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JAVA-IEEE Projects
1. Artificial Cell Communication in Distributed Systems 2. Snakuscule 3. Securing Distributed Data Storage and Retrieval in Sensor 4. Home network security 5. Public-key Based Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network 6. UCEN User Centric Enterprise Network 7. A PKI approach Targeting the Provision of minimum security level within internet 8. Effect of packetization on VoIP performance 9. An Efficient Mechanism for Network Management in Wireless Mesh Network 10. Cryptographic Security for a High-Performance Distributed File System 11. Digital image steganography using stochastic modulation 12. Disk Aware Discord Discovery Finding Unusual Time Series in Terabyte Sized Datasets 13. Throughput Optimization Routing Under Uncertain Demand for Wireless Mesh Networks 14. A Rekey-Boosted Security Protocol in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network 15. Secure and Efficient Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for TwoServer Architecture 15. Secure and Efficient Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for TwoServer Architecture 16. Fuzzy Context Adaptation through Conceptual Situation Spaces 17. A Fully Distributed Proactively Secure Threshold-Multisignature Scheme 18. Rank Aggregation for Automatic Schema Matching 19. Improve Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Machine Learning Techniques Using Undiagnosed Samples 20. Computing Watermarks from Images Using Quadtrees 22. Market-Based Task Allocation Mechanisms for Limited-Capacity Suppliers 23. Dynamic LMP Response Under Alternative Price-Cap and Price-Sensitive Demand Scenarios 24. Net Banking 25. Local Production, Local Consumption Peer-to-Peer Architecture for a Dependable and Sustainable Social 26. Hiding Sensitive Association Rules with Limited Side Effects 27. Holistic Estimation of Security, Privacy and Trust in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 28. CROWN A Service-Oriented Grid Middleware System Experience and Applications 29. Steganography using BPCS to the Integer Wavelet Transformed Image

30. Performance evaluation of hardware models of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm 31. Suade Topology-Based Searches for Software Investigation 32. Security in Mobile Adhoc Networks 33. Secure Communication in Next Generation Internet 34. An Extension-Based Dynamic Load Balancing Model of Heterogeneous Server Cluster 35. NIRA New inter Domain routing Architecture 36. Session awareness issues for next generation cluster based network load balancing network 37. Fusion A P2P Architecture for Internet-Scale Content-Based Search and retrivel 38. Efficiency Issues of Rete-based Expert Systems for Misuse Detection 40. Combining multiple matchers for fingerprint verification 41. The Worse Clustering Performance Analysis 42. Semi-Supervised Clustering and Feature Discrimination with Instance-Level Constraints 43. Design of SerialParallel Communication 44. Exploiting Host Name Locality for Reduced Stretch P2P Routing 45. Personalized Content Retrieval in Context 46. A New Storage Scheme for Approximate Location Queries in Object-Tracking Sensor Networks 47. Query Based Multi Document Summarization 48. Detection of Port and Network Scan Using Time Independent Feature Set 49. On Random Network Coding for Multicast 50. A Genetic Algorithm with Injecting Artificial 51. An Integrated Framework for Visualized and 52. A Self-Repairing Tree Topology Enabling Content-Based Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 53. A Self-Stabilizaing Leader Election Algorithm in Highly Dynamic Ad Hoc Mobile Networks 54. Adaptive Routing for Intermittently connected mobile Adhoc Networks 55. Boundary Mapping and Boundary State Routing (BSR) in Ad Hoc Networks 56. Dual-resource TCPAQM for processing-constrained Networks 57. Intelligent Phishing Website Detection System using Fuzzy Techniques 58. Protecting Location Privacy with Personalized k-Anonymity Architecture and Algorithms 59. Sybil Guard Defending Against Sybil Attacks via Social Networks 60. Framework for Multimedia Semantic Event Detection and Concept 61. A Natural Language-Based Interface for Querying a Video Database 62. A New Forward-Secure Digital Signature Scheme 63. An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing misbehavior in MANETs 64. An Identity-Free and On-demand Routing Scheme against Anonymity Threats in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 65. Detecting Bogus BGP Route Information Going Beyond Prefix Hijacking

