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DIRECTIONS Turn right out of Exit One of the Station and go immediately right along Cranbourne Street at the end of which swing right, go over the crossing and, on its other side, veer right along St Martins Lane. Keep ahead and go left along New Row then first right into Befordbury. A little way along on the right go through the passageway between 23 and 24 and enter:GOODWINS COURT

DIRECTIONS The Harry Potter Tour begins outside Exit One of Leicester Square Underground Station on Charing Cross Road. WATCH OUT FOR THE DEATH EATERS! Exit One of Leicester Square Station features in the opening scene of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when the Death Eaters swoop down over Trafalgar Square and head off along Charing Cross Road leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. This tucked away little alley, with its glorious Georgian facades, has a genuine aura of magical secrecy about it. At night the alleyway is even lit by the flickering glow of gas lamps. DIRECTIONS Continue to the other end of Goodwin's Court and cautiously cross over St. Martin's Lane, the traffic will be coming from your right on this one way street. Veer left on its other side and go first right into Cecil Court.


It is through the Leaky Cauldron that the wizard community access Diagon Alley. The Leaky Cauldron is a small shabby-looking inn on Charing Cross Road that is sandwiched between a record store and a large book shop. There are several pubs along Charing Cross Road, none of which exactly fit the description, so why not play a little game and decide for yourselves which one you think could be the Leaky Cauldron?

CECIL COURT THE REAL DIAGON ALLEY? Cecil Court, being "just off Charing Cross Road" and with its curious mix of bookshops and antique shops, is widely believed to be the real Diagon Alley, or at least the thoroughfare on which Diagon Alley was based. There is certainly a mysterious air about this delightful little thoroughfare, and the first shop on your right is even called The Witch Ball!


You are now following the route taken by the Death Eaters in the opening sequence of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as they fly away from Trafalgar Square leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Keep ahead past Wyndhams Theatre and, when you arrive back at Exit One of Leicester Square Underground Station, go left and over Charing Cross Road via the traffic light crossing. Veer right on the other side and go immediately left into Leicester Square. Keep ahead through the square and then just keep going straight until you reach Shaftesbury Avenue where you should cross to the small island in the middle of the road. Turn so that you are facing the Statue of Eros (the winged figure on the island opposite) and then look down at the crisscrossed yellow line on the road to your right immediately in front of you.


Although the window displays change, several of the shops display curious antique books in their windows and some of the shop signs themselves are very colourful, not to say magical, in their own rights. A particularly colourful one is David Drummond located a little way along on the left, whilst Watkins Books at number 19 on the left claims to be the oldest occultist and mystical bookshop in the world. MAGIC MONEY Colin Narbeth and Son Ltd, situated at number 20 on the right side of Cecil Court, has even decided to, quite literally, cash in on the huge number of Harry Potter fans who make pilgrimages here and has a window display of Gringotts Bank Notes featuring Harry Potter and his friends and enemies! The full set of five notes costs 12.50! DIRECTIONS Continue to the end of Cecil Court and go right along Charing Cross Road.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, when the Death Eaters launch the attack on Bill and Fleurs wedding, Harry, Ron and Hermione apparate to this location. They appear on this section of road directly in front of an approaching number 19 bus. Moving quickly out of its path they press up against the railings that used to be on the edge of the pavement opposite to your right, but which have been taken away whilst the building work is being carried out on the building to your right which is encased in scaffolding.


When this and the following scene were being filmed many Harry Potter fans were lucky enough to be there to watch as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint prepared for and shot the scene. There is a link to footage the fans took on the video page of the Harry Potter Tour website DIRECTIONS Cross towards the building encased in scaffolding and veer right along Shaftesbury Avenue.

DIRECTIONS Cross over Denman Street. Veer right and then cross Shaftesbury Avenue via the pedestrian crossing and pass beneath the Cineworld Cinema sign to walk through the arcade with the large globe lights overhead.


HERMIONE AT THE THEATRE Having narrowly missed being hit by the bus, Hermione, Harry and Ron walk along the section of pavement that you are now walking along pushing their way through the crowds.

As they reach the line of grey, round columns, which will be on your left, Ron asks Where are we? Shaftesbury Avenue, replies Hermione, I used to come to the theatre here with Mum and Dad. They then pass the silver tables of the caf you pass on your left, after which they bear left and continue along the other side of the round, grey columns passing the display stands outside the last shop. This scene differs from the book in that, in the book, they apparate to Tottenham Court Road.

