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PROJECT PROYECTO NIVEL: PRE-INTERMEDIATE Name (Nombre): ______________________________________ Date (Fecha): _________________________________________ GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS / Instrucciones Generales: This

Project must be submitted before Wednesday March 7th. 2012 / El proyecto debe ser entregado antes del mircoles, 7 de Marzo de 2012. This Project is individual, so if any project is copied or plagiarized, it will have a grade of ZERO (0). / Este Proyecto es individual, por lo tanto, cualquier proyecto que sea copiado o plagiado tendr una calificacin de cero (0). Recuerden que el Proyecto vale el 25% de la nota final. El propsito de este Proyecto es aplicar lo estudiado en las unidades de trabajo; para ello debe realizar las siguientes tareas: ACTIVITIES /Actividades: 1. LISTENING COMPREHENSION: 1.1. Click the video in: v=H8sVBMsvfH4&feature=player_embedded Or write down in website the following video: Your Travel Guide: Guiness Factory Tour. Dublin, Ireland. 1.2 Watch the video and fill in the missing information about Guinness. Location of the Guinness Brewery Founded in Founded by _________ Guinness Water Hops Yeast Barley ________ turned upside down Seventh __________ 119.5 seconds

Symbol Location of the Gravity Bar Duration of pouring a __________of draught Guinness

1.3 Watch the video again and choose the correct answers to finish the following statements . Lots of people from around brewery to see . Ireland became a republic in The symbol of Ireland is You can get the best Gravity Bar. . of Dublin from the . . . come to the

The Guinness you can drink in the USA is made in If you pour Guinness too fast, it will taste

1.The Guinness Book of Records

2.1 Unscramble the words or write them in with the help of the images.

In 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, then the managing

(trcoredi) of the Guinness

Brewery, went on a

party and became involved in an

(uergatnm): Which was the fastest game

in Europe the

(nldgoe) plover or the grouse? He realized then that a answers to this sort of question might prove Sir Hughs idea became

supplying the

(pruolpa). He was right!

(iltyear) when Norris and Ross McWhirter, who had


a fact-finding agency in London, were commissioned to (sniensGu) Book of Records. The first edition

compile what became The

was bound on August 27, 1955, and went to the

of the

bestseller lists by

that year.

(neciS) then, Guinness World Records has become a household name and


leader in world records. The book has

(gnoe) on to

become a record

in its own right. With sales of more than 100 (aagelugsn), Guinness

million copies in 100 different countries and 24

World Records is the worlds best ever 2. In the restaurant.

copyright book!

2.1.Match the columns and write down the sentences: COLUMN A A. Would you like more tea? A. Here it is, Sir. A. Im sorry about that. A. One more thing, Can I have a piece of bread? A. Id like some cheese. A. Could we have a table, please? A. Near the fire place, please. A. Would recommend something for us? A. Did you go to the restaurant? A. How did you order your steak? COLUMN B 1. Where would you like the table? 1. Well done! I dont like raw food. 1. Waiter, Im not satisfied with this! 1. Do you have everything you need, now? 1. Tonights special! 1. Im afraid we are booked up. 1. No, thanks. 1. Yes, we did! 1. Would you like something else? 1. Waiter, where is my coffee?

1.1.Complete the text with the words in the box:

Tea right sorry course bread orange juice do need some Ill more could

Order Orange Juice can Your ____ , Sir.

have would here everything

But I didnt ____________ tea, I wanted ________________. Im so ____________, Sir. My apologies. _______________ you like something else? Yes, please. ______ I _________ some bread? Of ___________ . ____________ is your ___________________ and your _____________. ________ you have _____________________ you ____________? One __________ thing, ____________ you bring ____________ butter, please? ______ bring it __________ away!

1. You are the owner and the chef of a very nice restaurant. You have to organize a very elegant and delicious menu for your customers. Divide the menu as follows: a. Appetizers b. Starters c. Main dish d. Salad e. Beverages f. Dessert You have to show your customers what you offer for each option and the recipe for the main Menu. Good luck! Final del formulario RECOMENDACIONES: El seguimiento de instrucciones es tenido en cuenta para la correccin y la calificacin de su proyecto. El archivo enviado al Tutor debe estar marcado como lo muestra el siguiente ejemplo:

PROJECT Pre-Intermediate_FulanoPrez Realice las actividades en un Archivo de Word (letra Arial 12), debidamente editado y luego vaya al link PROYECTO en la plataforma Blackboard y siga las instrucciones all indicadas. Este Proyecto se debe enviar solamente a travs de la plataforma para ser calificado. NO se calificarn proyectos enviados al correo del tutor. Recuerde que si tiene preguntas respecto a la realizacin de este proyecto, debe informarlo al Tutor a travs del FORO TCNICO antes de la fecha lmite de envo. No olvide que debe enviar el proyecto mircoles, 7 de Marzo de 2012. Cordialmente,

TU TUTORA, Diana Cecilia Murcia Salamanca Tutora Ingls Virtual Sena - CEET