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Abandoned and Alone

Lord, since before the creation of the world, You had me in mind. You planned, designed and created me to be Your own beloved child. You have always carried an endless supply of love for me, deep in Your heart of hearts. Your love moved You to design an incredible destiny for me that would make me overflow with joy and gratitude. You planned for me to be a unique and precious member of Your own Royal Family. Due to the fall of Adam, all of your beloved humans are fallen and sinful. Even my parents, mentors and authority figures are flawed and untrustworthy. They responded out of their falleness and as a result, the world, the flesh and the devil had power over my life through them. But, no matter what people did to me, or neglected to do for me. You were always there waiting for the time when I would come to know you so that you could rescue me. You committed Yourself to bring me into Your own Eternal Kingdom. How great is Your love that you have lavished upon me that I should be called Your Child. I have received the Spirit of sonship and so I call you Abba, Daddy. It is wonderful to know that You have always been with me. And now Father has given You to be my indwelling life. When I surrendered my life to You, He joined us as one forever. He has given You to be my infinite resource, at all times, in all things. Now that we are one, Jesus, I will never again be separated from my heavenly Father again. Nothing can ever separate me from the love of God, which is In You, Christ Jesus. I am now an irreplaceable member of Your Family. I am Your co-heir, and nothing can take that away from me. What a privilege it is to say, I am a member of Your Family, and You are my brother. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth of Your faithfulness. You are always eternally faithful to each and every one of Your children. Only You are faithful and trustworthy. Only You are dependable to supply me and come to my defense at all times. It is Your true nature and character to be totally faithful. It would be impossible for You to be anything else!

There has never been even a flicker of a moment in which You have been forgetful of me. Now that we are one, I carry Your Presence wherever I go. Your Presence continually fills me with love, joy; the fruit of Your Spirit. At all times, Your Spirit is moving and guiding me according to Your will and plan. I now live as a little child in Your embrace. You are my Father and I am Your Child forever. I depend on You at all times, in all things, Lord. At every moment, we do everything together by the Power of Your Holy Spirit. As I focus on You and allow You to live through me, I function as a living member of Your Corporate Body. It is such a privilege to be part of Your Body. It gives me a great sense of security and belonging to be joined with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am in awe to be one with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all other members of Your Eternal Family. What significance and worth it brings to me to be part of something so magnificent. Together we share in all of Your glory and abundance. Together we demonstrate Your Presence to those who do not yet know You. Thank you for revealing my incredible destiny and inheritance. Thank you for revealing to me that You have always been with me. It is wonderful to know that I have never really been alone. Even when I wasnt aware of it, I have always been enveloped in Your tender love and affection. Thank you for making sure I receive the destiny and inheritance You have reserved for me. No matter what I am going through or will go through in the future, You are always with me. There has never been a time, nor will there ever be, when I will be without You. You have given Your word that You will go before me and be with me; you will never leave or forsake me!