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Ed. Prof. George Menachery, SARAS 1998

Alangad, wooden altar:48 Alexander de Campo, tombstone, Kuruvilangad:33 Alleppy, back-water scene:10 ## Alphonsa (Sr.),letter in own hand to Chavara :34 Altar, Chengannoor Orthodox church:50 ## Altar, Edappilly:47 Altar, Irinjalakuda:47 Altar, Koratty:47 Altar, Kottayam Old Seminary:50 ## Altar, wood, Alangad:48 Altar, wood, Puthenpeedika:48 Altar carved in wood & Infant Jesus, Kaduthuruthy:64 Altar,St. Thomas Mount church:57 Altarpiece,Palai Cathedral:28 ## Altars, old & new, Chowara:48 Altars,triple:47 Alwaye Carmelgiri Seminary:13 Alwaye Mangalapuzha St.Joseph’s Pont. seminary:13 Angamaly, Archdeacon George, mural:40 Angamaly, broken-off cross arm, rock:54 Angamaly, rock cross, base:68 Angamaly church wall & boundary stone:24 Angamaly,Crucifixion,mural:40 Angamaly inscription:70 ## Angamaly Orthodox Church, rock inscription:35 Angamaly Orthodox church,murals:58 Angamaly,rock double cross:56

Ap.Thomas, ancient statue, Mylapore:Mb Archbishop’s House,Changanassery, entrance gate:28 Archdeacon George, mural, Angamaly:40 Architectural features, Ramapuram Church:5 Architecture, church, Pre-Portuguese, Parur:Mb Architecture, Kadamattom Church:7 Architecture of churches, Kallooppara:21 Arrival of St. Fr. Xavier,S. Geneivieve:26 ## Arrival of St. Thomas at Kodungalloor,Parur:63 Aruvithura, inscription on rock holy water font:6 Avittathoor Rock Shasanam (inscription):6 Back-water scene, Alleppy:10 ## Bamboo work:19 Bandra, Our Lady of Bandra, Bombay:69 ## Bangalore, Dharmaram College, CMI Seminary:14 Baptismal font, Kothamangalam:18 Baptismal font, rock, Chengannur church:18 Baptismal font, rock, hidden under plastering:54 Baptismal font, rock, Kaduthuruthy:61 Baptismal font, rock, Kanjoor:61 Baptismal font, rock,Kaduthuruthy,detail:5 Baptismal font, rock,Mylapore:Mf Baptismal font,Kadamattom Church:7 Barlach, Ernset, DasWiedersehen, wood, Hamburg:Mb Bartholomaeo, Paulino A.S., book by:Mf Base of rock cross pedestal, Kaduthuruthy:67 Baskets &c. at wedding:17 Basket-making, Angamaly:43 Bedjan, Paul, title page of book Paris 1910:Mb

Belfry, Muttuchira:37 Belfry, Punnathra:22 Belfry & open air cross, Muttuchira:70 ## Bell,Great, of Kuruvilangad:2 Bishops’ carriages:52 ## Bishop’s throne, wood, Palai :32 Black Gold or Malabar pepper:25 ## Bleeding Cross, granite, St. Thomas’ Mount:67 Bleeding Cross, St.Thomas Mount, ca.7th C.:Mf Boat Jetty, Changanassery:10 ## Bourges Cathedral, stained-glass,Thomas story:Mf Brahmins converted at Palayoor,Parur:63 Bridal crown, gold:49 ## Bride & bridegroom, gold crowns:49 ##

Bride & Bridegroom, Thos. Xn. wedding:17 Bronze lamp & oil receptacle in Niranam church:3 Buchanan, Francis, title pg. of The Rajha of Mysore:Mb Cana, Thomas:Mb Cane work:19 Carmelgiri Seminary, Alwaye:13 Carpenters of Kerala:44 Carriage used by Bishops & Maharajas:52 ## Cashewnut and fruit:25 ## Ceiling, Palai Cathedral:27 ## Ceiling, wood, Mylakombu:20 Ceiling and altar, Kaduthuruthy:27 ## Ceiling of Malabar church:69 ## Chalice, cross & ring of Mar Kariattil:51 ## Chalice, gold, of Kariattil:49 ##

