Clicking into e-commerce
Extending a customer’s web-based service could also expand the revenue potential for comms and IT resellers, according to Graham Pollard, CEO of Klick2Contact Eu, a specialist in providing e-commerce solutions.
Graham Pollard


lthough Klick2Contact Eu was founded as a company in 2011 the concept behind the venture that became Klick2Contact (K2C) was something that Pollard had been working on through his established telecoms company Bruin Communications. “I knew that the fundamental product had massive potential and hit a number of known requirements within the ecommerce sector,” he said. K2C’s strategy centres on the customer interaction dynamic shifting back to the personal touch. “It’s why we call K2C the online shop assistant,” noted Pollard. “People do like shopping on websites for sure, but they also like the fact that with K2C they can interact on a more personal level with the company through chat, call back and even video. This bonds the call agent more closely with the customer who is likely to feel better and also buy more and there and then at exactly that time.” As well as Klick2Call Back, Klick2Chat and Klick2Video, K2C recently added

Klick2SMS which allows users to access customers via advertising, as well as a variety of other off the page mediums. “These are services which a growing number of customers in a variety of industries across the UK, Western and Central and Eastern Europe are finding invaluable in increasing their online sales and making the most of their existing web traffic,” explained Pollard. “We wanted to offer our customers the ability to extend their web-based service to the mobile environment too. In addition we have just introduced our new Chat+ service with enhanced features, one of which enables the chatting customer to be called back on the number of their choice from a webphone embedded in the chat console.”

from the purchaser. “The dealer, by introducing K2C to its client base, will further strengthen their relationship with their customers,” said Pollard. “We will pay a recurring commission each month based on the revenue generated by their customers. We will also be building some other incentive schemes to motivate dealers to grow with us.” He says that telecoms dealers will relate to the K2C service as it fits well with a call centre environment. Connecting the web to a call centre is a key element of the service, offering resellers a value add product to talk to customers about, either as a door opener or add-on service. “The organisations with whom we are talking agree that while self-serve visitors are great, by far the greatest number of visitors to their sites prefer human interaction when searching for specific products and completing an order,” noted Pollard. “K2C provides this missing link between our customers website and their call centres.” Most chat products require the customer to disconnect

and then call back on a land line, and this always struck Pollard as ‘crazy’ because the last thing people want to do when communicating with an interested customer is tell them to disconnect and call back, which is why K2C built its platform. Pollard is targeting all companies that have an e-commerce presence, and he thinks the third party channel is potentially the largest route to market both here in the UK and within CCE.

where users can jump from one product to another in the same session. “This means that when people are in communication with customers via chat, but are unable to conclude the sale because the topic is complex, or the customer wants to place an order, the agent can invoke/progress the chat session to a voice call without having to disconnect from the customer,” explained Pollard. After a successful trial in one country, Studio Moderna, the fastest growing online retailer in CEE reaching over 400 million people in 21 countries, has agreed to take the K2C service to all of its other 20 countries across all four of its main brands. “We are now live in Romania and Hungary and are adding Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, and the service will be on its Top Shop, Kosmodisk, Dormeo and Delimano ecommerce sites,” noted Pollard. “We are also pleased to have customers in the UK such as leading men’s tailors Brook Taverner and Golden Tours, part of the Grayline Group, who use us for Klick2Call Back and our new Klick2SMS service too.” n

Channel focused
“We are keen to work with a number of channel partners from a number of sectors, including digital marketing, e-commerce, and of course the telecoms sector,” he explained. “The telecoms sector is of particular interest. Telecoms dealers and resellers will have relationships with individuals within organisations who we want to talk to.” The K2C offering is positioned as a zero entry cost of service, with no charge for service delivery, set-up and integration. And in terms of service delivery the company has built a fully integrated product

Enhanced flexibility
The company also has a new version of co-browsing which allows a much more flexible and user friendly full screen share service that customers and their customers are finding effective. Being smooth and fast it takes away any effort


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