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Club 8 Chronicle
Volume 2, Issue 1 Fall 2011/Winter 2012

CLB 8 Marines stand in formation during the battalions Marine Corps Birthday celebration in November.

From the Battalion Commander:

CLB 8 Team, Its hard to believe how fast time flies. It feels like we just recently returned from Afghanistan, when in fact it has already been quite a few months since then. The battalion has changed a great deal, with Marines and Sailors leaving the battalion to return to their parent units, transferring to different units and duty stations, and returning to the civilian world upon completion of their active duty commitments. It has been difficult to say goodbye to the Marines and Sailors we deployed with, but we are happy to have welcomed a number of new Marines to the CLB 8 Team since our redeployment. Despite the fact that we are in a garrison environment and are not yet in a pre-deployment training cycle, the Marines have been extremely busy conducting training events here on base as well as attending schools and courses that will help them gain proficiency in their military occupational specialty. They have also been active in the establishment and improvement of battalion policies and procedures required to operate effectively in a garrison environment. I am constantly impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by CLB 8 Marines on a daily basis. We might be low on manpower right now, but the effort the Marines put into their jobs each day has allowed us to accomplish much in recent weeks and months. February and March are busy months for the entire battalion. The Marines are preparing for several key training exercises coming up. Additionally, toward the end of February, we will receive approximately 250 Marines and Sailors whom we will train and prepare for deployment to Afghanistan in May. We look forward to welcoming those Marines and Sailors, as well as their families, to the CLB 8 Team. Thank you for your continued support of the CLB 8 Team. We could not accomplish our mission without you! Semper Fidelis, Lieutenant Colonel Michael McWilliams

Sergeant Major
Hello to all, A lot of things have taken place since the last issue of our newsletter. So with that, I hope that you all had a great start to the New Year are staying true to your New Years resolutions. We have experienced many changes in the Battalion since our return back to the states, mainly in the losing and gaining of personnel. Many of the Marines and Sailors who deployed with us have returned to their permanent commands in order to get prepared for follow on assignments and future missions. Since our return, we have recognized many of the Marines and Sailors we deployed with for their acts of courage and dedication to the mission while we were conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. We have also had many Marines promoted to next higher rank. All promotions have been well deserved, so congratulations are in order to you and your Marines, especially since you are equally part of their successes and accomplishments. Last but not least, even though we are home and our operational tempo has slowed considerably, the Marines continue stay busy in order to maintain a high state of readiness in the event we are called upon to conduct humanitarian or combat operations. In order to maintain this readiness, the Marines are constantly conducting maintenance of vehicles, gear, and weapons. Always a Force In Readiness! Your continued support has been the cornerstone of our readiness and I thank you for your understanding. Without your support this would not be possible. I look forward to working with you this year. If you have any questions about future family events please feel free contact our Family Readiness Officer Mr. Henry Drake at 910-450-6301 or by email Semper Fidelis, SgtMaj Crutcher

CLB 8 Marines conduct amphibious training at Onslow Beach aboard Camp Lejeune, NC.

Alpha Company
Friends and Families of Alpha Company, In the time since our last installment much has changed. We certainly hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with your Marine during post-deployment leave or one of the many holiday leave blocks since then. Alpha Company closed out 2011 in good form at the Combat Logistics Regiment 2 Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Wilmington, North Carolina in November. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our Marine Corps heritage, display some of the new awards earned in Afghanistan, and enjoy the company of our fellow Marines. November also marked the end of Captain Jarrad Caolas tenure as company commander. His leadership through a challenging deployment cannot be overlooked, and the Marines in the company wish him and his family the best of luck in the future. The year was rounded out fittingly as Lance Corporal Elsa Pockels-Yapor was named Marine of the Quarter for the final quarter of 2011. In the early days of 2012, Alpha Company has been busy preparing for future operations and a multitude of training events. So far 24 Marines have qualified on the rifle range shooting from 200, 300, and 500 yards, and proving yet again that every Marine is a rifleman. Of note, Lance Corporal Mcilquham shot a range high for all participants in

January, scoring 240 out of a possible 250 points. The Marines have also been working hard to improve their skills as vehicle operators by attaining new licenses. This is a difficult endeavor and has required coordination across the battalion. The first week of February was devoted to practicing operations with our naval brethren. The Company took advantage of the opportunity to load vehicles on and off Navy Ships, escort them to amphibious ships off shore, and drive in the well deck of the ships. This unique training opportunity was well worth the time and effort, and proved to be a lot of fun, too. We would like to take the time to congratulate the Marines in the company who have graduated from Corporals Course in the last few months: Corporal Robert Allen III, Corporal Benjamin Christopher, Corporal Jamey Meadowsturner, and Corporal Nathaniel Gaccione. We would also like to recognize the senior leaders in the company for pursuing additional training opportunities. Sergeant Joshua Clark graduated from the Motor Transportation Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Staff Sergeant Jonathan Meriwether graduated from the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Career Course, and Gunnery Sergeant Imhotep Woodby graduated from the Staff Non-Commissioned Advanced Course. It is because of outstanding performances such as these that Alpha Company, and CLB-8, has enjoyed so much success. Keep up the good work. Lastly, we would like to recognize the Marines who were promoted in the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012: Lance Corporal Cole Bumsted, Lance Corporal Leamon Cavitt III, Lance Corporal Grant Dorton, Lance Corporal William Gostling, Lance Corporal Damon Mcellhiney, Lance Corporal Thane Mcilquham, Corporal Theodore Ahlfeld, Corporal Robert Allen III, Corporal Simone Bowleg, Corporal Joseph Castro, Corporal Benjamin Christopher, Corporal Leonel Cortes, Corporal Robert Maule, (Continued on page 3)