Having encountered and battled the two Death Eaters in the caf in Deathly Hallows part One, Harry Ron and Hermione are walking through this arcade when Hermione suddenly exclaims that they didnt celebrate Harrys birthday. Harry responds that he appreciates the thought but given that they were almost killed by a couple of Death Eaters a few minutes ago Ron then interrupts, telling them we need to go somewhere safe and so they head to 12 Grimauld Place. DIRECTIONS At the end of the arcade go left along Coventry Street and keep ahead towards the trees which will bring you back to Leicester Square. Proceed clockwise around Leicester Square until you arrive outside the Odeon Cinema.


This is the cinema at which the Harry Potter films had their London premieres. Watched by thousands of screaming fans, the stars would arrive, sign autographs and then walk along the red carpet into the cinema. However, for the last installment of the Harry Potter film franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, which took place on 7th July 2011, space was a little tight owing to the building work thats going on in Leicester Square to prepare it for the 2012 Olympics. In addition, it being the last ever Harry Potter film, Warner Bros was determined to pull out all the stops with a premier that would exceed all others. So the stars arrived, not in Leicester Square, but in nearby Trafalgar Square, where thousands of fans - suitably attired in Hogwarts robes, or else dressed as their favourite Harry Potter characters - braved the typical London summer weather, and camped out for several days in the pouring rain to greet the stars and cheer the speeches. Then, via the longest Red Carpet in cinema history, the stars made their way to Leicester Square where the film was shown simultaneously at THREE cinemas. Just how impressive that Red Carpet was is about to become apparent as this next section of the walk follows its route to Trafalgar Square. DIRECTIONS Keep ahead past the Odeon, follow the road as it swerves right (you should be heading clockwise around Leicester Square) and, having passed the Half Price Ticket Booth on your right, turn left along St Martins Street. Keep ahead towards the National Gallery, which is clearly visible in the distance. Go left when you arrive at the gold lettering that reads The Hampton Site, then go right through the black gates and keep ahead to go left into Trafalgar Square. Cross diagonally left and pause at the top of the steps looking towards Nelsons Column.


It was directly ahead of you, just in front of the column, that the stage was erected on which the stars of the film assembled and addressed the thousands of fans who had assembled in the square for the Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince begins with the Death Eaters launching a destructive attack on London from the air. Part of that opening sequence shows them swooping down onto Trafalgar Square.

Go down the steps and keep ahead, passing to the left of Nelsons Column. Cross the road via the pedestrian crossing heading for the trees on Northumberland Avenue ahead. Keep ahead along the left side of Northumberland Avenue until, on the left, you arrive at:THE SHERLOCK HOLMES PUB You might like to stop off and enjoy a lunch or a coffee here. Its walls are adorned with numerous bits of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, old Sherlock Holmes movies play on a TV in the main bar, whilst upstairs there is an exact replica of Sherlock Holmes's sitting room at 221B Baker Street. The pub makes a nice place to take a break before moving on to the next section of your Harry Potter Tour, which will take you through Westminster.

Exit the Sherlock Holmes Pub, cross over Northumberland Avenue via the pedestrian crossing, veer left on the other side and go first right into Great Scotland Yard. A little way along, pause on the left at the corner of Scotland Place. This corner has been used as a location in two Harry Potter films THE ENTRANCE TO THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC


This corner was also used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One in the scene when Harrry, Ron and Hermione need to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic to retrieve the locket from Dolores Umbridge. They do so by taking Polyjuice Potion and assuming the appearances of three Ministry employees - Mafalda Hopkirk, Albert Runcorn and Reg Cattermole. For the film the grey shutter to the left of the Scotland Place sign was replaced with a brown wooden shutter with a small brown door on its left side. The scene begins with Ron peeking round the corner of the wall opposite the grey shutter and looking along Great Scotland Yard in the direction you just walked from.

In The Order of the Phoenix, when Harry and Mr Weasley make their way to the Ministry of Magic for Harry's hearing on charges of using magic in front of Muggles, they enter the ministry via the visitors entrance which is in fact a red phone box located to the left of the brown door. The phone box via which they descend into the Ministry of Magic, and of which Mr Weasley comments "I've never used the visitors entrance before. Should be fun," was actually a prop specially brought in for the scene and removed once filming was complete. The arch that you see ahead of you is clearly visible in the scene. A second arch was constructed here (at least a portion of an arch was!) and this too was removed once filming was complete. Mafalda Hopkirk crosses Great Scotland Yard from the corner of the brown brick wall on the opposite side of Great Scotland Yard. As she passes the shutter Hermione, wearing the cloak of invisibility, hits her with a stunning spell and she falls to the ground. They then drag her inside the loading bay behind the shutter where Albert Runcorn and Reg Cattermole are already laid out unconscious. Hermione proceeds to pluck a few hairs from Mafaldas head, and she,

