest number since 194618051947, and equals the highest mark for new clubs in a year. Only Tracy Jeffers’ administration of 18061945-1946 exceeded this accomplishment. 1807 1808Form Club Records: 1809Ralph Smedley wrote a pamphlet Entitled “Listening is a 10 part skill; 1810 1. Find an area of interest. 1811 2. Judge content, not delivery 1812 3. Hold your fire 1813 4. Listen for ideas 1814 5. Be flexible 1815 6. Work at listening 1816 7. Resist distractions 1817 8. Exercise your mind 1818 9. Keep your mind open 1819 10. Capitalize on thought speed. 1820 1821Smedley in the February Toastmaster said: 1822 54 54


1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1833 1834

My conception of the Toastmaster Club and of training which it affords, while based on certain principles of education, is quite largely the result of experiences and observations through the past fifty years, when those principles have been put into practical use. Our work is based primarily on the principles of learning by doing and improving through practice and criticism, principles is which I strongly believe. Back of these, there is Herbert Spencer’s definition of education. He held that education is a process of drawing out and putting into use the talents and abilities which are present in the person to be educated, rather than of pouring into his mind information from the exterior. Added to these basic concepts is my conviction that the power to communicate is one of man’s greatest endowments. I believe that all civilized life grows out of that ability, and the uses made of it. I believe that the improvement of man’s ability of improving life in all its phases, and that the progress of civilization depends on this improvement.



1835 1836District Governance 1837 1838District Governor: Alton Clark 1839Term: 1958-1959 1840Club: Royal Arcanum 1841 1842Committee Chairs: 1843Secretary: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 1844Speech Contest: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 1845 1846King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1847 Area 8 Governor: Henry Walden 1848 1849Club Officers 1850First half Second Half 1851President Howard Rudeen Kenneth Frederickson 1852Vice President 1853Secretary 1854Treasurer 1855Deputy Governor 1856Sergeant at Arms 1857 1858From District History: 1859Much emphasis was placed on the chartering of the 3000th club. All over Toastmasters, clubs 1860were asked to find a place in their activities to commemorate this accomplishment. The 1861Professionals Toastmasters Club of Minneapolis received the charter in an impressive ceremony, 1862led by Senior Vice President Emil Nelson. Founder Ralph Smedley spoke to those in attendance 1863via a long distance phone connection. In less than three years, the third thousand clubs had been 1864established. The first thousand took 27 years to establish. Five years later, the second thousand 1865was reached. This was one of the most memorable charter parties ever held in District Six, and 1866the first such International recognition given this district since attainment of the 700 by 70 goal 1867of Past International President George Benson in 1949. 1868 1869King Boreas #208 sponsored Shriner’s #590 sponsored the Highway Toastmasters #943. 1870 1871From Club Records: 1872The year 1958 saw a resurgence of a focus on education in the materials that were presented to 1873the Clubs from Toastmasters International. This effort was spearheaded by reprints of many of 1874the past educational pamphlets. OF note are two pamphlets that were located in the Club’s 1875records. The first was from Ralph Smedley of Toastmasters it’s meaning and values and the 1876other by Richard Weigle, President of St. John’s College in Annapolis, on the importance of 1877continuing education throughout ones full lifetime. 1878 56 56


1879Just a fun note that the Treasury on March 31, 1959 had 557.83 cents in the account, and that one 1880of the line items was for a TV assessment of $5.00. 1881 1882The membership roster brings to mind a point we should all remember “Membership is only an 1883opportunity, but a regular investment in attendance and participation pays of in big dividends. 1884Hell is paved with good intentions, so attend every meeting, not just intend top. 1885 1886The roster shows 27 active members. 1887 1888



1889 1890District Governance 1891 1892District Governor: Max Perraas 1893Term: 1959-1960 1894Club: Knights of Columbus #447 1895 1896District Officers: 1897Secretary: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 1898Treasurer: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 1899 1900Committee Chairs: 1901District Planning: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 1902 1903King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 1904 Area 8 Governor: Gilbert Thoele 1905 1906Club Officers 1907First half Second Half 1908President Cliff Heinz John Renken 1909Vice President 1910Secretary 1911Treasurer 1912Deputy Governor 1913Sergeant at Arms 1914 1915From District History: 1916A new committee in District Six had been operation under Al Clark’s administration, and was 1917continued in this one. Its nomenclature was “District Planning”, and it was chaired by past 1918International Treasurer Tracy Jeffers. Reviews were made in procedures and paperwork, to 1919determine future needs. The committee also recommended locations for meetings of the District 1920Executive Committee. 1921 1922From Club Records: 1923The Guest book shows that King Boreas was visited by Emil Nelson, President of Toastmasters 1924International on October 6, 1959 .and by Herman Hoche Vice President Toastmasters 1925International on December 6th 1960. 1926 1927At the 973rd Consecutive Weekly Meeting held on Tuesday April 12th, 1960 Dinner was served, 1928which was then followed by the induction of three recent members in the Club by Mr. Emil 1929Nelson, President of Toastmasters International. These members were, Mr. Guy Coursolle, Mr. 1930Jack Mahoney, and Mr. Ken Seymour. Who were then presented with the Toastmasters Pin, 1931Basic Training Manual, and an envelope called Mr. Toastmaster (the contents of the envelope are 1932a mystery to this historian). 1933 58 58


1934After Mr. Nelson’s induction of the new members he reminisced on his wife and his many 1935delightful experiences and frequent travels as President of Toastmasters International. 1936 1937New officers were installed at the 973rd meeting as well. The installing officer was Ed Leighton 1938doing triple duty. First he presented the new gavel to the president, and then announced the 1939outgoing officers and lastly installing the incoming officers of the Club. Past President Mr. Staab 1940gave a departing speech of his activities as president. All the outgoing and incoming officers did 1941their part in giving a short resume’ of either their past duties or new duties they have taken upon 1942themselves. 1943 1944At the May 3rd meeting President Wildasin announced the following committees and Chairman 1945for the next six month period: 1946 Executive Wildasin Inter-Club Renken 1947 Educational Jungkunz Public Relations Clemans 1948 Membership Wegwerth 1000th meeting Luebben and Jeffers 1949 Social Hartman Parliamentarian Staab 1950 1951The 978th Meeting was a “Surprise meeting” all assignments were filled by a drawing at the 1952beginning of the meeting. 1953 1954A cute but relevant letter from Dan Schofield points out our role in the club: 1955 Though my typxwritxr is an old modxl it works quitx wxll xxcxpt for onx of thx kxys. I 1956 wishxd many timxs that it workxd pxrfxctly. It is trux that thxrx arx forty onx kxys that 1957 function wxll xnough, but just onx kxy not working makxs a diffxrxncx. 1958 Somxtimxs it sxxms to mx that our Toastmasters Club is somxwhat likx my typxwritxr. 1959 You may say to your sxlf, “Wxll I am only onx pxrson, I don’t makx or brxak a 1960 program”. But it doxs makx a diffxrxncx bxcausx any program, to bx xffxctivx nxxds 1961 thx activx participation of xvxry mxmbxr. 1962 So thx nxxt timx you think you arx only onx pxrson and that your prxsxncx at mxxtings 1963 is not nxxdxd, rxmxmbxr my old typxwritxr and txll yoursxlf, “I am a kxy pxrson in our 1964 Toastmaastxrs Club and I am nxxdxd vxry much”. 1965 1966A letter Dated Sept 21, 1959 sent to Max Perras District Governor: 1967 Dear Max: 1968 On behalf of King Boreas Toastmaster Club#208, District #6, I am writing this 1969 announcement to you and respectfully request that it be read to the assembled members 1970 attending the District Fall Conference during the business session. 1971 The King Boreas Toastmasters Club (208) has the longest record of consecutive weekly 1972 meetings of any club in all of Toastmasters International (as far as can be determined at 1973 Santa Ana). We are proud of this record, and we know that all Toastmasters in District 6 1974 are proud of it. We will be celebrating the event of our 1000th consecutive weekly 1975 meeting during our meeting on October 18th 1960. We are planning on having the 1976 Founder of Toastmasters International, Ralph Smedley, attend our meeting. We are 1977 expecting that all current and former officer of District 6 will celebrate with us. We hope 59 59

1978 to have the Governor of the State of Minnesota and the Mayor of the City of St. Paul 1979 attended our meeting. 1980 We feel sure that an event of this kind is something that many members of Toastmasters 1981 District 6 would like to help us to celebrate. We are working toward the possibility of 1982 holding the meeting in the Grand Ballroom of one of St. Paul’s leading hotels. This is 1983 going to be a meeting that few Toastmasters (and their wives) of this district are going to 1984 want to miss. 1985 We, therefore, extend to all members of the district an invitation to bring their wives and 1986 plan to attend this gala event next year. We would welcome any suggestions from any 1987 Toastmaster who would like to volunteer ideas. 1988 Sincerely yours 1989 David Clemans 1990 Public Relations Chairman 1991 King Boreas Toastmasters Club #208 1992 1993The 1000th meeting committees and their duties were: 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Dinner and Entertainment Committee: 2005 Warren Wildasin, Chairman Tom Richards 2006 Ken Seymour Jack Terrillion Invitation and Reservations Committee: Ken Fredericksen, Chairman George Maier Herb Wegwerth Publicity Committee: Dave Clemans, Chairman Lloyd Anderson John Renken Guy Coursolle Duties: Study all media for publishing the event: Newspapers, radio, TV, Toastmasters Magazine etc. Prepare and circulate flyersamong other clubs an Toastmasters in Area, District, and surrounding Districts Duties: Draw up List of those persons and clubs to whom invitations will be sent. Prepare list of special guests and those who will be guests of the club. Draw up invitations, have them printed (within budget) and mailed or otherwise delivered to all who are to receive them. Work with budget committee in arriving at costs and expenses. Set time limits for answering RSVP and notify the Dinner Committee and Budget Committee of number of reservations amounts expended. Duties: Obtain and submit various menus and prices therefore for consideration of and selection of the membership. Establish price of Dinner in cooperation with the Budget Committee, including necessary over-ride to make this project selfsustaining. Determine the type of entertainment during and after dinner – dinner music and dance band. Cocktail and dinner hours. 60


2007 2008

Will be in charge of hall and dining room arrangements, seating, decorations, and all matters pertaining to this part of the affair. Work closely with the invitation and Reservations; Finance; Program and Hospitality Committees in coordinating the work efforts of each.

Finance Committee: John McFarland, Chairman Wallace Johnson

Duties: After Discussion with other committees, draft and submit a budget which will make the event self –supporting as possible. Handle the collection and deposits of all funds and approve all disbursements in cooperation with the Treasurer. Be in constant touch with the reservations and dinner committees to determine how closely estimates are being attained and to determine what changes in the budget are necessary. Duties: Determine the type, format and length of the program to be put on during or after the dinner. Select the speakers and Toastmaster for the evening. Depending on notification by Reservations nd Invitation of who will be present – special and other guests. See to it that proper protocol is observed in the inviting, receiving, seating and calling upon or introducing of Ralph Smedley and other Special Guests in attendance. Work of this committee should start at once after seeking and receiving expression of the Club as to type and format of the program. (As a suggestion, words from former charter and other members, Past Carnival Kings, Officers of the District and International, and from other clubs we have organized.) The success of any dinner or program of this type is dependent upon the impression made upon our friends, members, and guests as they arrive upon the scene of the event. This club has built a reputation for being good hosts and this we will not let get away from us now. This committee 61

Program Committee: George Jungkunz, Chairman Herman Goebel Tracy Jeffers Waldo Luebben Paul Roth

Hospitality Committee: Don Blomberg, Chairman Herman Goebel Bill Hartman


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 Task Committee: George Morneau, Chairman Richard Heinz Dennis Loebben, Ervin Maeyer Howard Rudeen Dan Staab Richard Steinke Bill Tietgens James Ward James Long Don Christians General Co-Chairs Tracy Jeffers Waldo Luebben Historian: Lawrence Bennett

will determine whether the usual practice of presenting the women with flowers upon arrival will continue. It will select from all the membership the whole reception committee on duty that evening and those whose special duty it will be to look after the dignitaries in attendance. This group - eventually consisting of the whole club can well set the tempo for the whole evening, as it will be on the job throughout the whole affair. Following the instructions of the President in obtaining data on and writing the history of the Club and have it available for the various committee’s use in planning the program. While these members have not been assigned to any specific committee, they, never-the-less, are available for duty and call on any one or more committees, The committee chairman shall bear this in mind in making the assignments to members of their respective groups.

Gene5ral assistance and supervision where ever we can help.



2029 2030District Governance 2031 2032District Governor: Jack Pelinka 2033Term: 1960-1961 2034Club: Gopher #183 2035 2036District Officers: 2037Treasurer: Ken Frederickson (King Boreas) 2038 2039King Boreas Assigned to Area 8 2040 Area 8 Governor: Rex Middelstadt 2041 2042Club Officers 2043First half Second Half 2044President Warren Wildasin George Jungkunz 2045Ed. Vice President George Jungkunz Herb Wegwerth 2046Administrative VP Wallace Johnson 2047Secretary John McFarland 2048Treasurer William Hartman 2049Sergeant at Arms Richard Desmond 2050 2051From District History: 2052One of the largest meetings and one of the most impressive ever staged by a club in District Six 2053was concluded on October 22, 1960. The King Boreas Club #208 of St. Paul observed its 1000th 2054consecutive weekly meeting. The list of dignitaries present was astronomical. Heading the list 2055was Founder of Toastmasters, Ralph Smedley. Past International Presidents Emil Nelson and 2056Harry Mattison, International President George Mucey, St. Paul Mayor George Vavoulis, 2057Minnesota Secretary of State Joseph Donovan, Past International Treasurer Tracy Jeffers, present 2058and past Kings of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and many other past and present members of the 2059Board of Directors and District Council attended. Governor Pelinka and the other members of 2060the “Official Family” of elected officers represented District Six. The club had never missed a 2061weekly meeting since their organization in 1941. 2062 2063For the first time, three Lieutenant Governors were elected. The newly elected third Lieutenant 2064Governor (“The first of the thirds”) was Warren Wildasin of the King Boreas club #208. 2065 2066From Club Records: 2067 At the July 8th, 1960 the General Evaluator, John Renken, created and awarded a new award \. 2068He presented this award called the Burnt Toast Award, to Waldo Luebben, for greatly exceeding 2069the scheduled time on evaluating a speech. 2070 2071The summer picnic on July 15th 1960, at the Luebben’s, and was well attended by 17 members, 2072their wives, and 26 children. Many games and prizes were awarded. 2073 63 63


2074T the July 19th, 1960 meeting a letter was read from Mayor Vavoulis, stating that he would try to 2075attend the 1000th meeting but it was too early to make a definite commitment. 2076 2077At the August 5th meeting a letter written by Dave Clemens was read to the club for approval to 2078forward to Toastmasters International, for inclusion in the Toastmasters pertaining to the 1000th 2079meeting. It was approved and a picture of the still active Charter Members was also included. 2080 2081 August 9, 1960 2082 Mr. Don Perkins, Editor 2083 The Toastmaster 2084 Toastmasters International 2085 Santa Ana California. 2086 Dear Don: 2087 Enclosed is a photograph of the five active Charter Members of the King Boreas TM Club 2088 #208, St. Paul, MN. together with the president of the Club as they go over some of the 2089 original records of the club. 2090 On October 22, 1960, in the Casino Room of the St. Paul Hotel at 6:30PM King Boreas 2091 Toastmasters Club will convene the 1000th consecutive weekly meeting of the King Boreas 2092 Toastmasters Club. We have planned a gala evening to celebrate this occasion and have 2093 invited Founder Ralph Smedley (Who has written that he will be there barring accident), 2094 Governor Orville Freeman, Governor of the State of Minnesota, the Mayor of the City of St. 2095 Paul, George Vavoulius, International and District officers (From District 6 and surrounding 2096 Districts), and club officers and members from all over the state. 2097 As you have heard, King Boreas has a long history of putting on outstanding parties, having 2098 been the originator of the Famous Dinner of the Kings for the St. Paul Winter Carnival, to 2099 which past and present carnival royalty have come with real pleasure. 2100 Members of the club have met on such evenings as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, 2101 Thanksgiving, and even the 4th of July to keep their record of consecutive weekly meetings 2102 intact. We are really looking forward tot the 1000th meeting and can assure you that it will 2103 be an evening to be long remembered. In addition to dinner music, there will be a short 2104 program, followed by dancing. We are anxious that as many Toastmasters as can come to 2105 help us celebrate, and would appreciate it if these members would let us have their 2106 reservation in advance so that we can prepare places for them. (That has not yet been written 2107 in any special form, feeling that you would prefer to write the story to fit your plans for the 2108 magazine.) 2109 Sincerely Yours 2110 David Clemans 2111 Public Relations Chair 2112 2113The Executive Committee Meeting held on August 12th 1960 was cut short so that the Executive 2114Committee members could watch the newly franchised Minnesota Vikings play. 2115 2116At the September 6th Meeting Don Blomberg, Chairman of the St. Paul Speakers Bureau “Nixon 2117for President” announced that opportunities will be available for Toastmasters to speak in 2118Nixon’s behalf at luncheons clubs, etc. 64 64

2119 2120The Executive Committee Meeting Minutes from September 10th, 1960 confirm the attendance 2121plans of Mayor Vavoulis, Regret from Governor Freeman, but he would have Secretary of State 2122Joseph Donovan attend in his place, and a letter being sent to Ralph Smedley urging him to 2123attend. 2124 2125September 28, 1960 2126Dear Toastmaster Clemans: 2127Thank you for your letter of the 26th. I shall be glad to prepare a tape recording for you which 2128may replace me at your meeting on October 22nd. I shall prepare it within the next few days and 2129shall send it to you so that it will be there in ample time for use. 2130No doubt you have in mind the fact that October 22nd is the anniversary of the organization of 2131our Number One Club, which was formed in Santa Ana on October 22, 1924. Thus your meeting 2132has significance with respect to our entire organization, as well as in the celebration of the 2133millennial meeting of the King Boreas Club. I know it will be a great occasion. 2134Sincerely 2135Ralph Smedley 2136 2137The 998th meeting held on October 4th, 1960 was attended by several VIP Guests, Harry 2138Madison, Past International President, jack Pelinka, District 6 Governor, and Rex Middlesteasdt, 2139area Governor. 2140 2141Letter Dated: 2142October 10, 1960 2143Dear Mr. Jeffers: 2144Please accept my congratulations to the King Boreas Club on its one thousandth consecutive 2145weekly meeting. It is well recognized that your club is one of the outstanding clubs in our 2146organization. You are not only to be commended for the length of record of the thousand weekly 2147meetings but that you have had one thousand purposeful meetings for your members. 2148A meeting is worthwhile only if it helps its members. The roster of distinguished members that 2149belong tot h King Boreas Club testifies to the high caliber of meetings as well as it continuity. 2150I personally, speaking in behalf of the entire organization, hope that you will consider your 2151achievement only as a noticeable milestone rather than the ultimate. Therefore, in congratulating 2152you we hope that this record may continue on for years to come. 2153Sincerely 2154George Mucey 2155President, Toastmasters International 2156 2157Toastmaster of the year For 1960 was Warren Wildasin. 2158 2159In early 1961 at the request of George Jungkunz, President of King Boreas Toastmasters Richard 2160Desmond started an exploratory action to see if Macalester College about the issuance of college 2161credit for Toastmasters club operation. A report was filled that the Dean of the College would 2162look into it, but he was not aware of any college issuing credit for Toastmasters, or similar 2163programs. 65 65

2164 2165On March 13th Richard Desmond participated in the area speech contest and placed second, a 2166former member of king Boreas Ray Lindmeyer took first place. 2167 2168On April 2nd it was noted that Warren Wildasin would sere as Lt. Governor of District 6 in the 21691961-1962 Toastmaster year. 2170 2171A letter from Maurice Forley, Executive Director of Toastmasters International, tells the story of 2172the growth of Toastmasters International and the need for a new World Headquarters. A synopsis 2173follows: 2174 Shortly after the Close of World War II, the home office of Toastmasters International was 2175 moved from a small second floor suite in downtown Santa Ana Community Center 2176 Building. The Community Center Building was a temporary wartime structure built by the 2177 Army. When the war ended, it was acquired by the City of Santa Ana and is currently 2178 occupied by agencies of government and other nonprofit service organizations. The rapid 2179 growth of Toastmasters International has made the building inadequate for efficient 2180 operation of the Home Office. In Addition, the building is in the path of the expanding Santa 2181 Ana Civic Center. The present lease held by Toastmasters International expires in 2182 November 1961. After that time, the Home Office ill be renting on a Month-to-Month basis, 2183 with no guarantee of permanency. 2184 Consequently, after studying the situation with Dr. Smedley and our bankers, and after 2185 reviewing our potential needs and future growth, and after considering the possibilities of 2186 leasing other facilitie, at the November 1959 meeting of the Board of Directors voted to 2187 purchase a site and Build a new World Headquarters. The cost for this action would be in 2188 the neighborhood of $400,000, the Building will be a 27,000 square foot facility. 2189 There is also much discussion on the ability of individual Toastmasters or Clubs wanting to 2190 contribute to the cost for the facility. Even though the financial cost has been arranged for, it 2191 was found that there was no restriction to members of clubs donating to the costs. A fund 2192 was started by the Smedley Club #1 in Santa Ana to coordinate and inform the other clubs 2193 of their option. 2194 2195



2196 2197District Governance 2198 2199District Governor: Edward Thielen 2200Term: 1961-1962 2201Club: Cosmopolitan #515 2202 2203District Officers: 2204Third Lieutenant Governor: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2205District Planning: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 2206 2207Committee Chairs: 2208Budget/Finance: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 2209 2210King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2211 Area 10 Governor: Herbert Caldwell (King Boreas) 2212 2213Club Officers 2214First half Second Half 2215President Herbert Wegwerrth Bill Hartman 2216ED. Vice President William Hartman George Morneau 2217Administrative. VP Richard Desmond Tom Richards 2218Secretary Paul Roth Ronald Christians 2219Treasurer George Morneau Erv Meyer 2220Sergeant at Arms Thomas Richards Ken Seymour 2221 2222From District History: 2223A major activity which spills over two administrations was the planning of the 1962 International 2224Convention in the Twin Cities. Past international Director Helge Olsson was named General 2225Conventionn Chairman. Assisting him in the planning of the convention were Jack Pelinka, 2226Minneappolis Vice Chairman, and Tracy Jeffers, St. Paul Vice Chairman. Nine committees were 2227set up to plan the local activities, facilities, and coordinate the education program with World 2228headquarters. The committees set up and their chairmen are as follows: 2229 Entertainment: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2230 Finance: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 2231 Hospitality: Jack Scott 2232 Ladies Activities: Robert Tokar 2233 Public Relations: Reid Burns 2234 House: A. M. Herriges 2235 Transportation: Bernard Szymczak 2236 Program: Tony Benkusky 2237 Advisory: Emil Nelson 2238 Recording Secretary: Orville Meland 2239 67 67


2240 The Minneapolis Board of Realtors in their organization publication said: 2241 The one nice thing about Toastmasters, as far as the Board Executive is concerned, is that 2242 a club is independent from other Board activities. A treasurer is elected and he is 2243 responsible for dues and paying the club’s bills. A secretary is elected and he is 2244 responsible for minutes. The only items our Board gives is moral support and the use of 2245 the mimeograph machine, envelopes, etc., for mailing the monthly local Toastmaster 2246 publication. 2247 The enthusiasm generated at this time of the morning is tremendous. The club 2248 membership has a good cross section of salespeople, managers, and owners, and is open 2249 to outsiders. 2250 The most successful undertaking of the 1961 Salesman’s Advisory Committee of the 2251 Minneapolis Board of Realtors was the formation of a Toastmasters club. Toastmasters 2252 International states, “Toastmasters is more than a club--it’s an Education”, which speaks 2253 for itself. 2254 2255 In addition the above article warned of dangers in “Captive” clubs, and steps were undertaken 2256 to insure that this would not be a detriment to the club’s success. Truly this article is a fitting 2257 tribute to Toastmasters. 2258 2259 From Club Records: 2260At the July 25th, 1961 meeting that speakers were desperately needed to speak on behalf of the 2261United Fund, and that interested members should talk to Max Paris. 2262 2263After many weeks of discussion it was decided that the Club move its meetings to the YMCA the 2264first meeting at the new location was held September 5th, 1961.. 2265 2266On October 3, 1961 Mr. Emil Nelson Past President of Toastmasters International attended the 2267meeting and installed the new officers. 2268 2269On November 25th 1961, Mr. Hartman resigned as President of King Boreas, citing pressing 2270commitments relative to other civic activities in the Village of North St. Paul, however Mr. 2271Hartman continued to be shown as President on subsequent meetings. 2272 2273The Christmas party held December 5, 1961 was held at Gannon’s restaurant and was well 2274attended including Mr. Ed Thielen, District Governor of District 6. 2275 2276 Mr David Clemans at the January 23rd 1962 meeting requested a volunteer to Emcee the Winter 2277Carnival Skating Rink Festivities, and Mr. Lemay volunteered. 2278 2279A contribution of $25 was sent to District 6 to be combined with other District contributions in 2280honor of ‘cap’ Sias to Toastmasters International to help with the cost of the new World 2281Headquarters in March of 1962. 2282. 2283The April Convention had several King Boreans active in the various roles. Warren Wildasin 2284was Nominated as 2nd. Lt. Governor of the District, Ken Frederickson gave a presentation on 68 68

2285“Records with personality”, and Mr. Caldwell and John Scott participated in the PEP 2286(Programming-Evaluation-Participation) sessions. 2287 2288



2289 2290District Governance 2291 2292District Governor: Bjarne Buan 2293Term: 1962-1963 2294Club: Greysolon #217 2295 2296District Officers: 22972nd Lieutenant Governor: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2298Treasurer: Kenneth Frederickson (King Boreas) 2299 2300Committee Chairmen: 2301District Planing: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 2302 2303 2304King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2305 Area 10 Governor: Herbert Caldwell (King Boreas) 2306 2307Club Officers 2308First half Second Half 2309President George Morneau Herb Caldwell 2310Ed. Vice President Herbert Caldwell Virgil Villnow 2311Administrative VP Virgil Villnow Thomas McLaughlin/H. Neimic 2312Secretary Tom McLaughlin James Lindell 2313Treasurer James Lindell Joseph Mangin/Bill Turley 2314Sergeant at Arms Henry Niemiec Dan Schofield 2315 2316From District History: 2317The 1962 International Convention was held in Minneapolis on august 9-11. As part of the 2318festivities an International Night was a pop concert and ice review held at the St. Paul 2319Auditorium. The music was provided by the St. Paul Civic Orchestra, and the skating by the St. 2320Paul Figure Skating Club. Narrator of the program was Lieutenant Governor Warren Wildasin. 2321 2322The Past District Governors organized a club for the purpose of fellowship and continued intrest 2323and service to District Six. Their services have always been available in an advisory capacity to 2324the officers of the District. Their first election of officers chose Harry Mattison as President, and 2325Tracy Jeffers as Vice President, and Max Perras as Secretary/Treasurer. 2326 2327 From Club Records: 2328One of the recent Longest standing members joined the club on August 21, 1962, Mr. Ed 2329Dufresne. Ed was a member until his death in the fall of 2010, almost 40 years. 2330 2331Herb Caldwell was awarded the Toastmaster of the year award for 1962. 2332 70 70


2333The 1962 Christmas party and meeting #1111 were held at Conroy’s featured selections of 2334Lobster, $4.25; Steak $3.50 or Chicken $3.25. The ladies and Gentleman were asked to bring a 2335Lady’s or men’s gift not to exceed $1 2336 2337King Boreas members held several inter-club meetings and speakers exchanges with other ST. 2338Paul area Clubs. Predominantly visited were the 1st St. Paul and Victory Club. 2339 2340Joe Mangin resigned effective October 30th as Treasurer from King Boreas citing family 2341commitments with his son in Y Indian guides and PTA duties, where he is also Treasurer. He did 2342not give up membership just his elected office. 2343 2344On September, 16th, 1962 the Minutes report that the Club would continue to sponsor the Jr. 2345Toastmasters Clubs at the University of Minnesota, Macalaster, Hamlin and the Farm Campus 2346 2347There was a lot of Junior Toastmasters activity with both the Macalister and Hamline Clubs, 2348visiting King Boreas and King Boreas members visiting and guiding these Junior Toastmasters 2349clubs. 2350 2351On August of 1962 the Club was contacted to help organize a new club at the Minnesota 2352Department of Education. 2353 2354.Herb Caldwell was elected Toastmaster of the Year award.. 2355 2356 The joint meeting with Koposia Club was a smashing success with the ladies present and 2357members from Koposia. There were a total of 17 Boreas Members and 21 guests. 2358 2359The area speech contest was won by King Borean Dan Scholfield, and he will represent King 2360Boreas at the Division contest. 2361 2362Tracy Jeffers Reported on the formation of a new Toastmasters Club at the Masonic Lodge, and 2363the he had offered our assistance. 2364 2365On April 2, 1963, the Past Toastmasters International President, Harry Mattison, visited the 2366Club. The purpose of the visit was to install the new officers. The Officers installed were: 2367President - Villnow, Educational Vice President - Turley, Administrative Vice President 2368-Scholfield, Secretary - Gleeson, Treasurer - Niemic, and Sergeant at arms - Rehling. 2369 2370The Minutes of the May 7th Executive Officers meeting are noteworthy: 2371 Anent the atrophic proclivities of our fiscal responsibilities it is resolved that gratis ducats 2372 tendered representatives to our district conclaves be diminished by fifty per cent; that 2373 floral manifestations of condolence be proffered only as regards the immediate family of 2374 the bereaved; that such expressions be committed by only the monetary officer; that the 2375 maximum of these disbursements does not surpass $7.50; that financial responsibility 2376 conceivably could be motivated by a monthly recapitulation by the officer of the 2377 exchequer. There was unanimity of concurrence. 71 71

2378 2379 2380 2381 2382

Dialog respecting the Pow – Wow ensued. At this point the committee expressed a propensity for a modicum of imbibation and at 9:12 adjourned to more liquid pastures.





2384 2385District Governance 2386 2387District Governor: Stanley Dickinson 2388Term: 1963-1964 2389Club: Zumbro Valley #1013 2390 2391International Officers: 2392First Lieutenant Governor: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2393Budget and Finance: Herbert Caldwell (King Boreas) 2394 2395Governors Club: 2396Vice President: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 2397 2398King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2399 Area 10 Governor: Harold Berg 2400 2401Club Officers 2402 First half Second Half 2403President Stretch Villnow Stretch Villnow 2404Ed. Vice President Jim Lindell Dan Schofield 2405Adm. Vice President Dan Scholfield John McFarland 2406Secretary Turley Welliam Brownlee 2407Treasurer Niemic James Lindell 2408Sergeant at Arms Rehling Ralph Fritz 2409 2410From District History: 2411The 1963 Fall Conference was conducted in St. Paul on October 19. Minnesota Governor Karl 2412Rovaag proclaimed the week of October 13-19 as Toastmasters Week in Minnesota. 2413 2414Members of District Six and all of Toastmasters were saddened and shocked at the sudden 2415passing of Past International President Herman Hoche on September 21, 1963. A committee 2416consisting of Area 1 Governor Mark Holmes, Past International President Harry Mattison, and 2417Past Treasurer Tracy Jeffers was appointed to start a memorial. Mr. Hoche had been recognized 2418by numerous professional societies with which he was associated, and was listed in the 1964 2419edition of “Who’s Who in America”. 2420 2421From Club Records: 2422 There are 2 versions of the Minutes of the December 10th, Christmas party: 2423 Minutes of the 1164th consecutive weekly meeting of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club 2424 held Dec. 10, 1963. 2425 The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM in the Carnival Room off the Twins Motor 2426 Hotel, approximately three feet from the end of the bar. The meeting was attended by 2427 those members able to stand and one surprised bartender. President Virgil Villnow 2428 probably called the meeting to order. It was moved simultaneously by Mr. Brownlee, Mr. 74 74


2429 2430 2431 2432 2433 2434 2435 2436 2437 2438 2439 2440 2441 2442 2443 2444 2445 2446

Goebel, and seconded by the bartender that the business portion of the meeting be dispensed with – or something to that effect. Several blurry seconds were heard, and the motion was unanimously passed. Everyone went back to their drinks. HO…HO…HO! Version 2 of minutes of December 10th Meeting: Minutes of the 1164th consecutive weekly meeting of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club held Dec. 10, 1963. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Carnival room of the Twins Motor Hotel by President Virgil Villnow. Mr. Herman Goebel moved that the business portion of the meeting be dispensed with and the Christmas Party be continued. Motion seconded and passed. The Toastmaster of the Year award was presented to Mr. Warren Wildasin. Submitted by Wm. C. Brownlee, Secretary. President Villnow read a letter at the December 17th meeting from the Winter Carnival Committee asking if King Boreas would once again provide announcers for the ice skating rink six days at noon during the Carnival. Warren Wildasin Volunteered to head up the Activity and several members came forward.



2447 2448District Governance 2449 2450District Governor: Warren Wildasin 2451Term: 1964-1965 2452Club: King Boreas #208 2453 2454District Officers: 2455Secretary: Herbert Caldwell (King Boreas) 2456 2457Governors Club: 2458President: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 2459 2460King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2461 Area 10 Governor: Clifford Wells 2462 2463Club Officers 2464 First half Second Half 2465President Virgil Villnow 2466Ed. Vice President Dan Schofield 2467Adm Vice President John McFarland 2468Secretary William Brownlee 2469Treasurer James Lindell 2470Sergeant at Arms Ralph Fritz 2471 2472From District History: 2473“Enjoy Toastmasters”… Following this path Set by International President Paris Jackson, 2474Warren Wildasin described the activities of District Six for the year. The third District Governor 2475from King Boreas #208 enjoyed a successful year, which was the beginning of a push which 2476brought District Six the largest number of clubs in Toastmasters for a single District two years 2477later. 2478 2479A major accomplishment of the year was the revival of the District Speaker’s Bureau. 150 2480members of 70 clubs participated in the program, directed by Ray Frellsen of Professionals 2481#3000. Participation was high an terms of number of speeches given by the volunteers. Various 2482charitable organizations benefited from Toastmaster speeches. The public relations value was 2483unquestionable. 2484 2485Governor Karl Rovaag of Minnesota was again interested in designating a Toastmasters Week. 2486This offer was accepted in connection with the 1964 Dall Conference, held in Brainerd on 2487October 10. October 4-10, 1964 was TOastmasteers Week ing Minnesota. 2488 2489During the year, four past officers of District Six were called by the Final Evaluator, Past District 2490Treasurer and Secretary and King Boreas #208 member Kenneth Frederickson; Past Area 76 76


2491Governor Kenneth Harper of Cloquet; Toastmaster Larry Beckley; and District Secretary Herb 2492Caldwell, a member of King Boreas. 2493District Governor Warren Wildasin of the King Boreas Club #208 Received the WCCO Good 2494Neighbor Award on the day before the Spring Conference. 2495 2496From Club Records: 2497The highlight of the year was the celebration of the 1200th meeting on August 18, 1964 at the 2498Maplewood Bowl. The announcement read: 2499 2500 Twenty-theree years ago a group of fellows met in St. Paul to organize a Toastmasters 2501 Club. From that meeting King Boreas Toastmasters No. 208 was born. Now, twenty-three 2502 years later, we are to celebrate the 1200th consecutive weekly meeting of that club. 2503 2504 To commemorate this unprecedented occasion we are inviting you to help celebrate this 2505 milestone of Toastmastering. Many members, past and present, will be there to reminisce 2506 and exchange fellowship. Won’t you ad your wife join us in a memorable eening? 2507 2508 WHEN: August 18, 1964, At 6:30PM 2509 WHERE: The Maplewood Bowl, Frost and English St., St. Paul, MN 2510 WHAT: Dinner-----Entertainment-----Dancing-----Refreshments. 2511 HOW MUCH: $5.00 per person, plus refreshments, payable on advance to 2512 King Boreas Toastmasters by August 15, to the undersigned. 2513 2514 Virgil Villnow 2515 1795 Alameda 2516 St. Paul, Minn. 55113 2517 2518There is a “SUGGESTED BULLETIN MATERIAL” (Vol.7, No. 4, Dated April, 1965) letter 2519from Toastmasters International that would be of interest even today. 2520 2521 For Better Listening 2522 Most of the pre - occupation with communication is directed toward improvement of 2523 the output, so that we find on every hand courses in composition, in effective speaking, in 2524 the arts of plain or fancy talk and how to write more dynamic sales letters. But the other 2525 aspects of communication, namely, the problem of intake-especially the problem of how 2526 to listen well – is relatively a neglected subject. It does not avail the speakers to have 2527 spoken well if we as listeners have failed to understand, or if we come away believing 2528 them to have said things they didn’t say at all. 2529 S. I. Hayakawa 2530 2531



2532 2533District Governance 2534 2535District Governor: Robert Tokar 2536Term: 1965-1966 2537Club: Pony Expressers #3168 2538 2539Committee Chairs: 2540Advisory and Elections: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2541 2542Governors Club: 2543Vice President: Herman Goebel (King Boreas) 2544 2545King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2546 Area 10 Governor: Richard Kline 2547 2548Club Officers 2549First half Second Half 2550President 2551Ed. Vice President 2552Adm. Vice President 2553Secretary 2554Treasurer l 2555Sergeant at Arms 2556 2557From District History: 2558Ralph Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters, passed away September 14, 1965. A memorial was 2559started by World Headquarters, with District Six being among the first to contribute. Never was 2560there a man who knew Dr. Smedley who was not enriched by his manner. His idea has helped 2561many men to learn more effective communications. The bells tolled later in the year for Past 2562District Governor Herman Goebel, a Charter member of King Boreas #208. His administration 2563started the rapid growth of District Six in 1953 to bring it up to over 100 clubs seven years later. 2564 2565The Fall Conference was held October 16, 1965 at St. Cloud. After a long and rather stormy 2566session Warren Wildasin was accepted into the Past Governors Club. 2567 2568A bid for the 1972 International Convention was made by St. Paul through Warren Wildasin. 2569Having selected Region IV as the site for the 1971 Convention, the city was one of those 2570considered for the meeting. 2571 2572From Club Records: 2573Toastmasters International Released a new set of scoring for the “OUTSTANDING 2574TOASMASTER AWARD”. Points will be awarded for individual effort and dedication to 2575Toastmasters principles. A committee, appointed by the Club President, will be responsible for a 2576continuing record of each club member’s points. 78 78


2577 2578 2579 2580 2581 2582 2583 2584 2585 2586 2587 2588 2589 2590 2591 2592 2593 2594 2595 2596

The following categories will be considered in making the tabulations for the 12-momnth period: Attendance per meeting Winning speaker award Second place speaker award Most improved speaker award Speech before outside club or civic group Recruiting a new member Assisting in organizing a new Toastmaster club Representing Club at Area Speech Contest Representing Club at Zone Speech Contest Visitation to outside club Hold Presidency of organization other than TM Failure to fulfill program assignment Points 1 5 2 2 5 5 10 5 10 2 10 -5



2597 2598District Governance 2599 2600District Governor: Bernard Szymczak 2601Term: 1966-1967 2602Club: Christopher #958 2603 2604Committee Chairs: 2605Club Achievement: Robert Haynes (King Boreas) 2606Speechcraft: Richard Foss (King Boreas) 2607 2608King Boreas Assigned to Area 10 2609 Area10 Governor: Neill Carter (King Boreas) 2610 2611Club Officers 2612First half Second Half 2613President Norman Bell 2614Ed. Vice President Todd Freeman 2615Adm. Vice President Bob Sevenich 2616Secretary George Knutson 2617Treasurer Pat Wood 2618Sergeant at Arms Dale Fisher 2619 2620From District History: 2621The King Boreas Club #208 celebrated two significant events during the year. On July 19, 1966, 2622they observed their 1300th consecutive weekly meeting. The other celebration took place on 2623November 5, when they celebrated their 25th anniversary. Past District Governor Tracy Jeffers 2624was knighted by Boreas Rex XXXII of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Numerous officers, past and 2625present, were in attendance. 2626 2627This year marked the 30th anniversary of District Six. The three oldest clubs also celebrated their 262830th anniversary, these clubs were: Minneapolis #75, Russell Conwell #82, and Albert Lea #91. 2629 25th anniversaries were observed by Greysolon #217 of Duluth and Victory #221 of St. Paul, in 2630addition to King Boreas #208. 2631 2632From Club Records: 2633The primary event of the year was the celebration of the 25th Anniversary. The announcement of 2634the party is represented below: 2635 2636 2637 2638 2639 80


To all past and present members and friends Be it known 4 November, 1966 marks Be it Also known
80 the 25th Anniversary of the King Boreas Club that whereas anniversaries

2640 2641 2642 2643 2644 2645 2646 2647 2648 2649 2650 2651 2652 2653 2654 2655 2656 2657 2658 2659

Are meant to be celebrated _ and it has taken Our club over 1300 consecutive weekly meetings To reach this landmark, we are having a


With music to delight, food and beverage To enjoy, entertainment and unsurpassed Good fellowship abounding……

Where_ When_ Time_

Lowery Hotel Spanish Room November 5, 1966 6:00 to 7:00 Fellowship Hour

and remember It as a must to attend and enjoy… RSVP Toastmasteringly Yours Your 25 Anniversary Committee

Circle 5 November




2661 2662 2663August saw a change in the By-laws to change the terms of office for the club officers from 2664September- March, and April to August, to closer align with the district and Toastmasters 2665Calendar years. The new terms will be from January – June, and July to December. 2666 2667September saw the establishment of a King Boreas Speakers Bureau, with Bill Baker serving as 2668Chairman, with Messieurs: Bell, Wildasin, Jeffers, and several others stating their interest in 2669speaking. 2670 2671In January the YMCA informed the Club that they were instituting new policies for groups, as to 2672the costs and minimum number off meals that were to be paid for. They offered several 2673selections ranging in price from $1.50 to $2.00. A lengthy discussion followed, where it was 2674decided to look into other options for the Club meetings. After a few weeks of negotiation, it was 2675agreed that the Club would guarantee 12 meals would be purchased from the “Y” and the $2.00 2676premium selection would be served from the menu on a rotating basis (2 options per meeting), as 2677decided by the facility. 2678 2679A membership drive was initiated in April of 1967, the winning team captain got the opportunity 2680to toss a pie in the face of the loosing teams captain. The Captains were Norm Bell and Bill 2681Baker.Mr. Bell’s team shall consist of Defresne, Freeman, Jeffers, Luebben, Peterson, 2682Wegwerth, Westberg, Lapac, and Karasov. Mr .Baker’s team shall consist of Carter, Femrite, 2683Fisher, Kuhlmann, McFarland, Webb, Wertheimer, Wildasin, Nelson, and Lindell. 2684At the July 25th meeting there was a special event – the pie throwing contest, During the first part 2685of the first inning, throwing for the “Good Guys” was Hurling – Whirling William D. Baker and 2686he pitched a perfect strike at the “Bad Guys” captain, Norman Bell. Not to be out done (to say 2687the least), “Stormin’ Norman in the bottom half of the inning returned the compliment by 2688throwing a nasty pie into the face of the “Good Guys” captain, Mr. Baker. The throw was a 2689perfect example of a screwy curve ball. 82 82

2690 2691District Governance 2692 2693District Governor: Arthur Fahland 2694Term: 1967-1968 2695Club: Greysolon #217 2696 2697Division Advisors: 2698Division 3: Richard Foss (King Boreas) 2699 2700Committee Chairs: 2701Area Governor Achievement: Neill Carter (King Boreas) 2702Club Achievement: Robert Haynes (King Boreas) 2703Big Six Digest Asst: Richard Foss (King Boreas) 2704 2705King Boreas Assigned to Area 11 2706 Area 11 Governor: Russell Milnar 2707 2708Club Officers 2709First half Second Half 2710President Todd Freeman Nels Femrite 2711Ed. Vice President Nels Femrite Elliot Karasov 2712Adm. Vice President George Kneutson William Baker 2713Secretary Bill Baker Robert Peterson 2714Treasurer Dale Fisher Bernard Kuhlmann 2715Sergeant at Arms Bernie Kuhlman Sam Werthheimer 2716 2717From District History: 2718Past District Governor and International Treasurer Tracy Jeffers passed away suddenly on July 271914, 1967. The eulogy was delivered at the July meeting of the District Executive Committee by 2720Warren Wildasin. The essence of his message was reported in the Big Six Digest, and is quoted 2721in part, below: 2722 … While he has gone, he is still with us, for he left his mark, and always a good mark, on 2723 countless thousands of men. Toastmasters International today lives and flourishes, 2724 enhanced because of his touch, his enthusiasm, his knowledge, his wisdom, his warmth, 2725 his perception, and always his helping hand to all who would take it. 2726 No one gave maore of himself to others and specifically to Toastmasters. He was 2727 affectionately known throughout Toastmaster-land as “Mr. Toastmaster.” As a 2728 parliamentarian he had no equal. 2729 He loved life—every facet of it. He thrived on a good argument. His keen Irish sense of 2730 humor and with was well known. He was a joy to be with, The Spirit of “Mr. 2731 Toastmaster” still remains. 2732 2733 2734 83 83


2735 2736 2737 2738 2739 2740 2741 2742 2743 2744 2745 2746 2747 2748 2749 2750 2751 2752 2753 2754 2755 2756 2757 2758 2759 2760 2761 2762 2763 2764 2765 2766 2767 2768 2769 2770 2771 2772 2773 2774 2775 2776 2777 2778 2779 84

From Club Records: At the July 17th Meeting the death of Charter Member and Mr. Toastmaster, Tracy Jeffers was announced to the Club membership. It was moved and seconded that the Toastmaster of the Year Award be renamed in his honor, for all of his work in promoting Toastmasters, and King Boreas. On October 17th, 1967 Owen Nelson was commissioned to build a new timer for the club. The new timer was brought into service on December 19th, 1967. The club members hovered over it, admiring it like a new born daughter. This timer is still in use as of 2011, good job Owen. With many members from 3M and Northern Pacific Railroad a debate that could have lead to all out war, was avoided, over the Name Tag issue. It seems that both 3M and NP members insisted that their companies provide the name tags for the club. The name tags would have the Companies logo on them of course. The civil war was aborted when it was suggested that NP provide the name tags, and 3M provide the pencils to write the names on the nametags. There is no mention if there were any logos displayed. King Boreas was elected Club of the year for Area 11. At the June 4th, 1968 meeting it was moved and carried that a Time Penalty be instituted for speakers going over time; The penalty is less than 30 seconds, no penalty; 31 to 60 seconds over time a 10% penalty; from 61 to 90 seconds a 20% penalty and over 90 seconds an additional 10% for each 30 seconds. These point will be deducted from the speakers points for Toastmaster of the year award. The exception to the penalty schedule were speeches given on “Surprise Nights”. An article in the St. Paul Pioneer press in January of 1968 tells of a District speech contest well represented by King Boreas Members: TOASTMASTERS COMPETE TONIGHT Waldo E. Luebben of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club of St. Paul will represent Area 2in the Toastmasters annual North Speech Contest at 8PM today in the Zuhrah Temple, 2400 Park Ave, Minneapolis. Participants in the contest will be winners from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Albert Lea, Waterloo, Sioux Falls and Moorhead. Contestants will speak from five to seven minutes and the winner will be selected by nine judges. The Toastmaster fort the contest will be York Langton, a member of Minneapolis Toastmasters Club, who has one of the countries records on the number of speeches given in behalf of the war effort. Toastmasters in the a940’s were leaders in giving talks in support of the war bond effort. Toastmasters also lead the way on giving talks for the Red Cross and other patriotic activities after Pearl Harbor. The judges for the contest are Garret D. ????, Norman Knutson, Lloyd Anderson, E. N. Dochterman, Tracy Jeffers, Ronald Kortmann, ???? Reisdorf, Severanee ????