Fall 2011/Winter 2012

A CLB 8 Marine ensures that a 7-ton truck is properly secured to the deck of an LCAC during amphibious training.

Bravo Company
Greetings Family and Friends of Bravo Company! It is my honor and privilege to address you all for the first time since assuming the role as Bravo Company Commander. Since returning from Afghanistan, the battalion as whole has experienced the departure of many of the Marines and Sailors who deployed with us. These movements have come in various forms - from Marines reaching their end of active service (EAS) and joining the civilian work force to Marines departing CLB 8 for other Marine Corps units. While it was difficult to see so many of our brothers/sisters in arms depart our unit, the bond created throughout workups and forged during deployment will remain. Whether in the Marine Corps or as a civilian, we know that they will continue to do great things and will not soon forget our time together. The departure of so many more senior leaders has given junior leaders the opportunity to fill roles and take on responsibilities which would normally be held by Marines of higher ranks. While not without their growing pains, the Marines have done a fantastic job rising to the challenge and continue to impress. Our training priorities continue to be building battalion capacity and (Continued on page 4)

(Alpha Co, continued from page 2) Corporal Bryan Oxford, Corporal Eric Peabody, Corporal Christopher Vinal, Corporal Ryan Washington, Sergeant Jessie Luttrell, and First Lieutenant Alex Jabbal. As Alpha Company looks ahead, we are excited to undertake a unique opportunity to conduct a convoy here in the United States. We will be travelling from Camp Lejeune across the Southeast United States to gain proficiency operating vehicles and running convoys. This unique mission is a testament to the hard work of the Alpha Company Marines and the many successes they encountered while deployed to Afghanistan. Thank you all for your continued support and praise. We truly appreciate your efforts. Semper Fidelis, Captain Casey G. DeMunck Company Commander First Sergeant Steven S. Battista Company First Sergeant

CLB 8 is on Facebook! Search Combat Logistics Battalion 8 or go to Comb at-Logistics-Battalion8/157215094313968. Become a fan of CLB 8 on Facebook and become better informed on Battalion and family readiness issues!
H&S Company is unique in that it is comprised of many different sections and platoons, each with its own distinct mission that supports the battalion as a whole. These sections are divided generally within our Sshops, or staff sections. S-1, our administration section, plays a part in every Marines promotion and award; they also help Marines as they check in and out of the battalion, and ensure the accountability of Marines and our administrative readiness. This small shop holds a large responsibility within the battalion, and has been working hard to overhaul old procedures as well as to prepare for the arrival of over 200 new Marines who will temporarily attach to our unit for training prior to their deployment. Our S-3 shop, the operations section, plans our battalion level operations, coordinating with higher and adjacent units to ensure that we are operationally prepared. They have been organizing amphibious training, long range convoys, command post exercises, and a predeployment training plan for the company attaching to our unit. Our final two S-shops are the S-4 and S-6. S-4 is the logistics section within our logistics unit. Their work supports all of the battalions logistical needs, from getting housing for our Marines to ensuring our readiness to embark our battalion at a moments notice. The last S-shop, (Continued on page 4)

Marines from the S-6 section test communications equipment.

Headquarters and Service Company

H&S family and friends, It has been a busy past few months for our company as we have settled into the battle rhythm of being home. Our company has had many changing faces as Marines from our deployment returned to their parent units, and as new Marines became a part of our team.
Newsletter 3

(Bravo Co, continued from page 3) conducting convoy operations. In an effort to expand our battalion capacity, as well as develop our Marines professionally, we have continued to seek any opportunity to further their development in both tangible (obtaining vehicle licenses) and intangible ways (attending Corporals Course to further develop their leadership). I would like to congratulate the following Marines have who have successfully graduated from Corporals course: -Cpl Lantz -Cpl Wilson -Cpl Lewing All of these Marines performed exceptionally well and we are excited for them to pass along their knowledge and skill set to their fellow Marines. They have proven themselves worthy of being considered the backbone of the Marine Corps. As mentioned previously, many Marines have had the opportunity to obtain vehicle permits in order to enhance their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) credibility. Putting these permits to use, Marines will have the exciting opportunity of obtaining the road miles required to convert these permits into full-fledged licenses while going on a Long Range Convoy. This convoy is currently scheduled to take the Marines from Camp Jejune, NC to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, GA and back again with professional development opportunities enroute, at various cities. This is the first such event that the Marine Corps has attempted, to this scale, and Bravo Company is honored to be given the opportunity to participate. In closing, I would like to recognize the following Marines for their exceptional accomplishments over this past period: LCpl Herrera 1st Qtr & Cpl Reynolds 2nd Qtr Bravo Company Marine of