Ron and Harry then take the Polyjuice Potion and are transformed into the three ministry employees. We then see them step out of the little brown wooden door and line up against the shutter Harry to the right, Ron to his left and Hermione to the left of Ron. From here they then set out to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic. You can see footage of this corner on the Harry Potter Tour Videos page DIRECTIONS Proceed under the archway, go left along Whitehall Place, cross to its right side and go first right along Whitehall Court. At its end, go right along Horse Guards Avenue, passing the statue of the Gurkha and, on arrival at the junction with Whitehall, cross to the centre of Horse Guards Avenue to stand at the back of Spencer Comptons statue and look back along Horse Guards Avenue. THE STAFF ENTRANCE TO THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC

Having transformed themselves into Hopkirk, Runcorn and Cattermole we see them walking over the diagonal white lines on the road directly in front of you. The next scene, shows them in the toilet where they enter the Ministry by the ingenious (or disgusting!) method of flushing themselves down the toilet! DIRECTIONS Facing the back of the statue, go left over Horse Guards Avenue; veer right and then left along Whitehall, which becomes Parliament Street once youve passed the gleaming white Cenotaph in the centre of the road. At the next crossing, go over Whitehall, veer left and walk to the line of red telephone boxes. YOUR VISITORS ENTRANCE TO THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC? Since the phone box featured in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was a prop specially brought in for the filming, you might like to use one of these phone boxes to get a photograph of yourselves preparing to descend in to the Ministry of Magic. Be careful though, just in case the phone box you are in actually does begin to descend! DIRECTIONS Continue to the end of Parliament Street and, just before the entrance into Westminster Underground Station, veer left to cross via the crossing (there are toilets in the subway down the steps should they be required although these cost 50p!). Pause in the middle of the road for a wonderful view of the Houses of Parliament and the world famous clock Tower, better known as Big Ben, although Big Ben is in fact the name of the bell that chimes inside the Clock Tower. On arrival on the other side of Parliament Street, turn right and cross Bridge Street via the next crossing towards the Houses of Parliament. Go left on the other side and keep ahead on to Westminster Bridge to pause half way across and look to the right.

It was in the centre road just in front of you that the film makers erected the staff entrance to the Ministry of Magic for the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. This entrance was, in fact, a Gentlemans toilet. The scene only shows a close up of the Gentlemen sign as this, like the phone box, was a prop specially brought in for the scene and then taken away once filming had been completed.

THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the order fly past the riverside Terrace of the Houses of Parliament (to your right) and under Westminster Bridge en route to 12 Grimauld Place. DIRECTIONS On arrival on the opposite side of the bridge turn right to descend the steps and keep ahead along the riverside walk way, with a wonderful view of the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the river. Be sure to notice the dolphins that are coiled around the lamps that line the riverside wall to your right. As the riverside walk way opens out to your left is:LONDON RESIDENCE OF THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY Lambeth Palace has been the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury since 1207. The red brick gatehouse that you can see to your left dates from 1495. To its right is the church of St Mary-at Lambeth which houses the Museum of Garden History. Those buried here include Captain William Bligh (1754 - 1817) of Mutiny on the Bounty fame; two John Tradescants, the elder (1570's - 1638) and the younger (1608-1662) both head gardeners to Charles 1st and both credited with introducing many species of plants into English gardens; and Elias Ashmole (1617 1692) founder of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. DIRECTIONS Just past the Thames Cruises Pier, go up the steps and turn right on to Lambeth Bridge. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this is the bridge on which the Knight Bus was filmed squeezing between two buses as it drives over the bridge. DIRECTIONS On arrival on the other side of Lambeth Bridge go right through the gates in to Victoria Tower Gardens. Keep ahead until you arrive at the very colourful:-

BUXTON MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN The fountain was built to commemorate the emancipation of slaves that resulted from the passing of the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833. It was donated by Charles Buxton MP in memory of his father Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton and those who shared his struggle to abolish slavery in the British colonies. IS THIS A DEMENTOR THAT I SEE BEFORE ME?

