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Detective Robert Tapp is dead, and Shane Johnson has emerged as the unchallenged successor to John Wakefields legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Shane, he is forced to set a game into motion, and John Wakefields grand

scheme is finally understood.

-We open when HOUSE OF DOOM III ended. -We see Detective Tapp playing the tape when Shane is in the glass coffin SHANE: (on tape) I ask you, Detective Tapp, have you learned enough to trust me? For if you do not, this room will forever be your tomb, your body will never be found, and my legacy will become yours. Make your choice. -We see the walls start to close in -We see the walls closing in more, crushing Tapp to death -We see Shane safe in the glass coffin. -We see Shane opening the glass coffin -He walks down the hall and presses a button that opens the room up again. -We see Tapp's crushed body.

-We open when we see Shane in the warehouse. -His phone rings. He answers. SHANE: Yeah? I'm on my way. -We see Shane arriving at Raven's crime scene.

-Erickson is there examining the body.

SHANE: Erickson. I didn't know you ever made it out from behind the desk. ERICKSON: I make exceptions when fingerprints are found at a Wakefield murder scene. Have a look. -Shane is looks at Raven's dead body. ERICKSON: I know about you, Shane. SHANE: Excuse me? ERICKSON: You had to lie on the phone about your identity in case Tapp was listening. Right? SHANE: Yeah. ERICKSON: We also got a right index off the table. SHANE: Been ID'd yet? ERICKSON: Yeah. They're Detective Tapp's. When I learned that he and Harry were being targeted by Wakefield I should have been more aware. But I didn't see this coming. Not from Robert Tapp.

SHANE: It was a shock to all of us. ERICKSON: Yeah. But we have something he doesn't know about. You want to follow me? -Erickson and Shane walk into the other room. -Monica is in there. MONICA: Shane. SHANE: Monica? -We flashback to the killer attacking her in HOUSE OF DOOM ERICKSON: It was my call, Shane. I knew that John Wakefield wasn't working alone but until I knew for certain who was helping him, I couldn't guarantee her well being. SHANE: So you let me think she was dead? ERICKSON; Well I didn't know who I could trust. SHANE: What else have you been keeping from me? MONICA: We know that Detective Tapp knew the two people in the warehouse. The two victims that Erickson found.

SHANE: How'd he know them? MONICA: Tapp investigated them. After a house fire. It was arson and both people were accountable. But after the loan witness went missing, no charges were ever filed. ERICKSON: Tapp couldn't them get away so he slaughtered them.

SHANE: So what are you telling me, he's a vigilante? ERICKSON: Call him whatever you'd like. But he has to be found. -Shane begins walking away. MONICA: We'd like to work together on this. SHANE: You led me to believe that she was dead and you want to work with me? ERICKSON: Look, we're offering full disclosure. From now on, everything we know, you know. Is that fair? -Erickson puts his hand out. -Shane shakes his hand. -We see Shane coming out of an elevator of an apartment building

-Detective Rachel Cowan is waiting. COWAN: Shane Johnson. How about a quick word? SHANE: Detective Cowan. COWAN: It just doesn't make sense to me. Why would Tapp help John Wakefield? SHANE: Is this you theorizing again? Cause Wakefield's dead.

COWAN: I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about Tapp. SHANE: I've been chasing Wakefield from the beginning. And I got him. So unless you got something else to say, back the fuck off. -Shane enters apartment alone. -We see the apartment is empty. -We cut to a flashback -We see Shane and John in the apartment. SHANE: J.D. thinks Wade's responsible. JOHN: Let him think whatever he wants.

SHANE: We got to kill him. So Raven and Monica think it was Wade too. JOHN: So in a sense, you choose who lives or dies. SHANE: From now on, I control all aspects of the game. JOHN: When faced with death, who should live vs who will live are two entirely seperate things. -Flashback ends. -We see Cowan walking down a hallway in the apartment building. -The killer grabs her and drags her into the apartment. -The killer stabs her three times in the stomach. -We cut to Shane walking in the mourge. We see Raven's dead body on the table -Erickson and Monica are there. And so is a male doctor, Dr. Dan Heffner SHANE: I came as quick as I could. HEFFNER: Look here. These are the cuts from previous victims. -Heffner shows photos of Wade, J.D., and Charles' dead bodies. He looks at their cuts. HEFFNER: This is the cut from the latest victim.

-Shane looks at Raven's cuts. SHANE: Looks like all the rest. MONICA: Yeah, that's what I said too. HEFFNER: The skin abrasions they're indicative of a knife with a partly serrated edge. SHANE: So? HEFFNER: So all the other cuts were made with a near perfect blade of surgical quality. SHANE: Obviously Tapp used a different knife than John Wakefeild.

