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Chris Snyder

15 years ago, John Wakefeild murdered his family and disappeared. Now after the return of a fellow townsman, the murders start up again. Has John Wakefeild returned to finish what he started?

-We open when we see an older man walking into his house. RICHARD: Margret, honey? Are you home? Margret? -Richard walks upstairs and walks in his bedroom -He sees Margret dead on the bed. She was bleeding in her stomach RICHARD: Oh my god. Margret! No! -A younger man enters. RICHARD: John. I found her like this. Call the police. -John does not move. RICHARD: John? -We see John is pulling a knife out of his pocket. RICHARD: Oh shit. -John cuts Richard's arm. -Richard runs downstairs and into the kitchen -John is following. -Richard opens the basement door. -John grabs Richard and stabs him in his stomach and pushes him down the stairs. -John begins to walking down the stairs. He turns around and closes

the basement door. We go black.

15 Years Later..
-We open when we see a young male, Wade, standing next to a sign outside a town saying: "WELCOME TO HARMONY COUNTY" -He walks towards the town. -We see Wade walking by a store. -A woman sees him and stops. Her name is Monica Rose. MONICA: Wade? -Wade stops and turns around WADE: Monica? Wow. Look at you. MONICA: You're back? WADE: Yeah. I guess I am. MONICA: You just vanished. We all started to think that you were dead. WADE: I'm sorry. -Monica's phone rings. MONICA: Hello? Oh hey. Yeah. I'll be right there. -Monica hangs up.

WADE: Was that your boyfriend? MONICA: No. Don't have one. But since you're here, there is someone I do want you to meet. Come with me. -We see Wade and Monica entering at the park. We see a young man and a young woman sitting on a bench. Wade and Monica approach them. MONICA: Hey guys, this is Wade. I thought you guys should meet him. This is Raven and Shane. RAVEN: Hey Wade. SHANE: Wade, I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just move here? WADE: Well just moved back. MONICA: He used to live here up until three years ago. Then he left. WADE: And now I am back. RAVEN: Not that it's any of our business but why did you leave? MONICA: Yes, Wade, why did you leave? WADE: It's a long story and it happened a long time ago.

MONICA: Okay. Let's take a walk. -We see Wade, Monica, Shane, and Raven walking down the street. -Wade sees John Wakefield's old house. WADE: Holy shit. They didn't tear this place down yet? RAVEN: Why would they? WADE: Do you have any idea what happened here? SHANE: No. WADE: It all started 15 years ago. Richard Wakefield came home to find his wife dead but only to discover that his son was the one who did it. Then his son, John Wakefield, showed up and killed him. And after that John Wakefield disappeared. His whereabouts have been unknown since. MONICA: You really don't believe all that do you? WADE: It's true. RAVEN: Yeah, right? WADE: I swear it. SHANE: Come on, it's just some bullshit ghost story to begin with. Every town

has a scary legend. This is ours. WADE: Whatever you say dude.

RAVEN: Let's just go, guys. -They begin to walk away. Monica looks in the upper window. -She sees someone moving up there. WADE: You coming, Monica? MONICA: There's someone up there. WADE: What? -Wade looks up, there is no one there. WADE: Come on, there's no one up there. -They continue walking away. -We see Shane and Raven in a house later that night. RAVEN: Shane, do you believe that story? About John Wakefield? SHANE: No. It's just some old town legend. Like I said, every town has one. RAVEN: But what if it's not. What if John Wakefeild comes back?

SHANE: There's nothing for him here. Why would he come back? -We see Monica walking up to the John Wakefield house. -She enters. In the house is pure darkness. No movement. -She enters a room where we see bunch of photos of Shane, Raven, and Monica. MONICA: Oh my god. -The killer enters. The killer is wearing a black hoodie and a plain black mask not revealing face. -The killer grabs Monica and stabs her. -The next morning we see Shane and Raven sitting on the park bench. -Wade approaches. WADE: Hey, have you guys seen Monica? RAVEN: You can't get a hold of her either? WADE: No. SHANE: We have been trying to find her all morning. WADE: That's so strange. -A cop car pulls up. SHANE: Oh shit.

RAVEN: Is that your brother? WADE: Your brother's a cop? -A male officer approaches. He is younger but a little bit older than Shane and Wade

J.D.: Wade? WADE: J.D.? SHANE: Did I miss something? You two know each other? J.D.: We did. Three years ago. Now I am not so sure who he is. RAVEN: What's going on, J.D.? J.D.: I came to talk to you about Monica. RAVEN: Is everything all right? We have been trying to get a hold of her all morning. J.D.: One of our officers found her dead this morning. She was stabbed to death. RAVEN: Oh my god. Are you sure it was Monica?

J.D.: Yes. WADE: Do you know who did it? J.D.: Fucking clueless. But I have an idea. Wade, can I talk to you a minute? -Wade and J.D. walk to the side where they can talk privately. WADE: What the hell do you want, J.D? J.D: I want to know why the hell you came back. WADE: You think I would stay away because of the shit that happened three years ago?! Why don't they blame you? Huh? I mean, you weren't a cop. J.D.: Yeah. I just saved your ass Warden for the second time. But don't you worry kiddo. There won't be a third. WADE: Good. -J.D. gets in car and drives off. SHANE: So what's going on? WADE: I'm pretty sure he thinks I killed Monica. RAVEN: What? Why?

WADE: Because of what happened. SHANE: Will you tell us what happened? WADE: A dealer gave me an ounce of herion to burn down an abandon building. But it wasn't abandoned there was eight people in there, eight people died. And the feds got involved, and I got caught and I made a deal and my dad got me off. But the guy who hired me disappeared and nothing happened, nothing happened. SHANE: What does all of this has to do with J.D.?

