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I don't know why she's with me I only brought her trouble since the day she met me If I was

her by now I would have left me THE SCRIPT Somehow instead she forgave me She said a woman's got to do what she's got to do Even if it means she denied herself the truth THE SCRIPT Cause when you're in too deep you wake up when it's too late, You've fallen in love in the worst way THE SCRIPT Cause if you're looking for heaven, baby it sure as hell ain't me THE SCRIPT She's standing in the heart of darkness Saying I know you got a soul even though you're heartless THE SCRIPT She finds color in the darkest places She finds beauty in the saddest of faces For such a groovy and headstrong city girl Could've had the world but she's fallen in love in the worst way THE SCRIPT I'm saying walk away Yeah I'm saying walk away Save yourself from the heartache oh Go now before it's too late But still she stays THE SCRIPT

Stifle and smother Suffered and cried Strife made me tougher. PROFESSOR GREEN Family is something that you never been to me, In fact making it harder for me to see my father was the only thing that you ever did for me. PROFESSOR GREEN Last thing I said to you was I hated you, I loved you but now it's too late to say to you. PROFESSOR GREEN Just didnt know what to do and how to deal with it, Even now deep down Im still livid. PROFESSOR GREEN
Poate n-ai stiut sa vezi Ce comoara imbratisezi Lipsit de crez DIRECTIA 5 Poate n-ai stiut sa fii Langa ea sa o sustii Ceas de ceas,zi de zi DIRECTIA 5 O fata ca ea merita toata pretuirea ta O fata ca ea nu gasesti altundeva Pe-o fata ca ea trebuia s-o iubesti ca pe o stea O fata ca ea,s-o iubesti cat te ubea DIRECTIA 5

17 ani bairame timiditate nceput saliv buze rsuflare noapte alb lacul tei ciorapi de dam suferin fotografie rmas bun VAMA VECHE speran judecat scrum ateptare zmbet credin drum deertaciune stele foc ntuneric nger nemurire nimic cltorie univers molecul dor infint VAMA VECHE Nu-I asa c-o sa m-ajuti sa evadez? Trupul meu este soseaua ta spre infinit Nu-I asa c-o sa m-ajuti sa mai visez? Ochii mei te vor visa la nesfirsit VAMA VECHE iarta-ma ca am uitat cum sa iubesc Eu nu am stiut asta vreodata au facut din mine un soldat care saruta strimb VAMA VECHE in ochii tai este vintul Care ma poarta-n nestire Catre un loc fara ginduri Catre orasul iubre VAMA VECHE Soldatul din mine-l omor in transeu si las loc iubirii din sufletul tau VAMA VECHE fericire e cand iti-amintesti cat de fericit esti cand iubesti fericire e cand dormi tu la ea kiar pe canapea... VAMA VECHE fericire e cand tatal tau te invita la el in birou si deschide o sticla de bere prima bere din..viata ta! VAMA VECHE Si te iubesc cu mila si cu groaza Tot ce-i al tau mi se cuvine mie EMERIC IMRE Mi-e dor de tine si iti caut chipul In fiecare margine a firii In podul palmei daca iau nisipul Simt un inel jucandu-se de-a mirii EMERIC IMRE La noapte ne certam definitiv, Ne despartin in mici felii de paine Si ne uram acum fara motiv, Sa ne-mpacam fara motive maine. EMERIC IMRE Imi vine sa te-njur de Dumnezeu Si-apoi sa-L rog pe El sa te salveze Esti binele, precum esti raul meu, Cea mai cumplita dintre ipoteze. EMERIC IMRE

Tu, am impresia, nici nu observi Cu ce iubire te pastrez in mine, Pe inima te port, te duc pe nervi, M-ai prefacut in cioburi si ruine. EMERIC IMRE La tot ce-i hotarat definitiv Nu am nici azi nimica impotriva, Dar eu ma tem sa nu gasim motiv Pentru o despartire relativa. EMERIC IMRE

Daca mai crezi cat de cat in minuni, Sa te vad trei zile, sa nu te vad trei luni, Si so luam iar si iar De la capat... Spune-mi, cum ti s-ar parea ? BYRON Eu te vreau mereu In coltisorul meu, Sa fii langa mine Si sa-ti fie bine... Uuuuu... BYRON
Si nu mai vreau sa stiu pan` la sfarsit Cine-a iubit frumos cine-a gresit Cine-a iubit cine-a gresit Cine-a facut spre noapte primul pas Cine-a plecat din joc cine-a ramas Cine si-a smuls peretii rnd pe rand Cine s-a intors mereu cu ziua in gand BYRON Iubito cata lume intre noi Numaratori de ploi din doi in doi Si dintr-un ochi de dor necunoscut Cate zapezi pe buze ne-au crescut BYRON Dragostea de azi M-a infasurat Infasurat ma simt De dorinta ta Infasurat ma simt De simtrea mea BYRON Pe tine te-aotept Iar tu nici nu sti ca traiesc La fel, fidel unui punct de rascruce Ce-aduce cu vsele noastre comune Ramne doar sa vedem unde-o duce BYRON Nu pot sa ating Cuvintele ce-ncet se sting Nu pot fi altul dect sunt Ma nspimnt Suntem to?i o apa si-un pamnt BYRON All i have is this picture in a frame That I hold close to see your face every day BRUNO MARS With you is where I'd rather be But we're stuck where we are

