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ThewarbetweentheAutobotsandthedecepticons isover.Afterthematrixisusedtopurgeitspolluted core,theplanetCybertronrevertstoaprimordial state and sends a message to thousands of nonaffiliated Transformers: come home. And come home they doen masse.As bumblebee tries to formacoalitionwiththenewarrivalsrepresentative, metalhawk, prowl sends the captured deceptions onto the streets, as a peacekeeping force.To keep theminline,heimplantsInhibitor/deterrenceChips in their headspreventing them from changing modesandallowingtheAutobotstodetonatethe chip,ifthedecepticongetsoutofcontrol. whenhorri-bullattacksanewarrival,bumblebee seeslittlechoice.meanwhile,thedecepticoncalled skywarpwatches...


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