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DANCE WITH WHO BRUNG YOU TEXAS OFFENSE Introduce Staff Summer in Office Title Coach Royal (McWilliams

ms & Akers & Mackovic) a) President Bush Sr. & Barbara b) It c) Less You Say d) Dance With Who Brung You! HOW YOU WIN FOOTBALL GAMES Who Won National Championship Since 1980 and Why Win Turnovers Win Explosives Runs over 12 yards Passes over 16 yards st 3. Win 1 Efficiency 48% 4+yards rd 4. Win 3 Efficiency 45% of all (3rd&1-2 75%) (3rd 3-6 45%) (3 7+ 33%) 5. Red Zone Efficiency 80% Points (TD or FG) 67%TDs Double Positive 1) Win T.O.s vs. Opp 2) Win Explosives vs. Opp (Chart to prove) Sacks & loss yardage plays (Chart of Sacks on Scoring) Common Sense Be Physical, Great Condition, Talk Toughness but keep fresh legs, be excited & clear headed for games. More teams are overworked than under worked. 1. 2.

Dont hand ball to a guy who fumbles or who doesnt have a chance to score. Dont throw to a guy who cant catch. Put best 3 players at QB,TB,WR, the rest go to defense. TB good ball security productive tough Use snap count Multiple formations with same personnel How we coach our kids (improve self image) - Coach Wooden quotes How we substitute Use 2 deep each game Maybe best 15 to 22 players. Play most productive players winners you trust Be smart when substituting Between 20s Not 1st 5 mins of either half or last 5 min of half or game WR catch get deep make yac good ball security QB smart mobile accurate

Be fair fair is what it takes for you to win. Chart playing time. Be direct and honest Positive things and areas of concern Havent loss back to back games since 1999 Team Gameplans Half-time adjustments Chart kickers distance to direction Play selection Philosophy a) b) c) d) Be known for something Do what you do best best runs play action off of best runs best ways to get ball deep at least 4 times a number of TD shot each game Prepare for situations 1st downs 3rd downs Goal line short yardage No huddle 1 minute 4 minute practice these daily play game situations as close to full speed as possible & try to take fewer risks Work 1s vs. 1s

a) b)

c) d) e) f)

Look Complicated BUT stay Simple a) Use common sense. You must have enough offense to win, but not so complicated you cant execute. Lean on the side of too little. b) Repeat offensive scheme w/multiple plays & formations

Repeat Schemes (overhead) Different Formations Zone Zone read Boot Play Action ISO Draw QB Draw Draw Pass Counter QB Counter Counter Pass