And it's so hard,you're so far This long distance is killing me BRUNO MARS Now the minutes feel like hours And the hours feel like days While I'm away You know right now I can't be home But I'm coming home soon,coming home soon BRUNO MARS 'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed JESSE MCCARTNEY You know that it's over when the burnin' And the yearnin' inside your heart ain't there anymore And you know that you're through when she don't do to you And move you like the way she moved ya before JESSE MCCARTNEY And you wanna pull her close But your heart has froze You kiss her but her eyes don't close Then she goes out of your heart forever And it hurts you but you know that it's better JESSE MCCARTNEY We've run out of words we've run out of time We've run out of reasons really why we together We both know it's over baby bottom line JESSE MCCARTNEY i tot ne minim, nu putem reaprinde Iubirea ce astzi nc se simte. GIULIA Cnd tot mai credeam n frumoasele vise Cu fire de praf, au fost stinse. GIULIA Urma dispare, azi las armele jos Nu mai doare. Poi s-mi spui ce vrei Sunt vorbe goale, azi las armele jos Nu mai doare, nu mai doare. GIULIA Spune c i pare ru Acelai lucru l-am spus i eu GIULIA I've been working hard so long Seems like pain has been my only friend My fragile heart's been done so wrong I wondered if I'd ever heal again BRUNO MARS I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will find me Leave the past behind me, today my life begins BRUNO MARS Yesterday has come and gone And I've learnt how to leave it where it is

And I see that I was wrong For ever doubting I could win BRUNO MARS Life's too short to have regrets So I'm learning now to leave it in the past and try to forget Only have one life to live So you better make the best of it BRUNO MARS
Everytime I see your face My heart takes off on a high speed chase Now don't be scared, it's only love Baby, that we're falling in LIFEHOUSE I would never do you wrong Or let you down or lead you on LIFEHOUSE I have, to find, out if you feel the same Won't be easy, have my doubts too But it's over, without you I'm just lost, incomplete Yeah you feel like home, home to me LIFEHOUSE Hey I have given you the best of me, best of me I ain't gonna let you take what's left of me, left of me LIFEHOUSE Now you're back and you're saying that you're sorry Didn't know what you were doing when you lost me Now you're back do you really think its that easy? LIFEHOUSE

Desperate for changing Starving for truth Closer than where i started And chasing after you LIFEHOUSE I'm standing here until you make me move I'm hanging by a moment here with you LIFEHOUSE I'm tired of all the love divide in two Just hanging by a moment here with you LIFEHOUSE There's nothing else to find There's nothing in the world That could change my mind There is nothing else LIFEHOUSE Of all he had Of all he lost A selfish life And guess comes with the cost LIFEHOUSE Silence is all we have to give And the memories of a life I wish we'd lived LIFEHOUSE Can't turn around Hold my head high and walk away LIFEHOUSE I am here still waiting though i still have my doubts I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out LIFEHOUSE

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating LIFEHOUSE I still see your reflection inside of my eyes That are looking for a purpose, they're still looking for life LIFEHOUSE I'm hangin' on another day Just to see what you throw my way And I'm hanging on to the words you say You said that I will be OK LIFEHOUSE
Looking back at what you got me through You knew me better than I knew myself LIFEHOUSE I'll be by your side, when all hope has died I will still be around oh and I, I'm still on your side When everything's wrong, I will still be around By your side LIFEHOUSE I can't wait another day to show my space between Your heart and mine, and you're all that I need LIFEHOUSE Fighting my way back to where you are The only place I ever felt at home LIFEHOUSE I'm sorry, I know you're mad And I don't wanna be like every other man that you've had So I'm stopping all these childish things, girl, you mean too much to me Your love is worth too much to lose BRUNO MARS Girl, I know I broke your heart and trusting me is really hard But watch how quick I change my ways.. starting today, starting today I know that I'm the one to blame, you say every man's the same But watch how quick I change my ways.. starting today, starting today Girl, I'm starting today.. BRUNO MARS

we're been going through some changes like we in different places and now you think that you can just do what you do without any consequences BRUNO MARS it's not what you say but what you don't say it's not what you do but what you don't do it's not where we go but where we don't go it's like i don't even know you anymore you're just a stranger, a stranger and i don't recognize you anymore you're just a stranger, a stranger what happened to the man that you were before BRUNO MARS

you use to look me in my eyes but now you just look away if i call to make some time you say you just can't stay well if you leave me at home alone for just one more night i promise it's gonna be the last time BRUNO MARS what you want me to do i'm not gonna chase after you tell me how can i get back the man i once met BRUNO MARS