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Name: Jenny Reed Date: February 22, 2012 Grade Level/Subject: 4th grade social studiesMidwest states and

capitals Prerequisite Knowledge: Students need to know where the Midwest regions are located Since this is a review, students need to have some knowledge of the states in this region, as well as their capitals Students should have some knowledge of where these states are located within the region Approximate Time: 30 minutes Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students will identify the state names of the Midwest region Students will match capitals with their respective state and vice versa Students will locate and label each state within this region Content Standards: 17.A.1a Identify physical characteristics of places, both local and global (e.g., locations, roads, regions, bodies of water). 17.A.1b Identify the characteristics and purposes of geographic representations including maps, globes, graphs, photographs, software, digital images and be able to locate specific places using each. Materials/Resources/Technology: Smart Board Website: Dry erase markers US state maps Tissue/paper towel



3 minutes

Opening of lesson: Bring up a map of the Midwest states Tell the class that they will continue practicing the states and capitals of this region Explain that first they will do a Smart Board activity as a class, then they will participate in a partner activity Students are expected to sit quietly in their seat during the lesson In order to volunteer, students are expected to raise their hands When there is a student at the Smart Board, the rest of the class should be respectful and not yell out answers Procedures: Include critical thinking questions and accommodations for individual needs Start by displaying the states and capitals game on the Smart Board The website will be tabbed on the computer The first activity will give the name of one of the states capitals and students are to choose the state that matches the capital Do this for every capital of the Midwest region Call on volunteers to choose the answer. If there are no volunteers, choose names from popsicle sticks Once all of the capitals have been matched with their correct state, go to the next activity The next activity highlights a state and the students are to choose the correct capital from a list on the left side of the screen Call on student volunteers to choose the correct capital The game will inform the class if the chosen answer is correct or not When this activity has been completed for every state in the Midwest, explain the next activity Have students choose a partner Have one partner get a state map and the other partner get a dry erase marker If there is an odd number, there can be one group of 3 students Once they have done this, the students need to sit down with their partner and wait quietly for further instructions Guide them through the beginning of the activity by having them outline one of the states and write the name of its capital The partners should trade off outlining and writing the capital Choose another state and have them do the same thing Do this a total of 3 times, then have the students work on their own for the remainder of the class. Have them clearly outline each state and label its capital They should try this without their social studies book, but may reference it if they get stuck or to check their answers Monitor their work by walking around and ensuring they are labeling correctly Summary/Closing: At the end of the class period, have them erase their marker with a tissue or paper towel and return their materials to where they got them Remind the class that their test over the states and capitals is on Friday As they are leaving, or if there is a little extra time, quiz the students to check their understanding

23 minutes

4 minutes