This might be my imagination playing tricks on me, but don't you think that the lion's head above the drinking bowl that looks towards the main road bears a chilling resemblance to a Dementor? DIRECTIONS Go left and pass the fountain and exit the gardens on to the main road.Turn right, and keep going past the Houses of Parliament to cross Bridge Street via the traffic lights. Turn right on the other side and then go left in to:WESTMINSTER UNDERGROUND STATION. The subway leads into the main booking hall of Westminster Underground Station. This is the station that Mr. Weasley and Harry travel to en route to the Ministry of Magic. You will be travelling from here to the next section of your Harry Potter Walking Tour so you will need to go through the ticket barrier. It was one of these barriers that so confounded Mr. Weasley as he tried to exit through it.

You will need to take an East Bound District or Circle Line train from here to Temple Underground Station where the next section of your Harry Potter London Tour will begin. DIRECTIONS Exit left out of Temple Underground Station, go up the steps, turn right along Temple Place, cross it via the pedestrian crossing, bear left on the other side, and go right along Arundel Street. AUSTRALIA HOUSE - GRINGOTTS BANK HARRY POTTER FILM LOCATION

The first the Goblins - who are working at their desks on both sides of the hall are aware that things arent quite right is when the chandelier begins to shake. Suddenly the dragon smashes through the floor and hits the chandelier which then crashes to the floor. Fortunately, it appears that a wizard was on hand to repair and re-hang the chandelier!

Backtrack to Temple Underground Station, walk past the entrance and go straight over Victoria Embankment (the main road) via the crossing. Veer left on its other side. As you do so, look to your right at the wonderful view of the London Eye and Big Ben in the distance. Keep ahead along Victoria Embankment. As you pass the silver Dragons here on Victoria Embankment you leave the City of Westminster and enter the City of London. THE BOUNDARY OF THE CITY OF LONDON HERE BE DRAGONS.

The Australian High Commission in London, the glorious marble interior of Australia House became the interior for Gringotts, the wizards bank run by goblins, in the Harry Potter films. The filming was done inside the building, which is not normally open to the public, although a glimpse of the sumptuous interior can be obtained with a discreet peep through the doors! What is clearly visible by looking through the glass doors is the magnificent crystal chandelier that is a prominent feature of Gringotts banking hall in the films; particularly in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, when Harry, Ron, Hermione and the goblin, come to the bank to remove the horcrux from Bella Lestranges vault. Harry, Ron and Hermione then make their escape on a back of the dragon which flies up from the vaults.

Greater London - under which most of 1579 KM sq (609 square miles). It is Cities of London and Westminster. geographically small area consisting of

London comes - covers an area of made up of 31 boroughs plus the The City of London itself is a one square mile (2.90KM sq).

The boundaries of the City of London have remained more or less constant since the Middle Ages and those boundaries are, quite literally, guarded by dragons. Indeed dragons are to be found encircling the entire City of London. Of course, to the Muggle mind these amazingly magical fire-breathing lizards are nothing more than creatures of mythology that don't actually exist. This widely held Muggle belief is a testimony to the successful endeavour of the Ministry of Magic which has worked tirelessly to foster this belief

amongst Muggles the world over and to keep these huge creatures hidden from the prying Muggle eyes. In the world of Wizards however, dragons are considered to be the most amazing magical creatures in the world and Gringotts Bank, of course, uses them to guard its high security vaults. DIRECTIONS Keep walking along Victoria Embankment until you arrive at an incline to the left of a ramp. Go up that incline and on arrival at Blackfriars Bridge go right and cross over it. THE FLIGHT OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX Blackfriars is also one of the bridges under which Harry Potter and the members of The Order of the Phoenix fly en route to 12 Grimauld Place. In the film they are shown with the bridge behind them as they head upriver to Westminster. DIRECTIONS On arrival on the other side of Blackfriars Bridge, pass Doggett's Coat and Badge on the right, then go left over the crossing to cross the main road towards the grey building with the trees outside it. Go right on the other side and keep ahead to the main traffic lights at which go left along Southwark Street. Keep ahead under the blue railway bridge. Go first left along Hopton Street and cross cautiously to its right side. When the road bears right, cross over and keep ahead to pass the Falcon Piazza sign. Beyond this go through the covered passage that passes under the light brown brick building. Turn right on its other side, keep ahead, passing Starbucks on your right, then go left up the steps towards the Founders Arms Pub, turning right in front of the pub. Once past the pub veer left and walk to the riverside rail, turning right in front of it. Follow it and when it bears left pause and look across the Thames at a magnificent view of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.

