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: Your name is Dave Strider, and youre currently lying asleep in your bed woefully unaware of your appearance.

Your normally flat and styled hair is stuck up around two pale blonde ears, which flick to and fro while you snore quietly. From the base of your spine, a long fluffy tail languidly swishes back and forth over the side of the bed. Its long past noon and true to Strider style youre still asleep. What will you do? Sleep until someone wakes you up : Your name is Terezi Pyrope, and in your opinion, some things are just /begging/ to be touched and prodded, or otherwise disturbed. You creep up next to the unsuspecting Strider, because everyone knows blind girls are the most silent and deadly of predators, and you grab the tail mid-swing. "This is mine." You quietly proclaim, stifling laughter, "I have claimed this for my people! Hehehehehe." : Dave let out a rather manly shriek and sat up rigidly in his bed. What the hell was touching him? He whipped around seeing no one right near you, but only Terezi sitting a few feet away, clutching a yellow fluff ball. Of all the weird stuff she come's in here with, this was one of the more normal "What's with the hair ball TZ?" He asked cocking his head to the side. : "More like what's with your ass!" She finally lets loose a cackle, no longer all that concerned about waking up someone who wasn't sleeping anymore. As Dave sat up, she spots the ears too, and gasps with delight. "And your head! But, jeez, this thing is downright lovely, if not an unexpected development! I always said human anatomy is super weird." Terezi rubs the tail on her face. God, it was soft. : Dave was about to ask what the hell she was talking about when he felt his tail touch her face. He took a second to notice it, but when he did it hit him like a ton of metal bricks. It was attached to him, his hand flew to his lower back and gasped silently when the root of it was grabbed. Wait what about his head?! His hands left the tail to pat the crown of his head, his ears flicking in discomfort upon being pushed down. He looked at her with shock and horror, even if she couldn't see it through his shade's which he had fallen asleep in. "What did you do?!" : Terezi stared at him for a moment, dumbfounded but still clutching the tail. She kept a hold on it even through Dave's brief, but amusing, freak out. Apparently this wasn't normal. She had a feeling, honestly. "Me? Do you think I used crazy voodoo magic on you or something? Jeez, rude! I'm just as surprised as you are!" She grins and quickly leans over to tug on his ears too. The way they twitched made it too tempting to pass up a feel. "You look so docile! I want to put you in a cardboard box and feed you raw fish! Hehehehehehe!" : "Not this isn't normal and I would much prefer a large, crinkly bag at this

point thank you" He said swishing his tail from her grasp. He yelped when his ear was pulled, holy shit that wasn't pleasant. Dave pulled his head back and shook it, god damn it why was he suddenly one of those super kawaii moe neko's that get raped by tentacles in bad hentai? Wait was there even good hentai? Who cares he was a cat! "Don't pull those please thank you" : Terezi frowned, but didn't push her luck, deciding to snatch up the tail again. It was long enough to share, damn it. "And your first thought is 'blame the innocent handicapped girl'? I am shocked, appalled, and various other disgusting emotions, quite frankly!" She grinned and began stroking his tail lovingly. "I will touch all I want. This is mine! I took it while you were asleep so deal with it." It's a shame he had to half turn into something so wimpy, though. Dave would make a kickass dragon boy, in her opinion. : Dave was about to come up with an elaborate, well thought out and scathing retort, but it was cut off by a pleased purr as his tail was petted. His ears flicked back and he passively sat on the edge of his bed, the long swishing cat anatomy in question twitching slightly in her hands. Damn he liked this cat thing. They have it easy. He was so going to bug the shit out of Jade and it would be awesome. Than he would take a literal cat nap. Wait what the hell was he thinking? Who cares she's petting him. : Terezi damn near fell off of the bed in shock. This response was worth packing up in a little box to keep forever. Why didn't she actually go through with hiding cameras all over the apartment? This would be pure gold blackmail. Oh, well. "Heeheeee! You are just too much! Kitty Daaaave, I will take such good care of you in your new mentally unstable, but hilarious, state!" How do you even take care of a cat? Wait, no. What a stupid question. Of course she knew how to do that. "Bath time! Ahahaha!" Terezi proclaims her next course of action triumphantly before tackling Dave onto the bed and licking his face rather aggressively. Yes. She has /got/ this cat thing. : Dave was totally unprepared for Terezi pouncing on him, letting out an indignant 'merow' as he was pinned to the bed. He barley heard a thing she was taking about seconds before but one phrase rang out, clear as a fucking bell. 'bath time' That sent him into kitty freak out mode as his squirmed under her, only to be met with her tongue to his face. He was pretty used to that at this point, but that didn't stop him from almost objecting to it. Almost. Instead of finding it slimy and gross (like he normally did) it was actually pretty soothing, and he found that there was nothing to complain about here. He let her go on lapping at his face in what seemed to be approval as the purrs continued to rumble from deep in his chest, his tail languidly swishing from side to side. : She sat up, now awkwardly straddling Dave and feeling very pleased with