2780 Bernie Kuhlman gives us an interesting insight to the Holiday Season. 2781 All the time I like football! 2782 Each weekend I watch them all; 2783 So I watched the Rose Bowl Game – 2784 Where college boys earn their fame. 2785 Transfixed the Super Bowl I saw – 2786 To disturb me wa against the law! 2787 The football season is much to short – 2788 A June to January sport, 2789 When Supper and Pro Bowl end, 2790 I think the season could extend, 2791 Because I really do enjoy – 2792 The Bowl Games! Hula, Senior, 2793 Sun, Pecan, Blue Bonnet, Gator, 2794 Orange, Liberty, Sugar, 2795 NA1A, Cotton, Refrigerator, 2796 Camellia, Playoff, Junior Rose, 2797 All Stars, Pro, Super and Rose. 2798 And then there are the Game Games! 2799 The North – South, and the East – West, 2800 But the Army – Navy, I like the best. 2801 I spend from Christmas to New Years Day, 2802 Just watching the boys at play 2803 Wonder why my family thinks, 2804 “football is a game for Lazy Finks”. 2805 2806



2807 2808District Governance 2809 2810District Governor: Lloyd Goolsby 2811Term: 1968-1969 2812Club: Metropolitan #1696 2813 2814District Officers: 2815Third Lieutenant Governor: Robert Haynes (King Boreas) 2816 2817Division Advisors: 2818Division 3: Richard Foss (King Boreas) 2819 2820Committee Chairmen: 2821By-Laws: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 2822Big Six Digest Asst: Richard Foss (King Boreas) 2823Public Relations: Neill Carter (King Boreas) 2824 2825King Boreas Assigned to Area 12 2826 Area 12 Governor: Kenneth Peterson (King Boreas) 2827 2828Club Officers 2829First half Second Half 2830President Elliot Karasov Bernie Kuhlmann 2831Ed. Vice President Bernard Kuhlmann Bob Peterson 2832Adm. Vice President Bob Peterson Owen Nelson 2833Secretary Owen Nelson Bob Smith 2834Treasurer lSam Wertheimer Gus Filipi 2835Sergeant at Arms Bob Smith Milo Ostermann 2836 2837From District History: 2838President Earl Potter announced the theme for 1968-1969, “Clubs on the move serve and grow”. 2839District Governor Lloyd Goolsby embarked on a course to implement the objective of 2840Toastmasters International and develop five goals of his own for the District. These Goals were: 2841 1. Improve communications between District officers and clubs. 2842 2. Increase emphasis on Community Service and Youth Leadership. 2843 3. More Area Council Meetings, inter-club activities, and officer training programs. 2844 4. A 5% increase in District Six membership, with an equal increase in each club. 2845 5. More participation and improved attendance at all club, area, division and district 2846 functions. 2847 2848Third Lieutenant Governor Robert Haynes (King Borean) served as master of ceremonies fo the 2849annual variety show of the United Blind of Minnesota. His performance caused the society to 2850place a standing request, with District Six, for Master of Ceremonies at all annual functions. 2851 86 86


2852Leif Larson, the father and first Governor of District Six passed away to his Maker. His core 2853group of 22 men who formed Minneapolis #75 in 1937, as accounted earlier in this volume, gave 2854the spark of inspiration which has made possible the current organization of 110 clubs and 2400 2855members. 2856 2857The Big Six Digest received recognition at he Miami Beach convention as one of the Top Ten 2858District Publications, Richard Foss of King Boreas was assistant editor, A four page insert was 2859added to two of the issues, covering highlights of the Spring and Fall Conferences. 2860 2861Favorable comments on program timing were a tribute to King Borean Neill Carter, who was 2862responsible for program coordination. 2863 2864The week of May 10, 1969 was proclaimed as Toastmasters Day in Minnesota by Governor 2865Harold LaVander, Lloyd Goolsby was also honored with WCCO’s Good Neighbor Award. 2866Lloyd Goolsby and Cliff Thompson appeared on a 15 minute program on WCCO’s “On the Go” 2867show. 2868 2869From Club Records: 2870The news from the September International Toastmasters Convention is that King Boreas 2871Toastmasters Club was Welcomed into the International Hall of Fame as a result of greatly 2872exceeding membership goals. 2873International also raised Dues to $3 per annum. 2874 2875In the November Bulletin Neill Carter posed in a two part article an interesting question that is 2876still relevant today: 2877 ASSUMPTION: KING BOREAS IS A GOOD TOASTMASTERS CLUB. 2878 The immediate response fro any self respecting King Borean< “Your Damned Right it is!” 2879 But wait! Let’s examine that assumption and some of the things that prompt that quick 2880 response. 2881 Ask your self some questions: Has King Boreas conducted Speechcraft since you have 2882 been a member? How about Youth Leadership? How many King Boreans are actively 2883 engaged in Beyond Basic Training Program? How many men have completed Basic 2884 Training since you Joined? How many King Boreans participated in district activities? 2885 Can you think of some members who really don’t seem to be learning all they could about 2886 the arts of communication and leadership? How about you…are you making any progress 2887 or just coasting…really? What percentage of out membership attends any one meeting? 2888 What percentage of our guests eventually sign up? Have any new members been lost after 2889 a few meetings? WHY? Are the speaking and evaluation awards won by more than the 2890 same few people? 2891 A brief and statistically unsound survey of some members last week revealed that most 2892 King Boreans say we have a GOOD CLUB! Getting down to specific reasons why the 2893 respondents said what they did, this surveyor found these: The Club is more than 27 years 2894 old, with a consecutive meeting record in international and charter members still active; 2895 Good evaluations; Large number of people in district work; Able to attract new members; 87 87

2896 Best Club speaker usually wins area contests; “Espirit de corps”; We’re solvent; 2897 Enjoyable meetings; Good parties. 2898 Befoe you rad any further, stop and read these “reasons” over, slowly this time. Now 2899 throw out the ones that are relative (a comparison with some unnamed other club, or 2900 ideal), pick out the ones that are quantitative(How many rather that how well), and last, 2901 discard the ones that are really irrelevant to you trying to learn something about the art of 2902 public speaking TODAY. Do you have any left over? 2903 John W. Gardner, former Secretary of HEW (United States Department of Health 2904 Education and Welfare) and a very “Good head’ in my book says the following in a 2905 scintillating article, “The Renewal of Organizations”. “…Most ailing organizations have 2906 developed a functional blindness to their own defects. They are not suffering because they 2907 can’t see their problems, but because they won’t see their problems. They look straight at 2908 their faults and rationalize them as virtues or necessities. 2909 This blindness is traceable to any or all of these conditions: (1) Most people in the 2910 organization share the same comfortable assumptions, the same habitual ways of 2911 appraising reality, the same rationalizations and self-deceptions. (2) Most people in the 2912 organization have a vested interested interest in keeping things the way they are. (3) 2913 criticism is discourage. There is a Turkish proverb that says, “The man who tells the truth 2914 should have one foot in the stirrup.” 2915 Do not get me wrong. I’m not suggesting for a minute that we have a bad club. But I am 2916 challenging the bold faced, untested, head in the sand assumption that we have a GOOD 2917 club. The question, no matter what the answer is a valid one. I am sure most of you would 2918 agree should be asked from time to time. 2919 2920King Boreas was Awarded Best Club Area 12 2921 2922Ken Peterson of King Boreas was elected as the new Area 11 Governor. 2923 2924Elliot announce at the October 8th, 1968 meeting that District 6 was awarding Kling Boreas the 2925Toastmasters International Membership Award for gaining over 5 new members, during the 29261967-68 membership drive. 2927 2928Norman Bell was appointed an Associate Governor of Area 11. 2929 2930November 19th was “Children’s Night” 14 children of members were present. 2931 2932It was noted that former member Thomas Dill Died at the December 3rd, 1968 meeting. A card 2933and memoriam was sent. 2934 2935Alan Ball was featured on KBTM introducing 2 newscasts, an editorial, a commentary, and a 2936special telecast. 2937 2938Owen Nelson was voted to Receive the Tracy Jeffers Award for 1986. 2939 88 88

2940With some financial compensation from the Club, Herb Wegworth attemded the Parliamentary 2941Procedure Institute training and shared that information with the Club membership. 2942 2943Two members who attended the Spring Contest gave reports Warren Wildasin, and Norman Bell. 2944Norman gave a report on the fun luncheon, and the skin colored dress of one of the female 2945speakers, more detail was asked for by the membership, which Norm was more than happy to 2946provide. (Oh the good old days, when Toastmasters was all male…)



2947 2948District Governance 2949 2950District Governor: Clifford Thompson 2951Term: 1969-1970 2952Club: Lakers #388 2953 2954District Officers: 2955Second Lieutenant Governor: Robert Haynes (King Boreas) 2956 2957Committee Chairs: 2958Big Six Digest Asst: Norman Bell (King Boreas) 2959Program Coordinator: Neill Carter (King Boreas) 2960 2961King Boreas Assigned to Area 12 2962 Area 12 Governor: Curtis Nelson 2963 2964Club Officers 2965First half Second Half 2966President Bob Peterson Owen Nelson 2967Ed. Vice President Owen Nelson Bob Smith 2968Adm. Vice President Bob Smith Dale Fisher 2969Secretary Dale Fisher Don WElch 2970Treasurer Milo Ostermann Alton Hendrickson 2971Sergeant at Arms Alan Ball Van Kellogg 2972 2973From District History: 2974A letter in The District history by Governor Thompson shows the need for a commitment to 2975remembering the past and is reproduced here. 2976 …Leif Larson, the first governor of District Six, attended an Executive Committee 2977 Meeting in the fall of 1966 and related to us the history of our District during the early 2978 years and information relating to the formation. Two years later while I was serving as 2979 Lt. Governor, Mr. Larson passed away. It then became apparent to me that we were in 2980 danger of losing much of the history of our District if we didn’t get something put down 2981 on paper. 2982 A year later when I became District Governor I made a most fortunate decision in 2983 appointing Tom Shrewsbury as District Historian and urging him to gather as much 2984 information on the District as possible. Tom far exceeded our expectations by compiling 2985 a 200 page history of the District. This first published comprehensive history for the 2986 District entitled, “In Touch with the Past---In tune with Tomorrow” was introduced at 2987 the Spring Conference on May 8-9, 1970. It soon became apparent that this represented a 2988 great achievement. Tom Shrewsbury must be commended for ferreting out information 2989 which could easily have been lost had it not been put on paper. While Tom did an 2990 admirable job in capturing the spirit of our District , Dave Nordell also must be 2991 commended for an excellent job in printing our history. Because of their efforts, future 90 90


2992 2993 2994 2995 2996 2997 2998 2999 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009 3010 3011 3012 3013 3014 3015 3016 3017 3018 3019 3020 3021 3022 3023 3024 3025 3026 3027 3028 3029 3030 3031 3032 3033 3034 3035 3036 91

members of District Six will have a reference in searching out what happened in the “olden days.” It is the plan to issue supplements to the original history to cover the administrations of subsequent District Governors. It is important that such supplements be issued periodically to keep the history of the District up-to-date. Perhaps some time in the future the original history may be reproduced. Clifford Thompson Much thanks needs to be expressed by the author of this compilation for the efforts of the above men, who without their efforts this history would be much less accurate and interesting. From Club Records: The records from 1969-1970 show a Certificate of Honor from Toastmasters International for “Sponsoring a New Club, During the President’s Program, 1969 – 1970. It does not state what club was sponsored, and it is still a mystery. The 1969 Holiday Christmas party held a special fascination for all attending. Milo Osterman, the master of ceremonies introduced a group he had recently formed. The group was comprised of four beauties Nellie, Donna, Norma and Delphi, who danced almost together and stopped occasionally to titillate the audience with a joke or two. The show proved to be very funny and Nellie (Nels Femrite), Donna (Son Welch), Norma (Norman Bell), and Delphi (Dale Fisher) should be congratulated on a successful debut. This foray prompted a nationally recognized remake of a popular winter song: Twas the week before Christmas And all through the joint All the drinks were a stirring As Nels made a point The dishes were set On the table with care In hopes that the food Soon would be there As Kay in her fur bat And I in my cap Had just come out Of the old winters rap When what to my wondering Eyes should appear But four maidens dancing Like funny reindeer The rest of the party was way out of sight 91

3037 3038 3039 3040 3041 3042 3043 3044 3045 3046 3047 3048 3049 3050 3051 3052 3053 3054 3055 3056 3057 3058 3059 3060 3061 3062 3063 3064 3065 3066 3067 3068 3069 3070 3071 3072 3073 3074 3075 3076 3077 3078 3079 3080 3081 92

As you would agree If you had been there that night We had eating and drinking And speeches aplenty And Waldo even went home With a bank full of money We closed with presents For all the males still standing As Barb Kellog stood And for all women attending Wishing a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. As of the February Bulletin the “Historic Note” states: King Boreas was the second Toastmasters Club organized in St. Paul. The Charter #208, as Granted and Certified Founder Ralph Smedley on October 22, 1941. Our Name King Boreas was selected to honor the St. Paul Winter Carnival King. The official certified permission of the reigning Boreas Rex VII, John F. Scott on November 4, 1941, made the name official. King Boreas Toastmasters Club has been singularly successful in organizing other Toastmasters Clubs, having organized fourteen to date. A few of the clubs organized by King Boreas include Capital City, Midway, Brown and Bigelow, Stillwater, and a club in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia first club. King Boreas Conducted a Youth Leadership Program in March of 1970, unfortunately the record of the group has not been found. This is a test!! • Hold this rectangle 10-12 inches in front of your face. • Blow on it gently. • If it turns green , call your physician, Immediately • If it turns brown, go see your dentist, ASAP • If it turns black, call your lawyer and make a will. • But if it remains the same color you are in good health. So there is no reason, on earth for you not to be at your Toastmaster meeting. Rules for the Toastmaster: 1. Remember you are not a speaker, so don’t make a speech. 2. Know parliamentary rules to keep order 3. Be fair to all. The toastmaster is not a dictator, he is a referee and a pilot. What kind of people join Toastmasters? 1. The Art Klinefalter Agency, St. Paul, has been honored by Indianapolis Life Insurance Company, as the firm’s leading agency in Minnesota for 1969, and its 10th top agency in the country. Leading this honor, George Knuteson (King Borean) was Indianapolis 92

3082 Life’s leading Salesman In Minnesota and fifth among all company salesmen across the 3083 country. 3084 2. William B Gleeson, manager of Powers Department store in Highland Park from 1961 to 3085 1966, has been named manager of the new J. B. Hudson Jewelery Store scheduled to 3086 open in Omaha, Nebraska, next May.The store will be the first entry of the Dayton3087 Hudson Corp. into Nebraska. Gleeson a former president of the Highland Civic 3088 Association, has also been manager of the Powers store in St. Louis Park, where he is 3089 the President of the Chamber of Commerce. 3090 3. George E. Maier, senior vice president of the Cherokee State Bank, has been elected to 3091 the executive council of the Independent Bankers Association of Minnesota. 3092 4. Neill T. Carter West St. Paul, has been appointed executive director of the Metropolitian 3093 Housing Council, a new post. Carter, has been membership director of the Citizens 3094 League. He will have his office at 7801 Metro Parkway in Minneapolis. The Council is 3095 an organization of home builders, apartment builders and remodelers. 3096 3097How would you punctuate this sentence?: “Woman without her man would be a savage!” 3098If you are a typical male you would do it this way: “Woman, without her man, is a savage.” 3099But if you are a typical female you will read it this way: “Woman, without her, man is a savage”. 3100 3101On May 16, 1970 King Boreas Toastmasters celebrated its 1500th consecutive weekly meeting. 3102This gala was hosted by Nels Femrite. Chartered in 1941, King Boreans have met every week, 3103with out fail, for nearly 29 years. King Boreans are duly proud of this achievement, which is a 3104record among the over 3600 Toastmasters clubs around the world. 3105The décor of the Lowry Hotel Spanish Room reminds one of an Iberian castle. No castle is 3106complete with out a King, Queen and Prime Minister of his magesty’s government, so we invited 3107the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royalty. He Highness, Marelyn Koppy, Queen of the Snows, and 3108King Boreas Rex XXXIV, William Hite, along with active Toastmaster, Gil THoele, The Prime 3109Minister, all honored their subjects with their presence. 3110Along with the reigning monarchy, the King Boreas Club was honored with such governmental 3111dignitaries as the Mayor of St. Paul, Thomas Byrne; the witty Secretary of State of Minnesota, 3112Joseph Donovan, who had an inexhaustible repertoire of funny stories; and the new governor of 3113District 6, Bill Hamlin. 3114 3115Recollections of a Charter Member at 1500th meeting: 3116 If I were to put down all of my recollections and thoughts of 29 years as a member of 3117 King Boreas Toastmasters Club, this would have to become a book, a book of treasures. 3118 I recall very vividly the enthusiasm of the founders- Arthur Rehnberg, Dr. Warren Bacon, 3119 Victor Barquist, Arthur Kemp, Lloyd Anderson and Ed Doerman- and the rest of the 3120 Charter members of this Club. They all worked hard at building this club and beyond our 3121 club borders, they were responsible for Chartering 14 new Toastmasters clubs not only in 3122 the Twin Cities but in other states as well. Their spirit started and kept going a string of 3123 consecutive weekly meetings until it became a tradition of the club. this record is the 3124 longest in any Toastmasters club. 3125 Our club is unique in another respect, since we wanted and welcome the participation of 3126 our ladies. At least three times a year we set aside meeting to which they are invited. We 93 93

3127 also would have completely social functions, such as pow-wows, annual picnics and 3128 Christmas parties. 3129 At the inception of our Club, through a special rant by the St. Paul Winter Carnival 3130 Association, we were given permission to use the name King Boreas. From 1947 through 3131 1954, the Club put on what we called “The Dinner of the Kings,” to which all past Kings 3132 of the Winter Carnival and their royalty attendants were invited as honored guests. 3133 I remember, too, that during World War II we had a speakers bureau which served many 3134 purposes. Probably the finest recollections of all are the growth and development of a 3135 young man who came to us with a stuttering problem which prevented him from 3136 completing even one full sentence. He left us one of our most able speakers and has made 3137 a mark for himself in his chosen profession. So many men have been helped by the 3138 Toastmasters training received in our Club. 3139 I told you in the beginning that I could write a book. I have tried to cover the highlights 3140 of our proud club history in this brief series of recollections and thoughts and to leave 3141 you with one final thought – I have enjoyed my years with the King Boreans, the people 3142 met and the friends made have added a great deal to my life’s enjoyment. 3143 Waldo Luebben. 3144 3145Herb Wegworth reported that on Thursdays he moderates A King Borean sponsored gavel Club 3146on the 5th floor of St. Joseph Hospital. With the help of the hospital staff, and especially Mrs. 3147Florence Olson, the Gavel Club program functions rather smoothly. As Chairman of this 3148program, I have tried new and different methods to persuade voluntary participation from the 3149patients of the 5th floor ward. All the patients have has some type of mental disturbance. 3150The first approach used to overcome their fear of standing before a group of people and speaking 3151is to demonstrate ways of subduing this malady. With great diplomacy (avoiding sympathy) and 3152a cheerful attitude, we ask the members to address their thoughts to the group present. All 3153personal issues are prohibited. 3154Sensitive issues have come up in which a personal issue has developed. These are arbitrarily 3155squelched by diverting the thought to another subject. 3156Evidence of appreciation is always forthcoming at the summation of the meetings. As 3157Moderator, I do have foreboding feelings, such asa; Are the methods good and helpful to them? 3158Are they being used in proper perspective to alleviate fears of responding to person-to-person 3159confrontation? After all, that is what this program is all about. 3160 But, upon my arrival at each gathering I find myself questioning my contributions. Are my 3161efforts having any effect in helping these patients regain their mental stability? This fear quickly 3162vanishes when these people voluntarily come to partake in this Gavel Club event. 3163 3164The July 8th meeting held a great example of Leadership when newly elected President proposed 3165the following slate of ideas and goals for the Club for the following term: 3166 1. The Executive Committee will meet on the first Tuesday of each month, immediately 3167 after the regular meeting, and meet for 25 minutes. 3168 2. The Educational Committee, Chaired by the Educational Vice President will meet on 3169 the second Tuesday of the month, immediately aftert the regular meeting, for 25 3170 minutes. 94 94

3171 3. The Administrative Committee, Chaired by the Administrative Vice President, will 3172 meet on the third Tuesday of each month, Immediately after the regular meeting, for 3173 25 minutes. 3174 4. The Social and Reception Committee, Chaired by the Sergeant-at-Arms, will met on 3175 the 4th Tuesday of each month, and meet for 25 minutes. 3176 5. The Committee Chairman are free to modify the times needed for their respective 3177 meetings. 3178 6. A special Committee is to be established to be in charge of the upcoming 1,500th 3179 consecutive weekly meeting celebration. 3180 7. A special Committee be established to monitor and select participants for the Area 3181 Speech Contests. Contestants to be decided on Best Speaker points. 3182 8. The establishment of a standing Committee for the Nomination of officers. 3183 9. A special Committee to monitor and encourage the Club to strive for achieving 3184 Distinguished Club Status and winning the Club of the Year competition. 3185 10. Establishment of an Audit Committee. 3186 11. A special Committee to encourage inter-club activities. 3187 12. Establishment of a committee for the “Open Mouth Gulf Tourniment”. 3188 13. The Treasurer will report to the Club on the first Tuesday of the month. 3189 14. The Education Committee will Report on the first Tuesday of the month regarding the 3190 programs schedule and programs for the next month’s activities. They will also report 3191 on the third Tuesday on the minutes of their meeting. 3192 15. The Committees and their members will be published. 3193Owen Nelson, Educational Vice President, delineated the goals of the Educational Committee: 3194 1. Encourage old Toastmasters to complete Basic Training. 3195 2. Inform members that the new Toastmasters manuals will be arriving mid-August., and 3196 to familiarize them to the format etc. when they arrive. 3197 3. Try new ideas, on speech evaluation, less formal, structured dialogs, and panel 3198 evaluations. 3199Bob Smith, Administrative Vice President, delineated his goals for the coming term: 3200 1. Membership Committee will call members who are irregular or miss more than two 3201 meetings in a row. 3202 2. Submit to the local media the new slate of officers. 3203 3. Prepare for the 1,500th consecutive weekly meeting celebration. 3204 4. Invite the Winter Carnival Royalty and their leadership to a King Boreas meeting. 3205 5. Work on orientation material and re-issuance of the Constitution updates. 3206 3207It was suggested that the next regular meeting be a special meeting where the past officers speak 3208on their responsibilities and goals for the past year, and how they turned out, with suggestions for 3209the new officers. 3210 3211On July 15th, 1969, Elliott Karasov reported on the second “Open Mouth Golf Tournament”, 3212which was held on July 14th, Neill Carter was awarded a ball retriever for getting closest to the 3213pin on the 12th hole, although it was suggested that he could have won it on several succeeding 3214holes. Warren Wildasin won the award for the “Low Net Score”. All participants, including Herb 95 95

3215Wegwerth, Owen Nelson, Bob Kosanke, Bill Waltz, Carter, and Wildasin were presented with 3216copys of the book “Non-Comprehensive, Professional Golf Lessons.” 3217Elliott suggested that King Boreas sponsor an Area or even District golf tournament in the future. 3218 3219On July 22nd, Kuhlmann reported a congratulations letter was received from District 6, on 3220reaching 40m members. Herb Wegwerth reported that he has agreed to head a King Boreas 3221sponsored Gavel Club at St. Josephs Hospital. 3222 3223On August 5th the following certificate was issued: 3224 In recognition of his recent progress as a Toastmaster, The King Boreas Toastmasters 3225 Club Flower Burst Award is presented this fifth day of August 1969 to 3226 Herb Wegwerth 3227 Toastmaster Wegwerth has distinguished himself and his Club through faithful 3228 attendance at weekly meetings, serving as club parliamentarian, and most recently, by 3229 taking the Chairmanship of a special standing committee. 3230 This award, however, is presented primarily in recognition of recent accomplishments as 3231 a speaker. In this important aspect of Toastmastering, Mr. Wegwerth has overcome his 3232 major speaking difficulties. In recent months, he has demonstrated mastery over speech 3233 engineering, audience contact, grammar, and word pronounciation. 3234 Robert L. Peterson, President 3235 King Boreas Toastmasters Club 208 3236 3237There was a heated discussion on October 7th when Bob Smith raised the question of how to 3238double check the date of the very first King Boreas meeting. He moved that meeting #1 be 3239considered to be the date the Club was Chartered, October 22, 1941. Warren Wildasin noted that 3240the 1000th meeting was verified, and that we could use that as a basis for determining the 1,500th 3241meeting. Waldo Luebben indicated that the Charter Members appeared to have started counting 3242on the date of the first regular meeting of the group on August 26th, 1941. It was decided that the 3243August date would be used since that seemed to be the date the counting began. 3244 3245On January 6th, Lloyd Goolsby, Past District Governor presided over the installation of the new 3246Club officers. 3247 3248The 1,500th meeting agenda shows: 3249 Nels Femrite.......................................Emcee 3250 Guest Speakers: 3251 Marelyn Koppy..................................Queen of the Snows 3252 William Hite.......................................King Boreas Rex XXXIV 3253 Gil Thoele..........................................Prime Minister 3254 Joseph Donovan.................................Secretary of the State of Minnesota 3255 Thomas Byrne....................................Mayor of St. Paul 3256 Bill Hamlin.........................................New District Governor District 6 3257 3258The financial report for the party shows a net loss of $161.99 96 96

3259 3260District Governance 3261 3262District Governor: N. William Hamlin 3263Term: 1970-1971 3264Club: Itasca 1745 3265 3266District Officers: 3267Educational Lt. Governor: Robert Haynes (King Boreas) 3268 3269 3270Committee Chairs: 3271Big Six Digest Asst: Norman Bell (King Boreas) 3272 3273 3274King Boreas Assigned to: 3275Division 3 Governor: Neil Boerger and Bob Peterson 3276Area 12 Governor: E. Jim Easton 3277 3278Club Officers 3279First half Second Half 3280President Bob Smith Dale Fisher 3281Ed. Vice President Dale Fisher Gus Filipi 3282Adm. Vice President Don Welch Ed Mogren 3283Secretary Allan Ball Roger Boland 3284Treasurer Jim Neal Med La Fond 3285Sergeant at Arms Rodger Boland Bob Goff 3286 3287From District Records: 3288District Governor Hamlin selected the following standards of performance for the year: 3289 Our Pledge---To be of service to the Clubs, 3290 Our Theme---Put Better Ideas to Work, 3291 Our Goal---To become a Distinguished District. 3292 3293Governor Hamlin also challenged each member and each club to adopt the following goals: 3294 1. Each member complete at least 6 Communication and Leadership manual 3295 speeches 3296 2. Every member sponsor at least one new member 3297 3. Every club officer attend the Fall Conference 3298 4. Every club vigorously participate in the Clun Achievement Plan 3299 5. Every club submit semi-annual reports to World Headquarters on time. 3300 3301From Club Records: 3302 “WHY DADDY?” 97 97


3303 On a sun warmed afternoon recently an ambitious, though perspiring, father and his 6 ½ 3304 year old son were river-banking among the many craigs, crevices, and footpaths found 3305 below the Mississippi River Blvd. in St. Paul. This is the youngster’s first experience 3306 climbing the tree roots and rock shelves, and he was thrilled when they found the “Big 3307 sandstone cave”. In the boy’s mind he may have been climbing a mountain in some 3308 remote part of the world, but his dad was aware of the slow – cruising traffic only a 3309 hundred feet or so above them beyond the trees. 3310 3311 The trail led up beneath a concrete boulevard overpass which spanned a wide gully, and 3312 there, on the shaded walls and columns many names, wisecracks, and the inevitable 3313 vulgarities were boldly etched. The boy was just learning how to read. Sure enough, he 3314 turned to his father and asked him why all the writing was there. Somehow, dad had 3315 anticipated this, and so he began a brave but awkward lesson about how some silly 3316 people just seem to have to write on public walls, with measured reference to the 3317 vulgarities as well. With all the candor of an alert young mind, the boy remarked: “They 3318 should have just written the word ‘Love’ shouldn’t they daddy? 3319 3320 That a child so young should offer such a wise remark startled his father, then caused a 3321 flush of warmth and pride. To himself he passed on a quick but earnest prayer that such 3322 an innocent wisdom would prevail in this boy as he met the years ahead. 3323 Med LaFond 3324 3325The following article from Owen Nelson makes one pause and think: “Have things really 3326changed” 3327 HAIR 3328 Although hair is an expensive nuisance, it has an important use as a social indicator. To 3329 illustrate, everyone knows that a crew cut signifies a young – at – heart, energetic “Good 3330 Guy”. On the other hand, long hair used to denote an artist. Now, though, it shows up the 3331 bums and such… it’s hard to say what else, for today long hair means loss of other 3332 identity. A guard at the Federal Building in Minneapolis noted this recently when he said: 3333 “I didn’t notice anything else about him – he just had long hair. The all look alike to me”. 3334 3335 In between the good guys and the bums is a large group of standard haircut types who 3336 either do not care or do care. It’s so hard to tell; - unless they leave hair on their face 3337 someplace. Of course, a guy with a moustache has something to hide. What a beard 3338 means is not clear at this time. Once it was thought to indicate strength, but this idea has 3339 been put down as false advertising. It probably indicates another class of bum, with lower 3340 standards. 3341 3342 But friends, before you deal to harshly with these bums remember they’re not beyond 3343 redemption. It only takes 10 minutes and $3.00 to become a good guy, but 6 months of 3344 neglect to become a bum! 3345 3346DATELINE MAY 1971: Owen Nelson, Past President of King Boreas Toastmasters, was named 3347Division III Toastmaster of the Year by Division Governor Neil Boerger at the speech contest on 98 98

3348April 15, 1971. Selected from among the four Area Toastmasters of the Year, Owen is now one 3349of the five men in the running for District 6 TM of the Year, to be announced at the Spring 3350Conference at the Ambassador Motel, in St Louis Park. 3351A King Borean since 1967, Owen has served the Club as Secretary, Administrative Vice 3352President, Educational Vice President, and in the first half of 1970 as the Club’s President. He is 3353currently the Area 12 Associate Governor for Education. He has been Named King Boreas 3354Toastmaster of the Year twice, in 19868 and again in 1970. 3355In addition to his Toastmastering, Owen has served two terms as Vice President of his Parent 3356Teachers Association, is Chairman of his technical group at #M, is active in MECCA 3357(Minnesota Environmental Control Citizens Association), and other organizations. We in King 3358Boreas can be Proud of Owen. He exemplifies the True Toastmaster, who has learned in 3359Toastmastering and continues to serve Toastmasters while using his talents to serve his 3360community. 3361 3362WE ARE # 6: 3363 King Boreas Toastmasters Club got back into the top ten for 1971 in District 6. The club 3364 amassed 1,436 points, which falls short of the 1,800 required for Toastmasters 3365 International Blue Ribbon status, but was good enough to give us the number 6 spot in 3366 the best district of Toastmasters International. 3367 King Boreas got a big boost in points from our Youth Leadership and Speechcraft, but 3368 fell behind on some of the bread and butter point getters of most clubs. The neglected 3369 areas were number of manual speeches. King Boreas had 75, but other clubs in the 3370 District average 171. King Boreaas had 28 guests and 11 new members, compared with 3371 the 38 guests and 15 new members of our closest rival. The other two areas where we fell 3372 short were outsides speeches and publicity. 3373 We are off to a fine start for 1972, (As of April 30th) having already sponsored a new club 3374 (100 points), and put on a Youth Leadership Program (25 points). As a result, we are sure 3375 to repeat as a Distinguished Club (1,00 points) for the 1972 Toastmaster Year; and have 3376 an excellent chance to attain Blue Ribbon (1,800 points) or even President’s Top 10 3377 (2,000) points). If we take strength in knowing our past weaknesses, we could just be the 3378 TOP CLUB in the top District in 1972. 3379 3380The King Boreas Bulletin was the best club newsletter in District 6 for the year 1971-1972. The 3381announcement and award were made by District Club Bulletin Chairman Charles House at the 3382Spring Conference on May 6th. 3383 3384Xero’s Corner sited a Department of Women’s Liberation Peerless Logic Division: Florida State 3385University’s Women’s Liberation Group, setting out to demolish the notion that a woman’s place 3386is in the kitchen, decided to raise some money. So they held a school wide bake sale. 3387 3388Bob Peterson was named to the Board of Directors of the Ramsey County Unit of the American 3389Cancer Society. He will also serve as Chairman of the Society’s Speakers Bureau and as a 3390member of it’s Public Relations Committee. As Speaker’s Bureau Chairman, Bob will be 3391responsible to schedule lay and medical personnel as speakers in the community. The 99 99

3392appointment is a direct result of Bob’s activity in giving numerous speeches for the Cancer 3393Society in which he has enthusiastically put his Toastmaster training to work in the community. 3394Dale Fisher has been named Area 12 Governor. for the coming year, 1972 – 1973. Fisher follows 3395several other King Boreans in Toastmaster leadership, in area and District posts. Dale has served 3396as an officer in all offices in King Boreas, at least once, and as associate Governor for Area 12. 3397As Area Governor Fisher will coordinate Toastmaster programs among the clubs in the area and 3398serve as a liaison between the clubs in the area and the district. Area 12 is composed of six clubs 3399in St. Paul. 3400 3401July 11th, 1972 was a new membership bonanza with 3 new members being inducted to the Club: 3402Larry Ryle, Dave Trapp and Jerry Muggli. 3403 3404An announcement was made Saturday, June 22 at the District 6, Executive meeting that our own 3405King Borean, Norman Bell will be the Distinguished Club Plan Chairman for 1973. This 3406Chairmanship is considered the best position for growth and advancemnent in Toastmasters. 3407Previous office holders have been such TMI greats as Bob Hayes and Andy Mazzucco. 3408Norm, a Past President of King Boreas, has held the office of Associate Area Governor, Area 3409Governor, and most recently District Youth Leadership Chairman. Or hats, or should I say 3410crowns, are off to Norm with best wishes for a successful chairmanship. 3411 3412



3413 3414District Governance 3415 3416District Governor: Robert Haynes 3417Term: 1971-1972 3418Club: Metropolitan 3419 3420Committee Chairs: 3421Public Relations: Tom Schmidt (King Boreas) 3422Youth Leadership: Norman Bell (King Boreas) 3423 3424International Director: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 3425 3426King Boreas Assigned to: 3427Division 3 Governor: Andy Mazzucco 3428Area 12 Governor: Ed Palmer 3429 3430Club Officers 3431First half Second Half 3432President Gus Filipi Milo Osterman 3433Ed. Vice President Milo Osterman Art Koepp 3434Adm. Vice President Med La Fond Roger Boland 3435Secretary Marion Brown Roger Anderson 3436Treasurer Arthur Koepp Clarence Kutzbach 3437Sergeant at Arms Clarence Kutzback Tom Grogan 3438 3439From District History: 3440Governor Haynes demonstrated that District meetings could be conducted with much good 3441humor while still accomplishing the purposes of the Toastmaster program. It was reputed that he 3442purchased an airplane for the District with no down payment and the first payment scheduled for 3443July 1, 1972. It may be that the next District Governor did not follow through and the plane 3444disappeared---possibly repossessed. Governor Haynes did pilot such plane on one flight to 3445Worthington with at least two very nervous passengers, Lloyd Goolsby and Andy Mazzucco. 3446 3447The Big Six Digest was renamed The Big Six Schooner. 3448 3449King Boreas #208 and Victory #221 celebrated their 30th anniversaries. 3450 3451From Club Records: 3452Notes on the past year from Dale Fisher outgoing King Boreas President…Six months ago you 3453elected me to serve King Boreas as your President. I sought and accepted that position with 3454ambition and high ideals. I believe that a truly successful and dynamic organization depended on 3455the ative contributions of all the members, as individuals and as components of the 3456organizational team. 101 101


3457Now, as I near the end of my term of office, I look back over these last 26 weeks. They have 3458been a time of considerable satisfaction and enjoyment. Most important have been the active 3459contributions of many of our individual members. Our Educational Programs, as devised by Med 3460La Fond and his committee, have maintained a high level of excellence and creativity. Our Club 3461Bulletin, edited by Milo Osterman, was rated third highest in the District. 3462It is particularly gratifying that the ambition and abilities of several of our members have been 3463recognized beyond the club level. Owen Nelson was named Toastmaster of the Year for Area 12 3464and for Division III. Bob Peterson, who is finishing his term as Area Governor, has been named 3465Speechcraft Chairman for District 6, and Norm Bell has been named to serve as the District 3466Chairman for Youth Leadership Programs. 3467Our club can be particularly proud and grateful for the initiative of Norm Bell and the added 3468leadership of Herb Wegwerth and Milo Osterman in the successful completion of our first Youth 3469Leadership Program. It was especially gratifying to me to see our Club provide this very real 3470contribution to members of our community, who are not paying dues to King Boreas. 3471King Boreas Toastmasters Club has a very distinctive history. Our members have been and 3472continue to be a very real asset to District 6 and to Toastmasters International. We will soon 3473celebrate the completion of thirty years of service to each other and our community. It has been a 3474great pleasure of me to serve this Club and to be a small part of its history. 3475 3476On June 8th, King Boreas had the Opportunity to see and hear seven very talented youngsters. 3477These were the pride of our own Norman Bell, who had given so much of his time to make a 3478thoroughly adequate, but short, Youth Leadership Program possible in the last month of the 3479school year. It was very gratifying to see how the “took the bull by the horns”, and presented 3480their subjects so very well. Toastmastering is not dropping by the wayside. Boys such as these 3481will surely carry on in a much needed world. We may be privileged to teach another class in the 3482fall. 3483 3484Some thought by Herb Wegwerth on the Youth Leadership experience are that the merits of a 3485“Youth L:eadership Program” at first seems quite invisible. The fruitien of it becomes a reality 3486through training and perseverance with youth. The average attendance has been about eight. My 3487partner, Active interested Norm Bell, has been a great help in sharing the responsibility of 3488progression in the boys. At the beginning the program was orientated in a Toastmaster format, 3489which at first seemed difficult for the boys to comprehend. We saw raised eyebrows from some 3490of them, asking why this or why that, though it eventually it was accepted as being a good idea 3491after all. 3492The group as a whole enjoyed parliamentary law and procedure. It gave them an attitude of 3493leadership and authority and we do hope they don’t usurp it but accept it with wisdom and 3494humbleness. What was the individuality of the boy and how we as adults must be cognizant to 3495guide them for the right goals. These boys are far from proficient at leadership or public 3496speaking, but show great promise as future leaders. I am sure a seed of attainment has been 3497planted. On behalf of my partner Norman Bell and myself, this has been an activity that was 3498greatly beneficial to us both. 3499 3500Try this from Med La Fond, 3 times in a row getting faster each time: 3501 A he-toad loved a she-toad, who lived up in a tree. He was a three toed tree toad, 102 102

3502 but a two toed she-toad was she. 3503 The three toed tree toad tried to win, 3504 the she-toads friendly nod. 3505 For the he-toad loved the ground that the she-toad trod. 3506 Vainly the three toed tree toad tried, 3507 But he could not please her whim. 3508 For in her tree toad bower, 3509 With all of her veto power, 3510 She vetoed the three toed he-toad 3511 3512From a Letter dated August 19th, 1971: 3513 To: The President and members of King Boreas Toastmasters 3514 3515 Congratulations on the enviable achievement of 30 years of consecutive weekly 3516 meetings. 3517 3518 This is a standard of excellence that should be met by more clubs. You have shown it can 3519 be done and by your example and by sharing your enthusiasm and “know how” with 3520 others you can show the way. 3521 3522 It was Mrs. Hamlin’s and my privilege to be with you and enjoy the honors and gaiety of 3523 your 1500th consecutive meeting a year ago. May the same spirit ever lead you to higher 3524 levels of accomplishment and to be an example to Toastmasters Clubs everywhere. 3525 3526 Sincerely 3527 Bill Hamlin 3528 Past District Governor 3529 1970-1971 3530 3531The beginning of October until the end of November saw King Boreas held a Speechcraft 3532(Registration #1003). The registration form shows that the participants were gotten by personal 3533contact from members. The coordinator for the Speechcraft was R. T. Smith, and participants 3534were charged ten dollars for the course and materials. It was judged a huge success as from the 3535ten participants, five joined the club. 3536 3537 Owen plans a school. Owen is chairman of the Battle Creek Subcommittee for school planning. 3538This committee is responsible for forecasting the number of students expected and determining 3539the location and type of school building desirable for the new proposed Elementary School. 3540What a great example of taking Toastmastering skills into community leadership. 3541 3542On January 13th 1972, King Boreas started its second ever Youth Leadership program at the 3543Como Luthern Church. Herb Wegwerth is the Chief Advisor, assisted by Norman Bell. 3544 3545Enthusiasm makes men strong. It wakes them up, brings out their latent powers, keeps up 3546incessant action, impels to tasks requiring strength; and these develop it. Many are born to be 103 103

3547giants, yet few grow above common men, from lack of ENTHUSIASM. They need waking up; if 3548set on fire by some eager impulse, or inspired by some grand resolve, they would soon rise head 3549and shoulders above their fellows. Sadly most sleep, doze, wait for public sentiment and cling to 3550the beaten path, dreading sacrifices, shunning hardships and die unknown, unfulfilled weaklings. 3551 3552The February 1st King Boreas predictions for 1972 state: The economy will improve, President 3553Nixon will end the Vietnam war, Nixon will be re-elcted by a landslide, The next President will 3554be a democrat. 3555 3556Charter Party Scheduled!!! The party celebrating the newest Toastmasters club, The Twin Towns 3557Toastmasters is scheduled for March 3rd. Twin Towns Toastmasters is only the latest in a long 3558line of clubs sponsored by King Boreas. More information about the party will be in the coming 3559issue of the Bulletin. Areas Speech contest a success, 3560 3561Despite the fact that King Boreas did not win the best speaker contest of the 94 people in 3562attendance 22 were from King Boreas, the largest number by far. 3563 3564The use of Logic, as a key to debate was the introduction to a DEBATE NIGHT on March 21st, 35651972. The introduction to the session on the question “SHOULD SCHOOLS BE FINANCED 3566BY PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS?” follows: 3567 The effective use of logic is the key to success when you are trying to convince your 3568 listeners. This is particularly true in a debate like we have scheduled for tonight. The 3569 speaker may have a persuasive statement , but did he convince you it was valid? To 3570 support his statement he should examine the alternatives, including those presented by his 3571 opponents, and explain why his idea is the best. 3572 In past debates we have heard statements like “Women are innately weaker than men” 3573 and “marijuana can lead to heavy drug addiction.” These statements are very persuasive 3574 if we can take them at face value. But they are generalizations that must be supported by 3575 authoritative facts. 3576 Tonight we have an opportunity to observe and judge the use of logic in “selling” a 3577 particular position. The winners of the debate will hopefully be those Toastmasters who 3578 best present the facts and logically draw them to their desired conclusion… Let the 3579 festivities begin… 3580



3581 3582District Governance 3583 3584District Governor: Robert Simonsen ATM 3585Term: 1972-1973 3586Club: Dan Patch #1280 3587 3588Committee Chairs: 3589Distinguished Club Plan (1973): Norman Bell (King Boreas) 3590District Planning/New Club Commissioners: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 3591 3592King Boreas Assigned to: 3593Division 3 Governor: Lyle Canedy 3594Area 12 Governor: Dale Fisher (King Boreas) 3595 3596Club Officers 3597First half Second Half 3598President Milo Osterman Art Koepp 3599Ed. Vice President Art Keopp Dick Jackson 3600Adm. Vice President Dick Jackson Marion Brown 3601Secretary Marion Brown Milt Andrus 3602Treasurer Milt Andrus Pat Kelly 3603Sergeant at Arms Pat Kelly Len Hill 3604 3605From District History: 3606The theme from Toastmasters international was “Success is members in action”. 3607 3608Toastmasters International program for 1972-1973 was to put all members and clubs into action 3609by: 3610 1. Developing and improving communications and leadership abilities of all members to the 3611 fullest 3612 2. Setting personal communications and leadership goals and striving to reach them 3613 3. Sharing Toastmasters experiences with others and inviting them to join 3614 4. Helping to develop a standard of excellence in programming and administration at all 3615 levels of Toastmastering 3616 5. Having a net increase in members 3617 6. Participating in Toastmaasters community activities. 3618 3619District Six goals and Objectives for the year were: 3620 1. To Activate the members and clubs in the District so that the objectives of Toastmasters 3621 International could be achieved 3622 2. TO encourage the members and clubs to use and follow the educational; and leadership 3623 programs of and earn the personal recognition offered by Toastmasters International 3624 3. To utilize the proven leadership and administration abilities of prior officers for the benefit 3625 of District Six. 105 105


3626 4. TO install new and improve existing educational and administrative programs in District 3627 Six. 3628 3629The new Evaluator Training Program Committee was charged witht eh duties of preparing and 3630presenting an Evaluator Training Program covering all aspects of Toastmasters from speakers, 3631and Toastmasters to speech contest judges. The Program was prepared, published and presented 3632in many meetings ov er the District. The members that attended found the meeting to be very 3633educational and rewarding. The committee consisted of John Gera (Chairman), Neil Boerger, Dr 3634Jerome Burtle (King Boreas), Rick Johnson, Frank Smith, Dan Vivona, and William Vornwald 3635did an outstanding job. 3636 3637From Club Records: 3638“The Ten Commandments of Introducing a Speaker”: 3639 1 Thou shall introduce every speaker. 3640 2 Thou shall confer with the speaker before the meeting. 3641 3 Thou shall scan the material in the speakers background. 3642 4 Thou shall be aware of the mood and tone of the audience. 3643 5 Thou shall not use clichés. 3644 6 Thou shall use humor cautiously. 3645 7 Thou shall acquaint the audience with the speaker. 3646 8 Thou shall emphasize the importance and appropriateness of the talk. 3647 9 Thou shall be accurate. 3648 10 Thou shall climax by accurately announcing the name and title and leading the 3649 applause. 3650 3651In the October Toastmasters 48th Anniversary Issue magazine there are 2 articles that are relevant 3652today as much as or more than they were then. I have paraphrased and condensed the first article 3653to conserve some space, and I have included the second article in its entirety. 3654 3655 The New Way to Talk 3656 By David Schmidt 3657 3658 “Hey, it’s me! I’m alive; I care, I feel! What are you going to do about it?” People seem 3659 to have a recurring problem; they want to be reacted to as well as to be overwhelmed by 3660 you. That’s right --- “I want you to want to want to hear what I feel --- somewhere among 3661 your own thoughts.” That’s the common cry and the need for communication today. 3662 3663 The thirties, forties and fifties, taught those of us who ripened during those years that to 3664 get ahead you had to talk better. Toastmasters was built to help us to do a better job of 3665 communicating through our own mouths and should. But that’s not enough by itself, not 3666 TODAY! We’ve got to feel and then let ourselves share another person’s FEELINGS or 3667 we have not truly communicated. We have only passed each other on life’s highway with 3668 our bright lights on. 3669 3670 WORDS + FEELINGS = COMMUNICATION 106 106

3671 3672 3673 3674 3675 3676 3677 3678 3679 3680 3681 3682 3683 3684 3685 3686 3687 3688 3689 3690 3691 3692 3693 3694 3695 3696 3697 3698 3699 3700 3701 3702 3703 3704 3705 3706 3707 3708 3709 3710 3711 3712 3713 3714 107

Carl Rogers, eminent psychologist, says “that to be deeply understanding and to be deeply understood” is the ultimate in communication. Empathy, rapport, sympathy and acstasy are pieces in the feeling puzzle. But the biggest part of the puzzle is the character trying to communicate without really risking feeling anything about the other person. COMMUNICATION IS NOT MEERRLY EXCHANGING WORDS AND THOUGHTS, IT COMES WHEN WE FORGET THE RISK AND ALLOW OURSELVES TO ACCEPT ANOTHER PERSON. How does an old pro that has finally learned to speak without putting his foot in his mouth do something about this feeling thing? Even if you realized the truth of this “new” communication, how do you keep yourself from saying “Oh, yeah you’re right, so what else is new?” … Your brain has three basic tape recorders of information that are played by your subconscious mind as you determine what you are going to say to another person. The tape recorders are called PARENT, CHILD and ADULT. Please do not confuse these terms with what they normally mean --- we are using them in their psychological positions meaning, and not as the real people that play these rolls. The first is your PARENT, for the first five years of your life you hear things like “Don’t touch the stove,” “Get out of the cookies,” “ Your father knows best.” You are progeammed externally by the parent figures in your life. Thus, good and bad, your PARENT tape recorder is forever implanted in your feelings and telling you if something is good or bad. The second is your CHILD tape, this tape is in touch with your raw emotions. It says “But I like eating cookies,” It’s fun to do what I want,” and “I feel my decisions are better than anyone else’s.” Tis is the part of you that lets you feel, love, hurt and enjoy life. So you spend roughly the first 5 years of your life in conflict over the PARENT and CHILD trying to control your actions and thoughts. The third is your ADULT tape, this tape is your rational decision making tape. The CHILD says, “I’d like to hit you in the mouth,” meanwhile the PARENT says, “You musn’t hit other people,” and your ADULT listens to both tapes asking “Why? What will result? Will it help or hurt me in the long run?” and if it is in control, The ADULT tape is the one you need to play and listen to the most often. Thye ADULT is the tape that really communicates on a grown up level. For example when another person makes a prejudicial PARENT remark, then you can decide which tape to answer from. If you answer as another PARENT, you further a negative conversation and perpetuate a prejudice. If you answer as an ADULT, it may well take several more transactions to bring the other person to the ADULT level. If you answer as a CHILD, he may think you are not listening, crazy, misinformed, or at the very least not someone to talk to.