Changanassery, boat jetty:10 ## Changanassery,entrance gateway, Archbishop’s House:28 ## Changanassery rock cross, base:68 Chapal (footwear) used by priests in church:45 Chathankodam,Crucifixion:5 Chavara Kuriakose Elias, wooden furniture:32 Chavara K. E.’s memorial marble stone,Mannanam:33 Chavara K.E., zinc inscription from coffin:35 Chavara K.E.’s palmleaf journal, leaf from:34 Chavittunatakam, St. George & the Dragon:45 Chavittunatakam scene:45 Chengannoor, baptismal font:18 Chengannoor, front door of church:18 Chengannoor, Orthodox Altar:50 ## Chengannoor, wall:71 ## Chengannoor lamp:52 ## Chengannur,Granite open-air cross:7 Chennamangalam, marble piece:55 Chennamangalam, window:32 Chennamangalam church, rock inscription:35 Cheppad, Mother & Child, wood:20 Cheppad Ethiopian Cross:5 Chinese nets, Cochin:10 ## Chinese & Syriac characters,Singanfuinscription: Mf Chios slab of Chaldcedony of Thomas Tomb:Mb

Chirava,eight tongued, wood,Kuravilangad:4 Chowara, ancient tombstones with inscriptions:33 Chowara, old and new altars:48 Chowara rock lamp-stand:53 Church, Vykkom, in ruins:55 Church wall & boundary stone, Angamaly:24 CMI order, founding of, painting by Gama:16 CMI Seminary, Dharmaram College, Bangalore:14 Cochin, Chinese nets:10 ## Cochin, fish and fisherwomen:42 Cochin Jewish Synagogue, scrolls:52 ## Cochin Synagogue, lamps &c.:52 ## Cochin Synagogue and temple:37 Coconut palm-leaves plaited for thatching:43 Coins of King Gondophares:Mf Coir-making: Chakiri Thallal, Alleppy:43 Coir-making:25 ## Copper Plate grant, Therisapalli:Mb Crawling on the knees as form of penance:42 Cross, gold, Edappilly:50 ## Cross, gold, Ramapuram:50 ## Cross, Persian, Kadamattom:50 ## Cross, silver processional,Niranam:4 Cross with peacocks, Mylapore:Mb Cross &c. of Mar Kariattil:51 ##

Crown, bridal, gold:49 ## Crowns, bride & bridegroom, gold:49 ## Crucifixion,mural, Angamaly:40 CrucifixionChathankodam:5 De Campo’s order in own handwriting, Palai:34 Death of the Apostle, painting ,Parur:8 Death of Thomas,Mount church:40 Deepika, first issue:8 Dharmaram Colle, CMI Seminary, Bangalore:14 Diamper church entrance:37 Diamper church:37 Diamper. Synodo,Ecclesiae Malabaricae cum, title page:Mb Dominican Seminary, Kaduthuruthy:53 Doom,’Hell’, murals, Angamaly Orthodox church:58 Door, carved wood, & granite doorpost,Kanjoor:31 Door, Chengannur church:18 Door, Kothamangalam church:18 Drummer & Lotus, Mylapore:Mf Eccl. Malabaricae cumDiamp.Synod., Rome, 1745, Edappilly, altar:47 Edappilly, base of rock font:39 Edappilly, plaster image:24 Edappilly, rock font:39 Edappilly, statue of St. George:51 ## Edappilly gold cross:50 ## Elephant Lamp, Bronze, Kanjoor:1 Elephant moving log:25 ## Elephants, umbrellas: Trichur Pooram Festival:9 ## Emperor, Malabar Xn., temple statue, stone:19