herself. "Again, I say you are too much! Goddamn, Dave, way to crumble before me like a yucky sandcastle made of kitty litter. My opinion of you would have lowered if I wasn't enjoying myself so much!" Terezi needed a moment to regain her composure, so she didn't make any more attempts to solicit embarrassing noises from him. The purring thing kind of reminded her of noises that some trolls make when things get hot and heavy, and violating a cathuman that didn't know any better seemed immoral somehow, even to her. "You've been awful quiet! Gonna say someowthing? Hehehehe, get it?" : "Yes Terezi I get it" He grumbled, opening the eyes he hadn't realized he closed. He was met with a face full of the teal blooded troll, half wondering why she stopped. It was relaxing as fuck to be petted damn it. He really hadn't noticed any of the noises he was making, and he was getting his wits about him again. He was a cat, what now? "And it was a really bad pun by the way" He added, giving her a small grin and flicking his ears in amusement. Maybe the whole thing was too bad, even if he would really rather not like with it. : "Pffft! So sassy! I heard cats are douches, and I'm beginning to suspect that it's true! You are being quite the smart ass, aren't you? Not appreciated!" Terezi was pouting at the beginning of this character analysis but slowly started to smile again by the time she was finished, mostly because she had taken to lightly bopping Dave's forehead with her closed fist. "You know what else is bad? You! Bad! Baaaad, Dave! Maybe no pets or licks ever again! How does that make you feel? Not many other people will be willing to do this shit for you!" : "It makes me want to fall to my knee's in apology Terezi, don't with hold those lovely things from me" He said only half joking. It was REALLY nice to get pet. No wonder cats are such attention whores all the time. "And not all cats are douches..Just most of them" He snickered and kneaded the bed sheets under his fingers un consciously. He was doing a bunch of shit that he really didn't notice, like pressing his ears against his head and flitting the tip of his tail slightly nervous at the idea of his pets being revoked. It made his shades pretty useless when these things basically flaunted all his emotions like a poorly written romcom. : There was a moment there where Terezi was quite sure that her blood pumper was melting. She normally wasn't one for 'cute' things, but an emotive Strider hit her somewhere, and boy did that feel weird. Her poker face wasn't perfect, but it was better than Dave's at the moment. She sighed and scratched gently behind his ear. "What am I going to do with you? Being made kitty caretaker wasn't high on the list of things I want to do with my life, you know! I'm so selfless it hurts. I expect some fucking restitution, coolcat!"

: "Restitution of what nature?" He asked purring embarrassingly loud as he rubbed his head against her hand, his ears batting with glee. His tail curled and uncurled with how happy he was to get his fucking ear's scratched. He weakly 'merowed' and he leaned into her hand, his expression no longer stoic due to this insane distraction at the top of his head. He loved these thing they should never go away ever. They were so nice to have and nicer to be petted and she scratched them fuck yeah. As Dave tumbled through that incoherently happy line of thought he let out a few more small meows, the picture of feline bliss. : She (uselessly) rolled her eyes, but kept scratching. "Maybe I'll give you a big, fat smooch when you least expect it. This is a weird position for me to be in! Bluh, I don't know." Terezi paused after musing aloud. He probably didn't understand a single goddamn word she said anyway. Those noises were distracting even for her and holy shit this was frustrating in the most awkward way. : "What ever you say" He nodded, not catching a single word of it. He would pay her back ten fold what ever she wanted for this amazing scratching thing she had going here. He loved the fact that trolls had claws at made it all the awesomer as he kept right on going with his cat noises, not noticing the potential weirdness of the situation in the slightest. : In all honesty, he really had this coming. With any luck, he'd either be freaked out enough that the mood would get wrecked and no longer be a problem /or/ not care and roll with it. Either way, this had to stop somehow. "...This is your fault. Open your ears a little wider next time, dumbass!" Terezi leaned down and pressed her lips to Dave's for a few short seconds before pulling back up, suitably disgusted with herself. Wow, what the fuck, Pyrope. As if kissing an alien wasn't strange enough to begin with, he's also a cat. These actions were clearly indicative of deep seeded problems with her thinkpan that needed addressing ASAP. : "Wa-" His confused response was cut off, not by a purr but by Terezi's lips. His ears and tail stood straight up in shock as she kissed him before pulling away. Was that what she had said before? Because this was definitely something he would be happy to pay back ten times over. A low purr bubbled up after another second of shock before he leaned back into her, returning the kiss with one of his own, his tail curling around them a bit even after he pulled away seconds later, a pleased grin on his face. : Terezi could feel her face burning teal, still pretty confused even after the second kiss. The tail thing wasn't helping much either, because oh god it was just so fuzzy and warm. She cleared her throat in a useless attempt to regain some dignity. "...So," She began, "If you're okay with smooches as tender for