3715 3716 3717 3718 3719 3720 3721 3722 3723 3724 3725 3726 3727 3728 3729 3730 3731 3732 3733 3734 3735 3736 3737 3738 3739 3740 3741 3742 3743 3744 3745 3746 3747 3748 3749 3750 3751 3752 3753 3754 3755 3756 3757 3758 108

Talking to a person with a prejudicial PARENT, (or a very opinionated person), is very difficult. How do you get them to talk from their ADULT? Some people have such a strong PARENT tape that no manner of ADULT can get them to move from their PARENT position. “I know a woman that went to a football game and was convinced that the players in the huddle were talking about her. A PARENT can corrupt or contaminate an ADULT, as well as be a guide and direct a person’s behavior. But do we not have a much better chance of talking as ADULTS (accepting, questioning and reasoning), if we communicate from our ADULT tapes, rather than knee jerk reacting as a PARENT or CHILD? Emotional situations often cause us to play a kind of game with the other person. The ADULT recognizes when he’s p[laying a game, tunes out his PARENT and CHILD tapes and tunes in the ADULT tape. This allows the individual to stop the game and move to real levels of understanding with the other person. Some of the most popular games are: 1. Let’s you and me fight. 2. Now I’ve got you, you S.O. B. 3. See what you made me do. 4. If it weren’t for you I… 5. Yes, but it will not work. 6. I’m only thinking of you dear. 7. It is so awful. 8. You’re absolutely right, sweetheart. At least in public. Each of these games require a tremendous amount of energy and playing ability by the individual which probably comes naturally. All are forms of manipulation and are used by individuals who listen very attentively to either there PARENT or CHILD tapes. Eric Berne explains in detail how some of these games are played. The effective communicator identifies the games and develops a sense of understanding and often humor regarding them. But that doesn’t mean that games are humorous in all situations. It merely means that the ability to be able to recognize them, to be able to laugh at yourself (if you decide to play them), to recognize when you are not being honest, and to do something about it, this is an Ability that the ADULT must develop. One day Mr. Schmidt notes he shut his thumb in a car door that his wife had left openhe shouted “Sweetheart, see what you made me do!” came out of his mouth before he realized what he was saying. That was certainly his CHILD talking. We can learn to handle our transactions with other people both from recognizing how childish or prejudicial many of our remarks are. He goes on to say that “After returning home from a party or other social events in the past, my wife would often ask what a good looking girl was wearing, and I used to tell 108

3759 her in some detail. Now if she asks me I make a remark like, “Who is Betty?” While this 3760 may in fact still be a game, it certainly produces a more satisfactory result.” 3761 3762 Nine Ways to Improve Your Communications. 3763 3764 1. Turn off any distractions, such as televisions, radios etc. 3765 2. Try to avoid getting into an argument with the person. 3766 3. Compliment the person before delving into sensitive issues. 3767 4. Sometimes people will make small talk but long for real communications, learn to 3768 tell the difference. 3769 5. Smile and nod in agreement when someone else is complimented. 3770 6. When you catch someone’s eye across the room, nod or other wise acknowledge 3771 there look. 3772 7. Learn to differentiate when a formal address and a familiar address is called for 3773 with someone. 3774 8. When you met an old friend in a social situation, be sure to include them in your 3775 network. 3776 9. Be willing to remain honest, but tactful in all your comments. 3777 3778 Understanding how and what we say in our communications may affect others and look 3779 honestly at ourselves. We must also realize some people will respond from their CHILD 3780 or PARENT selves, and learn how to either redirect or respond to their way of 3781 communicating will avoid senseless arguments. By learning to understand honest 3782 communications and risks of trying to understand other people, you can become a better 3783 communicative person. Today’s world requires a knowledge and an acceptance of 3784 feelings as well as words in order to achieve the ultimate of human understanding or real 3785 communications. 3786 3787 3788The second article is in answer to what is a Toastmasters meeting supposed to be. 3789 3790 This is the Standard of Excellence in a Toastmasters Meeting. 3791 By Quentin J. Porter 3792 3793 In response to many club officer’s requests that Toastmasters International provide a 3794 “Standard of Excellence” for club meeting programs, a Toastmasters Club Meeting of 3795 Tomorrow has been devised.. 3796 3797 The club meeting of tomorrow combines many new ideas with ideas already being used 3798 with success in meeting the needs of members throughout Toastmasters Internationsl. 3799 The following ideas present an opportunity for your club members to exercise their own 3800 initiative in encouraging variety and flexibility in club programming. It should be noted 3801 that following the exact procedure in club meetings would not serve the intended purpose 3802 of this plan. 3803 109 109

3804 3805 3806 3807 3808 3809 3810 3811 3812 3813 3814 3815 3816 3817 3818 3819 3820 3821 3822 3823 3824 3825 3826 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831 3832 3833 3834 3835 3836 3837 3838 3839 3840 3841 3842 3843 3844 3845 3846 3847 3848 110

When you achieving the “Standards of Excellence” for each segment of the meeting: preprogram preparations, the opening and business session, Table Topics, prepared speeches, evaluation, awards ceremony, closing, and post-meeting activities, will result in attaining a “Standard of Excellence” for the entire program. One format for a club meeting of tomorrow will follow this pattern: PRE-PROGRAM PREPARATION Three sergeants-at-arms arrive at the meeting place early and arrange the room. This involves placing the charter, the club banner, and when appropriate the national flag, setting up the timing device, arranging the members name badges, guest book, magazines and promotional materials, placing ballots, bullitens, or programs at each members and guests places, setting up the head table, arranging the club bulletin board, and diplaying the club library and trophies. As members begin arriving, one of the sergeant at arms stops arranging the room and begins greeting members and guests. The others join him after completing the meeting arrangements. They greet each guest and make a special effort to introduce him to other members., provide him with a guest badge, explain in general what Toastmasters club meetings are like, and discuss the Toastmasters educational and leadership programs. OPENING THE MEETING When a meeting is about to start, a sergeant at arms asks members and guests to move to the meeting room and take their places. When eve4ryomne is in their place the Educational Vice-President announces any program changes before the meeting is opened by the President. No further announcements or comments about program changes are made. The sergeant at arms now asks everyone to stand while he introduces the club President, who moves to the lectern and calls the meeting to order. The opening ceremony often begins with an invocation and when appropriates the pledge to the flag. After all are seated, the President introduces the guests, or calls on each host to introduce his guest, and then the meal, if one is served is distributed. THE BUSINESS MEETING The business session involves good parliamentary procedure. It features the committee reports, and probably a motion on an item of business, discussion, and a vote. Maximum efficiency and a minimum amount of time are necessary during the business meeting. Proper parliamentary procedure is adhered to and committees have resolved minor issues ahead of time. 110

3849 3850 3851 3852 3853 3854 3855 3856 3857 3858 3859 3860 3861 3862 3863 3864 3865 3866 3867 3868 3869 3870 3871 3872 3873 3874 3875 3876 3877 3878 3879 3880 3881 3882 3883 3884 3885 3886 3887 3888 3889 3890 3891 3892 3893 111

Another segment of the business meeting is the Administrative Vice-President’s (now Membership Vice-President’s) new member application report that one of the guests wishes to become a member of the club. With the second reading of his application and inquiries regarding his background, the prospective member and other guests are escorted from the room by the sergeant at arms. Upon a favorable vote on the membership application, the sergeant at arms escorts the new member and other guests into the room he then escorts the new member to the President as all members give the new Toastmaster a standing ovation. During the induction ceremony, the club Vice-President of Membership charges the new member with the responsibilities of membership. The President then presents the new Toastmaster with a membership pin, and informs him of his responsibility to attend meetings regularly, to participate in the Toastmasters programs, and to share his ideas and efforts with the club. The Educational Vice-President informs the new Toastmaster that the Educational VicePresident is responsible for helping meet the educational desires of the new member. He presents him a Communications and Leadership Manual and introduces him to and experienced club member who will serve as his mentor. He will then inform the new member that his mentor has pledged to offer guidance in his efforts to achieve his goals in Toastmasters. The Administrative Vice-President advises the new member of his responsibility to support the Toastmasters programs, participate on club committees, and be active in the clubs membership building program. He encourages the new member to develop his communication and leadership abilities so he can participate in the clubs Youth Leadership Program, Speechcraft, Speakers Bureau, or Flying Squad. TABLE TOPICS The educational portion of the meeting starts with Table Topics. The President explains why a Toastmaster of the meeting is selected and introduces him. The Toastmaster of the meeting explains the duties of the Timer, Grammarian, Table Topic Master, and General Evaluator and introduces them as he maks his remarks. The Table Topics master is introduced by the Toastmaster of the meeting and provides topics that encourage deep feeling and response. When the Table Topics session is completed, control of the meeting is returned to the Toastmaster of the meeting. A break is called before the prepared speech portion of the program. During the break the officers move away from the head of the table and the scheduled speakers move to the front of the room. 111

3894 3895 3896 3897 3898 3899 3900 3901 3902 3903 3904 3905 3906 3907 3908 3909 3910 3911 3912 3913 3914 3915 3916 3917 3918 3919 3920 3921 3922 3923 3924 3925 3926 3927 3928 3929 3930 3931 3932 3933 3934 3935 3936 3937 112

PREPARED SPEECHES The Toastmaster of the meeting introduces the speakers with penetrating, well thought out introductions, and ties each speaker’s background and knowledge of the subject to the topic on which he is speaking. The Toastmaster of the meeting provides an imaginative transition between each speaker and each speech subject. After all prepared speeches are completed, the Toastmaster of the meeting calls on the speakers’ evaluators. The evaluator discusses in depth one ore two areas of potential improvement and demonstrates how each can be accomplished. He does not enumerate and comment on each of the points in the evaluation guide in the speakers manual, but selects one or two which will be most beneficial to the speaker. PROGRAM EVALUATION The Toastmaster of the meeting introduces the General Evaluator, who calls for the timer, “Ah” counter, and grammarian for their evaluations. While these are being given, voting for the Table Topics winner, the best speaker, and the best evaluator takes place. The ballots are collected by the sergeant at arms and tabulated immediately. The General Evaluator provides the evaluation of the meeting. He summarizes the topics and speech content of the Table Topics session and evaluates the efficiency and procedure of the business meetin, the quality of the prepared speeches and evaluations, and the conduct of the meeting in general. RECOGNITION AND CLOSING The awards are presented by the previous meeting’s winners. The Toastmaster of the meeting makes the presentation in the absence of the previous winner. The Toastmaster of the meeting then recalls the President to direct the closing ceremony. The President again recognizes the guests and invites their comments on the meeting. He extends a personal invitation to each guest to attend the next meeting, giving time, date, and location. The President also introduces visiting area or district officials and invites them to comment on current area or district activities. No further business pending, the President closes the meeting. POST MEETING ACTIVITIES The Educational Vice-President and the Administrative Vice-President meet with the guests and their hosts. they review the member program content (communication and Leadership manuals) and the responsibilities and cost of membership.


3938 The President writes a letter inviting the guest to the next meeting and includes a copy of 3939 the club bulletin which mentions the guest’s name and that of his host. 3940 3941 * * * * 3942 3943 The STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE saet for Toastmasters club meeting of tomorrow 3944 stresses efficiency, creative programming, and educational accomplishments. Less 3945 tangible but equally important are fellowship, satisfying each members reason for 3946 joining, and increasing membership participation. Club officers will strengthen their 3947 leadership abilities by motivating members to attend regularlyand by giving them the 3948 opportunity to serve and grow by advancing through the Toastmasters programs. 3949 3950 The Toastmasters Club Meeting of Tomorrow is for the man on the move. 3951 3952THAT WAS A LOUSY SPEECH CHARLIE BROWN! 3953Dale Fisher gave us an insightful look at evaluations using the Charlie Brown characters as a 3954model. 3955 3956 The comic strip, Peanuts,” has become dear to the hearts and imaginations of millions of 3957 readers across the country and around the world. It is a microcosm of our society, an 3958 unabashed portrayal of all that is good and bad in mankind. Theologians have looked to 3959 Charles Schultz’s characters as a study of man’s relationship to his fellow men and to his 3960 God. 3961 3962 We in Toastmasters can also look to these lovable characters for clues on how to help 3963 ourselves and others. Since evaluations are the life-blood of our growth within 3964 Toastmasters, let us look at several of the Peanuts characters as they might serve as 3965 Toastmasters evaluators. How much of ourselves and our own characteristics do we see 3966 in each of the characters? 3967 3968 Charlie Brown is the epitome of the “nice guy.” He so earnestly wants everyone to like 3969 him that he is careful not to offend anyone. He’s wishy-washy. He isn’t sure of himself 3970 enough to help others. In his evaluation, Charlie would say, “That was a nice speech, 3971 Linus. It was one of the best I ever heard you give.” But he would give no suggestions for 3972 improvement. 3973 3974 Linus is even more insecure than Charlie Brown. He is not willing to try new 3975 approaches. In his evaluations Linus would cling to his “security blanket” of tried trite 3976 clichés. “You had good gestures,” Linus would say, “and your opening caught our 3977 attention.” While his critiques may be helpful, they are trite, boring, and unimaginative. 3978 3979 Schroeder, the Beethoven-inspired pianist, is generally pre-occupied with his own 3980 thoughts and interests. When it comes time to give his evaluation, he realizes he wasn’t 3981 listening closely to the speech and has to scramble to present even an inadequate critique. 3982 113 113

3983 Lucy, is the hypercritical fuss-budgeet. An egotist, she is more concerned with showing 3984 off her own intelligence than helping others. Her evaluations would be based on the 3985 belief that one can appear greater by degrading others. She fails to remember that “He has 3986 a right to criticize who has a heart to help.” 3987 3988 Snoopy, our model evaluator, is truly man’s best friend because in a friendly, accepting 3989 manner. He is creative, lively and objective. He enjoys what he does and attacks every 3990 challenge with enthusiasm and imagination. While not self-seeking, Snoopy recognizes 3991 the weaknesses of others, but also sees their strengths. By emphasizing the speaker’s 3992 good points, Snoopy can help him grow and overcome his weaknesses. 3993 3994 Which of the Peanut’s characters are you in your evaluations? We all have known Lucys 3995 and the Linuses. Wouldn’t you rather be a Snoopy? “You can do it Charlie Brown!” 3996 3997A discussion on November 14th 1972 would lead to a change in King Boreas that would forever 3998change the face and atmosphere of King Boreas. 3999 4000 On November 21st, we will, according to the motion tabled last week, consider petitioning 4001 the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for permission to admit women into 4002 membership. Dale fisher stated, “I believe this is worthy of consideration. It was a 4003 pleasant and educational experience to speak to a “mixed” audience during SpeechCraft. 4004 4005 However, it may not be feasible to expect approval of this request. The following is an 4006 excerpt from the Toastmasters International Annual Report for 1971-72: 4007 4008 “Under a provision of the Constitution and Bylaws permitting the Board of 4009 Directors to make exceptions to membership criteria, 185 clubs were approved for 4010 Constitution and Bylaw changes to provide for open membership which then 4011 provided opportunity to accept women members. These exceptions were granted 4012 to clubs affiliated with government, business, or organizations requiring open 4013 membership for organization-sponsored and assisting clubs. The clubs were 4014 required to petition the Board and furnish full evidence that their sponsoring 4015 organization required this exception in order to continue support of the clubs.” 4016 4017 Dale Fisher stated “From this we can realize that it is possible to gain such 4018 permission if a club is required by its circumstances to admit women. This is a 4019 sensitive issue for some members of King Boreas, and we must carefully consider 4020 the ramifications of such a move. If the club considers the issue carefully and 4021 gains general consent, it is hoped that we can proceed with our petition to 4022 Toastmasters International.” 4023 4024 Owen Nelson added his opinion on the matter by saying “Toastmasters offers an 4025 unequaled opportunity to learn better communications. Many of us use these 4026 communications skills in our business and community endeavors.. It does indeed 4027 seem wrong to me that these opportunities are in fact unequal; that some people 114 114

4028 we work with cannot benefit from them simply because they are females. I 4029 believe King Boreas Toastmasters membership and experience should be open to 4030 anyone who can benefit from Toastmaster training.” 4031 4032 Norman Bell added, “Maybe, just maybe King Boreas made the SpeechCraft 4033 course too challenging for SpeechCrafters Mukherjee and Lasley, that they both 4034 expressed the feeling that this is a great club and want to enthusiastically join up. 4035 4036 Our November 21st 1972, meeting “With Thanks” yielded a lively discussion on 2 very 4037 important issues. The first concerned requesting information from Toastmasters International on 4038 the eligibility of women to join King Boreas Toastmasters Club. The second was on the time 4039 and place of the Christmas party. 4040 The womens eligibility question was brought off the table by a motion from Norm Bell. The 4041 motion was amended by Owen Nelson to read that we request that the two SpeechCrafters 4042 Lasley and Mukherje be “eligible” for membership. After a discussion on the proper procedure 4043 for resolving the matter, a vote was taken and the amendment passed. We are now awaiting the 4044 ruling from the Toastmasters International office. 4045 4046 Some humor was shared in 1972: 4047 An employee worked at the same company and for the same boss for 25 years, 4048 when he left the employee asked for a letter of recommendation. The boss wrote 4049 “Sam Brown has worked for me for over 25 years, and when he finally left I was 4050 completely satisfied.” 4051 4052 A couple went to the grocery store and left their baby in a buggy by the door, 4053 when they came out the wife screamed someone took our baby and the buggy and 4054 left a different one here, the husband said sush woman this buggy is a lot better 4055 than the one we had. 4056 4057 A husband waiting for his wife to get dressed for a party was overheard saying 4058 “Dear the invitation said come as you are, not how you were 20 years ago.” 4059 4060King Boreas was awarded the Toasmasters International Blue Ribbon Distinguished Club Plan 4061award for 1972. 4062 4063March 5th saw a flock of members take an inactive status, Med LaFond, John Amey, Nels 4064Femrite, and August Filipi. It was good to have Nels Femrite rejoin King Boreas in November of 40652011. 4066 4067King Borean Bob Peterson was elected Toastmaster of the year for Area 12. He then went on to 4068win Division 3 Toastmaster of the Year. 4069 4070On April 26th 1973, Milt Andrus, Secretary of King Boreas sent a letter to John Tyrell, Manager 4071membership and club services Toastmasters International, requesting an update on the “Request 115 115

4072for Exception on the membership of Laskey and Mukherjee, and also asking for the course 4073numbers for the SpeechCraft and Youth Leadership courses held during the past year. 4074 4075An Irish Blessing to all “May you never give a speech so dull and boring that even your own 4076tongue falls asleep.” 4077 4078King Boreas was informed by the District Governor that there is a proposed change to 4079Toastmasters International By-Laws to allow women to join and also to lower the minimum age 4080of membership to 18. Maybe it was our petition that started this whole chain of events.



4081 4082District Governance 4083 4084District Governor: Don Plaskett DTM 4085Term: 1973-1974 4086Club: Nanibijou #2090 4087 4088 4089District Officers; 4090Division 3 Governor: Norman Bell (King Boreas) 4091 4092Committee Chairs: 4093Distinguished Club Plan: Dale Fisher (King Boreas) 4094 4095King Boreas Assigned to 4096Division 3: Norman Bell (King Boreas) 4097 Area 12 Governor: David St. Croix 4098 4099Club Officers 4100First half Second Half 4101President Marion Brown 4102Ed. Vice President Richard Jackson 4103Adm. Vice President Milt Andrus 4104Secretary Larry Gerdine 4105Treasurer Larry Ryle 4106Sergeant at Arms David Kopesky 4107 4108From District Records: 4109Don Plaskett assumed the leadership of District Six amid preparation for the celebration Of 4110Toastmasters International’s 50th Anniversary in 1974.. He was the first Canadian to hold this 4111office in our District and the first to in our District to attain his Distinguished Toastmaster Award 4112(DTM). During his term Lyle Canedy of Shrine 590, Norman Bell of King Boreas #208, Ewald 4113Koepsell of Rochester #271 and Andy Mazzucco of Legion Rostrum #374 also achieved their 4114DTM status. 4115 4116The Big Six Schooner was renamed the Big Six Digest. 4117 4118The 1973 year started out with the tragic Death of committee man Jim Lewis a member of 4119Knights of Columbus 1943 in Duluth. Also passing away were John Harrison Former Area 18 4120Governor and member of Einar Lauley #1250; Ed Burrows, long time member of Wenell #435; 4121and Waldo Luebben. a charter member of King Boreas #208. 4122 4123From Club Records: 4124Betcha Didn’t Know: 117 117


4125 That so many people make such a mess of their personal finances, that you would swear 4126 they getting advice from the government. 4127 4128 You should never by anything with a handle or power cord, it means work. 4129 4130 Most of us are masters at making the simple complicated. 4131 4132 Back in the fling days a skirt “half way to her knees” was from the floor. 4133 4134 Many people think that they are so good that they would rather be right than be pleasant. 4135 4136 To be born a gentleman has nothing to do with you, but to die one is a true 4137 accomplishment. 4138 4139 Reading makes a well rounded person, but so does a bag of chips and a six pack of beer. 4140 4141 Confronting a seventy-five year old spinster at the wheel, the policeman asked “Didn’t 4142 you hear me whistle and ask you to stop?” “I most certainly did” The old lady twinkled, 4143 “But I never flirt when I am driving, it just is not safe to do.” 4144 4145To gain skill in analytical listening, try to accustom yourself to making an outline of each speech 4146you hear. When the subject of the speech is announced, figure out in your own mind what the 4147speaker may be trying to accomplish. Make a note of it. Perhaps he will indicate his intention in 4148his opening remarks. Certainly he should give some indication of purpose. 4149Note his opening. Note his first point, when he comes to it. Note each succeeding point, trying to 4150distinguish clearly in your mind when he finishes one section and starts the next one. 4151Try to be very clear about his conclusion --- when it starts, and how it “concludes”’ and whether 4152it stops at the right place. 4153Then ask yourself if he “delivered” his message. Did he convince you on his topic? 4154The habit of analyzing the speech as you listen is one of the best ways to improve your own 4155organization of material and it is an excellent method for fixing in your memory information and 4156ideas that you should remember. 4157For someone to communicate with others it is as important to listen well and speak well. To 4158transfer thought, a skill in listening is as or more important that the essential skill of speaking 4159well. Train your self to do both to a superior level. 4160 4161Ten Commandments of Discussion Versus Argument 4162 1. SPEAK UP CLEARLY AND ARTICULATELY --- Discussion is not a license to 4163 mumble. 4164 2. ORGANIZE YOUR SPEAKING ---So not ramble, but speak directly to the point, 4165 enumerating items if needed for clarification. 4166 3. ORGANIZE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS ---Do not contribute double-headed or 4167 triple-headed questions or comments.



4168 4. USE FACTS AND VALID EVIDENCE ONLY ---Beware of vague statements, 4169 unspecified evidence, lacking generalities, nail down your statements with fact, not 4170 fiction. 4171 5. CONFLICT IS NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING --- Do not fly or resent a 4172 tension situation – conflict can be encouraged, but it must be a conflict of IDEAS, 4173 NOT PERSONALITIES! 4174 6. PARTICIPATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ---Do not restrict yourself to limited, 4175 accepting or fellowship contributions – keep clearly in mind the power dimensions of 4176 the people involved, both those present and also those affected by the group and this 4177 topic. 4178 7. LISTEN EQUALLY ---Do not “tune out” top aspects of the discussion that do not 4179 interest you or pertain to you; rather keep the whole discussion in front of you. 4180 8. ORDER IS IMPORTANT --- TO participant and the discussion as a whole – follow 4181 the agenda and either supply or ask for necessary internal summaries on the 4182 discussion. 4183 9. GIVE EACH PARTICIPANT ADEQUATE RESPECTFUL TIME ---Do not 4184 dominate the discussion – assist the leader in allowing, even encouraging, each 4185 participant to gain fair time for expression of their views. 4186 10. REACH THOUGHT OUT CONCLUSSIONS --- Do not allow discussion to flounder 4187 on methods – the basic reason you are discussing is to reach conclusions – get them 4188 down clearly and concisely. 4189 4190The November 1973 Bulletin carried the following article: 4191 On November 20th, King Boreans will formally consider an amendment to our Bylaws to 4192 make our elections and terms of office annual rather than the current semi-annul as they 4193 are now. The proposed changes shall be under Article IV of the Bylaws to our 4194 Constitution. Section 3 shall read; “Election of officers shall be held at the first meeting 4195 in December (delete “and July”). New officers shall take office at the first meeting in 4196 January (delete “and July”) and shall serve for a term of 12 (instead of 6) months and 4197 until their successors are elected and qualified.” 4198 4199 Any changes to our bylaws should not be taken lightly. Accordingly, many of us have 4200 been considering this change for ast least the past three years. The decision to propose 4201 this change is based on a serious desire to make our club an even stronger, more dynamic 4202 organization. It is appropriate that we do this on the eve of Toastmaasters’ Fiftieth 4203 Anniversary, with the theme, “Forward from Fifty to club program excellence.” 4204 4205 There are several reasons that we believe annual elections will make King Boreas an even 4206 stronger club. The first reason is that currently we do not have enough newer but 4207 experienced members to change officers every six months. When we considered this 4208 change several years ago, our membership was larger and we had more men to choose 4209 from. Anyone who has served on the nominating committee in the past two or three years 4210 knows how difficult it is to find members to serve as officers. 4211 119 119

4212 Knowledge of the duties of office and experience is vital to the optimal performance in 4213 office. One of the primary purposes of Toastmasters is to give our members training and 4214 experience in leadership through holding club and area offices. This has been used as an 4215 argument for more frequent elections, to give more members an opportunity to gain 4216 experience in office. We know that an officer continues to grow and learn his 4217 responsibilities as he serves his term. We also know that it often takes three or four 4218 months to geet eh “feel” of his job. Until an officer can gain more experience and feel 4219 more comfortable with his job, he usually relies on what his predecessors have done and 4220 is unable to be innovative. Whjen officers are changed every six months they do not have 4221 an opportunity to adequately learn their jobs and put their ideas into practice. Norr does 4222 the club reap the rewards of more experienced officers who have the time to experiment 4223 with new ideas. 4224 4225 If we decide to install officers in January, to serve for the calendar year, we believe our 4226 entire organization and programming will be stronger. Since September and October are 4227 the most important months for recruiting new members, we need a club that runs 4228 smoothly and obviously Has something to offer potential members. It seems evident that 4229 this could be accomplished better by having leaders with nine months experience rather 4230 than only a few months in office. The mood of the club is often determined by the 4231 confidence and enthusiasm of the club officers. The confidence and ability gained with 4232 experience has been evident when Milo and Art served second terms. 4233 4234 Will our potential officers be willing to serve this longer term of office? At least some of 4235 our members have expressed such a willingness. The longer term will have to be 4236 considered by anyone who chooses to run for office, but we do not believe it will make 4237 much difference in our members willingness to serve. In fact, this change may make the 4238 elections les automatic and more attractive. Competition for office will certainly enhance 4239 our interest in elections and will better prepare our members for similar endeavors 4240 beyond our club. 4241 4242 King Boreas is a great club with a long tradition of leadership. We are proposing this 4243 change in our bylaws with the conviction that twelve-month terms of office will 4244 strengthen our club as well as the members themselves. The following members are a few 4245 of the active King Boreans who endorse this proposal: Milt Andrus, Norman Bell, Owen 4246 Nelson, Bob Smith, Bob Peterson and Dale Fisher. 4247 4248Toastmasters now organizing in Forest Lake 4249After the August Directors meeting where it was decided that Toastmasters International would 4250admit women members Med LaFond continued his work on starting a new Toastmasters club, 4251the following article was published in the area newspaper: 4252 4253 Med LaFond, Chisago City, and Greg Carlson. Lindstrom, prepare for the organizational 4254 meeting of the proposed North Northeast Area Toastmasters Club. That meeting will 4255 take place Wed. Oct 10 at the Flare restaurant in Forest Lake. The proposed club will 4256 include Forest Lake, Chisago Lakes and surrounding areas. LaFond a veteran 120 120

4257 Toastmaster, says that 20 individuals are needed to charter a new club. Men and women 4258 are urged to join. 4259 “Toastmasters is looking to help men and women who care where they are going,” says 4260 LaFond. Toastmasters learn public speaking and leadership skills by doing. They are 4261 afforded practice and training in the art of public speaking and in presiding over 4262 meetings. The organizational meeting Wednesday will include a light dinner. Those 4263 wishing to make reservation or inquire further should call Med LaFond, 257-7115 Greg 4264 Carlson, 257-7460, or Carl Conrad, 715-646-2301. 4265 4266The September-October Speechcraft yielded 4 new members: Jerry Burtle, Jim Vann, David 4267Remes, and Russ Wann. 4268 4269PRACTICE SPEECH ANALYSIS 4270PREPERATION MEANS PRACTICE 4271Once you have established your notes, preparation becomes merely a matter of rehearsal. Don’t 4272wait for an uninterrupted evening in the quiet of your boudoir. It probably will never happen. 4273Practice your speech anytime you have five or ten minutes away from other pressing issues. You 4274can practice your speech while walking t o your car, leave your card game and practice at lunch. 4275You can go over your speech at least twice between your soup and sandwich. Practice while 4276driving to and from work. You may get a few curious looks as you expound to yourself while 4277waiting for the traffic light to change but the end result will be worth these minor social 4278discomforts, besides chances are you will never see the guy in the car next to you ever again. If 4279you have a recorder, record your speech (as written) and play it back several times, evaluating it 4280as you would evaluate it at a club meeting. Play it back as you go to and from work, the store 4281etc. the more you hear and practice it the better it will get to be. 4282One word of caution, Learn your opening perfectly! If you stumble over your first sentence it 4283will take you half of your speech to recover. Another thing: unless you have a real “wing 4284Dinger,” be very cautious about opening your speech with a joke. It’s almost impossible to 4285launch enthusiastically into a speech after laying a monstrous egg at the opening. 4286 Now, when you walk to the lectern on the day of your speech, you will have in your hand a 4287folder displaying not only your well organized notes, but a folder also containing the complete, 4288finished draft of your speech (staple it under one page of your notes). You will have a folder to 4289which you may add to your evaluator’s sheet and listeners’ comment slips; a folder which can 4290become one of many others in your growing file of Toastmasters speeches. You will have a 4291folder which guarantees that several hours of thought and effort will not be lost and forgotten, 4292but will be available for instant recall when it is needed again. 4293 4294A GOOD FRIEND IS GONE… 4295Our membership was deeply saddened with the passing of our beloved and great “Mr. 4296Toastmaster” of our King Boreas Club. Mr. Waldo Luebben was born on February 25th, 1898, 4297with death coming on January 30th 1974. He was a charter member of our club when it was 4298organized in 1941. 4299Mr. Luebben was instrumental during the many faithful years that he continued his attendance, 4300demonstrating his admirable convictions on the truths of good Toastmastering. He enjoyed 4301tremendously his mingling with his cultivating his many friendships with the members of the 121 121

4302club. Waldo Luebben was a very proud member, as proud of our organization as any one could 4303be. He was a true and a devoted man to this cause. He was a very definite and considerate 4304speaker to be able to count on to refresh the Speechcrafter or guest on the many blessings of 4305Toastmastering. Waldo had a very fine wisdom to promote the very best evaluations of a 4306speaker, that would build hi up rather that tear him down. 4307The fruitfulness of his labors has indeed rubbed of on many of us, who have had the courage to 4308dedicate ourselves to the task of trying to carry out his ideas. 4309Funeral services will be held for Waldo Luebben, on Saturday. Pallbearers are Warren Wildasin, 4310Herb Wegwerth, Dale Fisher, Bob Peterson, Don Blomberg, and Milo Ostermann, all members 4311of King Boreas. 4312 4313WALDO LUEBBEN EULOGY By Bob Peterson 4314“You never hurt yourself when you help another.” These were the words of wisdom that Waldo 4315Luebben gave out when called upon to speak to a large Toastmasters gathering. Waldo Luebben 4316was a giant among men, a redwood among cedars; who through his constant devotion to the 4317cause of Toastmasters has nourished many men to be the best they are capable of being. 4318Waldo Luebben was the last remaining Charter Member of King Boreas Toastmasters Club and a 4319Toastmaster of over thirty-two years when he died. He was forty-one years old when he joined 4320Toastmasters, and then helped form King Boreas a couple years after fist joining. He was the 4321average age of the new thirty members of the new King Boreas Club. The fourth President of the 4322club, he was active as a speaker, winning the area speech contest in 1945 and giving many 4323outside speeches, especially for blood for the Red Cross. The Dinner of the Kings sponsored by 4324the King Boreas Club found Waldo a prime helper of his Toastmaster friend Tracy Jeffers. 4325His Toastmaster training led him to the honor of being the first Mayor of Maplewood; to be 4326knighted Sir baldy by Boreas Rex; the Good Neighbor to the North by WCCO, and countless 4327other honors. 4328All these superlatives aside, Waldo Luebben will be remembered by hundreds of King Boreans 4329who came into contact with his warm personality. Waldo through his weekly attendance at out 4330meetings, instilled a spirit of friendship into the membership. Through his watchful eyes and 4331encouragement we grew from mumbling, babbling freshman to poised and deliberate speakers. 4332Because of his influence in the men of King Boreas, the Spirit of Waldo Luebben will never die. 4333 4334May 2, 1974, St Paul Dispatch article: 4335Newest Toastmasters club Chartered: 4336Chain of Lakes Toastmasters Club, the newest in District Six, and the offspring of King Boreas, 4337will receive it’s Charter at a Charter Party on Friday May 24th, 1974. The Club was organized 4338and is now flourishing as a result of the efforts of former King Borean Med LaFond. Since King 4339Boreas is sponsoring the new club. The Charter party is an event which should be attended by all 4340King Boreans. Tickets are to be available from Dale Fisher. Plan to come, have a good time, and 4341show your support for the Chain of Lakes Club. 4342 4343“Your voice is the badge of your personality. Rightly used, it is your passport to recognition and 4344success. Wrongly used, it is a handicap in everything you attempt.” (H. M. Karr. 4345 122 122

4346Nature gave you the “makings” of a good voice. It is up to you to decide whether your use will 4347make it good or bad. A clear, friendly, resonant, vital voice is an asset to everyone who talks. 4348Whether your voice is that sort or not depends on how you use it. 4349 4350June of 1974 again saw an old issue arise with a speech by Dale Fisher Entitled VIVA 4351DIVERSITY: 4352There is no question that Toastmasters is one of the best educational organizations around. 4353Toastmasters’ provides the training and experience which is invaluable for the development of 4354leaders in our community. 4355In my mind one of the main reasons for the strength of King Boreas and all of Toastmasters is 4356the diversity of our members. We have students, salesmen, lawyers, and scientists. We have 4357members who are white, black, oriental, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish. We include all levels and 4358colors of the political spectrum. This diversity affords interesting comparisions of ideas and an 4359educational challenge to our own personal philosophies. 4360In effect, nearly all aspects of human thought and interests can be found among Toastmasters. 4361But there is one glaring chasm in the spectrum of King Boreas members. That is the female side 4362of our life and relationships.. Let’s face irt. We are in Toastmasters to learn to communicate with 4363and with others with others in our community. These others certainly include women. As long as 4364we exclude women from our organization we will deprive ourselves of the reality of the 4365composition of our businesses, church, civic and personal lives. 4366When it comes time to decide whether to change our Bylaws to admit women into membership 4367in King Boreas, I hope we will consider these questions: 4368 4369 Can we withhold the valuable Toastmasters training from over half of our community? 4370 4371 Can we deprive ourselves of the “real life” atmosphere of the mixed group at our 4372 meetings? 4373 4374 Can we deprive ourselves of exposure to such a large segment of the ideas and attitudes 4375 within our community? 4376 4377Certainly King Boreas will survive if we continue to exclude women. But I believe we would 4378make our club stronger if we avail ourselves of the large reservoir of membership, skills and 4379attitudes among the women in our community. 4380 4381City man gets Toastmasters’ Highest Award 4382A member of St. Paul’s King Boreas Toastmasters club has been awarded the Distinguished 4383Toastmaster Award, the Highest honor given by Toastmasters International. 4384The recipient is Norman Bell, 1335 Dayton Ave. Five other King Boreas Toastmasters received 4385the second highest honor, The Able Toastmaster Award. The are Dale fisher, 3016 64th Ave 4386North, Brooklyn Center, and Owen Nelson, 1731 Burns Ave., Milo G. Ostermann, 1135 Van 4387Buren Ave., Robert L. Peterson, m1829 Stanford Ave., Robert T. Smith, 3204 Windgate Road, 4388all of St. Paul. 4389 4390 123 123

4391 4392 4393

Dale Fisher, Owen Nelson, Milo Ostermann, Robert Peterson, Robert T. Smith all Holders of Toastmasters International Advanced Toastmasters Awards, and Norman Bell upon receiving his Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM)



4394 4395District Governance 4396 4397District Governor: Ewald Koepsell DTM 4398Term: 1974-1975 4399Club: Rochester #271 4400 4401Committee Chairs: 4402Spring Conference: Dale Fisher (King Boreas) 4403Toastmaster of the year: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 4404Youth Leadership: Dale Fisher (King Boreas) 4405 4406Govrnors Club: 4407Vice President: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 4408 4409King Boreas Assigned to 4410Division 3 Governor: Richard Borre 4411Area 12 Governor: Don Albright 4412 4413Club Officers 4414President Dale Fisher 4415Ed. Vice President Milt Andrus 4416Adm. Vice President Larry Gerdin 4417Secretary Len Hill 4418Treasurer Larry Ryle 4419Sergeant at Arms James Vann 4420 4421From District Records: 4422The District Communication and leadership Award was presented to a very noted recipient, 4423Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. In accepting the award, Senator Humphrey said, “We 4424communicate with each other so much in mass media that you don’t hear anything. We are 4425overly communicative, But not precise, Communication which is an art, is a big task.” 4426 4427 District Six lost a Distinguished Toastmaster when Norman Bell of King Boreas #208 passed 4428on August 10, 1974. 4429 4430From Club Records: 4431WE FINALLY DID IT the July 1974 Bulletin announced. King Boreans have gone on to more 4432and admirable achievements, by taking the bull by the horns and voting into our Bylaws the 4433Constitution change which will now permit Ladies as well as gentlemen to join our ranks. The 4434only stipulation is that they are 18 years of age or older. This action was taken at our July 11th 4435meeting. Many of our members has proposed this action for several years, although the bill was 4436tabled, and pidgeon-holed, and some members were out-right against it. But now that it is over, 4437let’s all join in and encourage our club to go forward and try for a nice round 40 member gross 4438total. Let’s make our club have a waiting line to get in. Let’s invite them in! 125 125


4439Do you remember when: 4440 The car you drove was referred to as a puddle jumper? 4441 4442 The fellow you didn’t like was a stick in the mud? 4443 4444 That gal in the corner waiting for the bus was known as a flapper? 4445 4446 You knew a guy that was mooning and kept an eye out for the revenuers? 4447 4448 When you mentioned taking a trip, meant you were going on vacation? 4449 4450We think there are no topics that are worth making a speech about. Many times one feels that he 4451would like to search forward to find great material, maybe if he stops a second and looks back a 4452great speech is there for him to give. 4453 4454Here is a version of a man’s condition: 4455 When God gave out brains, I thought He said Trains, and I missed mine. 4456 4457 When God gave out looks, I thought he said Books, and I didn’t want any. 4458 4459 When God gave out noses, I thought he said roses and I asked fr a big red one. 4460 4461 When God Gave out legs, I thought he said kegs, and I ordered two fat ones. 4462 4463 When God gave out ears, I thought He said beers, and I ordered to long ones. 4464 4465 When God gave out chins, I thought He said gins, so I ordered a double. 4466 4467 When God gave out heads, I thought he said beds, so I asked for an extra soft one. 4468 4469Yes there are people living in our world who believe that they cannot do anything to change their 4470lives, and that their fate is set for them. But this is never true for a Toastmaster. He is out to 4471accept the challenge of striving to accept the challenges of striving towards a better personality, a 4472better means of communicating with his fellow man. The call is only a means to self 4473improvement, but it not only improves himself but the world as a whole around him. 4474 4475A letter from Robert T Engle, Toastmasters International Director dated July 19, 1974: 4476 Dear Toastmaster Fisher: 4477 4478 On behalf of International President David A. Corey, it is our pleasure to inform you that 4479 your club bulletin, KING BOREAS CLUB BULLETIN, has been selected a 4480 Toastmasters International Top Ten Bulletin for 1973-1974. 4481 You, your bulletin editor, or a representative of your club attending the TI Golden 4482 Anniversary Convention in Anaheim, may receive this award at the Friday morning 4483 educational session, August 16. 126 126

4484 4485 Please let us know who will accept this award. Your award will be mailed early 4486 September if no one is present to accept it. 4487 4488 We look forward to receiving your club bulletin during this coming year. We 4489 congratulate you, your club, and your bulletin editor for maintaining the Toastmasters 4490 Standard of Excellence. 4491 Robert Engle 4492 4493King Boreas Toastmasters Club has received the unbelievable news that its highest ranked 4494member, Distinguished Toastmaster Norman Lee Bell, DTM has died. “Stormin Norman”, as he 4495was called by his Toastmaster friends, has bee a Toastmaster for twelve years. He originally 4496joined the Kaposia Club, winning the Best Speaker’s Award on his initial ice breaker speech. 4497Norm went on to win the kaposia Club Speech Contest in 1964 and represented them in the Area 4498Speech Contest. 4499King Boreas Club was chosen by Norm in 1964 and he proceeded to hold in succession all the 4500Club offices, serving as Boreas Club President in 1966. The next two years saw Norm meet the 4501challenge of Associate Area Governor and then Area Governor of Area 12. 4502He served Toastmasters District Six as a member of the Nominating Committee in 1966, 4503Associate Editor for the Big Six Digest 1971, Youth Leadership Chairman 1972, and Division III 4504Lt. Governor 1973. 4505Norm was honored by Toastmasters International with the Able Toastmaster Award in January 45061971. He received the Distinguished Toastmaster Award given by Toastmasters International, in 4507January of 1974. 4508Norm was called “Stormin Norman” because of his dynamic speaking style. He was alive, had 4509charisma, was creative and was a very personal friend to all Toastmasters. He was a once in a 4510lifetime friend and, although we are deeply grieved at our loss of a friend, we are all proud that 4511we kne “Stormin Norman” Bell DTM 4512 4513Norman Bell was born in Swift Current, Sask., Canada on August 28, 1918. He died suddenly on 4514August 10, 1974 at his home at 1335 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul MN. The last Toastmaster 4515meeting Norm attended was the annual picnic on August 6th. 4516 4517FIVE STEPS TO BETTER COMMUNICATIONS 4518All of us these days probably spend more time communicating with others than any other single 4519thing. WE might be meeting with a superior ot giving orders to a subordinate, giving a talk at 4520Toastmasters or at another meeting, solving a problem in a conference, or we kight be a salesman 4521trying to sell a product or service. We might even be trying to persuade our spose to our point of 4522view, or trying to get out of trouble. We could be trying to guide our offspring to our point of 4523view. Whatever we are doing our success at such endeavors in communications depends on at 4524least five factors. 4525 1. The setting or situation at hand provides a frame of reference against which we must 4526 adapt our message and which will govern the way others intercept it.