THE FLIGHT OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. To your left is Blackfriars Railway Bridge, under which Harry and the members of The Order of the Phoenix fly in the film of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. DIRECTIONS Keep ahead. On arrival at the Millennium Bridge veer right up the grey paved ramp and turn right to ascend the ramps onto the Millennium Bridge. Once on the bridge keep ahead and pause about half way across. Stand in the middle of the bridge and look ahead at the dome of St Pauls Cathedral. HOLD ON TIGHT HERE COME THE DEATH EATERS.

In the opening sequence of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the Death Eaters continue their attack on London by coming up from behind and then round each side of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral ahead. They then swoop down onto the bridge causing the silver supports on either side to buckle and then snap. Those unfortunate Muggles who are unlucky enough to be crossing the bridge at that moment are helpless as the bridge sways violently, lurches and then falls into the river as a twisted heap of scrap metal.

DIRECTIONS Picture for a moment the dark shadows of the Death Eaters coming up from behind St. Paul's dome ahead. Imagine that they are swooping down towards the bridge. Now turn and run back the way you came from as quickly as you can to see if you would stand any chance of getting off the bridge before the Death Eaters destroyed it! Ahead of you as you backtrack off the Bridge is Tate Modern. Having destroyed the Millennium Bridge the Death Eaters swoop up and over this structure. Turn right off the Millennium Bridge to descend the grey stone ramp and keep ahead along the asphalt path and keep ahead, passing on the right the entrance to Shakespeare's Globe, which if time permits is well worth a visit. Continue ahead along Bankside and, immediately after Pizza Express, go right into Bear Gardens. Pause immediately on the left where, beneath the "Real Greek" sign is:THE OLD FERRYMAN'S STOOL - A RELIC OF BYGONE LONDON.

DIRECTIONS Keep ahead along Bear Gardens and go left at the top on to Park Street. Pass under the bridge and pause on the right by the plaque that marks the site of the Original Globe Theatre. THE SITE OF SHAKESPEARE'S ORIGINAL GLOBE PLAYHOUSE There is an interesting exhibition behind the plaque that gives a full history of Shakespeare's time in London and of the Globe Playhouse itself. DIRECTIONS Continue along Park Street, crossing over Porter Street. Cross to the left side of Park Street and turn left at the end to keep ahead past the Anchor Tavern on to Bankend. Go left then turn right up the red brick steps to the riverside and pause by the rail. To your left is:SOUTHWARK BRIDGE ANOTHER HARRY POTTER FILM LOCATION. In the broomstick flight scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry and the members of the order are shown flying towards Southwark Bridge, albeit the bridge is out of sequence for the direction they are flying from. Having flown through docklands, they are shown flying towards Southwark Bridge to your left. But the next scene shows them heading away from Tower Bridge and passing HMS Belfast which are in fact located beyond London Bridge to your right. Perhaps a magic spell caused the bridge to move? DIRECTIONS

As it says on the plaque, this stool (or to be more precise granite seat built into the wall) is of uncertain age but is generally thought to be of 'ancient origin'. In the days when just one bridge, London Bridge, spanned the River Thames, a ferryman used to sit here and wait to ferry people back over the River Thames to the City of London.

Backtrack past the Anchor Tavern and go left along Clink Street. On the right is the entrance to the Clink Prison Museum which you might like to stop off at. Keep ahead along Clink Street and proceed ahead in to Pickford's Wharf where on the right are the:-


RUINS OF WINCHESTER PALACE This was once the Great Hall of Winchester Palace, the residence of the powerful Bishops of Winchester. The palace was originally built in 1109 for the then Bishop of Winchester William Giffard.


This replica of Sir Francis Drakes flagship, The Golden Hind is now a floating museum. Feted as a hero in England, Drake was, not surprisingly, accused of all manner of foul deeds by his arch enemies, the Spanish, whose Armada he so devastatingly defeated in 1588 (helped more than a little by atrocious weather conditions!) The last Bishop of Winchester to live at the Palace was Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626) who oversaw the compilation of the Authorised Version (also known as the King James Version) of the Bible. During the English Civil War (1642-48) Winchester Palace was taken over by Parliament for use as a prison for Royalist soldiers, and was later sold for warehousing. It was never, technically speaking, demolished, but rather slowly disappeared in the redevelopment of the warehouses. The movement of London's shipping further down the river in the 1970's led to a whole scale redevelopment of the area, in the course of which these late 14th century ruins were exposed to public view. Rumour was rife that Drake had sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for prowess at sea, and that, in concert with Devon witches, he had cast spells to raise the storms that shattered the Spanish Armada. The replica is open to the public. On board, costumed guides will tell you all about 16th-century seafaring life, although talk of the Devil may be slightly frowned upon! THE LEGEND OF JOHN OVERS - ST MARY OVERIE DOCK The Golden Hinde is berthed in St Mary Overie Dock around the origins of which an intriguing legend has been woven. Long before any bridge spanned the Thames, a ferryman named John Overs had the monopoly of ferrying cargoes and passengers across the river, and in the process he became immensely wealthy. But he was also a tight-fisted miser. His servants were treated very badly, and his only daughter, Mary, was forbidden to marry the man she loved because her father refused to provide a dowry. One day it occurred to John Overs

