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Landscape in a box

(Think inside the box) Elements of the landscape:

THE LID: This needs to have the contents on it.... THE INSIDE OF THE LID: An image or 3D construction which represents the background of the landscape: the 'distance' or 'middle distance' THE INSIDE BASE: Foreground or the base of the landscape - possibly also an aerial view THE SLOPING ELEMENTS OF THE BOX: Sky / clouds / slopes / structural elements of the landscape THE BASE OF THE BOX: This must have a map to locate the landscape. The map could be of an actual place or an invented place. You could also add a label or image to identify it... Can also add 3D elements. Think inside the box... Other ideas: Use sand or soil or pebbles, or polystyrene Plastic animals or figures Once the landscape has been created, it can then be used as the venue for a 'fieldtrip' by other students. Imagine visiting the landscape, what would you: SEE SMELL HEAR DO? The internal elements can be drawn on card (cut to size and stuck in) or painted on directly. PVA could also be used to collage onto the box or inside the box.