4527 2. Communication between people involves the exchange of ideas. Differences in 4528 background, age, emotional makeup, and culture, among others may give a different 4529 meaning than intended. 4530 3. What kind of person is the speaker? The reputation, prior relations with the listeners, and 4531 present role and image of the speaker bear on his effectiveness. 4532 4. The speaker must analyze the listener (and the listener the speaker). The major objective 4533 should be adaptation and flexibility tempered judgement. 4534 5. The successful application of the first four factors depends on this, the fifth – Delivery; 4535 clear purpose organization of ideas; interesting explanation of those ideas, in an earnest 4536 and enthusiastic manner, effective gestures, vocal variety, eye contact and more. A 4537 common mistake, however is to think that method and technique is all that is needed. All 4538 five of these factors are critical in the art of communicating. 4539 4540In King Boreas or even in life in general this may apply to you: 4541 Are you an active member, 4542 the kind that would be missed? 4543 Or are you just content 4544 That your name is on the list? 4545 4546 Do you attend the events 4547 And mingle with the flock, 4548 Or do you stay at home 4549 to criticize and knock? 4550 4551 Do you take an active part 4552 to help without complaining? 4553 Or are you satisfied to be 4554 a person just belonging? 4555 4556 There is quite a program schedule 4557 I;m sure you heard about. 4558 We will sure be happy 4559 If you’ll come and help us out. 4560 4561 So come to the events often 4562 And aid with hand and heart. 4563 Fon’t be just a member, 4564 Please take an active part. 4565 4566IT IS NOT HOW OLD YOU ARE, IT IS HOW YOU ARE OLD (Herb Wegwerth, 5/1975) 4567 He is 83 and a half years old and should have been retired as Pastor at he age of 65. His 4568 present parish is in excess of 100 members, though I am getting ahead of his earlier life. 4569 Dr. Reusch was born in the lower part of Russia, called “White Russia”, the bread basket 4570 of Russia. He is of German extraction in October in the year of our Lord 1891. As a 4571 youth because of his high scholastic aptitude, he was encouraged to enter the Military 128 128

4572 4573 4574 4575 4576 4577 4578 4579 4580 4581 4582 4583 4584 4585 4586 4587 4588 4589 4590 4591 4592 4593 4594 4595 4596 4597 4598 4599 4600 4601 4602 4603 4604 4605 4606 4607 4608 4609 4610 4611 4612

Academy in Russia under the old monarchy (not the Bolshevik’s). His exploites are to numerous to write in this limited space. His disciplined rigid training elevated him to the rank of a Calvary Officer in the Royal Military Army of Russia. At this point of his life a change in Russia was coming on the scene – the Bolshevik’s (Communism). “He opposed this party’s organization vehemently” and ended up fighting to retain Russia’s freedom, of which we know did not last. He knew Joseph Stalin, the Russian Dictator, very well. Incidently Stalin was 17 years his senior, who had 64 wives and was learning (in his youth) to become a Greek Orthodox priest, instead he became a “killer”. After this he escaped to Sweden to the Lutheran Seminary to become a minister. His parents were deeply religious and this flowed over to their son Richard Reusch. Chronologically speaking his life was a series of events: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Taught in Denmark. Missionary 35 years in Tanganyika, in East Africa. In USA a Professor of Religion at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. Published 27 books.Speaks, Reads and Writes 20 languages. Speaks, Reads and writes in 2o languages. After retirement he became an Associate Pastor in the Lutheran Church as ordained. A mountain peak in Tanganyika bears his name. He has made many pilgrimages to the holy land of Isreal plus most of the other Middle Eastern countries and he speaks each of their languages fluently. His last visit was 2 years ago and he travels those countries like a native, which in turn gives him an extreme advantage for low rate travel expenses and accommodations. 9. He climbed a 19,000 foot peak in Africa, unaided six years ago. Two years ago at the age of 81 he climbed Mount Sinai, (*,000 feet) also unaided. He remarked that he would rather climb a mountain peak to clear his mind than go to a hospital. 10. Teaches fencing. 11. Instructor of Confirmation in his church (Lutheran Church in Stacey MN) and preaches. 12. Frequently speaks to outside organizations. 13. Bench presses 250 pounds. I would say his life is not a bore, Dr. Reusch is a man of near matchless phenomena. Yet, he stands a mere 5 foot 3 inches and weighs approximately 160 pounds. My fellow Toastmasters does he fit the title, I believe so. I am honored and awed by his presence, and to call him a friend is truly a blessing. My question to you my friends is “how old are you, and how are you old? Why?”



4613 4614District Governance 4615 4616District Governor: Andy Mazzucco DTM 4617Term: 1975-1976 4618Club: Twin Town #2021 4619 Legion Rostrum #374 4620 4621Committee Chairs: 4622Public Relations: Med LaFond (King Boreas) 4623 4624Governors Club: 4625President: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 4626 4627King Boreas Assigned to 4628Division 3: Don Murray 4629Area 12 Governor: Robert baker 4630 4631Club Officers 4632President Milt Andrus 4633Ed. Vice President Larry Gerdin 4634Adm. Vice President Larry Ryle 4635Secretary Jerry Burtle 4636Treasurer Russ Wann 4637Sergeant at Arms Jim Vann 4638 4639From District History: 4640Judge Miles Lord was presented the District Six Communication and leadership Award. Judge 4641Lord a controversial person because of some of his rulings spoke about the need to communicate 4642one’s ideas whether popular or not. 4643 4644From Club Records: 4645This year, Emancipation Day comes in September. That’s right, on September 2nd, 1975 to be 4646exact. On that day the King Boreas Toastmasters Club will throw off the shackles of the YMCA, 4647after 34 years of meetings (coincidently it will be our 1776th consecutive weekly meeting), and 4648transfer its meetings to the Capp Towers Motel, 77 East 9th street, St Paul, MN. For this 4649momentous occasion the menu will consist the Tower’s “Famous Half Pounder” at a mere $2.65 4650a copy it a steal; coffee, tax, and gratuity are extra of course. 4651These arrangements maintain for the first meeting only. The procedure for ordering at 4652subsequent meetings, at least for the rest of September will be as follows: 4653 Each King Borean will be provided with a copy of the app Towers Menu. The Toastmaster of 4654 the evening, when he calls the meeting to order, will take the food orders. To assure complete 4655 coverage of the roster, two members will de designated to assist the Toastmaster with his 4656 calls. A tally of each type of meal ordered will be relayed to the Capp Towers so that we can 130 130


4657 be “off and running” at the stroke of 6:00 PM, each Tuesday, so if you can get here a tad 4658 early and decide on your food choice, it will help us stay on time. 4659 4660Six years after the issue was first introduced, and a full year after it was incorporated into the 4661Bylaws, it finally happened on October 14th, 1975 King Boreas broke the gender barrier and 4662voted into membership its first female member, Mrs. Margaret Schauinger. 4663Mrs. Schauinger, widow of the late Dr. J. Herman Schauinger, eminent Catholic historian and 4664educator, is a librarian employed by the Ramsey County Library at the Roseville Branch. She has 4665a BA degree as well as MA’s in both Library Science and Education. Obviously, she and King 4666Boreas con be of mutual haelp. Let us hope that her induction will launch King Boreas 4667Toastmasters Club on a veritable “Gender Bender”. 4668 4669 TEN WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CLUB 4670 1. ADD VARIETY – Use theme programs to add variety and maintain member interest. 4671 This takes preparation. 4672 2. BE SURE ALL PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS ARE PREPARED – This is and 4673 Educational Vice President’s responsibility. He should see that the Toastmaster is 4674 prepared and has contacted all persons on the program at least two days prior to the 4675 meeting. 4676 3. FOLLOW THE “COMMUNICATIONS AND LEADERSHIP SPEAKING MANUALS 4677 – Have speakers bring their manual when they speak. Display member progress chart at 4678 least once a month. 4679 4. START AND STOP YOUR MEETINGS ON TIME – Keep business session short as 4680 possible. Have the Toastmaster of the day responsible for keeping the program on 4681 schedule. 4682 5. INVITE GUESTS TO YOUR CLUB – Make guests feel welcome. Have a member sit by 4683 them and keep them informed of the Toastmaster Principles and Ideals as well as what is 4684 happening at the meeting and why. Telephone them prior to to the next meeting to invite 4685 them back. Let visitors know you appreciate their visiting and want them to join the 4686 group. 4687 6. PUBLISH A CLUB BULLETIN – Write up past meetings and future events. Let the 4688 absent members know what is going on. 4689 7. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER – Prepare and distribute a membership roster at least quarterly; 4690 include the Toastmaster’s wife or husband first name. 4691 8. MAKE SURE CLUB OFFICERS KNOW THEIR DUTIES- It is better to remove a 4692 nonperforming officer and replace him with one who may be less informed but more 4693 interest and dedication. 4694 9. WORK WITH YOUE AREA GOVERNOR AND DISTRICT OFFICERS – They are 4695 there to help you develop and maintain a progressive club. If you have a problem, or 4696 think you have a problem, call on them; that is what the District was created for. 4697 10. REVIEW BASIC TOASTMASTERING SKILLS PERIODICALLY – Schedule 4698 instructional speeches on Evaluation. Topic Selection, Organization, etc. from time to 4699 time. 4700 4701To fall into error is human; to persist in it is Satanic, to flee from it angelic. E. P. Day 131 131

4702How many times do you think of turning to your library for things other than light reading. 4703Looking for a topic for a speech? Looking for a new car? We, in the library, can tell you ratings 4704of their performance and which are listed as being best buys. Want to mount a deer head, build a 4705boat or make some beer? We can tell you how. We provide directory assistance, house plans, 4706investment helps, paintings, films, music --- most anything you can imagine. If we do not have 4707the information we will tell you where to get it. 4708During the weeks I have been listening to King Boreas’ speeches I have come to these 4709conclusions: 4710 1. The best speeches have evidence that their authors had consulted the local library. 4711 2. Most speakers could have benefitted greatly from a simple visit or a phone call to their 4712 local library. 4713The next time you are scheduled to speak, considering coming to the library for suggestions, 4714stories, visual aids, help with pronunciation, or grammatical construction. We are as close as 4715your phone. Nothing you can ask us will embarrass us, we have been asked every thing from 4716what color is the sky, to how human anatomy works. We have heard everything! 4717 4718Just an interesting note from the author of this endeavor, that the new and only Female member 4719was elected to serve as SECREATARY, I am sure no irony intended. Sorry Margaret wherever 4720you are, we miss you and wish you well. 4721 4722Kindness in words – Creates confidence, Kindness in thinking – Creates profoundness, and 4723Kindness in giving – Creates Love. (Lao Tse) 4724 4725All utterances of congratulations, condolences and gratutute we may extend to persons may lack 4726sincerity if we just let them fall exprexssionlessly from our lips. Often we hear people say “I’m 4727sorry” in the same tone and at the same speed as they would use to say “two pounds of burger” 4728from a unknown butcher. Ouur “Hellos and Goodbyes” to our friends at times have the warmth 4729of Frosty the Snowman. 4730It is when we have that eye contact and emphacize “I’m sorry” that we truly communicate 4731humility. The message I’m trying to give is that we use those everyday expressions of “Hello,, 4732Thank You, We missed you, Good to see you, Call again, and Goodbye” they can be trite unless 4733we are empathic and display our inner warmth or concern when we speak. 4734 4735Some questions never go away was pointed out by Wayne Hanson; 4736Since I joined King Boreas in 1973, I have had some questions. In 1968, Bob Peterson accepted 4737the “Forty Member Club Award” at the Fall Conference. Since then, the membership has 4738fluctuated but has never reached forty again. Why not? 4739Another question that persists is whether our Club is a successful one. Are our officers really 4740doing their jobs? We may need more than one Sergeant – at Arms. A. C. Carlson one of the long 4741time Toastmasters’ Leaders of the Sunrisers Club recommends four Sergeant =- at – Arms. This 4742might be a good experiment for King Boreas. Sometimes one Sergeant – at – Arms cannot be 4743present, but one in four is sure to be here to greet guest, get the room ready etc. 4744Still another thing that bothers me is that some members seem to attend meetings only when they 4745are scheduled to speak, or have some other primary role. It seems to me that we need a more 132 132

4746ACTIVEE membership. Do not just carry King Boreas on your membership card, carry irt in 4747your mind and heart as well. 4748I’m sure we all can improve our Toastmastering. Do all the new members have a Coach? Is there 4749some compelling reason you are NOT a Coach? Do evaluators always recommend pass or fail 4750and offer positive feedback on speeches? Have we grown to tolerant of speakers that do not give 4751manual speeches, time after time? Has anyone given an “Outside” speech lately? None have 4752been reported in over a year. Let’s sharpen up on these points. 4753I also believe we should seek volunteers early for the Speech Contests which are held in March 4754and September. This will give them time to prepare the best speech possible, and let them 4755practice it several times. All King Boreans should be thinking about entering the contest to make 4756it competitive rather than just appointed. 4757We do have a great Club, let’s make it even better. 4758 4759 Where did the President go? (Doc. Burtle) 4760What happens to Club Presidents after they leave office? There is a phenomenon in Toastmasters 4761that after some one serves as President they disappear. For example, in King Boreas of the last 4762four of our Presidents, two have left the Club, and the other two are only just returning to use 4763after a period of inactivity? Why has this sort of reaction been so prevalent throughout 4764Toastmasters, and King Boreas? At the two-thirds point of the present King Boreas Toastmasters 4765administration I have an opinion about the cause of this “Past Presidents’ Phenomenon” 4766Every person that accepts the Presidency of a Toastmasters Club really wants to lead their club to 4767complete realization of it’s very great potential. So he starts out, banners flying, to lead it to 4768glory. Sooner or later he looks around and discovers that the rest of the procession has turned off 4769somewhere along the way and that he is a one-man parade. Suddenly he feels lonelier than the 4770Maytag repair man in Barrow Alaska. He also realizes that he will have to do all or most of the 4771work himself. By the end of his administration he feels as though he has been trying to push a 4772twenty tone locomotive up a steep hill by himself. 4773At this writing, I am convinced that my diagnosis of the “Past Presidents’ Phenomenon is 4774correct. In how this phenomenon relates to King Boreas I anm convinced that, if someone does 4775not find a method of stimulating more vigorous participation by more King Boreans in Club 4776affairs, King Boreas faces a questionable future. Will it die a slow death, limp along as a shell of 4777its’ potential, or will we become famous as the Toastmasters Club having the Highest percentage 4778of ATM, DTs and Area, as well as District officers, and Committee leaders in all of 4779Toastmasters, The Choice is yours, ladies and gentleman?



4780 4781District Governance 4782 4783District Governor: Mario Pedercini 4784Term: 1976-1977 4785Club: North Hennipen #2464 4786 4787Committee Chairs: 4788Evaluator Training: Jerry Burtle (King Boreas) 4789Public Relations: Richard Silva (King Boreas) 4790 4791King Boreas Assigned to 4792Division 3: Dick Ulrich 4793Area 12 Governor: Edwaerd Bruns 4794 4795Club Officers 4796President Jerry Burtle 4797Ed. Vice President Dave Waagner 4798Adm. Vice President Herb Wegwerth 4799Secretary Margaret Schauinger 4800Treasurer Dan Schultz 4801Sergeant at Arms Larry Fletcher 4802 4803From District History: 4804At the Fall Conference the District voted to change the Division designations as follows: 4805 Division 1 Western Division 4806 Division 2 Central Division 4807 Division 3 Eastern Division 4808 Division 4 Northern Division 4809 Division 5 Southern Division 4810 4811The years only other claims to fame occurred at the previous International Convention in New 4812Orleans in August of 1976, where under the leadership of Governor Pedercini the annual District 4813Dinner proved to be the most expensive in the history of the District. At that Convention Bob 4814Haynes and Jerry Burtle, King Boreas, Celebrated their respective honeymoons. 4815 4816From Club Records: 4817We are moving: 4818King Boreas is moving its meeting place to the Lexington Branch Library. On July 13 we will 4819meet there for the first time. The Library is located at 1080 University Avenue, just east of 4820Lexington Avenue. Parking is available beside the building. The meetings will start at 6:30 PM 4821sharp, and we will not be eating at the meetings. Several eateries are located nearby, and we will 4822fins a favorite one soon. The Club chose to relocate because of scheduling problems with the 4823Capp Towers. 4824 134 134


4825THAT WAS A GREAT TOASTMASTERS SPEECH, BUT WAS IT REAL? 4826Should our goal of public speaking changing… My answers are “hopefully… yes.” In the past 4827months I have realized that Toastmasters may have developed a stereotypical mode of speaking. 4828The booming opening, the highly dramatic presentation, and hard hitting close. We have heard 4829many performances like this in speech contests… and they often win. But how effective is this 4830kind of speech in “Real Life”? It is too easy for such a production to appear too practiced or 4831worse yet insincere. 4832I realize that one well established maxim among Toastmasters is “evaluate the presentation, not 4833the content”, and many outstanding Toastmasters will continue to emphasize this. But let’s lesten 4834and think more critically. Our founder Dr. Ralph Smedley was oft quoted by our own Waldo 4835Luebben as saying “I do not care if you hang from the chandelier; if you get your message 4836acrossyou have been successful.” Many of us are so concerned with a DYNAMIC 4837PRODUCTION that we forget the purpose and message of our speeches. 4838At the Spring Conference we heard a brilliant example of effective speaking from Dr. Connelly, 4839our keynote speaker. He used very dynamic vocal variety and a limited number of gestures to get 4840his message across without sounding like a theatrical performer doing Shakespeare. As I heard 4841him, his most thought-provoking statement was “public speaking is prepared conservation.” 4842I was excited to hear that the winner of the District Six Speech Contest was not the one who 4843presented the most polished, dynamic array of fancy phrases and Broadway theatrics, but Ernie 4844Green won with a well organized thoughtful discussion of “Growing Old Gracefully.” Maybe 4845Toastmasters is maturing; maybe we are coming out of our Ivory Tower laboratory into the real 4846world, where “Public speaking is truly prepared conservation.”



4847 4848District Governance 4849 4850District Governor: Tom Schmid 4851Term: 1977-1978 4852Club: Cosmopolitan #515 4853 Tonka Talkers #2119 4854 4855Committee Chairs: 4856Communication and leadership: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 4857 4858King Boreas Assigned to 4859Eastern Division: James Richman 4860Area 12 Governor: Milo Osterman (King Boreas) 4861 4862Club Officers 4863President Bill Ball 4864Ed. Vice President “Doc” Burtle 4865Adm. Vice President Margaret Schauinger 4866Secretary Ed Dufresne 4867Treasurer Larry Fletcher 4868Sergeant at Arms Steve Carter 4869 4870From District History: 4871There were a number of interesting and important developments during the year, District 4872Governor Schmid initiated a newsletter to club presidents entitled, District Dialog” in an effort to 4873improve District and Club communications. Another initiative of Governor Schmid’s 4874administration was to hold a President’s Round Table”, at each District Executive Committee 4875meeting to receive feedback from clubs on the District’s programs. The district Directory for the 4876first time included the names and Contact information for all clubs. 4877 4878From Club Records: 4879The August Bulletin shows that eh meetings for King Boreas are located at Scotty’s Motel in St. 4880Paul, It is not known when the change from the Library took place. 4881 4882Also in the August Bulletin it states Lauri Ball joined King Boreas becoming the second woman 4883to join the ranks and on August 13th Alpha Wegwerth joined becoming the third woman member. 4884She was also the all three female members are spouses of other King Boreans, this could be a 4885record for all we know, of Husband Wife teams in a Toastmasters club. 4886 4887KING BOREAS AND THE WORM: 4888The saga of King Boreas and the early bird role and opting to seek the unwary worm early each 4889Saturday mornings, King Boreas is busy trying the idea. He has found a remarkable exhilaration 4890in these 7:30 AM meetings and regular attendees have reacted paositively. The King won’t 4891decide whether to meet on Tuesday evenings, or Saturday mornings until the end of August. But 136 136


4892either way it is fairly certain that there will be a Saturday morning Toastmasters club in St. Paul. 4893If you haven’t met with us yet, come and join us, say, this Saturday. Help the King make up his 4894mind and see how you like it.tune in again next month for the latest in the saga of King Boreas 4895and the worm. 4896 4897The August issue of Toastmaster Magazine reports that Warren Wildasin, Pat Governor of 4898District 6, is now an Able Toastmaster. Warren thus becomes the eighth ATM cuerrently on the 4899King Boreas roster. The King has always been especially proud of this man, but never more than 4900right now. Congratulations Warren! 4901(Editors Note – Warren’s accomplishment gives king Boreas a complement of 36% ATM’s 4902presently on its roster – a distinction meriting great satisfaction. 4903 4904ANOTHER FRIEND LOST: 4905WILLIAM BALL, CTM 1932-1978 4906On February 12th, 1978 King Boreas Toastmasters Club suffered the loss of one of its most 4907enthusiastic and vibrant members when William Bell finally lost a long and courageous fight 4908against cancer. Bill, born in Chicago, IL. On February 1st, 1932, he first entered the world of 4909King Boreas when he joined our club in midsummer of 1874. From the very first he showed 4910himself to be enthusiastic, aggressive, and capable by finishing his basic Communication and 4911Leadership Manual in less than a year. In the three short years that we were privileged to have 4912him with us, he found time to serve King Boreas as Sergeant – at – Arms, Administrative Vice 4913President, and finally in 1976 as President; to pursue academic work toward his degree; to woo 4914and marry Laurie Bal, as well as to persuade her to become our 2nd female member.this is only a 4915partial, yet remarkable, list of accomplishments in a very short time. 4916Although our Toastmasters Club profited much from Bill Ball’s leadership and guidance, and 4917from his boundless enthusiasm, these were not his major contributions. In fact many King 4918Boreans have contributed as much or more in these directions. But no one member of this club 4919throughout its long history has ever presented us as fine an example of cheerful optimism and 4920sheer courage in the face of inevitable defeat as Bill Ball has done. His life and death should 4921provide inspiration for us all. 4922 4923Bill Ball was a most sharing man. Because of this fact our lives have all been enriched by his 4924presence. Bill Ball cared very deeply for Toastmastering and the friends he made therein. He was 4925absolutely dedicated to the idea that you can improve your speaking abilities and your ability to 4926communicate with others if you attend Toastmaster meetings and faithfully follow thru the 4927manual projects. 4928Even after Bill got the terrible news that he had cancer he attended meetings when ever he could, 4929chemotherapy side effects not withstanding. His very presence was an inspiration to us all. His 4930gallant, wisecracking, courageous attitude towards life and death helped make us all a little less 4931afraid to face our own lives. 4932But it was not his courage and determination alone that left its impact on us. Those who knew of 4933his convictions of sharing within his marriage were impressed. He shared many interests and 4934activities with his wife, Laurie. She is an expert seamstress, so he learned to sew. He was a 4935dedicated Toastmaster, so she joined our Toastmasters Club. When Laurie Ball stood in front of 4936the lectern, we all could feel the pride Bill felt toward her. 137 137

4937We will not forget Bill Ball! If we all could just learn to live as he did, the world would be a 4938much better place for us all. 4939 4940MILESTONE PASSED 4941At the meeting on January 21st, 1978, King Boreas Toastmasters Club ASSED A MILESTONE. 4942It conducted its Nineteen Hundredth Consecutive Weekly Meeting, since its inception in August 4943of 1941. Consider that for a moment! Every single week for over 36 years in good weather and 4944in bad, in summer and winter, in sickness and in health, this club has gathered for its weekly 4945meeting. It is difficult to imagine a record even close to that anywhere in Toastmasters. In Fact, 4946it’s hard to imagine a record that enduring of any club, service Fraternal or social, anywhere. 4947Consecutive meeting #1900 is now history. It was a tribute to the dedication of members of the 4948past, the durability, dedication and diligence of those members. It is also a challenge to those of 4949us now and in the future to maintain these characteristics for at least 1900 more consecutive 4950weekly meetings. 4951 4952April Issue of the Bulletin 4953Ed Dufresne, embattled president of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club, announced the 4954withdrawal of club #208 from District 6. At a national news conference held yesterday President 4955Dufresne explained: “Over the years we have been unable to establish relations with the Anoka 4956Club, the Speakeasy Club, or the A. C> Earlyrisers. This has made it impossible for King 4957Boreans to penetrate the bamboo curtain separating the northern from the southern portions of 4958District 6. Our people, cut off from representation in political circles above the club level, we 4959finally decided we had only two choices – either to kidnap District Governor Tom Schmid and 4960use him as a hostage in our negotiations with District 6, or to join another more amiable District. 4961In a very close vote, where I cast all the ballots, our club decided to adopt the latter course. We 4962have applied to District 19 in Iowa for admission and expect favorable action soon. Meanwhile, 4963we are prepared to resist to the last man and woman any effort to prevent our separation. Our 4964slogan is “A better day is on the way” 4965 4966Owen Nelson, treasurer of King Boreas has disappeared! Coming as it does, just after the 4967collection of Spring dues, the event raises some interesting conjectures, especially since reliable 4968rumor has it that the Boreas treasury is also missing. The same reliable resource has placed 4969Owen variously in Tijuana, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas. 4970Could the strange defection of Owen Nelson be associated with his position as Chairman of the 4971Fund Raising Committee? Could it be due to despondency at having finished second rather than 4972first in the Area 12 speech contest? Or has Owen simply decided to opt for the “good life”? 4973If the first reason is paramount, we can only hope that his luck is good, if tit is the second, we 4974hasten to assure that his speech was excellent and would have won 90% of the Area and Division 4975contests, and if it the last, we wish him well and hope he finds happiness on the lam. 4976 4977April fools on the above two notes. 4978 4979Volunteers – What makes them tick?



4980As members of Toastmasters most of you are already keenly aware of the value of the volunteer 4981to the success of your organization. Simply stated without volunteers there would be no 4982organization. These is true whether it is business, civic, government, social, or even a family. 4983Because of this, it is important that we all take time to understand the volunteer – to discover 4984what motivates them, what attracts them, and what makes them stay with a job until it is 4985completed. 4986Unfortunately, there are no set rules when it comes to dealing with volunteers. But. Donald 4987Philips, President of Hillside College in Hilldale, Michigan, has had some thoughts on the 4988subject… and expressed them beautifully in the following summary: 4989 4990 Volunteer Viewpoints 4991 If you want my loyalty, interests, and best efforts, remember that: 4992 4993 1. I need a sense of belonging, a feeling tat I am honestly needed for my total self, not 4994 just for my hands, nor because I take orders well, or only what you can get out of me. 4995 2. I need to have a sense of sharing in planning our objectives. My need will be satisfied 4996 only when I feel that my ideas have had a fair hearing. 4997 3. I need to feel that the goals and objectives arrived at are within the reach and that they 4998 make some sense to me. 4999 4. I need to feel that what I’m doing has real purpose on contributes to human welfare – 5000 that its value extends beyond my personal gain, or hours. 5001 5. I need to share in making the rules by which, together, we shall live and work towards 5002 our goals, or at the very least, be able to accept the rules in place. 5003 6. I need to know in some clear detail just what is expected of me – not only my detailed 5004 task, but where I have opportunity to make personal and final decisions. 5005 7. I need to have some responsibilities that challenge, that are within the range of my 5006 abilities and interests, and that contribute toward reaching my personal and assigned 5007 goals. 5008 8. I need to see that progress is being made toward the accomplishment of the goals we 5009 have set. 5010 9. I need to be kept informed. What I’m not up on, I may be down on (keeping me 5011 informed is one way to give me status as an individual.) 5012 10. I need to have confidence in my superiors and confidence based on assurance of 5013 consistent fair treatment, or recognition when it is due., and trust that loyalty will 5014 bring increased security. 5015 5016 In brief, it really doesn’t matter how much sense my part in this organization means to 5017 you – I must feel that the whole deal makes sense to me, if you want my best effort and 5018 loyalty. 5019 5020It is time for an annual inventory! 5021This is the time of the year when every going concern takes inventory, so lets look at the state of 5022King Boreas. The really low point of 1977 for our club came on January 11th, 1977, when we had 5023only 4 members present when the meeting convened. Two more wandered in after the meeting 5024started but morale really scraped the bottom of the barrel that Tuesday night. 139 139

5025A Speechcraft and the fire at Slingers Bar helped sustain our interest but the summer slack 5026season thing looked glum for we were reporting seventeen members, five of those were honorary 5027or completely inactive. 5028On July 16th, we changed our meeting place to Scotty’s Motel. As a result of this move we lost a 5029few members which we deeply regret, but things began to change for us. We began to grow. 5030Since that fateful day we have added these new members: Laurie Ball, Alpha Wegwerth, Pete 5031Panchyshyn, Jack Monogue, Fred Ihrke, Dave Kolling, Mike Clemen, Jim Hawkins, and Gene 5032Cody. 5033Our register now numbers twenty – three members with one honorary and two inactive 5034members.. A satisfying gain for the year. 5035 5036



5037 5038District Governance 5039 5040District Governor: Frank Smith 5041Term: 1978-1979 5042Club: Central Lutheran #2075 5043 5044Committee Chairs: 5045Speech Contest: Doug Ward (King Boreas) 5046 5047King Boreas Assigned to 5048Eastern Division: Bruce Robinson 5049Area 12 Governor: A. D. Med LaFond (King Boreas) 5050 5051Club Officers 5052President Margaret Burtle 5053Vice President Dave Killing 5054Secretary Alpha Wegwerth 5055Treasurer Fred Ihrke 5056Sergeant at Arms Robert Bonde 5057 5058From District History: 5059District Six was honored as a Distinguished District and The Big Six Digest received honors as a 5060top Ten District Bulletin. 5061 5062From Club Records: 5063Pete Panchyshyn won the Tracy Jeffers award for 1978. 5064 5065Alas the string is broken: 5066On March 24th, King Boreas was to have celebrated its 1961st consecutive weekly meeting. That 5067meeting never took place! By some strange freak of coincidence not one member bothered to 5068show up at Scotty’s on that fateful Saturday morning. This incredible fact came to light when 5069Greg Carlson called the entire membership in an effort to obtain the minute of the meeting from 5070the acting Secretary. In fact, no one had acted as anything! The Wegwerths were still playing 5071cowboy in Texas, the Bondes were golfing in Las Vegas? The president Panchyshyn was 5072chauffeuring a Rolls Royce along the Baja Peninsula. Everybody else either broke for a winter 5073vacation in Sun Country or opted to hibernate in bed where it’s warm. 5074 So the marvelous consecutive weekly meeting string is broken! Some of the members suggested 5075having two meetings the following week to make up the loss but abandoned that idea as not quite 5076cricket. Some suggested asking Warren Wildasin to petition the PDG’s (Past District 5077Governor’s) for a dispensation. Still others proposed a meeting every day of the week until the 5078magic number 1961 came up again. None of these solutions has practical appeal. The battle is 5079irrevocably lost! The lance is hopelessly shattered! The King has lost another battle to warm 5080weather. 141 141


5081Members this could very easily happen. All it takes is a lackadaisical attitude on your parts. You 5082are important to this club. You need to come, take advantage of your investment. See your 5083friends, and maybe even have a good time and learn something. 5084 5085Last week’s treasurers report indicated that King Boreas bank accounts had reached a total of 5086over $9532.00 dollars. That must make this club one of the richest unsubsidized clubs in all of 5087Toastmasters. The reason for our affluence was reported in the April 1978 Bulletin which 5088revealed that Owen Nelson, the Club treasurer at the time had gone to Las Vegas. Come to think 5089of it, Bob Bonde, the present treasurer, has been absent a few times lately. Could he have gone to 5090Nevada rather than North Dakota as reported? 5091 At any rate, the club has voted to change its name from King Boreas to King Midas, and to 5092change its method of selecting its treasurer. From now on we won’t elect our treasurer but will 5093allow the club members to draw for the position. We will send the lucky winner to Las Vegas, on 5094their own dime, every year and watch our money grow. Long Live King Midas. 5095 5096Dr Owen Nelson has recently received a most prestigious honor. The scientific paper entitled “A 5097method of electronic Readout of Electro Photographic Images” coauthored by Dr Nelson was 5098granted the Charles E. Ives Award. The article, which describes a new and revolutionary camera, 5099was published in the Journal of Applied and Photographic Engineering last fall. The award was 5100given when the paper was named the outstanding science and/or engineering article appearing in 5101either the above named Journal, or in its companion publication Photographic Science and 5102Engineering during 1978. 5103(The Charles Ives Award recognized an outstanding contribution in the area of applied science or 5104engineering published in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology during the preceding 5105year. The award was discontinued with the 2008 award cycle and is now replaced by the Charles 5106E. Ives Journal Award. 5107 1979 Stephen P. Johnson 5108 Donald M. Kom 5109 Owen L. Nelson 5110 Raymond J. Ziegler 5111 John D. Blades (Honorable Mention) 5112 J. Edward Jackson (Honorable Mention) 5113 5114A letter from Jerry Felde Scouting Troup #446: 5115 Dear Mr. LaFond and Mr. Ostermann: 5116 5117 Your assistance in helping us with our Public Speaking Merit Badge is very much 5118 appreciated. This time we feel we really accomplished something in the nine weeks. 5119 Thanks to you, we are all better speakers and hope you were as proud of us as we are of 5120 you. 5121 5122 It was the best organized and most enjoyable Court of Honor we have ever had. Our 5123 parents and Scouting Commissioners exclaimed how “in Control” we were of our 5124 meeting. 142 142

5125 We feel, too, that in the process of earning a Merit Badge we made two very good new 5126 friends. We hope to see you soon and maybe sometime we can help you. Thanks again. 5127 Jerry Felde 5128 5129On April 7th Dale Fisher won the Best Speaker Award. There is nothing new about that, he 5130usually does win the award when he speaks. What was unusual was that his speech described the 5131near tragic experience of Sheryl, his wife, who was a passenger aboard Trans World Airlines 5132flight #841 that survived two barrel rolls and a 25,000 foot nosedive during which the plane 5133exceeded the speed of sound. Commercial airliners are not designed for such maneuvers and the 5134fact that the plane held together and every one survived is considered a miracle. 5135Thru dale’s talk we all shared the experience and after-realization of how near to tragedy Sheryl 5136had actually come. We all join with Dale in offering our heartfelt thanks for the miracle that 5137spared the lives of Sheryl and the other passengers aboard. 5138 5139DO YOU SUFFER FROM THE BALMY DAY BLAHS? 5140The most dreaded disease of all, as far as Toastmasters is concerned, is the balmy-day blahs, 5141prevalent during the warm days of summer. That’s the season when many clubs take a three5142month break and others cut their schedules to a minimum of meetings, mostly of the party and 5143entertainment type. Many clubs never recover from this and many potentially excellent members 5144are lost during these dormant periods. 5145In view of the fact that the need for improving communication and leadership skills is in no way 5146a seasonal one, the annual onset of the balmy day blahs is surprising. Yet is certainly happens. In 5147fact it has already begun for this season in Are 12. Your reporter has visited all five clubs in this 5148Area during the last two weeks, and in four of these groups, including King Boreas, the two 5149major symptoms of the blahs are only too distinctly evident. These two symptoms, of course, are 5150poor attendance and complete lack of potential-member guests. 5151What can be done about this in King Boreas? Fortunately our club does not break for the 5152summer, unfortunately some of our members do. In view of the seriousness of the summer blahs 5153let’s try to put together a sharp and stimulating summer program that will further our desires and 5154efforts to become better communicators and leaders, and will be so interesting no one will dare 5155miss a meeting. Perhaps the incoming and outgoing education committee could get together to 5156see what can be done. 5157



5158 5159District Governance 5160 5161District Governor: Dewey Brokofsky DTM 5162Term: 1979-1980 5163Club: Speakeasy #1789 5164 Sons of babbage # 3417 5165 5166Committee Chairs; 5167Achievement thru Motivation: Craig Purdy (King Boreas) 5168Evaluation Training: Doug Ward (King Boreas) 5169 5170King Boreas Assigned to 5171Eastern Division: Dan Field 5172Area 12 Governor: Jerry Burtle (King Boreas) 5173 5174Club Officers 5175President Alpha Wegwerth 5176Ed. Vice President Bill Bonde 5177Adm. Vice President Einar Nordstrom 5178Secretary Pete Panchyshyn 5179Treasurer Joan Mukherjee 5180Sergeant at Arms Peggy Sullivan 5181 5182From District History: 5183The International Convention was held on August 22-25, at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. 5184Cliff Thompson, Host District Chairman of the Convention, and his crew of assistants created a 5185model of hospitality that brought many compliments from visting Toastmasters. Our candidate, 5186Mario Pedercini, was elected International Director for Region IV. 5187 5188International President Eric Stuhlmueller made his official visit to our spring Conference at the 5189Howard Johnson Motor Hotel in Bloomington. He asked to be kept busy and we complied with: 5190 5 Company Visits 5191 1 TV taping Session 5192 1 Radio taping session 5193 1 Live radio interview 5194 2 Noon addresses including one to 500 Rotarians 5195 1 Evening banquet address to 150 personnel managers 5196 Several appearances at our own Conference and a very warm and emotional Farewell 5197 Brunch 5198 5199King Boreas Club #208 held its 2002nd consecutive meeting with Winter Carnival royalty 5200present. Governor Brokofsky got a kiss from the Queen of the Snows, which he felt topped one 5201Past District Governor who claims to have “shaken hands” with Kings and Queens. This 144 144


5202dedication of King Boreas is unsurpassed in not cancelling any meetings even when they fall on 5203a holiday such as Christmas. 5204 5205King Borean and District Membership Committee member Herb Wegwerth says: 5206 SAVE THAT CLUB! 5207 As an active member of King Boreas Club #208 for over 22 years, I have seen the 5208 strengths and weaknesses of many clubs. Here are some of the things I have noted that 5209 will make a weakening club come alive again: 5210 1. Honestly recognize that your club is losing its spark before it is too late and people 5211 have left. 5212 2. Meet with club officers and discuss the problems. 5213 3. Check business meetings: Are they constructive? 5214 4. Have you sent information to the Chamber of Commerce? 5215 5. Place newspaper ads (make them precise). 5216 6. Invite guests on a continual basis.(a must). 5217 7. Preogram several weeks in advance. 5218 8. Club Officers attend district (and other ) meetings. 5219 9. Guest packets for all visitors. 5220 10. Have a positive schedule for all club meetings. 5221 11. Make sure all Speeches are from the Manuals. 5222 12. Are Club location, meeting time, etc. favorable? 5223 13. Participate in as many contests and social activities as possible. 5224 14. Keep an atmosphere of friendliness and congeniality. 5225 15. Remember, the main purpose of Toastmasters is education. 5226 5227 NOTE: Once a club slips below 10 members on its roster it becomes very difficult to 5228 revive it. When a club nears 10 members it should call on the District Membership 5229 Committee for help. Procrastination can lead to the club’s demise: ACT NOW BEFORE 5230 IT IS TOO LATE. 5231 5232From Club Records: 5233Oh, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor 5234measure words, but to pour them all out just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a 5235faithful hand will take and sift them, keeping what is worth keeping, and then, with the breath of 5236kindness, blow away the rest. 5237 George Elliot 5238 5239It is common knowledge how easily a child of three or four can pick up a foreign language if 5240exposed to it with out any formal teaching. Yet we are unwilling to admit that a child of the same 5241age will pick up our unconscious attitudes and prejudices without being taught – and often 5242retains those much longer and more diligently than any of his formal education. 5243 Sydney Harris 5244 5245A very elderly gentleman was sitting on a park bench in Moscow, studying Hebrew grammar, 5246when a KGB agent passed by. The agent looking over the old man’s shoulder asked “What is this 145 145

5247book you are reading with the strange writing?” When told that this was a text on the Hebrew 5248language of Israel, the agent said “But at your age in life you are unlikely to go to Israel.” 5249“Alas”, said the old man, “you are probably right. However, they speak Hebrew in paradise, 5250too.” 5251“How do you know you will turn up in paradise?” asked the KGB agent. “Suppose you go to hell 5252instead?” 5253“Well,” replied the old man, “I already know Russian.” 5254 5255A rookie police man was asked the best way to disperse a crowd, “we replied that is easy, just 5256pass out a collection plate, they always leave right away. 5257 5258All of the following articles are from the January King Boreas Club Bulletin and relate to 5259the 200+2 Celebration 5260 5261MEETING 2000 5262 The 2,000th consecutive weekly meeting was a milestone in the King Boreas Club 5263 History. 2,000 meetings would be a milestone in any organization! From the 34 people 5264 who attended the meeting here are the thoughts of two – Jerry Burtle of the old guard, 5265 and Peggy Sullivan a new member. 5266 5267REFLECTIONS ON 2,000 MEETINGS (By Jerry Burtle.) 5268 On December 12th, 1979 the King Boreas Toastmasters Club met for the 2000th 5269 consecutive week since its inception. I was privileged to attend that meeting along with 5270 23 other members and 10 guests – 34 people in all. My mind wandered back to a Tuesday 5271 evening only a couple years ago when this same club held a meeting at the Lexington 5272 Library in St. Paul with just four members in attendance. It looked, that night, as though 5273 the jig was up for King Boreas. It appeared that the Vulcan Rex of Apathy was to 5274 conquer. What caused this remarkable transformation from Nadir to Zenith? 5275 To answer that question it is necessary to know that two of the lonesome Boreans who 5276 attended that bleak evening meeting were Milo Ostermann and Herb Wegwerth. These 5277 two dedicated people together with Margaret and Jerry Burtle, the other two attendees, 5278 began a vigorous effort to resuscitate the potential corpse. How well they succeeded is 5279 shown by the attendance at the 2000th meeting and by rthe fact that we are now 5280 essentially a 40 member club. 5281 The details of how these people ac occomplished their minor miracles are not that 5282 important at this time. The tools that they used are: Dedication to the idea King Boereas 5283 was worth saving, a deep love for this club, and a lot of hard work, some contributed by 5284 themselves, others extracted from other members and friends. 5285 Look closely at this effort and you will see the reasons King Boreas Toastmasters club 5286 has existed for almost 40 years, it has always been fortunate enough to to have members 5287 that love the club deeply and were willing to work and sweat for it. I predict that the club 5288 will someday celebrate its 4000th consecutive weekly meeting. 5289 5290 5291 146 146

5292REFLECTIONS ON 2,000 MEETINGS (By Peggy Sullivan.) 5293 It was like looking through an old photo album, and hearing the “grown ups” reminisce 5294 about the “good old days”. The “kids” learned about the accomplishments of the club in 5295 its early years; and participated in making of history by being present at this momentous 5296 occasion. 5297 The choice of speakers was most appropriate. The glory of the day belonged to those 5298 members who had spent their years contributing to the strength of King Boreas 5299 Toastmasters Club. Each speech had a different angle, a new light to shine on the days 5300 newer members know nothing about. Yet we were very much a part of it all. The 5301 continuity was there. With the installation of Paula Knutzen (planned to happen on this 5302 historic daty) as our newest member, there was a significant and highly visible blend of 5303 old and new, a continuation of the helping hand so evident in Toastmasters. 5304 Though the meeting looked back on the past with fond memories, it also had a vision 5305 toward the future and our 3000th meeting. This vision was especially touching because of 5306 the Flower Burst Award being presented to Diane Ford. Hopefully, our “Blooming 5307 Flower” will be one of the pillars looking back and talking about the “good old days” 5308 when our 3000th consecutive weekly meeting date rolls around. 5309 5310MEETING 2002 (By Paul Portz) 5311 On January 5th, 1980 the King Boreas Toastmasters Club celebrated 2000 consecutive 5312 weekly meetings and over 38 years of existence. The meeting was well organized, and 5313 had excellent attendance and was most entertaining. 5314 The success of the evening started with the organizational work of the program co5315 chairmen Ed Dufresne and Owen Nelson. The co – chairmen selected the Prom Center of 5316 St. Paul because of its pleasant facilities and good food (the Prom more than lived up to 5317 its reputation). 5318 The biggest task for the co-chairmen was promoting and advertising the gala event. For 5319 this the co- chairmen enlisted the help of the active club members. Hundreds of notices 5320 for the meeting were prepared and mailed. The co – chairmen were interviewed by the St. 5321 Paul Dispatch and an article was written in the Oliver Towne column (the article may not 5322 have been 100% accurate, but the flaws were minor, so I will not complain, wait until 5323 you finish this one!). Because of these efforts the evening was well organized and had 5324 high attendance. 5325 109* people attended the 2002 meeting of King Boreas. Included in the at total was the 5326 Winter Carnival Royalty; Eastern and Central division Lt. Governors; members from the 5327 past including a charter member George Maier; and of course the current active members. 5328 It seemed like everybody was there. (* 5329 This number will probably be debated but my source was independent and very 5330 accurate – the waitress in charge of serving the food and putting the bill 5331 together.) 5332 The evening’s program was entertaining for all. Dale Fisher showed why he was 5333 Toastmaster of the Year three times as he elegantly led us through the night’s program. 5334 The program started with a history of King Boreas Club #208 presented by Bob Peterson, 5335 Herb Wegwerth and Warren Wildasin. The presentation was unique in that all three 5336 presenters stood at the lectern, took an era, and discussed his memories. 147 147

5337 5338 5339 5340 5341 5342 5343 5344 5345 5346 5347 5348 5349 5350 5351 5352 5353 5354 5355 5356 5357 5358 5359 5360 5361 5362 5363 5364 5365 5366 5367 5368 5369 5370 5371 5372 5373 5374 5375 5376 5377 5378 5379 5380 5381 148

The history was entertaining, educational and emotional. The old timers really cherished some of the past and I think they were proud of the present King Boreas Club. Following the Club’s history the Winter Carnival Royalty took over. King Boreas Bob Carter started with some humorous comments but became serious when he talked about being involved in this great United States of America. After his speech King Boreas Bob Carter bestowed a great honor on five Toastmasters by knighting them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sir Jerry Burtle Dame Margaret Burtle Sir Ed Dufresne Sir Dale Fisher Sir Owen Nelson “Tetrau of Dual Membership and Wizard of Wit” “First Lady Supreme of the Toastmaster Scene” “Sultan of Toastmaster Sunburst 2002 Meeting Mastery” “Count of KBTM Thrice Toastmaster of the Year” “Baron of KBTM’s 2002 Meeting Sensation”

