Soal Pretes USM STAN - Bahasa Inggris (Bimbel Madani) BAGIAN KEDUA BAHASA INGGRIS (Nomor 70 s.

d 130) Untuk bagian ini, jawaban benar kurang dari 1/3 jumlah soal (kurang dari 17) berarti nilai mati.
READING COMPREHENSION Although speech is the most advanced form of communication, there are many ways of communicating without using speech. Signals, signs, symbols, and gestures may be found in every known culture. The basic function of a signal is to impinge upon the environment in such a way that it attracts attention, as, for example, the dots and dashes of a telegraph circuit. Coded to refer to speech, the potential for communication is very great. Less adapteble to the codification of words, sign also contain meaning in and of themselves. A stop sign or a barber pole conveys meaning quickly and conveniently. Symbols are more difficult to describe than either signals or signs because of their intricate relationship with the receiver’s cultural perceptions. In some cultures, applauding in a theater provides performers with an auditory symbol of approval. Gestures such as waving and handshaking also communicate certaincultural massages. Although signals, signs, symbols, and gestures are very useful,they do have a major disadvantage. They usually do not allow ideas to be shared without the sender being directly adjacent to the receiver. As a result, means of communication intented to be used for long distances and extended periods are based upon speech. Radio, television, and the telephone are only a few. 71. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage ? A. Signs and signals B. Gestures C. Communication D. Speech 72. What does the author say about speech ? A. It is the only true form of communication B. It is dependent upon the advances made by inventors C. It is necessary for communication to occur D. It is the most advanced form of communication 73. According to the passage, what is a signal ? A. The most difficult form of communication to describe B. A form of communication which may be used acroos long distances C. A form of communication that interrupts the environment D. The form of communication most related to cultural perceptions 74. The phrase “impinge on” in the third sentence is closest in meaning to A. Intrude B. Improve C. Vary D. Prohibit 75. The word “it” in the third sentence refers to A. Function B. Signal C. Environment D. Way 76. The word “potential” in the fouth sentence could best be replaced by A. Range B. Advantage C. Organization D. Possibility 77. The word “intricate” in the seventh sentence could best be replaced by which of the following ? A. Inefficient B. Complicated C. Historical D. Uncertain 78. Applauding was cited as an example of A. A signal B. A sign C. A symbol D. A gesture 79. Why were the telephone, radio, an TV invented ? A. People were unable to understand signs, signals, and symbols B. People wanted to communicate across long distances C. People believed that signs, signals, and symbols were obsolete D. People wanted a new forms of entertainment 80. It may be concluded from this passage that A. Signals, signs, symbols, and gestures are forms of communication B. Symbols are very easy to define and interpret C. Only some cultures have signals, signs, and symbols D. Waving and handshaking are not related to culture STRUCTURE AND GRAMMAR Choose the correct answer. 81. Sunspots are known to cause _____ enermous increase in the intensity of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation. A. An A. A B. Some C. One ______ of Country-Western singers may be related to old English ballads. A. The music B. Music C. Their music D. Musics ______ is an ancient source of energy. A. The wind B. Winds C. Wind D. A wind At woolworth’s first five-and-ten-cen store, _____ more than a dime. A. Neither items cost B. Items not cost C. Items none costing D. No item cost One of _____ of the late Middle Ages was Saint Thomas Aquinas, a scholar who studied under Albertus Magnus. A. The thinkers who was great B. The great thinker C. The greatest thinkers D. Who thought greatly





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Although we often use “speed” and “velocity” interchangeably. Larger the ones in D. A. Alike B. A few the people C. A. Only few crop C. a glandular disorder charecterized by enlargement and obesity. chipmunks are _____ most ather squirrel. engineering _____ civilitation. The little information B. Differ from B. A. The better 104. Different from C. More 101. More as B. Modern blimps like the famous Goodyear blimps _____ the first ones in that they are filled with helium instead of hydrogen. Large contact _____ is currently available to researches and physicians who study and treat acromegaly. A small number D. A. The same old C. A. The same age B. A. As quickly more 105. 90. _____ . Most largest 103. As 93. A. As many to 100. Different 98. More quickly C.banksoal. Alike 94. Approximate B. The most good C. Many contact D. A small amount B.Soal Pretes USM STAN . More than that of C. A. Lots contact C. The same age as D. reaching a length of more than one hundred feet. Two times much land than 99. The best D. Few people D. they didn’t have _____ with early white settlers. Only a few crops B. The same old as 95. Only little crop Only _____ of the breeds of cattle have been brought to the United States. A. A.Bahasa Inggris (Bimbel Madani) 86. A. The total production of bushels of corn in the United States is _____ all other cereal crops combined. One’s fingerprints are _____ A. It is generally truethat the lower the stock market falls. A. More of 88. D. More quick B. A. As old as B. A. Like D. A few information _____ can be grown on arid land. The largest D. Best B. That is old as D. As much as C. Untill C. The blue whale is _____ known animal. 97. In the Great Smoky Mountains. The large B. Differs from another person 107. A little amount C. Twice more land than B. The largest of the ones 102. The same as Similar As 92. Larger than the ones in C. As old as that 96. Although they are similar. The price of gold rises high C. 91. A little number B. Little information D. one can see _____ 150 different kinds of trees. Like as C. Similar B. in technical sense. A. A. Although the name was not popularized until the Middle Ages. The works of Picasso were quite _____ during various periods of his artistic life. Two times more land than C. Many chemicals react _____ in acid solutions. Twice as much land as D. The higher the price of gold rises D. Quicklier D. A. Some retirement communities will not sell property to new residents unless they are about _____ the rest of the residents. Much contact B. Is different from D. Few information C. The largest than the ones in B. After the purchase of the louisiana Territory. Different any other person D. Rise high the price of gold 106. More than B. Up as D. the United States had _____ it had previously owned. It has been estimated that _____ one hundred thousand men participated in the gold rush of 1898. Same D. C. . Different Different from Different than 87. _____ live in the northern part of the state.”speed” is not always _____ “velocity”. Only a little crops D. Differ Halaman 2 dari 4 Soal ini didownload dari www. Different from those of any other person B. As many as D. 89. A little people B. The vegetation in temperate zones all around the world is _____. Higher the price of gold rises B. _____ apples are grown in Washington State. Like C. Like to B. Is as old as C. Although Southern California is densely populated. The disney amusement park in Japan is _____ Florida or California. A little of people Although the Ojibwa fought frequently with the Sioux. Different from any other person C.web. The larger C. A. A.