Keep ahead until you arrive at:-


that, if he pretended to be dead for twenty-four hours, his household would mourn, and their fasting would save him the cost of a days food. He therefore wrapped himself in a burial shroud, laid himself in a coffin in his chamber, and prepared to increase his fortune. But he had misjudged his servants, for when they heard the old skinflint was dead they unlocked the pantry and held a lavish party to celebrate. John Overs lay still for as long as he could. But eventually he could take it no more and, with a roar of anger, sat up to admonish his ungrateful employees. One of the servants took fright and, thinking the devil was rising in his masters likeness, picked up an oar and struck out his brains. Although saddened at her fathers tragic demise, Mary sent word to her lover that they could now be married, and he raced to plight his troth. But he was killed when his horse stumbled and threw him. Mary was now inundated with offers of marriage. But she chose instead to found the priory of St Mary Overie, and here lived out the remainder of her days. The legend can be read on a grey granite plaque embedded into a wall recess to the left of the Golden Hinde as you face it. DIRECTIONS Turn right in front of the Golden Hinde and keep ahead. On your left is the entrance Southwark Cathedral which is well worth a visit. Keep ahead along Cathedral Street and just under the railway bridge go right and keep ahead through Borough Market. On arrival at the other side go left in front of the Market Porter Pub along Stoney Street and pause under the railway bridge where on the right is Chez Michelle.


It is outside the doorway under the bridge on the right that the Knight Bus screeches to a halt causing the alarm of a parked car to go off. Harry then climbs off and the bus speeds away leaving Harry to be shown in to the Leaky Cauldron. Although this is where the exterior shot was filmed, the interior was a film set so there isn't a great deal more here to detain you! DIRECTIONS Continue to the end of Stoney Street at the end of which go left along Southwark Street and, just before the underground station, go right to cross all the traffic light crossings, heading towards Ryman's. On arrival at Ryman's turn left in front of it and keep ahead along Borough High Street to cross over St Thomas Street, keep ahead over London Bridge Street and, on arrival at the rail, veer right then go left over the first traffic light crossing, keep ahead over Tooley Street, via the pedestrian crossing, and veer left and ahead to walk on to London Bridge.


LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN. In 1013 the Danish leader Sweyn Forkbeard (960 -1014) son of Harald Bluetooth (history got so dull when Kings and Queen's took up numbering rather than nicknames!) invaded London. He met with a determined resistance but the citizens eventually surrendered. The English King, Aethelred, (968 - 1016), fled into exile and Sweyn was proclaimed King of England. Sweyn's victory, however, was - for him at least - short lived as he died five weeks later. The following year Aethelred returned with an ally, Olaf 11 (995 - 1030) of Norway, and they set about recapturing the City. The Danes, however, repelled the attack and the invading Norsemen were forced to retreat under a barrage of missiles coupled with streams of boiling oil and water that rained upon them from Londons heavily fortified bridge. According to the 13th century Norse Sagas, it was Olafs ingenuity that saved the day. He had his boats covered with thick platforms of wattle and clay, and with his men ensconced beneath this protective layer he had them row upriver under cover of darkness and tie ropes around the timber piles of the bridge. With the next flood tide, his warriors rowed downriver and brought London Bridge tumbling into the water along with many of the astonished Danish defenders. The rest fled, and the City was taken. This infamous event was later immortalised by the Norse poet Ottar Svarte who wrote: London Bridge is broken down Gold is won and bright renown Shields resounding, War horns sounding Hildur shouting in the din! Arrows singing Mailcoats ringing Odin makes our Olaf win In time this saga of war evolved into the popular childrens rhyme London Bridge is falling down my fair Lady.

