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Howe 1 Trisha Howe Mr.

Neuburger ENG 101-130 9, February 2012 Narrative Days of My Life When I was seventeen my life took a turn for the worse when Mamaw started complaining her abdomen didnt feel right and thought something was wrong. On a very cold February day, my mom and I got up and went up to my grandparents house. When we arrived, I walked through my grandparents house to her bedroom to see her. I walked up to the side of her bed and noticed she felt worse than the night before. I leaned over the side of her bed wrapped my arms around her feeling the warmth of her body and kissed her on her slightly wrinkled but smooth cheek has I told her I loved her. After about an hour, she tried to get out of bed and couldnt with the pain and discomfort she had in her side. Thats when she decided she wanted answers as soon as possible. Mom and I helped her to get up and change into some better looking everyday clothes because it humiliated her to go to the hospital in her PJs. Soon after we were on our way to the hospital in Springfield. We were there for hours and hours waiting on the doctors because the doctors wanted MRIs, cat scans and anything else the doctors thought would help find answers. When my mom and I were in Mamaws room a nurse came in the room and shut the curtain behind her. That time all three of us looked at each other and grew quiet thinking we finally have an answer. While she stood in front of us with a package of test results in her hand. The nurse looked Mamaw in the eyes and told her that with the tests we have ran it and looks like you have cancer.

Howe 2 The doctors couldnt tell how bad it is or what stage the cancer was. They did tell me they would have to transfer her to St Johns because they have more experience and equipment to find out the missing answers. The nurse told us it would be better if the doctors would transport my Mamaw to St. Johns for more accurate results. My aunt and my little cousin Jordan went to the hospital to meet up with us. After hours of sitting and in wonder and curiosity, mom and aunt came out at about eleven o clock and stood in the waiting room for a while. I knew by the way they acted that something wasnt right. Their eyes were red from crying, and when they moved their hands they shook, but the most noticeable thing was that both of them wrapped their arms around us and said, kids its not good. She would like you guys to go back and see her. The three of us kids stood up not knowing what to expect, and as we started walking closer and closer to her room my legs started to shake, and my heart was beating faster than it ever has in my life. As we opened her room door my mom and aunt both started to cry. On one side of my Mamaw bed was my grandpa sitting crying, and on the other side there was a nurse. At this moment I started crying and the nurse started talking to us kids like we were grown-ups. He came and stood in front of us looked us in the eyes and said, kids with the tests that we have ran on your grandma the results of them isnt very good. The tests show that your grandma has stage four liver cancer and there is nothing we can do about it. After the nurse said that, he said if there is anything we could do to let us know. When I heard that I started crying more and more. I walked up and gave my Mamaw a hug, and as she wrapped her arms around me she told me, I love you Babe and dont ever forget it. She spent several months fighting for her life in and out of the hospital. Over the months the cancer began to grow, and we knew she didnt have much more time so Mamaw and Papaw

Howe 3 moved in with us, so we could help Papaw take care of Mamaw.. She stayed with us from March until May of 2009. On Mothers Day she had fun, we got some flowers and we went outside and she helped us plant them. A few days later on May14, 2009 she wasnt able to get out of bed. We called the hospice care facility because the nurses had been coming out to help with her. When Mamaws nurse came out she looked at her and did some medical stuff and told us that it will be a miracle if she makes it through the night. At this time her cancer had grown so much her skin was turning a yellow color all over her body. For dinner that night we decided to get some fried chicken from Wal-Mart. Before we left, I leaned over the side of Mamaws bed, hugged and kissed her, and told her I loved her. My brother cousin and I went to Bolivar. While we were in Wal-Mart, we called my mom who that didnt want to talk, and wouldnt tell us why. On our way home on highway 13 we were going 90mph, and I asked my brother why and all he said was it was time. By the time we got home it was too late she was already gone. I saw her body lying in the bed, and I started to cry. Now to this day I after this tragic loss, I realized that she is part of the reason that I am who I am. Some of my favorite memories are stuff she has done. One time mamaw and papaw took us boating and fishing one summer. We were all sitting, fishing, and talking, and mamaw was going to take some Tylenol. She had a hand full of several different type of pills when she got a bite. I jumped up and ran across the boat and grabbed her fishing pole. Mamaw was so excited, she threw the handful of pills all over the boat floor. While she was catching her fish a water patrol man saw and heard us and came up to our boat. We had to show him our fishing license with pills laying on the floor of the boat. Luckily for us he didnt say nothing about the pills he checked our licenses and said have a good day and drove off. Another Mamaw did was the one that made James and me closer together. We had only been dating only a few months

Howe 4 when she was diagnosed, and it made our bond stronger because she was the one that made us realize that life is too short. She set James and me down one time after we had an argument and said, You guys should not fight, I can tell both of you really love each other and if you do it will work itself out. Now to this day we have been happy and ready to face the adventure the world has to provide. Papaw and Mamaw have been together for 50 years. When I was little I always told her I wanted to be just like her when I grow up, and now I have the chance so I am going to give it a try and make her happy.