Ethiopian Cross, Cheppad:5 Facade, Kaduthuruthy, detail:66 Facade, Kaduthuruthy Marthamariyam church:66 Facade, Old, Kuruvilangad:23 Feeding of poor as Jesus, Mary, & Joseph:42 Festival, Kodungalloor:46 Festival, Parel:46 Festival, processional ship, Kuruvilangad:46 Festival Fair & flag-staff, Parel:12 ## Festival,Mahi:46 Festival Procession, Palliport:12 ## Festival scene:9 ## Fish & fisherwomen, Cochin:42 Fish-market in village:44 Flagstaff, metal covered, Changanassery Cathedral:56 Flights of granite steps (Sopanam):23 Forest-wealth of Kerala:44 Gad, Mylapore Persian lintel:Mf Gama, painting, CMI Order:16 Gama, painting at Mannanam, The Ordination:16Yoga at Vadavathoor Seminary, Kottayam:15 Gama, Vasco da:71 ## Geddes,Michael:title page of book,London, 1694:Mf Genevieve, painting by:26 ## Genuinae RelationesInt.Sed.,Giamil, Roma, 1902:Mb George, Archdeacon, mural, Angamaly:40 Giamil, Genuinae Rel. Int.Sed. Ap., Gobernador Paramakkal’s tombstone,Kanjoor:33 Gold and silver statue ornaments:49 ##

Gold cross, Edappilly:50 ## Gold cross, Ramapuram:50 ## Gondophares coins:Mf Gondophares on Persian lintel, Madras-Mylapore:Mb Granite cross on Ponmala, Malayattor:67 Granite double-cross & facade, Puthenchira:59 Granite open-air cross, Chengannur:7 Granite open-air cross, Niranam:7 Granite open-air cross, steps, flagstaff, Kuruvilangad:59 Granite statue of Ap. Thomas, Mylapore:Mb Hamburg,Das Wiedersehen, wood by Ernset Barlach:Mb Histor. rerum Memorab., quae tam in Ind.Ort., Holy water font, Aruvithura, with inscription:6 Indostan, title page of, Roma, 1821:Mf Indo-Armenian wood-work, pulpit, St. Thomas Mount:2 Irinjalakuda, altar:47 Iron steeple cross, Niranam:4 John the Baptist, wood,very old:20 Kadamattom, Persian cross:50 ## Kadamattom Church, rock baptismal font:7 Kadamattom Church:7 Kaduthuruthy, altar and Infant Jesus, wood:64 Kaduthuruthy, base of rock cross pedestal:67 Kaduthuruthy, ceiling and altar:27 ## Kaduthuruthy, facade, detail:66 Kaduthuruthy, facade:66 Kaduthuruthy, granite tombstone, old Mal.inscrip.:36 Kaduthuruthy, plaster imagery:8 Kaduthuruthy, relief, winged cross:36

Kaduthuruthy, rock baptismal font:61 Kaduthuruthy rock baptismal font,detail:5 Kallada Ooppen,Kundra Padippura(Gate House):20 Kallooppara pre- Port? church, Kerala style:21 Kanjirappilly Church, oil jar presented by king:6 Kanjoor, bronze Elephant Lamp:1 Kanjoor, church gate mural (fight with Tippu): 71 ## Kanjoor, church gate mural:71 ## Kanjoor, Paramakkal Thomakathanar’s tombstone:33 Kanjoor, rock baptismal font:61 Kanjoor, rock lion-base:62 Kanjoor, St. Sebastian, wood:29 Kanjoor, St. Sebastian:51 ## Kanjoor church, rock doorway:62 Kanjoor church, rock inscriptions:35 Kanjoor church gate,mural:58 Kanjoor,dor(wood) and doorpost(granite):31 Kanjoor rock cross base, lotus:60 Kanjoor rock gopuram:60 Kanjoor,St. George , rock:29 Kariattil, Mar, chalice, cross & ring:51 ## Kariattil, Mar, gold chalice:49 ## Karingachira church:Mf Kathakali, scene from:9 ## Kathakali costumes or Veshangal:9 ## Kattur, lotus pond:30 Kidangoor church:38 Kodungalloor, St. Thomas’ festival:46 Kodungalloor, St.Thos. relics brought by Card.Tisserant:1