66. A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Thwarting Distributed Denial-of-Service 67. DART Dynamic Address RouTing for Scalable Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks 68. Fast Local Rerouting for Handling Transient Link Failures 69. Logarithmic Store-Carry-Forward Routing in Mobile AdHoc Networks 70. NIRA A New Inter-Domain Routing Architecture 71. Online Detection and Prevention of Phishing Attacks 72. OPHMRAnOptimized Polymorphic Hybrid MulticastRouting Protocal for 73. Supervised Learning of Semantic Classes for Image Annotation and Retrieval 74. Effective load balance 76. Color Index Based Image Retrieval Project 77. Secured Multimedia Transmission Steganography

1. E-Consultancy On Business 2. Secure Crime Identification 3. Simulation of MANET Routing Algorithm 4. Electronic Descriptive Examination Management System 5. EZee Mail 6. Inet Phone 7. Shopping Cart 8. Lending Tree 9. Resource Planner Project 10. Contillegent 11. Medi Tracker 12. Online Recruiting System 13. Computer Retail Store and Maintenance 14. Country Cargo and Express Couriers 15. Interest Calculation System for Retail Bank 16. Online Course Request 17. EWHEELZ 18. Real Estate 19. Book Shop Management System 20. AutoMobile Store AND Service 21. Multilevel Marketing Total Project 22. Transport Plus 23. AdXpress 24. BugTracking System 25. CRM for AirLine Industry 26. Online Crime Investigation System 27. Corporate Recruitment System 28. Safe and Secure Internet Banking 29. Stock Analyzer 30. Project Management Information System (PMIS) 31. SmartCard 32. Cluster Maintenance System

33. Fuji Distribution 34. Insurance 35. EZest 36. Internet Mailing System 37. Automated Sports Club 38. ShoutBox 39. Speed age 40. College Administration System 41. Constituency Management System 42. Improved railway ticketing 43. Insurance on internet 44. Internet Banking System 45. Municipal Administration System 46. Patient Billing Software 47. TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge) - Next Year 48. Virtual Classroom System 49. Client-Server Protocol Implementation 50. Compressor&Decompressor 51. Digital Imaging Processing 52. Watermark On Image


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Water Marking on Images(2007) Meta Search Engine(2008) Unicode OCR(2008)00 Weather Web services(2007)00 Facial expressions(2008) Face Detection(2008)


1. Andhra Orkut (3-Tire Arch ) 2. Cricket Club 3. Image Processing 4. Multiplex Movie Ticket Booking 5. Web Traffic Statistic Counter 6. E-Matchmaking (3-Tire Arch.) 7. College Management System(3-Tire Arch) 8. Bus ticket issue agency 9. Online Exams 10. Budget Planner 11. Bank Loan Auto Approval System 12. ISO Quality Certification Tool 13. Web Enterprise Content Management System 14. Online Classifieds 15. Work Station Resources Supervision System 16. Communication Media 17. Remote Network Grouping Services 18. Payroll System 19. E-Shopping 20. Cyber Hotelier 21. Online CD Store 22. Insurance Management System 23. Share Snippet System 24. Health Care 25. Tax Information System 26. Ventures Information System 27. Telephones 28. Warehouse Management System 29. Defect Tracking system 30. Smart Ads 31. Product Animation(Product order/delivery automation system) 32. Computerization of Manufacturing unit 33. Hotel Management System

34. Project Finance Management 35. World of Recipes 36. Enterprise Resource Planning 37. Electronic Mentoring System 38. Online Rental Hub(easy to-let) 39. E-class room Network 40. AP Genco Mailing System 41. Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions 42. Go-inventory 43. Addiction Recovery Centre 44. Electronic Magazine (computerized) 45. Stock and Portfolio Management Solution 46. Electronic Descriptive Examination Management System 47. Secure Crime identification