MONICA: Right but it got us curious so we pulled the files to compare. That same knife was used in only one other victim. ERICKSON: And that victim was Wade Warden. SHANE: You're telling me you can tell a different knife was used from a photo? HEFFNER: No but I can. I was the one who examined that body. I've examined every victim of the Wakefield murders.

SHANE: Good work. ERICKSON: We're looking into the Wade Warden case. SHANE: Why's that? MONICA: Well if a different person killed him then maybe that different person is still out there. SHANE: Tapp. MONICA: Yeah, maybe. ERICKSON: Tapp's fingerprints would be our smoking gun. We had that, we'd go public with his involvement . -We cut to a woman, Jill Tuck, talking to a health insurance agent, William Easton.

WILLIAM: Have a seat. JILL: It's been a long time, Will. Why am I here? WILLIAM: Jill, you can understand my surprise when I found out who he really was. John left something for you.

-He plays a videotape. On the video tape is John. JOHN: (on tape) If you're watching this Jill, I'm long gone from this world. You are my heart, you always have been, you always will be. I'm not going to try to explain my actions of late. Suffice it to say that I find it difficult to forgive myself for what happened at the clinic. I permitted, indeed encouraged your decisions regarding the people there. I saw danger and I should have acted sooner. I'm leaving you a box today and it's contents are of grave importance. Even though, you and I don't always see eye to eye on everything I deeply believe in you and I believe that you will know what to do with these materials. -William gets out a black box. He gives it to Jill -The box is locked. -She has a key around her neck she uses it to unlock the box. -She opens the box, but it is not revealed what is inside. -She closes the box. WILLIAM: Jill, if you don't mind, what's in the box? JILL: Thank you for your time, William. -She takes the box and loads it in her car. -She sees Shane outside the building. -She walks up to Shane JILL: I didn't expect to see you here so soon.

SHANE: Change in plans. The game begins tonight. JILL: Why? SHANE: That's not your concern. All you need to is that there is a complication so it is going to take a little longer. JILL: That's not what John wanted. SHANE: Well John's dead. And his work is almost done. JILL: I'm only carrying out John's final request. SHANE: When I'm done, we no longer speak. -Shane walks away. -We see William turning off the lights in his office later that night. -He is alone in the building. -The killer appears and captures William. -We cut to a flashback -We see Shane bringing Koules' body in the warehouse from HOUSE OF DOOM II. -He throws Detective Mark Koules' body on the ground hard.

JOHN: That's a human being. Do you like how brutality feels, Shane? SHANE: Let's be honest. You wanted him to suffer just as much as I did. JOHN: So when's your test, Shane? SHANE: I don't need one. JOHN: Oh yeah? SHANE: Yeah. Because I didn't take my life for granted. JOHN: You're still dragging your knuckles on the ground. What do you know about life? You think it's the living that will have the ultimate judgment over you because the dead will have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken. -We see Jill walking in. -Jill and Shane just look at each other. JOHN: Go, be quick. -Shane leaves. JOHN: Why'd you come? JILL: John, please stop. Don't do this.

JOHN: I promise you when all this is done, I will provide a way out for you. JILL: I wish that time was now. JOHN: And I have something for you. -John gives Jill an envelope. JILL: What's this for? JOHN: When the time's right, you'll know what to do. -Flashback ends. -We see William waking up in a cage in an abandon zoo. WILLIAM: Hey! Help! Help! -We see the killer entering the room. WILLIAM: Fuck. No I'm not gonna die! I'm not gonna die! I'm not gonna die! -William fights the killer. -The killer stabs William in the leg and snaps William's neck. -The killer removes mask, revealing Shane's face. -Shane's phone rings. He answers.

SHANE: Yeah? -Erickson is on the other side of the phone ERICKSON: (on phone) It's Erickson. We found the Wade Warden file. SHANE: Yeah. ERICKSON: (on phone) But there was something else we wanted to discuss with you. SHANE: What's that? ERICKSON: (on phone) Better talk about it in person, it's time sensitive. SHANE: I'll be right there. -We see Shane entering the police station. ERICKSON: Thanks for coming in. SHANE: What'd you find? ERICKSON: An abnormality in Tapp's fingerprint. SHANE: What?

ERICKSON: Have a look. -Shane walks over to Monica who is on the computer. MONICA: So the human fingerprint leaves an oily residue. And depending how long it's been exposed to the element it's highly subseptical to contamination. SHANE: So, what's the problem? MONICA: Well we found traces amounts of halmethanie R-12 ERICKSON: She means freeon. MONICA: Production of R-12 ceased in 1994 so the question is: Was the contaminate we found at the site already, or did Tapp bring it in with him? ERICKSON: We're looking into the buildings' function before it was abandoned. SHANE: Uh huh. -Erickson phone rings. ERICKSON: Excuse me. -Erickson walks away. SHANE:

Did anything come from the Wade Warden file?