For D. Distinguishing among a frog and a toad B. on . B. Expose 118. For about 5000 BC to 3700 BC about D.. She was absent _____ her cold. in . B. wind and thunder and that is just what we have had. in . on . On . Without D. The Copper Age lasted _____. A. Destruction B. especially the bivalves _____ oysters. For to determine B. Some form of mollusks are extremely useful as food. At B. Subsequent events proved the man to be right … A. clams. Get on C. on . Beside B. _____ a mayor. Eat other insects B. in . on . C. on . Despite of C. D. Earlier D. Because of C. Rejected D. Grow Play Deal Stay 122. they arrived on time. Few B. He was tried for forgery of credit cards in a law court but he was lucky enough to … A. To distinguish between a frog and a toad 109. Variable B.web. That C. Get through Soal ini didownload dari www. But B. As D. at D. B. We live __1__ the United Stated __2__ North Carolina __3__ Jaksonville __4__the East Coast __5__ New River __6__ 2600 River Road. A. In . in . Distinguis a frog and a toad C. From exposure C. A. The forecast predicted ……weather with snow. To eat other insects C. a frog is more likely to be smooth and wet. Significant Momentous Unimportant Critical Significant Momentous Unimportant Critical 124. Besides C. Despite B. The exposing B. Damage C. About from 5000 BB and about 3700 BC C. Such as C. A. About 5000 BC to about 3700 BC Vocabulary and Idioms 121. Unsteady D. in . At first the incident to be trivial 125. From exposing D. Roy’s father wanted him to be an enginer _____ a geologist. A. in . on . Differing C. In C. A. The most exact way known to science _____ the age of artifacts is based on the radioactivity of certain minerals. Most stores in large Amerivan cities close _____ five or six o’clock on weekdays. Untill 111. Although 114. On D. It is now believed that some damage to tissue may result _____ them to frequent X-rays. Denied B. As 117. Where did the general acquire all his wealth ? A. A. in . After the collision he examine the considerable …. Ladybugs are brightly colored beetles that help farmers by _____ A. Intense D. D. many city governments employ a city manager. More that C. Other insect’s eating 120. sunshine. A. Also 112. Later C. For determining To determining 108. Intensive B. A. C.banksoal. _____ the delay. on .to his car. that he had assaulted a policeman. Between a frog and a toad distinguish D. For determine Halaman 3 dari 4 119. Instead C. A. and scallops.Bahasa Inggris (Bimbel Madani) D. From about 5000 BC to about 3700 BC B. Not 113. at C. after which bronze was introduced. On . Intent 128. Everyone _____ albinos has a certain amount of pigment in the skin to add color. Intentional C. Eating other insects D. and a toad rough and dry. D.feeling of homesickness in him A. but the malls in the suburbs stay open much later. The demonstrant …. Contradicted 127. Not only D. C. Fluctuating 126. Many 123. A.Soal Pretes USM STAN . at 110. A. A. In . Because B. A. The gamelan aroused an …. Injuries D. And D. in . on . A.. Such B. A. A. Get by B. His natural intelligence and his experience enabled him to cope with the problem. In spite 116. Spite . Although it is difficult _____. at B. Deterioration 129. Refused C. D. So 115. Instead of B.

Self-confidence C.banksoal.make him a excellent leader. Self-centeredness Soal ini didownload dari www. Self-regard D.Soal Pretes USM STAN .id Halaman 4 dari 4 . A. Get off 130.Bahasa Inggris (Bimbel Madani) D. His authority and …. Self-consciousness B.web.

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