When the meeting officially closed nobody was in a hurry to leave. Everyone shared in the pride of a great celebration by the King Boreas Club and all will remember the events and emotions of the 200+2 consecutive weekly meeting. 1979 TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR The Tracy Jeffers Memorial Toastmaster of the Year Award is presented each December to the King Borean who has accrue the greatest number of points in our year long contest. The Award is named for Tracy Jeffers, one of the original members of King Boreas. As you can read in the recently revised “History of King Boreas Toastmasters Club”, Tracy Jeffers became the third President of King Boreas and advanced to become Governor of District Six and Treasurer and Director of Toastmasters International. The point system used to determine our top Toastmaster for the year simply reflects what a good active Toastmaster should be doing. Points are awarded as follows: 1. Attendance at a meeting 2 points 2. Best Evaluator 3 points 3. Best Table Topic 2 points 4. Best speaker 5 points 5. 2nd place speaker 6. 3rd place speaker 7. 4th place speaker 8. 5th place speaker 9. Recruiting a new member 10. Participating in an Area speech contest 11. Serving as Speech Craft Coordinator 12. Serving as Youth Leadership Coordinator 13. Holding a Toastmasters office above Club 14. Serving as President of outside Org. 15. Giving a Manual Speech 16. Completing a Manual 148 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point 15 points 10 points 15 points 15 Points 10 Points 10 Points 1 Point 10 Points

5382This past year several of our newer members ranked very highly. This is an award that anyone 5383can win with regular attendance and a sincere interest in our organization and the community. 5384The announcement and presentation of the 1979 Tracy Jeffers Memorial Toastmasters Award 5385was done at the Prom Center as part of the 2000th consecutive weekly meetings celebration.. The 5386winner for 1979 was Owen Nelson. During the presentation of the Award, President Bob Bonde 5387mentioned that if the award was based on a popular vote, Owen still would have won. 5388Congratulations Owen. 5389 5390SO YOU WANT TO BE A SPEECH CONTEST WINNER! 5391Well, first you must pick a topic that Toastmasters “go” fo. In my day we tried to make it 5392motivational, maudlin or moving. The best way for you to find out what is currently popular is to 5393attend speech contests and note what wins. 5394Next you polis your delivery, with special attention to voice modulation and eye contact. After 5395all, you want to wring every drop of pathos, humor and drama out of what you have to say. Now, 5396prepare three modifications of your masterpiece (or three separate overwhelmers, if you prefer) 5397and you are ready to go. 5398Having won the club contest you proceed, meal paid for by King Boreas, to the Area 5399competition. Here, the seamy side of your venture begins to appear. You find yourself among 5400strangers. You face a hostile audience and hostile judges. That delectable, gratis prime rib evokes 5401nothing from you but a stomach spasm as you realize that, if you win, you must go through all 5402this again at the Division and if you win that the District, then the Region and finally the 5403International contest. 5404It is your turn to perform. If you win, you experience exultation that becomes headier as you 5405surmount each level in your climb. After your conquest at the District Conference you must 5406change your speech, modifying it enough that it is adjudged different than the one you have used 5407before. Do not ask me why. Then you win the Regional. You’ve made it to the International 5408Contest! You are on of the nine best speakers in all of Toastmasters. Now you must change your 5409speech again (Remember those three modifications?). 5410When you win at the International Convention you experience instant fame. You can open your 5411own business as a motivational speaker or a trainer of corporate executives. In the event that, 5412somewhere along the way, you encounter a group of non-discerning judges and you lose – well, 5413there is always the Humorous Speech Contest in a few months That’s a bit limiting in that your 5414speech must be funny and you can only go to the District level. But it might give you some 5415consolation. Anyhow, good luck! 5416 5417SO YOU WANT TO SPEAK! (by Diane Ford) 5418That’s why you joined Toastmasters – Right? As Educational Vice President, the person who 5419does the scheduling, it has been suggested to me that we add a fourth speaker to our weekly 5420program because of our growing membership. 5421Outside of just plain laziness on my part, I don’t believe the above is necessary. The reason most 5422of us joined is to cure the jitters when we stand in front of an audience to speak – to learn to 5423speak coherently tho’ our knees are buckling, to speak intelligently tho’ our brain is in neutral – 5424Right? Some have specific reasons: how to speak humorously, extempore or impromptu, how 5425top use gestures, or to improve voice projection. Where can you learn and grow in these skills? 5426Toastmasters! 149 149

5427The Toast,master program is an attempt to touch upon the diversity of public speaking and 5428listening situations we have in our daily lives. If you take advantage of the various assignments 5429and responsibilities in the weekly program, you will grow in public speaking abilities and 5430achieve your goals. 5431There are at least seven other positions on the agenda that provide opportunities to sharpen your 5432speaking and listening abilities and presence. 5433The next time your name pops up next to the invoker-joker, Introducer, or Grammarian, etc. give 5434it a closer look – what is the special challenge here that will reap me further growth. Remember: 5435each position, through the experience of past Toastmasters, is adapted to give optimal benefits. 5436 5437Here are comparative articles by two active Toastmasters on their impressions on King Boreas. 5438The First article is by a Toastmaster of 20+ years. The second article is by a Toastmaster of just 5439over one year. 5440 WHY TOASTMASTERING? ( by Milo Ostermann) 5441 Some may think it strange for 30 to 40 persons to jump out of a cozy bed early every 5442 Saturday morning to attend a club with a format that talks. Well, let me tell you, there are 5443 people in this world that have never been lucky enough to hear about Toastmasters. To me, 5444 King Boreas Toastmasters is and always will be, one of the finest organizations that I have 5445 belonged to. It is not, nor shall it ever be, a classroom in which to learn the art of speaking. 5446 Really, it is a way of life! It is rubbing elbows with some of the nicest people on earth.and 5447 learning something that the world needs so desperately today. That is, how to relate and 5448 communicate with others. Oh yes, we have come to be broad minded at times, to be able to 5449 accept evaluations, because no person is perfect. Yet, it broadens our perspective in making 5450 us better thinkers, better speakers and better listeners. To my way of thinking, this buiolds 5451 better stature. Some of you may think it is strange for for someone 63 years old, who has 5452 finished to many speeches and earned his Advanced Toastmasters Award,to continue to 5453 indulge in the club’s education process. 5454 The answer is simple. I humbly imply that there is still much to learn, and I humbly pray 5455 that you wonderful people will allow me to seek satisfaction for my quest for the same 5456 criterion that we all want. By doing so, you may also find this, in associating with the best 5457 people, and learning from each other. There is no end to the way we can improve by 5458 becoming more and more articulate in our grammar and in the many ways we can present 5459 ourselves to others. It’s a way of life! 5460 5461 MY IMPRESSIONS (By Paul Portz) 5462 I have been a member of Toastmasters for about one year. During that time here are some 5463 of the items I have noted. 5464 King Boreas is and probably will continue to be an above average group of people. This is 5465 apparent to all new members at their first meeting as they watch the speeches and enjoy the 5466 humor displayed each Saturday. The caliber of people in King Boreas becomes more 5467 impressive as a new member gets to know fellow members as individuals. For myself, I 5468 have gotten much out of Toastmasters. As a new member the first thing learned was stage 5469 fright – and how to control it. Nervousness is normal but you want to control it so you can 5470 think fast and communicate while on your feet. The next thing you learn is various 5471 techniques to be used for presenting your ideas in your speech. 150 150

5472 An interesting side light about being a Toastmaster – I occasionally go to meetings or 5473 dinners that have a speaker. While listening to the speech, I find myself evaluating his 5474 delivery strengths and weaknesses. By the end of the speech I have a mental list of what the 5475 speaker did that I would want to do in my future speeches. 5476 I became involved in Toastmasters because I found myself getting into more and more 5477 situations where I had to communicate effectively. On June 21st, 1980 I have the 5478 opportunity to speak for 15 minutes to two hundred certified public accounts at the 5479 Radisson Hotel in Duluth, Minnesota. Wish me Luck Fellow Toastmasters, and thank you 5480 for your support. 5481 5482On New Years day, six months ago, I made a resolution. I would do something for my own self – 5483improvement. I had come as a guest to a meeting of King Boreas Toastmasters Club in 5484December – it had been fun and everyone made me feel welcome. I I knew this was something I 5485really needed – if only I could get up that danged early and speak with the ease that these people 5486showed. 54877:30 AM, on a Saturday morning – Great time for a meeting. Who decided it had to start so 5488early? I wondered. I am a morning person but this was a little to early, with resolve in my heart I 5489trundled off to join King Boreas Toastmasters. I resolved that I would stick it out, learn speaking 5490skills, learn to think on my feet, and learn to listen more effectively, and maybe learn something 5491about parliamentary procedure in the process. 5492I now love getting up very early on Saturday, looking forward to seeing everyone. I love how 5493every one participates and encourages each other. It has become so evident that these people 5494genuinely care for and about each other. This becomes more obvious the longer you belong and 5495get to know more about each other. 5496I am learning to speak better, listen better, and conduct meetings better, but the biggest thing I 5497learned was that I am worthwhile and have a value, to my community, King Boreas, my family, 5498and most importantly I learned I am important to myself.



5499 5500District Governance 5501 5502District Governor: Ed Nygaard DTM 5503Term: 1980-1981 5504Club: Sunrisers #2140 5505 5506District Officers: 5507Secretary: Roy (Ken) Nelson (King Boreas) 5508King Boreas Assigned to 5509Eastern Division: Ed Bruns 5510 Area 12 Governor: Alfred J. Adam 5511 5512Club Officers 5513President Robert Bonde 5514Ed. Vice President Dorothy Japuntich 5515Adm. Vice President Joan Mukherjee 5516Secretary Peggy Sullivan 5517Treasurer Einar Nordstrom 5518Sergeant at Arms Don Kohler 5519 5520From District History: 5521The District Officers attended four weekends of Club Officer Training Sessions during 5522December and January which included the new Club management Plan. 5523 5524In the training portion of the Toastmaster’s year, special efforts were made to improve the 5525offerings to the members to include Parliamentary Procedure Training. Area Governors had 5526special sessions with the coordinator Menard Kaisershot, at each of the five Executive Meetings 5527in addition to the two conferences. Division Lt. Governors were provided extra attention by 5528Governor Nygard so that the were able to be effective leaders of their Divisions. The Lt. 5529Governors gave that extra effort to assist the Area Governors in performing their responsibilities 5530which resulted in outstanding Area and Division Contests in the Fall and Spring Conferences as 5531well as the Club Officer Training Program. All activities were well attended. 5532 5533Doug Ward and Ed Bruns spearheaded the plan to change the assignment of clubs in areas and in 5534the division that affected the Central, Eastern and Northern Divisions. King Boreas stayed in 5535Area 12, but several other clubs were affected in our area. 5536 5537At the Spring Conference the Spouse’s Program was conducted by Myla Nyegard. The guest 5538speaker was Lois Miller who demonstrated new methods to make housework fun, easier and 5539faster. Mary Ann Novak and Rita Pierce were hostesses at a tea to recognize Myla’s involvement 5540in Toastmasters. This was the first time this event was given a special room at the conference. 5541 5542At the International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona the following August, it was announced that 5543District Six had again achieved “Distinguished District” status for the third year in a row. This 152 152


5544means that the District was a Distinguished District each of the years that Governor Nyegard 5545served as a senior officer. Jack Pelinka of Gopher @183 was also given a Presidential Citation in 5546recognition of his many years of contributions to Toastmasters. 5547 5548From Club Records: 5549There was a Charter party for the Crest of the Hill Club (Sponsored by King Boreas) on July 27th. 5550 5551WOW! TO think I was reluctant at first! The Speechcraft program at eh VA was a terrific 5552experience. Five medical technologists were awarded certificates for completion at the Fort 5553Snelling Officers Club,, on June 20th, by program coordinator Med LaFond. 5554I may not have been one of the SpeechCrafters but I learned a lot. That was partly because Med 5555LaFond, ever busy himself, usually had a position that needed to be filled on the weekly 5556schedule. That gave me the opportunity to be Toastmaster for the first time. 5557The best part of the program was all those super people who gathered together at each session. 5558What may have been somewhat unique was that several clubs were involved including eh 5559sponsor, Fort Snelling Toastmaster Club, The Sports and Health Club, our own King Boreas and 5560a few others. Thanks to all the Toastmasters who participated., especially Med LaFond also 5561convey the gratitude of the SpeechCrafters, Penny, Debbie, Rosemary, and Marilyn. 5562 5563King Boreas wishes a fond and fare thee well to Jerry and Margaret Burtle. 5564In the not to distant past there was a Toastmasters Club, King Boreas by name, that seemed to be 5565floundering. There were only six members, no place to meet, it was summer, to doldrums had 5566settled in. 5567Luckily there was a resurgence of energy. A large part of that energy and why King Boreaas 5568stioll exists came from Jerry Burtle. A new meting place was found, and new members were 5569recruited. Jerry contributed to our club as he has to any endeavor with Toastmasters, to his 5570fullest. 5571You could say that Toastmasters was one of the things that brought Jerry and Margaret together. 5572He brought her as a guest, then she joined the club, and then married Jerry. Margaret has been a 5573very valued member. She has the distinction of being the first woman to be elected President of 5574King Boreas Toastmasters. Jerry is a Past Area Governor and his most recent accomplishment is 5575the organization of the Crest O’ The Hill Club”. Margaret is a Charter member of that club. 5576Jerry and Margaret have resigned to move off into retirement to parts unknown. This Club, to 5577which they have contributed so greatly, will miss them very much, and have appreciated having 5578them as members. 5579Fare thee well to the epitome of Toastmastering. 5580 5581Did you know that the newest club, Veteran’s administration Medical Center Toastmasters Club 5582has our own Don Kohler as its sponsor? He worked very hard doing the llaison work that has to 5583be done. His enthusiasm for Toastmasters will manifest itself when the club is Chartered this 5584Month. It is starting out with 26 paid members and with Greg Carlson of King Boreas serving as 5585its President pro tem. Everyone is invited to help them celebrate at their Charter party and 5586Dinner”, the gala event will be held at the Manor on December 4th at 6:30. 5587(Ther is also an announcement that the Charter party is to be held on September 25th?) 5588 153 153

5589Do you know what happens to left over belly buttons?…….Do they join the Naval Reserve? 5590 5591In the News! 5592Doug Ward a long time King Borean and highly respected member of King Boreas, has 5593submitted his resignation for our ranks. Doug is involved with many church, community, 5594political, personal and Toastmasters activities, not the least is serving as Central Division 5595Governor. We hope Doug will visit our club occasionally and wish him the best. 5596 Peggy Sullivan named “Best in King Boreas” 5597In only her second year as a King Borean, Peggy Sullivan has been named Toastmaster of the 5598Year for 1980. That, in itself, says a lot for this spirited, personable woman, the first woman to 5599receive the Tracy Jeffers Award. 5600Peggy joined in February, 1979, and has been instrumental in recruiting several new members, 5601including her husband, Mike Sullivan. In a short time, Peggy moved into a leadership position in 5602the club, serving as Sergeant – at – Arms from July, 1979 to June, 1980, and as Secretary the last 5603half of 1980. 5604The award as Toastmaster of the Year was not made lightly, but well earned. Peggy has been one 5605of our most regular in attendance and has frequently stepped in to give speeches when not 5606regularly scheduled. She was one of the sponsors of a Speechcraft course and has regularly given 5607speeches from the manual, achieving recognition as a “Competent Toastmaster”. 5608 5609The New Presidents Message (by Peggy Sullivan) 5610IT was a bit less than two years ago that I first ventured into a regular King Boreas Toastmasters 5611meeting. Sure, I had been through the Speechcraft course at St. Thomas College, but, that was 5612different. It was progress; and happily, a wise choice on my part. 5613My reason for attempting to take part in any sort of public speaking began with my membership 5614in the Highland Park Business and Professional Women’s Club. I knew that I was going to be the 5615President of that organization, and I had this awful fear of standing before a group and being 5616speechless. 5617To keep this from happening, I decided to prepare myself through Toastmasters. Luckily I had 5618been introduced to the concept of Toastmasters through a Toastmistress Club in the HighLand 5619area. I was truly impressed with the formula of the organization, but did not feel comfortable in 5620such a closed atmosphere. Somehow, I felt that there was a vast area of help that was missing 5621from a group that excluded the male population. In most groups which I would eventually be 5622addressing, there would be men, and I needed to have a support group which would include that 5623feedback also. 5624Just at that point in my life, the brochure from St. Thomas arrived, and I mustered all the courage 5625possible and registered. To this day, I have never regretted that decision. The years have seen so 5626much change in my life. I changed jobs three times…with the positive support of all my friends 5627here, and have finally found a niche, I think! 5628Being awarded the Tracy Jeffers Toastmaster of the Year award was really a highlight fo me. I 5629had admired those who had gone before me and had the poise and confidence to be the winner. 5630What an honor to be bestowed upon one who is so new at this. The best part of it is…it took the 5631help and support of all the club to take me froma where I was 2 years ago and encourage me 5632along to become more comfortable in front of a group. 154 154

5633This upcoming year will be a test of the skills that you all have played a part in helping me learn. 5634I look forward to the challenge of the Presidency of our Club, and the opportunity to get to know 5635you all a little better. Hopefully, the Club will grow to accommodate all the needs of its members 5636and skills that we all have to offer one another. Together, through a lot of effort\, King Boreas 5637will continue to be a leader among Toastmasters Clubs. 5638I wish to publicly thank each and every one of you who have been so instrumental in my growth. 5639May the next few months be as successful for all involved. If you ever have a question or 5640suggestion, PLEASE contact me. I accepted the job of President with the thought that I would be 5641called upon to relay suggestions and hints to the Executive Board, and District for input and 5642action. 5643 5644MEET THE INCOMING OFFICERS: 5645 President Peggy Sullivan: 5646 After reading the article about Peggy as Toastmaster of the Year and her column 5647 “Presidents Message”, what more can be said. If her personality and enthusiasm spreads 5648 to the rest of King Boreas, our Club is going to become even more exciting and 5649 productive. If we follow her lead, we will become more involved in our own Club and the 5650 Toastmasters program. Peggy has promised to call more executive meetings and improve 5651 our promptness. 5652 5653 Educational Vice-President Don Koehler 5654 Don, with the help of his wife, Lois, arranged our fine 1980 Holiday party is certainly 5655 qualified for his new office. He looks forward to working out monthly themes and 5656 scheduling. His goals are to put more emphasis on PASS/FAIL in the manual and to 5657 make use of committees. Don, is employed at the VA Hospital. 5658 5659 Administrative Vice-President Paula Knutzen 5660 Paula is our past Bulletin Editor and now is enthusiastically tackling her new assignment. 5661 Paula has new ideas for attracting new members and for challenging experienced 5662 members to become more involved in interclub and Area competition, Youth Leadership, 5663 etc. She encourages members to volunteer more to substitute - it’s another opportunity to 5664 get on your feet and learn. Paula is a nurse and lives with her husband. 5665 5666 Secretary Thora Dech 5667 She is Thora or Thorhilda Helgadottir as she was born and named in Iceland. Her 5668 husband and three children live in St. Paul. Thora enthusiastically plans to “get in there 5669 and work as hard as she can” in her new office because she wants to continue learning 5670 and enjoying being a King Boreas Toastmaster. She sees the Secretarial position as 5671 another opportunity to practice getting on her feet. 5672 5673 Treasurer Einar Nordstrom 5674 Einar managed to keep the Club solvent and the books balanced during his past term as 5675 Treasurer. Now, in tackling this his goal is to become really proficient and incidentally is 5676 planning a trip to Las Vegas with his wife, Lorraine in February. They live with a black 5677 poodle and one daughter, the last of five children remaining at home. Einar has worked at 155 155

5678 the VA Hospital as an Orthotist for 25 years. Einar’s challenge is to members this term is 5679 to pay your dues on promptly. Remember, those who are delinquent cost the membership 5680 (that is the rest of us). 5681 5682 Sergeant – at – Arms Bob Piechowski and Jerry Sievers 5683 Bob and Jerry agree that one of the best parts of their new office is to meet the Club 5684 members and make them feel welcome. To do this, they both have pledged themselves to 5685 be at the meetings each Saturday. Bob challenges the Club to use more audio – visual 5686 aids and plans to make available the Equipment needed. Both have become King Boreans 5687 in the last year. Bob has had three years as a Toastmaster, at eh Tartan Club where he 5688 served as Secretary, and Jerry is a brand new Toastmaster. Both men work at 3M. 5689 5690MED LAFOND HAS BEEN NAMED A Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest level of 5691achievement in Toastmasters International. Med joins only 27 other District 6 Toastmasters to 5692achieve this distinction. Two other King Boreans, Jerry Burtle and the late Norman Bell, are part 5693of this elite group. 5694Med joined King Boreass in 1969. He now belongs to three clubs, King Boreas, Crest O’ the hill 5695and Vetrans Administration Medical Center. He was instrumental, along with other King 5696Boreans Don Kohler, and Greg Carlson, in founding the VA club. Med also founded the Chain 5697of Lakes Club in 1974. 5698Med organized the Speechcraft seminar at the VA Hospital which proceeded the founding of the 5699new club, and has been active in four Youth Leadership Programs. 5700The man wjho we knew as an affable, outspoken King Borean has been active in all aspects of 5701Toastmasters. He held the top offices of King Boreas as well as Area Governor in 1978, and as 5702District 6 Public Relations Chairman in 1975 and 1976. 5703Med used his Toastmastering skills in the community as a member of the District 6 Speakers 5704Bureau. He has studied parliamentary procedure and served as a judge for high school 5705parliamentary procedure contests. 5706Many of us have enjoyed his costumed portrayal of the French Voyageur. His interest in his 5707national heritage has prompted his membership in “Societe des Canadian – Francois” and 5708Minnesota Territorial Pioneers. He is also the founder and secretary of Societe de Voyageurs. 5709 5710Dorothy Japuntich Delivered history on March 18th, 1981. She has the distinction of being the 5711first and so far only King Borean to ever have given birth, while a member of the Club. She gave 5712birth to a daughter which she and husband Dan named Sandra Jane. 5713 5714The Challenge of Leadership (By Dale Fisher) 5715The Toastmasters manual is entitled “Communication and Leadership.”For our organization the 5716communications is obvious; that is why most of us joined. But the leadership part of our 5717experience is to often over looked. 5718There are basically two types of leadership: that which is attached to a position, an office, and 5719that which rises from an individual because of his personality and or skills. Office holders who 5720are unsuccessful in leading and inspiring their constituents are probably forgetting to look to the 5721members of the group who quietly mover behind the scenes and are respected by their peers, 5722whether they hold formal positions or not. 156 156

5723When I fisrt agreed to serve as King Boreas President many years ago, I had some definite ideas 5724about the needs of the club. I was goint to make he club strong if I had to drag it on my own 5725back! I almost broke my back trying. That term in office was a true learning experience. I 5726learned that leadership doesn’t mean doing all the work myself. It means working with others, 5727motivating and inspiring others to get the job done. 5728Like communication, leadership skills are learned. There are no “born leaders.” Just as we learn 5729public speaking by practicing, we can learn leadership skills through experience. A leadership 5730position is as much a part of the Toastmasters experience as a manual speech is. Ifa member 5731thinks that he lacks the ability to lead, that is no reason to stand on the sidelines. Toastmasters 5732can support efforts to learn to lead just as we support speech training. 5733The upcoming elections give us the opportunity to get involved in a leadership experience. It’s 5734more beneficial to all of us if there is a competition for the offices. Competition creates interest 5735and helps the winner appreciate the new responsibilities, (and I do know how much one can learn 5736from not winning). I urge each member to avail themselves of the full opportunities within 5737Toastmasters. Get involved in the leadership of the club, and your community, either as an 5738officer, committee member, or volunteer. 5739 5740Two Hours of Torture? (by Paula Knutzen) 5741 Is Toastmaster an educational experience or a social one? Why are you here? Why do you 5742repeatedly subject yourself to these weekly two-hour torture sessions? 5743Torture? Well, isn’t it? Think about it getting up at 6 AM or before, and on a Saturday no less? 5744That is bad enough! But to give a speech only you may care about? And then sit placidly by, 5745while someone picks apart your performance and ideas?! You may have the chore of staring at a 5746stopwatch for two hours. Timing every utterance, except your own, of course – no one cares for 5747your opinion, or even for your timer’s report, who takes that seriously anyway? 5748So why have you come to this King Boreas meeting? Is it primarily a learning situation – is it 5749not? You will learn by doing in the casual setting of a club. You acquire speaking skills. You 5750develop a style all your own. You give a constructive feedback. As an officer, you take on 5751responsibility for the leadership of the club and its continuance, as well as the other members. 5752You share your many talents. 5753You want those critical comments. Your speech and your evaluation deserve suggestions from 5754the audience. You gave your very best – and you want to improve. You will accept only the very 5755best suggestions and incorporate them into your personal style. 5756But, what are you doing here? On July 5th, 1980, nine members met and conducted the usual 5757educational meeting. Our main purpose was to continue the long string of King Boreas 5758meetings., then numbering 2028. The speeches were as colorful and as stimulating as at larger 5759meetings. Yet that small gathering sticks pleasantly in my memory. 5760At the disgusting hour of 7:00Am Saturdays we gather to share our knowledge of speaking and 5761leadership. Sharing is a major portion of this endeavor. A formal class offers the technique and at 5762a faster rate, but does a class really offer you’re the experience? Does a class offer the 5763atmosphere you need for practice? And how many of you would have gone out in a major 5764snowstorm to sit in a classroom for two hours? You can catch up on the lesson of the day, or find 5765out what the assignment is for the next class. That is what you are thinking – as you drift back to 5766dreamland. 157 157

5767The sharing of a Toastmasters meeting can not be made up. The slightly “Naughty” joke, and the 5768way it was received. The helpful evaluation that is given solely with improvement, not a grade, 5769in mind. 5770The knowledge gleaned from a well researched topic. Remember Doug Ward’s speech on the 5771Star Spangled Banner? 5772What we are doing here is sharing. Sharing the coffee pot and sharing the melting pot of talent, 5773knowledge, expertise and experiences of all those present. And yes, sharing all the flubs, goofs, 5774and fumbles too. All of it is why we come. If you are like me, you like some parts of the meeting 5775and jobs better than others. Sometimes the mistakes are the best part! But we learn from all of it! 5776All the giving and all the taking. Like school and work and church Toastmasters serrves a 5777specific purpose. Toastmasters is an educational experience. And like school and work and 5778church that purpose would be met with less creativity and enthusiasm with out the social 5779interchange associated with them. Toastmasters is a social experience as well. And making 5780friends along the way is probably why public speaking classes may come and go, but King 5781Boreas goes on, and on, and on… 5782 5783King Boreas Shines at District Conference! 5784Several King Boreans were afforded special recognition at the District 6 Conference on May 2nd, 57851981. The King Boreas Bulletin was awarded Best Bulletin in District 6 for general readability 5786and appearance. 5787Med LaFond wes formally awarded his Distinguished Toastmaster Award 5788Owen Nelson was named Area Governor for Are 15 for the 1981-1982 Toastmaster year, it is 5789exciting to see a King Borean continue our clubs long history, and tradition opf leadership in 5790District 6. 5791Doug Ward (a former King Borean) was elected Administrative Lt. Governor for District 6. This 5792position puts him in line for the top office in the District in 1983. 5793 5794The King Boreas Bulletin has received high ratings from Toastmasters international. Five issues 5795of the 1981 newsletters were submitted to World Headquarters for evaluation and to be entered 5796into the Top Ten Contest. Of the seventeen areas rated, Twelve wee rated Excellent, and five 5797were rated, Good the top two ratings. The Bulleting was rated Excellent in recognition of 5798member and club achievement, encouragement to attend activities and business reports. We were 5799also given top ratings in readability. The one suggestion for improvement was the use of 5800photographs. This area has been a goal for several months and will (hopefully) be achieved soon. 5801 5802Judging With an Open Mind (From May 1981 Toastmaster magazine) 5803Can contest judges remain objective when evaluating a speech that conflicts with their own 5804beliefs? What it seems to take to win is a good delivery, strong voice, effective organization – 5805and a bland subject, calculated to avoid anything even approaching controversial. 5806At the 1979 International Speech Contest in Minneapolis, I listened to nine marvelous speeches. 5807But only one dared to tackle a controversial subject, in this case the treatment of Viet Nam war 5808veterans. His organization and logic were impeccable. But when the winners were announced, 5809his name was conspicuously absent, even though his presentation was far superior to the others. 5810Are judges at this or any level swayed by the subject matter? Was the subject the main or only 5811factor that prevented this speaker from winning? We can ask contest judges to question their own 158 158

5812objectivity in selecting winners. I have also noticed this phenomenon at the local club level as 5813well. 5814Toastmaster should help members to develop the confidence to speak on any subject. It should 5815offer members a laboratory for testing their ability to make people listen to controversial and 5816unpopular subjects, and if not agree at least come to an understanding of that viewpoint. 5817Let us strive to make our speech contests and evaluations vehicles for true self – expression. I 5818urge the judges to question themselves severely before passing judgment on any speaker. It is 5819only with this kind of self – discipline that we can make our own speech contests worth the effort 5820expended. 5821 5822 “OUR CLUB” 5823 Why sure! Our Club just runs itself. 5824 There is not much to do. 5825 The By-Laws, look after that. 5826 Why worry? me and you. 5827 5828 The President may do a bit. 5829 But it’s a very little mite. 5830 Just a few phone calls every now and then. 5831 And a meeting every single night. 5832 5833 The Board, they just keep setting around. 5834 Arranging plans and such. 5835 About seven days a week. 5836 They don’t amount to to much. 5837 5838 The entertainment job’s a joke. 5839 It makes a fellow grin. 5840 The artists that we hear each week. 5841 Why! They just happen in. 5842 5843 The bulletin don’t mean a thing. 5844 The printer does it all. 5845 A big machine just puts them out. 5846 You call that work? It’s a gall. 5847 5848 Ansd all the Treaasurer has to do. 5849 Is to see that dues are paid. 5850 Our Secretary keeps members up to date. 5851 It’s a cinch for any maid. 5852 5853 Why, sure! Our club just runs itself. 5854 It is the best that ever “wuz” 5855 You think so? Just try it once; 5856 You’ll say, “The H-ll it does.” 159 159

5857 5858District Governance 5859 5860District Governor: Louis Novak DTM 5861Term: 1981-1982 5862Club: Midland #776 5863 Northwest Wind #692 5864 Scintillators #1201 5865 5866District Officers: 5867Administrative Lt, Governor: Doug Ward (King Boreas) 5868 5869Committee Chairs: 5870Membership & Attendance: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 5871 5872King Boreas Assigned to 5873Eastern Division Pat Larson 5874 Area 15 Governor: Owen Nelson (King Boreas) 5875 5876Club Officers 5877President Joan Mukherjee 5878Ed. Vice President Don Koehler 5879Adm. Vice President Bob Piechowski 5880Secretary Paula Knutzen 5881Treasurer Dorothy Lea 5882Sergeant at Arms Lee Jones 5883 5884From District Records: 5885The District was named a Distinguished District for the forth time in a row by Toastmasters 5886International. 5887 5888A special proclamation was designating the week of June 13th as “Toastmaster Week” was 5889authorized by Minnesota Governor Al Quie. 5890 5891Toastmasters International approved a change that to qualify for the DTM recognition, an 5892applicant must serve as a sponsor or mentor or be appointed as a club specialist within 5 years of 5893application. 5894 5895From Club records: 5896Something all people, including Toastmasters to remember, from Zig Zigler: 5897 “I believe you can choose from life everything that you want. But I believe -- NO – I 5898 know – you gotta make the deposits before you can enjoy the rewards. Tou gotta study 5899 the lessons before you can get the grades. You gotta make the call before you can get the 5900 sale. You gotta learn the technique before you perfect the skill. You gotta sweat on the 5901 practice field before you can perform on the playing field.” 160 160


5902KING BOREAS CELEBRATES 40 YEARS! 5903King Boreas celebrates its 40th Anniversary and 2085th consecutive weekly meeting on August 8, 59041981. The first meeting was held on August 26, 1941, at the Alverdes Restaurant on St. Peter 5905Street. Of the thirty charter members Waldo Leubben remained active until his death on January 590630th, 1974. Waldo’s wife, Emmie, continues to be an honorary member and dear friend of the 5907Club. Waldo is also honored be the exceptional service award bearing his name, which is 5908presented by the Executive committee on an irregular basis. 5909Another of the original members, Tracy Jeffers was first listed as an associate member because 5910the membership was limited to thirty members. However, Tracy became the third President of 5911the club, Governor of District 6 in 1945-1946, and a Treasurer and International Director of 5912Toastmasters International. Tracy is still honored by the Tracy Jeffers Memorial Toastmaster of 5913the Year Award in King Boreas. 5914Our club received permission to use the name of the monarch of the Winter Carnival on 5915November 4, 1941. Our forbearers remained active in the Carnival. In 1946, they originated, and 5916for nine years sponsored the elaborate “Dinner of the Kings” for current and past Carnival 5917Royalty. Even in more recent years King Boreans have served as toastmasters for numerous 5918Carnival events. The spirit of King Boreas continues to grow and King Boreans continues to 5919serve the club and community. Notable among these are Med LaFond’s youth leadership 5920program with eh scouts, Speechcraft programs coordinated byt Jerry Burtle and Paula Knutzen, 5921and speakers bureaus and judging youth speech contests. Growth and Service: This is the Spirit 5922of King Boreas. 5923 5924 Reminiscing with Herb (by Herb Wegwerth) 5925It was February 1958, only sixteen years after the first meeting of King Boreas club, that this St. 5926Paulite joined the club. At the time we met in the former YWCA, without fail, “Every Tuesday 5927evening at 6:00PM Sharp”. We agonized periodically on reduced attendance. Letters and post 5928cards stating “We haven’t sen you lately.” Or phone calls did the trick. 5929The City of St. Paul had the itch for changing face which resulted in the removal of our beloved 5930YWCA meeting room. I was President at the time we accepted an offer of the basement meeting 5931rooms in the new YWCA just eight blocks east on Kellogg Boulevard. 5932Also at that time one of our members, a cabinet maker, made for our club an upright lectern. The 5933St. Paul Dispatch took a photo of it as I was holding the President’s Gavel. In all our moving the 5934lectern was inadvertently left behind. I believe it is yet in the YWCA. For our club’s copious 5935records we had poor storage facilities. At the YWCA we were given a small locker for our 5936records and equipment. 5937We became exasperated with eh poor storage facilities, cafeteria style dinners and roomdividers 5938that were not soundproof at he YWCA. We voted unanimously to move – to Rene’s Restaurant 5939on St. Peter Street, and later to the St. Paul Hotel and the YMCA. 5940For many years we enjoyed the YMCA Driscoll Room, the served dinners and the large steel 5941locker allocated for our use. Then dinner service became a cafeteria line, with less appetizing 5942food. Our mobile club went one block west to Capp Towers motor hotel. We met in the elegant 5943Chandelier Room and they even accepted our steel storage cabinet. Then came our old problem – 5944unfavorable dinners. 5945Club membership was also declining. Before we left the YMCA the male chauvinists had fought 5946a losing battle and women were accepted into our club as members. Our first “LADY” member 161 161

5947and President, Margaret Burtle suggested we relocate to the Lexington Branch Library. We were 5948down to about seven regular members when we met only briefly at Slingers Restaurant on 5949University and Prior. When the building burned during one of our meetings, we were forced to 5950flee, leaving behind our prized Norman Bell Memorial Trophy. We then returned to the 5951Lexington Library and then back to the Capp Towers. 5952To the HORROR of several, Owen Nelson suggested that we meet on Saturday mornings. But 5953with the decline in membership something had to be done and the change was made. 5954After ore problems with food, management and storage, Paula Knutzen suggested we meet at St. 5955Luke’s Hospital. From there, the committee of Mike and Peggy Sullivan located our current site 5956at the Town Crier University and Lexington. (The name of the Town Crier has been disputed by 5957some current long time members as the name was Patty’s Pantry, though some one said it was 5958renamed either just before or after the move). The Club then moved to its present location at the 5959Liberty/Associated bank Building. 5960With the move to Saturday morning our membership has increased phenomenally. Lady 5961Toastmasters greatly helped our club growth. Incidentally, Alpha Wegwerth (my wife) became 5962President. Our present President is a lady Toastmaster, Joan Mukherjee. Peggy Sullivan is the 5963Immediate Past President. I believe we are one of the first Toastmasters Clubs to have a member 5964who gave birth to a baby (Dorothy Japuntich). 5965 5966Warren Wildasin Remembers 40 Years! 5967On this 40h anniversary of the King Boreas Toastmasters Club allow me, if you will, a few 5968personal thoughts and reflections on my tenure in this Club over the past 25 years including 5969individuals who stand out in my memory. 5970The King Boreas Club since its Chartering in 1941 has been blessed in many, many, sparkling 5971individuals. What they did, what they inspired others to do, made this Club a remembered entity 5972in District Six and Toastmasters International. 5973Fellows like Tracy Jeffers, George Goeble, Waldo Leubben, and Ken Frederickson are just a few 5974people who make this Club a proud and successful one over the years. Tracy Jeffers was my 5975Toastmaster father, and Waldo “Baldy” Leubben my favorite Toastmaster uncle. These two 5976along with Ken Frederickson guided and counseled me in my Toastmaster activities. 5977King Boreas – its name and connection to the St. Paul Winter Carnival; the Dinner of the Kings 5978made a colorful history. Our consecutive string of weekly meetings over the 40 years is a record 5979that will never be squalled in all of Toastmasters International. 5980Herb and Alpha Wegwerth might remember the 1000th meeting celebration held at the Hotel St. 5981Paul. I was Toastmaster of the evening and at the Heasd table there were over 20 dignitaries for 5982the City of St. Paul, The State of Minnesota, District Six, and Toastmasters International. I 5983introduced them all – I thought – and sat down. Immediately I received over a dozen notes that I 5984had forgotten to introduce the wife of the Mayor of St. Paul. Even seasoned Toastmasters are 5985human too. 5986Another few moments stand out and I put them in these reflections because those moments 5987involved Tracy Jeffers. Tracy among his many talents was an astute Parliamentarian and I knew 5988he was going to “Get Me” as I chaired my last meeting as District Governor. By guess and by 5989gosh and quite a bit iof luck I kept one step ahead of Tracy – he did not catch me. I’ve always 5990been extremely proud of those moments. 162 162

5991I’ve rambled on a bit about people who are no longer with us. Reflections of the past. The 5992present – this club is still blessed with persons and personalities that sparkle. I’m extremely 5993thankful and proud of my association with King Boreas Toastmasters Club. I’m hoping I am 5994around for the 50th Anniversary. 5995 5996Peggy Sullivan, Past President of King Boreas, has been named Business Woman of the Year by 5997the Highland Park Business and Professional Women’s Club.The award recognizes advancement 5998in her professional field, contributions to the community and to the organization. 5999Peggy has held every office in the Highland Park club and has been active in introducing new 6000members to the club. She continues her efforts to advance within her profession through on – 6001going education. We in King Boreas are well Acquainted with Peggy’s abilities and congratulate 6002her on the honor. 6003 6004Unfortunately most people with the gift of gab have no idea how to wrap it up. 6005 6006Wegwerth Feted In Front of Whole Club! 6007He heard comments about his less than perfect grammar, his vehement antifeminism, and his 6008conservatism. He also heard about the gratitude and love of the members of a Toastmasters club 6009of which he had been a cornerstone for nearly twenty-four years. 6010On October 24th, 1981 Herb and Alpha Wegwerth were Roasted and honored by King Boreas. It 6011was the last meeting attended by this most reliable of our members The following Tuesday, Herb 6012and Alpha departed for their new home in Texas. 6013Several King Boreans chided Herb for his resistance to admitting women to our membership. 6014Yet, we mentioned that his wife, Alpha, Became the second woman to join our numbers. Alpha 6015ultimately became President of King Boreas and is remembered for her bubbly personality and 6016unfailing friendliness. 6017One of the highlights of the meeting was the tongue – in – cheek presented by Dorothy Japuntich 6018of the “Feminist of the Year Award”. The certificate was appropriately decorated with pink pigs. 6019Another highlight of the program was the presence of long time King Borean Warren Wildasin 6020and his wife Janet. Warren reminisced about the many contributions Herb has made to the Club 6021over the years. 6022Those of us with long term membership in King Boreas have seen many members come and go. 6023All have left their impact on us. Some more than others. The departure of several, such as Tracy 6024Jeffers and Waldo Leubben, have marked what could be considered an era for King Boreas. 6025Herb’s departure leaves a void in our membership. I am certain that his position will in time be 6026filled, but it will take another member with the selflessness and reliability displayed by Herb. I 6027hope that the wait does not take to long to find another great Toastmaster like Herb. 6028 6029Paula Knutzen King Borean of the Year! 6030Paula Knutzen has been named the top Toastmaster in King Boreas Land for 1981. The award 6031was presented in one of the traditional highlights of the Holiday Party on December 5th, and 6032marked the second year in a row that the award went to a woman. The Tracy Jeffers Memorial 6033Toastmaster of the Year Award is presented each year to the member who has excelled in the 6034club and accumulated the highest number of points in various activities. 163 163

6035Paula received the award in her second year of Toastmastering. This past year she was 6036Administrative Vice President of King Boreas and is the current President of the Highland Park 6037Business and Professional Women’s Club. Paula also coordinated a Speechcraft course and 6038conducted the Leadership training course for our club. The most important aspect of Paula’s 6039being named top Borean has been her enthusiasm for the club. She has worked hard in all her 6040efforts winning numerous awards in both speaking and evaluating. Congratulations to a very 6041deserving Toastmaster of the Year. 6042 6043Teacher, Student, Winner! 6044Another teacher who shudders when asked to speak in public! That’s the reason Mary Gombkoto 6045said she joined King Boreas. Despite her six years as a 6th grade teacher, Mary claims the cold 6046sweats when asked to speak in front of any other group. Mary is also nearing completion of 6047graduate studies fo her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at St. Thomas College. 6048She’s been working on it, “one class at a time,” for three years, and feels Toastmasters training 6049will help her in her Oral Exams. After completing her Master’s Degree Mary plans tpo work 6050toward her Doctorate and a goal of being a College Professor. 6051Besides her busy academic life, Mary enjoys pottery, skiing, and walking (or is it riding) her 6052sheepdog. 6053Mary was introduced to King Boreas by Peggy Sullivan, whom she met at the Highland Park 6054Business and Professional Women’s Club, which Mary also joined. 6055Mary’s first efforts in King Boreas certainly belied her claims of fear and nervousness. Mary’s 6056Icebreaker won Best Speaker award on December 12th, and she won the Best Evaluator award in 6057her first effort on January 2nd. 6058 6059Take Note, But not to the Lectern (by Wayne Hanson) 6060Time and time again during various Toastmasters meetings, you will hear evaluators introduce 6061the speaker they are about to evaluate by saying, “This time the speaker will try to speak without 6062notes.” If the speaker is successful in speaking without notes, or shows very little need to have 6063them, the evaluator gives him what our club calls a “bouquet” or a compliment, such as “the 6064speaker did not use notes,” or “the speaker did not depend on his notes as much as usual.” Dale 6065Carnegie, the author of “How win friends and influence people” also wrote “How to develop 6066self-confidence and influence people by public speaking.” This is what we do in Toastmasters. In 6067a Chapter on “How famous speakers prepare their addresses” Dale Carnegie said that when 6068Abraham Lincoln was running for Congress from Illinois he never used a single note. He said 6069“They always tend to tire and confuse the Listener.” Dale Carnegie went on to say, “And who of 6070us, pray, would contradict Abraham Lincoln?” Don’t notes destroy 50% of your eye contact and 6071interest in the creditability of a speaker? 6072I gave manual Speech #15 with typed notes, double spaced and in capital letters. I think it was 6073the most difficult speech I have ever given. When I first started speaking I needed notes, but now 6074they are a burden. When a member has given only four or five speeches, he or she can possibly 6075be excused from using a lot of notes, but sooner or later each one of us should be able to 6076demonstrate by the time he or she has reached their fourteenth speech that they can give a speech 6077with or with out notes. 6078My advice to new Toastmasters would be to use notes, but slowly, as the second and third 6079speeches come along, try to give a speech with out the notes. It is fine to bring notes up front 164 164

6080with you in case of an emergency and you forget everything, but if you know your subject well, 6081and practice, practice, practice, you will not only give a speech with out notes, but you will be 6082able to relax more because you know what you are going to say and that you can say it with out a 6083hitch. When you accomplish these goals you also have a very good chance of winning the Best 6084Speaker award for that week. 6085All in all, notes tend to bog down a speaker and his speech. Try to do your best and you will 6086improve. A person’s best speech is not a written speech that is read to the group word for word. 6087There is very little eye contact, if any eye contact with the audience, for one thing. Remember 6088this adage and you will grow and improve as a Toastmaster and a person: 6089 Good, Better, Best 6090 May you never rest, 6091 ‘Till you are 6092 Good, Better, best. 6093 6094Borean Directs Opera 6095We all have secret dreams of someday doing something big. King Borean Jonathan Nye always 6096wanted to direct an opera (he gave up seeking the singing roles because of the hard work of 6097memorization). After serving nine years as Director of Music at a church in St. Paul, the big 6098chance came and he jumped at it when a music colleague suggested doing Gian-Carlo Menotti’s 6099opera. “Amahl and the Night Visitors.” The opera concerns a 12-year old crippled boy who has 6100an encounter with the three kings in route to visit the Christ Child. The opera is funny, touching 6101and a delight to listen to. It is in English, for those who have any preconceived notions that all 6102operas are in Italian or German. 6103Performances are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, January 16th and 17th, 1982, at 7:00Pm 6104both nights. The church is Como Park Lutheran, 1547 Sheldon. There will be a free will offering 6105taken. 6106 6107Real World Speaking! (By Mike Sullivan) 6108I do not recall the Date King Boreas moved to the Town Crier as our new home. I so remember it 6109was a “spur of the moment” decision, and I recall the excitement and doubts we all had about the 6110large size of the quarters. We were gratified to see the restaurant staff making special efforts to 6111see we were satisfied. But… we very soon became aware of our new acoustics… and, on a scale 6112of one to ten, the room would be lucky to get on any position on the scale at all! We told the 6113management of our concerns and we were happy to see one doorway to the main restaurant area 6114blocked off, but, somehow, the second door was neve replaced and the kitchen help continues to 6115bus trays through, and make general clatter in our meeting room. We hear dishes crashing to the 6116floor, silverware being flung noisily into bins, occasional loud voices seemingly oblivious to our 6117meetings – and to top it all off, the hard walls reverberate the sound and make for a very 6118antagonistic environment for any speaker. I LOVE IT! We are so fortunate! WHY, You may 6119ask? Because this is the real world. The professional speaker and the amateur speaker will rarely 6120be blessed with an audience which is totally attentive. Public address systems are generally 6121pathetic, at best, and quiet kitchen help has yet to be invented. 6122Our meetings are a perfect laboratory setting for learning to speak. If you’re asked for your 6123breakfast order right in the middle of your Table Topic, be thankful! You’ll be able to handle an 6124unexpected interruption that much easier at any time. Many business people pay upwards of $60 165 165

6125an hour for speech training at professional clinics in quiet conference rooms. Then they start their 6126opening remarks at a real world luncheon, the waitress asks, “Was yours the chicken or fish? in a 6127loud voice. Poof! El Blanco! Guess who instantly wishes he or she was dead! Regaining a bit of 6128composure a few minutes later, our speaker sees a hand waving back and forth toward the rear of 6129the room and pauses, while someone shouts, “I can’t hear you, the microphone is not working.” 6130Our speaker glances toward his host, who shrugs his shoulders and gives him the “I don’t know, 6131guess it up to you to talk louder” look. So, our speaker grits his teeth clears his quivering throat, 6132and begins to try to project his voice to fill the room. Just as he begins to recover and gain his 6133confidence back, he glances at his notes and finds the sweat from his palms has blurred the print 6134on his notes. At the same moment, the meeting taking place next door – just through the paper 6135thin room divider – comes to a conclusion, and the decibel level of their crowd begins to 6136drowned out our petrified speaker, and that pesky hand in the back of the room starts to wave 6137again. He is ready to run for the hills, and forget his speaking fee, just to get out of there, and a 6138tray of dishes, suddenly drops. He is ready to be hospitalized if he only could find some mercy 6139and go into a coma. 6140Too bad our speaker did not learn to speak at the King Boreas/Town Crier Speaking Laboratory 6141for Real World Speaking, He would have taken all the problems in stride, because after the Town 6142Crier, it would have been “Situation Normal.” 6143 6144Weather Records Fall Fast and Hard, But The King Survives! 6145As the blizzard grew and the Twin Cities found themselves in the grip of the second record 6146breaking snowfall in four days, King Boreans were gripped by a chill even colder than the sinds 6147whipping at their front doors. Would we be able to meet on January 23rd, 1982, or would our 6148long standing record of consecutive weekly meetings be broken after over forty years and 2108 6149Gatherings. 6150The following day the local newspaper would report “The storm that began Friday quickly broke 6151five weather records and left most of the state in the grip of weather conditions for the first time 6152since 1975…19.9 inches of snow, a record for a single storm, even though the old record had 6153been around only since Wednesday…the most snow on the ground at one time: 38.2 inches.” 6154Our thoughts turned to our intrepid forbearers who braved even the Armistice Day aftermath in 61551940, one of the top 5 weather events of the Century, worldwide. Our forbearers also met on 6156blizzards Christmas Eves and Days, to Celebrate the Spirit of King Boreas. Would all this pass 6157into history, a proud past, but lost to the future generations. 6158Shame upon us, for doubting the unfailing spirit of our contemporary King Boreans. Are we not 6159as Stallworth as our forbearers? On that seemingly impassible morning when less hearty souls 6160remained securely within their poor hovels, several; of our members displayed the true spirit of 6161the King of Winter and kept alive the record established by many generations of King Boreas 6162Toastmasters. Following is the report filed by Past President Peggy Sullivan: 6163The 2019th meeting of King Boreas Toastmasters was a true event. The Preceding week had 6164showered the Twin Cities with two record snowfalls, and as the snow fell on Friday, concern 6165arose as to whether or not the 40+ years of consecutive meetings could continue. The tradition is 6166so ingrained in our members that after several phone calls, it was determined that the meeting 6167would be held at th home of Mike and Peggy Sullivan. 6168As can be expected of a dedicated group, six people showed up – two by car – two by bus – and 6169two at the home. Menu selection was limited! Four others participated by a conference call. 166 166

6170Those present included Mike and Peggy Sullivan, Wayne hanson, Aletta Mikesell, Jonathan Nye, 6171and Einar Nordstron. Conference call attendees were Owen Nelson, Paula Knutzen, Pete 6172Panchyshyn, and Jerry Burtle. Also in attendance was “Rabbit” Sullivan who, on the motion for 6173a temporary recess for snacks voted “Woof, Woof.” So the record is still alive and well. 6174 6175One interesting Note is that the Bylaws were changed on February 20th, 1982, to allow for annual 6176election of officers. This issue was brought up and passed according to the Club Archives this 6177was changed in 1973/1974 Toastmasters year.