MONICA: Uh yeah, actually. We might be on to something. The file was in pretty hard to find since Tapp took a lot of files on the victims when he left. But we found a copy. He's on with the tech right now. -We see Erickson still on the phone looking at Shane. -Erickson hangs up. ERICKSON: We got it. This is our smoking gun. The lab's off sight. Come on, you're coming, right? SHANE: Of course. -We cut to Jill who is at her apartment. -She grabs the envelope John gave her and places it in the box. She grabs the box and leaves the apartment. -We cut to Shane, Erickson, and Monica walking into the Tech Lab. ERICKSON: This is it. How's it going? TECHNICIAN: Good. I have been trying to make some sense of this but something is off. I can't tell what yet. ERICKSON: Well let's see what you got.

MONICA: You know there's still a couple things I can't quite wrap my head around. Like I don't understand Tapp's motivation. SHANE: You never can tell what someone's thinking on the inside. MONICA: Yeah, it's just I never thought of him as being vengeful. You know? I mean all the facts are there. Something doesn't sit right. ERICKSON: You know there is an alternative. Let's say that Tapp killed Wade Warden specifically to set you up as an accomplice to Wakefield. SHANE: Okay. ERICKSON: Well there's a problem with that though. On further analysis on Tapp's fingerprints in the ecrodue residue were inconsistent for an individual with an active epidermal metabolism. SHANE: In other words? ERICKSON: In other words when you left his fingerprints on the latest victim, Tapp was already dead. TECHNICIAN: Here it is. -Shane pulls out a knife from his pocket and cuts Erickson's neck -Shane pours hot coffee on Monica's face.

-Shane stabs the technician. -Shane stabs Monica in the stomach rapidly. SHANE: Who else knows about me? Who else fucking knows about me? MONICA: Everyone. SHANE: You lie. You're a fucking liar. -Monica falls to the ground dead. -Shane walks outside to his car. -He opens the trunk and there is a cooler that has a hand. -We cut to a flashback when Tapp's crushed body falls on the floor. -Shane sees Tapp's hand. He takes it. -We see Shane going into Raven's apartment after she is dead and he puts Tapp's fingerprints all over her. -We cut back to present time. -We see Shane going back in the lab. -He puts Tapp's fingerprints over everyone's bodies. -He pours gasoline all over and sets the lab on fire. -He walks out of the lab. -We cut to Jill walking into the observation room of the abandon zoo

building. -She sees William's dead body in the cage. -We see Shane arriving at the abandon zoo building -We see Shane walking in the observation room. -Jill sneaks up behind him and electrocutes him and puts him in the chair while he is unconscious. -Jill straps him in. She opens the box and it is revealed there is a head contraption in there. She places it on Shane's head. -Shane wakes up. JILL: Before he died, John gave you a final assignment. This one was for me. -She opens the envelope John gave her. It is a photo of Shane. JILL: This is John's will. -Shane is struggling to get out of the chair. -A timer turns on. He has sixty seconds. But it is not activated. SHANE: (muffled) No. -Shane is still stuggling to get out of the chair.

-Jill walks to the door. JILL: Game over. SHANE: (muffled) No. No. You fucking bitch -Jill closes the door as she leaves him. SHANE: (muffled) No! -Shane bashes the head contraption on his hands to break free from the chair. SHANE: (muffled) Oww. FLASHBACKS JOHN: So when's your test, Shane? SHANE: I don't need one. JOHN: Oh yeah? FLASHBACKS END -Shane escapes one of the arm straps. -There is twenty nine seconds left. -He unties himself from the other arm strap.

FLASHBACKS JOHN: You know why you're here, don't you? FLASHBACKS END -There is eighteen seconds left. -Shane takes a screwdriver and tries to break free of the head contraption FLASHBACKS JOHN: I want to know if you have what it takes to survive. JOHN: You feel you know have control don't you? You think you will walk away untested? FLASHBACKS END -Shane screams. -Shane smashes his face in the glass door and the head trap opens a little. FLASHBACKS JOHN: Do you like how brutality feels, Shane? FLASHBACKS END -Shane tries to pull away

FLASHBACKS JILL: I'm only carrying out John's final request. JOHN: You want a chance? I'll give you a chance. FLASHBACKS END -Shane pulls away from the head trap right as it goes off. -Shane kneels down, screaming, as half his face is ripped. -Screen cuts black.

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