Kolattam, popular dance among women:41 Koratty, altar:47 Koratty, wooden statue of Muthy:30 Kothamangalam, baptismal font:18 Kothamangalam Cathedral:38 Kothamangalam church, front door:18 Kotta or fort wall at Kottakkavu, Parur:24 Kottakkavu church,Parur, old wall:24 Kottayam, class at Orth. Theo. College:15 Kottayam, Persian cross with Pehlv. writing:Mb Kottayam, the bigger Persian Cross:Mf Kottayam, Vadavathoor St. Thomas Ap. Seminary:14

Kottayam Old Seminary, altar:50 ## Kottayam,Syrian church:Mf Kottupurafor musicians, Palai Cathedral:22 Kudamaloor, Mother & Child with SS.Peter & Paul:57

Kudamaloor, Mother & Child, Peter & Paul:11 Kudamaloor, open-air rock cross, flag-staff & facade:59 Kudamaloor, rock baptismal font:54 Kudamaloor church, wooden ceiling:31 Kulam,Palayur:69 ## Kundra,Kallada Ooppan,wood:20 Kunnamkulam, old church:37 Kunnamkulam, old church:70 ## Kuravilangad, eight-pronged coconut scraper, wood:4 Kuravilangad, Priests’ House:14 Kuruvilanfgad, processional ship:70 ## Kuruvilangad, church facade:65 Kuruvilangad, De Campo’s tombstone:33

Kuruvilangad, granite cross, flagstaff & steps:59 Kuruvilangad, Great Bell of:2 Kuruvilangad, old facade:23 Kuruvilangad, processional ship:46 Kuruvilangad church:38 Kuruvilangad,Mother & Child:57 Lamp from Chengannoor:52 ## Lamp-staff, rock, Chowara:53 Last Supper enacted on Maundy Thursday:42 Letters of some Missionaries of the s.j.,1707:Mb Lion-base, rock font, Kanjoor:62 Little Mount Shrine, Saidapet, Madras:72 ## Log being moved by an elephant:25 ## Lotus base of rock cross,Kanjoor:60 Lotus Pond, Kattur:30 Lotus & Drummer,Mylapore:Mf Madonna, Ravi Varma, Mannanam:10 ## Madras, Saidapet, Little Mount Shrine:72 ## Madras, St.Thomas Mount church:22 Maffei,title page of book,Venecia,1589:Mf Mahi, St. Theresa’s festival:46 Mailacombu, wooden statue:51 ## Malabar church, ceiling:69 ## Malabar girl with Veena:41 Malayattoor, granite cross on Ponmala:67 Malayattoor, St. Thomas’ statue:63 Malayattoor, wooden cross:31 Malayattoor St. Thos.Shrine, mountain scene:30 Malayattoor wall destr. by wild elephant:23

Mangalapuzha Pont. inst. & seminary:13 Mannanam, K.E. Chavara’s tombstone:33 Mannanam, Madonna,Ravi Varma:10 ## Mannanam,Founding CMI Order, painting, Gama:16 Marco Polo, title page of book, Paris, 1896:Mf Marthmariam Church, silver model of, Trichur:5 Marthoma Seminary, Thiruvalla:13 Mat-making:43 Mazdai’s son Gad, Mylapore Persian lintel:Mf Metal work, bronze & brass, from church:17 Metal work, bronze & brass, from house:17 Mosque and Church, Palayam,Trivandrum:70 ## Mother & Child, Kuruvilangad:57 Mother & Child, Mount church, St. Luke?:40 Mother & Child, Peter, & Paul, Kudamaloor:11 ## Mother & Child, wood, Cheppad:20 Mother & Child with SS.Peter & Paul,Kudamaloor:57 Mount church,Death of Thomas:40 Mountain scene, Malayattoor:30 Mural, Angamaly:58 Mural, Kanjoor church gate (fight with Tippu): 71 ## Mural, Kanjoor church gate:58 Mural, Kanjoor church gate:71 ## Murals, pre-Mughal, Paliekkara:11 ## Muslim girl with ear of paddy:25 ## Muttuchira, rock cross and belfry:70 ## Muttuchira belfry:37 Mylakombu, wooden ceiling:20 Mylakombu Church, ancient Thazhikakkudam:6

