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MRM Worldwide Frankfurt conducted a new mobile Internet user types study in partnership with the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. The study sheds a new and detailed light on current mobile phone Internet usage patterns - beyond brand ownership (of their mobile phone) or plain socio-demographics. For the representative quantitative online survey, 1,717 Internet users between the ages of 16 and 70 years old from Germany and the UK were interviewed in late 2010. The data gathered was statistically analysed and four different mobile web user types were identified. For the first time, a mobile web user typology has been developed that does not only describe users concerning standard topics, such as socio-demographic details or mobile their web usage behaviour. It offers insightful and holistic psychographic information about the individual hobbies and activities of mobile users. Perhaps more importantly, the results can be additionally matched with a lifestyle typology, thus providing a deeper understanding of theday to day life, values and mindsets of mobile users.


The mobile web is not for surfing. In fact it is used for very specific and self-contained tasks such as checking the weather forecast, reading e-mails, etc. The mobile Internet with all its services is not a substitute for other media channels - it is used parallel to other channels. Marketers are well advised to look for ways which integrate the mobile web into other marketing activities (from simple solutions such as a pure response channel to more complex solution such as advertising the mobile offerings in other media). Apps - No-Easy Game. Problem 1: Get on the screen, Problem 2: get the user to regularly use your app. Developers and marketers have two challenges. From the thousands of apps out there, the user will only choose so many. In fact, less than 20 apps are installed on average on the phones of mobile web users. An even smaller fraction of those apps are actually used (on average approx. 50%). It is the digital analogy of the hand bags problem: Only a tiny fraction of all the items at home find their way into a hand bag - even less are actually necessary. The number of installed apps varies greatly by user group. The most active group of mobile online users, the Restless, have 42 apps installed on average. Whereas, the least active group, the Rookies, has only 9 apps on their phone.

Mobile Attitudes Study by MRM Worldwide in Cooperation with TU Darmstadt MRM Worldwide GmbH Grosser Hasenpfad 44 60598 Frankfurt Phone: (49) 69 60 50 7-0 E-Mail:

The simple things in life. When it comes to both the mobile web and apps, mobile users are primarily interested in basic services and tools (such as e-mail or accessing Wikipedia). The one big exception is Social Media - which is popular among all mobile web user types. The hypes of the industry in 2010, Location Based Services and Augmented Reality are only used by a small percentage of users (more than 65% have never used one of those possibilities). It seems that smartphones are not bought because of their features. Instead, it appears that users discover the features and advanced functionalities of their devices while using them. So, even if there comes the day when everyone owns a smartphone, this does not automatically change user behaviour. There will always be user groups who will use only a portion of the features available on their phone. Socio-demographics are not enough to differentiate user groups. And socio-demographics can not explain different mobile online behaviour. The mobile web is simply not restricted anymore to the well-educated people with high income. To fully understand the different behaviour a look on values, hobbies and spare time activities is needed. That is the only secure way for marketers to find their target groups within the four different mobile web user types (s. below) and leverage the full potential of mobile marketing.


Four characters with a clear and distinguished profile: The Rookie, The Rationalist, The Everyday and The Restless. The Rookie shows a very low usage intensity. The mobile web is being used selectively and is still reduced to a few, very basic services. The larger added value and relevance of mobile web has not been fully recognised yet. Size of the segment: approx. 15% of the mobile web users. Age: By far the oldest segment (one quarter of all the people in the segment is over 45 years old). Type of mobile phone: Compared to the other segments the basic mobile phone rules - far less smartphones. Only segment where Nokia still holds a strong position. Media usage behaviour: All in all lesser media usage as in other segments. The part of people who never watch TV or listen to the radio is above average. Internet usage is also not as intensive as in other segments.

Mobile Attitudes Study by MRM Worldwide in Cooperation with TU Darmstadt MRM Worldwide GmbH Grosser Hasenpfad 44 60598 Frankfurt Phone: (49) 69 60 50 7-0 E-Mail:

The Rationalist is already used to the mobile web and is using it on a regular basis. However, there is still a lack of the real added-value. Size of the segment: approx. 50% of the mobile web users by far the largest segment. Age: Most people are between 25 years and 45 years old. Type of mobile phone: More modern as the Rookie. Nevertheless the feature phone (with access to the mobile net) still dominates the segment with a share of over 50%. Media usage behaviour: A more balanced behaviour. However, its more a selective usage than an intensive usage. The Everyday understands the added-value and is using the mobile web quite often. However, the mobile web is no real competition to the stationary web .... yet. Size of the segment: approx. 20% of the mobile web users. Age: Considerably younger than the segments before: approx. 55% are not older than 34 years. Type of mobile phone: When looking at the types of mobile phones and the brands, the Everyday are nearly identical to the Restless; but with some differences when it comes how they use these gadgets. However, this may only be a question of time... Media usage behaviour: Normal usage of classical media (incl. Internet). Compared to the Rookies and the Rationalists, the Everydays show a higher usage of Social Media - without reaching the activity level of the Restless. The Restless for him the mobile web is an integral part of his life. The usage intensity is high and so is the understanding for the services and the value the mobile web is offering. Shop owners beware! The Intensive User can be a real challenge ... Size of the segment: the smallest segment with approx. 12% of all mobile web users Age: By far the youngest segment with nearly 70% younger than 34 years old. Type of mobile phone: Smartphones (in particular Apples iPhone and Android based devices) are the unrestrained rulers. Whereas brands appearing out of date (e.g. Nokia) dont stand a chance. Media usage behaviour: To say it in easy words: extensive user in the mobile world extensive users of other media. In particular magazines are very popular among this segment. The same is true with Social Media; which is used extensively within this segment both via stationary and mobile web.

Mobile Attitudes Study by MRM Worldwide in Cooperation with TU Darmstadt MRM Worldwide GmbH Grosser Hasenpfad 44 60598 Frankfurt Phone: (49) 69 60 50 7-0 E-Mail:

Additional results are available free of charge in our interactive dashboard here: The dashboard includes only a sample of all of the data we have collected. If you are interested in more or would like to know how to use the results to reach your target group, contact us.

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Mobile Attitudes Study by MRM Worldwide in Cooperation with TU Darmstadt MRM Worldwide GmbH Grosser Hasenpfad 44 60598 Frankfurt Phone: (49) 69 60 50 7-0 E-Mail: