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Managers Guide: How can I make it easier for a new hire to transition in my group?

(Part 1)
by Bhavin Gandhi

I have written numerous blogs about how to familiarize yourself with your new job, but I have never focused on writing the other side of the story. In this blog series, I will provide some guidelines which can help you to conduct useful conversations with your new employees during the onboarding process. I hope that you can create a positive onboarding experience for your employees through these tips. Talk about strategic objectives: Obviously, you need to have several conversations between you and the new employee over first 6-7 months, but make sure to make the strategic objectives as your primary conversation topic. This will not only make her understand the relationship between her tasks and the objectives of your company, but it will help you to make her understand the overall picture. You can start this discussion by talking about the companys vision and strategy; and then you can progress towards explaining her the companys goals, priorities and business initiatives. During this discussion, you should always ensure that you try to connect companys goals and your teams goals with her day-to-day activities. This practice will help you in making her an autonomous resource of your team, who can connect the dots by herself. Talk about the culture: I have seen various managers, who fails to explain the existing culture of their company to a new hire. They think that the new hire will catch up on the companys culture with time. While this perception has some credibility, I would advise not to do that. If you would have explained the companys culture to the new hire during the onboarding process, then it will make her transition easier and smooth, while you can benefit from her understanding of the existing culture. You can initiate this conversation by describing her the culture of the company including companys norms, beliefs, values, traditions, symbols, etc. For example: our working hours are 8-5pm, and all the employees are supposed to be present on the company premises between our core hours - 9am to 4pm. I hope these tips will help you to become a better manager by providing a clear direction for your newly hired employee. In the next blog post, I will be discussing about how to familiarize your new hire with the rules of your team. Let me know, if you have any other ideas through which you can help your employees to easily transition to your company. Thanks. Bhavin Gandhi

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