Mylapore, 13th C. Tamil inscription:Mf Mylapore, admiralty orders of Rajendra Chola I:Mb Mylapore, ancient rock baptismal font:Mf Mylapore, cross with peacocks:Mb Mylapore, edict pillar of R.R.D.Chola I:Mf Mylapore, medallion on Persian lintel:Mf Mylapore, new San Thome cathedral, 1896:Mb Mylapore, Old San Thome Cathedral, demolished 1892:Mb Mylapore, Persian lintel with Gondophares:Mb Mylapore, Santhome Cathedral:72 ## Nazraney women, costumes:42 Nepali style in architedture:Puthuppally church:21 Niranam, bronze lamp:3 Niranam, iron steeple Persian Cross:4 Niranam, rock lamp stand:56 Niranam, Ropakkoodu with paintings:64

Niranam, silver processional cross:4 Niranam, wooden statue of Mary and child:64 Niranam,Granite open-air cross:7 Niranam,Silver Casket:2 Niranam silver casket:3 Njarakkal, prawns:10 ## Norte Dame, Semur, Thomas story, stained-glass:Mf Oil-measuring jar, Kanjirappilly Church:6 Olakkuda of Christian and Brahmin women:41 Old church, Kunnamkulam:70 ## Old Seminary, Kottayam, altar:50 ## Onam:9 ## Open air rock cross & belfry, Muttuchira:70 ##

Ordination,of 1st CMI Seminarians, painting, Gama:16 Ornaments, in churches, for statues:49 ## Ornaments, wedding:17 Ornaments, wedding:49 ## Orthodox Altar, Chengannur:50 ## Orthodox Theo.College, class in progess:15 Ortona bust Of. Ap.Thomas on postal stamp,1964:Mf Ortona:Chios stone with Thos. bust & Gk.Inscrip.:Mb Paddy,ear of, in the hands of Muslim girl:25 ## Paddy-land being irrigated:Chakram Chavittu:44 Painting, Parur ,Death of the Apostle,:8 Painting by Gama, Mannanam, Ordination:16 Painting,Founding CMI Order,Gama, Mannanam:16

Painting on carved wood, Ramapuram:19 Palai, De Campo’s order in own writing:34 Palai, facade of the cathedral:65 Palai Cathedral, artistic altarpiece:28 ## Palai Cathedral, bishop’s throne, wood:32 Palai Cathedral, ceiling:27 ## Palai Cathedral, relics of St. Thomas:28 ## Palai Cathedral, wooden pulpit:3 Palai Cathedral,Kottupura for musicians:22 Palai St. Thomas Miss. Inst.,plan:14 Palayam church, Trivandrum:38 Palayam Church & Mosque, Trivandrum:70 ## Palayur, church pond:69 ## Paliekkara, peacocks,tigers,hunters, angels:23 Paliekkara, wall-paintings, pre-mughal Kerala School:11 ## Pallibana Perumal I, temple statue:19

Palliport, festival procession:12 ## Palmleaf writing from journal of Chavara K.E.:34 Papa Pio Sesto,title page:Mf Paramakkal Kathanar, portrait:30 Paramakkal’s tombstone, Kanjoor:33 Parel , St. Mary’s festival:46 Parel, Festival Fair & flag-staff:12 ## Parumala Saint:51 ## Parur, ancient church of,Malabar coast:Mb Parur, painting, Death of the Apostle,:8 Parur, single-piece teak flafstaff:56 Parur, woodwork from cot:32 Parur,Arrival of St. Thomas at Kodungalloor:63 Parur,Brahmins converted at Palayoor:63 Parur church, old, inscription and Bp. Roz’s tombstone:55 Parur Persian (?) Cross:36 Parur,St. Thomas in Gondaphares’ court:63 Pathazham,Trichur:52 ## Patriarch visits Vadavathoor Seminary:15 Paulino A.S.Barth., title page of book, Romae,1793:Mf Paulino da S. Bartolomeo, title page of Papa Pio Ses.:Mf Peacock cross, Mylapore:Mb Pepper of Malabar or Black Gold:25 ## Persian Cross, bigger, Kottayam:Mf Persian cross, Kadamattom:50 ## Persian Cross, Kottayam with Phalvi inscrip.:Mb Persian lintel, Gondophares medallion:Mb Persian (?) Cross of Parur:36 Peter, Thou art Rock, painting,S.Genevieve:26 ##