DIRECTIONS Keep ahead on to London Bridge and pause at its centre to look right towards Tower Bridge. TOWER BRIDGE THE FLIGHT OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX

This is one of the sections of the River Thames along which the members of the Order of the Phoenix fly on their broomsticks as they escort Harry Potter to 12 Grimauld Place in the early stages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Having flown along the Thames through Docklands, which you can see to your right beyond Tower Bridge, they fly past HMS Belfast the grey

battleship that you can see to the right.

Having passed under London Bridge, on which you're standing, they fly under Southwark and Blackfriars Bridges before almost colliding with the Golden Salamander, a Thames pleasure boat which is owned by Thames Luxury Cruises, and which has also been used in the James Bond films and The Bill. DIRECTIONS Continue over London Bridge. Towards its other end look through the gap in the two buildings on the right at the Gherkin which features in the opening sequence of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as the Death Eaters fly over London wreaking havoc and destruction. Continue off the bridge, go past Adelaide House and turn first right into Monument Street where directly ahead of you is:


THE MONUMENT TO THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON. The Monument commemorates the Great Fire of London which broke out on the next street along, Pudding Lane, in September 1666. DIRECTIONS Turn left in front of Monument and go up Fish Street Hill, keeping to its left side. Cross over the main Road, Eastcheap, via the crossing (there are toilets here should they be required) off which veer right go over the next crossing and turn left along Gracechurch Street. Keep ahead over Fenchurch Street and keep walking until, on the right, you come to Bull's Head Passage. Turn right along it and pause outside the opticians a little way along on the left. THE OTHER LEAKY CAULDRON


Leadenhall, which dates from 1881, is London's most beautiful Victorian market. The market has been used in the Harry Potter films for the exterior shots of Diagon Alley. DIRECTIONS Turn left and keep ahead past the New Moon Pub and back out on to Gracechurch Street. Cautiously cross to its other side and turn right to pass Ede and Ravenscroft. This was the location used for the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DIRECTIONS Keep ahead and go left to pause under the clock at the centre of:On arrival at the traffic lights go left along Cornhill and pause a little way along on the left outside the door of St Peter's Church. Facing the door look up at the building on the right at:-



WHERE CHARLES DICKENS'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL BEGAN The alleyway you arrive in is extremely atmospheric; even the London traffic and everyday bustle are strangely muffled. It was in this vicinity of the City that Charles Dickens placed the office of Ebenezer Scrooge, and it has to be said that the alleyways hereabouts still have a very Dickensian feel. The neighbourhood has changed much since, but here in this backwater of timeless alleyways time stands still, and you can picture its Victorian residents going wheezing up and down, beating their hands on their breasts, and stamping their feet upon the pavement stones to warm them. DIRECTIONS Keep ahead through Castle Court and go left along Birchin Lane. At its end go right along Lombard Street and keep walking along it until you arrive at the entrance to Bank Underground Station. From Bank Underground Station you will need to take a northbound Northern Line train to King's Cross for the final section of your Harry Potter Walk When you arrive at King's Cross Northern Line Station be sure to exit the Platform via the Euston Road Exit. Having gone through the ticket barrier, walk up the steps directly ahead and turn left at the top. Turn immediately right following the sign and arrow pointing to "St Pancras International." Keep ahead through the passage and, just before you arrive at the ticket machines on the left, go up the stairs where the arrow and sign point and read "stairs to street level. Turn left at the top of those stairs, and go left again at the "Way Out and Euston Road" sign. Once on Euston Road turn right, follow the red brick wall and, just after the red telephone box, turn right and pause in front of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

The red-brick building to the right of the church is surmounted by three ferocious looking demons that look decidedly fearsome! Indeed, why not see if the children can spot them? The three devil's crouch as though poised to leap from their perches and wreak demonic mayhem around the church. They remember a bitter feud between a long ago vicar of St Peters and the architect who designed this building, a Mr Rentz. When Rentz drew up his original plans for the building he did it in such a way that his new building would have encroached on land owned by the church. As it happened, the then vicar of St Peter's was very territorial and he created such a furore that the architect was forced to redesign the building, which cost him a great deal of both time and money. When the building was finally completed, Rentz added the grotesques in commemoration of the feud and, it is said, modeled the face of the fiercest demon on that of his arch enemy, the then vicar of St Peters. DIRECTIONS Walk a little way along Cornhill and go left through the very narrow covered St Peter's Alley. Keep ahead through the next covered passageway, go right into Corbett's Court go up and down the stairs, off which bear left, and walk straight to pause outside the George and Vulture.


