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Mara Laura Ramrez Pumarino

Olivares 96 , Sonora 83205 Phone: 00 52 (662)2186673 E-Mail:

I think that the best definition of an entrepreneur is a person who has the character of a leader, the soul of an artist and the ability to become a community that seeks to solve a problem. My objective in life is to develop those skills to my own and convey them to my community.

Cinpolis Challenge 2008 This challenge is part of the career program of giving us work experience during our first semester. In this challenge we learn how this cinema company works in different areas we also made a marketing campaign for the day of the event. Student association SALDE Coppel Challenge 2nd Place 2009 2008 2010

Coppel is a national department store that has presence around all Mexico with more than 700 stores. In this challenge we were divided in 5 groups that should increase the AFORE (financial services) affiliation, sales at clothes and furniture department and new clients affiliation on the designated Coppel store, for this we prepare a market strategy that include street marketing, radio presence among others. Mujeres en Accin February 2009 Forum made to raise funds for the Association George Papanicolaou, taking three conferences about women in the professional, field as a mother and charity. I was part as a Coordinator of the event. 1st Forum of innovation and entrepreneurship Ecosocial November 2009

It was convened entrepreneurs leaders internationally in the areas of social and ecological like Terracycle, Peepoole and Compai, with the aim of extending the entrepreneurial vision not only of our institution, but of our region. I was part of the staff as Treasurer. Technology innovation 2010

Project that had the objective to developed a technological solution, to a need of our community. Together with students of engineering in information and communication technology, delivering a structured business plan as well as a functional prototype. Unplugged April 2010

Forum that gather entrepreneurs from Mxico, thats has the objective bring successful business ideas, and from very different background and industries like Lemon Films, Discover Mexico etc. 1st Startup Weekend DF, 2nd Place 2011

Participate in the Startup Weekend Mxico City in which my team got 2nd place with the social platform "DEZIRO". DEZIRO is an original service based on technology and mobile web, linking businesses to consumers. It provides a unique shopping experience by enabling a personalized and timely attention to the casual consumer wishes. Organizer Startup Weekend Hermosillo October 2011

Organizer of the Hermosillo Startup Weekend edition, an event to develop ideas and launch startups in 54

hours. Vertical Challenge, Vertical Challenge 2 2011, 2012 Project aimed at developing a solution to any problem or need in a foundation or charitable institution. We divide into 5 teams, students of all generations of LCDE.

Instituto Tecnolgico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte 2008 - Today Lic. en Creacin y Desarrollo de Empresas (Entrepreneurship) Undergraduate (8th semester) Treasurer at the Student Association SALDE. (2009) IESEG School of Management Exchange semester. 2010 - 2011

y y y Spanish as a native language English (580 pts. Institutional TOEFL) French (one semester)