my payment I suppose it'll have to do." This was stubborn code for 'We should do that again, I think'. : "It's a debt I'm glad to pay" which was Dave's code for 'You're really bad at coding but I agree'. He leaned back in, his hand coming up to cup her burning face as he kissed her again, with a bit more finesse than last time, now that he knew what she wanted out of him as opposed to going on his still developing instincts. He thumb lightly brushed her cheek as he scooted closer, his ears pressed flat against his skull and his tail coming protectively around her. : She tensed for a second, but moved her lips against his in an uncharacteristically timid fashion. Mostly because she knew what was coming, and the embarrassment would be immeasurable. Her hands eventually wandered up and behind Dave's shoulders, pulling him forward slightly. This was a real kiss, after all. Those other ones didn't count. Cozy and content, a slight purr escaped Terezi's own throat. Welp there it was. She was one of /those/ trolls. Godfuckingdamnit. : Dave's eyes all but lit up when that little noise slipped passed Terezi's lips and against his own. It was the cutest things he had ever heard, and he was determined to hear it again. He began to run his fingers through her hair laxly as he slid his tongue out of his mouth, running it against hers soft lips curiously. : Seemingly unable to stop to be mortified, Terezi parted her lips slightly to meet Dave's tongue with her own. The mouth, after all, was a very easy place to taste blood from, and the taste of cherries only made another soft purr rise out of her; steadier than the last one. No matter how much she hated it, there was no stopping the sound. Well, aside from maybe not kissing anymore but that wasn't even an option. : Dave did a little victory dance in his mind when he clearly heard another one of those little purrs, only half registering that he was making the same sound. He lifted his other hand and hooked it around her shoulder, using it to pull her closer to him and get a better angle to deepen the kiss. He smiled against her lips as his tail happily swished from side to side, a flag of his approval for this whole situation. His finger flitted through her hair as they continued the kiss, finding him self wondering what other kinds of noises she made that he didn't know about. : She let out a rather muffled 'Ah' into Dave's mouth, her mind wandering slightly as she tried to make sense of the situation. It seemed grossly unfair that he had gotten so comfortable with his animalistic tendencies so quickly. This was nice, of course, but she couldn't seem to calm down. Terezi reluctantly pulled back from the kiss and observed Dave without speaking,

though breathing heavily. And still purring quietly. : Dave sat back a bit after Terezi pulled away, grinning and panting shallowly. "How's my debt going Miss Pyrope?" He teased, seeing her slightly flustered expression and trying to get her back to her normal cackling self. He was finally able to put a finger on the noise she was making, and came far too close to squeaking when he heard the noise of his own. He croaked slightly to stifle it and piqued his brow at her from behind his shades. : "...N-Not bad, coolcat." Terezi smiles halfheartedly and the vibration in her chest dies down quite suddenly. She buries her face in her hands and groans, wishing dearly to be struck down by some benevolent nondescript deity to escape the conversation that was going to happen next. But no such luck. "Shit. Shit, I'm sorry. That was weird and I couldn't stop feeling weird and that made it weirder. I human cockblocked myself or whatever you call it. That's what just happened. Ugh." : "What's wrong?" He asked concernedly. He didn't see anything weird about it, did he do something wrong maybe? Was the purring something painful? He was honestly pretty confused about her freaking out here and he wanted to help her, but he didn't know what was going on. He shuffled closer and flicked his tail over the top of her head back and forth a few times, essentially petting her head with it. His head was tilted in concern and his ears were flat against his head with worry. : ((dkfjhsdfkas I am so sorry but I REALLY need to go to sleep it's almost 4 here and I have to get up early tomorrow fuuuuck :C Did you want to exchange contact info? I am loving this log.)) : ((I am too X3 Do you have a skype or RP page?)) : ((Skype yes! I'm unbalancedOmega on there. If you add me really quick I'll make sure I get it before I go and sleep forever.)) : ((Ook I'm adding it now~)) : ((Got it. Bueno okay I sleep now bye and talk to you later uggghhh sleeep)) : ((Good night XD))