Phalvi rock cross, St.Thomas’ Mount, Madras:Mf Plaster imagery, Edappilly:24 Plaster imagery, Kaduthuruthy:8 Pont. Inst. & Seminary, Mangalapuzha, Alwaye:13 Pooram Festival, Trichur:9 ## Portuguese tombstone, early,Mylapore:Mb Prawns, Njarakkal:10 ## Pre-Port. church architecture, Parur:Mb Priests’House, Kuravilangad:14 Pudukad, painting , church wall:71 ## Pulpit, St.Thomas Mount:2 Pulpit, wood, Palai:3 Punnathra, belfry:22 Punnathra Church, broken-up rock inscriptions:54 Punnathra church:38 Puthenchira, granite double-cross & facade:59 Puthenpeedika, wooden altar:48 Puthenvelikkar,Vatti-making:43 Puthuppally church, Nepali style?:21 Quilon, old church:6 Raja of Mysore by Fr. Buchanan, Lond. 1807, Raja Raja Deva Chola I, edict pillar, Mylapore:Mf Rajendra Chola I, admiralty standing orders of, Mylap.:Mb Ramapuram, gold cross:50 ## Ramapuram, painting on carved wood:19 Ramapuram Church and fortifications:5 Ravi Varma, Madonna, Mannanam:10 ## Relics of Ap. Thomas, Kodungalloor:1 Relics of St.Thomas, Palai Cathedral:28 ##

Ring &c. of Mar Kariattil:51 ## Rock baptismal font, abused, Punnathra:54 Rock baptismal font, Kaduthuruthy:61 Rock baptismal font, Kanjoor:61 Rock cross, base, with hidden bell, Angamaly:68 Rock cross, granite, Changanassery:56 Rock cross, metal-covered flagstaff & facade,Kudamaloor:59 Rock cross base, Changanassery:68 Rock cross-arm, broken-off, Angamaly:54 Rock doorway, Kanjoor church:62 Rock font , base, Edappilly:39 Rock font, Edappilly:39 Rock inscription, Angamaly:35 Rock inscription, Chennamangalam church:35 Rock inscriptions, broken-up, Punnathra:54 Rock inscriptions,Kanjoor church:35 Rock lamp-stand, Niranam:56 Rock open-air double cross, Angamaly:56 Rock (church) inscrip., Thazhekkad(Avittathoor):6 Rock (hidden) baptismal font of Kudamaloor:54 Roiz, Cav. Vasco, early Port. tombstone,Mylap.:Mb Roman Martyrology, saint of, Sakya Muni as:Mb Roopakkoodu & wooden statue of Madonna,Niranam:64

Roz’s tombstone, in Parur church:55 Ruins, old Vykkom church:55 Ruins, Vaipincotta Seminary:53 Saidapet, Madras, Little Mt. Shrine:72 ## Sakya Muni as Roman Martyr:Mb San Thome Cathedral, Mylapore:72 ##

San Thome Cathedral, new, 1896, Mylapore:Mb San Thome Cathedral,Old, Mylapore:Mb Seminary, Dominican, now cemetery, Kaduthuruthy:53 Seminary, Marthoma, Thiruvalla:13 Seminary ruins, Vaipincotta:53 Semur,Norte Dame, Thomas story, stained-glass:Mf Ship, festival procession, Ship of Kuruvilangad:70 ## Silver bust of Ap. Thomas, Ortona:Mf Silver Casket, Niranam:2 Silver Casket,St. Thomas in Kerala dress:3 Singanfu rock inscription of China:Mf Stained glass, Bourges:Mf Stained glass, Norte Dame, Semur:Thomas story:Mf Stained glass, Thomas story, Tours:Mb Statue, wood, Mailacombu:51 ## Statue of St. Sebastian, Kanjoor:51 ## St. George, statue, Edappilly:51 ## St. George & the dragon, rock, Kanjoor:29 St. Gregorios of Parumala :51 ## St. Mary’s church, Kuruvilangad:facade:65 St. Sebastian , wood, Kanjoor:29 St. Sebastian of Kanjoor:51 ## St. Stephen’s church, facade,Uzhavoor:65 St. Thomas Apost. Seminary, Vadavathoor, Kottayam:14 St. Thomas Cathedral, Palai, facade:65 St. Thomas in Gondaphares’ court,Parur:63 St. Thomas in Mundu-Veshti,Niranam:3 St. Thomas Missionary Inst., plan, Palai:14 Kuruvilangad:46

