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MTN schools competition KwaZulu Natal (KZN) & Eastern Cape (EC): Economic and Management Science (EMS) and Business Studies (BS): 1. Highlights a. MTN well established relationship with Department of Education. b. To deliver in context of an established MTN brand – known to the community. c. Effective collaboration with MTN Foundation staff whom EWET dealt with. d. Learner enthusiastic participation and high level of competence gained in short period 2. Programme delivery achievements a. Activity b. Target c. Actual d. Notes Schools 30 30 19 Secondary and 11 primary Teachers trained 65 67 38 Eastern Cape; 29 KwaZulu Natal: Advisor training & Marketday orientate. Youth leaders trained 100 47 Eastern Cape The 103 youth leaders were able 56 KwaZulu Natal to serve effective in YES clubs Learners in YES clubs 900 900 Membership of clubs varied with school size Learning and 30 Packages 30 Packages “YES Packages” allocated to Teaching Support schools materials (LTSM) In-school learners 20,000 Learners 9,134 learners EMS, BS and other subject’s reached with KZN students reached through inentrepreneurship 11,473 learners classroom syllabi materials. Total EC 20,607 YES clubs established 30 30 All schools engaged in Youth Enterprise Society (YES) clubs Business Ventures 40 40 Apply YES business competencies gained Market-day knock 30 Schools 30 Schools All schools held market days outs Market-day provincials 50 Learners from 55 Learners from Reached more learners but had 30 schools 27 schools complexities with 3 schools. Market-day nationals 2 Provincial 2 Provincial Eastern Cape & KwaZulu Natal; teams teams business plan development and business idea improvement got special attention. 3. Success Stories i. EWET’s approach to cluster schools, given the distances between them – helped a lot towards delivery ii. EWET’s assessment panels to adjudicate at the market-days, worked very well. iii. The “17 business competencies” of YES capacitated learners to compete at market-days. iv. The approach to work from the bottom-upwards, ensured solid participation from learners, teachers and schools – prior to the effective collaboration with DoE district offices. This collaboration with District offices finally fell in place, as planned. v. A participant from the Eastern-Cape won at national level! 4. Challenges i. Effective and regular communication with the schools by email, telephone and facsimile is a challenge. ii. The remote and rural location of the schools demand extensive travelling on difficult roads. iii. Schools that are closer to “urban” settings were able to implement faster than schools in remote areas, while remote schools are not as well “resourced” as the other schools. iv. Some beneficiaries got a bit confused concerning the relationship between EWET’s Youth Enterprise Society (YES) program and the market-days. However, once clarified that YES capacitates towards market-days – all went smoothly. v. The “whole school” development approach of the MTN Foundation is wonderful although improved co-ordination and collaboration between the various service providers will further enhance efficiency.

vi. EWET’s staff had to respond to questions and request for guidance and advice that related to activities other than to EMS & BS. This was challenging as EWET itself had little information regarding the other subject’s competitions. vii. Distribution to schools, of support materials, etc. – not easy. PO Box 150, 49c Stuart Street, Harrismith 9880 South Africa Tel: (058) 6230104 /6230649/6230123 Fax: (058) 6230107 E-Mail: Registration no. 5961/92. Public Benefit Organization no. 930013786. Non-profit registr. no. 000-383