The Indispensable Speed Drill

Why speed drill? Because speed changes everything! Speed changes the quantum of energy and the equation of power. Speed changes the way we live, the way we communicate. Speed changes the way we design our military arsenals, from the days of flying daggers to the cruise missiles. In a man to man fight and to the arm race in our world, all designs ultimately end in speed. A faster arrow will fly straighter and more accurate in the wind. A cruise missile will destroy a powerful armory rooted to the ground. A 200kg Qi expert is less devastating than a 10gram pellet flying at supersonic speed. Once you are competent with speed, Qi or power is acquired, postures, balance and techniques are mastered. Speed alone X mass will increase power without the need of additional building of muscles or the greater exertion of strength. Speed internally moves Qi to Jing, technically speaking; Jing is the end product of accumulating and dispersing Qi in speed.

Why Speed Drill
Ok, so much of what we understand speed can do. So why speed drill? 1. Once you are competent in your techniques and forms in speed, you will be perfected in balance, timing, co ordinations and postures when you come back to normal speed. You will accomplish fluidness and stability in your movements. You will be natural and effortless. 2. When you come back to normal speed, you experience an extra time in the same given second known as a longer second in time . You will find time expanded. Your forms will not look hurried, the vital timing and executions in your forms will be well emphasized. 3. Training in speed increases stamina or Qi many folds. When you come back to normal speed you will not look exhausted in your form. You will be relax and powerful with no sign of effort. You are well endowed with breath. Only when you have breath, your body will not need to compensate for balance and the others. Only with breath you can deliver beauty, power and timing. 4. When you are competent in speed, you have stopped memorizing or need to remember your techniques and movements. Your concentration is free to express your soul in the form. Your forms will not be jerky because movements became second nature.

5. all things come easy! Don t forget to sleep well! Happy training! . Here is the last laugh. . Ha-ha . You will have tendon power. Run 10 km in good time and fuel carbo. you first need stamina to start. Once speed is acquired. in order to accomplish perfect form in speed. it built tendons! Since you have not rely on and had not built muscles. Strong fast tendons will accomplish in speed whereas bulky muscle slow things down. Once you start with a good stamina base. So I suggest you start to do running first. Run not jog! Do intervals and recovery. Stamina will quicken your learning and accomplishing techniques and form in speed. than your tendons became the connections to synchronize your mass and speed.