6178 6179District Governance 6180 6181District Governor: Bob Pierce DTM 6182Term: 1982-1983 6183Club: Anoka #2748 6184 6185District Officers: 6186Educational Lt. Governor: Doug Ward (King Boreas) 6187 6188Committee Chairs: 6189Club Assistance: Owen Nelson (King Boreas) 6190Membership & Attendance: Rose Mary Baatz (King Boreas) 6191 6192King Boreas Assigned to 6193Eastern Division: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6194Area 15 Governor: Clete Tauer 6195 6196Club Officers 6197President Mike Sullivan 6198Ed. Vice President 6199Adm. Vice President 6200Secretary 6201Treasurer 6202Sergeant at Arms 6203 6204From District History: 6205The first annual Don Murray Memorial Award was presented to Jerry Burtle of King Boreas 6206#208. 6207 6208Four well known Toastmasters passed away this year, Jerry Burtle and Milo Osterman, both of 6209King Boreas #208, as well as Laverne Graff and Jim O’Grady. 6210 6211Growth in clubs set a new record with only one club being lost and 16 new clubs being 6212chartered. This resulted in District Six receiving the President’s Extension Award at the annual 6213Hall of Fame Ceremony in San Diego at the International Conference. As a result of this increase 6214in the number of clubs our District became the third largest District in the world. 6215 6216At the Hall of Fame Ceremony Cliff Thompson was presented the Presidential Citation by 6217International President William Miller. At the same ceremony Bob Pierce was honored for 6218achieving Distinguished District recognition. This was the fifth consecutive year for this award 6219and the only District in Region IV to accomplish this feat. 6220 6221 6222 168 168


6223From Club Records: 6224Boreas Coat of Arms Demystified! 6225His Majesty Boreas Rex XXIII commands me to tell His Highness what in ‘ell the Latin words 6226inscribed in the Boreas – Coat –of- Arms mean in our pidgeon English. I guarantee nothing but 6227here it goes: 6228 HILARUS Lively, Gay, Cheerful 6229 Sanus Healthful, Sound of Body 6230 Integer Permanent, (As we interpret it, The royal Line of Boreas Rex has lasted 6231 and will continue to last through the ages 6232Basically we boast that Boreas has always been and always will be -- His creed is LIFE, 6233animated by gay and colorful activities, healthful outdoor sports, all enlivened with music and 6234song and good clean fun. 6235Boreas’ inspiration comes from a great god Aiolus – the Impresario of Music, Laughter, 6236Conviviality, and Merrymaking. 6237Boreas’ Strength lies in his control of the Great North Winds, which dominate the Solar System, 6238thus providing the sinews for hardy, resistant vitality and strong determination in the hearts of 6239men. 6240No god of Greece or Rome rivals Boreas in dominating the areas wherein Ice and Snow gives 6241life and strength to the less fortunate but more enervating sections of the Universe. 6242Yea, Boreas stands for sturdy Vigor in the exercise of gay and colorful outdoor pursuits; He 6243stands unchallenged astride the rugged terrain of His mighty domains breathing royal good will 6244to the multitudes 6245So Hail to Boreas…..HILARUS * SANUS * INTEGER 6246 6247Does it pay to Speak Well? 6248From 1982 Speakers and agents Bureau: 6249 $20,000 per Speaking Engagement: 6250 Alexander Haig Paul Harvey Henry Kissinger 6251 Dan Rather 6252 6253 $15,000 per Speaking Engagement 6254 Kareem Abdul Jabbar Dick Cavett Milton Friedman 6255 Walter Mondale Carl Sagan Barbara Walters 6256 6257 $10,000 per Speaking Engagement 6258 David Brinkley William F. Buckley John Connelly 6259 Betty Ford John Kenneth Galbraith Joe Granville 6260 Ann Landers Louis Rukeyser William Safire 6261 James Schlesinger Alvin Toffer George Will 6262 6263A motion was made on November 27th, 1982, and passed to Amend the Constitution of King 6264Boreas by Med Lafond. 6265MOVED: That Article I of the King Boreas Club Bylaws be amended to add the Following 6266paragraph designated as Section 11 (eleven): 169 169

6267 The Honorary Title “Friend of King Boreas Toastmasters” may be conferred upon a 6268 former member or a deceased member’s spouse in recognition of distinguished and 6269 meritorious contributions to the ideals, goals and welfare of the club by a vote of the 6270 membership, subject to annual renewal by the executive committee and maybe subject to 6271 ratification by the general membership. 6272 6273A second MOTION was made (also by Med LaFond) that the Title of “Friend of King Boreas 6274Toastmasters” be conferred upon Herb Wegwerth an Emma Luebben (Widow of Waldo 6275Luebben) in recognition and appreciation of their extraordinary contributions of their time and 6276talents to the club. The MOTION passed. 6277 6278Definitions: 6279Intellectual: Anyone that can listen to the William Tell Overture, and not think of the Lone 6280 Ranger. 6281Success: When you can make both ends meet and overlap. 6282 6283Diet: The penalty for exceeding the feed limit. 6284 6285Teenager: A young person who gets blamed for acting like you did at their age. 6286 6287Antique: An object that wouldn’t be wanted by anyone if there were more of them. 6288 6289Luxury: Something that becomes a necessity when you can get it with a down payment. 6290 6291Advice: Something your children ignore as stupid, but save to use with their kids. 6292 6293Tomorrow: The greatest labor saving device ever invented. 6294 6295Content: When you end up on a detour, but you still enjoy the scenery and the trip.



6296 6297District Governance 6298 6299District Governor: Doug Ward DTM 6300Term: 1983-1984 6301Club: Metropolitan #1696 6302 Faribault #372 6303 King of Clubs #447 6304 6305District Officers: 6306Treasurer: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6307 (Serving from January 21, 1984) 6308 6309Comitte Chairs: 6310Achievement through Motivation: Owen Nelson (King Boreas) 6311Division Ly Governor Coordinator: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6312 6313King Boreas Assigned to 6314Eastern Division: Rose Mary Baatz (King Boreas) 6315Area 15 Governor: Doug Green (King Boreas) 6316 6317Club Officers 6318First half Second Half 6319President 6320Ed. Vice President 6321Adm. Vice President 6322Secretary 6323Treasurer l 6324Sergeant at Arms 6325 6326From District History: 6327A goal of 15 new clubs was set and 16 were chartered giving the District a total of 158 clubs on 6328July 1. 1984. A goal of 7000 members in good standing was set and 7237 achieved including 63291293 new charter members and 371 charter members. A goal of 175 manual completions was set 6330and 276 achieved. Ninety-two Management Plans were submitted which was 24 more than the 6331previous year. There was a goal of 50 Youth Leadership and Success Modules and 42 were 6332completed. A goal of 7 DTM’s was exceeded by two. A goal of 40 ATM’s was set and 36 were 6333reached. Through it all the District again became a Distinguished District being the 18th highest 6334ranked in Toastmasters worldwide. 6335 6336From Club Records: 6337Another King Borean Luminary Fades Away. By Warren Wildasin 6338Jerome Burtle passed from us on Wednesday, July 6, 1983. 6339In my Toastmastering lifetime of thirty years, most of them with King Boreas Toastmasters 6340Club, there have been three luminaries – all members of that club. OH! Since the club was 171 171


6341founded in 1941 there have been numerous outstanding people who have passed through the 6342ranks, but three people in my judgement stood head and shoulders above the rest – “Mr. 6343Toastmaster”; those men are Tracy Jeffers, Waldo Luebben, and Jerry Burtle. 6344Jerry was a gracious man and his love of life was outstandingly evident. His command of the 6345English language was self evidentevery time he spoke. He was incisive, decisive, intermingled 6346with a very refreshing sense of humor. Jerry was seldom at a loss for words, and his evaluations 6347will be long remembered. Jerry was concerned ith the Toastmaster concept, not with the concept 6348itself, but with what people were doing with it – hence his belonging to more than one club 6349besides King Boreas. He was willing to help at any time. Jerry was a Toastmaster luminary and 6350touched all who knew him. He was special, so very special. 6351The reason I have used this method and type of eulogy is because King Boreas has been thrice 6352deceased; also all of the things I have said about Jerry apply to Tracy and Waldo, just as well. 6353They were three men – three Toastmasters – three members of King Boreas – all luminaries and 6354never to be forgotten, but so very much missed, Tracy, Waldo, Jerry. 6355 6356How Many of the Following Do You Have? 6357Forgiveness Persuasiveness Alertness Hospitality 6358Generosity Joyfulness Flexibility Availability 6359Endurance Self-Control Reverence Dependability 6360Security Patience Diligence Thoroughness 6361Love of People Creativity Enthusiasm Resourcefulness 6362Thriftiness Contentment Punctuality Tolerance 6363Cautiousness Gratefulness Attentiveness Sensitivity 6364Fairness Compassion Gentleness Deference 6365Meekness Orderliness Boldness Virtue 6366Sincerity Discretion Faith Discernment 6367Wisdom Obedience Truthfulness Loyalty 6368Determination Decisiveness Humility Responsibility 6369Peacefulness Tenderness Empathy Hopefulness 6370 6371The above traits the psychologists tell us are the greatest attributes of the human psychological 6372 makeup. How many of the fifty-two can you honestly say that you practice or could claim as a 6373 major part of your personality? We may want to say all of them, but we need to be honest with 6374 ourselves. Experts say the average person only has three or four of these attributes developed to 6375 an above average level. Yet these vary traits are what makes us decent human beings. 6376An unknown speaker challenges us to try to develop each of these traits by focusing on one of 6377 them for a two week period, and over two years we will definitely be better people. 6378 6379Fire and Damnation! 6380Vulcan’s henchmen attacked King Bores Toastmasters Club Saturday Morning as Dorothy Lea 6381 presides. Fire engines and other equipment massed outside Patty’s Pantry restaurant and burst 6382 into our meeting and ravaged beautiful (all) King Boreas females; smearing them with a tar like 6383 substance they wore upon their lips. King of the Fire Vulcanus Rex, Roger Sorenson, was chief 6384 trouble maker as his caped intruders leaped from table to table doing their dirty work. This 6385 event may go down in the annals of mischief. 172 172

6386 6387Sizzle! 6388On January 14th, at the Lido Café in St. Paul, a surprise Roast was held for Med LaFond to 6389 celebrate his 50th birthday. It was brought out by Master of Ceremonies Bob Bonde, that don 6390 Koehler thought it would be a good idea to invite all of Med’s friends to pay him honor by 6391 Roasting him. Thirty-one were in attendance, and included such guests as, District Governor, 6392 Doug Ward; Area Governor, Doug Green; and District Governor Elect, Pat Kirk, other 6393 included Med’s mom and dad, his sister Mary, brother Tom, and their spouses. 6394Roastmaster Don Koehler brought the temperature of our Roast gradually up to 475 degrees with 6395 the help of such expert Roasters as George Snyder, Pat Kirk, Dale Fisher, Doug Green, Lee 6396 Jones, Tom LaFond, and Jim Kolb. To top the evening off, the Birthday Masters, Barb LaFond 6397 and Med’s future daughter-in-law, Tari, led the group in a birthday song, and ved the birthday 6398 cake, followed by a shower of confetti filled eggs. 6399Med, of course had a chance at rebuttal. It was a super evening. Plan now to attend the scheduled 6400 100th birthday party for Med, to be held on January 10th, 2034. 6401 6402SpeechCraft has Points! By Peggy Sullivan 6403During the past year, I have had the opportunity to introduce SpeechCraft to 3 classes of new 6404 Dain Bosworth recruits or trainees. Each class is divided into two groups, so King Boreas gets 6405 credit for 6 SpeechCraft sessions this year! 6406This does take some time from my normal work load, but it is not without its rewards, both on a 6407 personal and professional level. Personally, I receive the satisfaction of introducing a helpful 6408 program to a dynamic group of people from all over the country. Professionally, I expect to 6409 reap the rewards of greater exposure to the various offices throughout our system via our 6410 trainees, and this will eventually payoff in additional business. 6411The payoffs are many, then, Toastmasters benefits from the exposure, the trainees benefit from 6412 the introduction to the Toastmasters experience, King Boreas benefits from the points credited 6413 to our sponsorship of the programs, and I end up with the combination of all of these benefits. 6414So when opportunity knocks, take hold and open that door. 6415



6416 6417District Governance 6418 6419District Governor: Pat Kirk DTM 6420Term: 1984-1985 6421Club: Victory #221 6422 Toastadas #4755 6423 6424District Officers: 6425Treasurer: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6426 6427Committee Chairs: 6428Credentials: Owen Nelson (King Boreas) 6429 6430King Boreas Assigned to 6431Eastern Division: John Blackstone 6432Area 15 Governor: Bob Parker 6433 6434Club Officers 6435President Warren Wildasin 6436Ed. Vice President Jonathan Nye 6437Adm. Vice President Dorothy Lea 6438Secretary Becky Thiasen 6439Treasurer Milly Oberbroeckling 6440Sergeant at Arms Don Cokely 6441 6442From District History: 6443TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCES AND SOS SITUATION! 6444Toastmasters International is outing out an S.O.S. to all clubs to participate in the 1985 6445membership building program. Which begins January 1st through December 31, 1985. 6446 6447 6448 6449 6450 6451 6452 6453 6454 6455 6456 6457 174


Sharing – Sharing Toastmasters with others is important to you and your club.
Continually bring in new members to share your experience with them, and the “new blood” will be a transfusion of vitality and new life into your club.

Opportunity-Answer the S.O.S. and give yourself and your club the opportunity to
create a positive learning environment and an atmosphere where members will learn, grow and achieve. Build your membership and combat normal member turnover. Strong clubs can stay strong, weak clubs can become strong so that everyone benefits.

Success - Every club must have at least 20 members to conduct an effective
Toastmasters program. If your club has less than twenty members now is the time to 174

6458 point your club toward success. If your club has more than twenty members new 6459 members can help your club becomes even more successful. 6460 Every time you sponsor a new member, just be sure to print your name and home club 6461 number on the Application for Membership Form, exactly as they appear on the label of 6462 your monthly magazine. The computer at World headquarters will do the rest. 6463 6464Entice Former Members to Rejoin! 6465Here are some ideas you can use to entice those former members to rejoin your club. 6466 • Try a greeting card mailer with a contemporary drawing of a “bug” on the front with 6467 these words “We do not mean to bug you…we miss you! Won’t you rejoin our club? 6468 • Print on a postcard “DID YOU LOSE SOMETHING?” then tell about the lost benefits 6469 (opportunity to improve themselves, possible career enhancement, fellowship, etc). Be 6470 sure to invite them to the next club meeting and include a phone numberfor further 6471 information. 6472 • Consider sending the following letter: 6473 Good day! Here is my side of the story! Please jot me a note to tell me your side! 6474 As a former member of (Insert your club name here) Toastmasters Clubyou could 6475 help us greatly with plans to contact potential new members. What I would like to 6476 know is: 6477 What did you like about our club? 6478 What did you dislike? 6479 Would you like to visit our next meting (insert meeting tome and place here)? 6480 Would you consider rejoining our club? 6481 If you would not rejoin our club, why not? 6482 6483 • Send a postcard with the message “WE LOVE OUR MEMBERS” followed by the 6484 message “So we were saddened here at (insert club name) Toastmasters Club when you 6485 did not enew your membership. Won’t you reconsider and rejpopin? Contact us today at 6486 (insert contact information). 6487 6488Toastmasters International introduced a new 10 speech Basic Communications and Leadership 6489Manual. A new Success/Leadership module on Effective Evaluation was released. There are two 6490new Advanced Manuals published, one for professional sales people and one for the technical 6491speaker. 6492 6493A special session was held for all Toastmasters with membership of 25 years or more. It was 6494well attended and each received a 25 or 30 year tac for their membership pin and a certificate of 6495appreciation. 6496 6497For the first time Area and Division Management Plans were used. The were developed by 6498Educational Ly. Governor Nelson. 6499 6500District Six was again honored as a Distinguished District at the International Convention in 6501Columbus Ohio. Other notable accomplishments include tying for First Place in Club Extension. 6502We added 19 clubs and only lost 2 for a net gain of 17. Taconite Talker, Club Bulletin, of 175 175

6503Hibbing #819 and Edited by Bob Parrent, was selected as the Top Ten Club Bulletin. We had 65047726 members in good standing, 569 manual completions, 53 ATM’s, 11 DTM’s, 21 Youth 6505Leaderships, 35 Speechcrafts, and 39 Success Leadership Courses. 6506 6507From Club Records: 6508Daily Advice: It is wise to remember that even if we do not agree with what someone is telling 6509us. There may be chunks of helpful information in what the other person says. 6510 6511 6512Congratulations to Bob Bonde! Bob received the Milo Osterman Memorial Evaluator of the Year 6513Award for 1984. Bob received his plaque from King Boreas Toastmasters Club. 6514 6515From Club Records: 6516Ten points to make a great presentation 6517 1. Get off the stage, get away from the pulpit. 6518 2. Don’t Spend Time on Your Bio: No One Cares! 6519 3. Set the Tone Right Away with Questions. 6520 4. Make sure name tags are being used, then call the people by name, directly. 6521 5. Walk within the group. 6522 6. Use slides that everyone will relate to but are outside of your niche. 6523 7. Your slides don’t deliver the message, YOU do. 6524 8. Manipulate the pace with rapid fire questions. 6525 9. Make them laugh. 6526 10. Passion! 6527 6528



6529 6530District Governance 6531 6532District Governor: Roy (Ken ) Nelson 6533Term: 1985-1986 6534Club: Minnehaha #2563 6535 Sperry speakers #4726 6536 6537District Officers: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6538 6539Committee Chairs: 6540Credentials: Owen Nelson (King Boreas) 6541 6542King Boreas Assigned to 6543Eastern Division: Dagnar Runyon 6544Area 15 Governor: Rita Pierce 6545 6546Club Officers 6547President Einar Nordstrom 6548Ed. Vice President Bob Bonde 6549Adm. Vice President Jane Enerson 6550Secretary Pete Panchyshyn 6551Treasurer Joan Mukherjee 6552Sergeant at Arms 6553 6554From District History: 6555District Six was again honored as a Distinguished District at the International Convention in 6556Reno, Nevada. Riley, Sergeant at Arms for our District for ten years was honored with a special 6557Presidential Citation by International President Helen Blanchard. 6558 6559District Six had set a goal of 8000 members in good standing, and achieved 8180; we had a goal 6560of 190 clubs, and ended up with 183; we strived for 380 manual completions, and realized 428; 656176 ATM’s were set as the goal, and we got 59; we sought 10 DTM’s and achieved 10; 6562Speechcrafts we went for 43, and sponsored 37, we completed 10 Youth leadership Programs; 6563and 56 Success/Leadership Courses. 6564 6565From Club Records: 6566Opportunity may knock, loud and long, but you still have to get up to answer the door. 6567There is opportunity all around us. Many of us joined Toastmasters to develop improved 6568speaking and leadership skill, but never seem to use them in a professional, or manner we had 6569hoped. Yes, we communicate and listen better, but that step to seeking out speaking 6570opportunities we just do not make. What holds us back? Have we deafened ourselves to 6571opportunities, and stopped looking? Are we looking in the right places? The Toastmasters 6572Speakers Bureau is a great place to start. There are also other Speakers Agents, and Bureaus that 6573you can submit your name to. STREEEEEETCCCCHHH that talent, volunteer for local boards 177 177


6574and committees. The more you speak the better speaker you become, so don’t shut up, SPEAK 6575UP! 6576The Toastmasters Speakers Bureau offers you many opportunities to speak on interesting topics 6577to interesting groups. Participation in the Speakers Bureau not only offers you the challenge and 6578rewards of developing your professional speaking abilities, but earns points for you ( towards the 6579Toastmaster of the Year Award), points for the club (Club management Plan), and increased 6580recognition for Toastmasters. 6581Speaking opportunities are available currently for Toastmasters through the United Way. 6582Speakers are also needed for the Minneapolis Society for the Blind this fall. Are you interested? 6583Speak Up and challenge yourself. 6584 6585Is Doctor Dolittle Listening? 6586For those of you who are of the adventurous bent, talk to the animals (and people too of course) 6587at the Como Zoo. This institution is undergoing an extensive restoration and you can get in on 6588the cage level. After this extensive training you will emerge as a veritable Marlin Perkins: you 6589can lionize the visitors as a Zoo Docent. You remember how Marlin would wrestle with any of 6590the animals AFTER they were tranquilized? The Zoo patron may or may not come tranquilized. 6591Training starts in September when you can learn about ecology, endangered species, get an 6592introduction to mammals, carnivores, cats, reptiles, birds, ungulates, primates, how to give a 6593program and how not to give one. Then you can give tours through the Zoo or visit and give 6594programs with an animal to schools and other interested parties. Perhaps you can bring a giraffe 6595to King Boreas and deliver that High Minded speech you he always wanted to give. 6596 6597A Monkeys View on Evolution! 6598Three monkeys were sitting in a cocoanut tree discussing things as there’re said to be; said the 6599first one to the others, “Now, Listen, you two, there is a certain rumor that cannot be true… that 6600man descended from our noble race. The very idea! It is a dire disgrace; no monkey ever 6601deserted his wife, starved her baby and ruined her life, and you’ve known a mother monk to 6602leave her babies with others to bunk or pass them on from one to another ‘til they scarcely know 6603who their mother is. And another thing! You’ll never see a monk build a fence around the 6604cocoanut tree, and let the cocoanuts go to waste, forbidding all other monks a taste. Why, if I put 6605a fence around this tree, starvation would force you to steal from me. Here’s another thing a 6606monk won’t do: go out at night and get in a stew; or use a gun, or a club, or a knife to take some 6607other monks life. Yes, man descended, the ornery cuss, but, brothers there aint no way, he 6608descended from us. 6609 6610VOSPER WINS! 6611In making this report to you I want to point out that whoever chose the speech contest locations 6612did a wonderful job. The Area contest was held at the Minnesota Room on the third floor of 6613Donaldson’s in Rosedale Shopping Center. It was a fun night with good food and 6614communication amongst Toastmasters of the Area clubs. Bob Gausman, an associate member in 6615King Boreas Club, gave a very humorous speech about fishing, which we all enjoyed. Leah 6616Vosper, also representing King Boreas, as the King Boreas speech contest winner, gave her 6617speech entitled “Fact or Fiction?” After the five speeches were given, the Area conducted some 6618business during which time we were all held in suspense as to who the winner might be. June 178 178

6619Enerson, who did a wonderful job as Toastmaster for the occasion, was also nominated for Area 6620Toastmaster of the Year by King Boreas Toastmasters Club. The second place prize was called 6621and it was not our representative. The tension increased and then it was announced that Leah 6622Vosper had won the Area speech contest! After which Les Anderson most graciously announced 6623that he would have the trophy figure of a man replaced with one of a woman. 6624The Division contest was held at the McKnight Ballroom in the Holiday Inn on I-94 and 6625McKnight Road. They provided a beautiful buffet and it was a very nice room. King Boreas 6626made a very good showing in support of their contestant. The contest was conducted after which 6627there were some political speeches. The second place winner was called, and it was our own 6628Leah Vosper! The first place winner was Melissa Hall from Area 15. She will go on to the 6629District contest. Her speech was a rousing Toastmasters cheer, which captured the judges votes. 6630We all wish her success as she now represents us and all the other clubs in our Division. 6631 6632What Toastmasters Means to an Enthusiastic Toastmaster (by Joan Mukherjee) 6633I have participated in King Boreas Toastmasters Club for nearly 10 years; I still look forward to 6634each Saturday morning. You ask – WHY? Very simply because the club has come to serve three 6635major functions in my life: educational, altruistic and social. 6636First let’s examine the educational aspects: Over the years I have shared happiness, sadness, 6637apprehension, fright and many other emotions with this club as I struggled to get on my feet and 6638make sense to an audience. It has proven to be a truly safe place to try out ideas and/or 6639techniques and get honest feedback. I shall be eternally grateful to the club members for bearing 6640with me in my clumsy attempts at humor and for encouraging me to keep on trying. I do not 6641know whether I am a better speaker, yet I know I am more comfortable as a speaker. 6642Second, altruism: What fun to be able to reach out and help someone learn how to deal with a 6643speaking problem, and be able to give support so that person can become a confident speaker. 6644What other organization has so many success stories in which each member can take pride in 6645being an active part? 6646Finally, social aspects: I find King Boreas to be a very unique mixture of people such as is rarely 6647encountered in our specialized world. Such diverse jobs, education, and backgrounds! From the 6648boy from Columbia who dreams of becoming rich and famous as a writer and publisher to the 6649successful businessman, from the aspiring student to the teacher of students, from the 6650unemployed to the over employed. Our beliefs in ourselves and each other and that one gets out 6651of life what one puts into it, bind us together. We are eager to participate, to learn, and to find 6652learning together a stimulating friendly experience. These shared experiences cause King 6653Boreans to rally around when one falters: for sickness, death, teenager challenges, and even jail 6654sentences. Where else can one go to find such non-judgmental, staunch and interesting friends. 6655 6656Mayor Latimer Lauds King Borean! 6657King Boreas own Fred Haider has been recognized recently by St. Paul Mayor George Latimer, 6658as “Employee of the Month.” 6659Haider is a Personnel Assistant II in the Personnel Office. In the past year he upgraded the 6660preretirement program, expanded the new employee orientation sessions, initiated a recognition 6661program for retirees and renegotiated a favorable Employee/Retiree Assistance Program for the 6662City. 179 179

6663Also, his planning, leadership and innovations increased attendance from 800 to 1200 at the 6664annual employee picnic held in September. Haider joined the City in 1979 as a City Planner in 6665the Department of Planning and Economic Development. He transferred to the Personnel Office 6666in January 1986 as a Specialist in Employee Relations and Training. He was named Chief of the 6667Classification Section in Personnel in October, 1986. 6668 6669Toastmasters Wizardry (by Gigi Lambrecht) 6670When I came to Toastmasters, I brought someone with me. You may not have noticed her, 6671fellow Toastmasters, since she always hides from strangers. And, true to form, she did not ever 6672pay her dues, even though she joined when I did. I gave her no choice about joining because she 6673really did not want to. She had a feeling that Toastmasters would be the end of her, especially 6674because I warned her I would show no mercy. After all, she is always insisted on going 6675everywhere with me, even though we are often in conflict. 6676Who is this mysterious someone I’ve been dragging to our meetings, feet planted in resistance 6677and nostrils flaring? Who is this reluctant new member of Toastmasters who refuses to disclose 6678herself publicly? It is my dragon. That’s right a draggin’ dragon. And I brought her to 6679Toastmasters to slay her. 6680Now if you ever saw a dragon, you probably know that they are fearsome beings, full of fire and 6681fury. They are mind-monsters which feed on fear and exhale fiery tongues of fright which lap at 6682whatever come within range. They live in our minds, but they can grow much bigger than that 6683when they start to devour. 6684They can draw in, ignite and consume whole people, whole rooms full of people, and on 6685occasion even whole countries in a single incendiary breath. Dragons are not confined to the 6686olden days of castles and knights errant. Modern day dragons are bigger and much more 6687sophisticated that they often go unrecognized. 6688I’ve always managed to keep my dragon somewhat under control, just by keeping her tucked 6689tightly away in the darkest, most airtight corners of my mind, never taking her places where she 6690could get loose, gain control and start to feed. 6691My dragon’s favorite food has always been the fear of speaking, and I have spent much of my 6692life making sure she would not get so much as a whiff of its evocative scent. By staying away 6693from situations where I might have to speak, I’ve usually managed to let sleeping dragons lie.But 6694she has always been in there, and whenever I’ve found myself in a place where my speaking was 6695unavoidable she hhas been uick to leap forth, snorting with a vengeance, filling my bosom with 6696her icy hot flames and my head with her heavy, numbing smoke screen. Needless to say, it is 6697very difficult to speak with one’s dragon acting up that way. And every time she’s managed to 6698keep me quiet, she has gotten bigger, stronger and uglier. 6699When I told her we were going to Toastmasters, by MY choice and with great clarity of purpose, 6700she did not exactly lick her chops in anticipation, as I thought she might. She cringed. She shrunk 6701a little, and she backed up a lot. Instinctively she knew it was a battle of wills and that 6702Toastmaster’s is a mighty ally against fear. 6703 Now, a funny thing has started to happen between my dragon and me since we have been 6704coming to Toastmasters. It started in fact, the minute I resolutely announced my intention to her. 6705Some of the heat and some of the menace went out of her at that exact moment, and she 6706obligingly gets less monstrous and just a bit tamer with each meeting we attend. 180 180

6707Now I’ve begun to see her differently. Peeking through he soot-blackened exterior, there is a 6708glimpse of glimmering, iridescent scales. When she stops exuding her sulfurous stench, I sense a 6709light, fresh air about her. When she stops flashing her smoke-reddened eyes, there is a little 6710twinkle in them, and the other day she winked at me rather winsomely. She’s not bellowing with 6711that deafening roar anymore, either. She sometimes barely whispers. And it seems she’s only 6712been behaving so badly because that is the image in which I created her, and because I locked 6713her into the darkest corners of my mind and force fed her a diet of fear. Well, I can’t really 6714remember doing that; I always thought I was the victim. But maybe she is right. 6715Now when I look straight at her, as she peers earnestly through the smoky little wisps, she 6716reminds me of Puff. And standing face to face eye to eye with her , lo and behold, the old terror 6717just kind of goes “PUFF”. It is amazing. My dragon is being transformed. I think I’ll let her stay, 6718and see if she can polish up her act. I’ll just keep bringing her strings, sealing wax, speeches and 6719other such fancy stuff, and see what she does with them. Maybe she will learn to frolic through 6720speaking like so many Toastmasters are doing, and I will find a wonderful new friend in my 6721mind. Because now that the smoke is clearing, I can see that my dragon is my imagination, and 6722she is magic. 6723 6724Pete Panchyshyn awarded the Don Murray award for District 6 on May 10, 1986. 6725 6726



6727 6728District Governance 6729 6730District Governor: Nancy Kehmeier DTM 6731Term: 1986-1987 6732Club: Gopher #183 6733 MacYawners #1392 6734 6735Committee Chairs: 6736Success/Leadership: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6737 6738King Boreas Assigned to 6739Eastern Division: Sally Muraski 6740Area 16 Governor: Les Anderson 6741 6742Club Officers 6743President Pete Panchyshyn 6744Ed. Vice President Bob Bonde 6745Adm. Vice President June Enerson 6746Secretary Lea Vosper 6747Treasurer Joan Mukherjee 6748Sergeant at Arms Jim Kolb 6749 6750From District History: 6751Many Clubs celebrated significant events. Minneapolis #75 and Russell Conwell #82 celebrated 6752their 50th anniversaries within one month. King Boreas #208, Greysolon #217 and Victory #221 6753celebrated 45th anniversaries, while Minneapolitan #459 celebrated its 40th anniversary. 6754 6755District Six was recognized as a Select Distinguished District for 1985-1986 at the International 6756Convention, this being the ninth consecutive year District Six was designated as Distinguished. 6757Perennial Sergeant at Arms John Riley received a Presidential Citation for his exemplary 6758conduct as a district sergeant at arms. 6759 6760From Club Records 6761Millie Oberbrockling Pete Panchyshyn, Marion Brown, and Dorothy Lea were Knighted by King 6762Boreas Rex, Jerry Crary 6763 6764Tunnel Vision (by Annette Jenson) 6765This year’s fall adventure began on a clear, hot, late September day – perhaps the last near6766perfect day for an odyssey of this sort.. Events had conspired to clear my calendar for the entire 6767weekend (something that occurs about as often as Haley’s Comet appearing). I was free to 6768wander! I assembled food, clothing, a thermos of coffee, camera equipment, maps and my 6769bicycle and headed east in to Wisconsin on I94 toward Sparta. 6770After 4 hours I reached my destination, the Sparta Elroy Trail, a bike trail along an old rail line 6771which winds 32 miles through rural Wisconsin towns and farms. The trail is very narrow, only 182 182


6772wide enough for two bicycles to pass and in many places tree branches extend over it to create an 6773impression of a long leafy corridor. 6774Occasionally cows wandered close to the fences which kept them off the trail and chipmunks 6775skittered across the pathway. Everyone on the trail spoke quietly as if we all knew that we were 6776in a peaceful place. 6777Then in the middle of nowhere, about 8 miles into the ride, I came upon a grassy area where 15677820 bikers were congregating around a pop machine! That scene quickly dispelled the bucolic, 6779pastoral mood! They were all talking about how dark it was, how wet it was, how scary it was. 6780“it” turned out to be a ¾ mile long tunnel which was completely without light, filled with water 6781dripping (Sometimes pouring) from the ceiling and sides; and cave like in its subterranean 6782chilliness. I lacked a flashlight and raincoat and was totally at the mercy of the elements. The 6783young man who walked with me through the tunnel gallantly offered his cigarette lighter as a 6784beacon. It only served to scortch his knuckles and did nothing to light our path. We could sense, 6785but not see, other people around us. When we completed the 20-minute walk through the tunnel., 6786steam rose from our wet clothing as we emerged into the 85 degree heat. At the next town, I 6787purchased a disposable flashlight large enough to shine on the edge of the path; I did not want to 6788think about shining the light toward the ceiling of that tunnel – who knows what lurked up there? 6789I was able to complete only 35 miles of the 64 mile round trip because I had underestimated the 6790time required to walk through the tunnels (yes, there were more tunnels) and I had not 6791anticipated the comraderie of bikers along the trail. The sounds of leaves rustling through wheel 6792spokes and water dripping from walls and ceiling; the sensations of inky darkness and clammy 6793coldness; the feelings of freedo and friendliness; the sunburned nose and sore legs; these are the 6794things I will remember about this year’s adventure. 6795 6796If Noah had been smart, he would have swatted those mosquitoes and flies. 6797 6798What truly distinguishes mankind from the beasts is financial worries. 6799 6800June Enerson received the Toastmaster of the Year award for 1986 6801 6802In May King Boreas received a District Governors Award for being a Top 30 club. 6803 6804






6806 6807District Governance 6808 6809District Governor: Joe Dahlin DTM 6810Term: 1987-1988 6811Club: Happy Talkers #5172 6812 Crest of the Hill #981 6813 6814International Director: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 6815 6816King Boreas Assigned to 6817Eastern Division: Les Anderson 6818Area 16 Governor: Nancy Anderson 6819 6820Club Officers 6821President June Enerson 6822Ed. Vice President Leah Vosper 6823Adm. Vice President Betty James 6824Secretary Karen Foss 6825Treasurer Ed James 6826Sergeant at Arms Jim Kolb 6827 6828From District History: 6829The Don Murray Award was presented to Wayne Hanson of King Boreas #208. 6830 6831From club Records: 6832The Fall Humorous Speech Contest for Area 16, was held On September 22, 1987. It was Titled 6833Autumn Laughs. Tom Ryerson Represented Capital Square Club, Pete Panchyshyn- King 6834Boreas, Wayne Hanson – Midway, Larry Teppo – Ordway Orators, and Bob Gausman – Viking. 6835An interesting Note is that Wayne Hanson, and Bob Gausman are dual members of these clubs 6836and also King Boreas. The contest was won by Larry Teppo. 6837 6838Warren Wildasin handled Table Topics with his usual aplomb. He subjected us to topics such as 6839the Twinkies winning the pennant,, the Viqueens and football strike, and finally the confirmation 6840of Justice Robert Bork. Some in the club felt that baseball players received such paltry salaries 6841the might ask for “tips” as they went around the bases. There was also concern that they show 6842more interest in pulling their purse strings than their hamstrings. Finally everyone agreed that 6843Judge Bork a fair minded, compassionate, bigoted, superbly qualified, insensitive, intelligent, 6844secret agenda orientated, dependable, scholarly racist. Doesn’t it warm your heart to see such 6845equanimity? 6846 6847The Role of Grammarian (by Warren Wildasin) 6848The role of the grammarian has been downplayed in my opinion. To often, it has been given 6849singley the role of “Ah Counter”. The role is much more important than that. A true Grammarian 185 185


6850should put more emphasis on the very good and best grammer. He looks for good descriptive 6851words, good sentence structure, and listens for good diction and enunciation. 6852The AHs, buts, and the ands are bridge crutches used to connect to parts of a speech and are 6853often a detriment to the speech. Good grammer, colorful words, and good sentence structure will 6854enhance your speech. So eliminate the bridges and get on the highway to our beautiful English 6855language. Remember the quote from Dean Buckley, “know thy language and keep it 6856knowledgeable”. 6857 6858Me a Leader, Are you sure? 6859Toastmasters want to be leaders; they want people to listen and pay attention to what they say. 6860But what is a leader? What makes one person a leader and others followers? 6861Webster’s Dictionary defines a leader as a guide, conductor, chief or commander. Surely there is 6862more to leadership than those terse synonyms! How we define the leadership of the great ones: 6863Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, Gandhi, King, and Christ and also the lesser ones: the 6864captain of the kids baseball team, the Sunday School teacher, and the friend who organizes my 6865annual fishing trip? Other attempts to describe and capture the aura of leadership include: 6866 • Napoleon: “A leader is a dealer in hope”. 6867 • Walter Townsend: “true leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the 6868 enrichment of the leaders.” 6869 • Walter Lippman: “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men 6870 the conviction and will to carry on.” 6871The concept of leadership is an intangible and difficult concept. In fact the word leader did not 6872appear in the English language until around 1880. Since then the leadership concept has been 6873much used and has been the subject of thousands of research projects. Leadership in today’s 6874world is very important. Unlike societies of the past, people live much of their lives in groups 6875when they work, worship, play and learn. All groups need leaders. Most people serve as leaders 6876in various ways throughout their lives. The skills we learn in Toastmasters, speaking and 6877listening are the primary tools of successful leaders. 6878One of our greatest leaders in the modern era was Dr. Martin Luther King. He stands out above 6879all the others, steady, and unwavering, in his pursuit of Civil Rights. President Kennedy, Ralph 6880Abernathy, and Stokely Carmichael all played important, but secondary roles to King. Why 6881King? 6882IT all started in Montgomery, Alabama when Rosa parks was arrested for refusing to move to the 6883back of the bus and Mrs Robinson organized a bus boycott in protest. In the effort to be 6884successful she tried to ellicite support from all the black leaders. King was then a minister of a 6885black church in a “silk stocking” middle class neighborhood. Up to that time the black middle 6886class had been the insidious enemy of the Civil Rights Movement --- They “had made it” and did 6887not want the “troublemakers” to rock the boat. King was at first hesitant but soon became very 6888involves. He spoke so eloquently at the boycott rally that he was drafted into a leadership 6889position bringing with him the respect of the black middle class. 6890The vision that King projected was of democracy and non-violence, persuasion, not coercion, 6891and pride. He appealed to them by saying that history would report the Civil Rights Movement 6892as: “There lived a great people – a black people—who injected a new meaning and dignity into 6893the veins of civilization.” He was soon elevated to the forefront – he was articulating what 6894people were feeling! Whenever he wavered the militants taunted him and called him a phony. So 186 186

6895he was propelled onward. He led the Freedom Riders and the march on Selma – his actions 6896matched his words. He became the “Black Gandhi of America”. 6897 Some of the most important leadership qualities that King had included: 6898 1. Listening – He understood and accepted other’s ideas and sensed how people 6899 were feeling. 6900 2. Speaking – He could express feelings in a way that all could relate to. 6901 3. Positive outlook – He purveyed hope. 6902 4. Independence – He was free from a strong identification with any one faction. 6903 5. Intelligence and Integrity – He allowed others to lead yet did not allow himself to 6904 be manipulated into untenable positions. 6905The ideas and plans espoused by King were not unique to him. They were usually originated by 6906others. King sold them with his short, simple sentences and powerful delivery. He appealed to 6907the fundamental values of freedom, democracy,, peace, non-violence – terms and ideals all 6908Americans love and respect. White and Black, middle class and poor, all understood and rallied 6909for.teh axiom is that even though studies have shown that there are nno universal 6910leadership[ traits, broad leadership is very difficult to achieve with out the ability to speak well. 6911Speaking well was essential to Martin Luther Kings leadership role, and is the reason many of us 6912are here at toastmasters today. 6913 6914 6915King Boreas Serves: (as heard on WCCO Radio 1/27/87) 6916It has been asserted over the years that St. Paul Winter Carnival Royality may occasionally 6917appear pompous flipping an epilate or a medallion here and there. Not so with Dick Long, who a 6918s King Boreas Rex several years ago waited for the Queen of the Snows to desend on the 6919elevator from her suite in a downtown hotel. Dick was in full regalia carnival uniform when a 6920couple rushed in from the street loaded with baggage and said “Fifth floor please”. The husband 6921immediately said “Honey, that is not the elevator man – it’s the doorman – Fifth floor Please!” 6922Dick took the key from the man and gathered their baggage, took them up to their room, opened 6923the drapes, showed them how to work the television, and walked out with a nice tip. 6924 6925The following awards were presented for the 1987 calendar year: 6926 • Toastmaster of the Year: Joan Mukherjee 6927 • Best Speaker: Davis Wilcox/Johnathan Nye 6928 • Best Evaluator: Joan Mukherjee 6929 • Best Table Topics: Joan Mukherjee 6930 • Best Attendance: Marion Brown (50/52) 6931 6932I’M BORED! 6933There is no excuse to be bored! Boredom is the supreme insult to one’s own intelligence, Think 6934about it. If you bore you, think what you must be doing to those around you. There is something 6935you can do to alleviate this condition..VOLUNTEER. Having something worthwhile to do is the 6936answer. What better way than to be a volunteer? Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich has 6937designated 1987 as “the Year of the Volunteer” and is calling for “New Heights in leadership and 6938service through a spirit of giving and teamwork”, citing concerns such as homelessness, hunger, 187 187

6939rural issues, aging population, education of the young, and physical environment. Lets make 69401988 another “Year of the Volunteer” by getting involved. 6941In a report for the year entitled “Volunteers, The Best of Minnesota” estimates hat there were 1.6 6942million Minnesotans, out of a population of 4.2 million, who volunteer their time effort and 6943resources to help others, emphasizing an all out effort to raise that figure by 50% in 3 years to 2 6944million volunteers in service to Minnesotans. 6945Volunteerism in Minnesota is traced from the days when residents helped one another raise barns 6946and clear the land, to today’s development of schools, hospitals, fire departments, and teaching 6947others how to speak well. National volunteer leaders recognize Minnesota as being in the 6948forefront of volunteerism in the country. 6949Governor Perpich made a commitment to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a month and 6950suggested that other state and community leaders make a similar commitment. Become a 6951volunteer and you will agree that “It is truly more blessed to give than to receive”. 6952 6953



6954 6955District Governance 6956 6957District Governor: Richard Peterson DTM 6958Term: 1988-1989 6959Club: Victory #221 6960 Metropolitan #1696 6961 Capital Square #6042 6962 6963Committee Chairs: 6964Toastmaster of the Year: Warren Wildasin (King Boreas) 6965 6966King Boreas Assigned to 6967Eastern Division: Duane Rivard 6968Area 16 Governor: Bob Marabella 6969 6970Club Officers 6971President Johnathan Nye 6972Ed. Vice President David Wilcox 6973Adm. Vice President June Edman 6974Secretary Joan Mukherjee 6975Treasurer Steve Law 6976Sergeant at Arms Jim Kolb 6977 6978From District History: 6979The Steering Committee set management goals for the year in June including a goal of being one 6980of the top twelve Districts in the world in performance. Excitement was in the air at the Fall 6981Conference when it was announced that District Six was ranked number 3in the world. The 6982Spring Conference exploded at the announcement of “District Six is Number 1”. 6983 6984


