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F/MR/12 Revision No

CHECK LIST OF ISO 9001 : 2008( only for reference)

MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVE. Audited by : Contents or Check Points Input, Output, mesaurables, Reference documents, flow diagrame. Departmental quality manual consist of all departmental procedures. Awareness of quality policy and objective eveidence for the same at all levels. Organisation chart, Resposibility and authority . Clause No. 4.1 4.2.2 5.3.0 5.5.1 6.4.0 4.2.4 QMS Quality manual Quality policy Responsibility and Authority Work evironment Control of records. Clause Descripton Date of Audit : Observations

Dept. Audited : Sr. No. 1 Files & Location Manual QAM/QPM (All Depts.)

Refer QAM for Procedure of safety and it objective eveidences. Like safety chart. File for Identification and Index with Identification, storage, Retention and tracebility disposition (All Depts.) Master File of SOP/ WI/ Updated List of SOP/WI and Formats (As formats with Approved by, issue by, Control copy stamp, updated index & rev. no. Master copy stamp, Date of issue) (All Depts.) Process qualification Identification of Special process and Process (MR & MFG Dept.) validation with Specification. SOP for Process validation Criteria for Process validation with record and freazing of results. Daily Process monitoring with formates. SPC datas Criteria for Machine selected for SPC. SPC status and Improvement Plan Resource file 1. List of Machines with Contingency plan (All Depts. Except Sou & 2. List of material handling Equipment. Mrktg.) (All Depts.) 1. List of Employees with Competence Indentification & record with skill matrix. (IRHR & MR) 2. Training plan, Training Schedule adherance, Training effectiveness. List of Standard as IS, CMVR, budni test report etc Procedure for design control, as approved by, issued by rev. no. etc. Criteria for vendor selection, evaluation. Requirement for approval of product, process and equipment. Inspection record, vendor rating Procedure for Control of Equipments and calibration records with Schedule. Master list of gauges ( Sr. no, Gauge no., Description, Calibration Due on) Departmental measurables like Monthly MIS report,eye chart. Record of measurables in MIS report related to process with CAPA Record of measurables in MIS report related to product with CAPA Procedure for CSI evaluation. Analysis of data like CSI, Eye chart, IQS MIS,5 phase with CAPA. Internal audit plan, NCR , Feed back


Control of documents.


Validation of Process.


Provision of Resource

6.2.0 6.2.0 7.2.1 7.3.7 7.4.1 7.4.2 7.4.3 7.6

Human resource Human resource Determination of requirement related to the products. Control of design and development changes. Purchasing process Purchasing information Verification of purchase product Control of Monitoring and measuring devices

6 7 8

All Test record file (D&PD & MR) DCR / ECN file (D&PD & MR) F/SOU/12 (Sou Dept.) F/SOU/03 (Sou. Dept.)

Calibration status file (All Depts. Except Sou. & Mrktg.)

10 Department Measurebles (MIS file) (All Depts. Except MR)

8.1.0 8.2.3 8.2.4 8.2.1 8.4.0 8.2.2 8.5.1 8.3.0

11 CSI File (Mrktg Dept.) 12 Files for analyse data (All Depts.) 13 NCR file (All Depts.)

Measurement analysis and Improvement Monitoring and measurement of processes Monitoring and measurement of products. Customer satisfication Analysis of data. Internal audit Continual improvement Control of non conforming products.

14 CIT file with records (All Improvement records:KAIZEN, Sp. Projects, Depts.) defects/tractor,Plan for next year. Rejection, deviation, eye chart,5 phase,ECN/DCR/PCR,ORC. Action plan for non conformity related to imrovement. 15 Others (All Depts.) Display of ISO quality policy and objective. Display of Daily Management Formats and trend charts.

8.5.2 & Corrective and Preventive 8.5.3 actions 5.1.0 Management commitment

Others (Mrktg. Dept)

Display of Comunication boards at all shops and offices. Master list of Dealers with skill status Master list of Advertisement materials Master list of Training materials.


Management commitment


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