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Rebekah Klein AP English 11 January 20, 2012

Prompt: We need people who think with the creative side of their brainspeople who have played in a band, who have paintedit enhances symbiotic thinking capabilities, not always thinking in the same paradigm, learning how to kick-start a new idea, or how to get a job done better, less expensively. Annette Byrd, GlaxoSmithKline The education of fine arts in schools today is seen as unimportant and unnecessary by some, and by others a necessary tool to promote education in all areas. Analyse the quote provided by Annette Byrd and support, refute, or qualify her statement. Corporate Art When calculating a challenging math problem, art, in any of its many forms, is very rarely, if ever, consciously used to acquire the correct solution. When relating a topic of historical importance to a modern day issue, Picassos paintings do not generally inspire the connection formed. Fine art classes in school are rarely seen as important to the average business man or educator or administrator or professor or any other person whose esteemed praise and acceptance students strive to acquire. Arts are viewed as unnecessary and only an interest to be pursued when extreme talent is shown. Little is known about the immense benefits of the growth accompanied with the exploration of the facets of art. Many of the genius of today and yesterday use art to benefit their studies and

explorations and discoveries. They use the bridges in their minds created with the exploration of art to transcend into brilliance. The use of art, in all its forms, create connections that are used constantly, but imperceptibly in the human mind; these connections help make other links more easily acquired. Artistic challenges are best learned in the beginning stages of youth and continued on, less intensely, through the rest of your life. This allows for innovative revenues similar to those of an esteemed businessman/businesswoman, allowing for an easier transition from knowing and learning information and facts and turning them into something a new and fresh company idea. In the competitive business pivoting world we live in today, only the strong survive as Mendel so aptly discovered; those who endure are those who come up with the original plan that 2 million other people could not have come up with. Those who test the boundaries, those who stretch the membrane of societys confinement to benefit their company, those who are irreplaceable. Education in the fine art department is not directly used in the corporate world, but the similar themes of testing the limits, being original, and trying new things to make the world stop and think are invaluable in the work environment. Art education is immensely important if the world is to progress past its already limitless boundaries. Because of the depth at which we have delved into seemingly every facet of the average persons life, there appears to be few, if any, fields of exploration left. This is untrue as the world continues to grow and change, but because of this overwhelming belief of having reached the threshold, the familiarity of the feel of ones brain as it explores new boundaries is vital. Fine arts is an early, harmless, easy way to train a young mind to prepare them for the challenging future ahead.