6985 6986 6987 From Club Records:



6988 6989District Governance 6990 6991District Governor: Sally Muraski DTM 6992Term: 1989-1990 6993Club: Pacemakers #2167 6994 Eastwind #3937 6995 Craymasters #7328 6996 6997District Officers: 6998Treasurer: Arvid Faudskar (King Boreas) 6999 7000King Boreas Assigned to 7001Frontier Division: Pat O’Leary 7002Area 21 Governor: Ed Dufresne (King Boreas) 7003 7004Club Officers 7005President 7006Ed. Vice President 7007Adm. Vice President 7008Secretary 7009Treasurer l 7010Sergeant at Arms 7011 7012From District History: 7013During the year the District was informed of the passing of Past District Governor Warren 7014Wildasin from King Boreas #208. Randy Pabst from Mills Early Risers #2312, and Brian 7015Crampton from Honeywell Plaza #1847 7016 7017From Club Records: 7018




7019 7020District Governance 7021 7022District Governor: Joanne Dahlin DTM 7023Term: 1990-1991 7024Club: Happy Talkers #5172 7025 Crest of the Hill #981 7026 Center Speakers #2918 7027 7028International Director: Tracy Jeffers (King Boreas) 7029 7030King Boreas Assigned to 7031Frontier Division: Noel Field 7032Area 21 Governor: Rose Mary Baatz (King Boreas) 7033 7034Club Officers 7035First half Second Half 7036President 7037Ed. Vice President 7038Adm. Vice President 7039Secretary 7040Treasurer l 7041Sergeant at Arms 7042 7043From District History: 7044Governor Rudy Perpich signed a proclamation declaring September 23-29as “Toastmasters 7045Week” and the mayors of Minneapolis, St. Paul Rochester, Duluth, Fairmont and many other 7046cities throughout Minnesota and Ontario joined in the proclamation. 7047 7048From Club Records:




7049 7050District Governance 7051 7052District Governor: George Deliduka DTM3 7053Term: 1991-1992 7054Club: Sunrisers #2140 7055 Club #500 Debate 7056 Crest of the Hill #981 7057 7058Committee Chairs: 7059Ideas Fair: Rose Mary Baatz (King Boreas) 7060 7061King Boreas Assigned to 7062Frontier Division: Ed Dufresne (King Boreas) 7063Area 21 Governor: Pete Panchyshyn (King Boreas) 7064 Wayne Hanson (King Boreas) 7065 7066Club Officers 7067First half Second Half 7068President 7069Ed. Vice President 7070Adm. Vice President 7071Secretary 7072Treasurer l 7073Sergeant at Arms / 7074 7075From District History: 7076The District started awarding Governor’s 20, 30 and 40 Ribbons to reward clubs for maintaining 707720, or more, 30 or more, or 40 or more members in good standing. 7078 7079The District leadership was saddened to learn of the passing of David Wilcox of King Boreas 7080#208. 7081 7082From Club Records: 7083




7084 7085District Governance 7086 7087District Governor: Susan Koering DTM 7088Term: 1992-1993 7089Club: Minnehaha #2563 7090 Talking MEDS #5290 7091 Crest of the Hill #981 7092 7093District Officers: Les Anderson (King Boreas) 7094 7095Committee Chairs: 7096Bulk Mailing: Karen and Bob Gausman (King Boreas) 7097Idea Fair: Rose Mary Baatz (King Boreas) 7098 7099 7100King Boreas Assigned to 7101Frontier Division: Jordan Larson 7102Area 21 Governor: Noel Field 7103 7104Club Officers 7105First half Second Half 7106President 7107Ed. Vice President 7108Adm. Vice President 7109Secretary 7110Treasurer l 7111Sergeant at Arms 7112 7113From District History: 7114A “QUALITY” Pin was awarded to any Toastmaster completing two or more educational 7115programs within the calendar year. 7116 7117The motion to increase membership dues passed and effective October 1, 1992 membership dues 7118to International increased from $12 to $18 for each six month period, and the new member fee 7119increased from $12 to $16. 7120 7121October was Toastmaster Month as proclaimed by The Governor of the State of Minnesota, and 7122many Mayors throughout the state. 7123 7124




7125 7126District Governance 7127 7128District Governor: Bruce Trippet DTM 7129Term: 1993-1994 7130Club: Super Speakers #4701 7131 Speakers after Hours #9218 7132 Super Valued Speakers #5939 7133 Crest of the Hill #981 7134 Toastadas #4755 7135 7136Committee Chairs: 7137Bulk Mailing: Karen and Bob Gausman (King Boreas) 7138 7139King Boreas Assigned to 7140Frontier Division: Mary Torno 7141Area 21 Governor: Karla Smith 7142 7143 7144Club Officers 7145First half Second Half 7146President 7147Ed. Vice President 7148Adm. Vice President 7149Secretary 7150Treasurer l 7151Sergeant at Arms 7152 7153From District History: 7154



7156 194 194






7160 196 196

7161 7162District Governance 7163 7164District Governor: Joy Pirkl DTM 7165Term: 1994-1995 7166Club: Anoka #2748 7167 Rum Rhetoric #6625 7168 Crest of the Hill #981 7169 Premium #7550 7170 On Target #5968 7171 Honeywell Avionics #1335 7172 7173Committee Chairs: 7174Bulk Mailing: Karen Gausman (King Boreas) 7175 7176 7177King Boreas Assigned to 7178Frontier Division: Charles Burrell ATM 7179Area 21 Governor: Carol Busacker CTM 7180 7181Club Officers 7182First half Second Half 7183President 7184Ed. Vice President 7185Adm. Vice President 7186Secretary 7187Treasurer l 7188Sergeant at Arms 7189 7190From District History: 7191The tradition of giving deserving Toastmasters throughout the District a GOLDEN GAVEL PIN 7192was proudly continued through this year. Over 700 Golden Gavel Pins were given to members of 7193District Six for efforts worthy of special recognition. SPECIAL DISTRICT GOVERNOR 7194AWARDS were given to outstanding District Six Toastmasters. Named the 7195EXTRAORDINARY AWARD the recipients included Karen Gausman of King Boreas for her 7196work on the bulk mailings. 7197 7198From Club Records: 7199




7200 7201District Governance 7202 7203District Governor: 7204Term: 7205Club: 7206 7207Club Officers 7208President 7209Ed. Vice President 7210Adm. Vice President 7211Secretary 7212Treasurer 7213Sergeant at Arms

Jim Miller DTM 1996-1996




7214 7215District Governance 7216 7217District Governor: 7218Term: 7219Club: 7220 7221Club Officers 7222First half 7223President 7224Ed. Vice President 7225Adm. Vice President 7226Secretary 7227Treasurer 7228Sergeant at Arms

Keith Hardy DTM 1996-1997

Second Half




7229 7230District Governance 7231 7232District Governor: 7233Term: 7234Club: 7235Club Officers 7236First half 7237President 7238Ed. Vice President 7239Adm. Vice President 7240Secretary 7241Treasurer 7242Sergeant at Arms

Shirley Daniel DTM 1997-1998 Second Half




7243 7244District Governance 7245


7246District Governor: 7247Term: 7248Club: 7249 7250Club Officers 7251First half 7252President 7253Ed. Vice President 7254Adm. Vice President 7255Secretary 7256Treasurer 7257Sergeant at Arms

Yves Provost DTM 1998-1999

Second Half




7258 7259District Governance 7260 7261District Governor: 7262Term: 7263Club: 7264 7265Club Officers 7266President 7267Ed. Vice President 7268Adm. Vice President 7269Secretary 7270Treasurer 7271Sergeant at Arms

Mary Torno DTM 1999-2000




7272 7273District Governance 7274 7275District Governor: Len Glaeser DTM 7276Term: 2000-2001 7277Club: 7278 7279King Boreas assigned to: 7280Frontier Division Governor: Ken Kendle 7281Area 21 Governor: Jim Lanz 7282 7283Club Officers 7284President: Curt Johnson 7285Vice President Education: Edith Hager 7286Secretary 7287Treasurer 7288Deputy Governor 7289Sergeant at Arms




7290 7291District Governance 7292 7293District Governor: Cliff Heinsch DTM 7294Term: 2001-2002 7295Club: 7296 7297King Boreas assigned to: 7298Central Division Governor: Michelle McMullen 7299Area 11 Governor: Pat Casello 7300 7301Club Officers 7302President: Camille Gunderson 7303Vice President Carol Larson 7304Secretary 7305Treasurer 7306Deputy Governor 7307Sergeant at Arms




7308 7309District Governance 7310 7311District Governor: Judy Southwick DTM 7312Term: 2002-2003 7313Club: 7314 7315King Boreas Assigned to: 7316 7317Club Officers 7318President 7319Vice President 7320Secretary 7321Treasurer 7322Deputy Governor 7323Sergeant at Arms




7324 7325District Governance 7326 7327District Governor: Steve Lockwood DTM 7328Term: 2003-2004 7329Club: 7330 7331King Boreas assigned to: 7332Central Division Governor: Jeannette Bauch 7333Area 11 Governor: Les Anderson 7334 7335Club Officers 7336President: Paul Eastwold 7337Educational Vice President Owen Nelson 7338Secretary 7339Treasurer 7340Deputy Governor 7341Sergeant at Arms


(King Boreas)



7342 7343District Governance 7344 7345District Governor: Mary Swanson DTM 7346Term: 2004-2005 7347Club: 7348 7349King Boreas assigned to: 7350Central Division Governor: Ray Quinn 7351Area 11 Governor: Nancy Anderson 7352 7353Club Officers 7354President: Ann Polachek 7355Educational Vice President: Paul Eastwold 7356Secretary 7357Treasurer 7358Deputy Governor 7359Sergeant at Arms




7360 7361District Governance 7362 7363District Governor: Theo Black DTM 7364Term: 2005-2006 7365Club: 7366 7367King Boreas assigned to: 7368Eastern Division Governor: Frank Mayers 7369Area 11 Governor: Jean Fabiano 7370 7371Club Officers 7372President: Renee Kavasnik 7373Educational Vice President: Ann Polachek 7374Secretary 7375Treasurer 7376Deputy Governor 7377Sergeant at Arms




7378 7379District Governance 7380 7381District Governor: 7382Term: 7383Club: 7384 7385 7386Club Officers 7387First half 7388President 7389Vice President 7390Secretary 7391Treasurer 7392Deputy Governor 7393Sergeant at Arms

Jeanette Bauch DTM 2006-2007

Second Half



7394 7395District Governance 7396 7397District Governor: Pat Croal DTM 7398Term: 2007-2008 7399Club: 7400 7401King Boreas assigned to: 7402Eastern Division Governor: Toyin Alowonie 7403Area 11 Governor: Laurie Buchberger 7404 7405Club Officers 7406President: Greg Pariana 7407Educational Vice President: Camille Gunderson 7408Secretary 7409Treasurer 7410Deputy Governor 7411Sergeant at Arms




7412 7413District Governance 7414 7415District Governor: Joan Watson DTM 7416Term: 2008-2009 7417Club: 7418 7419King Boreas assigned to: 7420Eastern Division Governor: Gretchen Coons 7421Area 11 Governor: Greg Pariana 7422 7423Club Officers 7424President: Thomas Deyo 7425Educational Vice President: Vinod Sethi 7426Secretary 7427Treasurer 7428Deputy Governor 7429Sergeant at Arms




7430 7431District Governance 7432 7433District Governor: Allen Barnard DTM 7434Term: 2009-2010 7435Club: 7436 7437King Boreas assigned to: 7438Eastern Division Governor: 7439Area 11 Governor: 7440 7441Club Officers 7442President: Jane Carlson 7443Vice President 7444Secretary 7445Treasurer 7446Deputy Governor 7447Sergeant at Arms




7448 7449District Governance 7450 7451District Governor: Steve Shaner DTM 7452Term: 2010-2011 7453Club: 7454 7455King Boreas assigned to: 7456Eastern Division Governor: 7457Area 11 Governor: 7458 7459Club Officers 7460First half 7461President 7462Vice President 7463Secretary 7464Treasurer 7465Deputy Governor 7466Sergeant at Arms


Second Half



7467 7468District Governance 7469 7470District Governor: Catherine Rai Cardenuto DTM 7471Term: 2011-2012 7472Club: 7473 7474King Boreas assigned to: 7475Eastern Division Governor: 7476Area 11 Governor: 7477 7478Club Officers 7479First half Second Half 7480President 7481Vice President 7482Secretary 7483Treasurer 7484Deputy Governor 7485Sergeant at Arms




7486 Appendix A 7487Original Charter Information 7488(Information from Toastmasters International Member Services) 7489



Appendix B 7538Club Ribbons and Awards
1972 1973 1974 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1991 1992 1992 1994 1996 1999 2000 2002 2006 2007 2008 2009 undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated undated Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club President's Select Club Top Ten Club Bulletin Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club Distinguished Club Distinguished Club Distinguished Club President's 40 Club Governor's Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club Anniversary Month Award Governor's Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club Area Governor's Club Area Governor's Club Select Distinguished Club Area Governor's Club Distinguished Club Select Distinguished Club Distinguished Club International Convention, Chicago Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club Select Distinguished Club Distinguished Club Select Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club Annual Club Membership District Six Cornerstone Club Governor's 20 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Governor's 30 Club Smedley Memorial Fund Contrib.



Clubs Sponsored By King Boreas and Current 7540Meeting times;
7539 7541 7542Philadelphias First Toastmasters Club - Club #: 541, Dist #: 38, Est: 11/1/1947 Phila. 7543Protestant Home 75446500 Tabor Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19111, United States 7545215 428 4579 7546Meeting Time: 700 - 9:00pm, 1st & 3rd Thursday 7547Club Status: Open to all 7548 Click here to email club 7549philadelphiasfirsttoastmasters.com 7550 7551Capital City Toastmasters Club 7552No current information available 7553 7554Paramount Toastmasters Club 7555No Current Information available. 7556 7557Post 8 Club #374, Recently known as Legion Rostrum 7558No current information available 7559 7560Victory 7561No current information available 7562 7563Kaposia 7564No current information available 7565 7566Midway Club - Club #: 383, Dist #: 06, Est: 5/1/1946 Chatterbox Pub 7567800 Cleveland Avenue South, Saint Paul, MN, 55116, United States 7568651-431-1170 7569Meeting Time: 6:00 pm, Thursday 7570Club Status: Open to all 7571 Click here to email club 7572midway.freetoasthost.cc/

7574 7575Shrine Toastmasters Club 7576No current information available. 7577 7578St. Paul Fire and Marine 7579No current information available. 7580 7581Twin Towns Toastmasters Club 217 217

7582No current information available 7583 7584Chain of lakes Club, Forest Lake 7585No Current information acailable. 7586 7587Crest O'The Hill Toastmasters Club - Club #: 981, Dist #: 06, Est: 6/1/1980 HealthPartners 75888170 S 33rd Ave, Bloomington, MN, 55425, United States 7589651-487-6854 or 651-269-9095 7590Meeting Time: 8:00 am, 1st Saturday 7591Club Status: Open to all 7592 7593V.A.M.C. Club - Club #: 3334, Dist #: 06, Est: 11/1/1980 VAMC 7594One Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, MN, 55417, United States 7595612-861-2541 7596Meeting Time: 4:45 pm, 1st & 3rd Thurs 7597Club Status: Open to all




Appendix C

7599International & District Officers from King 7600 7601Treasurer: Tracy Jeffers 1949-1952 7602 7603Directors: Tracy Jeffers 1946-1948 7604 7605District Six Governors from King Boreas: 7606Tracy Jeffers 1945-1946 7607Warren Wildasin 1964-1965 7608 7609Waldo Luebben Award Recipients 7610Peter

Panchyshyn 7611Doug Ward 7612Jerry Burtle 7613Camille Gunderson 7614Tom Deyo




D 7616Basic Training Completions, thru 3/1/1970: rd 7617(District 3 most 42)
7618Lloyd Anderson L.H. Bennett Edward Dochterman 7619Herman Goebel Keith Halva C. A. James Abbott 7620Edgar Brant Melville Evans Herbert Glewwe 7621F. Stuart Johnson Fred Lengfeld Myron Leighton 7622Robert Lilley Waldo Luebben W. Wallace Scott 7623D. W. Umbehocker Tracy Jeffers A. E. Anderson 7624G. E. Maier Leslie French H. G. Laidlaw 7625Evan Scheele Elwood Thorud Fred Sheire 7626James Ward David Clemans Donald Blomberg 7627Warren Wildasin John Renken R. L. Desmond 7628G. A. Morneau D. Schofield Herbert Caldwell 7629William Gleeson Dean Westberg Robert Sevenich 7630Harold Freeman 111 Nels Femrite O. L. Nelson 7631Robert Peterson A. M. Filipi R. T. Smith 7632 7633Able Toastmaster Awards 1941-1970: 7634Herman Goebel 1953 7635



7636Appendix 763812/31/1980 76396/1/1981 76403/11/1988 764112/31/1990 764210/31/1991 76436/22/1992 76443/9/1993 76451/21/1994 76466/22/1994 76476/30/1994 76488/29/1995 76493/6/1996 76508/9/1996 76518/21/1998 765211/10/1998 765312/14/1998 76542/5/1999 76552/5/1999 76563/31/1999 76575/10/1999 76586/11/1999 76597/30/1999 76608/31/1999 76614/25/2000 76629/29/2000 76635/31/2001 76646/4/2001 76656/14/2001 76666/30/2001 766710/19/2001 76681/28/2002 76692/28/2002 76705/20/2002 76715/28/2002 76725/28/2002 76736/23/2002 76746/28/2002 76758/26/2002 76769/24/2002 76773/10/2003 76786/30/2003 76796/30/2003 76809/1/2003 221

E 7637Education Awards (By Date, December 1980 thru March 2011)
Amedie Daniel LaFond Robert Bonde Phyllis Wilcox Phyllis Wilcox Renee Kvasnik Owen Nelson Steve Law Michael Paul Lembach Phyllis Wilcox Einar Nordstrom Renee Kvasnik Robin Louis Eggum Curt Johnson Michael Krahmer John Laird Renee Kvasnik Ansel Levine Robin Louis Eggum Gail Lundeen Brand Edith Hagar Owen Nelson John Baudler Michael Paul Lembach Curt Johnson Camille Gunderson Stephen Kemp Edith Hager Renee Kvasnik Paul Eastwold James Kolb Owen Nelson Camille Gunderson Curt Johnson Edith Hagar Owen Nelson Ed Dufresne Owen Nelson Owen Nelson Owen Nelson Carol Larson Brenda Mulry Camille Gunderson Renee Kvasnik DTM CTM CTM OATM CTM OATMB OATM CTM OATMB OATM OATM CTM CTM CTM CTM ATMB CTM ATMB CTM CTM ATMG CTM ATMB ATMB CTM CTM OCL ATMS CTM CTM OCL OCL ATMS ATMB CTM ATMB LDREXC AL DTM CTM CTM ATMB ATMG 221

768112/1/2003 76824/1/2004 76835/1/2004 76846/1/2004 76856/1/2005 76866/5/2005 76876/5/2005 76886/7/2005 76896/12/2005 76906/27/2005 76911/7/2006 76923/6/2006 76934/302006 76946/26/2006 76956/30/2006 76967/30/2006 769710/19/2006 769811/14/2006 76996/13/2007 77009/21/2007 77011/7/2008 77022/2/2008 77035/5/2008 77045/5/2008 77056/9/2008 77066/14/2008 77072/1/2009 77082/19/2009 77093/3/2009 77104/18/2009 77115/1/2009 77126/6/2009 77136/15/2009 77147/30/2009 77158/1/2009 77161/7/2010 77176/28/2010 77187/30/2010 77199/30/2010 77202/16/2011 77214/16/2011 77224/16/2011 77234/17/2011 7724 222

Owen Nelson Melissa Fink Renee Kvasnik Brenda Mulry Camille Gunderson Ann Caroline Polachek Ann Caroline Polachek Paul Eastwold Lily Miles James Kolb Robert Bonde Renee Kvasnik Owen Nelson Paul Eastwold Wayne Benjamin Hanson Suzy Ahrens Gregory Pariana Thomas Deyo Thomas Deyo Karen Hannah Renee Kvasnik Sam Saucedo Gregory Pariana Gregory Pariana Owen Nelson Thomas Deyo Kou Thao Gregory Pariana Robert Bonde Owen Nelson Kou Thao Jane Carlson Thomas Deyo Gregory Pariana Karen Hannah Anabel De Juan Gomez Thomas Deyo Powell Kopp Laurie Bushberger Anabell De Juan Gomez Dana Wheelock William Madden Karen Hannah



7725 7726District

6 Honor Roll

7727 7728Congratulations to those Toastmasters and Clubs who have earned their place on our District 6 7729Honor Roll! Communication & Leadership Award 2010- Dave St. Peter, Minnesota 11 Twins 2009- MN Supreme Court Justice 10 Paul H. Anderson 2008Dorii Gbolo 09 2007Jerry Seeman 08 2006Ann Iverson 07 2005Judge Pamela G. Alexander 06 Bob Fisher (Fall) 2004Ronald McDonald House 05 (Spring) 2003- Dr. Edward T. Creagan (Fall) 04 Eric Eskola (Spring) 2002Robert L. Senkler 03 2001- Major General Eugene 02 Andreotti 2000Steven Rothschild 01 Year 223 Don Murray Award Nancy Shaner Brian Hinton Laura Hutt Kaki Steen Bob Wagner Linda Samens Linda Larson Kim Kielholtz Minerva Honkala Linda Goeppinger Lori Spangler 223 Lou Novak Lorin Pollmann Award Award Jane Dan Patch #1280 Rischmiller David Deutsch Carlsonics Club #6393 Brian Rice Linda Larson Ravi Rai VAMC Toastmasters Club#3334 Hiawatha Valley #205 Humor-US Toastmasters, Club #821458

Garry Teigland Cultivated, Club #4972 Harriet Beadell Minnesota River Valley, Club #5252 Viking, Club #591 Four Seasons, Club #373 Health Toasters, Club #9648

199900 199899 199798 199697 199596 199495 199394 199293 199192 199091 198990 198889 198788 198687 198586 198485 198384 198283 198182 198081 197980 1978224

Lorie Line William (Bill) Sepic Ed Metzler & Anita Pampusch Mary Jo Copeland Kendrick B. Melrose Glen Taylor Diana Pierce Rose Totino Patty Wetterling Nils Hasselmo Curt Carlson George Latimer Gen. John W. Vessey, Jr. Robert Montgomery Anthony V. (Tony) Bouza David Roe Reatha Clark King Dr. John Najarian Dr. Reuben Gornitzka Howard Viken Alex Smekta Les Kouba

Jim Miller Bruce Bremer Judy Rider Dennis Ochsner Dale Phelps Ewald Koepsell Violet Schmitz Jan Fisher Bonnie Lee Johnson Dan Field Rita Pierce Bill Greger Wayne Hanson Elaine White Pete Panchysyn Irv Fong Irv Schroeder Ed Reich Jerry Burtle


79 197778 197677 197576 197475 197374

Paul Giel Bob Ryan Miles Lord Hubert H. Humphrey Father Francis X. Shea

Alex P. Smekta Award
Year 2011 2005 2004 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997

Recipient Mary Swanson Judy Southwick Cliff Heinsch Len Glaeser Keith Hardy Shirley Daniel George Deliduka Lou Novak Ken Nelson


6 Toastmaster, Area Governor, and Division 7733Governor of the Year
Year 200910 200809 200708 200607 200506 200405 2003225 Toastmaster of the Year Ravi Rai Catherine Rai Cardenuto Brian Hinton Angela Jackson Duane Rivard George Kane Bob Nowak Area Governor of the Year Kim Windingland Laura Lively Jennifer Swanson Ravi Rai Terry Ragan Harriet Beadell Sheri French 225 Division Governor of the Year Linda Larson Gretchen Coons Catherine Cardenuto Terry Ragan Mark Forsberg Scott Miller Brian Rohrenbach

04 200203 200102 200001 199900 199899 199798 199697 199596 199495 199394 199293 199192 199091 198990 198889 198788 198687 198586 198485 198384 198283 226

David Goldsworthy Ken Kendle Allan Bernard Helen Grothe Judy Southwick Jim Miller Mary Ann Giauque Pat Croal Judy Daily Susan Navratil Keith Hardy Kris Hanson Nancy Anderson Les Anderson Len Jennings Lorin Pollmann Milton Lysdahl J. Farrell Burho Neil Boerger Frank Strickon Cletus Tauer

Peggy Scholberg Michelle McMullen Bud Dunkle Lori Spangler, Mary Swanson Dave Basham Oscar Wolske Linda Larson Brian Rohrenbach Pat Croal Tom Oelberg Karen Butler-Moore Keith Hardy Cathy Gray Shari Wilson Jim Miller Eugene Brennan Joanne Sorbel Lorin Pollmann Richard Peterson Joe Dahlin Stew Thornley 226

John Flipse George Kane David Goldsworthy Steve Lockwood Oscar Wolske Karolyn Hoard & Julie Carlson Maria Johnson Bruce Bremer Len Glaeser Keith Hardy Tom Willison Shirley Daniel Bruce Trippet Nancy Anderson Jerry Weaver Les Anderson,Duane Rivard, Elaine White Marilyn Coady Richard Peterson Bob Koenck

198182 198081 197980 197879 197778 197677 197576 197475 197374 197273 197172 197071 196970 196869 196768 196667

Frank Mayers Joanne Dahlin Hal Masem Bruce Robinson Ken Steeno Gale Willey Don Murray Irv Fong Ken Covington A.C. Carlson Dewey Brokofsky Thomas Seavey Keith Frost Mario Pedercini Andy Mazzucco Eugene Yates

Ilene McGowan Pat Kirk Allen Richert Gayle Willey Medard Kaisershot Ken Covington Rick Johnson Ron Clough Dick Borre Rod Davies Dewey Brokofsky Mario Pedercini


Speech Contests

7736 7737While there are multiple contests each year, there are two contests that are consistent; the 7738Humorous Speech Contest each fall, and the International Speech Contest each spring. The 7739following is our historic list of winners for these two contests. Year Humorous Speech (Fall) International (Spring) 2009-10 John Schiebner Roger Revak 2008-09 Ken Morgan Chez Raginiak 2007-08 Tod Sherman Anurag Shukla 227 227

2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01 1999-00 1998-99 1997-98 1996-97 1995-96 1994-95 1993-94 1992-93 1991-92 1990-91 1989-90 1988-89 1987-88 1986-87 1985-86 1984-85

Nate Otto Dave Oliver Pele Raymond Donald Campbell Nancy Nordlund Randy Van Wyhe Laura Jackson Don Johnson George Leiter Ruth Poole Pam Johnson David King Joerg Bartsch Dan Field Dallas Sursely Mary Andrist Tuyet-Anh Tran Wright Truesdale Dave Gade Don Johnson Carol Bronstad Kathy Brown Bill Sanborn

Hassan Tetteh Pele Raymond Roger Revak Steve Carlson Steve Carlson Vickie Snyder Mark Haugh Mark Haugh Bill Sutherland Rod Broding James Howard Lisa Cotter Dan Field Jeff Lapp Jeff Haebig Brad Ballinger Steve Lansing Bruce Trippet Deborah Poynter Kathy Brown Wilma Withrow Joe Marcotte




F 7741Who’s Who in Toastmasters from King Boreas thru 3/1/1970
7742Caldwell, Herbert, 7743 7744 7745 7746Carter, Neill, 7747 7748 7749 7750 7751Foss, Richard, 7752 7753 7754 7755Frederickson, Kenneth, 7756 7757 7758 7759 7760 7761 7762 7763Goebel, Herman, 7764 7765Jeffers, Tracy, 7766 7767 Area Governor 1961-1963, Budget & Finance Chairman 1963-1964, District Secretary 1964-1965. Area Governor 1966-1967, Area Governor Achievement Chairman 1967-1968, Public Relations Chairman 1968-1969, Program Coordinator 1969-1970. Area Governor 1965-1966, Speechcraft Chairman 1966-1967 Division 3 Advisor 1967-1969. Area Governor 1955-1956, Club Extension Chairman 1956-1957, Big Six Digest Editor 1957-1958, District Secretary 1958-1959, District Treasurer 1959-1961, Budget & Finance Chairman 1961-1962, District Treasurer 1962-1963. District Governor 1953-1954. District Governor 1945-1946, International Director 1946-1948, International Treasurer !949-1952.




G 7769Constitution and Standard Bylaws for Clubs 7770(Revised August 1954)
7771 7772The Constitution of King Boreas Toastmasters Club of Toastmasters International, 7773Located St. Paul Minnesota 7774 7775Article 1 7776 7777The Name and Location of this Club shall be as set forth above in the title of this onstitution. 7778 7779Article II 7780Purpose 7781 7782The purpose of this Toastmasters Club is the improvement of its members in the oral expression 7783of though, and the development of their natural abilities: 7784 7785 By providing instruction, materials and opportunities to acquire experience in public 7786 speaking, increased skill in conversation, knowledge of chairmanship and parliamentary 7787 procedure, and through encouragement to appear before audiences and creditably express 7788 themselves; 7789 7790 By securing fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self-improvement; 7791 7792 By encouraging participation in group activities and utilization of leadership[ qualities; 7793 and 7794 7795 By fostering sociability, and promoting general welfare, and good fellowship among its 7796 members. 7797 7798Article III 7799Membership: 7800 7801Any man of good moral character, at least twenty-one years of age, may become a member upon 7802election as provided in the bylaws of this Club. At no time shall the total enrollment exceed 7803thirty (30) active members, unless authorized by the Board of Directors of Toastmasters 7804International. The Bylaws of this Club may provide for other classifications of members 7805consistent with the purposes of this Club and of Toastmasters International. 7806



7807Article IV 7808Meetings: 7809 7810This Club shall meet regularly once a week or as otherwise provided by the Bylaws of this Club. 7811Special meetings may be called by a majority vote at any regular meeting at which a quorum is 7812present, or by the President. 7813 7814Article V 7815Initiation fees and dues: 7816 7817Every member of this Club shall pay fees and dues a prescribed in the Bylaws for this Club. 7818 7819Article VI 7820Officers: 7821 7822The officers of this Club shall be President, at least one Vice President, and such other officers as 7823may be provided in the Bylaws of this Club. All officers, together with the Immediate Past 7824President, Shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Club, having general administrative 7825powers. The officers shall be selected as provided in the Bylaws of this Club. 7826 7827Article VII 7828Quorum: 7829A majority of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of all business 7830in this Club. 7831 7832Article VIII 7833Affiliation: 7834This Club shall be a member of TOASSTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL and hal be entitled to 7835representation there as provided in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws threof. This Club 7836shall also be affiliated with such District of Toastmasters International as the BOoard of 7837Directors of the Corporation may designate, and shall br represented on the Council of such 7838District by its President and a Vice President. This luub shall make payment son all members as 7839required by Toastmasters International; provided However, there shall be no change affecting the 7840financial obligation of this Club to Toastmasters International after notice by publication in “The 7841Toastmaster.” 7842 7843Article IX 7844Policy: 7845The Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of Toastmasters International shall govern theis 7846Club, and it shall adopt no policy and shall take no action in confolict with any policy or any 7847purpose of Toastmasters International. This Constitution shall be deemed automatically modified 7848and amended so that it shall at no time be3 in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation of 7849Toastmasters International as they not exist ir hereafter be changed or amended. 7850 231 231

7851Article X 7852Charter: 7853No Charter will be issued to this Club until a copy this Constitution shall have first been filed 7854with the Home Office of Toastmasters International, bearing a certificate of the date of its 7855adoption. 7856 7857Article XI 7858Amendments: 7859This Constitution may be amended to change the name or location of this Club by resolution 7860adopted by a two-thirds vote as a regular Club meeting, but such amendment must be proposed 7861in writing by an active member at the meeting immediately preceding that at which the 7862amendment is to be voted on and it shall not be effective until approved by the Board of 7863Directors of Toastmasters International and until reissuance of the Charter. Other amendments 7864hereto may be made only at a convention of Toastmasters International in the manner provided 7865fo amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International and shall become effective only after 7866notice of adoption is published in “The Toastmaster.”




H 7868Standard Bylaws of Toastmasters Clubs 7869(Revised 1954)
7870 7871Article 7873 7874Sec. 1, 7875 7876 7877 7878SEC. 2, 7879 7880 7881 7882Sec. 3, 7883 7884Sec. 4, 7885 7886 7887 7888 7889 7890 7891 7892 7893 7894Sec. 5, 7895 7896 7897 7898 7899Sec. 6, 7900 7901 7902 7903 7904 7905Sec. 7, 7906 7907 7908 7909 233

I 7872Membership:
Applicants who have been elected to membership shall be by the Membership Committee. The membership of this club may be divided into four classifications: ACTIVE, ASSOCIATE, HONARARY, and INACTIVE. ACTIVE MEMBERS shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Club, and shall share in its responsibilities. Associate and Inactive members shall be given priority in filling vacancies in the active membership. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are members awaiting a vacancy in the active roster. HONORY CLUB MEMBERSHIP may be confirmed upon any person by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.** Such memberships shall be restricted to persons whose activities and public utterances are consistent with the purpose of Toastmasters International: and shall be conferred for a period of one year only subject to renewal annually by vote of the Club. **Honorary membership usually is conferred only on an adult male person who has distinguished himself by meritorious service in the furtherance of the ideals of the Toastmasters Club. It is an honor not to be lightly or indiscriminately conferred. INACTIVE MEMBERS are those members not otherwise classified. An inactive member may become an active or associate member upon his request and recommendation of the Membership Committee; except that he may become an active member only if there is a vacancy in the roster. Associate, Honorary and Inactive3 members are not eligible to any office, or voting privileges. They are eligible to participate in table discussions and to serve as critics. They are not entitled as of right to places on the regular speakers’ program but may serve as substitute speakers when requested by the President or the Toastmaster of the meeting. Any member may sponsor an eligible prospective member. Application for membership shall be made on the form supplied by Toastmasters International after the prospective member has attended at least two meetings of this Club.Such Application, accompanied by the ignition fees and dues, shall be returned to the secretary, who shall read the application to the Club and present it to the Membership Committee. At the next 233

7910 regular meeting of the Club the Membership Committee shall report, and should no 7911 written objection have been filed with the Membership Committee by any members of 7912 the Club (which objection may be overruled by the Executive Committee), the 7913 application shall be declared elected to membership upon favorable vote of the majority 7914 of those present. 7915 7916Sec. 8, Any member assent from two consecutive meetings, without excuse acceptable to the 7917 Club, shall be notified by the Secretary that his membership is in jeopardy. Unexcused 7918 absence from the third consecutive meeting shall automatically place him on the 7919 inactive roster. Any member may be placed on the inactive roster at his own request, or 7920 by action of the Executive Committee if he shall fail to attend at least four of any series 7921 of eight meetings. Any inactive member may be reinstated to active membership by 7922 unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, provided there is a vacancy in the roster. 7923 If a member shall attend any other Toastmasters Club in good standing within one week 7924 before or after any absence from this Club, such attendance shall excuse such absence. 7925 7926Sec. 9, The Executive Committee may extend to any active member, at his request, a leave of 7927 absence not to exceed four weeks. When leave of absence for a longer period is desired, 7928 the member shall be transferred to inactive membership. 7929 7930Article II 7931Fees and Dues: 7932 7933Sec. 1, The initiation Fee shall be $5.00 payable when application is filed with the Secretary.** 7934 This fee shall be returned if the application is not accepted. Each new member on 7935 payment of this fee and being received into the Club, shall be presented with a copy of 7936 Basic Training, a copy of this clubs Constitution and Bylaws, and such other materials 7937 as may be provided for that purpose by Toastmasters International. 7938 7939 **Recommendation is that Initiation Fee be not less than $5.00 or more than $10.00. 7940 7941Sec. 2, Reinstatement to membership shall call for payment of a Reinstatement Fee of $2.50.** 7942 7943 **Recommendation is the Reinstatement Fee be one-half of the Initiation Fee. 7944 7945Sec. 3, The Secretary shall, on request, furnish any member in good standing a certificate 7946 showing the date to which Toastmasters International per capita payment is made, and 7947 that said member has applied for and received permission to transfer to another 7948 Toastmasters Club. When an applicant for membership in this Club shall transfer from 7949 another Toastmasters Club, presenting a certificate from said Clubshowing that he is in 7950 good standing and that his per capita payment to Toastmasters International is paid for 7951 the current period, he may be elected to membership, without payment of the Initiation 7952 Fee, upon approval of the Membership Committee and the Club as prescribed in Article I, 7953 Section 7 of these bylaws, and upon a payment of a Transfer Fee of $2.50.** 7954 234 234

7955 **Recommendation is that the Transfer Fee be one-half of the Initiation Fee. 7956 7957Sec. 4, The dues for this Club shall be $_____ per member per year, payable semi-annually in 7958 advance on the first meeting date in the months of March and September.** Dues shall 7959 be paid by all active, associate and inactive members. 7960 7961 **Recommendation is that dues amount to not less than $12.00 per year per member 7962 and that they be paid quarterly or semi-annually in advance, payable in March, June, 7963 September and December if quarterly, or in March and September if Semi-annually. 7965 7966Sec. 5, Honorary Club Members shall be exempt from all Club fees and dues and the Club 7967 shall be responsible for all obligations to Toastmasters International occasioned by their 7968 membership. 7969 7970Article III 7971Meetings: 7972 7973Sec. 1, Regular weekly meetings of the Club shall be held every Tuesday at such hour and 7974 place as the Club from time to time shall designate. 7975 7976Sec. 2, Special meetings may be called by a majority vote at any regular meeting at which a 7977 quorum is present, or by the President. 7978 7979Sec. 3, The Executive Committee of this Club shall meet at least once a month.** 7980 7981 **Recommendation is that it meet at least once a month. 7982 7983Article IV 7984Election of Officers: 7985 7986Sec. 1, The officers of this Club shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a 7987 Treasurer and a Sergeant-at-Arms. 7988 7989Sec. 2, Nominations for club officers shall be made by a Nominating Committee appointed by 7990 the President, at least two weeks prior to the election. This committee shall consist 7991 three active members.** This committee shall present its report at the regular meeting 7992 immediately preceding the meeting at which the election is to take place, and present 7993 only names of active members who have consented to serve if elected. Further 7994 nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election by any active 7995 member. All elections shall be by secret ballot, unless a secret ballot is dispensed with 7996 by unanimous vote, with a majority vote of all active members present necessary for a 7997 choice. 7998 235 235

7999 **Recommendation is that at least one member shall be a Past President. 8000 8001Sec. 3, Election of officers shall be held at the first meeting in March and in September. New 8002 officers shall take office at the first meeting in April and October, and shall serve for a 8003 term of six months and until their successors are elected and qualified.** 8004 8005 **Club officers may be elected for semi-annual terms, commencing in April and 8006 October. 8007 8008Sec. 4, Any vacancy in office shall be filled by a special election held at the next meeting 8009 following announcement of the vacancy. 8010 8011Sec. 5, The President shall not be eligible to re-election for succeeding terms. 8012 8013Sec. 6, This Club is entitled to representation at all Toastmasters International conventions as 8014 provided in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International. The 8015 Club shall select its representatives in sufficient time for the Secretary of the Club to 8016 prepare proper credentials for them. In the event that the Club is not represented at the 8017 Convention by personal representatives selected from this Club, the Executive 8018 Committee of this Club shall appoint and authorize a proxy with the authority to act. 8019 8020Article V 8021Duties 8022 8023Sec. 1, 8024 8025 8026 8027 8028Sec. 2, 8029 8030 8031 8032 8033 8034 8035 8036 8037 8038 8039 8040 8041 236

of Officers:
The President of shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee. He shall appoint with the approval of the Executive Committee all committees and have general supervision of the work of the Club. He shall be ex officio a member of all committees of this Club and The District Council. (a) One of the Vice-Presidents shall be designated Educational Vice-President and he shall be Chairman of the Educational Committee. He shall preside in the absence of the President, and shall serve as one of the Club’s representatives on the District Council. He shall transmit to the Club for its approval or disapproval all ideas and plans proposed by the District Council which affect the Club or its members, and shall take no action binding upon the Club without either specific prior authorization of subsequent ratification by the Club or Executive Committee. The other Vice-President shall be designated Administrative Vice-President. He shall be Chairman of the Membership and Attendance Committee, and shall also serve as Cochairman of the Public Relations Committee. He shall preside in the absence of the President and Educational Vice-President.



8042 (c) The President shall assign to the two Vice-Presidents their respective duties as set 8043 forth in this section, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. 8044 8045Sec. 3, The Secretary shall have custody of he Club’s Constitution and Bylaws and all other 8046 records and documents of the Club, shall keep an accurate record of the meetings and 8047 activities of the Club and The executive Committee, and shal l transmit the same to his 8048 successor. He shall have charge of all correspondence and shall issue the regular 8049 Speaking Schedules. 8050 8051Sec. 4, The Treasurer shall receive and disburse, with the approval of the Club, all Club funds, 8052 and shall keep accurate account of the same. He shall make a financial report to the 8053 Club or to the Executive Commite upon request, and shall transmit the accounts and all 8054 undistributed funds to his successor. He shall pay to Toastmasters International all 8055 financial obligations of this Club to it as such obligations become due. 8056 8057Sec. 5, The Sergeant-at-Arms is Chairman of the Social and Reception Committee. He shall be 8058 responsible for the orderly behavior of the members and shall enforce the orders of the 8059 President. He shall be responsible for the arrangement of the tables, room, timing light, 8060 and gavel and shall be the Club’s official greeter. 8061 8062Article VI 8063Committees: 8064 8065Sec. 1, 8066 8067 8068 8069Sec. 2, 8070 8071 8072 8073 8074 8075 8076Sec. 3, 8077 8078 8079 8080 8081 8082 8083 8084 8085 237 The standing committees of this Club shall be the Executive Committee, Educational, Membership and Attendance, Inter-Club, Public Relations, and Social and Reception Committees. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Immediate Past President of the Club. This Committee, of which the President is Chairman, shall have charge of all business affairs of the Club and shall consider all matters concerning the welfare of the Club, prepare and submit the semi-annual budget, and present all recommendations to the Club for action. The Educational Committee shall have charge of the general educational program of the Club. Its chairman is the direct representative of the Educational Bureau of Toastmasters International in relation to the Club. It shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all membership speaking schedules of the Club and determine the assignments at least two weeks in advance. This committee shall appraise the performance of the Club and of its officers and shall assist in the utilization and interpretation of program and educational materials available from Toastmasters International. It shall present the results of its appraisement to the Club in the form of regular oral reports and by making available to the Club Nominating Committee for the succeeding term a written evaluation of potential future Club officer candidates. 237

8086 8087Sec. 4, The Membership and Attendance Committee shall consider all applications for 8088 membership and report thereon to the Club, and shall arrange for proper induction of all 8089 new members. This committee shall be responsible for maintaining Club membership 8090 and attendance records. 8091 8092Sec. 5, The Inter-Club Committee shall arrange for the exchange of speakers or programs with 8093 other Clubs, and for all inter-club activities. 8094 8095Sec. 6, The Public Relations Committee, of which the immediate Past President may be 8096 Cochairman, shall arrange for speaking engagements of active members before non8097 Toastmasters groups, and shall a list of active members who may be available for such 8098 speaking engagements. It shall have charge of all Club publicity and public relations. 8099 8100Sec. 7, The Social and Reception Committee, of which the Sergeant-at-Arms shall be 8101 chairman, shall be responsible for all social functions of the Club and such other duties 8102 as may be assigned to it. It shall act as a Reception Committee at all meetings. 8103 8104Article VII 8105Rules 8106 8107Sec. 1, 8108 8109 8110 8111 8112 8113 8114 8115 8116Sec. 2, 8117 8118Sec. 3, 8119 8120 8121 8122 8123

of Order:
The general procedure of meetings of this Club shall be in harmony with the principles set forth in The Amateur Chairman. Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised,** shall be the final authority as to parliamentary procedure, in so far as they do not conflict with any provisions of this Club’s Constitution and these Bylaws. **For Clubs located in jurisdictions where General Robert’s Rules are not recognized authority on parliamentary procedure, the name of the recognized authority where the Club is located should be inserted in the place of Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised. A parliamentarian may be appointed at each meeting by the President. These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of this Club by a majority vote of the active members of the Club. Such amendment must be proposed in writing by an active member at the meting immediately preceding that at which the amendment is to be voted on. Upon its adoption a copy of the amendment shall be mailed to the Executive Secretary of Toastmasters International for attachment to the copy of the Bylaws of this Club filed at the Home Office of Toastmasters International.



8124Appendix 8125Revised 8126 8127 8128


Toastmasters Club Constitution for Member Clubs of Toastmasters International Article I

8130 8131Mission and Purposes:

8132The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning 8133environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral 8134communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. 8135In order to carry out this mission, this club shall: 8136 8137 8138 8139 8140 8141 8142 8143 8144 8145 8146 8147 8148Membership: 8149Sec. 1. All individual members of this Club shall be at least 18 years of age. No person shall be 8150excluded from individual membership in, or from any program or activity of, this Club because 8151of age (except those persons under 18 years of age), race, color, creed, gender, national or ethnic 8152origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, so long as the individual, through his 8153or her own effort, is able to participate in the program. However, the Bylaws of this Club may 8154provide for other restrictions on the composition of the individual membership, e.g., to the 8155employees of a particular company or agency, residents of a specific community, or people 8156sharing a special interest. 239 239 1. Help its individual members' improve their abilities to communicate effectively; 2. Provide for its individual members' instructions, educational materials and opportunities which will give them skill and experience in the preparation and deliver of speeches; 3. Encourage its individual members to read and to listen analytically; 4. Provide for its individual members' fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self-improvement; 5. Increase its individual members' knowledge of the rules of parliamentary procedure and their skills in conducting meetings and participating in group discussions; 6. Afford leadership training for its individual members; and 7. Provide opportunities and encouragement for its individual members to appear before audiences and to express their thoughts creditably.