St. Thomas Mount church,Madras:22 St. Thomas’ coins, Les Six Voyages de Tavernier II:Mf St. Thomas’ statue, Malayattoor:63 St.George Killing Dragon, scene from Chavittunatakam:45 St.Joseph’s Pont. Uni.& Seminary,Mangalapuzha, Alwaye:13 St.Luke’s Madonna at Mt. church:40 St.Thomas Mount church, altar with bldg. cross&c.:57 St.Thomas Mount church,Indo-Armenian pulpit:2 St.Thomas shrine, mountain scene,Malayattoor:30 St.Thomas’ Mount, bleeding cross, granite:67 Sword of ancient christian soldier:19 Synagogue and temple, Cochin:37 Synagogue of Cochin, lamps &c.:52 ## Synagogue scrolls, Cochin:52 ## Syrian church, inside, Kottayam:Mf Tamil inscription, 13thC., Mylapore:Mf Tavernier, St. Thomas’ coins from book,1679:Mf Teakwood flagstaff, Parur:56 Thazhekkad (Avittathoor church) rock Thazhikakkudam, Mylakombu Church:6 Theological College, Orthodox, Kottam:15 Therisapalli Thomas Christian copper plate leaf:Mb Therisappallai copper plate:Mf Thiruvalla Marthoma Seminary:13 Thomas Cana:Mb Thomas story in stained glass, Tours:Mb Thomas story in stained-glass,Bourges:Mf Thozhiyoor, old church of Kunnamkulam:37 Tombstones with inscriptions, Chowara:33 inscription:6

Torch of ancient christian soldier:19 Tours Cathedral, stained-glass, Thomas story:Mb Trichur, Pathazham:52 ## Trichur, silver model of Marthmariam Church:5 Trichur Pooram Festival:9 ## Triple altars:47 Trivandrum, Palayam Church & Mosque:70 ## Trivandrum, Palayam church:38 Udayamperur (Diamper) church, entrance:37 Udayamperur (Diamper) church:37 Uzhavoor church, facade:65 Vadavathoor Seminary, a Patriarch visits:15 Vadavathoor Seminary, Yoga in progress:15 Vadavathoor Seminary:14 Vaipincotta Seminary, ruins:53 Vallam Kali Boat Race:44 Vallams used for fishing :44 Vasco da Gama:71 ## Vatti-making at Puthenvelikkara:43 Veena, Malabar girl with:41 Villarvattom temple amidst church,synagogue & mosque:55 Vykkom ,old church, in ruins:55 Wall images, rock, Chengannoor:71 ## Washing of the feet:42 Wedding, baskets &c. at:17 Wedding, Thomas christian:17 Wedding ornaments:17 Wedding ornaments:49 ## Window on thick wall ,Chennnamangalam:32

Winged cross, rock relief, Kaduthuruthy:36 Wood, Mother & Child, Cheppad:20 Wood work, ceiling, Kudamaloor:31 Wood work from a cot, Parur:32 Wooden altar, Alangad:48 Wooden altar, Puthenpeedika:48 Wooden Cross, Malayattoor:31 Wooden furniture from room of Chavara K.Elias:32 Wooden sculpture, John the Baptist:20 Wooden statue, John the Baptist?,Mailacombu: 51 ## Wooden statue of Korattymuthy:30 Zinc inscription in the coffin of Chavara K.E.:35 ‘Kaikottikkali’ dance of Thiruathira season:41 ‘Thali’,tieing of, among Christians & Brahmins:41 ‘Welcome’of Malabar : lamp, pookkula & paddy:41