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(3:13 AM) Im Not Here_:

bugs are you umm using your cusip number to

discharge debt

BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: No need too (3:15 AM) Alert: Im Not Here_ has started their webcam (3:15 AM) Alert: Im Not Here_ has stopped their webcam (3:15 AM) Im Not Here_: hmmm (3:15 AM) Im Not Here_: why not (3:15 AM) Im Not Here_: how do you discharge debt BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: what if you don't need THEIR

number to do what needs

to be done?

BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: I don't discharge BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: There is NO debt BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Debt is a lie. (3:16 AM) Im Not Here_: hmmm well if that is possible BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Everything is already prepaid (3:16 AM) Im Not Here_: i would like to learn (3:16 AM) Im Not Here_: hmmm BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: The Treasury is what you need


to look into and learn

BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Also, look into ADR's - American Depository Reciepts. (3:17 AM) Im Not Here_: anythinh else BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Also, learn to use Treasury as your Bank and not a

FEDERAL RESERVE BRANCH. (3:17 AM) Im Not Here_: ok hmm ok BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Focus on learning how to return reciepts, which are securities back to the Treasury (3:18 AM) Im Not Here_: ok BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: The example is quite clear, the bankers were thrown out, but JESUS sat over and against the Treasury. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Treasury is what is to be used not the private bankers banks. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Learn the purpose of using lawful money ---- 12USC411 & 415 (3:20 AM) Im Not Here_: ok what do you think about vic beck BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Remember, no man can serve two man can serve both God and MONEY for he will love the one and hate the other. We don't need MONEY, we have our own Credit learn to use it and use it wisely. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Victor Beck is okay, but he doesn't have the entire picture. He is also way to public and does not use the Treasury correctly. Has Vic ever taught anything about how to return reciepts tp the Treasury? BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: He has not. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Because he doesn't know. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: And the private group that he was once involved in, gave him the boot after he the super market incident and the house stealing incident. (3:22 AM) Im Not Here_: hmm interesting BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: He doesn't know how to use the Treasury because the men that were in that group booted him before he ever learned of that knowledge and that timing was accurate. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: He has learned somethings, but his knowledge leaves a lot of holes. (3:23 AM) Im Not Here_: ok (3:23 AM) Im Not Here_: what abbout winston shrout (3:24 AM) Im Not Here_: or anyone umm you like BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: But, some of the basic concepts he does teach is a

good start. Just don't rely upon any one man or group. Spread out, expand and most of all do your own research and get invovled in a priavte group of 3 5 or 7 guys that wants to learn and will share their studies and build your knowledge as you help to build theirs BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Again, Winston has some good information, but a lot of his information is not complete and he does not connect the dots. It is up to you do that, so do not rely on anyone man or anyone group. (3:26 AM) Im Not Here_: i agree (3:26 AM) Im Not Here_: yup (3:26 AM) Im Not Here_: whatelse BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: just like this guy on the mic (3:26 AM) Im Not Here_: what about BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: he says HUMAN mind... there is no such thing, there is only the one mind... the mind of christ...he and others like him have manufacture a duality because they see and recognize things in duality BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: it is a testamony to them being blind about how there is no duality (3:28 AM) Im Not Here_: ok BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: he is also unaware of the true nature and purpose of the bible...the bible is the greated trust law manual hidden out in plain sight. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: yet, he reads it through the religious doctrines of the new age pholosphy BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: his rendering is therefore tainted (3:29 AM) Im Not Here_: ok BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: the test of this world is to learn how to master the system of the world, but you will not be enabled to do that until you recognize that the system was setup for your own good to test that very thing. (3:30 AM) Im Not Here_: ok BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Identity is Key and Core to all things and even though grozzie and others like him have a better grip on their identity they are are clueless about what to do with it in regards to being Suveran. (notice I did not use the word Sovereign --- research the difference) BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Mastering the System of the world proves that you are ready to move on as it was intended from before the foundation of this world was laid. This is why Immanuel or JESUS WALKED ON WATER. He mastered commerce and was not mastered by commerce. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Water is a symbol for the Commercial world of Commerce. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Look at Galatians chapter 4 verses 1-12 BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Paul sums up everything in that short passage. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Until we learn who we are, and what we have been given, which is to recognize the truth, then acknowledge that truth, and accept it is good, one will always need a governor and tutor until that point in time. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Three BIG key points, Recognized...Acknowledge...Accept get to know those words and what they mean BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: They are very powerful when used individually, but when used together as one, they are even more powerful...and remember, with great power comes GREAT responsibility, so do not take this lightly. BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Also look up learn and research USUFRUCT this will help enlighten to the how things have been setup for our benefit. (3:38 AM) Im Not Here_: ok

(3:38 AM) Im Not Here_: im readdy BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: You have a

lot to do just from what I have posted herein. Copy this text and use it as a launching point, but do not use it to limit your direction or education for things are always changing. (3:39 AM) Im Not Here_: great (3:40 AM) Im Not Here_: now jesus paid for everything right so that is prepaid BugsBunnyIsInTheHouse: Have a safe and happy journey...When I log off Paltalk, you will not see me again. Remember this for it's purpose is to encourage and inspire you. I must go!