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The Proposal of Visitor Malaysian Agricultural Research Development Institute (MARDI) Third Year Student of Counseling Islamic Science

University of Malaysia

Human Resource Management (AAA 3033) is one of the subjects that have been offered by Islamic Science University of Malaysia and should be taken by the third years student of counseling. Thus, in order to fulfill the requirement of the course, one assignment has been given to student to create a group of five persons according to each class and go for visiting and interviewing one company that has the Human Resource Department.

The purpose of this proposal is to get permission to visit MARDI and also make an appointment with the manager of human resource in order to gain information about the training and development provided in this organization.

1. To understand about the implementation of human resources in real situation at human resources department especially in training and development. 2. To gain information on the kind of training and development that provided in this organization. 3. To understand the effectiveness of training and development in one organization.

Date Venue

: 2 September 2009 : MARDI Serdang, Malaysia.


We hope that your representative will give the best cooperation to us in order to accomplish our requirement. Thank you for all of your commitment and we really appreciate it. For your references, here we compile the potential questions that we will ask during the interview session with your representative. Thank you.


Prepared by

Approved by: ...................................... (KALSOM BIN ALI) Tutor of the Human Resource Management Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

................................................... (SITI NASHRIAH BT MOHD YUSOFF) Third Year Student of Counseling Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia


Attachment The possible questions. 1. What kind of training program that is provided by this organization? 2. When the training was applied? 3. What kind of training that organization provide for the incumbent? 4. What kind of training that organization provide for the senior workers? 5. How the development of the worker before and after the training? 6. How the organization measure the effectiveness of the training 7. How the organization identify the worker that should be sent for the training program? 8. How much the budget that the organization spend for the training and development of workers for a year? 9. How the organization manage the problems workers? Did they will be sent directly for the training program? 10. For the training program, does this organization hired any outside consultant or make use the internal consultant?