the Quarter Cpl Lantz 1st Qtr & Cpl Arnold 2nd Qtr NCO of the Quarter In a very competitive group, all of the above Marines have stood out amongst their peers and continue to perform exceptionally well, regardless of the task at hand. Additionally, the following Marines were promoted this Month: LCpl Whalen Cpl Walter With these well-deserved promotions, First Sergeant and I have every faith and confidence that the above Marines will continue to perform at a high level which has become the hallmark of the Marine Corps. God Bless and Semper Fidels, Sivlio Gaetano Bettinelli, 1stLt, USMC, Company Commander Ramiro Olmos, First Sergeant, USMC, Company First Sergeant

S-1 Marines busy working to maintain accountability of all Marines in CLB 8. This system will enable us to maintain a better sight picture of all of our gear and its serviceability, ensuring our continued ability to support battalion exercises and future deployments. Maintenance works daily on maintaining the readiness of our gear, whether in the armory on our weapons, fixing our vehicles, or with working on communications gear. Our supply Marines work hand in hand with all battalion sections to maintain accountability of all gear, as well as to order and provide every platoon what it needs both to repair their equipment as well as to order supplies for daily needs. Although each platoon within the company works towards an exclusive and distinct mission, for each battalion evolution we work together as one staff to ensure forward planning and mission success. The opportunities that we have to physically train, educate, and plan together to excel as a battalion and a company are frequent and important. It is our honor to serve with your loved ones every day, thank you for all of the support that you provide to them. Semper Fidelis, 1stLt Hannah K. Feuerstein, Company Commander GySgt Roy Hamilton Company First Sergeant

(H&S Co, continued from page 3) S-6, is our communications section. These Marines support all of the battalions communication requirements, whether computers, phones and information sharing in garrison, to setting up radio, wire and data communication in the field. Our communications Marines have been busy participating in communications exercises in preparation to support the upcoming battalion evolutions. Supply and maintenance make up the remaining elements of our company. Both of these platoons have been spearheading the battalions shift to a new system called Global Combat Support System - Marine Corps (GCSS-MC).

Fall 2011/Winter 2012

Tax Center News:

If you're on active duty, a dependent, or a retiree and still deciding whether to use the free service at the Base Tax Center or a commercial service out in town consider the following: 1) Base Tax Center personnel have all attended and completed numerous hours of classes by H&R Block and the IRS regarding the proper preparation of individual federal and state income taxes. 2) All tax returns are prepared accurately and completely in accordance with federal and state tax laws and the policies established by the Internal Revenue Service. 3) Over the past 4 years, the Base Tax Center has been regularly inspected and its work reviewed by the IRS. It has had one of the lowest error rates of any tax service, both military and civilian, in the United States. 4) Each filing is reviewed by trained and qualified quality assurance personnel who ensure the tax filings prepared are accurate and complete when first filed. 5) When an error does occur, Tax Center personnel take immediate action to rectify any problem that caused the return not to be accepted by contacting the individual client in order that any corrections necessary are made and that the tax return is resubmitted correctly. AVOID UNNECESSARY FILING FEES & GET YOURS DONE FREE TODAY! Call 910-451-3030 for more information.

Family Readiness Officer

Hello Families and Friends of CLB 8, We now have a new form of communication for the Family Readiness Program called eMarine. The eMarine website provides Commanders and Family Readiness Officers with a secure way to communicate information to their Unit's Marines and Families 24/7 from anywhere in the world. By maintaining a Unit eMarine site, Commanders and Family Readiness Officers can provide information, photos/videos, downloadable files, and more to the geographically dispersed members of the Unit and their Family Members. The website requires a username and password, and you have to be invited by a member of CLB 8 to gain access. All CLB 8 Marines & Sailors have registered in the eMarine web site and its now up to THEM to register their Family member s & Friends! Once the Marine/Sailor registers a Family member or Friend an e-mail will be sent to that person letting them know they have been invited to join CLB 8s eMarine page along with directions on how to register. To keep up to date with CLB 8, contact your Marine/Sailor and ask them to add you as a Family member or Friend. As always, if you have any questions or concerns you may e-mail me at or call me at work: 910 450-6301, or BlackBerry: 910 554-7914. Semper Fidelis, Marines from CLB 8s Maintenance Section conduct maintenance on a CLB 8 vehicle. Henry Drake Family Readiness Officer CLB 8

Dont forget 2012 is a presidential election year! There is still plenty of time to register to vote. For information regarding state primary election dates, how to register to vote in your home state, absentee ballots, and more log onto the Federal Voting Assistance Program website at You can also contact the CLB 8 Voting Assistance Officer, 1stLt Raftery, at 910-450-5235.

Newsletter 5