WADE: He was helping me. He helped me do it. And when the cops showed up he talked to one of the officers and they got him a job. He acted like he was innocent. So I ran away and never looked back. Until now. SHANE: So why did you come back? WADE: I can't tell you that yet. RAVEN: Do you want to hang out later? WADE: I can't. I have stuff to do tonight. -Later that night we see J.D. going to the Wakefeild house. -He enters and walks around the house. -He enters the photo room Monica walked in. He sees photos of him, Shane, and Raven.

J.D.: Damn it, Wade. -The killer enters the room -The killer appears behind J.D. and then slits his neck. -The killer drags J.D.'s body across the floor -The next morning we see Raven and Shane walking by the Wakefield house. -Wade sees them. WADE: I've been looking everywhere for you guys. SHANE: You're gonna die. -Shane punches Wade and they fight. RAVEN: What the hell, Shane? SHANE: Wake up Raven! He's behind this! WADE: What the fuck are you talking about? SHANE: Drop the act. You killed Monica and then J.D. WADE: J.D.'s dead? SHANE: What is it with you, Wade? You were dogging us from the start, weren't

you? Always trying to be our friend, always trying to be one of us but you were too fucking jealous to handle it. WADE: Fuck you! RAVEN: Guys! WADE: I found this old newspaper article about John Wakefield. SHANE: (reads article aloud) "John Wakefield is said to armed and extremly dangerous. After both of his parents were found dead in their home, Wakefield disappeared. There is no doubt about it that Wakefeild is the murderer. If anyone sees John Wakefield please call 555-0176 RAVEN: You really were telling the truth? WADE: I told you. SHANE: All right fine. So what do we do now? WADE: Well I think we should go to the Wakefield house tonight. SHANE: What? RAVEN: Are you crazy? WADE: Well if Wakefield is back and he is the one doing all these murders then we have a good chance at stopping him if all three of us work together.

SHANE: Okay. What time should we meet? WADE: How does eight o'clock sound? RAVEN: No, this is a bad idea. If Wakefield is here, he could kill us all. WADE: I know. But what else are we going to do? Just sit here and wait to see which one of us drops next? -Later that night we see Wade, Raven, and Shane approaching the house. WADE: Are you guys ready? SHANE: Yeah. WADE: Raven? RAVEN: If I die in here, I swear to God. SHANE: You won't die. I won't let it happen. WADE: Let's go. -They enter the house. WADE: Okay. I say we split up. RAVEN:

It's bad enough you want to be in this place now you want us to split up? WADE: He can't come after all three of us at the same time if we split up, right? RAVEN: Whatever. WADE: Okay. I'll take this floor. Shane you take the second floor. Raven you take this floor too but you get half, and I'll get half. SHANE: You will be okay, babe. RAVEN: I better be. -Shane walks upstairs. -Shane walks in Margret's old room -We have a quick flashback to see Margret dead on her bed and then we cut back to present time -We hear a noise in the background. Shane looks back. -We see Wade walking into the kitchen. -The killer appears. WADE: Oh shit. -The killer chases Wade a little in the kitchen. The killer opens the basement door and pushes Wade down the stairs. The killer walks down the stairs. Wade is on the ground.

WADE: You. -The killer is not wearing a mask but the face is not revealed. The killer takes two knives and stabs Wade's throat. -We see Raven entering the room with the photos. -We see photos of Raven, Shane, Wade, Monica, and J.D. -There are X's on the photos of Monica and J.D. RAVEN: Oh my god. -Shane enters the room. SHANE: Raven, are you okay? RAVEN: Yeah, I'm fine..right now. SHANE: Listen to me. Don't freak out. Wade's dead. RAVEN: What? SHANE: His body is in the living room. I am going to go and get help. Stay here. So the killer doesn't know we left.

RAVEN: He's going to fucking kill me, Shane SHANE:

No he's not. Just say right here. Stay hidden. And I promise you I will be back before you know it. RAVEN: Okay okay SHANE: Thank you. -Shane exits. -Raven is staying the room -The killer appears. RAVEN: No. Shane! Help me! He's here! -The killer walks closer to Raven, she runs out of the room -She runs through the living room to find Wade's body at the bottom of the stairs. -Raven screams -Raven runs to the basement, she starts running down them and falls down the rest. -She is on the ground of the basement. She looks up to find J.D.'s body locked in a shackle to a pipe in the basement. with a tape player next to his body. RAVEN: J.D.? -She grabs the tape player and presses play SHANE: (on tape) Hello Raven. You're probably wondering what is going on here. Well, you fell into a trap. Wade's trap. Who fell into mine. With the murders

you didn't know what to believe. You were led to believe that it was Wade. FLASHBACKS SHANE: Did you just move here? WADE: Well just moved back. -The killer grabs Monica and stabs her. RAVEN: Is that you're brother? WADE: You're brother's a cop? WADE: He thinks I killed Monica -The killer appears behind J.D. and then slits his neck FLASHBACKS END SHANE: (on tape) You trusted me when you shouldn't have. And now you are in the room that you're going to die in. -We see Shane walking behind Raven in the killer costume without the mask. -Raven turns around. Shane cocks his head. FLASHBACKS SHANE: You're gonna die.

WADE: You. -We see Shane in the killer suit standing over Wade right before he killed him. -The killer takes two knives and stabs Wade's throat RAVEN: He's going to fucking kill me Shane

SHANE: I will be back before you know it. FLASHBACKS END -Shane cuts the power to the tape. He begins walking away. He stops and turns around to Raven who is still on the ground. SHANE: Game over. -Shane walks up the stairs. Turns around at the top of the stairs. Holds the door and closes it. He turns off the light to the basement and locks the basement door. -He walks out of the house and gets in the passenger side of the car. We see John Wakefield in the driver seat. -Screen cuts black.

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