Article II

8157Sec. 2. This Club is a private association, and membership herein shall be by invitation only. 8158Any individual member may sponsor an eligible prospective individual member, and invite him 8159or her to join this Club, so long as the person is not currently suspended or removed from good 8160standing with Toastmasters International under Article III, Sec. 8, of the Bylaws of Toastmasters 8161International. Application for individual membership shall be made on the form provided by 8162Toastmasters International. Such application, accompanied by the initiation fee and applicable 8163dues, shall be returned to the Club Secretary who shall read it to this Club. The applicant shall be 8164declared elected to individual membership upon the favorable vote of at least a majority of the 8165active individual members of this Club present and voting at a business meeting of the Club 8166membership. The individual membership of this Club may be divided into three classifications: 8167active, inactive and honorary. 8168Sec. 3. All active individual members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Club, 8169and all individual members shall share in its responsibilities. These responsibilities shall include 8170support of its purposes and constructive contribution to its program and activities. 8171Sec. 4. Inactive individual membership is provided for as follows: 8172(a) Inactive individual membership in this Club may be conferred by the Executive Committee of 8173this Club on any individual member requesting an extended absence from Club meetings, or who 8174wishes to maintain individual membership without regular attendance at Club meetings. An 8175individual member may also be classified as inactive for continued absence without notice. An 8176inactive individual member may be restored to active individual membership by the Club 8177Executive Committee upon request, provided there is a vacancy on the active roster of this Club. 8178(b) Inactive individual members shall have no voting privileges, shall not hold office, shall not 8179be counted toward a quorum of the Club membership, and shall not participate in International 8180Speech Contests. However, this Club may count any inactive individual members toward 8181qualification for minimum Toastmasters International standards for member Clubs. Inactive 8182individual members shall pay at least such portion of their Club dues as this Club pays to 8183Toastmasters International as the per capita payment for such inactive individual member, and 8184shall pay any additional amount specified in the Bylaws of this Club. Except as provided herein, 8185the rights, obligations, and conditions of inactive membership shall be as stated in the Bylaws of 8186this Club. 8187Sec. 5. Honorary individual membership may be conferred upon any qualified person by the 8188favorable vote of at least two-thirds of the active individual members of this Club at a Club 8189business meeting. Such membership shall be restricted to persons whose activities and public 8190stateme3nts are consistent with the purposes of Toastmasters International. Honorary individual 8191members have no voting privileges, shall not hold office, shall not be counted toward a quorum 8192of the Club membership, and shall not participate in speech contests. Honorary individual 8193members shall be exempt from all Club fees and dues, and their per capita payments to 8194Toastmasters International shall be paid by this Club. Except as provided herein, the rights, 8195obligations, and conditions of honorary membership shall be as stated in the Bylaws of this Club. 240 240

8196Sec. 6. Inactive and honorary individual members are not eligible to serve in any Club office. 8197They are not entitled to places on the regular speakers' program but may serve as substitutes 8198when requested by the Club President or the Toastmaster of the meeting. They may also 8199participate in Club discussions and serve as evaluators. 8200Sec. 7. This Club may establish, from time to time, routine procedures for dropping individual 8201members who fail to pay Club dues, who miss a certain number of meetings, or who fall below 8202other minimum standards as determined by the Club or Toastmasters International. In addition, 8203this Club may expel, suspend, or decline to renew Club membership of any individual member 8204(a) who does not support this Club's purposes; (b) who does not constructively contribute to this 8205Club's program and activities; (c) who acts in a manner inconsistent with standards of conduct 8206set by this Club or by Toastmasters International; or (d) for other just cause. Such standards 8207include ethical, political, and other standards of conduct that may be established by the 8208Toastmasters International Board of Directors from time to time and published as policy 8209bulletins. This Club shall follow such policies and procedures as my be adopted by the 8210Toastmasters International Board for Club expulsions, suspensions, or other disciplinary actions. 8211If this Club does not expel an individual member for violations of Toastmasters International 8212standards of conduct, after written request to do so is made by the International President, this 8213Club may be expelled from Toastmasters International unless its failure to act can be justified to 8214the satisfaction of the Board of Directors. 8215 8216Initiation Fees and Dues: 8217Sec. 1. The initiation fee for individual membership in this Club shall be as stated in the Bylaws 8218of this Club. Such fee shall be payable when an individual membership application is filed with 8219the Club Secretary. The fee shall be returned if the application is not accepted. Immediately upon 8220acceptance of a new individual member, the Club Secretary shall so notify World Headquarters 8221of Toastmasters International, and each new individual member, on payment of this fee and 8222applicable dues, and being received into this Club, shall be presented with a copy of the 8223communication and Leadership manual and such other materials as may be provided for new 8224individual members by Toastmasters International. 8225Sec. 2. Any fee of reinstatement of a former individual member shall be stated in the Bylaws of 8226this Club. 8227Sec. 3. Any individual member in good standing desiring to transfer to another Toastmasters 8228Club may request the Club Secretary to furnish a letter or card showing the date to which the 8229individual member's per capita payment to Toastmasters International is paid. When an applicant 8230for individual membership in this Club transfers from another Toastmasters Club and presents a 8231letter or card from said Club showing individual membership in good standing and that a per 8232capita payment to Toastmasters International is paid for the current period, the applicant may be 8233elected to individual membership without payment of the initiation fee, and upon payment of any 8234transfer fee stated in the Bylaws of this Club. 241 241

Article III

8235Sec. 4. The dues of this Club for active and inactive individual members shall be as stated in the 8236Bylaws of this Club. Such dues shall be payable in advance at such time as this Club shall 8237designate. Dues shall be paid by all individual members and by the dates specified to maintain 8238individual membership in this Club. 8239 8240Meetings and Notice: 8241Sec. 1. Regular meetings of this Club, which shall include any business meeting of active 8242individual members, shall be held as provided in the Bylaws of this Club. 8243Sec. 2. Special business meetings of this Club may be called by a majority vote of the active 8244individual members present and voting at any regular meeting at which a quorum is present, or 8245by the Club President. 8246Sec. 3. Meetings of the Club Executive Committee shall be held as provided in the Bylaws of 8247this Club. 8248Sec. 4. No notice shall be required for regular business meetings held as provided in the Bylaws 8249of this Club. Notice of any change in the time or place of any regular meeting, and notice of all 8250special meetings, shall be given by mail, telephone or other reasonable means at least four (4) 8251days in advance of such meeting to all individual members of this Club. Notice of special 8252meetings shall include a statement of the general purposes of the meeting, but any membership 8253business otherwise valid may be transacted at the meeting. 8254Sec. 5. If this Club shall permanently change the time or place of regular meetings as provided in 8255the Bylaws of this Club, the Club Secretary shall immediately provide notice of such change to 8256World Headquarters. 8257 8258Quorum and Voting: 8259Sec. 1. A majority of the active individual membership shall constitute a quorum for the 8260transaction of all business of this Club. A majority of the Club Executive Committee shall 8261constitute a quorum for the Committee's business. 8262Sec. 2. Each active individual member shall be entitled to one vote on any matter presented to 8263the Club membership for a vote. 8264Sec. 3. No voting by proxy or absentee ballot shall be permitted on any matter presented to the 8265Club membership for a vote.

Article IV

Article V



8266Sec. 4. Unless a greater vote is required by this Constitution or by the Bylaws of this Club in a 8267particular matter, the affirmative vote of at least a majority of those active individual members 8268who are present and voting at a duly held business meeting at which a quorum is present shall be 8269the act of this Club. 8270 8271Officers: 8272Sec. 1. The officers of this Club shall be a Club President, a Vice President Education, a Vice 8273President Membership, a Vice President Public Relations, a Club Secretary, a Club Treasurer (or 8274a Club Secretary/Treasurer), a Sergeant at Arms, and the Immediate Past Club President. 8275Sec. 2. In addition to the Officers provided in this Constitution, this Club may have such other 8276Officers as may be provided in the Bylaws of this Club, but Toastmasters International credit 8277toward any educational award is limited to service as a Club Officer named in this Constitution. 8278Sec. 3. Officers shall serve for terms of one (1) year, provided that if, and only if, this Club meets 8279weekly throughout the year, this Club may provide it its Bylaws that Officers shall serve for half8280year terms. The terms of Officers serving an annual term shall commence at 12:01 a.m. on July 1 8281and end on June 30 at midnight. The terms of Officers serving a half-year term shall either 8282commence at 12:01 a.m. on July 1 and end on December 31 at midnight, or commence at 12:01 8283a.m. on January 1 and end on June 30 at midnight. 8284Sec. 4. Except for the Immediate Past Club President, the Officers of this Club shall be elected 8285by the active individual members of this Club. If the office of Immediate Past Club President is 8286vacated for any reason, it shall stay vacant for the remainder of the term. 8287Sec. 5. Nominations for Club officers shall be made by a Club Nominating Committee appointed 8288by the Club president at least two weeks prior to the election. This Committee shall consist of 8289three (3) active individual members. This Committee shall present its report at the regular 8290business meeting immediately preceding the business meeting at which the election is to take 8291place, and shall present only the names of active individual members who have consented to 8292serve id elected. Further nominations hay be made from the floor at the time of the election by 8293any active individual member.. All elections shall be by secret ballot, unless a secret ballot is 8294dispensed with by unanimous vote, with a majority vote of all active individual members present 8295and voting necessary to elect each Officer. The Chairman of the Club Nominating Committee 8296shall be the Immediate Past Club President, unless the best interests of the Club require 8297otherwise. 8298Sec. 6. For Officers who serve terms of one (1) year, elections shall be held the first meeting in 8299May in each year, to take office the following July. For Officers who serve terms of half-year, 8300elections shall be held at the first meetings in May and November in each year, to take office the 8301following July or January, respectively. 243 243

Article VI

8302Sec. 7. Any Officer of this Club may resign, provided that any such resignation must be made in 8303writing and delivered to the Club President or Club Secretary, Unless any such resignation is, by 8304its terms, effective on a later date, it shall be effective on delivery to such Club Officer, and no 8305acceptance by this Club shall be required to make it effective. Any Officer of this Club may be 8306removed from office at any time, with or without cause, by majority vote of all active individual 8307members present and voting at a business meeting of this Club. 8308Sec. 8. Any vacancy in an Office, except for the Immediate Past Club President, shall be filled 8309by a special election held at the next business meeting following the announcement of the 8310vacancy. 8311Sec. 9. Club Presidents elected for a term of one (1) year may not be re-elected for a successive 8312term. Club Presidents elected for a term of a half-year may be re-elected for one successive term 8313or a half-year. 8314 8315Duties of Officers: 8316Sec. 1. The Club President is the chief executive officer of this Club and is responsible for 8317fulfilling the mission of this Club. The President presides at meetings of this Club and the Club 8318Executive Committee; appoints all Committees; and has general supervision of the operation of 8319this Club. The President shall be an ex officio member of all Committees of this Club, except the 8320Club Nominating Committee and shall serve as one of this Club's representatives on the Area 8321and District Councils. The President shall transmit to this Club for its approval or disapproval all 8322ideas and plans proposed by the Area and District Councils which may affect this Club or its 8323individual members; a and shall take no action binding upon this Club without either specific 8324prior authorization or subsequent ratification by this Club. 8325Sec. 2. The Vice President Education is the second ranking Club Officer and is responsible for 8326planning, organizing and directing a Club program which meets the educational needs o the 8327individual members. The Vice President Education chai45rs the Education Committee. The Vice 8328President Education also serves as one of this Club's representatives on the Area and District 8329Councils and shall take no action binding upon this Club without either specific prior 8330authorization or subsequent ratification by this Club. 8331Sec. 3. The Vice President Membership is the third ranking Club Officer and is responsible for 8332planning, organizing and directing a program that ensures individual member retention and 8333growth in Club individual membership. The Vice President Membership chairs the Membership 8334Committee. The Vice President Membership serves as one of this Club's representatives on the 8335Area Council and shall take no action binding upon this Club without either specific prior 8336authorization or subsequent ratification by this Club. 8337Sec. 4. The Vice President Public Relations is the fourth ranking Club Officer and is responsible 8338for developing and directing a publicity program that informs individual members and the 244 244

Article VII

8339general public about Toastmasters International. The Vice President Public Relations chairs the 8340Public Relations Committee. 8341Sec. 5. The Club Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence. The Club 8342Secretary has custody of the Club's Charter, Constitution, and Bylaws and all other records and 8343documents of this Club; keeps an accurate record of the meetings and activities of this Club and 8344of the Club Executive Committee; maintains an accurate and complete roster of individual 8345members of this Club, including the address and status of each individual member; and transmits 8346the same to the successor in office. The Club Secreta4ry provides notices of meetings as required 8347by this Constitution, and immediately notifies World Headquarters of Toastmasters International 8348of any change in the roster of individual members. 8349 Sec. 6. The Club Treasurer is responsible for Club financial policies, procedures, and controls. 8350The Club Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of this Club, all Club funds; pays 8351to Toastmasters International all financial obligations of this Club as they come due; and keeps 8352an accurate account of all transactions. The Club Treasurer shall make financial reports to this 8353Club and to the Club Executive Committee quarterly, and upon request, and shall transmit the 8354accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor in office at the end of the Club Treasurer's 8355term. 8356Sec. 7. The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for Club property management, meeting room 8357preparation, and hospitality. The Sergeant at Arms chairs the Social and Reception Committee. 8358Sec. 8. The Immediate Past Club President provides advice and counsel as requested by the Club 8359President. 8360Sec. 9. In the event of the Club President and/or Vice President Education shall be unable to 8361attend a meeting of the district Council, they shall certify the proxy credentials of the official 8362representative or representatives of this Club attending said District Council meeting. Such 8363representative(s) shall be active individual members of this Club. 8364Sec. 10. In addition to the duties stated in this Constitution, each of the Officers of this Club shall 8365have such duties and responsibilities as may be provided in the Articles of incorporation, 8366Bylaws, District Administrative Bylaws, manuals, or other directives of Toastmasters 8367International, or as my be assigned by this Club. 8368 8369Committees: 8370Sec. 1. The Standing Committees of this Club shall be the Executive, Education, Membership, 8371Public Relations, and Social and Reception Committees. 8372Sec. 2. The Club Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of this Club named in this 8373Constitution, with the Club President serving as the chairman. This Committee shall have charge 245 245

Article VIII

8374of all business and administrative affairs of this Club and shall consider all matters concerning 8375the welfare of this Club. All actions of the Executive Committee shall be submitted to this Club 8376at the next business meeting for ratification. Any decision of the Executive Committee which 8377this Club fails to ratify shall be null and void. 8378Sec. 3. The Education Committee shall have charge of the general educational program of this 8379Club. It shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all program schedules of this Club and shall 8380publish the assignments at least three weeks in advance. This Committee shall assist in the 8381utilization and interpretation of program and educational materials available from Toastmasters 8382International. It shall arrange for the exchange of speakers and educational programs with other 8383Clubs and encourage speaking engagements of individuals members before non-Toastmaster 8384groups. 8385Sec. 4. The Membership Committee shall consider all applications for individual membership 8386and report thereon to this Club, and shall arrange for proper induction of all new individual 8387members. This Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the Club individual membership 8388and attendance. It shall be the goal of this Committee to ensure that the individual membership 8389of this Club is at all times at charter strength or better. 8390Sec. 5. The Public Relations Committee shall arrange the preparation and dissemination of news 8391releases regarding this Club's activities and educational programs and shall also promote 8392opportunities for community participation in Toastmasters' learning programs. It shall also be 8393responsible for all internal publications of this Club, including the Club newsletter. 8394Sec. 6. The Social and Reception Committee shall be responsible for all social functions of this 8395Club and such other duties as may be assigned to it. It shall act as a reception committee at all 8396meetings. 8397Sec. 7. In addition to the duties stated in this Constitution, each of the Committees of this Club 8398shall have such duties and responsibilities as my be provided in the Articles of Incorporation, 8399Bylaws, District Administrative Bylaws, manuals, or other directives of Toastmasters 8400International, or as my be assigned by this Club. 8401 8402Rules of Order: 8403Sec. 1. Insofar as they don not conflict with the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of 8404Toastmasters International, policies or procedures adopted by the Toastmasters International 8405Board of Directors, this Club Constitution, the Bylaws of this Club, or laws applicable to 8406nonprofit corporations, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the final authority as to 8407parliamentary procedures, provided that if this Club is located in a jurisdiction where Robert's 8408Rules are not a recognized authority on parliamentary procedure, the Bylaws of this Club shall 8409specify in place of Robert's Rules the name of the recognized authority in the jurisdiction where 8410this Club is located. 246 246

Article IX

8411Sec. 2. A Parliamentarian may be appointed at each meeting by the Club President. 8412 8413Affiliation: 8414Sec. 1. Upon receiving a Charter from Toastmasters International, and so long as this Club 8415remains in good standing with Toastmasters International, this Club shall be a member of 8416Toastmasters International, entitled to all the rights and powers, and subject to all the duties and 8417requirements, of member Clubs as may be stated from time to time in the Articles of 8418Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International, in the District Administrative Bylaws, 8419in this Constitution, and in policy bulletins issued by the Toastmasters International Board of 8420Directors. 8421Sec. 2. This Club shall also be affiliated with such District of Toastmasters International as the 8422Board of Directors may designate, and shall be represented on that District Council as provided 8423in the District Administrative Bylaws. 8424Sec. 3. This Club shall make per capita membership payments and other payments on all 8425individual members as required by Toastmasters International, provided that there shall be no 8426change affecting the financial obligations of this Club to Toastmasters International except after 8427notice by publication in The Toastmaster magazine. 8428Sec. 4. This Club is an independent legal entity, separate from Toastmasters International and 8429every other member Club of Toastmasters International, subject only to the express terms and 8430conditions of affiliation stated in this Constitution and in the Toastmasters International 8431documents identified in Section 1 of this Article. As such, this Club is fully responsible for its 8432own debts, liabilities, and other obligations, and any creditor of this Club shall look only to the 8433assets of this Club for payment, and not to Toastmasters International, nor any other member 8434Club of Toastmasters International, nor to any individual member of this Club. 8435Sec. 5. This Club is entitled to representation at all Toastmasters International Annual Business 8436Meetings as provided in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, and at any other meetings of 8437the voting members of Toastmasters International, at Regional Conferences, and at District and 8438Area Council meetings. This Club shall select its representatives in sufficient time for the Club 8439President or Club Secretary to validate the proper credentials for them. In the event this Club is 8440not represented at the Annual Business Meeting or the Regional Conference by personal 8441representatives selected from this Club, the Executive Committee of this Club shall appoint and 8442authorize a proxy with authority to act. Proxies for District Council Meetings shall be selected as 8443set forth in Article VII, Sec. 9, above. Such representative or proxy shall be an active individual 8444member of a Toastmasters International member Club and must be in good standing with 8445Toastmasters International under Article III, Sec. 8, of the Bylaws of Toastmasters International. 8446Sec. 6. The Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, as they may 8447be amended by their terms from time to time, and this Constitution, as it may be amended from 247 247

Article X

8448time to time as provided in Article XII below, shall govern this Club and all other Toastmasters 8449Clubs affiliated with Toastmasters International. This Club shall adopt no policy and shall take 8450no action in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of Toastmasters International, 8451with this Constitution, or with any policy or purpose of Toastmasters International. This 8452Constitution shall at no time be in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or policies 8453of Toastmasters International as they may be amended from time to time. This Club shall not 8454have the power to amend any reference in its Bylaws to this Constitution. 8455 8456Legal Status and Dissolution: 8457Sec. 1. This Club is an unincorporated association formed solely for the purpose of privately 8458educating its individual members. This Club is not legally affiliated with any company, agency, 8459or special interest group from which this Club may draw its individual members. The use of the 8460funds of this Club shall be limited to educational purposes. They may not be used for social or 8461political purposes, or for the benefit of any individual. 8462Sec. 2. In the event of dissolution of this Club, distribution of any funds, after payment of any 8463indebtedness, shall be made either by contribution to any educational research or memorial fund 8464maintained by Toastmasters International, or by contribution to another Toastmasters Club or to 8465a Toastmasters District. 8466Sec. 3. This Constitution and the Bylaws of this Club shall be governed by and interpreted in 8467accordance with the laws of the State of California, where Toastmasters International is 8468incorporated, regardless of the location of this Club. 8469 8470Amendments to Club Constitution: 8471Sec. 1. This Constitution may be amended only by a majority of the votes cast at an Annual 8472Business Meeting or a special meeting of the voting membership of Toastmasters International. 8473Sec. 2. Proposed amendments may be submitted by the Board of Directors to the voting 8474membership of Toastmasters International at any time up to sixty (60) days before the 8475membership meeting at which they will be considered. 8476Sec. 3. Proposed amendments may also be submitted by Toastmasters Clubs to the Annual 8477Business Meeting of Toastmasters International as follows: Proposed amendments must be 8478presented in writing to and received by the Board of Directors no later than December 31 before 8479the Annual Business Meeting at which they are to be submitted. The proposing Club, or each 8480proposing Club if there is more than one, shall have approved the proposed amendment by the 8481vote of at least two-thirds of the active individual members of the Club present and voting at a 8482Club business meeting at which a quorum is present; such approval shall be evidenced by a 248 248

Article XI

Article XII

8483certificate stating the proposed amendment signed by all; the active individual Club members 8484who voted to approve the proposed amendment. Each proposing Club shall submit such a 8485certificate to the Board of Directors no later than the December 31 deadline. The proposed 8486amendment shall be place before the voting members of Toastmasters International only if the 8487proposed amendment and certificate(s) are presented to and received by the Board no later than 8488December 31 and one of the following conditions is met: 8489(a) The Board of Directors votes to place the proposed amendment before the voting 8490membership; or 8491(b) The amendment is proposed by at least one percent (1%) of all the votes held by the voting 8492membership of Toastmasters International, including member Clubs and Delegates at Large; or 8493(c) 8494(1) the proponent(s) of the amendment agree to bear the full reasonable administrative cost to 8495Toastmasters International of submitting the proposed amendment to the voting membership for 8496a vote; and 8497(2) no other Club Constitution amendment proposed by any proponent of the amendment shall be 8498placed before the voting membership at the same meeting; and 8499(3) if an amendment on substantially the same subject has been voted on by the voting 8500membership within five (5) calendar years before the meeting at which the amendment will be 8501submitted, such prior proposed amendment shall have been received no less than thirty percent 8502(30%) of the votes cast; 8503provided that no proposed amendment shall be placed before the voting members if it has been 8504rendered moot; substantially duplicates or is encompassed by another proposed amendment at 8505the same meeting; is illegal; is designed to further a personal claim, grievance, or interest; is 8506beyond the power of Toastmasters International to effectuate; or is not a proper subject for this 8507Constitution under California Law. 8508Sec. 4. Notice of any proposed amendments to be submitted to the voting membership of 8509Toastmasters International for a vote shall be mailed by the Executive Director to each voting 8510member at least sixty (60) days before the meeting, together with any recommendation of the 8511Board of Directors thereon. Any such recommendation shall also be presented to the voting 8512members at the meeting before the vote is taken on the proposed amendments. No amendments 8513to the proposed amendment may be made during the meeting, nor at any time after sixty (60) 8514days prior to the meeting. 8515Sec. 5. In the event of two or more Club Constitution amendment proposals presented t the same 8516meeting of members, which the Board determines to be in conflict with each other, only the 8517proposal receiving the highest majority of votes cast shall be adopted. 249 249






8520 1BYLAWS 8521 8522 KING BOREAS TOASTMASTERS CLUB 8523 8524 CLUB NO. 208 DISTRICT NO. 6 8525 ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 8526 8527Article I: Name 8528 8529The name and location of this Club shall be as set forth above in the title of these Bylaws. Such 8530name and location may be changed as provided in Article VII below. 8531 8532Article II: Membership 8533 8534Section 1. Subject to the nondiscrimination requirements set forth in Article II, Section 1 of the 8535Club Constitution, individual membership in this Club shall have no restrictions. This is an open 8536club. "No Restrictions". 8537 8538Section 2. Honorary individual memberships in this Club shall be conferred for a term of one 8539year and as otherwise provided in the Club Constitution. 8540 8541Section 3. Election to membership shall be as specified in Article II, Section 2 of the Club 8542Constitution. After submission of an application to the secretary, the application shall be 8543referred to the membership committee. At the next regular meeting, the committee shall report 8544and the members will vote on the application. 8545 8546Article III: Fees and Dues 8547 8548Section 1. There will be no initiation fee other than the current Toastmasters International New 8549Member Fee which is payable when applicant is accepted into membership. Each new member, 8550on being received into the Club, shall be presented with a copy of the Communication And 8551Leadership Program, a copy of these Bylaws, and such other materials as may be provided for 8552that purpose by Toastmasters International. 8553 8554Section 2. There will be no Reinstatement Fee for Reinstatement to membership. 8555 8556Section 3. The Secretary shall, on request, furnish any member in good standing a certificate 8557showing the date to which Toastmasters International per capita is paid, and that said member 8558has applied for and received permission to transfer to another Toastmaster Club. When an 8559applicant for membership in this Club shall transfer from another Toastmaster Club, presenting a 8560certificate from said Club showing membership in good standing and payment of per capita dues 251 251

8561to Toastmasters International for the current period, said applicant may be elected into 8562membership as prescribed in Article II, Section 3, above. There will be no Transfer Fee. 8563Section 4. The dues of the Club shall be local dues as set by the Club Standing Rules, not to 8564exceed seven ($7) dollars semi-annually, plus the current Toastmasters International semiannual 8565per capita payment. These dues and payment shall be payable to the Club in advance on or 8566before April 1 and October 1. New members, excepting transfer members, shall in addition to 8567the New Member Fee, pay the current prorated Toastmasters International per capita payment, 8568payable when accepted into membership. 8569 8570Section 5. Honorary Club members shall be exempt from all Club fees and dues. The Club shall 8571be responsible for all obligations to Toastmasters International occasioned by their memberships. 8572 8573Article IV: Meetings 8574 8575Section 1. Regular meetings of this Club, which shall include any business meeting of active 8576individual members, shall be held every week, at such hour and place as this Club from time to 8577time shall designate. 8578 8579Section 2. Special business meetings of this Club may be called by a majority vote of the active 8580individual members present and voting at any regular meeting at which a quorum is present, or 8581by the Club President. 8582 8583Section 3. The Executive Committee of this Club shall meet at least four times a year, at such 8584hours and places as it may determine. 8585 8586Article V: Election of Officers 8587 8588Section 1. The officers of this Club shall be a Club President, a Vice President Education, a Vice 8589President Membership, a Vice President Public Relations, a Club Secretary, a Club Treasurer, a 8590Sergeant at Arms, a Bulletin Editor, and the Immediate Past Club President. 8591 8592Section 2. Duties of Officers: (As specified in the Club Constitution, Article VII) 8593 8594 The Club President is the chief executive officer of this Club and is responsible for 8595fulfilling the mission of this Club. The President presides at meetings of this Club and the Club 8596Executive Committee; appoints all Committees; and has general supervision of the operation of 8597this Club. The President shall be an ex officio member of all Committees of this Club except the 8598Club Nominating Committee and shall serve as one of this Club's representatives on the Area 8599and District Councils. The President shall transmit to this Club for its approval or disapproval all 8600ideas and plans proposed by the Area and District Councils which may affect this Club or its 8601individual members; and shall take no action binding upon this Club without either specific prior 8602authorization or subsequent ratification by this Club. 8603 8604 The Vice President Education is the second ranking Club Officer and is responsible for 8605planning, organizing and directing a Club program which meets the educational needs of the 252 252

8606individual members. The Vice President Education chairs the Education Committee and 8607presides at regular meetings in the absence of the president. The Vice President Education also 8608serves as one of this Club's representatives on the Area and District Councils and shall take no 8609actions binding upon this Club without either specific prior authorization or subsequent 8610ratification by this Club. 8611 8612 The Vice President Membership is the third ranking Club Officer and is responsible for 8613planning, organizing and directing a program that ensures individual member retention and 8614growth in Club individual membership. The Vice President Membership chairs the Membership 8615Committee. The Vice President Membership serves as one of this Club's representatives on the 8616Area Council and shall take no action binding upon this Club without either specific prior 8617authorization or subsequent ratification by this Club. 8618 8619 The Vice President Public Relations is the fourth ranking Club Officer and is responsible 8620for developing and directing a publicity program that informs individual members and the 8621general public about the Club and Toastmasters International. The Vice President Public 8622Relations chairs the Public Relations Committee. 8623 8624 The Club Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence. The Club 8625Secretary has custody of the Club's Charter, Constitution, and Bylaws and all other records and 8626documents of this Club; keeps an accurate record of the meetings and activities of this Club and 8627of the Club Executive Committee; maintains an accurate and complete roster of individual 8628members of this Club, including the address and status of each individual member; and transmits 8629the same to the successor in office. The Club Secretary provides notices of meetings as required 8630by the Club Constitution, and immediately notifies World Headquarters of Toastmasters 8631International of any change in the roster of individual members. 8632 8633 The Club Treasurer is responsible for Club financial policies, procedures, and controls. 8634The Club Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of the Club, all Club funds; pays to 8635Toastmasters International all financial obligations of this Club as they come due; and keeps an 8636accurate account of all transactions. The Club Treasurer shall make financial reports to this Club 8637and the Executive Committee quarterly and upon request, and shall transmit the accounts and all 8638undistributed funds to the successor in office at the end of the Club Treasurer's term. 8639 8640 The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for Club property management, meeting room 8641preparation, and hospitality. The Sergeant at Arms chairs the Social and Reception Committee. 8642 8643 The Club Bulletin Editor is responsible for obtaining and organizing information for 8644inclusion in the Club Bulletin; and is responsible for the printing and circulation of the 8645publication to Club members and District officials. The bulletin shall be produced at regular 8646intervals, preferably on a monthly basis. The Club Bulletin Editor will be a member of the 8647Public Relations Committee. 8648 8649 The Immediate Past Club President provides advice and counsel as requested by the Club 8650President. 253 253

8651 8652In the event the Club President and/or Vice President Education shall be unable to attend a 8653meeting of the District Council, they shall certify the proxy credentials of the official 8654representative or representatives of this Club attending said District Council meeting. Such 8655representative(s) shall be active individual members of this Club. In addition to the duties stated 8656in the Constitution (repeated in these Bylaws), each of the Officers of this Club shall have such 8657duties and responsibilities as may be provided in the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, District 8658Administrative Bylaws, manuals, or other directives of Toastmasters International, or as may be 8659assigned by this Club. 8660 8661Section 3. Nominations for Club officers shall be made by a Nominating Committee appointed 8662by the President at least two weeks prior to the election. This committee shall consist of three 8663active members. This committee shall present its report at the regular meeting immediately 8664preceding the meeting at which the election is to take place, and shall present only the names of 8665active members who have consented to serve if elected. Further nominations may be made from 8666the floor at the time of the election by any active member. All elections shall be by secret ballot, 8667unless a secret ballot is dispensed with by unanimous vote, with a majority vote of all active 8668members present necessary for a choice. The Chairman of the Club Nominating Committee 8669shall be the Immediate Past Club President, unless the best interests of the Club requires 8670otherwise. 8671 8672Section 4. Election of officers shall be held at the first meeting in May. New officers shall take 8673office at the first meeting in July and shall serve for a term of one (1) year and until their 8674successors are elected and installed. 8675 8676Section 5. Any vacancy in office shall be filled by a special election held at the next meeting 8677following announcement of the vacancy. 8678 8679Article VI: Committees 8680 8681Section 1. The Standing Committees of this Club shall be the Executive, Education, 8682Membership, Public Relations, and Social and Reception Committees. 8683 8684Section 2. The Club Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of this Club named in the 8685Constitution and these Bylaws, with the Club President serving as the chairman. This 8686Committee shall have charge of all business and administrative affairs of this Club and shall 8687consider all matters concerning the welfare of this Club. All actions of the Executive Committee 8688shall be submitted to this Club at the next business meeting for ratification. Any decision of the 8689Executive Committee which this Club fails to ratify shall be null and void. 8690 8691Section 3. The Education Committee shall have charge of the general educational program of 8692this Club. It shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all program schedules of this Club and shall 8693publish the assignments at least three (3) weeks in advance. This Committee shall assist in the 8694utilization and interpretation of program and educational materials available from Toastmasters 8695International. It shall arrange for the exchange of speakers and educational programs with other 254 254

8696Clubs and encourage speaking engagements of individual members before non-Toastmasters 8697groups. 8698 8699Section 4. The Membership Committee shall consider all applications for individual 8700membership and report thereon to this Club, and shall arrange for proper induction of all new 8701individual members. This Committee shall be responsible for maintaining Club individual 8702membership and attendance. It shall be the goal of this Committee to ensure that the individual 8703membership of this Club is at all times at charter strength or better. 8704 8705Section 5. The Public Relations Committee shall arrange the preparation and dissemination of 8706news releases regarding this Club's activities and educational programs and shall also promote 8707opportunities for community participation in Toastmasters' learning programs. It shall also be 8708responsible for all internal publications of this Club. 8709 8710Section 6. The Social and Reception Committee shall be responsible for all social functions of 8711this Club and such other duties as may be assigned to it. It shall act as a reception committee at 8712all meetings. 8713 8714Article VII: Amendments 8715 8716Section 1. Subject to the review of Toastmasters International, and provided the proposed 8717amendment is within the scope of permitted amendments, these Bylaws may be amended, 8718including amendments to change the name or location of this Club, at any duly called and 8719noticed business meeting of this Club at which a quorum is present, by the affirmative vote of at 8720least two-thirds of the active individual members present and voting. Any such amendment must 8721be proposed in writing by an active individual member at the meeting immediately preceding 8722that at which the amendment is to be voted on. 8723 8724Section 2. The scope of these Bylaws, and any amendments to these Bylaws, is limited to the 8725matters specifically placed within the discretion of this Club by the Club Constitution or by a 8726policy of the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International. This Club shall not have the 8727power to amend any reference in these Bylaws to the Club Constitution. 8728 8729Section 3. Upon its adoption by this Club, the Club Secretary shall immediately mail a copy of 8730any Bylaws amendment to the Executive Director at World Headquarters of Toastmasters 8731International for review. If Toastmasters International finds that the amendment does not exceed 8732the scope of permitted amendments to the Bylaws of this Club and is not otherwise improper, the 8733amendment shall be filed in the records. If Toastmasters International determines that the 8734amendment exceeds the scope of permitted amendments or is otherwise improper, Toastmasters 8735International shall so notify this Club, and the amendment shall be null, void, and of no effect.



8736 8737 8738 1STANDING RULES 8739 8740 KING BOREAS TOASTMASTERS CLUB 8741 8742 CLUB NO. 208 DISTRICT NO. 6 8743 ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 8744 8745The following represents a summary of standing rules and decisions made by King Boreas 8746Toastmasters Club. These rules are not intended to replace or substitute for the Club Bylaws or 8747Toastmasters International Constitution. The standing rules address points not specifically 8748addressed in those documents. If these Standing Rules are found in conflict with them, the rules 8749of the Bylaws or Constitution shall prevail. 8750 8751Policies 8752 87531. Modification: Standing rules shall be maintained by the club secretary. Standing 8754rules can be modified, revised, added to or repealed by a majority vote of club members. 8755 87562. Local Dues: The local dues of the Club shall be six ($6) semiannually. If the 8757club treasury balance remains over $300 for the duration of the previous six months, the club 8758 members may waive all or a portion of the local dues by a majority vote. Each waiver is 8759 for that dues period only. (4/03) 8760 3. 8761 8762 Club Expenses: The executive committee has the independent authority to incur 8763club expenses up to a value of $50. Beyond $50, expenditures must be approved by a majority 8764vote of the club members. (Modified 2/01) 8765 87664. Memorials: Memorials, get-well and other non-educational cards and gifts for 8767current members, past members, or relatives of current or past members shall not be 8768purchased using club funds. Members wishing to send cards or gifts can purchase them and 8769may circulate the card during the club meeting, and collect any additional contributions that 8770 other members may wish to make independently. A separate fund may be set up for 8771 memorials. (modified 4/03) 8772 8773 8774Awards 8775

Appendix K



7 6 8 7

87771. Member-in-Recognition: In order to acknowledge the long-term contributions of a 87782. member who leaves the club because of changes of address, illness, or other involuntary 8779 conditions, the King Boreas Club has created the member classification of “Member-in8780recognition”. Members-in-recognition are not Honorary members of Toastmasters 8781 International. They will receive the club bulletin and a standing invitation to attend club 8782 meetings and other events. Members-in-recognition will not be asked to pay dues to the 8783 club or to Toastmasters International, and will not be included in the King Boreas roster 8784of official members recorded with Toastmasters International. Member-in-recognition status is 8785conferred upon a past member by a majority vote of the members for a period of one year. 8786(1/95) 8787 87882. The Tracy Jeffers Memorial Toastmaster of the Year Award: The club will select a 8789toastmaster of the year based on members’ activities during the official club year from July 1 8790to the next June 30. The winner is officially determined by the Executive Committee, but will 8791be based on the point system recommended by Toastmasters International. Tracy Jeffers 8792was a founding member of the Club, an early District Six Governor, TMI Treasurer, and an 8793active Club member for nearly 25 years. (4/03) 8794 87953. The Waldo Leubben Exceptional Service Award: This award is presented occasionally 8796by action of the Executive Committee to a Club member who has given outstanding service to 8797the Club over an extended period of time. It’s namesake, Waldo, was an active and helping 8798member for nearly 30 years. It has been presented 5 times since 1980. (4/03) 8799 88004. The Flower Burst Award: This award is presented occasionally by action of the 8801Executive Committee to a Club member who demonstrates a noticeable rapid improvement in 8802communication or leadership skills, as is implied by it’s name. It has been presented several 8803times since 1970. (4/03) 8804 8805 8806 8807 8808

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Appendix L


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8811 261 262 259


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8815 8816

8817 8819


263 264


8820 8821

8822 8823

8824 8825

265 266


8826 8828 8829 8830

8827Pete Panchyshyn

8831 8832

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8836Owen Nelson

8837 8839

8838Owen Nelson

8840 8842 8843 269 270

8841Ed Dufresne


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8849 8850 8851 8852

271 272


8853 8854

8855 8856 8857

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8858 8859

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8862 8863 8864

275 276



8866Toasat masters then and now from TMI 8867 8868When people hear the word “basement,” they’re not likely to picture the home of a global 8869communication and leadership-development organization. But a basement in the Young Men’s 8870Christian Association (YMCA), in Santa Ana, California, is exactly where Ralph C. Smedley 8871held the first meeting of what would eventually become Toastmasters International. 8872The date was October 22, 1924. 8873Smedley began working for the YMCA after he graduated from college. Observing that many of 8874its young patrons needed “training in the art of public speaking and in presiding over meetings,” 8875he decided to help them with a training format that was similar to a social club. During the early 88761900s, the word “toastmaster” referred to a person who proposed the toasts and introduced the 8877speakers at a banquet. Smedley named his group “The Toastmasters Club” because he thought it 8878suggested a pleasant, social atmosphere that would appeal to young men.

277 278


8879At that first Toastmasters meeting, members practiced speaking skills in a supportive, informal 8880atmosphere. The seedling club blossomed. Then another sprung up in nearby Anaheim. Word 8881spread about Smedley’s experiment and soon people in other communities, and even other states, 8882began to request permission and help to start their own Toastmasters meetings. 8883As more clubs emerged, it was a time of firsts: Smedley created the first Toastmasters manual, 8884and publication of The Gavel – the first Toastmasters newsletter – began in 1930. (The 8885Toastmaster magazine made its debut three years later.) 8886In the 1930s, the organization grew to an international level by incorporating and chartering its 8887first club outside the United States -- in British Columbia, Canada. 8888Over the ensuing years, Toastmasters International laid the foundation for many of the activities 8889and philosophies we know today: The first Inter-Club Speech Contest was held in 1938; District 889018 of Scotland became the first district outside the United States in 1946; and in 1968, the first 8891Competent Toastmaster (CTM) awards were issued for completing the manual Basic Training 8892for Toastmasters. Two years later, the first Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) awards were 8893handed out. 8894Until 1962, a series of rented office spaces in Southern California served as Toastmasters 8895International’s “home office.” That year, the staff moved into its first World Headquarters 8896building. The Santa Ana facility wasn’t far from the YMCA where the first Toastmasters club 8897met. 8898In 1973, Toastmasters met an important milestone by opening membership to women. Twelve 8899years later, Helen Blanchard became the organization’s first female president. 8900By 1982, membership reached 100,000. To better serve its growing worldwide membership, 8901World Headquarters relocated in 1990 to its current building in Rancho Santa Margarita, 8902California, 20 miles south of Santa Ana. 8903In July 1997, a bold new offering was developed for the educational program: An improved two8904track educational recognition system that allowed members to pursue awards in both leadership 8905and communication. In 1999, the 10-goal Distinguished Club Program was introduced. 8906 8907… And Now 8908As Toastmasters International celebrates its 85th anniversary this month, the organization stands 8909at a historic high point. Program offerings have never been more expansive. Toastmasters leaders 8910have developed innovative strategies to keep up with advances and shifting cultural dynamics of 8911the global age. Indeed, while many organizations around the world are downsizing because of 8912the economic climate, Toastmasters International is growing; thousands of people are taking 8913advantage of the organization’s programs to enhance their communication skills. Membership is 8914at an all-time high, with more than 250,000 members in 12,000 clubs in 106 countries. As of

279 280


8915June 30, a record 1,073 new clubs were chartered, and 56 districts were recognized as 8916Distinguished or better, a number surpassing all previous years. 8917“Toastmasters grew by nearly five percent in 2009,” says Toastmasters Executive Director 8918Daniel Rex. “Tens of thousands of people have seen the value of the Toastmasters training in 8919their personal lives and careers. They know the program can see them through a lot of 8920challenges.” 8921As Rex sees it, there is no limit to the growth potential of Toastmasters International, and he is 8922making sure the World Headquarters staff is well positioned to serve its members as their needs 8923change and the organization continues to grow. 8924“Our renewed emphasis is to provide optimal service and resources at each member development 8925stage, beginning with the prospective member who is looking for a club on the Web site, 8926applying for membership in the club, receiving a New Member Kit, and talking with a staff 8927member on the phone,” Rex explains. 8928One way to meet members’ needs is through the Toastmasters Web site, which is continually 8929expanding through new product and service offerings. The organization’s first e-learning tool -8930Toastmasters Learning Connection (TLC) for district officers – is a recent addition to the Web 8931site. TLC provides access to Toastmasters’ officer training in a virtual learning environment. 8932Eventually, it is expected to include training for a variety of officers. 8933This distance-learning program is an exciting development, blending education with the power 8934of the Internet. And it won’t replace face-to-face training – just complement it. 8935Another recent change is the approval of Global Representation and Support. The plan was voted 8936in by members at this year’s International Convention in Mashantucket, Conn. It improves the 8937organization’s structure by enhancing global representation with 14 regions and directors, and 8938replaces The Nominating Committee with the International Leadership Committee (ILC). More 8939information on the implementation of this plan is being shared on the Toastmasters Web site and 8940in the November issue of the Toastmaster magazine. 8941The organization’s profile is about to grow even higher: A new film about Toastmasters is 8942scheduled for a 2010 release. SpeakEasy, a feature-length documentary produced by 8943Tumbleweed Entertainment, explores the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking and the 8944larger Toastmasters world. 8945From a gathering in a YMCA basement in 1924 to the 12,000-plus clubs that meet in 106 8946countries today, the Toastmasters story is one of dramatic growth and success. And with 8947accomplishments come opportunities. “As we meet our members’ needs and greet thousands of 8948club visitors, we offer the most valuable service imaginable: We help people improve their 8949lives,” says Rex. “That’s what the Toastmasters mission is all about.”
8950 8951 8952

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8953Remembering Toastmasters milestones. 8954Since 1924, Toastmasters has been thriving. Take a look at some of the major moments 8955Toastmasters has experienced along the way. 8956

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Year 1924 1926 1927 1928 1930 1930 1932 1935 1935 1936 1938 1938 1940 1946 1946

Month October January August October October December December July October

Historical Event The first meeting of the Number One Toastmasters Club in Santa Ana, California. The second Toastmasters club is chartered in Anaheim, California. Representatives of five Santa Ana Toastmasters clubs plan the formation of a "federation of Toastmasters clubs." The first Manual for Toastmasters Clubs is copyrighted by Ralph Smedley. Today this is called the Club Management Handbook. Publication of The Gavel, the first Toastmasters newsletter. Toastmasters International is incorporated. The Toastmaster magazine is published. Produced quarterly, it contained news from the 20 Toastmasters clubs. District organization is instituted, starting with District 1 of Southern California. First Toastmasters club outside the United States is chartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Ralph C. Smedley published a mimeograph pamphlet entitled Constructive Criticism. This material soon became a printed booklet and was later renamed Speech Evaluation.

January August October June July

Charter No. 100 is presented to the Century Toastmasters Club in Santa Ana, California. Inter-Club Speech Contest started. First winner: Henry Wiens of Reedley, California. The World Headquarters moves to the First National Bank Building in Santa Ana, California. The office was in one room on the fifth floor. The first Certificate of Merit, which was given to members who completed 12 speech projects in the "Basic Training Manual," is awarded to Reuben Levitin. District 18 of Scotland becomes the first district organized outside the United States. First Toastmasters International Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are published. Dr. Ralph C. Smedley wrote and published a book called The Voice of the Speaker. The Beyond Basic Training manual, with 16 projects, was introduced to provide advanced speech training for members.

1948 1949 1950 1950 1951 1955 1959 285 286 1962


August June

The first Certificate of Completion is issued for the new advanced course, Beyond Basic Training. The first regional conference is held in Des Moines, Iowa. A junior high school in Santa Ana, California, was named after Dr. Ralph C. Smedley. The first edition of Dr. Ralph C. Smedley's account of the founding and growth of Toastmasters International is published, titled, The Story of Toastmasters 271 (Reminiscences of the Founder).


Toastmasters International's World Headquarters moves into a new building in Santa Ana, California.

8958 8959 8960

The Club Management Plan For Effective Club Management

8961What is It? 8962The club Management Plan is a management tool for your Toastmasters club. Used properly, the 8963Plan can help your club achieve and maintain a standard of excellence that will enable members 8964to develop their communication and leadership skills to thye fullest. 8965 8966The Elements of a Successful Club. 8967Research shows six areas in which a club must excel if it is to grow and benefit its members: 8968 • Leadership effectiveness 8969 • Educational opportunities 8970 • Human dynamics 8971 • Membership growth 8972 • Public image 8973 • Effective club management 8974Achieving excellence in these areas requires careful planning by your club. That’s where this 8975Club Management Plan can help. The Plan pinpoints each of these key areas and provides a blue 8976print for achieving excellence in each one during the calendar year. It can help officers develop 8977their leadership skills and encourage stimulating club programming. It can promote social 8978interaction among members, and promote enthusiasm and opportunities for growth outside the 8979club, and it can express members to new and varied ideas. It can generate awareness and support 8980of your club within your company and community. The Plan can help your club in its 8981administrative duties by encouraging officers to maintain accurate and up to date membership 8982records at World headquarters. 8983 8984How to Use the Plan 8985The Club president should distribute the various sections of the Plan to appropriate officers as 8986soon as they are elected. We even suggest these officers meet prior to their installation to study 8987and plan goals for their term of office. 8988Each section of the Plan lists various activities to be carried out during the calendar year if your 8989club is to become successful. You and your officers must set specific goals and plan strategies 8990and timetables for achieving those goals. Thius, a completed page of the Plan may look like this:

287 288


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