ST PANCRAS STATION - KING'S CROSS EXTERIOR. Although Harry Potter and his schoolmates board the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross Station, the exterior used in the films was in fact the one that now looms over you, St Pancras Station. It was on the corner of the courtyard to your left that Harry and Ron park the Ford Anglia in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Later in the film, when they find themselves unable to pass through the wall on to Platform nine-and-three-quarters, they return to the Ford Anglia and fly off over the station. The clock that towers over you to your right is shown in this flight scene. The restoration of the exterior of the station was completed just in time for it to feature at the end of the Last Harry Potter film The Deathly Hallows Part Two, when Harry, Ron and Hermione who are now nineteen years older bring their children to Kings Cross for their first journey to Hogwarts. DIRECTIONS Backtrack and keep going past the exit via which you came out of the station. Keep ahead and, at the traffic lights, turn left along Pancras Road, then veer right over the crossing heading for King's Cross Station, the white sign on which is clearly visible on the other side of the road. Just to the right as you approach is:-

PLATFORM NINE-AND-THREE-QUARTERS Although not an actual film location, this has become a magnet to thousands of Harry Potter fans from all over the world.

They come to photograph the sign, which the station authorities have obligingly put up in honour of the station's most famous passenger. Even more obliging is the fact that they have also taken the trouble to place a luggage cart against the wall which looks as though it is half way in to the wall, as though some young witch or wizard is proceeding on their way to board the Hogwarts Express! You can take photographs of yourself and the children, or just yourself, or, if you can enlist the services of a passing passenger, of all of you, pushing at the cart as though you too are on your way to wizard land!


DIRECTIONS Enter Kings Cross Station via the doors to the right of the trolley and keep straight ahead passing to the left of the arrivals and departures board. Once passed it, keep ahead to Caf Nero and pause by the barrier to its right to look over the barrier and along Platform 5. Unfortunately you cant actually go onto the platform itself without a ticket, so youll have to look along the platforms from this side of the barrier. THE ENTRANCE TO PLATFORM NINE-AND-THREE-QUARTERS Kings Cross has appeared in every Harry Potter film because the journey to Hogwarts aboard the Hogwarts Express starts from King's Cross Platform 9, which is invisible to the eyes of muggles, and which is reached by walking through the wall between platforms 9 and 10. However, Kings Cross Station posed a slight problem for the film makers in that Platforms 9 and 10 arent actually adjacent to one another. The problem was overcome by re-numbering Platforms 4 and 5. Thus Platform 9 is in fact situated between these two platforms ahead of you, which are separated by picturesque brick arches. The Hogwarts Express pulls into the far end of the platform. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Mr and Mrs Weasley pass through the portal but when Harry and Ron try to do so they just hit the wall and fall to the ground. A nearby porter eyes them suspiciously and asks what they think they're doing, to which Harry replies "sorry lost control of trolley." Realising that they can't get on to the platform they hurry back to the forecourt (St Pancras which you visited earlier) and take off in the Ford Anglia.

OUR LAST GLIMPSE OF HARRY, RON AND HERMIONE It is on the platforms ahead that we catch our last glimpse of Harry, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two when they bring their children here to pass through the wall and onto Platform 9 to begin their first journey to Hogwarts. WHY J. K. ROWLING CHOSE KINGS CROSS The reason J. K. Rowling chose Kings Cross Station as the place from which the Hogwarts Express departs was because her parents actually met at Kings Cross which is why the station had special significance to her. Dont forget you can watch clips of the Harry Potter sites on the main Harry Potter Tour website at I hope youve enjoyed the tour and I would be grateful for any feedback you can give, particularly if youve encountered any problems. WHY NOT JOIN A GHOST OR JACK THE RIPPER TOUR? We also offer regular scheduled tours of Haunted London and Jack the Rippers London. Full details can be found on the website. COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND LEGAL DISCLAIMER The Harry Potter London Tour and Treasure Hunt is the copyright of Richard Jones. It may not be reproduced in any form without his express permission in writing. It is intended as a free resource and should not be sold.


In the Deathly Hallows Part Two Harry is hit with with a killing curse by Lord Voldemort, and he enters a Limbo state in which his spirit meets with that of Albus Dumbledore at a location that Harry identifies as King's Cross Station only cleaner. The "Harry Potter" Tour is an independent self guided tour that is neither supported by nor endorsed by J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Scholastic Press or Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. The Magician recognises the fact that all rights to all the "Harry Potter" stories and characters are the property of J. K. Rowling and her publishers and representatives. Film Rights remain the property of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.